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Sobering Thoughts on the Cost of Sin; Expect Conflicts When You Follow Jesus; and Three Special Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 11, 2017 4:40 pm

Sobering Thoughts on the Cost of Sin; Expect Conflicts When You Follow Jesus; and Three Special Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 11, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/11/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So I asked the now disgraced former governor of Alabama of his affair was worth it for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown. I'm not here to throw stones on that here condemn on the here mock on the here to put someone down.

I am here to learn. I'm here to give a cautionary warning to everyone listening, this is Michael Brown.

Thanks for joining us today on the line of fire.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884, the governor of Alabama, also a medical Dr. Robert Bentley after decades of distinguished service is now stepping down and is absolutely disgraced and what what happened to him. Well, sex scandal sex scandal because of which she has now stepped down probably should've done it much earlier stepped down as governor he has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors. He said that he will never seek public office again this part of the plea deal, he will waive all retirement benefits before the hundred hours of community services capacities medical doctor surrendered more than $50,000 in fines reimburses advertisements and campaign funds and and think of this neck of this for the rest of his life is an older man ready for the rest of his life carry this with the rest of his life. This burden is upon him the rest of his life. When you think of him.

You will also think of sex scandal you will.

His name will forever in this world be associated with that. Not simply a matter of well heat he led he wasn't the best leader. He was a good leader that all only goes out the window. All the goes out the window because of the sex scandal because affair and the big question is was it worth it. Was it worth it. The first moment that he and this gal started to think about each other and wrong ways. The first moment that he and and this woman began to entertain ideas about each other if you could fast-forward and show him resigning from governor how hard it is to become governor of the state could fast-forward and show him resigning from being governor. If you could fast-forward and show him being disgraced. We all retirement benefits, bringing down potentially as his party's ideals with him shaming as his wife and children get fast-forward in and plus the woman and everything she will suffer as a result of this fast-forward and say okay you still want it now now know know know know why because it's not worth it when the guaranteed things about sin is not worth it. It may offer you a loss, but in the Ensco bite, whatever gives you satisfaction. Excitement power release.

Whatever it brings you some kind of pseudo-peace or joy. Whatever it brings you the bite is worse than Woodbridge.

As the old saying goes, sin will take you further than you plan to go, keep you longer than you plan to stay at a cost you more than you plan to pay. It's never worth it. So II want to step back and take away at some constructive lessons for all of us based on the fall of this liter. What can we learn so that we don't end up destroying our own lives, destroying our marriage is destroying our families destroy our reputations. What can we learn from this. Also look at some of the words of Jesus in Matthew 10.

Consider the cost following the silence of the background. Yes, we are in the Passover season right now to talk about that some more as well.

866 before June number five gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown -99 me the wisest night from all other nights question that is asked about Passover this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire Jews around the world celebrating the Passover season now and it works out this week that way. I believe it should work out that the death and resurrection of the Messiah Easter weekend. This is celebrated in conjunction with Passover.

One of the same event, the deliverance from each of the deliverance from sin. The Passover lamb Messiah, our Passover lamb one and the same event. Therefore we shouldn't have two separate holidays. In my humble opinion, but rather we should celebrate the Messiah's death and resurrection. In the midst of the Passover season as is happening this year, 866-34-TRUTH 788 formula open the phone lines while if you have a question of any kind you want to asked me a comment like to make an agreement for differing was something I've said over the days full of 0.866-34-TRUTH.

So again, my intent is not to throw stones at Gov. Robert Bentley now resigned in disgrace from his position as Alabama.

He was the 53rd governor of Alabama when Lieut. Gov. K IV was sworn in last night is the 54th governor, she said, today is a dark day in Alabama but it's also one of opportunity. I asked for your help and your patience together. We steadied the ship and improve Alabama's image so so think of this.

Think of this right. It this not only brings reproach to the governor.

Governor Bentley is six again it brings reproach to his whole family. Tragically, right even though they may have been absently guiltless in every way brings reproach to the whole family. Not only so it brings reproach to the state of Alabama today is a dark day in Alabama. We have to improve Alabama's image we have to steady the ship, why because somebody has affair because somebody can't control their sexual and romantic desires or two people. In this case. Again, I'm not here to condemn I'm talking about this because one of the first lessons you learned as this could happen to anybody. King David in the Bible.

A man after God's own heart outside of Jesus.

No one who walked on this earth has his name mentioned more than David over thousand times in the Bible we sing his songs, and praise Psalms, and read his Psalms. To this day, and yet he has a terribly destructive season is life because of sexual morality because of adultery, which then leads them to commit murder and and it brings further judgment on David and his kingdom, and is a real decline in the kingdom of Israel in the years after that his son Solomon called the wisest man who ever lived to get outside of the Messiah himself wisest man who ever lived who gives us powerful warnings against sexual morality in the book of Proverbs, he himself commits idolatry.

He himself has his heart turned away from the Lord in the kingdom is is taken from him in the days of his son Rehoboam. There's a terrible split and a lot of it goes back to his sexual sin. Nehemiah 13 even says like it happened to Solomon this morning for all of us and it's not evil women whose doctors, citizens men, now it's sinful man and sinful woman committing sinful acts and and and prominent Christian leaders over the decades of the 20th century and into the 21st-century have destroyed their ministries or discredited their ministries are greatly blemished their ministries through sexual sin.

And not only so, have brought reproach to the name of the Lord and have hurt the people of God damage the reputation of the gospel discourage others, cause others to lose hope is not worth it. Friends we got a step back. Maybe you're in the midst of an affair right now.

Maybe you're addicted to pornography. Maybe you're perilously close to it, to doing something that you know is destructive if there is life there is hope you can turn to God in repentance, you can cry out to him and asked for help and then you got to come clean. I know I don't mean that if you thought or long-sought, you immediately have to go tell someone I don't mean that. If you read on the Internet saw something wrong for secular looked away that you have to go confessed to the whole world.

I'm safe. You have a problem I'm saying. If you're if if you are consistently sending in an area you need to come clean and you need to sit down and talk to someone your spouse be a spiritual leader, be it someone who's strong that can that can help you walk in accountability because it's going to destroy you. Otherwise, and in the end you say it was what was worth it for for what for some some excitement, some romantic excitement for it for some sexual release for for what destroy everything destroy your career destroy your marriage if your children bring reproach to God's name for what I'm in the same flesh that you're in the same body that you're in for the same battle that you're fighting.

That's why I sound these alarms. That's why look, it was happen to others a step back, so I too can be sobered afresh. Listen to this verse from Ecclesiastes the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse one and it's the only verse in the Bible that starts with the words dead flies dead flies because the ointment of the apothecary to send forth the stinking save that, so I memorized the King James so this little folly him. It is reputation for wisdom and honor read from the ESV dead flies make the perfumers ointment give office stench, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. Alright so so think of this for years and years and years and years you build a solid reputation as a man or woman of integrity for years and years and years you walk a certain way so that people trust you for years and years and years you act in a way that is honorable and wise and you gain a reputation for wisdom for honor for integrity for trustworthiness. You know that you can destroy all that in a moment of time. Gino something that takes years and years and years to build can be destroyed in a moment of time. Think, think of all great athlete like Tiger Woods. Some would say one of the two greatest golfers of all time, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholas Tiger Woods looked invincible Tiger Woods was going to smash all the records and the struggle obvious is it physical issues and things like that that everything kind of exploded when his sexual sin came to the surface, lost his wife, his kids, he never sees his kids, but lost the family that he had and that whole image. All the advertising in their smiling, Tiger Woods and and yeah I mean he was a tough competitor and all that but but he was the man with his wife and kids and all the while sleeping with different women porn stars and all these different women that now listen if you were in his shoes. If I was in issues related than the exact same thing.

We who knows the temptation comes his way on a daily basis.

Who knows stuff that's offered to him that some of us would even dream of theirs offered to him to get on that sinister throw stones. Plus he's not a boy again and he doesn't know the Lord. So make it all the more easy for him to sin and do the wrong thing, but he has brought terrible reproach to his name and reputation, and whether it's coincidental or not, whether it hit his great decline in golf coincides with the scandals coming to the surface because he was doing great. Walt apparently welcoming the sexual sin over the years but asserted a certain point it comes to the surface. A certain point it becomes known that the take away some of his courage did they take away some of his sense of being invincible. The take away some is mental toughness. I don't know. I don't know but what I do know is there is a time when you said the words Tiger Woods when you think of golf latest golf player got that that's what you think of instantly. That's what would come to mind now using Tiger Woods it's been a mix is a bit of a mix from a little boy.

His father was working with him to to be the world's greatest golfer and and all the effort in all the years that he puts in a and you and you say hey tiger you you could have had a happy marriage with the beautiful woman with two great kids and maybe more kids you could have had these tens of millions of dollars in endorsements and you could of been the greatest golfer of lived just stayed with your wife and didn't have all these gorgeous women on the side. I think looking back he say that would've been better choice that then the better choice only said again friend, please hear me to you.

To me it's not worth it gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown say one more thing about sex scandals and phones 866-34-TRUTH of the same media that would mock VP Mike pence for his marital fidelity guidelines such as not eating alone with the woman of his wife, such as not working late with an aide that was female, such as not being in a room or alcohol was being served was his wife. Was there with him of the same media that would mock him and call him sharia my weekend and this is unfair to the other women that work with him. And all this other nonsense. They're probably mocking former Gov. Bentley right now. Like his old man sex scandal look at that all the more than do Mike pence is guidelines makes sense.

All the more, than do his precautions make sense because a lot of people do mess up, especially when there is power involved in prestige involved. It's sold more easy maybe a young lady that's not even physically attracted to the older man, but she's drawn in by his power, his personality, the covenants that is interested in me you were where she laughs at his jokes and now he feels alive again because his wife doesn't pay attention to him and look at things like this can happen they can happen so when I see this happen to others.

It's a reminder, you happen to me when I see it happen to man older than the it's a reminder. Always remain vigilant. Don't play games and look right now. There are accusations of sexual harassment coming against Bill O'Reilly. Now I have no idea if there's any truth to be paid out supply $13 million in in in payments to different women over the years that brought cases against him and his only comment is in the position that he said he's going to get accused a lot disable what you make a payment you see your guilty that's how it looks but others would say that's some people discover, true. That's the easy solution is this. Get rid of it like that I get alimony details know someone else's come forward.

Fox is looking into it.

Look it would be a shame for someone who's had a career in journalism and is been a respected journalist some love and some hate him, but he's he's been a respected journalistic figure for decades and and best-selling author for many years that just some interest and some other woman or some harassing comments could blemish him for life. If true, if true, so in any case, we don't know the situation with Bill O'Reilly.

We do know the situation with Gov. Bentley, but for sure for sure we we need to look at this and take heed, examine our own lives and think hey, if playing games get somebody else in trouble.

See him in trouble. Play with fire you will get burned. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Concorde North Carolina Sam welcome to light a fire hey buddy, I think your personal night and day graduate next month. Thank you for a really given yourself to us of the student, but hey hey Sam I my joy and very quickly before God saved you, what was your life like man I grew up in the church but I didn't really have any anything about a relationship with you, but on the coattails of my parents relationship who loves you very dearly, but I got high school and not just her failing with the world started partying and drinking and know just using drugs and everything in them. All the sudden your Jesus ambushed me one afternoon when I was smoking with my friends. I had a drug trip broke going to hell in you pretty much revealed himself sobered me up real quick, but it not be in your drug days were you depressed or suicidal. Our very happy-go-lucky. I don't really have a look at it really having a care in the world would actually after after I encountered the Lord that the enemy really killed me hard because I was off the bench and not in the game.

The city came under attack and then would you experience from God's grace that brought you we are today where off about after I got radically save any attack me for no for a period of six months and I was suicidally depressed. Think way to kill myself but it was one morning that my dad actually had a word from the Lord prophesied over me and I was immediately set free and ever since then. That was about Mary. 2013, and ever since then I've been I've been running with Lord prettier yeah and in the shameless and unashamed witness of the gospel and of loving the Lord with it with a great victory in your life and in Sam before we get to the to your question of what would you tell other folks if they're serious about being trained and equipped in sent out for the work little to tell about fire school of ministry. I would say put away all of your soul that your ministry life might be. We consider fire school ministry, all before I can fire school ministry.

I was what you particular flaky and maybe weird but I came to the school. They really laid a foundation of biblical truth of knowledge you but not just theology and and in Bible learning but also Christ himself, getting along with him and real burden for revival so there's not many schools like Clark school ministry. You can go to a college or four-year university and get all of the theology training but there I don't think there's many places, or if there is a place like fire school ministry to get practically trained and also to get beyond the teaching from accredited doctors and professors who teach at universities and Bible colleges, but there ministry to to really pour into admitting as I possibly can.

So please, please come in and how did you sign the hands-on practical training all actually like right now all going felt throughout our downtown Logan are downtown Concorde where there's a little park and we're just gonna go play frisbee like whatever political play with the kids down there just really pour into their note, she pulled open the door for the word but after what we do we grow or have aquatic classes and sometimes with the Lord really break in the classes but ultimately what were learning and enhance auto check it out take it out into the community. Ticket out to wherever there's an open door in just in our daily lives were really trying to really put into practice what we have. What is important to us. What they really yeah and so it's very hands-on, very practical, awesome, hey, hey Sam, I know you didn't call to plug the school. But when I realized it was you, I say let's let's take a minute and I knew that powerful testimony in your life friends to find out more, you can be at least 18 and you gotta be called to ministry the service is not just a place to come and you. My life messed up. I want to find out more about God or learn a little about the Bobby need to be called were looking for for for the next generation of leaders.

This generation of revolutionaries for next generation of of missionaries and pastors and teachers and prophetic leaders evangelist to send out 300 quick view help you fulfill your calling to find out more UB 3050 70 E. 18 seriously committed to calling him like a fire – fire –, by the way lesson teaching right now first and second your students is holiness yeah only this class. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown running a similar are few minutes I want to about back to Matthew 10 some sobering comments from Messiah. There was writing an article for a new dictionary of messianic prophecy. I happen to touch on some of these issues last night remind me of freshness. Young women talk about that on the air today right back to Sam your question Sir morning I was reading particular verse 11. John saying she will come home and baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Speaking to the people, but speaking to the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Which is funny because you know in our circle, usually here.

Know that God will baptize you in the Holy Spirit fire and I just walked up the right understanding of this verse and corrected but not actually talking about fire being a good thing in this passage is so that is if you'll notice Matthew 310, 11 and 12 all speak of fire. The fire verses 10 and 12 is the fire of judgment. The fire of verse 11 is the five the spirit.

I believe in in purification and passion. So verse 10 it rebuking the hypocritical religious leaders. Even now the ax is laid to the root tree. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire right, I baptize you with water for repentance, but he was coming after me is my still sinners on that were to carry.

He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit fire.

So who does Jesus baptize with the Holy Spirit will his his disciples, not the world but his disciples so he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. And I understand that just like at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit comes he comes with tongues of fire, just like the glory of God is that is associated with fire. With that, within the Scriptures.

Beginning in Genesis 15 with the presence of God be like a blazing torch and in then revelation for the seven lamps burning before the throne of God representing the seven spirits of sevenfold Spirit of God and and throughout the Bible. You've got fire fire fire associated with the glory of God. So I take it as purifying fire. I take it as the fire of passion. I take it as the fire of the spirit, but fires a heavy image either way. Deuteronomy 424 quote he was 1229 says our God is a consuming fire. So either way it's a sobering thought. Isaiah 3314 who can dwell with the everlasting burnings that soma who can live in the presence of God's ultimate help some of the presence of God. So the baptism in the spirit is a baptism in fire as well. Again, fire purity fire of passion. The single certain included in it. Then verse 12 is winnowing fork is in his hands and he will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the barn but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire. This goes back to the imagery of Malachi 3 with the Messiah comes like a refiner's fire and and there he purifies the Levites and the religious leaders as a refiner would purify silver and gold. ERISA a longer we clean laundry and and of course it was a pretty violent cleansing process, you know, being beaten on the rocks and stuff like that. And in this is this is what he'll do. So he's going to come and bring separation is going to separate the godly from the ungodly and the ungodly will be burned up with unquenchable fire and the godly will be purged and purified with fire, but either way there's going to be fire the fire of judgment for the fire purification and it significant that occurs in all three of those verses are right so I'll be gone the same fire that will baptize the righteous and the wicked have a different effect will that it yes and that it's all God's presence.

But knowing that the one is the fire that falls upon us as believers in obedience to God. The other is the end of the age. The fire judgment but but yes you could say the presence of God. For some it brings blessing and for some it brings judgment.

I think there's a right observation: the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends God our you miss my good friend Larry Tomczak will talk about perils of trying to make the gospel relevant than actor Stephen Baldwin about a powerful one-man play the thief on the cross and then my dear friend James Robison as we talk about Syria and out tomorrow. A couple of important interviews Jewish scholar Amy Jill Levine talk about Jesus through Jewish eyes Jewish eyes of someone who doesn't believe in him as Messiah, but greatly respects the New Testament and then my trainer Scott Neri who is a powerful evangelist. We have a great broadcast tomorrow, so you don't miss it.

86634 let's go to Keith in New York. Thanks for calling the line of fire around area. I'm doing well thank you good. I was wondering if I was online this morning on article 11 writing and I look my radio show yesterday and it was confirmed that Hank Anna graph the Bible answer man converted from evangelical Protestantism to Eastern Orthodox your that you yes yes I have and it is. It is true in terms of he has joined the Greek Orthodox church history so that you know Hank and I during the days of the Brownsville revival actually became good friends. Hank was one of the foremost critics. Probably the most prominent critic of the revival I was one of the leaders in the revival and we were anything but friends at the beginning. We spent a lot of time together during it.

We became friends in the midst of our differences and ask our relationship. Sense of mutual respect, but friendship in the midst of our differences, I I took real issue with Hank Stern cured a replacement theology predator wrist view that was almost sold pro-Palestinian. It was anti-Israel, but we remain friends in the midst of those differences as well but just with the business of life and things like that. I haven't I haven't followed his his ministry work for it for years. I know they continue to put out great material in their in their the CRI journal and I'm sure there's a ton of good that Hank does on the air with that the various apologetic subjects. He covers in dealing with evolution and exposing the cults and things like that. But apparently, as I've just read some links that were sent to me over the weekend. He's been talking more and more positively about Greek orthodoxy in recent years and concepts like CO cysts that we take on the divine image of the divine nature.

The Greek orthodoxy we teach it more aggressively say than evangelicalism.

Would we have a different interpretation of second Peter one that were partakers of the divine nature that as you listen to clips from the last few years a you see that he has been talking about these issues more so I asked some of my colleagues when I got the first report is a true and they weren't sure either. And then one of my friends just wrote to me earlier today and said that he spoke with Hank and that Hank said he did join the church but is still committed as ever to promote the essentials of Christianity. He said quote mere Christianity. So on the one hand, I would say that as far as Hank holding to the fundamentals of the faith he's emphasizing that he still is and therefore people talk about court, his apostasy or something like that. I would not see this as apostasy if he still affirms the fundamentals of the faith. Now this Greek orthodoxy in its essentials deny the fundamentals of the faith.

Some claim.

Yes, some say no. And of course Greek orthodoxy believes that it is the original true church and that it is the original Jewish rivet church and that it predates the splits that took place subsequently sets a Greek orthodoxy sees itself, but what it is that attracted Hank there II can't say what it is that I hold him away from mainstream evangelicalism. I can't say I haven't spoken to him about it, but my concerns would be again. To what extent will his thinking continue to morph away from evangelicalism will it morph away for the centrality of the cross morph away from justification by faith morph away from the authority of Scripture. Thou I mentioned Hank was here he was civil why what it Greek orthodoxy affirms those things others would have concerns, but it is true that he has officially joined the Greek Orthodox church and confirmed out of his own mouth. Thanks.

I cried bye-bye had a similar conversion well one. Multiple MI would also evangelical and yesterday on the radio show that he but it church history, and other early early Christian if we were not part of you looking I don't work but yeah, and the better side of the Nicene Creed as well. To say he still sees fundamentals that when I look at church history, that's that's what identifies a messianic Jew. Yes, we can start on the first followers of Jesus juice identify this deuce and and they audibly they believed in the real thing. And I don't think so, but I certainly don't think so at an all in the earliest the earliest believers we have are are the ones in the writings of the New Testament, but we can't yet there's no reason to get to my grandmother I so let's let's just cover few essential things are. How well would you say you are versed in Greek orthodoxy, Roman Catholic, I know case you converted to you and from evangelicalism to Catholicism.

There are a lot of them belong to the same church really look at God's word. I re-created with each other. God it all okay so what would you say in your mind, Keith, again, that such amount not here debate you okay but your mind, sir, what would you say are the fundamental differences between Catholicism and evangelicalism on evangelicalism.

Yeah, that's what came out of correct correct F12.

The big thing I would bid Martin Luther letter innovation of the look. A Torah all that was rude or unknown. I think I read read Luther's writing. All of them but a lot of them.

Ellen's writing. I think the be separation between faith and works. The dichotomy that would put their pitiful a false dichotomy. Maybe the they drove a wedge between faith and works, and I think that where a lot of the arguments are are are on our side. Since the keys when you only understand The T20 when you stand before God entrusted being justified yesterday.

Do you do you say Lord I put my trust what Jesus did on the cross unjustified by his blood, and as a result of that your change.

Pursing the change life or do you say unjustified by the blood of Jesus and by the good works have done as well. Not that human nature on its own is incapable of doing any good work Christ meant that it across. Government and he paid for all the thin through the world. Okay, that there is given throughout the divine life through great not communicate that great normally for the document are not only right that whenever we do it the sacrament you think were trying to impress God with our good work. I ate that bread really good. He's right With me not prep… Good work. How we actually got communicate great document, like you was believed to communicate great reading the Scripture or through preaching.

We believe he communicate that great document by then I'd say it's a nose and write it directly as we put our faith and in trust and in him, but you are not another word you're saying that faith inevitably leads to good works and is demonstrating good works as opposed to you are justified by good works.

The initial great justification on earned men from that he regenerates out and then we cooperate with the rate of II help an old lady across the street and at the actual good work rising from the Holy Spirit that is merited to me on from him. What he crown his own great, yet you this this first mover that we cooperate with it. He did write out the credit we cooperate with right NSS and how it because I rejected right reject all write it and it just to be clear Keith I in a fundamentally that's how I understand things.

Salvation is his gift by God's grace can't be earned in a trillion lifetimes is nothing good in me to merited it. It is God's unmerited love and and by his grace I believe and receive that gift and I cooperate with his grace I could choose to reject his grace and deny him and walk away but I cooperate with that grace is a born-again person is God working in me the will and do his good pleasure after workout my salvation with fear and trembling, but it's all grace in the end it's interesting to me. Keith Ellis is a Jewish follower of Jesus look at church history with great interest but also look at it is cut itself off to that extent, whatever it did the wrong directions on boys go back to Scripture, Scripture, Scripture, because that's what I see is the New Testament pattern of Scripture. Hey, thanks for calling Keith the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown funeral nine fellow man directing the van uses a man my and in Dan Sheridan and celebrating the Passover right now commemorating Israel's deliverance from Egypt commemorating the Messiah's death for us to deliver us from sin.

That was the voice of the Maccabees. I should've identified them earlier in the broadcast know they are not messianic Jews know they do not believe as I believe they are gifted and they are articulating a great Jewish heart cry and I appreciate that. And apparently this let my people go Maccabees video is based on a Justin Bieber Passover mashup parody mashup of love yourself sorry and what do you mean, originally performed by Justin Bieber that's with the blurb tells me 866-34-TRUTH, hey I just want to mention to you that there are times when my purpose is to debate. I have a guest on the my purpose is to debate that guest and they know they're coming on. For that reason there may be a caller recalls with her particular viewpoint and may be fairly aggressive in it and they're pushing it, and it deserves a certain pushback in their other times where we just can exchange information and the purpose is not to debate. As with the last caller so sometimes you just want to smack this down and smack that down. There is this the time to do it this time not to do and so you of other semi-Catholic but I believe there are born-again Catholics, but I do not affirm the Catholic doctrine that is extra-biblical. I do not affirm the authority of tradition. I do not affirm the authority of the Pope. I do not affirm the veneration of Mary.

I do not affirm the Catholic mass yet. I have friends and colleagues that are born-again Catholics and thank God for that grace and I'm sure there are plenty of born-again Jesus loving, Greek Orthodox, despite differences that we would have.

And yes, it concerns me when I feel respected influential Christian leader turns in the direction that I think is the wrong direction on these issues, but also the person under the bus to talk about their apostasy less actually denying Scripture and denying the Lord 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Okay so in the Mishnah. This is the first Jewish law code, you can say and it is written in the beginning of the third century so it's it's compiled by about 220 of this error to and 20 A.D., or CE, error as Jesus would say, and it reflects an editorial process that is been taking place for decades and now finally put together in this particular form.

Six orders of the Mishnah and physical length. It's about the length of the Bible and their only two mansions of the Messiah in the literature, it does not focus on this. It focuses on Jewish laws focuses on living a pious life as a Jew, even as if there was a temple standing for sacrifices and things like that course was not the case at that time and one of the references to the messianic age says this because it will look it up its Mishnah so top 915, with the footprints of the Messiah, meaning with the advent of the Messiah presumption increases in juris increases the vine gives its fruit and wine at great cost and the government turns to heresy and there is no reproof the gathering place will be for prostitution in Galilee will be laid waste, and the goblin which was another beautiful district will be made desolate, and the men of the frontier will go about from town to town, and none will take pity on them in the wisdom of scribes will putrefy in those who fear sin will be rejected and the truth will be locked away children will shame elders and elders will stand up before children for the song dishonors the father and the daughter rises up against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, man's enemies of the men of his own house.

Micah 76 the face of the generation is the face of a dog, a son is not ashamed before his father, upon whom shall we depend upon our father in heaven.

Again, this is the Mishnah so to 915 now. What's interesting is the quotation from Micah chapter 7 verse six Micah chapter 7 verse six because Jesus quotes those very words in Matthew 10. He also quotes from Micah chapter 7 verse six. Now he's quoting this, say 100 7080 years before it's written in the Mishnah but the Mishnah also relies on earlier traditions and it's it's very possible it's probably even plausible that meat may be very likely that these traditions were already known in Jesus day and that Micah 76 was associated with the messianic era. Even though, in its immediate context. You would necessarily see that Jesus says in Matthew 10 verse 34 do not think that I've come to bring peace to the earth. I've not come to bring peace but a sword drive come to set a man against his father and the daughter against her mother and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. The persons enemies will be those of his own household what's doing is pointing back to Micah 7 and from what we can tell and later rabbinic tradition, but apparently in that time as well that this was associated with the days Messiah that there would be conflict and division meet right within the family. One would follow God, the other would not the parents with children, wouldn't the children with the parents wouldn't brother would assist award and vice versa. Therefore issue a says whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me refines his life will lose it, never loses life for my sake will find it friends. This hasn't changed.

This hasn't changed.

Jesus didn't take these words back. He didn't say will that was then, but it is going to stop every scissors can be wonderful. Everybody's got to love each other and be happy that a meteor conflict. Go to this moment. Around the world. People have to make life-and-death decisions will will will they when Isis says we will kill your children unless you deny the Lord, will the parents deny the Lord what it wouldn't agonizing question some years back in the state of a recent India. His Hindu extremists took families to pastor friends that were involved ministering to the folks there told me about the capacitor to his wife and children poured gasoline on them and said we will burn them to death unless you deny Jesus who can imagine situations like this, but the Messiah said hey this is what's going to happen. He didn't come with a sort of physical sword, but with a sort of separation it's costly to follow Jesus are friends.

It's a serious and costly thing. Let's not lighten it. Let's not cheapen it with a a pep talk pop entertainment gospel.

Let's tell people the truth. Friends want to tell you the truth today to gather when making a difference everyone of you stand with us partner together. The gospel make a difference around the world. Can I ask you go to the line of go there today stand with us together making a difference from trying to make the gospel relevant to a powerfully one-man Christian play to observations about a peace plan for Syria will come your way today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown got three great today. I believe you stirred ministry to encourage strength and last. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast 8663 for 87884 the number to call if you're able to squeeze some calls and we will do that and told my Jewish friends around the world celebrating Passover and to my messianic Jewish friends by traditional Jewish friends. My Christian friends entering into the season. May the blessing of God be upon you during this Passover season may you recognize more deeply the greatness of our deliverance from sin and bondage first from Egypt and then from sin.

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world Messiah, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed for us.

John 129 first Corinthians 57.

Therefore let us celebrate the feast, either literally or at the very least, spiritually and metaphorically. 8663 for 87884 before I bring my friend Larry Tomczak. Let me give you a little analogy that I often use terms of what happens when we try to popularize the gospel to make it more acceptable to the world, with the goal somehow of winning more people helping more people. The doctor again, this might analogy a doctor discovers an incredible cure for cancer. Nothing like this is ever been done. It is potentially the greatest breakthrough in the history of science and he he meets with the marketing team that wants to get this drug out to the general public and these things cost hundreds of millions of dollars introduced to the general public and he explains a drug but said just in order for to be effective. There are three unusual things one has to be taken in pill form. The silverware can dissolve properly over period of time and get the anticancer drug into the body properly just be taken in pill form but the pill is humongous pill. It's almost impossible to swallow people gag on and then afterwards it has this horrific bit arrested aftertaste that lists seven full days and it cost $1 million for one pill but it cures all cancer at all stages guaranteed well the marketing people blown away by this. The medical people say it is true it does work.

They sit is Dr. here's what you need to do one discussed in pill form.

It needs to be a a pill that pill that you can swallow someone so gel Small some number two Geiger the aftertaste of people just want to be able handle going crazy. So either no bad taste or better yet, like a pleasant aftertaste, and number three get down to $10,000 instead of a million for the pill, and in this thing will change the world. So after two years of hard work. He calls the marketers and again it's is out of done it. I've done it successfully of them successful and yeah it's a beautiful gel It's it's slides Regina and the water and it tastes great and it's got this were empty swaths of what a pleasant aftertaste and I got that the $10,000 a pill. Only one problem no longer cures cancer friends that's what we've done, but trying to make the gospel acceptable to the world with our pep talk. What's in it for me feel good bypass across gospel combat three times.

I can either talk about dangers and try to make the gospel relevant. Hey, if we have time to celebrate 41 years of marriage to lie. He's got a new article on four ways to make your marriage, divorce her plan and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends, wanting us be on the line of farm here with Mike friend call you many years. Larry Tomczak hey Larry, congratulations on 41 years of marriage. Well, thank you so much and you know what I think you will be $12 million love you said you came today and the new Lexus in the five year travel around the world.

All the money I mean Mike Dorsett I just faded when it arrived, all great great yeah and the best stuff is still on the way we that we had a ship that from Timbuktu and the elephant got a little nervous and on the way so we get that to you. We celebrated 41 years last month and that you and Doris 41 years this month and if we have time we'll get to that as well.

Okay. But Larry your soul winner you love people. You are one of the most loving guys that I know will most genuinely guys you don't yell and scream and put people down you tell the truth and and yet you do not believe in this this modern trend of making the gospel relevant by some watering it down and wrote an article a few days back has the relevant gospel compromised kingdom culture. So first what you mean by making the gospel relevant. Well, you know, Mike, first of all thank you for let me beat, which is where all laborers in this task, and up I I'm committed like you to a spiritual revolution to authenticity and in our church we started the year off by doing an exposition of the work on the greatest teaching ever given by the greatest teacher ever lived, which is the masterpiece sermon on the mount and you know Mike in the beginning I loved it.

Jesus outlined in 15 verses he said, who are real believers in any goes on to say their points. They mourned a meek hunger and thirst for rights and he lays out what you do. We just you know real believers bed next what's gonna happen to them.

Well, first at W persecuted for right bank and then he said lastly how do they affect the world to be salt and light so that back New Testament Christianity think there is the constitutional kingdom, but my my concern is, we've drifted into some kind of a general culture seeker friendly and I want to make sure I'm careful on that because there's certain aspects of that that I agree with you a Glock but a more convenient kind of consumer oriented. A very comfortable comfortable approach where we sugarcoat things we don't present what is true in terms of authentic New Testament Christianity and that is my passion while at the same time being very evangelistic in reaching out and sensitive to new people, as you said, I'm committed to like televangelist projects morning somebody privilege, a Middle Eastern lady to lead to the Lord with her husband in the past week and Mike. I'm committed to that, but I'm burden are just people trying to make things relevant. Sugarcoat it. We drift from what Jesus said in the sermon on the Mount arts. So what happens then in what ways do we drift and what are the effects of it. Well let me let's look at a little fun here and again everyone, as you listen, I love the lost and I reached but there is a place for confrontational evangelist by scratching open-air meetings, etc. but I believe in being in a relational build bridges but let's have a low fund. Can you identify with about people to face up like this to invite to reach lost people they like. If you come to our church will promise you enjoy it.

It's it's it's really like a weekly motivational pep talk and there's lots of convenient parking. You can find it really entertainment you will love our music worked very relatable and relevant human Casual. We got free coffee and donuts. You could be blown away by her beautiful and comfortable sanctuary seating the lighting in our pastor all my really really emphasizes the love of God and don't worry, he won't speak ever on anything controversial political package due to surgery on the quote ways to help you succeed and invest wisely in light and work it out in a toxic minute. We even have a birthday afterwards speaker footage of Ressler professional respites can share, could you come it it it gets really easy and it's a lot of fun when you join me make a Larry archery Dedrick whale a little hyperbole here, but in our quest to be connecting and relatable and friendly and reach people were drifting what I asked what's going to happen to that person. If that is the steady diet and are are people who come to us betting like that at times, or are they going to have a balance position on scriptural themes doctoral think is there an authentic gospel presentation. Is there an emphasis of the Bible would have it on holiness. Fear of God, repentance, judgment, sin, even the cost of discipleship and obedience to Scripture as the authoritative word of God and so you know when we get relevant and we become superficial little sermon that as we call him sometimes I think we see the consequences in our culture among so-called professing Christian and churches 200 churches. My close weekly in America are nothing to discourage us.

I think it's time that we all of us re-consecrate ourselves to New Testament Christianity outlined in the sermon on the Mount in Mike my experience I can sure because we go here is really I think God I was brought in the right way and it's not seeker friendly way and get the results of the consequences very positive, like before you saved you play drums in a in a rock band. What was it called what we were called the lost souls, and I was lost.

I point this week in Cleveland almost rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame and you know a lot of rock and that was my life and so… Who I what is a 20-year-old college until God. Thank God for the right people into my life led me on the right path and I was brought to faith in Jesus Christ. In the real way 48 years later, what's the real way will Mike. Figure out real quick. My car breaks down on the way to complete the University, a black man gives me a lift lift invites me to his little church I had never been in a Protestant church I was Catholic and I all I knew was kind of unemotional library apps collecting critical Like that with my background and this guy invites me to a storefront church and I went I could look you will give it your kind enough to give me a lift. I'm coming Sunday.

I went and when I went into a little storefront building.

There's about 30 black folks that were there as he wore a white gardener and they were able to dilapidated inner-city building the benches looked like old holdovers from who knows what the singing was exuberant, but the congregant clapped camp a debate. I stood there and I have to get it jolted by circuit because it wasn't quote as we take seeker friendly, very gentle with one beer sheep you have to anybody know you can stain on.

But you know what the presence of God was in that place.

The man picked me up hitchhiking was the pastor of that little church you know what he was just weeks later, Mike. Because of the presence of God in me knowing there was something authentic and real.

Even I couldn't articulate it. I yielded my life to Christ and then shortly thereafter when somebody wanted to write a book on again. You think will people to want to hear this text to radical what and I wrote it in 1/4 million of these went all over the world is still out there on Kindle's go clap your hands like that was my radical beginning like Peter on Pentecost pretend to be baptized until the Holy Spirit and then you know that Felipe saved from this wicked generation and then be added to the local body of believers back to New Testament pattern. That's which he took it out and that's what I believe God's trying to bring the back to and steer clear of the sugarcoated watered-down message that brings us.

Let's face it, we may be successful numerically, but we are working I think were unsuccessful in terms of influence in our nation that was that was my inauguration and then later I'll tell you what else Yeah what will tell you what we we just got a minute lie before the break, but I want to remind folks about your bull's-eye challenged to take up 30 controversial issues in the church from immigration to abortion to homosexuality, you name it you've got a video teaching online and then a book that goes along with the so and in just a few minutes each day read the book with the relevant scriptures watch the video teaching you'll be knowledgeable and equipped to address each of these different areas much better than you are right now.

So folks want to find out more where they go. Larry oh Mike, thank you well. Bull's-eye To remember to think bull's-eye' when you go there you can immediately access these brief there only three minutes maybe fork on all these hot button issues of today and it's done in a compelling, relatable what you'll enjoy it and then get the book here on Amazon.

Just order it you get it treated and you can as a Bible study is a home group is a church father apparent. We went through it at our church we went through for 30 days and were seeing informed influencers people becoming old to address issues today and not our great high bull's-eye you can become informed influencers watch the videos get the book to be continued with my friend Larry Thompson file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friend. God's ways are always fast to come up with another way to try to improve on God's ways it doesn't work and look the goal of the great commission is to go make disciples of the nation's right. It is not to get church attenders. It is not to get numbers of people is not the people assigned club to join the club. It is not to enlist people in some type of popularity contest is to make disciples meaning. Devoted followers of Jesus, meaning people who really want to do his will, whatever the cost. Whatever the consequence and thus I can happen by us watering the message down as I can. I happened by us meeting people where they are and not bringing them where they need to be. I'm all for meeting people where they are often we have to start people have no knowledge of God whatsoever or have very hostile negative conceptions of of God, etc. so when when that happens when that's the case then you know where we can start where they are and those have more knowledge and more understanding and and others are being dealt with more deeply by the Holy Spirit. So wherever that's the case then we we understand okay what's it's let's deal with the person where they are. But the goal is to bring them where they are supposed to be my friend, Stephen Baldwin has we were going to talk about outward and to talk about a one man play. These doing he sent me a trailer for it is available on on video.

I believe available online for viewing or purchasing this one man play where he is the thief on the cross. He is the thief and his rebellion. The thief being crucified in the thief coming to repentance and faith in Stephen. From what I know of his testimony. Must get him on one data share more about his testimony was lost. Reprobate center graciously saved and of course his brothers is good to acting Brothers, I guess Alec the best known and here you have Alec doing his famous mockery impersonations of Donald Trump on Saturday night live in Stephen being an early supporter of Donald Trump. Sure makes for some interesting family dynamics with emergency just came up because of which she had to run out and is not able to join us on the air so hopefully will connect with him in a few minutes. A long talk with my friend James Robison and get some insights on the White House and talk about the Middle East and Syria and things like that but since I've got an extra minute here of first Corinthians chapter 5 first Corinthians chapter 5 is this is the Passover season.

Right now the Passover Seder conducted last night in Jewish homes around the world, writes in first Corinthians 5. It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you of a kind that is not tolerated, even among pagans from man has his father's wife.

So since is not described as mother that's presumably a stepmother right man has his father's wife. So here's a man in a sexual relationship with his stepmother with his father's wife and look at what Paul says in your arrogance. What you not rather mourned, that was done this be removed from among you. Now was the father still living or not. That's the some of the material in the larger scheme here but apparently the Corinthians were boasting about their liberty. I look at this system check this out.

The pulses for the lapse in body and present spirit and as if present, I really pronounce judgment on the one who did such a thing when you are assembled in the name of the Lord Jesus. My spirit is present with the power of our Lord Jesus, you are told to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord your boasting is not good.

Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Cleanse out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened. For Messiah, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Let us therefore celebrate the festival, not with the old leaven the leaven of malice and evil but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. That's why read this passage. If you wonder if the game lets us go through the Passover. That's why read it because of this association here in first with his 56 through eight so, a few observations friends number one number one first observation is this that Paul knew that the Corinthians were familiar with the concept of the Passover Civil War. If a Gentile believers of many Gentile believers in Carthage. Yes, for sure, but remember the very first of them heard Paul preach in the synagogue civil why would a Gentile convert the in the synagogue while because of the fact that there were God-fearing gentiles. There were Gentiles who reviewed the God of Israel, but they did not convert to Judaism in order to be a full-fledged member of the people of God than you would've needed to be circumcised.

If you're mad and immerse the woman have to immerse and you have to pledge to keep the commandments of God and and live as a Jew be part of the people of Israel. So you have those that would fully convert to Judaism, then you had others who were God fears. They worship the God of Israel, they went to the synagogue to hear the teaching they would celebrate the feast in the lifestyle in terms of of this is the calendar of Israel. They knew what they were familiar with it, yet they did not convert and become Jews enough to take on the conflict commandments. So when Paul preach to the synagogue and said the Messiah is coming, both Jew and Gentile predominate in a Gentile does not have to become a Jew that equal status of the kingdom of God. There's this guy gave to the Jews, but he didn't give them to the Gentile world. No dietary laws and things like that but they would be familiar with all of these things because they been in the synagogue.

So Paul is assuming that there familiar with the Passover as Gentile believers. That's one thing that's one thing. Second thing is this that at the very least he's urging them to celebrate the feast of spiritual remember is no way of knowing what the letters could be delivered in the ancient world. It's not like I just emailed you.

I just overnighted the package to you so I don't think that he could predict okay this let us definitely get there right before the Passover and and maybe could have, but I don't think so get it written immediately before the Passover and and and so forth. And that and because of that than then you know they'll know to celebrate the feast that maybe he knew maybe could time like that made was that for women that's all for another discussion, but at the very least he sing metaphorically, you familiar with Passover and it must've been either when he was writing or hopefully around when they get the letter something like that. Some relevance in their thinking. Go for a little leaven leavens the whole lump pessary to get rid of all 11 mouse right cleanse out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened.

For Messiah, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Let us therefore submit the festival that with the old leaven the leaven of mouse and even with the unleavened bread of sincerity and console games either either saying celebrated really join in your heritage Dumas are pestilence and sacrifice more metaphorically, so the feast perked up the leaven you are unleavened. That's it. We should live necessary if the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown to plot in Syria plot continues to stick in Russia says hey this is a false flag there rebels behind the gas attack rebels behind the gas attack and to be having more attacks like this to try to make the government look bad. And this is Nandu's Russia and the system to the government of Syria and therefore any attacks are completely out of place any attacks are completely unmerited. Any attacks on the Asad regime are exactly what the rebels want.

So Russia saying that in the clearest possible terms, and there will be repercussions if you going to try to attack or take out Syria so the plot continues to thicken Rex Tillis in one of the concerns with him becoming Secretary of State that if he did become Secretary of State that he had ties with Russia get a history of business dealings with Russia and he might be too friendly with Russia and other said no, you need a guy like this is work with these different regimes in countries around the world. You need someone like that. Well, Ulrich solutions, unable to meet bit slightly prudent estimates that the club's representatives. What Einstein could decline to meet with him whatever time she had.

They may not be what they thought they would they not be what we we thought they were or more were still all he had good ties but things have now gotten very ugly between the countries.

Right now we need wisdom right now we need for people to sit down and talk as much as possible as a lot of lives are on the line. A lot of lives are at stake and something very intense and ugly could happen and if it does, there's gonna be a terrible terrible price to pay to the extent we can talk with Russia right now that has backup whatever intelligence is clarity's syntax very fully combat. With my friends in the plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It has been a had my dear friend James Robison on the air with and not only are recognized national, international Christian leader is one who's built a solid relationship with Pres. Trump as candidate Troutman still as Pres. Trump often has some unique insights for us in terms of things that he can share about Trump himself to James welcome back to a lot of our thanks for being with us today I get to be back with you, so games are you still have an open door to the president you still able to communicate with him more high-level members of his cabinet, or has that door shut to you where I'd say it's become more difficult time, but I'm still able to communicate with a minimal can I ask what cultural temperature, Eisenhower described in these terms, I believe that he is very fertile soil to receive sleep that is so and so the big question will always arise. What kind of CVs being sewn into his mind. His wife, and I think that's critical importance and I will watch the effect of good street song and then make exposure to bright water is what the gospel measured Christians learn different from or so becomes obvious and abounds so that question no minds to be repealed, but he is fertile ground and he is guilty play in the potters plan a question, so will the Potter be the father of lies. Will the Potter be the father of transforming troops and I have watched years of two.

The power of transforming turn and good street song, and he responds. I I'd never seen him. I am not in a conversation with with individuals who so lines see some thoughts were he wasn't not be was not only respectful but receptive. Now I don't know all those who have access to them now and all that but your sewing but one of the last time we heard him speak after her brother. Startling moment they attacked the amount Syria. We heard a man not only starting to wisdom, but speaking with what sounded to be a very wise position statement and circle references to God and things important to God. Did not sound like mere traditional religious rhetoric. I was quite pleased send it communicate that and the best way I can prove some of those close to ember by stratified that his demeanor and communication was quite Impressive.

In my opinion.

Now we can get into a discussion of the no longer trapping Syria.

I actually sent word three whatever sources Foster Lennox, Mr. Hunter, both the president and to sector termination to read the article stream by Jason Jones and John's merit about how Mr. Trump and our leaders should consider the situation Syria and like a Port Is Taken Pl. in Switzerland quite a remarkable article and I'm trying to to inspire the kind of the provocative interaction that causes someone to stick down and consider the kind of instrument that these very bright young man put before us right so this is an article friends that got my attention as well on I post several articles there a week and John's neurotic is one of the top right of the screen. He was with us last week.

Always amazing insight get with Jason Jones.

She's been a pro-life leader among other things in the body and together they wrote an article encouraging administration, encouraging leaders to look at Switzerland as a potential model. Syria now when you first see what this are two completely different cultures people's mindset so what are they actually proposing in this article wrote you look at it and realize that we are actually talking to some the starkly informed of the rituals of upright price to really look things over and the tension of the religious tension was uncle Bob, which was barely and yet be not accepting a centralized government overreach but have limited power which our founders envisioned and put in place which we are just almost totally nullify the effect of the state did something better might use his plate I'm in. Shortly it just shows a very sensitive approach to a very tense situation. People don't understand the principles that we understood in our founders are stirred by district simply building a more conservative. So when you consider setting up these different areas of which we should have more here in America were our local community is the one closest to oversight and decision-making. In one of the problems we… Brown is the fact that the greatest unit national Street is the family here and I placed together as a community or a community like a city near Township of accounting and accounting about state internationally influence any demand responsibility and accountability. You cannot only see the proper bureaucratic, but you can see whether or not it has a positive effect or as would be oversight comes from a great proven to be totally ineffective and privileged and obviously unsustainable in the spring Chain adjustment town this morning talking to some of Obama leadership in the African-American community are concerned about the urban community of attention. What to do about it. We just have the most incredible conversation.

So one of the big things that actually meet paragraph, timely conference is to bring people together who never would have even been sleeping together, much less sit down with her privately and I'm I'm hearing in my prayer time is shouting from Sinai come to the table reason. Let's reason to doubt that I was an invitation not merely to analyze layout but to a nation that God will bless in class service for let's come to the reason and that's what I'm really encouraging our leaders obviously didn't do it with healthcare. They didn't even get their own together, so to speak.

Just tired and not just returned after and I believe he can leave our national priests.

So that's what I continually encouraged her later career crying for heaven like the and not like God had to tell as I have a good understanding of your term attorney in the same way Victor Paul Hector referenced what was going on… His own so just terrible.

What's happening when we don't, the title let's get and then Janet you have been at this for decades now, bringing people from different backgrounds together in the normal fears when you do that it's gonna bring compromise when you do that it's going to destroy your own values and and sometimes you can't work together, but there are plenty of cases were mechanical.

Just listen to each other just humble ourselves before say okay I'm not the only one of the room with something to say. It's amazing how many gifts there are there so with with the state of the nation. Right now the division between Republican and Democrat. Even the divisions within the parties you actually have hope the basement be seen over the years that people can come together for the good of America correct lot, they must come together Jesus to the relationship, and you been with me for now well over a geared watch the settings where you watch these different nonprescription remember. I think you would just you everything. The compromise position at the same time I have been able to inspire you and open, honest, patient with your great all absolutely and end folks that I would have thought of working with before because I would just assume we had certain differences have been shocked by how much we have in common, relatively young Ghanaians were buying but love never fight in and it be nice if we would just really try that.

You know we got understand you can't get will always people to keep perfect all imperfect laws of all his heart, so we know the gospel tell you what you can sit down and show people. But if you don't want all else will be providing in every direction around and just living in this hot environment that's been powerful. Please come with the reason and inlets brings to ever embarked prejudice and opposition are pet territory. Let's actually look at the People's problem and let the rest begin by fire people, in which the things that don't work and are not sustainable. And let's do something that works for Evan site we can do it for people site we can do. Yeah. And as you said, we must say friends and encourage you to pray. This is because she still seeks to be the leaders of our nation's grace have open ears for president cabinet others and go to the stream green costs for rich information that will equip the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I talked to you from my heart for moment and I do every day to day five days a week that you get a half-hour days or two hours, but for my heart but I just want to step back and share a few thoughts with you all right. We have to have awakening in America. We are heading in the wrong direction so many ways. We must have awakening in America. We are not talking about taking over the culture and bashing people over the head with the Bible and penalizing them if they don't go to church on Sunday, or if they don't pay tithes if they don't believe what we believe Nono that that would be a theocracy where religious leaders lead the nation and enforce a certain religion of the nation like you have. For example, in a country like Iran right the seller advocating when Jesus returns, he will set up his kingdom on the earth. Yes, and then we will have a theocracy and I will rejoice in that because we will have God ruling over this world and the earth will be filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the season people beat their swords into Plaut, plowshares, and there won't be war and things like that. Yet you knock I have epidemics of serial killers and rapists and all kinds of injustice.

This IRB happened all right. Yes, there will be people would still want to rebel against God and am given the opportunity of they will do so but that that's the theocracy. We pray for when Jesus returns and establishes his kingdom on the earth back by divine power. Until then we are not looking to set up a theocracy. We are looking to do in America. Is he great awakening revival in the church starts with the people of God as we wake up spiritual truth. As we turn away from sin as we give our lives over to God, fresh as we seek him earnestly in prayer as we cry out for mercy. Our nation as we do these things then God has mercy and God turns our hearts and then the reviving of the church brings awakening to the whole society in many many ways. How self because God's people come alive and they start shining bright. God's people start living differently that has a massive impact that one to start reaching out fresh and people are confronted with the power of the gospel and they start to get changed transformed radically dramatically and now that brings about another wave of radical change and in the presence of God is there an end. There's there's more of a God consciousness.

This is what happens in awakening, I was reading a book about the struggle that evangelicals are in right now for the nation and and II just don't have the title in front of me and we had a complete Internet crash in our building a because of which I can't just pull it up and anxious for you right now, but the authors it's it's a solid academic book written very accurately and clearly but with good spiritual insight both together and it's talking about how the awakenings of the 1700s and early 1800s shaped America and changed our culture and made the church. Such a dominant force in the 1800s. And of course with the church being a dominant force in the 1800s ultimately led to the abolition of slavery in our in our nation but as an elder, but overcame the parts of the church that were proslavery. Tragically and excessively debate that many Christians were proslavery but what happened was the awakenings really affected the nation. In fact, some of the concept of separation of church and state care about the healthy way because the colonies as originally formed, will religious colony.

You might've had a Congregational colony or presbyterian colony or Baptist college. Whenever, and in various states were formed and they were formed based on the constitutional religious model so that the churches were state-funded and things like that and and there was less separation between church and state, which on the one hand, a great freedom of religion. On the other hand, it was constricting and that know what if you were not a Christian or what if you are Christian of a different denomination. It can be difficult for you in that particular state. So when our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Establish that there will be will be no state religion and that there will be no national religion, and in the same way the government will not interfere with the practice of belligerently saying one the whole nation will not be presbyterian. The whole nation will be Baptist. Only some of the Catholic there will not be a state religion like that the state church of England. At the same time as they wanted to clear the practice of so you went from freedom of religion to the radical freedom from religion that we see in America today, but the fact is at as as God moved in the awakenings the nation was change the culture was change the mindset was change the influence of Scripture and in school that continued powerfully into the 1800s.

The role of the church and and we are not crazy to think God could do that again this in many ways were in worse shape than we've been over the centuries in many ways undeniably so the things that take place in our society today that but not just technologically but otherwise would've been virtually unknown in society in America's past. On the flipside, with God all things are possible. Each time there was awakening each time there was revival. It was because things were dire.

You don't need awakening revivalist things have gotten into a very bad condition deeded that the church is grown dead with traditional religion or or the world just becoming so worldly and people falling away in a way times are urgent. People cried out for a bottle. I got a quote from what the 1720s in America. Words of their look like religion lay dying is over, the church in the colonies. And that's something to look in God moved naturally must have again so yes yes yes we are involved politically, it's time to take to find out who to vote for and vote was time to take it to write to Congressman. If there's a concern.

Maybe some of us get involved in local school board syllabus run for office, but all of us to be involved in a basic political level, and we do what we can socially and loyally stand the course.

Where were standing up for the pro-life movement and what were working to help women not have abortions and to provide them with hope and with a better way for the child. Yes yes to all of those things, but in the midst of it – we're sharing the gospel one by one.

You can when our neighbor build a relationship with someone new moves then you know bacon, some 12 cookies on the positive will be over ringing sound over it all and and and and befriend them in as good neighbors should do it and then see if you can lead them to the Lord. We do that at the same time we must prioritize prayerful like we must prioritize prayerful of we must prioritize prayer for God to visit the nation and shake the nation because nothing short of that will turn the time. Nothing short of great awakening will turn the tide. That's one must give ourselves to the fervent prayer friends.

Remember to check out my latest articles and they will impact you their life changing their informative and they are there for you light a fire dollars. You become a torchbearer this month, pouring back the sources and she is very hard for revival and renewal together make a difference or take advantage of the special offer this month become a torchbearer. Join us today go to the line of fire.

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