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Should We Name Names?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 3, 2018 4:41 pm

Should We Name Names?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 3, 2018 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/03/18.

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So what is it right to name names. What is wrong to name names, how come sometimes in the bottle. Paul call people by name in others. He didn't talk about it in every relevant and practical way right here today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to on a fire this is Michael Brown I am delighted to be with you so excited that today is the day of the release of playing with holy fire wake-up call to the Pentecostal charismatic church ready just in the last few hours.

The first few reviews have been posted on Amazon. I've just been blessed to see how the book is ministering to people and speaking to people who are, they consider themselves well maybe charismatic, maybe not for maybe have been burned by some negative things, but they believe in the spirit and others and perform a cessation so I believe this book is going to speak to Manny, so glad to talk to about some very relevant issues in the church today measures number to call 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 any of the controversies any of the issues that we deal with in the book, playing with holy fire controversies concerning the work of the Spirit today controversies concerning modern charismatic doctrines or teachings questions about when Jenae names when you do not name names you talk about that today again number to call 866-348-7884. Now before we get into detail here, let me mention that there are folks online whose name names, day and night.

They call out just about everybody out there. If you're not in their little camp they name names. I've seen it be completely destructive so naming names in itself is not some kind of virtue naming names and calling out what you believe the false teachers in of itself doesn't take courage and is not necessarily a virtue because you may be wrong about those you consider false teachers. These may be saints in God's sight being used by God in you or I or are lambasting them all right. I was not surprised that when Billy Graham passed away like to be with the Lord that there were people posting he's in hell. Now he's a false teacher. He's a deceiver, etc., etc., and the same day they were blasting him. They were blasting me for speaking well of the bus auto mind. This is a myself I don't mind being in that same camp attack him attack me, I'll take that any day of the week so Rodney and his name is, what will head on before even go there draws helmets destructive naming of names goes on to understand how much division is cause by immature naming of names general how many people are hurt by calling out this one and this one and this one and this one. This is wrong and I was running I was wrong just based on my particular circles look I've seen people damned to hell those that don't use the King James Bible. I've seen Arminians damn Calvinists to hell. I've seen Calvinists damn Arminians to hell.

I've seen cessation as damn charismatics to help and on and on it goes. I was interacting with one critic and I said to him, and I listed a number of teachers brothers in the Lord. People that I know that I believe are sound solid men of God and and I said you believe their help. I said I would never say some of hell, but I can't pronounce that I don't know that what he meant was I can't tell you their future destiny. I said but you believe they're not brothers out you believe they're lost now if they were to die they be lost that yet. He believes that based on what there was no gospel criteria that he was basing them on and yet had a horrific judgment us will tell you what, how about I set up a meeting between you and him and you spend the day together. So I have no reason to do that so there's plenty of name-calling out there and a lot of it is destructive right at the same time in the charismatic movement.

One reason that I felt the need to write playing with holy fire in the charismatic movement. Often there is not a lot of self policing. We may think something is wrong or it shouldn't go on but often we don't address it as leaders or we don't come together with leaders in address.

For example, if were on one TV network and we see some abusive programming there. Do we then as as leaders go to that network and say we have a real issue with the way you raise funds.

We have a real issue with this particular teacher one time a messianic Jewish friend of mine called up Trinity broadcasting.

Okay, not just mentioning Trinity here TBN because it was illustrative of something now to TBN's credit this guy that was teaching they ultimately took off the air okay or he went off the air and always has been on for years. But what happened was this messianic Jewish pastor called up and he said to some of the Trinity and it was as just that it wasn't. He was not the head of the company or organization to someone answering the phone and he said I been watching this guy and he teaches against the Trinity. He claims to be Jewish roots teacher wasn't even Jewish himself because we Jewish roots teacher, but he denies the Trinity and he teaches XYZ and the person on the phone said this is many years ago person on the phone symbol we have a problem with that and and he said isn't this Trinity broadcast. This is not in your very name and it is a guide that I'm Trinity ultimately went off the air there okay but by and large we have not done a good job of self policing and for whatever reason. Either we think well it's just happening over there. It's not happening here, so have to worry about it or we think well gospel uses that person and I disagree or were Stillwater, one of sin against the Holy Spirit also like you to be discerning. Mikey's wisdom. Regular testings by the word.

What was that the word tells us don't believe every spirit, but test the spirits knelt, let me point out you that all the people at civil Paul name names.

Sometimes he did and sometimes he didn't Scripture let him a Scripture guy on the word guy right sometimes. Paul name names, and sometimes he didn't. Sometimes John name names, and sometimes he did. Let me give an example with Peter second Peter chapter 2, and to be clear and some of my books, I name names in detail with lengthy quotes with interaction on a regular basis and in the many my articles in a names and sometimes I address issues and I don't name names and there's a different reason than a different strategy. In each case, second Peter 21, but there were also false prophets among the people. Just as there will be false teachers among you will secretly bring destructive heresies, even denying the master bath them and will bring swift destruction on themselves so here he's talking about false teachers that will arise among the people, but he doesn't say like this one or this one now right but he says this is going to happen.

Be on guard for many describes what to look for right now we know that John first second third John.

Sometimes he mentions names but but take a look at this in in first John, all will go to chapter 4, first John chapter 4 dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirit test the spirits to determine if there from God because many false prophets have gone out to the world, such as what is a such as his mention them his name. The mere other places. He names names because he's dealing with actual church situations with the need to take practical action to be aware of individuals and then other times may be writing a more general letter is not doing that, and any says this you are from golfers for little children, you have conquered them because the one who is in you is greater than the one who's in the world they are from the world.

Therefore what they say is from the world and the world listens to them. We are from God. Anyone knows God listens us all. Who of the day. John name names John tell us who they are what it was inappropriate for him to do it there so we didn't elsewhere. He talks about your tray face who loves to be first writing names him by name and calls him out in there you're dealing with the situation were either this this man had a worker ministry beyond the local correlational others needed to be worn or within the one particular base that was getting this letter they needed to deal with him appropriately.

There are times when Paul names. Names like Alexander the coppersmith who did him much harm and any speaks about illegals warnings about their other times when he doesn't name names so when I wrote my book hyper grace I was wrestling with it. I knew I was going to be dealing with lots of issues being taught by contemporary teachers. Most of these I considered to be brothers in the Lord, but men with whom I had substantial scriptural difference. Some from what I could tell had completely gone outside the faith had denied fundamentals of the gospel, but most of those I was quoting I was quoting as brothers, with whom I different and I was really praying about it. Do I name names were not.

Do I just quote generalities that some teach this in some teach that or do I give specific quotes and I was in India. I was with my with my annual trips to India and I just preached a leadership message to a few hundred pastors and church planters and then after the message we all got on our knees to see God in prayer and when I got on my knees to pray. I immediately heard the Lord said to me you know exactly what you need to do, meaning you need to documented you need to give the exact quotes.

You need to call things out by name, which then also meant that I would try to contact the main people I was interacting with that you have to do this if someone publicly teaches you know a equals or or a is B and B is C and their confusing people. I will have to contact them to say. Halina set the record straight.

Say a is a and B is B, and C is the on throwing things out, but because of try to reach people because Amo striving for unity as well within the body. I reached out to most of the major teachers and said hey I'm to be quoted extensively. I differ with you. Would you like to dialogue first. Would you like to see what I've written and went back and forth. All of them were gracious with me except one who threatened to sue me if I quoted too many of his words. Yeah. Wonderful response and then I didn't reach out to Pastor Joseph Prince just thinking while he's been through this over and over and talk to people.

Many many hours and it's can be hard to reach me doesn't know me personally so I can reach out to him, but I sent a copy of the book to him to find out afterwards that he wasn't pleased that I did reach out to them first when I met with them in Singapore. I apologize for it went and did that via email. First, for not reaching out in first.

I explained to him why I didn't apologize for it and we dialogue for 2+ hours and highlight it will be different and highlighted where we agreed and he never felt that I misquoted him or taken out of context but felt that I included him with other teachers with whom he different and that was his bigger issue, but in any case, if I am naming names, then if I'm trying to reach out to these people and being redemptive, constructive, and now they been warned.

Now they've had a chance to revise their views and if they haven't at least we got to know each other they'll hear my position maybe once they read my book will be impacted at one of the guys I quoted the books that have moved away from that I no longer hold to it. I don't identify with this camp the same way to the screw to that as well but this time today names when I wrote play with holy fire for some major reasons I felt it was important not to name names and explain why we come back in the phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH number five gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH that is the number to call. I want to share some things with you from my preface in the plane with holy fire book to explain to why I did not name names in writing this book.

Note I will say one of the thing first. I did write this book because the critics are always talking with a major charismatic Pentecostal leader powerful evangelist when many people to Lord around the world and we were talking about the strange fire conference that it seemed to galvanize the charismatic Pentecostal movement.

If anything, I would say most were unaware of it, but those that were where it had more for unifying galvanizing effect is is one gentleman who was watching the video, said strange fire backfired.

The biggest thing to me is whatever valid criticisms were raised within the conference and were certainly some felt overall it was a great misrepresentation of what God's doing and really miss the mark in many many ways an adult with that of course my authentic fire book with all respect to those that I differ with their but that being said, the points that were made that were valid and they were certainly valid criticisms that raised the question when they are raised in such an extreme way when they're raised in such an unhelpful way when they are raised in a way that is so non-redemptive and non-interactive with those with with whom those with differing you don't end up a lot of good fruit you end up with basically preaching to the required people. So yeah, I knew what I knew I knew it, and if there are genuine problems or errors that are being addressed.

So I did not write playing with holy fire because the critics and point of fact, I would've despite the critics because all of you is giving critics fuel for the fire.

All all I'm doing is is explaining to them all. You know it. Give an example after example of things that are wrong are doctors that are offer practices that are suspect things like that so in point of fact, I refuel for the fire of critics and I reach out to them with an appeal at the end of the book in terms of what the Holy Spirit really is doing wonderfully powerful but but will explain why I did not name names of playing with holy fire and if you go to you can order the book there, but the first few reviews have been posted to smile at the moment of the first reviews, but we got some great endorsements some great endorsements from folks like them if we just read one or two to you. Let's see here.

Oh, how about a professor Craig Keener highly respected New Testament scholar of the world's top New Testament scholars a Craig said this is posted on the Amazon page.

I find myself saying amen amen amen. This book is so needed right now. People eager for revelation yet not grounded in Scripture make easy targets for charlatans to exploit them and unsound teachings to move them.

They got awake in his church. Here's another RT Kendall highly respected Calvinist theologian pathology. Martyn Lloyd Jones at Westminster Chapel in England. He said this one of the best most accurate yet loving critiques of the charismatic movement.

To date it is written by one who is unashamedly a charismatic with C's faults and grave dangers that some are afraid to confront Dr. Michael Brown hits the nail on the head. This is must reading for anyone who values the charismatic movement its future.

So my appreciation to those leaders for their gracious words so explain to you why I did not name names and playing with holy fire. I give lots of examples many, many examples through the book, some of which I've seen firsthand some of which I heard from friends reliable sources, but there are reasons that I did name names playing with holy farce review with me right, I'm addressing abuses may name naming the abuses.

I'm explaining the nature of the abuses I'm giving examples of the shoe fits wear it. For example, if if I said to you. Beware of green men over 9 feet tall with three heads, but I didn't name them by name or right when you see a green man 9 feet tall with 3 Heads Walking Your Way. That's really okay but I have been warned about this we give examples of what abusive leaders do we give examples of what mercenary profits do we give examples of things like this in detail them. That's the way that you can out recognizing justice as Paul and Peter and John and others in Jesus give warnings about false prophets and false teachers generically talk about their errors, but disabled, and then why not name names.

Okay, first, some of those are reference may have changed over the years and I hate to blemish them if they truly repented. So look may be. I was an eyewitness to an abusive practice with a particular leader or I witnessed the aftermath of that leaders error or sin.

Maybe I follow them at a particular country or church in and heard the reports you saw with my own eyes right well maybe having 20 years ago, and I'm using that as an example of mercenary leadership or abusive leadership.

What if that person is really repented and changed is impossible for me to track down every single individual, and cover every single instance around the world and often in the body.

We can really be harsh with each other instead of walking in love and helping and edifying each other. Often what we do is attack each other and and it in the cruelest possible ways, and often were unforgiving and unkind.

So I was not going to use an example of someone that II knew the thing happen I knew was abusive and it was simple and it was wrong but it happens some years ago and then mentioned that person by name as if as if everything is perfectly everything is the same now as if they haven't changes, if they haven't repented. Maybe they did that for a while and got their laws in order of for example I mention one particular leader and how he use this quote profit for his fundraising and it was utterly horrific.

I mention specific examples of it in the book walks since then and I and I written to this leader personally and said you need to quit doing this. This is abusive and wrong wealth since that envelope. My letter had anything to do than he no longer works with that guy. Okay, so if owner put that in there there's a sketch out.

Look at what night is work with the minimart corrected add that so what I did is I address the thing it self. Okay, I'm trying to be redemptive and what I do.

I am not writing gossip books. My goal is is not to compete with tabloid news right. This is not Christian tabloid news and we need to understand that there are constructive times when you name names and their constructive times when you address issues of their constructive times when you do both side by side so that's that.

The first reason that that I did not name. Name some of the people I speak about they may have changed over the years on looking to tarnish the whole reputation because of some mistake they made 10 or 15 or 20 years ago that the mayor of repented and fixed and made right with others. Okay, second of some leaders I speak of are godly people with blind spots. Yet the moment I point out a blind spot.

Others will reject their whole ministry since we tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The repeated similes. I speak of are godly people with blind spots at the moment, I point out a blind spot. Others will reject their whole ministry since we tend to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

This is something that often happens in the body. It is a sign of our immaturity is a sign of are not walking in love is a sign of us not being holistic in our judgment of others so something that you tolerate the orchard. All he just has a blind spot there all right will you tolerate that's also here looked just like politically okay so conservatives ready to crucify Bill Clinton for his alleged infidelities in the past, but we look the other way with Donald Trump solicited Fidelity's and then on the flipside, the liberal media that was defending Bill Clinton there there try to crucify Donald Trump that hypocrisy can be everywhere. We can do the same thing in the church so you know, our leader, while that's just he's not, you doesn't preach a prosperity gospel yeah but he makes $500,000 a year. It's the abilities is not into prosperity message. We don't know where he puts his money. I put you crucify this guy for make 1/2 million dollars and was what what will have our unequal measures and standards and things like that and sometimes some is a blind spot. For example, the way that you were trained and raised up in ministry that you're treated a certain way when you're picked up in your you know at the airport with limo and the whole but that's just what you thought was normal and it didn't dawn on you that you not to be treated like that, you know that you're the super have to demand that I am the superstore minister everyone bows down to me.

You think it's so crazy we have these entourages with us is and for the present United States was going to preach somewhere.

Some of you going to hostile territory people in us running with knives and bombs and things like that.

Guns and is going preach a church get entourage 20 people to travel with you and okay I address that in the book. I absolutely address it. It's abusive.

It's part of her superstar leader syndrome at the same time. Some people that's the environment that they got raised up in.

That's what they learn from their leader. And that's just part of esteeming the man of God, and so on and so forth. So when you pointed out to them that baby will humble themselves and change and able say I used to do that and I heard one guy saying yeah I used to insist on this this this now.

Now, I'm happy to travel, commercial, and I have to have my own jet etc. but if you just mention this one thing, maybe the rest of their ministry is fine but they got the superstore syndrome the way they want to be treated merely got a state the best suite in the hotel of the gun. At this for the gotta have that and that they may be godly in other ways, but have this real blind spot, but for us, we write the whole thing off mode moment I mentioned the name and use them as example rentals. He also for that reason, I also did not name names. Hey listen, if you haven't ordered your book yet. Good review or your books. Get a copy. It is now out. You can download the e-book at the audiobook immediately at the paperback copy. Do it now right and then once you've read the book. The book is been a blessing to take a moment and post a review to encourage others to read it as well playing with holy fire. These are sacred things friends for the spirit is sacred will direct the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for joining us today on the line of fire.

Day that's always especially exciting for me when the new book is released.

So playing with holy fire. Wake up call to the Pentecostal charismatic church is now available.

You can get the e-book you can get an audio version you can get the paperback book, and other places where you order your books and what I am really encouraged by as I'm beginning to hear from people have read it and I heard from several that said, I read it one sitting. I got the book and read it in one sitting. So it's a serious book but it's very very readable. Many of you have been burned. Charismatic Pentecostal circles. Many of you had bad experiences. Some of you were raised in those environments. We came to faith in those environments.

Some of you been in and out of those environments and you could burned. You had bad experiences and when you read the book, you realize, hey, I overreacted ice throughout everything I got burned by some false prophecy.

So I throughout the gift of prophecy for today. I got burned by telling me that my nephew was going to be healed and he wasn't and I throughout divine healing for today. I got burned by thinking I was being led to do something I wasn't. So I throughout be led by the Spirit today so I want to encourage you to read this book. It's going to build your faith, as well as as I believe you'll be saying thank God for speaking out. Thank God for addressing these things to look, I know that the refined pastors and leaders charismatic non-charismatic that are feeding the flock that shepherding the flock that administering truth to them. Ministry of the word ministry life to them and they are not focusing on every doctrinal error every heresy, every exaggeration, every aberration is not her job to do that.

It's their job to build people up in the truth and then to expose her when it comes but are you have every church that teaches comprehensively this what Mormons believe this were Jehovah's Witnesses believe this with the skull believes this with that cult believes you have, that's that that's just it always or you have it that you're watching Christian TV for the latest false teaching or scouring Christian radio looking oldest Christian books, no many years ago I had the feeling come God's policeman in on the correct every body and where there is aromatic and consciously think that way because subconsciously I have to correct this fix this Walt at MMI going on. That's right, there are books that name names and I grieve over the red one. Recently names names throughout the home. Your time feathering people are and your misunderstanding. This one and you're exaggerating this and in your take a little saying and make into a big thing in and you are now speaking against brothers and sisters in the Lord that loves the Lord and are bearing fruit. So if by naming names, we can do good.

We can be constructive or write someone's out there teaching heresy and error and it's spreading to church or of the shack comes out the book and then the movie and William Young, what is he believe in so many millions of people are reading this and wondering about and Walt. People have been blessed by certain things in the book and in the movie overall, William Young teaches some heretical doctrines right and and his stuff is out.

He's forthright about some of what he believes right so people are constantly asking what about the suit sometimes you need to address their other things within the body to say hey I appreciate so-and-so but I differ here. But here's the deal.

It is it going to be constructive.

If I get up here is a non-Calvinist and spend every show. Talk about the latest Calvinist teaching. I differ with her. How would spreading and growing here in America or or here's a Calvinist friend that he spends every show. Talk about why he differs with the least Arminian teachings okay will that's what arose call to success is that so we just have our thousand different computing little work. Seri was attacking the other by name. Is that how it works or distillates examine the doctrine is talk about the doctrine. Let's talk about the beliefs, let's talk about the practices without naming names, you can be constructive. You can equip people and you don't have to name them here. For example, I avoid foods that have sugar. None of the natural sugar like in fruits, but sugar like would be an old candy bar cookie some of that so I don't eat foods with sugar.

I don't eat flour, refined flour right whatever it's called and was scared you know your sandwich bread still don't have that I don't have anything with dairy okay to smile my style hat how I eat, I have a little meek will be like once a week and some of that but I just have the categories so if I'm being served something of a list of 9000 items. I just know the categories. No thanks, and I don't have that right. So in the same way and playing with holy fire. I really prayed about it, I thought about a signal if I'm naming names was can be more destructive than construct note they give you few reasons why I didn't name names in this book, but I name names and other books. So for example hyper grace.

I have detailed teaching is what leaders say is what they believe. Here's right differ. Here's why agree we can lay it out constructively and look when I'm dealing with examples from people's personal conduct stories that I've heard that are reliable, but not to the point that I can actually quote names, dates, places, but certain tendencies and things repeated that there are two different things.

One thing I could testify in a court of law and give the details. Seri secure the documents. Here's the video where they said XYZ something else like, okay, I've heard the stories about certain leaders for years and years.

I can't verify every detail.

I wasn't there at the hotel to look at the build with a rung up while they were there in your country, but I heard are the same stories about the same person repeatedly different places. Still, it's anecdotal. Why know the abuses take place yes. But by naming names, I would be going one step too far. So again, one reason I did name names and playing with holy fire is that some of the people may have been guilty of an abuse years back, but they may have changed right.

Another thing is they may be a godly person with a blind spot but but these days you only want to talk about blind spots in obit because if you if you mention the person of Oswego throw the whole ministry out all right, here's another reason. So, in contrast with hyper grace.

In many cases I can offer specific documented quotes as much as reliable stories and articles, plus I can't reach out first to every person I reference in the book, as I sought to do for the most part when writing hyper grace and forth. Some things take place in countries like Africa outside my direct view in those cases, even when I have reliable eyewitness reports. I don't feel it's right to name a name just based on that fifth. I'm also addressing general tendencies. So by setting an example I'm addressing the larger issue and sixth and not naming names, I'm following a New Testament precedent. Since the writers sometimes name names. For example, first Timothy 119, 22nd Timothy 414 search are monotonous on the preface to play with all the force. If you have it you see it there and sometimes they didn't say computer to the chart about false teachers are to becoming within the listed characteristics and second rent is 1113 through 15th pulses. These are false apostles who hope what were the names of the false apostles, that Paul use they were servants of Satan is given, it is able why describing them. The Corinthians would know he was starting same with playing with holy fire and describing the symptoms described in the promise people know I'm talking about so in these cases we can assume that by describing the error or the abuse the people would then know who is being described. The same holds true to your bottom line is I say in the preface to the book either way whether names are named or not. If the shoe fits wear it. If your leader and you are convicted by the words in this book, then humble yourself before God in repentance and he'll give you grace if you're a believer in your convicted by these words the Lord will help you grow, mature, usually hard on him and to leaders who sin is failing to address the error values. May the Lord give you courage and resolve to speak the truth in love, regardless of cost and consequence. You cannot afford not to speak. It is my prayer and my hope that through this book because of whatever stature God has given me. Whatever respect God's given me in the church, in particular the Pentecostal charismatic church that many will make changes that there will be reforms that abuses will stop Google the phones in a moment, 86634 but give you one example I mentioned a serious abuse taking place in one country that was shared with me by an eyewitness to the abuses he was terribly grieved over those abuses. I cite that in the book.

He told me that subsequently he address those people and they repented not just think if I name them in the book Brother Smith and Brother Jones were guilty of XYZ abuses and practices. And since the book was written, but before he could stop it being printed these people repented and no longer practice those things so the abuse was seriously abuse needed to be called out. I'm sure it's happening in other places, but those men that my friends saw guilty of this and when he confronted them.

They repented and some of them. They were so new they didn't recognize the magnitude of the wrong that they were doing so. There's a time to name names and there's a time not to and both have New Testament precedent. That being said, when you can describe the thing. Clearly enough when when you can give the details of the ingredients clearly enough that people can just look at the label and know that something I don't eat to get my spiritual analogy there. 86634 and out. Let's go to Chris in Michigan.

Thank you sir for calling the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown and thanks again for like everything open to taking really.

Number one they go home. Why why are you willing to name the name of fiction or who you disagree with in your on your truck shown in your book, but not necessarily all of the continuous yet so in some cases, sir. I've raised issues with charismatic brothers and sisters might my most circulated article which among website was over 400,000 shares was an open letter to Joel Victoria O'Steen. I wrote a letter while why Creflo is not getting out of my dollars when he was fundraising for a new plane so II have done that I've done it with folks that have gone very liberal general Rob Bell or lessor, Tony Campolo, but for the most part, sir. I general the cessation us when they have put out a very specific attack about specific issues where there was, I can. I cannot refer to the substance of the son. Hyper grace. For example, almost everyone that I differ with the netbook is charismatic regular Joseph Prince. One of the most prominent charismatic leaders in the world today. He was the number one subject of the book, so I've done it if the context is right, but I'm not doing it. We got a brakes… Stay right there. Okay, I'm not doing it whereby I'm just playing a clip from here from there random guys that I differ with. I try to speak in general with respect. So I'm only responding directly to something and it just so happens that most of the specific attacks are coming from the cessation us Responded Direct but Will Come Back We'll Talk about Our It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist Author Internationals Leader and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Vice Principal Join Us Online for the Legal Effect Michigan It One Less Thing That I Want to Go Back to User Time with Alisha Was a Pretty Intense Book Coming out. I Lay out A Lot Of Stuff Serious Abuses Which I Can Do Is an Insider's with Some I Got a Pull Any Punches. In Fact, I Can Only Speak More Freely Because I Didn't Have To Investigate Every Last Anecdote and Then Say Okay Is the Still Current through This Abuse That Took Place X Number of Years Ago This Country Is Still Current. I Can Use These As Serious Examples of of Abuses: People to Address Them in My Hope It When I Quote from Actual Fundraising Letters and so on and so Forth.

My Hope Is That People Will See That and Recognize They Been Duped or Taken Advantage of and Respond Accordingly. So to Me the Best Way I Could Be Constructive Here Was without Naming Names, Was in Hyper Grace, Mainly Dealing with Issues within the Charismatic Movement I Felt Was Best to Name Names, but Once What Your Take on What I'm Saying Okay on That. Let More Than Understandable. Thanks Again for Taking the Question You and and One at One of the Thing Is Is That If Something Happens Publicly like TD Jakes Wu Was on a TV Show and What He Said about Homosexual Practice concerning so I Didn't Have Direct Access to Cassettes Always Will Try to Do First Is Directly Contact Someone or At Least I Know I Should.

Most. Most the Time I Do, but Otherwise I Didn't Have Access. I've Tried, Sometimes with Mega Church Leaders Are Major Ministry Leaders and They Immediately Get Back to Me Have Had People Call and Say Please Don't Publish That.

Let's Talk Privately and and Then Other Times We Don't Get a Response, so I Publicly Raise Questions for Him. That Was Another Issue Because I Thought This Is Racism to the Larger Church and I Need to Raise Questions for Clarification. And He Did without a Subsequent Statement in His PR Person Reached out to Me about That, but Normally Likes It Was Cessation Us If They Name Me by Name or Name Colleagues of Mine by Name. That's What I May Feel It's Appropriate to Respond, but Even so, I Was Talking to a Colleague of John MacArthur and I Said Hey If You Plan to Have Another Strange Fire Conference I'm Offering to Gather the Main People You're Criticizing. See If I Can Get Them Together for You Guys to Meet with Them Privately or I Set Something up for Some of Us Would Come to the Conference and Trachsel Unconsciously Try to Do That behind the Scenes. Glad to Do That and Then Just Try to Be Wise and Judicious and Less Thing Is We Have Endless Requests. Chris What I Think about This a Little. I Think about This As If like I'm the Guy to Tell You She's Good She's Not Good and and Then When I Have Critics Damning to Hell, Meaning Save These People Not Even Saved.

Friends of Mine While If If I'm Not Going to Get into the Naming Names Thing.

I Now Got to Defend This One, or Defend, That Will Read Rather Distant. Let's Look at the Issue. Let's Look at What's Being Practiced and Taught Pre-and Then Evaluate Accordingly. So It's Not from Backing Away from the Things Just the Unique Situation, but I Think of People See over the Years.

Look at the Body of My Work I've Done More Calling Out Of Farmer Calling on People within My Own Camp in Terms of Charismatic Than in Noncharismatic. This Just My Opinion.

Pretty Understandable.

Thank You Again and I'm Deftly Going to Be Reading I Will Thank You for Asking. And Any Time Hard Questions Are Our Welcome Benefit If I Cut You off Once Thinking You Were Someone Else That I Do That You Had Your Day Okay II Said That I Think I Would Uncommitted Understandable. So so Might My Profound Apologies I II Was I Misjudging You This If You Were Someone Else. I Think We Apologize Previously, but I Heard Your Voice Chris from Michigan. There Might Be Okay. God Bless You Sir Okay.

Our Thanks. Let's Go to Wisconsin Mike, Welcome to the Line of Fire Are Dark Brown Hey I Had a Question about What Two Questions I You Know This Is Probably for Thursday but Will the Standards One for Today That's Relevant for Today but I Are Going to Throw Reagan Cannot. The Book of Karim and Then the Next Is Is Speaking out, Getting Naming Names, and Are Constantly Focusing on You Know Other People's Downfalls or Other People's Character, Slandering It Is It Is That Physically Harmful to Your Body. I A Few Fuchsia Syrians and Thanks for the Question. So First, the Soffits Client That Is the Name Given to Use Romer Kardon, Who Was One of the Most Devoted Traditional Jews of the 20th Century Hailed for His Piety and Became Famous for a Book Actually Series of Writings of His Called Sulfates Claim Which Is Taken from Psalm 34 That Those of You Who Love Life. That's What It Means Offensively and Those Who Desire Life and Want to Live Long Days. Keep Your Tongue from Evil and and He Was Famous for His Ethics As Far As the Tongue in His Personal Godliness Is Always Known in Traditional Judaism. So to This Day. Your Religious Jews Who Study His Works on a Regular Basis so Was Every Day. They Want to Be Reminded of What's Appropriate Speech. What's Inappropriate Speech. So When It Comes to Slandering of the Leaders Will Get to the Physical Question in a Moment What Comes to Slandering of the Leaders We Gotta Be Really Careful. I Know Some People Think They're Doing the Right Thing and That They Attacked Me by Name and Again I Just Just Watch the Comments by the Day Pouring of Your Younger Go to This Your False Prophet or False Teacher Heretic and and the Funny Thing Is under Attack from Both Sides of the Other Day within a Couple Hours I Get Attacked for Being a Judaize or That I'm Trying to Force All Christians to Live by the Law of Moses and I Get Attack from so, on the Other Side Saying I'm an Antinomian Because the City Christians Are Not under the Law. So like Jesus Said to the Crowds in Matthew Seven, Luke Susan Matthew 11 Luke Seven about How They Rejected Him and How They Rejected John the Immersed Recent John Comes Neither Eating or Drinking Said He Is a Demon.

The Son Of Man Comes Eating and Drinking Essays Always Are One Bedroom a Glutton so We See That Constantly in Their Whole Websites That Are Devoted to and the People Really Think They're Doing Good but They Are Speaking against Brothers and Sisters They Are Defaming Men and Women of God.

They Are Often Acting Out Of Their Own Ignorance of the Word. I Remember Interacting with Her Brother I Believe Is Very Sincere.

I Believe the Lords Used Them Powerfully in Many Ways, but He Was a Strong Critic of the Browser Revival. He Had Never Been to a Meeting but If He Got One Negative Report He Posts That Is He Had a Theology That Told Him It Can Be from God for These Various Reasons If If He Got One Negative Report. He Posted on His Website and He Was Listed As an Authority on Revival. III Asked People in His Home Country Who Is a Seduced Authority on Revival Sis Reveals Himself in Any Case, We Would Literally Send Them Hundreds of God Glorifying Positive Customers to Test Whether He Was Really Serious in His Ethics and and He'd Ignore Them Would Not Publish a One of Them. Not One of Them, but He Publish the One Negative One from Someone He Didn't Even Know Could Been Just Some Complete Crazy Person Who Knew They Were. I Wonder That Building a Life of Demons or Who Knows Who You Are and yet Here We Have Hundreds of Testimonies of People Save and Transform Following Jesus Repenting of Sin and Getting in the Word Liver Forgot and Given Their Lives for the Lost Those Get Ignored, so Often There Is There Is an Arrogance That I'm the One That's Going to Set Everybody Straight. And That's Why I Will Answer Questions What I Think of This Ministry or That, but for the Most Part I Don't Want to Do That Because It Am I the Want to Hear.

I'm Not Baptist.

Okay I'm Going to Have One View of Baptist and a Baptist Can Have a Different View of a Charismatic and a Calvinist of an Arminian or Minimum Account Is on Trying to Be Gracious Towards the Whole Body. It and Push Truth All Right and Will We Divide We Divide, but It's Dangerous to Just Say It Is Syrians from Different Names and Attack This One That When It's It It's It's Dangerous. Let's Use Wisdom. Let's Let Us Be Circumspect.

Let's Get Our Facts in Order. Let's Do Our Best to Meet with People and Talk with Them and Understand Differences and You Might Find Wow My Own Life Is Been Positively Impacted by This Person. My Life Is Been Positive Is That We Differ Here in Here but I'm Gonna Modify My Views. I Was Ready to Condemn Them Completely Now I See Them As People Love the Lord, but We Have a Difference Yourself and Focus on That Difference Can Be Harmful to Us Physically Well. All Sin Can Have a Negative Impact on Us Right Mentally, Emotionally, and Because We Are People That Are Not Compartmentalized Are Mental and Emotional, and Spiritual State Can Have an Effect on Us. Physically We Know That Bitterness the Bible Says Rots the Bones on the One Hand That's Metaphorical but It's Possible That That That Is Real, That Bitterness Has a Negative Effect. We Know, for Example, You Can Have Higher Cholesterol Levels Because of Stress. So If You Are Constantly Full of Bitterness and Anger and Rage and and and Self-Righteousness and Attacking Others Cannot Have a Negative Effect on You Emotionally, Spiritually Short to That Affect You Physically Sure. But like Many Many Other Sins Could but Thank You for the Question Mike, I Appreciate It.

But Let Me Just Say This in the Book I Talked about in Playing with Holy Fire. I Talk about Why It Is That Sometimes Charismatics or More Easily Abused by Their Leaders More Easily Taken Advantage of.

I Have a Whole Chapter. Why Are We so Gullible.

Another Chapter on Abusive Leaders.

I Give a List of. Here's How to Recognize an Abusive Leader in That Case Better Than Naming Names Consist Can Be Applied in Any Country in Any Situation.

Here's How You Can Look for If This Leader There Guilty of This, This, This, Get Out Of There. But One Reason That We Charismatics Can Be More Easily Abused As the Leader Gets up and Says the Word Servos Don't Touch the Anointed. Don't Mess with the Anointed One.

Don't Mess with the Anointing Michael Was a Prophet of God You Don't Dare Speak against Musical Salt. It's Good to Be Respecting and Honoring of Leaders.

The Word Tells Us to Do That and If You Really Have a Different Difference with the Pastor of Your Congregation and He Teaches and Believe Certain Things Are for You to Correct Him and Change Him.

If You Differ, Then You Respectfully Quietly Leave and I'll Try to Destroy the Church. Notice Go on with Your Life but Sometimes Lately We Get This Exaggerated Thing Are Charismatics Are Anointed One. There's a Healthy Balance Healthy Respect Sermon Will Help Throw Us out Your Copy Now Is As You Read It, Post a Review on Amazon All Right. Thank You.

Playing with Holy Fire. Maybe Not Do It

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