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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Big Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 18, 2019 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Big Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 18, 2019 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/18/19.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

It's Presidents' Day on the line of fire and boy do we have a lot of ground to cover in the word stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown for friends and welcome to broadcast this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. I posted this on Wednesday of last week on my aspect about Facebook page and on Dr. Michael L.

Brown your Michael L Brown twitter page.

I said do you have a big Bible or theology question.

In other words, not that question a specific verse or word, but a larger question posted here now answer as many of your questions as possible in Monday's line of fire broadcast will within an hour posted because I thought just get a handful like big questions and nuts about specific verse questions with bigger theology questions and as of about an hour after posting it like between Facebook and twitter probably 8590 questions and a lot of them are great and major so doubling is limited. I will start tackling these today so so not another phone number, don't call today. I will start tackling these today.

Maybe don't know yet but maybe I'll tackle a bunch more tomorrow and they maybe some more on Friday as it is a great questions and some of my ability to think about how I am going to answer but let some. Let's start with some Facebook questions here and goodness rolled down and let's see here right so far from Michael I'm an historic pre-millennial. That's that's premillennial was to be my position that Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom on the earth for thousand years with Israel at the center. After that we enter into eternity.

But I'm a dispensational assembly with the pretrip rapture, etc. let's similar Michael's position but I see the post-millennial view of Matthew 2818 through 20. That the commission must impeccably nation also that Messiah rains now a student someone tennis is problematic and will have a victorious eschatology will be an historic premillennial and truly believe that all authority is given to Messiah in heaven on earth and heaven and on earth now and Michael is my position I hold to a victorious exit eschatology. I believe the gospel will cover the earth. I believe will be a multitude from the nations that no one could number, I believe there will be massive turning of the Jewish people at the end of the age. In the midst of all hell breaking loose as well. Just as one part of the world can be totally dark and another part of the work be totally like to look at the globe among parts dark, the parts light same way this can be great darkness in the midst of a great light. So yes, I see parallel extremes at the end.

Now the great commission in Matthew 2818 through 20.

A post-millennial view says this when Jesus is make disciples of the nations that the nations all the nations will be completely disciple to the whole world will become quote Christian before Jesus returns of we will have basically a millennial age, after which Jesus returns. Hence post millennial. I appreciate the victorious. Note the confidence in God. I appreciate the confidence of the power of the gospel.

That is all very positive to me scripturally and yet I don't believe that Scripture says that the entire world will be saved, or will get saved I see clearly passages about the harvest in the age being a division between good and evil saved and lost right up until the end very clearly and you can read make disciples of the nations are a couple different ways. One is every nation you make people into disciples.

The other is you turn every nation into a disciple. You could argue either way from the Greek's first emphasis on Jesus raining now that that millennial's would hold to answer the millennial's just the millennium. Is this the spiritual thing that's taking place now II agree that Jesus is ruling and reigning in his rule and reign is extending but we pray for the final manifestation of us can we pray for him to come in return and set up his kingdom here so I emphasize disinterest by, I'm with you on that. Let's see why the book catalyst and the one the book of John and Matthew etc. still unknown author of unknown, according to some, but the very very consistent, very, very consistent testimony we have merely church is that Matthew disciple wrote Matthew and John, the disciple wrote John. I know that there are a critical series against this, but you have at the station after at the station reference after reference. After reference, Matthew wrote. Matthew and John wrote John since they been known as the gospel of Matthew in the gospel of John, you have some other books with this a bit more dispute about authorship and things like that but there's consistent testimony that Matthew wrote.

Matthew and John wrote John, I don't believe there unknown at all sure Joshua was incest sinful before the giving of the Mosaic law. If so when did it become sinful, will we know it's first mentioned as sinful. In Leviticus 18 and and something that is detestable in God's sight and reiterated in a number of other passages but Leviticus 18 being the strongest and the clearest so that's that's number one. Was it always sinful. Obviously, not because to populate the world. Initially there had to be human beings. Adam sons and daughters that were married and had children right so brother would have to marry assist release the very first generation we also know that generally speaking it's over.

Of time that incestuous relations produce problems that etc. mousy Immediately be a health issue immediately, but I was in the way God made us wireless in the first generation to there had to be relations that we would consider incestuous today, but those are the only candidates on the earth, the brother of Adam and Eve have a son have a daughter, they would have to sexual relations out.

It could be that there were different sons and daughters and and then you get second third generation but still they got it they got intermarry at some point we know that Jacob, not by his choice ends up marrying two sisters which is forbidden by the way, little tidbit here God births the children of Israel out of marriages that would later be considered sinful. The words God is Redeemer, God is constantly working up a star righteousness, but based on his righteousness.

The day we boast in our own righteousness is the day we make a big and fatal state. So, at what point was it considered sinful. We know for sure. Leviticus 18 before that with the traditions passed on.

Was there consciousness among God's people was conviction rising. That is speculation. Speculation but certainly is put in writing for the first time. Leviticus the 18th chapter of Ryan and he talked about a lot but I'm still confused about the subject and that is this predestination biblical or not. Thank you in advance what the Bible certainly talks about predestination. It's only biblical question is what does it mean I predestination doesn't mean that in a Calvinist sense God looks at humanity and with you and for nothing good in you and in no choice you made was simply his choice. He chooses you have a twin brother buddy chooses to pass over the twin brother and just have mercy on you for anything you deserve it simply as a expression of his goodness and he now predestines you to be saved.

The righteous, and to follow him and never fall away or to never ultimately fall away. And to be with him for eternity predestined in that sense I don't believe that because that's not how I understand God's choosing the center understand God's predestinate although I've got the course.

Find Calvinist friends and colleagues and coworkers who believe that I don't I understand that before the foundation of the world, God chose that he would have a people in his son and that this is the destiny of those people that from beginning to end. This is his plan. This is his purpose and it's like this here is your is about and it's going across the Atlantic Ocean and Goddess determine that all those on that boat will arrive from London. They will arrive in New York right after Excimer weeks on the water. God has ordained that God has predestined that so those on that boat.

They start here. They end their that's their destiny. That's what God has planned for them. Those that are on the boat on their boat because they responded to God's grace through faith in Jesus, so we were not predestined, but our faith in Jesus, but those who put their faith in Jesus are predestined to a certain outcome. That's how I would understand the subject of semi Calvinist friends would differ with me all write-off time to try to try this James was the best way to go about navigating an evolutionary interpretation of Genesis. My college student and I know few people were sincere Christians, but they interpret the Genesis account differently as a living things gradually evolve.

In some cases, all species evolve except humans are unique in their own right. I believe the account laid out in Genesis the cons were created uniquely in print reproduce after themselves understand that this is not some prerequisite to salvation.

Romans 10 910 declares was necessary. However, in a culture running so counter God. How do we reconcile these kinds of differences among Christian brothers and non-Christians alike. Thank you sir. Okay, you're right that we are not required to believe in a literal creation in Genesis 1, a non-evolutionary creation in terms of species, etc. were not required to believe that in order to be safe, but I would say that those who deny God's literal creation and that those who hold to a more widespread evolutionary process. In other words, macro evolution, not micro we recognize that God is set up species to evolve within themselves. We understand certain species in certain areas will grow differently. Anybody eventually got set that we agree with that. That's not the issue, but macro evolution, Darwinian evolution, we reject so yes, someone could theoretically be saved and hold to those things, but their foundations are so severely undermine their sellers foundations and believing the clear truth of God's word so punish the undermine that often what happens is they end up denying other parts of the word and themselves fall away from the gospel as they don't hold to the authority of Scripture. What I would say is viewed from a young earth perspective or an old earth perspective. There are solid answers for scientific questions whether it's a young earth perspective or old earth perspective. You will see that there were solid answers from macro evolution for Darwinian evolution from both perspectives and and therefore Everson was landing on this. There is no good reason to embrace Darwinian evolution and then it ends up cutting away at the uniqueness of Adam and Eve as well as it can be insidious in terms of where it goes.

So I would gently encourage those with questions to really ask themselves if they were not being bombarded by the scientific claims. What does the Bible seem to say plainly and clearly what is the rest of Scripture seem to repeat and reiterate in terms of God being the creator and then say, okay.

If that's true, we dig in and see if there are solid answers from credible scientists can answer these questions so answers in Genesis. The other suspect is Jesus the Lord: those who give you solid answers side argues linear or I will be back some tremendous questions you've asked that right here on the line gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on Presidents' Day here on life by Michael Brown delighted and asked to be with you. I put out a question last Wednesday on our Facebook page and on Twitter page and said the big question of big theology. Question a big Bible question supposed to question a particular verse or something like that. Go ahead and post it, and I'll answer as many as I can on Presidents' Day on Monday and within hours flooded with dozens and dozens of great, great question, so you keep answering as many as I can. I will be taking call.

Sit back, enjoy the broadcast I trust to be edified, blessed, encouraged and challenged arterial Gyro and our Facebook pages over 580,000 followers, Twitter smaller but very active maybe three something thousand so we got a lot of folks interacting with us. We appreciated love it. Thank you so much for sharing our articles, videos, being part of our team to get the message out much appreciated art Gyro.

We know Jesus Christ ago diseases and curses for God's children on the cross. So what are some of that is been in administer evangelist of Jesus for many years so they get cancer and dies from cancer. Jesus really took all the curses and diseases.

More repents and gives life to him disturbed. I like the patriarchs that died of old age that is hereditary, hereditary crisper ancestors. But when repenting a rebar in our sins and curses are cut off washed away. So what is a purse like a minister evangelist for Jesus Christ have to die from cancer.

Cancer is a curse. There are some, of course, Gyro who don't agree with your position that when Jesus died on the cross that he took our sicknesses and our paints. They believe that that's metaphorical for sins that he died for our sins. During his earthly healing ministry healed or diseases redone on the cross for our sins so we can expect physical healing in this age. I don't agree with that answer that we can expect physical healing in the Sage. I believe that when Jesus died on the cross for our sins, he died for the root cause of all of our problems including physical sickness and disease and ultimately death. And that in this world and then in the world to come with expense the full benefits of that so ruggedized that we understand that many will die of sickness. We understand that the question is why Jesus paid for healing. We get sick.

It's the same as the question of sin when we came to faith in Jesus we are baptized. What is the Bible say we died with him.

Yes, we died to sin and rose in newness of life. Therefore, sin has no dominion over that is a positional spiritual reality. And yet we still struggle sent irresponsible since if you been a believer of a sinless day, week, month, year, so even as believers. Even though Jesus died to cleanse us from sin and to give us complete victory over sin of the sun set you free your free indeed. Right we been given everything we need for life and godliness icon with the Scripture after Scripture yet we still sin and fall short in this world so that's a big question why because were still in this role.

That's the bottom line.

Everything has been done that needs to be done for us throughout eternity in this world. The still sin, distal temptation of flesh will sickness and disease. Now that being said, many of our sicknesses are self-inflicted limited still true that we reap what we sow.

So for example if I was a happy us is best dry cough because I say and by the way of if you're if you're watching you like Dr. Brandt. You sound like it sent last week when you had that co-I actually were recording this show at the pre-recording it while I'm still fighting off a cold.

So if you happen to notice that your that's the case, but if you start talking like about smoking cigarettes and smoked cigarette and in my life but let's I had been a lifelong heavy smoker that I get saved by producer license but still I've I've built up all that ungodly deposit in my lungs. I remember one cancer that got to be merciful and feel.

But it's also possible that the disease exits course a reporter so a tremendous amount of our illnesses could be avoided if we healthily tremendous when a document that the book were hit with breaking stroke of healthy food that's right document that right at an inlay that out so there are things that are self-imposed. Maybe I'm just as those for the gospel push too hard to push too hard on sleep and I wear myself down. Sometimes these things happen, but otherwise the goddess person you know discipline healthy eating the love the Lord to get sick and die other tragic losses but really keep believing. Keep asking for healing really keep asking you praying and into we have no breath left to do so. Okay Jerry Lynn, can you explain in an understandable way. The theology of hypostatic union are a mature, I'm not sure if this would be clearer or not right, but will give it a shot.

So technical definition of reading off the screen. Hypostatic union.

The combination of divine and human natures in the single person of Christ. We understand what it means technically right. That's that's at the hard part cannot explain it understandable well I feel like understand it on a certain level, but otherwise it's it's a mystery. So here's here's how I guess I understand it it in it in the simplest way so the son of God comes into this world takes on human flesh from the one hand, he remains fully God is perfect, is sinless. He he is absolute purity absolute divinity costume on the fullness of the Godhead dwells in him in bodily form without question, absolute, unmistakable deity, and based on that you can forgive sins.

Based on that, with the Holy Spirit upon them. He heals the sick etc. at the same time he's fully human.

That when he was born he took on human flesh, meaning he hadn't crawl and learn to walk and learn to talk it. It's not as if while he was laying there in the crib two weeks old he was. He was think about Einstein's theory of relativity and and then when his parents particular legal hearings making believe up a mom aim him but he was making believe that he was looking to talk.

No heat, literally receiving being fully human and develops as a human being and grows as a human being right. I believe all those things were literally true at the same time he was eternal God, so it's an extraordinary thing to think about was the son of God in spirit in constant communion with the father yes was the son of God.

The spiritual nature of of Jesus, aware of things and understand things certainly, and yet the fleshly restrictions and fleshly limitations were still there.

So part of it is Mr. Howard's out part of it is Mr. on the other hand, the simple, the simple truth of it. We do understand and in its it's how God reaches out to man tell the infinite, eternal, untouchable God comes in our midst is finite and touchable and and and visible and tangible. That's what he can be tempted.

He was tempted in all points as we were yet without sin. Alright, so let's see this smile. Human souls lose their free will in heaven that would be rolling to look at the right way to look at it is, we have chosen our path and get to live out our choice forever other words, we said, Lord, I will follow you aloof for you. I will be faithful to you alone honor you the rest of my days.

I don't want to sit. I don't want to disobey idle I don't want to do wrong. Now that will be our nature that will be our choice and that will be our only choice. There will be simple temptations that there will be other choices are. But let's say I use this analogy the other day. Okay, let's say you are a young man and and you get married right and and used to struggle with lust a lot in your eyes was wandering from the gals support. I just want to be faithful to my wife.

I don't want to commit adultery.

Florida delegate sleep pornography were married or flirting with the women.

Lord help members of been so weak. Lord help me help me help and God really helps that young man and he really grows in the Lord and the rest of his life, he is faithful to his wife never commits adultery at an and he doesn't flirt with other women in their it's caught up with pork as God helps him and now the world to come, there will be porn will be the women that he would be attracted to that and hope you fleshly attraction. Those things will happen anymore.

So for eternity.

We get to live out what we have chosen by God's grace in this world of George DeJesus have absolute knowledge when he was in the flesh, and so how can understand it. How can we understand that when the Bible mentions that is been asking him questions. His daily life. On the one hand, yes questions because he's drawing things out of us as meteors know the answer right just like God asked Adam where were you in Genesis 3, or goddess came in Genesis for the decree was raped know where it was rather able right so he is not asking because he doesn't know he's asking to solicit information.

It could be the same with Jesus that he knows the answers he's asking questions to draw things out of people as he knows the answering. We know the many things he did know note new people were thinking what was in man and yet he said that he didn't know the Davis return while he was in this role, so he didn't know everything. Even though the son of God remain God. He allowed himself to take on human restrictions at certain points because of which Jesus did not know everything all the time and in fact Jesus work miracles by the power of the spirit and Jesus knew things he was anointed to preach by the spirit so the Spirit enabled him as a human being fully God and fully man, but the Spirit enabled him to do certain things.

That's how God worked through him so did he have omniscience and he willingly limited that while the consciousness of Jesus was that he did not know everything the spirit revealed things to him, but he did not know everything, otherwise he would've known the day of his term was his resurrection was a special place for places where places back on this president a line of blind gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown (choose the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to our special Presidents' Day broadcast. Here is the question that I posted last Wednesday are Facebook and Twitter pages you have a big BIG Bible or theology question other words, not a question about a verse or word, but the larger question posted here now and I'll answer as many of your questions as possible on Mondays line of fire broadcast well within our posting that probably 70 A.D. the questions more so I spent the first half-hour to is broadcast answering Facebook questions that switch over to put about because there's so many great questions I may, I don't know yet but I may continue answering these on tomorrow's show as well all right here.*My colleague John's Mirek Brilliant writer for the stream Catholic author and one of my favorite men to read on the planet of his articles is op-ed pieces are displayed on stream.orc. This will greatest benefits of being on the stream having colleagues like John's American El Prado and others just put a great great stuff. So John's got a question for me in this one's a doozy doozy for me.

At one point in history. Would you as a Protestant date, the defection of the visible church bishops, etc. from the true church. These monks will evangelize Europe. Real Christians are not Calvin and Luther each had different answers that John I've I am not entirely sure that I can answer this decisively. I'll do my best.

We do know that are ready in the second century, so some of the disciples of the apostles began in what's called the adverse sister Deus literature begin to separate themselves from some of their Jewish roots. So some of the seeds of later apostasy or so there even though these are godly men and godly leaders that we would all agree are that since fathers in the faith, in my view, a lot of it takes place post-Constantine that it is not just black-and-white with Constantine and and I don't look at him as Rupert primarily responsible for the viewpoints of the Nicene Council 25 A.D. and things like that.

But the consciousness of separation becomes more clear at that point the.

The edicts that the Sabbath can be changed to Sunday become more prominent, more traditional theology gets introduced. Now you look at the St. Patrick and evangelizing Ireland and and many Protestants look at him with all and and saying God's hand was on him. You look at others through history of dementia. Some of the monks who evangelize drug I look at basically the simple messages that were preached. I know that a lot of Catholic dogma comes later in terms of the exultation of Mary in a certain way or the infallibility of the Pope and things like that.

A lot of it comes much later, the celebration of the mass the way it's done comes much later, and those are very serious developments away from the faith. As I understand it as a Protestant mayor is a messianic Jew, though, that also see the Protestant churches astray, and otherwise not nonemployees in terms of of heresy is as much is getting off track so it will all depend on what these monks were preaching if they preached a basic message of salvation through the cross. If they emphasize the death and resurrection of Jesus. If they emphasize salvation by grace, not works, and added some other things on to it and emphasize the deity of Jesus and God's prior unity, etc. then I would see them as believers, but with some traditions that could be nullifying are unhelpful and certainly we all have them on some level, but even the difference between Calvin and Luther on that John.

To be honest I haven't studied their views on it.

I am not really strong on church history, because my Jewish background and relating to church history differently but and then coming to faith in a Pentecostal church where there was a lot of consciousness of churches through the creeds it was more a matter directly back to Scripture of my perspective is a little different but I do know what Paul warns about Romans 11 boasting against the natural branches began to happen pretty early on and that now sows the seeds for other errors that become more serious and even more apostate and Outlook to find out more about your thoughts on my points of view. Thousands of the show.

Jonathan will tackle adjust to it all right answered. That one is this the question we can assign book. Brian which are overall opinion of the house church movement. Some of the charismatic movement close to the early church were biblical great potential with the right, with exceptions to those who abuse it or turn for the worse of a good trend how best to expand Westridge movements been with us since the early church and continues around the world today continues powerfully around the world today is been growing steadily, and states for years and years and years now and you know Paul writes to the church in so-and-so's house, my full statement on the brightest front of my book revolution in the church challenging the religious system of the call for radical change revolution in the church that is you get my fullest statement on the subject and encourage you read that carefully right away in a what are the benefits of house church, you have an environment where people get to know each other better.

You have an environment where the support relationship, more encouragement, potentially more accountability you have environment where more people can grow using different gifts they have to teach to lead worship operate in spiritual gifts, etc. you have a more simple organic way to get unbelievers to join, you hate motor my house were in a Bible study, etc. you can mobilize more people to action more quickly in a house church setting. You don't have a lot of expenses of building and gatherings and things like that.

So as long as you have godly leadership. As long as it's not each one for himself or herself as long as there is not a lead is a more better than the organized church we've come out of Babylon.

Those kind of notions been wonderful, subtle Ryan Lisa house church, a small house church network. My colleague Bob Gladstone one of our key fire faculty in" work it out for over 22 years he Lisa house church network of friends of mine around the world are involved in house churches and I have friends that are mega church pastors and our preach and some of the finest mega churches around the world and some of them are thriving and healthy and strong. Some of them are hybrid there mega church and yet with a strong house church or or so group foundation. Others are are all corporate meeting when Andy Stanley was on the radio with me. So the only numerical goal in his churches to get 100,000 people into small group discipleship is there numerical goal.

So I believe one way or another unit you need smaller gatherings to really be disciple to really grow that that those really helpful, but that we don't want to have an elitist attitude as if only small meetings but I love big meetings of the ministry and Lord settings, and small as well skip my book revolution in the church. Okay AH does the Bible teach that when a person dies they go to hell or heaven and explain the concept of shoal charters Gehenna this people hell right now.

They can be taken out of hell judgment, then throwing it into hell. I hope my English is good enough. Okay, I answered some of this in the first half of the brightest, if you were listening to today show you. I ready answer this question that my understanding is, upon death or spirits go to you to be with God the place of blessing or separate from him. What would be called hell or Hades awaiting the final resurrection. What is it say Revelation 20 that death and hell are cast into the lake of fire. So death and Hades are cast into the lake of fire to it would seem that the state of the ungodly, dead is like someone who's been arrested and put in prison waiting for trial. Trial comes there formally sentenced and then sent off, it would seem to be the same thing. As for sure all shoal is a place of the dead, shadowy existence, the Old Testament, or could simply mean the grave. This audit not metaphysical bearable but the great meaning the netherworld for the dead, and just the place where where people cease to exist or have, shadowy existence. Revelation becomes clearer as we get later in the Old Testament and into the New Testament, but it is not the equivalent of lake of fire is not the equivalent of Gehenna. There different words there. Tartarus, another dimension of of hell or of the negative netherworld that Judy is devious meds, different compartments of hell but the New Testament doesn't tell us that much.

It just makes reference to some of these different things for sure though final state is is eternal blessing or eternal punishment. That's that's clear from Scripture.

Let's see Kerrigan in this hour, many deceptions worldwide.

This is the Lord said it would be in Matthew 24, which is the is the greatest most dangerous one for Christmas. Beware of not being ignorant of the enemies schemes a great question.

Kerrigan I would say that if you ask a thousand different Christian leaders you get hundreds of different responses in the probably all be good in the probably all be valid and if he asked me hundred street days depending on my frame of mind, or what I was focused on work looking at on any given day I I might give you a different answer each day.

So as as I step back and think if I had to say any anyone perception I would say the heart of it is that which denies the Lordship of Jesus, but the heart of the deception is anything that denies Jesus being our Lord. So whether it's that we can do whatever we want and we still get in whether it's that he has no authority, whether it's that he's basically here just make us happy. I've often said that the American gospel can be summarized as this is who I am. This is how I feel God is here to please me.

The biblical gospel is this is who God is this how he feels we are here to please him. To me that's a very brief fundamental error is pervasive and growing in the church today becomes down to a denial to the authority of the Lord Jesus, and with that denial of the authority of the word of God was to be great deceptions of of tremendous consequence. In my view. Let's see here drivetime for one more question 12 does God keep a record of wrongs. Of those were received in order to give special rewards and ranks in heaven is their hierarchy of merit in heaven. According to what we've done, I will believe this but some pastors have this elaborate addition to the work of the cross. First, a record of wrongs is totally separate record of wrongs is because you hold against the three years ago. You did this to, but Lord, you forgive me. That's three years ago was held against so I don't I don't see that yet.

When God says he forgets because her sins into the sea were members of the more I believe it's metaphorical to solos we did, but he is a hold that against us. It's as if it never existed.

But we will give account. All of this is not an addition is the work of the cross. Romans 14. We will give account to God. Second, with his five we will stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and some will have greater reward than others.

No question about it. I see it will all be easily forgiven God's children forever, but absolutely it was a great reward is on the parables of Jesus to say that it may be that our capacity is all is what we get this over to come back this on the inside of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Your again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Blessings to you on this residence in Michael Brown answering your questions that have been posted on Facebook and Twitter and boy even some of the best questions as for big Bible theology questions. That's what specific verses in oil a lot of great question, so I will return to the question about rewards and wealth come. What if it works like this.

What if, by your obedience to the Lord you follow him diligently to serve him joyfully for decades right you sacrifice for the kingdom and now you stand before him and in your capacity to receive joy your capacity to know God experience God is greater because of your walk with him. So your reward is greater because your capacity is greater.

Could that be know we are saved by grace to us for our salvation is all equal. You may say the less split-second of your life. You can follow Jesus sacrificially for 90 years and you still say the same way by grace and forever will be with the Lord forgiven safe forever that it is giving no ghettos in heaven right there. There can be no shanties in heaven, that there be no places where you don't feel welcome and have saved essay. Yes, the rewards the parables of Jesus talk about different rewards again. Romans 14 second with instructor led giving account to God of the book that baskets into that is, by Joseph sans that III think that the way you wrote the book that the publisher thought that they won't get sans correct. Let me just see here I spelled it wrong. When we try and see if the book is still available because it was considered very challenging theologically and I own the book. Okay, maybe it's under Joseph sans TSO one.

Let's try but see partners and suffering is that it doesn't seem to be available to pamper anyway.

Joseph sans if you can find it TSO when wrote a great book about future reward and I believe that we will experience on the one hand, the same be regret, like me, you have bidden me in heaven. This is not really good vinegar like a lousy blouse draw another knockout was on a good mood. Please give them rewards and none of legal be any of none. All possibly because just that with and that we reap what we sow and that is relational and there are rewards that they come, but it could be that we each received to the maximum are able to receive so I'm totally full brutally full. I don't look at you as being full of the knee, but you have greater capacity to be filled because you had a great relationship with me just a but there is another by giving account that serious right Kathy, we see many videos on YouTube of believers were brought to hell. The speak of torture by demons over the Lord give demons this fun. It looks as if they're being rewarded versus condemned to the future time being sent to the lake of fire for eternity. Okay number one I don't base any theology anybody's vision of her how powerful vision is based theology was written Scripture.

The first thing I've no idea. What if a thousand people of the same experience. I've no idea if it's true that's the first second thing is to be that people experience torment by demons and thought that they were in hell that they experienced this kind of demonic torment of God, showing them what it's like to be separated from him in this world and they were overcome by by these demonic powers that were tormenting and terrifying them and they mistook that Rachel possible is it that someone cast into hell after death is tormented by demons, and in the demons get on with it later. So the boy said as rest while you have the fun.

I don't see any basis for the items any basis for Satan overseeing hell and for demons torturing people in hell. I don't see any basis for that scriptural no not denying people's experiences.

They know must be wrong but I don't see any scriptural support for their phone someone says this is what happened in hell. My thought is his maybe that's what they thought would happen within helical experience. That's how the healthcare experience tutor or projected into it. Don't know don't know. Alright Alfredo is social justice in the broadest sense, diametrically opposed the theology proper. Oh no, certainly not not of, for example, if if I am looking at the nature of God and I talk about God's justice. How can then the practice of justice be separated from the theology of just it.

If I'm talking about mercy, and so just through theology because divine attributes God is merciful.

What was that mean the perfect Matthew 540 family father is perfect for so for as is. He is so we in this world so we are to emulate his character. Ephesians 5 be imitators of God, therefore, is newly blood children so absolutely a lot of social justice is being imitators of God being imitators of God is based on theology of God correct his so yeah not diametrically opposed in the least. The measure pronounce this name Doug for your dog is there.

Or maybe we should review on Bart's theology. I am not will read in Karl Barth metal II know the depth of his influence is a neo-orthodox theologian, I have read things from Bart of extraordinary spiritual penetration of amazing insight of great Jesus exalting interpretation of Scripture than other things that would be considered less orthodox. However, because I'm not when read widely in part because I am not a theologian, my scholarship is in Bible and biblical interpretation related languages and related literature, but I'm not primarily a theologian, my viewpoint is very superficial know just what I told you that I read some things in Barth that are glorious and wonderful and powerful, and other things that make me see his view was less than orthodox, so I've I've I freely quote them if I think it's a good quote. It's an edifying quote is influential enough but understanding that there be some areas of fundamental difference that I would have with them. How deep are they, I don't know because I'm in rhythm and the sound 6 €47 and 63 years old and her professor that seminaries and brought all his books know more about Bart a little. That's the deal. I know a lot of things a lot of other areas that there is I don't know anything and some in between. Is this the deal and be expert in everything all right, a James in Psalm 114, one I think you meant one, 44, one God trains. David's hands for war, also Isaiah 10 God describes the Syrians is a lot of his anger you take these passages metaphorically become empowered David to become trained in battle that God loses hand protection over Israel. But when the Calvinist those just interested on your take on passages like that described God's actions involving people are very strong, active matter no question that I think literally that God literally train David's hands for war, that he was.

He was helped by God to take down Goliath and commodity citizenry killed the line and killed the bear when they came in and stole the will of the sheep he went after them.

So God helped him just dislike God put versus an handled writing music and things like that. Yet he was a warrior trained by God, but they were fighting God's battles and they were fighting the enemies of Israel and and God help them be a better warrior. Note we would use the verse metaphorically about spiritual warfare and things like that but ghettos versus ultra. As for Syria run of his anger… He removed the center protection. He actively raised up a Syria bring judgment, but Syria went too far. Therefore, God should Syria but I interpret this passage is literally Syria literally was the rod of his anger never that Nebuchadnezzar literally was God's servant. They were raised up to bring judgment, but the 22 far therefore judge themselves mere teacup is the clear overall biblical guidelines of how old is pastors are held accountable and renewed removal remunerated with all these pastors making 300,000, 500,000+ limiting our homes with finances open. Some churches what is the thread in Scripture to God is here. Number one the best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best majority of pastors are not making 300,000 a year or 500,000 right.

I don't funnel personally. No single pastor that makes that much personal okay and as far as ministry leaders that I know I am an I don't know everybody, obviously, but I don't personally know any ministry leaders that that make that much.

Okay personally I am not not know the play out there so make several million a year right, but this first the vast majority pastors don't make a lot of money first. Second thing, million dollar home some places is not that much as is very relative. You can go to California and million dollars seminaries you'll get much of anything. In other areas you you you get for mansions fundamental but the key is that we must be as leaders free from the love of money mentioned in Hebrews 13, and in first Timothy six. We should be free love, money or testimonies should be good open testimonies that don't bring reproach to the gospel and if were in public ministry, then there should be some level of public accountability and with that if you are part of the church and you give to the church than the church books should be available to you so that you can know certain things that you know where your money is going and where that line is drawn directly is 50,000 okay is 100,000 of his 200,000 okay is 10,000. Okay if he communities different backgrounds. There are churches there wealthy churches. They want their past and be adequately compensated through the churches where the pastor is to work full time serve the Fox let us all read love and the volume is the above back to you tomorrow

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