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Q-Anon Is Back!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 13, 2022 4:40 pm

Q-Anon Is Back!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 13, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/13/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. What chewing on his back for the light a fire with your hosts biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity: 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown is on conspiracy, raising their head again or are people still believing this thoroughly debunked nonsense we make of this friends welcome to the want to fire Michael Brown hear your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity, if ever we needed moral sanity and spiritual clarity. It is right now. The last thing we need is another distraction. The last thing we need is more confusion the last thing we need is more myth than conspiracy. Cloaking itself, as truth, especially getting to the hearts and minds of God's people. My guest today, Prof. James Beverly wrote a book that came out in 2020 Q anon deception everything you need to know about the world's most dangerous conspiracy theory, but that we help get out. It was that urgent to get the message out and I remember when Jim and I started talking about cueing on Peter's back and asked me might my comments to know about this. This is not that much of her little that he began to dig in discovering the more he did the more shocking it became and a citizen less than before bring my guest on and if you have a call, a question about cueing on you believe that these theories are actually true. Give us a call 8663 for 87884 but the big shocker to me was how many people that I knew evening ministry. Christian leaders were espousing all the talking points up to this can have this could happen. Bugs can be removed by the military troops can be reinstated dismissed pedophile rings can be uncovered with the likely numbers at the center of it and and I said that's just you and Ali on the virtual talk blessed your you repeating all the points all the talking points is what you mean in the virtual and then went when we did the show on this. Normally I I know what's coming. I have a sense of it was obvious what's going to get a lot of flak of controversy or stir things up, I was plainly shocked by the level of anger that came towards us broadcasters Prof. Beverly in the by the outcry that people dropping out.

We lost about 10,000 people. Almost overnight on Facebook.

Some because I called out the trunk prophecies that didn't come to pass that he would be inaugurated, not Joe Biden that he therefore more years for eight consecutive years in the White House guaranteed what I call that out and then we did the queue show wall. We have had many show whereafter show people write to Dr. Brown. It would be great if you could have so-and-so on a different perspective. Unsecure love to look at both perspectives but this you speak what you we will listen to a good brief college ministry for years of age.

As believers we been so blessed we will never fall you get if ever I need proof that this would become cultlike. I had to prove but I thought with the failure to cueing on prophecies and predictions and with even secular people say we been had. This was done in talking to Jim the other day. Prof. Beverly said to me, Mike cures back James Beverly is it true that you and all is raising its head again back to know exactly who cueing I remember when in a general way that cueing the military guy works with Crompton wrote almost 5000 messages to the cueing on community before December 2020, so there was no messages from the middle of December 12. From December 8 until June 24 and then he started again.

He, she, or the way so the Internet blew up a lot already, if not hundreds of articles about Q being back in month debate about it so yeah cueing back at least possibly. I get into that in a minute but back cueing on and I decided when I heard Q was back. I decided to get back into cueing on and revive my interest and I just sent an opinion piece to the New York Times, the opinion editor wrote me back a nice note and told me how to the proper way to submit so maybe I'll be in the New York Times. Hey, but if you read everywhere.

Hope this gets circulations Jim in in the process of doing research for cueing on how many articles did you actually read all, I'm not exactly sure but with the help of the couple of friends I compiled the 2500 articles on chewing on up to the spring of 20, 21, and then since then we probably collected another thousand that I would at least a thousand articles may be more you know what I wrote to the cueing on deception book in just about four months that's all I did today was read about cueing on and then since then I kept studying about it about those things I I follow major cueing on teachers. I follow major journalists who study it, and I am in communication with the with people who specialize in studying to from the outside so it could play in a way an unbelievable drama think that the unknown writer on that bone dark web would gather followers you know it did in October 28, 2017.

Within six months. There were hundreds of thousands of followers, apparently because Alex Jones promoted and Roseanne bar and Jerome Corsi so that got it going extra dance back okay so when none of the predicted things, the major predictor things. The whole scenario went when none of that came to pass. I remember seeing an article in one major publication online and in the quote was basically we've been had. These were people that were deeply devoted to cueing really believed that the things that was spoken of were true. And of course the moment you differ with it instantly people. It is followed by ministry and follow the broadcast runs for years, instantly branded report of the deep state of communist rhino liberal democratic differences undermining that you know whatever and and and denying the pedophilia was even second where are you coming for what did you drink what's on your head. But when none of these things came to pass within the schedule that was posted and you have even secular people think a we've been had, you would think that okay you been discredited. How is it that she was making such a come back when none of that.

The big things that were supposed to happen actually happened more abdomen belief is quite astounding on followers following it because they subscribe to basic Republican value when they think is on don't think I would be wackier part. Think of the discredited theory. It turned out to be totally false.

Like thought that Trump and Robert Mueller Moeller who did that investigation investigating Trump that was just so 00 window dressing so that he could work with Trump and fight the deep state.

Well, that's not true. The Moeller investigation was real and Trump wasn't happy with it. Commitment is about want to cueing on it just about commitment to Republican value and then, of course. Those who hold that but the name on the believed that she was really believed to messages they follow various teachers like being paid the most famous Christian non-teacher they follow Jordan say thorough or loose) a growing think is from England named Martin gather really committed and sometimes they don't want they don't want to trace evidence. As you know Mike on May 10 I fell and broke my neck. Well, part of me that wants to ignore my broken neck. I wanted I wanted take my neck brace. I don't want to face all the pain, etc. that decided in this life it's better to face reality.

I remember the line that reality is a hard place to live, but it's the only place you can get a good steak only place you can listen to Michael Brown's line of fire. The fact is we all have areas of our lives where we consciously or unconsciously deny reality where we we tried.

It was not so bad. It's not really this resource must false. Whatever. And sometimes we don't realize we doing so it can happen especially when the stakes are so high.

So as you said some of the people involved are a well-meaning, so many of the people involved have gotten concerned about right causes righteous causes and choosing to be a spokesman for this is just all the myths that then get tied in with this what happened. We just got a minute before the break, but we do this quickly with with JFK Junior what what Greece place. One of the wild. It came out after upgrading no one come up boundaries for the cure noncommunity. He accepted the road. Now a guy named Michael craftsman Piero to you that a man pushing the view that there is still alive called people to come to know and hopefully to Junior would show up. He didn't want it comes to so this is the break with they were there waiting individual is this just months until a high level deception friends yet many are about to see us again, USS is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown member out or just posted trip to Israel may of next year. We been waiting three years now for this trip because of Colby so check it out. The sooner you register the better because there will be seating limited in terms of how many people we bring along with us to ask the ground that would ask at your Brown dog or you see right on the home page for more information. Looking at an article that James Beverly has written Donald Trump and she went on urging from Pres. Trump to denounce chewing on and say he don't follow this in the article James is this to be sure the Q posts are not all false or outrageous. Likewise, most anon's are sincere. Some cueing on teachers are brilliant. Martin get his resample any ideology is not totally devoid of merit.

Many of the Q posts rightly critique aspects of the Democratic agenda as well.

Unlike major media to have the integrity right before November 3 about Hunter binds laptop and foreign entanglements post 4931 and 49, 34, for example, such bright spots are drowned out. However, because the craziness lies stupidity and moral darkness into another so significant, pervasive, that there is no reason to preserve the movement so some of the craziness of the stupidity evidence again with this idea. JFK Junior's actual. I was gonna make an appearance. People actually waiting outside that had conducted a visual waiting from where some of the most extreme crazy things that have become major beliefs and cueing on circles and in danger and people believe it equipment Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and the other major all printers in the Democratic world actually are telling their kidnapping and torturing and eating grandchildren in order to get the adrenaline chrome which is adrenaline type fluid in the body at end. Even if you get the adrenaline Cronk my young children, you will help you live longer. Now if that was true expected Trump when he had all the power of the president to reimburse: Barack Obama and George but now that didn't happen prediction would be arrested.

Didn't happen prediction but it distanced John Podesta, but then I would be indicted. That didn't happen in the first hundred and 50 post venture prediction, America would be under National Guard in order to clean up the deep state that didn't happen.

I asked your listeners think Clinton and Bill are grinding on little children – exactly what is said in the world where eating mapping, torturing and killing and eating little children. I think everybody knows it. True that true shouldn't make us believe that our theories like that. That's a close one.

In the article I wrote about Donald Trump. I tell them other things that I believe he knows or false. He knows that John McCain died of natural causes.

He wasn't put to death by Trump administration. I can imagine that the Trump think the daily mom according to the second and mother to global Satanic killers, so I know that don't deserve respect not true in there.

Also libelous, but contrary in certain parts of anything in your protected, especially if you're talking wrote a famous person. So in my book the political seduction of the church, which comes out September 6. I have a chapter on the rise of chewing on the course relied a lot on your book. You cannot deception friends if you want to read up on this. Go to Amazon or wherever you get your books online and order the Q and on deception by James Beverly really is an eye-opener that did, did anyone really uncover or feel any misery any consensus that you have been exposed that they were able through various technical technological research to figure out who Q actually was or is it just still speculation well evident. No possibly possibly a guy name Ron Watkin running for Congress. I thinking it was on anyway. Ron is a computer expert and father ran the channel where to posted some evidence that Ron's writing style matches the Q posts. So that's one possibility to go. So the argument that the early Q guy named Paul Thurber, though he denied it on the bottom line is no absolute clear-cut answer as some people think that Michael Flynn, the military guy started QI don't I don't think that. True no absolute verdict on that one.

It's a bit of a mystery, but we do know that the new Q is tied in with the with for Jim Watkins who will and father healers in the Philippines and he runs the one Internet program. The Q posts on it some very disgusting website work you go to early Q poster is a lot of really dark in that channel and I think Trump would be disgusted by it because if he goes there will read the Q posts but also read the nastiest thing about his wife and family got it, and by the way I do question for people that believe in cueing on did I realize the basic theory is that it works with Crompton to live in military figure that is true why Trump say twice before the election that he knew very little about Q and cueing on if he's working with them he would know a lot so did the president lie no what some cueing on people. He had to live because of military strategy well be that as it may, I hope that if Trump sees my article I wrote 10 reasons why he should abandon cueing on. I hope he really does speak against it because if he reads it will realize that he doesn't know much about it. I think just reading my 10 point Hill realize that that the movement is it's got such really lousy parts to it should be shut down. I don't know what it and at an adequate analogy is like have a plate of food and friendly and like really good French fries in really good vegetables. But then the chicken is rotten what you do good and true abandoned. I guess in a way that would be the least I could hope for that cueing on people would stop doing the craziness right now Mike in Canada man a good fit. Did you know and somebody wrote me about it a few months ago and said that she claims to be the Queen of The Queen and the head of the British Commonwealth so you would think that no one in their right mind would believe that she has almost 70,000 followers who give her lots of money be broader three recreational vehicles to tour Canada know I believe that theory is false and socially dangerous. Here's why it's dangerous as a cueing on person and she says that in the Queen.

She said she would never charge her citizens of her energy so she urged her followers not to pay their power bill, which some of them did. And now they've been so far behind they can afford to go back and pay the bills and the writing or desperate letter saying how come I still have to pay my bill you. You said I wouldn't have to pay now listen, I know that thankfully 99% cueing on followers will follow. Did you go but it's an example of where Q has no boundaries in the end things can come along that are just simply why don't like for example we know about the recent killing of the children in Utah. The Texas well according to one chewing on teacher that's a false flag.

According to another chewing on teacher Pope Francis is dead or George Floyd is still alive. If these don't ring a bell or an alarm bell in people's minds. I don't know what it is. It is scary when interacted with a colleague from years ago about these things.

I was fine shocked. I was grieved I was shocked when I really press his answers. That is more dogmatic or son friends know all for this nonsense and how those fighting human trafficking, fighting pedophilia heavily feel like you to come back to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown do you get my emails regularly used announcements and resources list of articles and videos and things we put out to equip you confuse you with faith and truth encourage okay. If not, go to my website ask Dr. Brown SK DR

Some of the emails and will put you into our welcome to our think you will really enjoy hearing from us in the days ahead. That's my guess. Prof. James Beverly, author of many books, but refocusing on today. The cueing on deception so so Jim, when you are on with me the first time talking about this. You mentioned something shocking. You share the letter in your chewing on book but many people say luck if whatever's happening of children being kidnapped or sold into sex slavery. We should all be outraged over that of course we are but you have a large number of organizations that are working some small, some large to rescue children to work against this industry. So, were they very excited now cues doing something. Also, this is wonderful were they concerned happy on where children are trafficked so that significant, but because about 99 ideas.

It's actually heard rescue children so I don't know the details of exactly what better way that the case, but that's what the major regular organizations have said about Q were not striking when I posted read excerpts of the letter think 100 different organizations and individuals sided together sink, chewing on his getting in the way of the good work we doing the do more harm than good.

That immediately people begin to write off all you see their part of the deep say to so remarkable remarkable remarkable things happening in your article.

You mentioned that Trump knows that George W. Bush and George W. Bush are not part of the international child kidnapping ring. As has been alleged in verse two and on circle. So in other words, quick you.

It's not just the the Democrats involve the Republican leaders as well.

Chewing on have to say. Not every chewing on teacher or cueing on followers believe the same thing, but it it's been pretty widely viewed that to brush president were part of the elite cabal and part of the deep state that I think if that was true that Trump would be their enemy, etc. etc. so James is as far as the new rising, she from what you can tell being one of the people is focused on is the most in recent years and didn't really become an expert. This was happening.

Just think that he could have the same momentum it had just think that the people of soured to it that you think it needs Trump in the headlines to be empowered community really tried it and it looked like back, but it's not a slam grounder because some of the cueing on teachers are skeptical about technical things about how you know it's the real key to getting those passwords and trip codes on the site called me to.

And some of the specialists who are cryptographers and computer experts. They may suspect this isn't the original Q and people are excited. I don't think I don't think it will mean a recent urgent to in any masculine way. I think it's partly because Trump Law 80 didn't get into power in and spoken for 18 months. I think that could hurt the movement of people and follow Q and on the really powerful cueing on teachers who have an enormous following info going to continue for one reason I wrote my article about tromping among wave nine could be shut down or really minimize protracted finally look at it and come out and say craziness not only crazy but so crazy you want to shut it down.

I mean one came in on teacher just said a couple weeks ago when I heard it myself listening to his broadcast transparent drunk that you is you and she's converted to Judaism, so that's true. Did you know shocked where it anybody followed the Trump family knows but Jordan and bronco Jewish but then teacher says Gerald enter Veronica want to kill all Christians. Now that it's a typical anti-somatic letter based in delusion, I mean Jared was part of the plan would help please help bring more unity between Jews and Christians are narrowed yet this killing on teacher gestures without even blinking there, you may want to kill all Christian. I'm hoping I'm hoping Trump does a good thing and and basically tells the cueing on movement to disintegrate wonderful and obviously if the articles published.

I have no connection to Pres. Council President Trump but I know people that do I'll do my best to to get that article to him through them if they're willing to pass it on all and any it in the article. Everything is linked at you. You link to an article on morning consult.

Not every cueing on believers in anti-Semite, but there's a lot of overlap between its inherence and belief in a century-old anti-Semitic hoax in the article, Vince is nearly 4 in five Americans who agree with the protocols of the Elders of Zion which is a famous forgery that's been used to die. Jesus try to take over the world for over a century now, nearly 45 Americans who agree with the protocols of the other side also believe in cueing on so what they have in common is belief in an elaborate and absently false conspiracy theory and hatred of the Jews or suspicion of the Jews, so that the waters are very very polluted, hey one last question for you… It's a difficult one to answer and it may be an oversimplified question, but let me throw it out anyway as you research the cults last time you're all we talked about Jehovah's Witnesses met with people like the Dalai Lama, you become expert in Scientology and what they believe things like that is, is there any one saying characteristic about the kind of people that believe these lies that they get into cultlike groups or is it just everybody's sure is different than everybody kind of followers believe everything they told people who are going to miss love you and I mentioned earlier, you name Martin Gladys is a man used to hamper intellect, but I think he's swallowed the coming to go cueing on and he's using his brain to Mr. Biagi no Mike, I wish it was simple and I wish there was one common thing to think like lecture family background raised in that group and that's why we believe it.

Sometimes it people going from group to group. In desperation, sometimes people are hurt by the church and then they don't want have anything more to do with Jesus, etc. so that I common thing but there isn't what I preach is the answer in the candidate you pick what was going to couple more minutes and then follow up with this if you were helping someone to sort sort out the difference between truth and error and and you you don't want just to believe you are saying it because they're going be someone else that is can believe you. It is there something you would say to someone in terms of okay how can I really tell which conspiracy theory was that I chose reporting accurately or not I I'm not alone. I saw a video made the videos Dr. what you said at the start of my book in the introduction I have. I think 15 tips on how to think clearly so that people could go there making my book on Amazon order.

I mentioned to you in an email Mike if people join my local channel tracking 2000 meals they can get my books. They just join a channel for five bucks them and they can get. Not that book and another book and other products.

One thing I do with anybody is is is try to make sure that Bill given a long time to the topic and then patiently work through different topics and then keep thinking you know some of your viewers and listeners know I'm I'm currently into studying whether 2000 2 is accurate and collected 600 articles about it.

I've talked with Ganesh about it and with the two principal investigators and the two principal investigators have admitted to me that during their library that the reader telling the truth for their lobbying for their crazy and they stated no other option because what they say is so dramatic it's so incredible that it's one of those three options very people you have to give people time to go item by item. Also, you gotta ask yourself is a person willing to talk about things like I have lots of friends and relatives who won't talk about Donald Trump. You just jump in here once she shut the door talk know the conversation emotions rise some stronger friends. Would you join me in praying for James Beverly's healing. This next thing is really bad and surgery. If the soul would you pray for supernatural superquick complete healing go on looking for God's given him that regardless of your views on any will be talking about this play. Douglas Smith, thanks for joining us to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to say this, I have no desire to poke bear or stir controversy for the sake of controversy.

In fact, I avoid because it's fruitless it's it's just a lot of heat. Every little white.

When I bring up issues that are controversial, bring them up because they need to be brought up because I feel that there are important because as part of speaking the truth in love.

Part of me seeking to be a voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity's.

That's what we do what we do all right switching subjects. Now, a few days ago I was sent the video from Pastor Jamaal Bryant new missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. I reached out through my assistant to pastor Bryant's team went to his website where there is a request for interviews so that like to have money air to discuss this video with which a strongly disagree and we never heard anything back.

This is now I guess about four days ago that we reached out so I'm going to perceive and discuss this video this is that a baby dedication at new missionary Baptist. This is pastor Bryant's speaking in light of the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe we Wade which considered depth of my heart and soul I say should be a cause for deep rejoicing among all of God's people, regardless of your politics whatsoever, regardless of other spiritual beliefs. If you love the Lord. This should be a cause of rejoicing because babies lives will be saved in an ugly wrong decision bad law. From the start is even many liberal scholars would agree that looking start role finally being overturned and then ultimately the decisions going back to the states on abortion interest with pastor Brian had to say this week America turn back the hands of time and declared a war on women in this nation. I wanted us to stay on the resolve lady to say to this nation that if America was authentically pro-life than they would immediately abolish the death penalty if they will really pro-life. Then they put more money into Headstart program if they want from life. They would seek to ensure the addiction in this nation. If they want from life. They would make sure that teachers feel safe in their school if they want from life. They will be stiff, stricter measures about gun control in this nation if he was pro-life, we would not have to deal with insecurity, but I stand with now living nature on the movement Mexican borders to see if they have declared war one 32 million women in this nation.

And one thing about a woman when she is focused she is not going to stop until she gets what she needs unless I don't understand how pregnancy works for me on not have to extend their forces as well. So we speak to this nation to declare that Merv stands with the amazing women of this church of this community and of this country that women have the right to have already over their body and it should not be legislated by me on the in Washington DC. There's more to the clip and will will hear the wrist with pastor Brian has to say. This is absolutely outrageous and it is a reproach to the gospel reproach to the name of Jesus. It is one thing to say, listen, we are against abortion but we have issues with voting Republican. We are against abortion but we couldn't vote for Donald Trump. We are against abortion but we find that the Democratic Party is more concerned with our well-being outside of the womb is one thing to say that it is another thing to speak against the overturning of roadway go there is the irony. This is taking place in the baby dedication, there is the irony that the name of the church is new birth.

What will pass by completely to comment about Maxine Waters but but let's think this through.

This is not about a woman's autonomy having authority over her body.

This is about her having authority over the body within the body. The body inside her body. That little human life that throughout the Bible, is considered a human life that that that human life that is not just a clump of cells, but is a living being with life breathed into it by God with full DNA coding God giving the life coding for that baby right at conception, with the vast majority of biologists even recognizing that life begins at conception of the woman or the man does not have authority over the body within the body that is in entrustment from God and even the illogical statement saying if you really pro-life Libby against death of the oh so so high on circular against the death penalty if if if you want more gun control, and all these other things that were listed there say okay that and were pro-life and were against abortion. No piecing. Yeah I'm I'm against the death penalty and for gun control and for Allah, but I'm for abortion know that's completely illogical and by the way, got I want to see better gun control.

Somehow the do our best to keep guns out of the hands of people. It shouldn't have absolutely is for death penalty. How you compare, say, putting a serial rapist and murderer to death for their crimes with killing an innocent baby in the womb insisted was interesting. The present Trump was a lot of things were black Americans. By the way it is and in programs in helping historic by colleges in prison reform so you both. Let's do it all by Dr. pastor Brian, I want all of us all over this room would you do me a favor would you celebrate women around you, but soon enough to make decisions about their bodies. Decisions about their life about their future steadfastly because what we are. See you are is racism rearing its head again with this measure that had just taken place. They like baby infant mortality is going to rise by 30% are in the hands we, the lives of our mothers about pregnant mothers and are on or not. Babies need to do me a favor please, while last Sunday was Father's Day day. We stand in the gap mothers and for even merging up mothers.

I need you to do me a favor please because I need to be mindful that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal Monday on my day of God for the pulling down of strongholds. There is something in Washington DC yet so he goes on from there. Then he calls the babies up to be dedicated again. The iron, the of this calling up babies to be dedicated while speaking against the overturning of Roe V Wade something, say, tell you what satanic is not just what's happening in Washington. This is all because a satanic stuff happening in DC and around the world, but satanic for a pastor to speak for abortion as as for racism, raising his head hanging on hand on when he says that infant mortality will grow on bikes, the number one cause of death in the black community is abortion. I look at this as an attack from the devil, I'm African-American friends I look at this is coming right out of the eugenics of Planned Parenthood. I look at this as Satan trying to wipe out people that God wants to use in this world, a generation of saviors and delivers for that tent to help sabers in the sense of of those you help change the world for good since trial wipe them out.

You take car accident you take, cancer, heart disease… Combine them and that's less than like babies aborted. I look at that as an attack of the society just like Americans, black allies being saved and all the pro-life organizations and centers. I know that work with women that want to have their babies there holistic it's it's from before birth and after birth, and long-term. They want to see their success as was just being a man legislating this the great majority of of outspoken pro-life leaders or a large portion for years have been women. Women leading the way and and and Justice Amy Connie Barrett, one of the key votes here and overturn Roe V Wade last time I checked, she was female as well.

This merit saving lives and look like the fact of the matter is you're talking about slaughtering babies in the you're talking about slicing them up your talk about burning them, cutting them, sucking them out one way or another destroying a living human being. That's satanic standing up for the babies in the womb. That's what counts. People do. Pastor Bryant I call you to repentance for those statements are welcome to come on the show and defend your statements. I'm sure there's a lot that we could agree on. There's a lot that we could say is important to the Lord and important to this nation and I'm sure their blind spots. We each have a we can help sharpen each other. But this Sir you are blatantly wrong. You are not on God side you are not on the side of light and truth in life and I call you as a brother in the Lord to repent and to lead your flock into paths of life. Not death. May Jesus be exalted in the overturning of Roe V Wade May Jesus be exalted in the saving of many lives in the days to come. Jesus, be exalted in a culture of life, holistic life rising in America. Our friends, we are out of time back with you tomorrow

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