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Character vs Charisma?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 28, 2019 4:20 pm

Character vs Charisma?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 28, 2019 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/28/19.

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Can you have charisma gifts anointing and be used by God without character.

If you can, then what happens for the line of fire, your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the direct coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH zero Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire. If God gives someone a gift of healing. You believe that still exist today as I do. God gives that person to give what if they're out walking closely with him with a fall into sin. What if there doctrinal preaching is in error. Will God still use them. With that gift. Is that how it works. If he withdraws the gift then where does that leave any of us. In other words how perfect we have to be in our doctrine or character. If he leaves the gift regardless of what were teaching her how reliving the set leave him open to reproach her backing someone that since sin will tackle those questions today friends as we talk about character versus charisma, this is Michael Brown and here's number to call that, let me be specific. If you have a question that is relevant to what were talking about today can be very specific about specific ministries with specific things you're wondering about and whatever is appropriate to talk about on the air.

We will can be general questions.

How does this work, it can be are the gifts still for today can be questions of abuses, youth, sightseeing or other 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. That's number to call Morgan a look at some key tax. Some of the teaching of Paul. That's very important here, but almost on the Old Testament want to start in the book of Judges and this is one of the most sobering disturbing accounts in all of Scripture to me. Judges chapter 16.

Let's take a look at what happens here so ask Sampson right Sampson, who gets in trouble with women with foreign women is first recorded words in Scripture of seeing a woman Sampson who is the leader of Israel right been supernaturally anointed by God called from the womb with specific instructions for his mother and father.

Manoah and his wife specific instructions the way he's delivers a Nazirite in his hair is never to be cut is the supernatural strength and is fighting the archenemies.

The Philistines once Sampson went to gossip. Now let's Philistine territory. Why go to Gaza. I and Ida prostitute their so he went her slick this is the leader of the nation. He's the show fate, the judge, the deliverer of the nation.

He goes to Gaza he sleeps with a prostitute, so he sleeping with a pagan prostitute. This real bad for the leader the nation to sleep with a prostitute of the archenemy nation. The gauze lights were told Sampson has come here the brotherly that's not the part that so disturbing to me that he has another moral failure. That's not what's disturbing to of course it's wrong, of course, is grievous. Of course it's ugly all right obvious that's that's not the thing that wrenches me about this passage and and sobers me about this passage. The gauze lights were told Sampson's computer so they surrounded him laying in ambush for him all night at the gate of the city and kept quiet all night saying when morning light comes then we will kill Sampson lay in bed till midnight lay in bed, meaning he's laying in bed next to a Philistine prostitute with whom is just had sex okay is lay in that bed next to that woman. He got up at midnight grabbed the doors of the city gate along with the two gate posts and pull them up bar and all that he put them on the shoulders carried them up to the top of the mountain that is near febrile art. Why is this passage so wrenching to me to read and social because after a major moral failure member.

He is the leader of the nation and one of the main things God has raised him up to do was defeat the Philistines and he sleeps Philistine prostitute.

Okay is laying in bed with her till midnight gets up at midnight and he still has supernatural strength. The supernatural gift of God is still operating in his life and there's nothing I see in the New Testament that tells me that that could not happen in our day as well. Somewhat gifted, somewhat anointed, maybe you're a cessation asked you don't believe in gifts of healing or prophecy today, but you believe God anoints someone to preach this person's been truly called by God and anointed to preach and when they preach. There is a special grace on them and the word comes with a special force. I don't see anything in the New Testament that says that if the person falls into sin if that person's doctrine is not perfect that the gift won't still operate that their speaking will have a certain power to it. I don't see anything in the New Testament teleconference that I see some things that tell me know. It continues in the same white you say while Mike, why isn't that encouraging to you because that's telling you, even if you got your best unity and pray enough today because people go. The other extreme, will I have to pray three hours before I preach.

I have to fast. One week before lay hands on the sick or have to keep my thought life perfectly pure for for one month before I minister and if I fall short. The slightest bit that I'm too condemned him to feel too guilty. I feel too bad and unable to carry carry anything out all right people these extremes you say will let that encourage you that you just do your best and and and call the Lord for fall shortest of the usual best semi issue. I know forgiveness I know mercy. I know the kindness of God.

That's not my problem. I I know God can use me even, that look, I'm seeking God him. I'm seeking God in private him and his word of seeking to live a life that glorifies him.

But I'm I might be traveling in India and it has happened quite a few times and it's like 40 hours of travel from door to door, including spending a night in one city had taken of the flight the next day. By the time arrives. I've been traveling a while and know I've not spent 12 hours in prayer on the plane zero 40 hours of been the word so maybe prayed while in my see some but obviously you know you're traveling a lot you're sleeping.

Your you keep you can't turn the, the, the plate into a prayer meeting right. Some got off the plane and am weary and jetlagged and succumb on Mike Gallagher right now. I know you get to the meeting and go there and preach in the anointing is there.

The Holy Spirit is working and got a give me incited, etc. so I'm blessed. I know that the gift of God operates is not based on how many hours I prayed that particular day or how long I fasted, or something, but what's disturbing is is you would think in the natural. This way I would think all right that I really blew it and blatant disobedience that the gift would not operate follow him say I don't have the gift of healing. We pray for sick people in and see miracles over the years but certainly not not the types of miracles along the way I want to see and I clearly do not have gifts of healing operating in my life. But let's say I did that in my mind. Okay so III did get to pray all today's emergency in the morning I was on the road running in the resist crisis and texting back and forth. The southern prayed it.

It's three in the afternoon and there's a need for prayer and and and some of second and they want to pray that they know that God uses me to heal. I find Google pray no problem. Difficulty no issue, no question, because as the gift of God's mercy God's love of God, God cares about that person. This is for the glory of Jesus name set on how much I prayed. It's a gift.

I understand that I and and I love that software works on the flipside on the flipside, I would my mind would think all right that God forbid not wound robbed the bank be before meeting and now get 10,000 people there and I come out here just robbed the bank and took that the you know that the ski mask off and nobody saw me do it only got up to preach that I not be able to talk and that real pray for the sick and nobody sealed all that, I would think that God would withdraw you and say. And yet, that doesn't seem to be the way it works. Which means that people could really be self deceived and deceive others, and it also means that just because someone's being used supernaturally doesn't mean that with your preaching is true and it doesn't mean that their character is right. That's a scary thing is, especially those of us in the charismatic Pentecostal movement we can very easily be impressed by gifts and power, and it may well be that the Lord is entrusted someone with his gifts and power because of something in that person's life with a soft them earnestly at some of this broken hearted with compassion. One of the see the sick healed and for years fasted and prayed and cried out board help these people in God's mercy God's grace and imparted something to them.

This is still a gift but God imparted to them and and so I don't take it lightly when God's spirit is on somebody, but that doesn't mean that with your preaching is true, it doesn't guarantee that their character is right. We must analyze with your preaching. According to Scripture, that's a and B must look at character to see if there their life is right with God or not. Those close to them.

Accountability houses person living and that person should should be living in a way if they're in leadership in public ministry that that they are above reproach. That's a high standard but were representing a high calling were representing the Lord Jesus not to look. It's good news that God is not waiting for perfection before use this because none of us will ever reach perfection is good news that God is not waiting for every one of our doctrinal beliefs to be perfect before uses us because none of us are perfect in every area and if you say you are that also. We are all designer areas where you're wrong. Admissible the neuron because I know is where your in other words, Dr. news anybody ever right through history except for his son. He can use anybody ever because someone is going to error here somewhere. So someone holds to certain things misinterpreting a particular for you tell me pastor teacher leader your hundred percent sure that every sermon you've ever preached and every text every teaching you very given and every text and every exegesis of every word that you've ever given of Hebrew and Greek and everything and everything. You really felt the Lord lay on your heart to preach and teach a minister for 30 or 40 or 50 years and every doctor that you hope that your hundred percent right on all score will if you are everybody else is wrong and I can use anybody else.

So the one hand, it's comforting to me to know God uses us where we are and that's that's sobering because I might think that God is really listening.

Miracles happen through. You might think God is really with me.

If miracles happen through the miracles don't that at fire, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown question about anything I'm saying this mode you live, talk radio, by all means give me a call 86634. Truth is the number to call if you have my book, playing with holy fire, a wake-up call to the Pentecostal charismatic church. I think you'll find it very helpful as well as edifying in terms of what God is doing around the world today. My previous book from 1991 play with holy fragment last year.

The previous book. Whatever happened to the power of God.

1991 is the charismatic church slain in the spirit down for the count.

Yes. Yours truly is a charismatic Pentecostal I wrote that and I believe both of these books are important books and will stir you as you read them. Wish I could push a button and download all the information in your hearts and minds so much as give all the books away first of the power to the published by publishers and they cost money to put out. Secondly, you just give people things way most people, discarded. This is just the truth may listen whenever I see one of my books on sale on Kindle online for $0.99 tillable get it get it get a get a make a dime. Obviously, if his $0.99 would lose zero make anything okay I can go take a day or just get it get it. What is the goal in writing the books is to get them into your hands, but I'm telling you they are worth every penny to go get them and read them and study and go through the relevant material right I want to look at what cost to say about the gifts in a moment but first, the specific situation with charismatic evangelist Todd Bentley. Everyone knew what your statement, etc. I am involved with others actual even though this is not my domainer. I have I've no relationship with Todd in in in any way ministry relationship of any kind of that the two of us of the ever talked more than a couple of seconds right but because people come to me because I know people that know Todd, I have been listening charges allegations right if the allegations are true, of course, he should not be administered. Of course obviously for the foreseeable future, and certainly say that all right but if you were being accused, you would want charges to be evaluated as well.

All right, what I have said is that we must have a proper way of dealing with these things, not by putting charges, but there are certain things to which Thomas confessed. I know it because I was involved with bringing some of the that the charges people brought him to be a breath until this Newman years past. Okay. And, and I have not supported his ministry ever since 2008, and any knows that I'm not saying that to be them up but he but he knows that all right and in and point in point of fact, I believe he knows that. But in point of fact, there are things that are now being put out in public that he did this in this in the past. She did acknowledge those heat.

He did report he did ask God for forgiveness and he did seek ministry for them.

So whether he fully repented not. That's a whole of the subject, but you don't go post that picture that your life okay picture that your life that you would go to certain things you be ashamed of them.

US forgiveness while getting doing okay but I'm saying you dealt with them when it was brought you. You said it's true.

I confess I've said I want help I want ministry all right. And then after that some of them publish it while you did the same thing get okay will now say there was a pattern of this in the past we thought it was dealt with but serves get don't post all builds up.

Would you want that done that you so people are coming to me with information I am relaying that information to people are dealing with talk because again I have no relationship to his to his ministry and if the allegations are charges are true.

He should not be a ministry goal for the foreseeable future. But my own view is based on his committing adultery, leaving his wife Marion when he committed adultery with you should not of been in ministry since then. Okay so much on a pile on intranet to deal constructively with the larger situation and I want cosmos for everybody if people have been victimized or hurt. That's the first concern of the first concern is the reputation of the Lord. Okay the honor of the Lord because that's what's most important for people's lives.

And then secondly, in terms of human concerns.

Now the concerns of those who may have been sinned against you may be victims that that's in it, and then the person that the committed sin and then always, even with strong rebuke even the strong discipline.

Even sitting some of them for ministry to say hey, you'll never ministry get whatever the thing is, everything is done with a heart of love to see the blood of Jesus cover to see true repentance to see people move forward in God. All right, but this is the lot you know what I find soul concerning if you have what I call the hyper critics who will be judged the way they judge others and if if they have it for your group. Thereafter, your group said what about this in your own camp above syndrome house. What about the hypocrisy there so that brings me to a very important issue.

Both gifts right out one of the first Corinthians chapter 2 in first Corinthians chapter 13 if you have specific questions, general questions, give me a call 866-34-TRUTH all right. First Corinthians chapter 2 Paul says some really amazing things to the believers or first Corinthians 2 and eight.

He says this when I came to brothers and sisters.

I did not come with excellence of speech or wisdom, proclaiming to you the mystery of God. In particular, compared to the great orators at Corinth in the Greek world said that it was not my goal right right decided not to know anything among you except Yeshua the Messiah Jesus the Messiah and him crucified right so you're you've heard this many times a deterrence ability or use of Jesus Christ and him crucified. I was with you in weakness and fear in much trembling that he gets to Corinth and in acts 18 X 16. He's been severely beaten and flogged and thrown under the dungeon with Silas X 17 persecution in Thessalonica and riots against it. Corinth, the great city of Corinth. What is he sick the mighty apostle Paul in weakness and fear and in much trembling.

My speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and power. This is Paul, that your faith would not be in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God while what a statement Paul say I I did not want to persuade you I did in college. Let's grab Galatians the third chapter of chapter 3.

He said I didn't want to persuade you Paul. You've convinced us. What a brilliant argument that was masterful. What rhetoric wow the way you weave the themes together. We are convinced noise that I do want your faith symbolism are but in the power of God that what you said in Galatians in the third chapter he's rebuking them all foolish Galatians who cast a spell on you before your eyes, Yeshua the Messiah was clearly portrayed as crucified.

Let's skip down now to around verse 10 pieces for all who rely on the deeds of Torah under a curse for the Scripture say Christie is everyone who does not keep doing everything written in the scroll of the Torah and he goes on from there. At any any effect.

This is this backup a little bit. All right, so he's he's talking about being deceived. He stood he's talking about.

Did this just I could've some more so for those listening are ready to back up what we just we have in our screen for for you to feed so they been deceived.

They thought they can be justified by the works of the law right but that by keeping the Mosaic covenant by being circumcised and obeying the Sinai covenant rather than by grace but but notice. Notice what he says right. He says I want to find out just one thing for you. Did you receive the spirit the rock by deeds based on law Torah by hearing based on faith. Are you so foolish after beginning with the spirit we now reach the goal.

The flesh did you endure so much for nothing if it really was nothing sin, the one who gives you the spirit and works miracles among you. This he do it because your deeds based on Torah based the law or your hearing based on trust and faithfulness. So we some of the miracles that are happening in their midst.

This is an ongoing proof of God being in their midst right to sit with the Corinthians, don't trust the wisdom of men but the power of God. So this is verifying the gospel message is about. Verify personal message with aroma doctrine is right, but it verifies the gospel will be preached to the world. The miracles wrongdoing, but now what is a first width is 13 first width is 13. You all know the passage of what is he say the beginning of it so if you can quote it an IQ quoted from O which translations I memorized it. The King James in my early days and we would pray over it every single night. Okay, where instead of of love.

It was charity in the King James but I'll read it all right we get CLV in front of us. If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and know all mysteries and all knowledge, if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love nothing if I give away all her own hand of my body to be burned, or so I boast and have not love, I gain nothing.

And I pray this of myself everyday love is patient was conscious and envy does not break. This is not puffed up, etc. I pray there myself everyday because at such a fierce temper. When I got say no so nasty and cruel with my tongue.

I pray this for months and months and months and months of the key passages pray the Lord myself day in day out as I knew I needed thought transforming change Mimosa lacking in these areas.

The point making is this on the one hand, Paul says, liking preaching to you. I didn't want your face to be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

So the gospel was confirmed with signs and wonders and miracles exalting the risen Jesus and demonstrating the message about Jesus is true at the same time I Paul if if I speak in tongues.

Tongues of men and angels, and have all these gifts faith the miracles we can move mountains, but I have love, I am nothing. So we come back we'll talk about was God require of us leaders character, charisma, old 866-34-TRUTH 784 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown when God gives requirements for leadership in the New Testament say in first Timothy three and Titus one of the major passages. He doesn't say you must have the gift of healing. He doesn't say you must speak in tongues. He doesn't say you must be able to prophesy this essay any of those things. Rather, he speaks to our conduct to our character to our family life to being sound in the faith to being hospitable, able to teach speaks to those things right so those are requirements without those we cannot serve as elders pastor senior leaders in the body. Even without some of those things can serve as deacons serving helpers in the body at the same time, the anointing of the spirit. The empowerment of the Spirit is crucial for us to be effective in ministry without character with obviously being up to teach means were sound and basic doctrine of the word select character and grounding word were disqualified from being and what we call full-time ministry or were leadership in the body, one hand on the flipside that the anointing and power in spirit. Even if you're secessionist and don't believe in tongues and in healing for today.

The empowerment of the Spirit, the anointing to to do the work of God without there were disqualified from being effective, and I could argue based on Jacob James five that if were not people of faith and we can pray in faith for the sick, then something is lacking because that's presupposed for an elder that they can pray in faith for the sick. So it's really important that we get this right of intake calls in a moment, starting with Malachi in Indiana will be a first 866-34-TRUTH seven 8040 relevant questions, feel free to call or write them and if you are one you regular write articles attacking me. I don't read the blog a get sent links and associated with Satan. For this reason that reason in your your brother in the Lord and I consider be about whatever.

I consider your brother if your born-again follower of Jesus, you should call my phone is been open for years and years and years and I think of one critic they called with some regularity, but I can't really think of others follows Roosevelt a megabyte. Okay, I'll bite.

But I want to say this to my charismatic Pentecostal friends okay because I'm a charismatic on Pentecost I teach at seminaries that are non-Pentecostal and charismatic I preached at leading Baptist churches. I will serve wherever God opens the door for me to serve and I will be honoring of of the parameters ran in. In other words, if if I was asked to lecture the Calvinist Senate which which the one that I those Calvin said, son of the line. It was Calvinist but just I was invited to lecture the Calvinist seminary and I've Calvinist principal to let me do that.

I would understand that that's I'm in there to lecture seven cultural apologetics rum in there to lecture on on Jewish objections to Jesus, let's it was charismatic secessionist and observances.

Dr. Brown can we talk about the gifts of the spirit know that so I'm here with Dr. Brent how you feel about the school's views.

These are the schools use that's with school teachers I wouldn't disrupt I would dishonor.

I wouldn't raise issues. Good.



Nothing. Because that's why there some I'm happy if if the second half of God could do anything, but if if the master Sen. Joe McCarthy school invited me to come up and and and do a lecture on on principles of of Hebrew exegesis or Hebrew lexicography during word studies in Hebrew, something, and he said that's all you're allowed to speak about a people us with gifts about Greg in honor I considered an honor to minister to the fine students. There are not expected that of the development but it I have no problem ministry in all these different settings and I know many of you listening and watching her and I charismatic Pentecostal men. If you are, but I just want to speak in particular, down to my charismatic Pentecostal friends right.

I know that many of us really step out in faith and we had unusual experiences and things that might even seem weird or different, but they really been the Lord and there's nothing unscriptural about and we see the Bible is a lot of things are, way out there and yet the true so we are not afraid to step out. We are not afraid to believe we are not afraid to go for that's commendable half or so, Sagan. Often we are so gullible often leads all praise the Lord and older angel came and the angel told me that I'm actually Donald Trump and it also now noticeably exaggerated thing, but some of us to believe anything. And look, I know some critics disable Brown. You believe that you know you're on the show on that show you believe anything. First I pure lots of shows doesn't mean I agree with everything. If they give me a platform to get my message out and I can do with a compromise that I'll do it right and you what you shows a look back at should I been on that. Maybe not okay but but otherwise that's that's of the proof. All you really listen, there's a lot I believe because I see scriptural basis for and I can have sound experiential backing for with good godly lasting fruit. Here I give example mentioned I would talk about this last night and I and I talk about it and playing with holy fire as a friend or friend of mine so my friend is at a Bible study and our home group meeting and a friend of his is there. So this is the friend of my friend and he feels the Lord say to him tell that young woman there. God says I hate mommies and daddies get that's always the word from the Lord God loves mommies and daddies, and God tells us to honor our parents so Your word from the Lord buddy has the strong impression and he knows the Lord. He is a walk with the Lord.

Tell her God says I hate mommies and daddies. He tells her and she begins to weep and receives a significant healing in her life that night from the Lord.

Emotional healing is idle instead when she was a little girl. Her father used to come into her bedroom at night and sexually abuse her, and he used to say within a play mommies and daddies. That's what he called in God and his incredible mercy reaches down and in a way that was supernatural was just a word but it was were empowered by the spirit speaks that to her and she gets wonderfully healed and set free on the inside. After traumatic abuse as a child, friends, that's odd that sounds weird but it really happened. My friend is a very reliable sober anything he writes stuff is once charismatic is anything but Mr. gullible was there and witnessed it it it was from the Lord dear give another example I heard this out of the horses mouth.

This brother was ministry one time and then afterwards that if you need prayer come up. I'll pray for you and the woman comes up for prayer is about to pray for her and he hears the word this mind dead bird tell her dead bird. The Lords is dead bird support.

If I tell her that I'm a dead bird.

What avoidant dead bird on the dead bird was stupid thing, but he feels impressed. He says to her Lord wants me to tell you, dead bird and she to begin sweeping and receives a significant healing in her emotional life that night. She was orphaned as a girl in her soul prized possession was her pet bird Skipton cage.

Of course she was into the orphanage that is the her. One thing precious to her, and sets everything up in a room at night. One of the ladies of the orphanage can responses old. You're not allowed to have a pet can impact your soul. What will you can have it at and that naivety room, but during the day, it's fine. Super.

This is my bird and it's cold outside so the word was gonna put the cage outside in the morning will you have during the day, whatever that was the role so in the morning for the cage and the birds that so it deeply traumatized her. And that night, God's mercy that I saw that as I was there and it brought the revelation of God to her and she was wonderfully set free. We seen those conflicts we have those kinds of things happen.

So on the one hand, we do believe and we know that God is love works in these very unusual ways. At the same time, there's no excuse for our gullibility. There is no excuse for a just bully whatever somebody said old right out this thousand dollar check at all. Yeah. And the Lord told me, you'll get a 10,000 time. Return all yeah you ever think if you guaranteed a hundredfold return on everything you give. Did you ever think how that works. Do the math. I give $100 today. Right. I'll give a dollar to support a ministry today write this, it takes a year and a year later, I've gotten $100 back on the dollar. Some smart. I now give that hundred dollars back to that ministry right but said takes another year SL it $10,000 is all right $10,000. I am really smart so I take that 10,000 and I reinvested in that same ministry listing things takes a whole year. One year later what's what's 100◊10,000 million Al Hayat am really smart. One year later I take that million and I reinvested now hearing 100 million. If that's the way it always worked on pronounce a tenfold anointing on your temple if you had a tenfold anointing all is out 10 times the gift empowered someone else had and you lay hands and someone else they got a tenfold anointing all will get saved overnight with that kind of math is that noise would be so struck and it was all yeah appraisal was tolerable and no wonder the critics mock us. No wonder the critics have a field day with and then when sequence of goods reveal about Sam and all that stuff that should be dealt with privately gets dealt with publicly less sugar sometimes the leaders failed to do. Deal with it okay and and now goes public, then all the more we a laughingstock, but don't throw out to be with the bathwater during the strange fire conference Phil Johnson said there are no healthy babies in the bathwater.

The charismatic movement is banker base is some sound charismatics, but the borders bear the baby's brick wall. There are tens of millions of healthy babies, charismatic Pentecostal children of God by several hundred million healthy, thriving, going after the Lord serving God that are not flakes, and that weirdos in it, but there's a lot of junk there's hundreds of millions that I got to be flaky and a whole lot of junk and whole of the subject. We are in the process right now getting some of my key books into Nigeria in English but in a very very inexpensive addition to get them out to the greatest number of people fact, if you make a donation designated what will put it right towards that were helping underwrite some of the cost of doing go to Esther to Brown double-click donate to deal with some of the excesses the carnal prosperity message of hyper grace and other things with doctrinal and moral compromise and getting some of these books out to help Samal for doing that.

There's a lot of fleetness, a lot of gullibility, please hear me go through the whole thing out and burn as the false prophets instead of the word and what Scripture says that all right I will little phones we come back. It's the light a fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us today on the letter for 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is the biblical return on character, charisma, and we start the broadcasted that the top of the hour for those that heard from the very beginning start of the broadcast. Talk about how Samson was still used in the gift God had given him.

Even though he would be in blatant sin sleep of the prostitute from the enemy. Philistine prostitute then got up and do something miraculous. You do that, because the gift was still her and regarding Israel. Romans 129 Paul writes the gifts and calling of God are are irrevocable right. Romans 1120 I believe it applies the same way with with spiritual gifts given so was given a particular gift even if there and send the gift can still operate through them at a certain point, so their sin will destroy their losses through their ministries and then everything will stop or the symbol take them away from even being able to give a semblance of a ministry with different people.

A colleague of mine another colleague a leader I met spent some time with years ago another colleague someone I met spent some time with many, many years ago, he was an eyewitness that he knew somebody he knew a healing evangelist that left his wife and was living with another woman. He was living in adultery and he would leave that woman's home where he was sleeping with another woman and go to tent meetings and in this brother said to me with my own eyes I saw outstanding miracles take place i.e. describe one of them.

I mean, one of the most extraordinary healings ever heard of is that I witnessed it with my allies.

He said, and he was living in adultery. He said he went home to tell his wife and kids. He was leaving them. But when he saw that he became overcame.

Overcome with grief. He repented, broke off the relationship references ministry was never the same after him and he repented got right with God continues to minister but everything was smaller and less significant.

You have there was a penalty result of the sin, but in the midst of it. The gift still operate that scary. So just because someone has a gift doesn't mean the right with God just because someone can minister powerfully Cisco. Some of the prophesied and read your mail doesn't mean their doctrine is right this minute characters right. Everything must be evaluated in its proper place. All right 866-34-TRUTH we go to Malachi in Indiana.

Thank you for holding welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hey I worked in about the biblical figure Belo yeah that's a figure that has really impacted me because it's really amazing how yet encounter with the living God, and was leaving you God, but he was never truly wish for God and and so at fault very much allow it. What you been talking about topic and it caused me to always be even more careful that by maybe felony thought that that might seem a little bit, but it doesn't mean that they did not truly have a supernatural author but like you said you still got that gauge is more pain than just what they say and just be observant. Could you comment on their little bit yeah I got Salo yes thank you for raising valence invoices even more extreme because he's he's a pagan and yet somehow he has this gift we can get in tune with the deity. He obviously was known as a pagan soothsayer pagan prophet right so you hire the guy and he's going to prophesy the name of whatever God you worship so he had some type of gift you're just like some people have natural discernment they could.

They do see-through things and and ends people just know certain things and someone in the natural is perfect pitch. You know when they can hear perfect the music and everything perfectly seen that bail him have this spiritual type of gift and when it was time for God to speak. He was going to go through his normal method of getting in touch with whatever the God was real is no different with this God and I was he God chose to speak.

That's the bottom line. God chose to speak to so even if he did everything else by demonic power because there are people who can tell you what's going on your life and know your past and it's by demonic power and some people just do it because there they can figure things out. You know they reach you and then they play along. Based on your reaction and it's all a fraud, but whatever happened with bail him. God chose to use a vessel there was a sinful vessel because when what we have never 22, 24, so that bail and call them 22nd chapter than the prophecies the words the positive words over Israel. 2324 then he leaves right and then 25 what's an accident happens that the Israelites fall into sin with the Midianites members bearlike comedian called bail them in our rights with Ballack and Bill Allman in Hebrew, the names aren't so close together so the king of the Midianites calls bailment bail and tries to curse is really candy can only bless the text tells us there that the relics really unhappy with this get out here but now the next chapter.

The Midianite women are seducing the Israelite men and and they're worshiping the gods of Midian and God brings a plague on Israel and we learn later in the text and Israel kills bail him later that he counseled Ballack.

In other words, because he couldn't curse Israel Dollywood let him pieces right here is the key that your so Yahweh will curse them. What you do is get them to commit sexual immorality and idolatry, and God will judge them so he's not allowing me to curse them but I'm telling you, here's how you can get them cursed and judged so that the guy had an evil heart and in the New Testament is associated with greed is the way of Belo is the way of greed and yet God still spoke through him for his purposes, so Belo's and even more extreme example, but within the body where you have people who have legitimate gifts from God. Look, I've known of people with prophetic gifts and they can tell you what's going on in your life and your Social Security number and other things. But there off the not right with God, something's funny and now they may use that to try to manipulate and get money from you think. How can that be, well, it seems they're abusing a gift from God's listings could have it's it's a great a great point you're making. I appreciate Malachi thank you thank all right here. Look let this girl on this passage but and I have Matthew seven ready starting in verse 21 Golden a moment what I it's one of the street something for you. Let's say I get up and I preach a message in the church and I say God is going to confirm my doctrine there is no pretrip rapture and in the rapture is part of the second coming of the end of of the tribulation and edit as assigned.

To confirm this. Again, the servicing of lay hands on the second miracle scrap and I do that I teach the word.

I sure what is no pretrip rapture, etc. I lay hands on the sick people were healed so that proves down the block. There's another pastor sank unapproved from Scripture that there is a pretrip rapture and separated from the second coming by seven years and then after his Malay hands.

I will lay hands on the second miracle is going to happen is improved by doctors right he does it in the superhero thing ha was a proof cruise got healed cruise got healed yet you look at the word to learn doctrine.

You don't learn doctrine by miracles are to show my dog is a proof that will in future modifiers. True, there is going to storm its unannounced storm and are in the Commons doesn't prove anything you was the words say that's a determined doctrine which let's look at Matthew seven.

Beginning in verse 21, and their two principal ways to do this.

Matthew seven. Beginning in verse 21 Jesus says this. Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the cane with heaven, but only those who do the will of my father. This is this many will say to me on that day so we don't have the text of for those watching. Many will say to me on that day, but in your name. We worked many miracles we prophesy and drove out demons in your name and Josť depart from me all you workers of iniquity. Workers of lawlessness. I never knew you also what's the point they're two different ways to read this either. They were self deceived or they were operating under demonic power because they were working with God. They were using and abusing the name of Jesus and the miracles were counterfeit miracles and Jesus as I never knew you. That's one way of reading. So beware of counterfeit miracles were people are leading away from the true gospel and from the Bible right or or they were true believers. At one point they were anointed, they did see miracles happen in Jesus name is Mark nice is going to work. Jesus is going to work a miracle in my name and the next moment speak evil of me that's the passive silica they did know the Lord and when Jesus but now they were living in sin and iniquity. They turned away and he says I never knew you right which and he would be loaded the teeth which was a formula of excommunication in the ancient Jewish world mother was when you excommunicated someone who'd been part of your community for years now. They had gone to heresy something like that and you excommunicated them. That's the formula used. I never knew you even though they been part of the community for years. That was the formula and Jesus would just be using the Jewish formula of excommunication which they would understand either way. Remember, miracles, signs, wonders do not prove specific doctrine with a do prove is when you preach the name of Jesus to the loss when you bring the message of the gospel to the lost gobble often confirm that message of the risen Jesus that he is alive that he is Lord that he is over all power that he is greater than any other God through signs, wonders and miracles, signs, wonders and miracles do not confirm the character of the person preaching teaching that must be looked at and evaluated. Watched sons was a nurse is not confirm my particular doctrine preach firm truth. Words that Jesus all right friends back with you very important interview tomorrow from 15

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