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Why So Many Christians Are Falling Away from the Faith (and How We Can Help Them Return) Part 2

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 17, 2021 4:59 pm

Why So Many Christians Are Falling Away from the Faith (and How We Can Help Them Return) Part 2

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 17, 2021 4:59 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/17/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

The following is a prerecorded program. We are continuing to discuss why so many have left the faith in recent years, and what we can do to help start the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael well your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of Ministry of the wider fire valve by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to the line of fire.

If you missed yesterday's broadcast can I strongly encourage you go back and listen to it when you have the opportunity to do so when you do you see that we listed a summary of hundreds and hundreds of responses that we received from you on Facebook and Twitter asking you the question in your view, why are so many leaving the faith, and some of left the faith chimed in as well. Thank you for being candid and for doing that. So we we listed out the reasons and then we focused a lot on laying right foundations. Again, the goal is not to condemn criticized point fingers but to be constructive to to help look if suddenly a lot of people getting sick with a certain sickness so I was rather those people say otherwise is happening. How can we help them. So in the same way when people are losing faith, denying faith, questioning things and every question before walking away from a God to whom they once professed great loyalty denying a book that they once felt was God's word.

We don't want just a will is for is Ron Sumrall you want to find out why and help so we devote a lot of time yesterday to recovering the biblical gospel scriptural gospel that brings conviction. It brings transformation with that of course is the foundation and from there it's a matter of helping people become real disciples of grounding them and in the Lord. That's why if if your main diet, your main spiritual diet is going to a church service. Once a week and hearing a message preached right. This is your main diet, not daily time with God and the word not daily communion with God in prayer not studying the Scriptures together with others, family, love one's colleagues home group Bible study something right in your main diet is a once a week meal you get to be superficial, could could you live in the normal world was one meal a week.

Let's take it further.

What if the one meal you were getting wasn't even that healthy.

What if it was more of a pep talk. Christianity, what if it was more of of a life coach type of preaching and sounded more like this person was coming by your side to help you succeed in real estate or get you in and better aerobic condition, or show you how to have a happier life as opposed to preaching biblical truth then then what would your condition be so grounding people in the world helping people be genuine disciples.

This makes a big, big difference for the long haul. One of the issues that came up is that people don't feel they can express questions they could they could exercise I'm doubting this on the most. This is true and absent many times that sometimes we don't create an environment for that because when a secure ourselves here. I honestly I'll take a call any day society Thursday right will open the phone lines from a rabbi from a counter missionary from a religious Jew from an educated Jewish person who doesn't believe in Jesus for sure take a call any time.

If there is an opportunity to have a debate.

The messianic claims of Jesus be sure with a Jewish person anytime gladly powered by take hours of calls for the whole world here. Yes yes yes what I'm really secure their I'm really secure knowing the Jesus issue. It is the Messiah. I'm really secure explaining how he fulfilled the messianic prophecies really secure in her and if there is any new objection they come up. I never heard I would think about.

I'm very confident that I'll come up with a good solid answer from the word and with the wisdom of God. Yeah, now if I was doing this with Muslims. Muslim scholars Muslim theologians Muslim counter missionaries. Whatever will be less confident because I don't know the Cromwell Dyke can read in Arabic slowly in a study portions of it but I don't know what well I know the Bible or other literature.

I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Islamic apologetics, and even though I'm confident that over time well question I confidence. In fact, I feel it would be much easier to come up with answers to Islamic objections than Jewish objections.

For many reasons. Many many many reasons, but I know I can say just call any objection I'm ready to answer because I'm not ready right off the bat right what is always and everywhere struggled personally.

What if I always struggle. This is not the case with science in the Bible. I'm just not sure know it's seems to contradict Sontag. I believe both SMI cases only-ish but that was always a phone lines wide open call you signed to be objection something I don't have answers in your objection may shake my faith sometimes which is not secure enough friends.

We need to come to this place of deep security in God in deep security in his truthfulness so that were not rattled with some else comes with their objection and pride parade as the job died and you believe in healing.


It's like I don't talk to me about that because it's gonna rattle me on. Pray for my own kids to be healed. Somehow friends need to be deeper in God more secure in God's so that look you can come to me with every kind of objection in question and also okay, let's find the answers together but sells a pastor use past eight. Let's find the answers to the Sen. there even if I don't have them.

I'm 100% sure with the reality and truthfulness of what I believe 100% stake my life I have stayed my life. I as many of you have as well.

I was sure something fascinating in Job chapter 42.

Let's take a look at this Job chapter 42 after God is finished speaking to Job. Job said in reply to the Lord… The key call to call the limit; eczema. I know that you do everything that nothing you propose is impossible for me for you. This is from the new JPS translation means that Molly meets sub the dog must contain got into the Lord being the flow to be many below a dollar so he's quoting God's words back to him who is this who obscures knowledge, counsel without knowledge. This is indeed a smoker and understanding of things beyond the which I did not know that quoting from the Lord's words to him again Schumann Avenue. The bear shall call Danny here now and I'll speak I will ask you and for me now Job confesses again. The shame owes this motif.

I heard of you with the here with my years with the hearing my ears literally taught a need, now I see with my Xylocaine M Austin County five a fear therefore I recant and relent.

Being but dust and ashes are literally on dust and ashes that he routable combined both now look at this after the Lord had spoken these words to Job, and Job repents and the cancer relents because he spoke with ignorance. The Lord said to Eliphaz, the timid night. Presumably, the oldest of the three friends that came to comfort Job that end up accusing him.

I am incensed that you and your two friends for what you have not spoken the truth about me, as did my servant show the wife. Job spoke the truth about God and then this not take seven bulls and seven rams go to my servant Job is to scroll down a bit and sacrifice a burnt offering for yourselves. Let Job my servant pray for you in those three times, sermons versus for to him I will show favor electric value. Since you have not spoken the truth about me, as did my servant Joe wow how did Job speak the truth about God and have the friends not speak the truth right let's let's understand with this verse is saying friends did not speak the truth about God because they painted them in this one-dimensional way that if things go well for you. Your righteous and therefore God is blessing of things go poorly. If you are wicked and therefore God is judging you, or perhaps he is chastising you so that you can be more righteous. But that's the only possible explanation. One of those too easy to judge you are chastising. We can be no mystery there can be nothing beyond that. Therefore, Joe will obviously all you kids done.

Everything must be teaching a big lesson but probably are really wake at your wake that misrepresented God.

You see, but Joel just repented for what he said about God. He just recanted his said couple chapters 11 nothing. I'm just violences nothing so so how you speak the truth about God what he knew that something was wrong, that the God that he loved and served and worshiped was righteous and yet what happened to him is unrighteous that even though he was on a perfect human being. God said about him. There's nobody like a mother that's what God said to Hosta Tom, the adversary there is nobody like him on the whole earth. Nobody on the planet like Job. He fears God and turns from the menu read Job's own confession read Job's words in Job 3132 minutes extraordinary. The way the man lived its extraordinary the ethics by which he lived, so he knows that what happened to him is contrary to the nature of God and who actually cares that it's also time Satan the adversary brings all destruction and God says to the devil. Your modem is destroying phenom without cause for no reason. This was God's is in the second chapter.

Job realizes that any appeals to God and and and these challenging God. He speaks foolishly because he chooses God to be a moral monster. He accuses God of being behind all the wickedness and in the world. He accuses God of personally attacking him and wanted to destroy him and hating him and I and always have them singled out waiting for this moment is construct paints a false picture God speaks falsely and speak signally because what is Job no God begins to say, where were you at night when I created the world and tell me where the mountain goats. One that you know and how they conceive in one of the babies, you don't know anything Job you know what happens you to matter in the universe began, the rain comes down on you this Job Bosch Job was right in saying that God had to set things straight as it's often said, he fled from God to God and any pleaded his case to God and said there's a witness there's there's certain this summer to testify on my behalf and also I know my Redeemer's interest in affirming was he thinking of a Messiah like figure intermediary and angelic figure God himself different passages seem to go in different directions and ultimately say I know God's going to do what's right, he has to and I'm challenging them to do it in an F if I could stand trial before and argue my case I be righteous.

I come out right with the friends attacked Jobson from increase of more righteous than God and innocence.

He was like I'm in the right nor the wrong but behind it. The idea that the God of the universe is governance justice was right. So here's the thing. God put the book of Job in the Bible for reason and God put books like Ecclesiastes with cynicism and skepticism in the Bible for reason and God puts sobs of desperation and hopelessness and despair and pain in the Bible for reason and we need to allow people to express what these books express and go on the journeys that the spirit these books speak of and tell him it's okay to doubt have questions. It's okay to ask hard questions.

It's okay to question the goodness of God. Let's get you through it. So you encounter him just prior we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown's for joining us today on the line of fire. He is a regular room binder. Don't forget vitamin mission.calm your ordering these wonderful health supplements from Dr. Stingley don't just do it for yourself. It's of her friends, family and loved ones. Holiday presents is especially if you know some of that to try to change their diet trend change their lifestyle. You want to encourage them, they will strengthen your immune system.

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God willing, and in 2022. We are really looking to expand the line of fire broadcast you're really looking to get it in many places where it's not being heard so as you order from Dr. Stingley are actually helping us do that as well so like win-win because it fits vitamin all right is as we continue to dig into why so many people are falling away. We yesterday show went through a summary of all of the comments that you made on social media. The main comments and main themes and main statements that were made. Then we focused on digging deeper foundations with a healthy gospel message importance of making disciples. The last segment we talked about looks like Job, Ecclesiastes, there in the Bible for reason because this is the human experience. Many do go through severe trials, and many do. Question God rather than us getting scandalized by some and questioning God.

Let's recognize the pain that therein know there's the saying that there many atheists and their views boil down to, there is no God. And I hate him. Yeah me that when you probe deeper. They're upset because they feel.

I believe this document for years. I put my whole life in it and we believe that we pray for that for the healing of my spouse. I thought for her healing for years and years and I stood on the work she got worse and worse and sicker and sicker and she died in now so I have enough faith will need this stuff and you walk away as the pain that carries you in the Navy over period of time intellectually you you fortify your nonbelief right many times is because of pain.

There is a a a brother who lives in Bethlehem and he is a Christian and a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people and he lost his son to cancer and when he tells a story.

When I had a meal with him face-to-face in Bethlehem and assured his story. It is is always with tears and and it just a hellish ballast kid just kept joking and smiling and trying to overcome through it and overcome it. Everything cancer depressed, you know, everything would come with it. Just a trooper, a fighter and ultimately lost. And honestly I haven't been through that most people close to me but never child sought I I can honestly say I don't know how agonizing a guy can imagine. But I don't know right so those of you have lost children. You can speak to the and what he found in his church was a lot of superficiality in terms of response he was praise the Lord everything is going be fine and we didn't go fine, being in denial and him agonizing and wrestling with it in and when he began to to look at Jewish spirituality. He found a certain rawness. He found a certain ability to wrestle with God in the tradition of Jacob wrestling with the angel of Lord I believe is Messiah pre-incarnate there in Genesis 32 but but he eat, he saw this this raw, honest spirituality of say God I don't like you today I'm struggling and they would come back to worship and adore him, and in fact every B cell tells a story from the Holocaust that for many it will be scandalous when you hear it, but please hear it out okay. During the Holocaust.

So again, unimaginable sufferings in watching whole communities just biked out wiped out literally here today and gone the next wiped out, exterminate horrors beyond imagination and a group of of Jewish men, many of them from traditional backgrounds. So they're praying regularly doing their best to be observant in the midst of the hell they're living in the concentration camps. They meet together and they bring dog to trial and they find him guilty of committing crimes against the Jewish people, and after coming to the conclusion they went to evening prayer and worship and adore him as God.

We say I don't get that.

But it's it's difficult for us to conceive the whole circumstance in which they lived and died at and in the hell that they experienced. But they were basically saying.

From our perspective. God you're guilty let us down. Nonetheless, we know your God, and worship you in your worthy of praise, a deep contradiction. Yes, for sure, something that was part of their spirituality. This brother is a Christian is a Jesus loving follower of Jesus. He is not converted to Judaism, but he moved over to Israel and Elizabeth and in solidarity with Israel because he found a certain honesty and spirituality there so we've got a cultivate that honesty. Parents can I encourage you to cultivate honesty with your kids to say hey, if you're struggling with something if you don't agree with mom and dad on this, let's talk about or if you having questions about the Bible being real or your friends may be mocking for this when you pray, you don't know if God's will… Talk about. It's fine. It's okay.

Cultivate honesty. It's so crucial that if your kids raise things that like I have an answer for that time. You know that is a great question. I never thought about some of us can do some thinking on pray to, and then we'll talk some more.

As you have an answer than the reach out to others call show you the let us be resource and will get the answers together. Let's cultivate an attitude of honesty and abundantly go back to the to the list here so again. Many said to go along with family traditions that we can genuinely say so it's important to make sure that some is raised in the faith that you put a in depression, it would say a prayer you really pray for them to really be converted really experience God really be born again we come to the Lord and for others that are just really into the apologetics in the defense of the faith, make sure they have a born-again experience. Make sure they're walking with the Lord and enjoy fellowship with God is always to go to run into other intellectual experiences or have some life crisis and and they're gonna lose whatever little faith they have. Let's just see here yeah personal traumas and pain.

How could God allow these things to happen to them. You want to affirm to someone. Yeah, I could understand why you're struggling you don't, please hear me you don't want to give cheap answers to a person in pain. You don't want to give trite answers. You don't just want to crow the Scripture even if the Scripture you're quoting is true. Please hearing the even if what you're quoting is true, it may not be time for that truth begins. Let us not give cheap answers to people in pain. Let us not give superficial answers when it comes to many people falling away now because of biblical teaching on sexuality in my book. Has God failed you.

By the way, there's a whole chapter and has God failed to dealing with the book of Job and unpacking in greater depth.

Some of the things that we just talked about in the first segment about the book of Job of this whole chapter that if you want to really dig deeper to Bible commentary until Job defaced a challenge that the subtitle a new translation and commentary. That's how deep you want to dig but here's the point when it comes to to these issues and these questions and I have whole chapters deal with them. Has God failed at the two chapters dealing with is the Bible outdated, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, etc. is the God of the Old Testament. In particular angry genocidal description of Richard Dawkins that I interact with so the fact is, God's ways are best and what we want to do what I try to do in the book is explain how amazingly God ordered us how amazingly he made the human body, how amazingly he designed us as male and female, and then the purpose of his design and the exquisite exactness of his design and how we work with his design is fast. The race is not a matter of hatred and bigotry phobia by phobia trance phobia's not that it all.

It's rather saying God made us male and female, for divine purposes. God made us a specific way to flourish in God's ways are best but we must realize friends.

The younger generation.

In particular, has been incredibly bombarded incredibly bombarded with LGBT Q activist thinking from preschool through university social media media, Hollywood TV here is bombarded and they have been influenced far more than any of us realize with the help them to understand God's ways that I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to discuss your thoughts on why so many more than we have seen in my memory some 50 years in the Lord now. I've never seen it on this scale is that the final apostasy. Jesus spoke of could be could be hello have to happen for that to be true, and it also made me wonder what will this be taking place at the exact same time is great harvest because this massive harvesting place from the world, but for sure it is is a serious time of falling away and and therefore need to address it head-on and not live in denial, I was speaking the church in California, maybe 70,000 members and one of the pastor leaders said to me that none of his children, all of whom were either older teens or young adults so 1920, early 20s. He said not one of his kids girl raised in church agreed with him on what the Bible said about homosexuality. That's how much they had been influenced by the culture and that's why many of fallen away because like you making me choose between my best friends and in your Bible is old Bible with all these old things in it. God destroy whole races of people wiping out the earth and all I'll stay with my friends. Nice to my friends in their nice people. Why Scott hate them so much. That's how their thinking and if you don't recognize that and realize that you may lose them at least first season yeah if you are if you don't realize the internal struggles. They're facing and questions they may have looked there.

There was a survey done earlier this year I wrote about which indicated a massive spike among Genesee young people right so many teenagers early 20s now and and this massive spike as to how many of them identified as as bisexual is just doing even with the millennial's was nowhere near this. This constant influence ensconced the celebration and is constant goes all different ways in whatever experiment kids coming into their own sexuality and try to find out who they even are Disney mean that they've had same-sex encounters, but that's how they identify resumes is the cool thing that the user's interest in this and see if I can find this not a type in Newsweek Barna poll LGBT webs LGBT Jan Z.

So here's a Barna poll yet look at this a friend sent me this a couple weeks ago I already this Paul Bond, Newsweek, October 10, nearly 40% of Jen's disease. 30% of young Christians identifies LGBT Q poll shows. This is the degree of cultural shift.

Note many years ago. There is some cultural leaders who made the statement that the homosexual population cannot grow by reproduction.

So it has to grow by seduction, and of course they got people very angry, as if gays remain the sexual predators of children and in some ways it was ultimately a sexual predator was talking about was being taught influence. That was the emphasis but the way it was said seduction versus reproduction offended people to the point that even look at what was being said about perhaps the better way to say is because the homosexual population will not grow by reproduction and on average, a gay couple. As I have in or near the number of kids. The straight couples can have on average, just because the difficulties and challenges of bringing a child into the world is gay couple right so it won't grow primarily by reproduction but by indoctrination that that remains true and the indoctrination is massive you so I will fight back on the print versus in bold and unstable him to the wall. My kids bedroom and every day the all and that's gonna win their heart over that's going to change their thinking, and angry approach of shouting Scripture at them. No as I can do it, but we must pray for them. Realizing the pressure that there under. We must recognize their growing up in a different world. Compared to the world in which we grew up here to give you a quick example of ill get a very intense schedule me to know that and sometimes while flying.

I'm really resting a little and then writing and editing or reading. When I fly but sometimes like chill time and and you get free entertainment so I'm just going to see okay is there is a family-friendly movie is an action-adventure thing, but not some R-rated thing and an outline of all full of profanity and nudity, sex seems gratuitous violence if it if it's if violence is partly there's a war scene or something like that in this part of your realities being conveyed this on my issue with this that violence for entertainment sake. In this the Goren blend the harm's okay so try to find some slick all cool jungle cruise is now out. I'd seen it advertised over the summer online. Always as popping up in Dwayne the rock Johnsons. This is both public going down the Amazon the sole adventurous things are so okay cool issue fit the bill. Some watching it. Yet this one sister which is the doctor in chemistry and or or something or something botany something like that and she's courageous and fearless in crediting a fighter yelling and she was going Amazon to to discover this cure is good, heal diseases and everything semi-amazing and her brothers coming along and he's totally wimpy instead of all his luggage and Karen is prissy and all this so it turns out there's the dialogue. At one point with Dwayne Johnson and and the brother write the rock in the brother and is and what you fall your sister here you come up with any number of reasons, right sink, create reason why father while he had the three proposals he had turned down because his interests lie elsewhere gays that the issue is then and then is is it's all my family turned her back on me because of who I love except for my sister.

She stood with.

So that's why he's is out of the on this death defying mission with her that it adds nothing to the story. Zero.

It has nothing to the plot. You can come up with a thousand other reasons to say why he was with her if if the question came up legitimately right is nothing zero and although I have been reading up on it that was a sought and for the most part was command of the summer.

Gay Chris is not enough Disney come on, Jimmy was more than this is this is heterosexually oppressed company, what you doing so didn't win them friends. If her for doing is like too little too late, feeling that was that. That was the response the and then I'm thinking this stereotypical caricatured effeminate prissy game added was what good does that do as I help anybody's cause right and then later on there these double entendre jokes about crude sexual acts homosexual acts yeah the kids are getting get up at some Seo parents will get it all wonderful.

Good job Disney but this is the world in which your kids are being raised and where Batman is by an Catwoman or whoever can be lesbian written this one to be trans superhero. This is the world their growing up, we must talk about the issues here yet.

Teenagers Tom Gilson Gile SON glycolic Tom Gilson has an excellent book.

An excellent book that deals with critical conversations to have with your kids about these issues. My book can you begin Christian digs into the word about this and has God failed you.

I interact with this perspective, the beauty of God's order, what is put together you can have to help your kids sort these things through either in their own personal struggles or just how to work out being in a culture that's completely on a different page with us and you can't simply take for granted that you consulted these views really important to help them get them grounded and then they can navigate these words come out just fine. Of the scandals in the church from the sex scandals in the Catholic Church to major scandals in the evangelical church and beyond and look, I'm not here to throw stones not here to condemn but it's it's widespread from like celebrity pastor leading educator apologist powerful preacher or whatever worship leader that it's just across the board. Non-charismatic charismatic across the board. These things hurt these things make Jesus look bad either. People associate him with all this in turn away. If this is the church.

If this is this Jesus faith. I want nothing to do with or they they sell anything with the organized church is still believe in Jesus, but I'm dropping out of organized church because they're all but you hypocrites so so how do you address that you recognize a lot of damage has been done. You recognize that the name of the Lord has suffered a lot of approach really make it in a matter of prayer God would be jealous was holy name of every whole chapter on that in revival read. I do not know your honor is at stake suits we deal with that deal with that suit. We pray for the for the restoration of the honor of the name of the Lord in the midst of these people for his name to be hallowed write the first petition in the Lord's prayer, but then reach out to people say that's aberration look really want to meet these other believers there really solid people hate check out my church you're my congregation here because none of these fears the people of integrity, the humble pastors is is very very decent human being, a I know you been hurt and maybe you been hurt in four different places you think it I'm telling you it's completely aberrant.

It's it's also the Devils got an assignment to take you out when I can let them take you out shown the real thing. Don't build into the skepticism. Yeah, all organized religion is bad and you need to stay away from it. Say there's a lot of corruption.

Power often corrupts money corrupts fame, corrupts. But listen, the real Gospels be lived out taking some ministries that really help the poor, the needy, the hurting, say, let's get involved here.

Let's do some practical service together. Let's live out the gospel together and then hopefully little by little, as they see genuine people around the people living out their faith together. People really care people are willing to make sacrifice sacrifices for the good of others, and little by little, their confidence is restored little ball by little they realize. Hey there really is a Savior really does change lives and he really does have a people and say look in your own heart. If you fail people you lead people down. Have you had sinful wrong destructive thoughts. Hey, if you have listen that human nature. This will we need a Savior, the use of fellow human beings. We pray for their restoration seems you don't condemn yourself. Come to God's redemption help and say I know no practicing their faith together to build more segment for cleansing and by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on fire friends as we are driving in the Lord bearing fruit that will last living the grace of God flooding your life you know God called us to be over comers more than conquerors that music will be obstacles. Yes, welcome, welcome to the broadcast is our last segment talking about why many people leave the faith interacting with the hundreds of comments that you posted on Facebook and Twitter about this and how we can help them recover their faith. You know, tragically, the name of Ravi Zacharias is very bad in tastefully bad in people's mouths when they say it now leaves a bad taste because of the scandals associated with him and and of course of every victim. Everyone that was hurt.

We grieve over that for sure. I do want to reference something he said though, when the heat wrote a book has Christianity failed you. He explained that he he held this of granted licenses to several thousand people. If I recall, and it was for people if you left your faith. You struggling your faith in the demand was massive. He was shocked how many people came and showed up. In other words, it was deeper than he realized that the needs were deeper. The situation was worse than that was some years ago and it's gotten worse since so what are some of the issues began a superficial gospel what's in it for me message compromise messages produced false converts and shallow converts an inability for us to be spiritually honest in cultivating an environment where people can come with your doubts and questions a message that mixes truth with error and basically tells someone that it's just going to be as smooth ride smooth sailing. Give your life to Jesus and everything goes well and when it doesn't go well will will you do you question Jesus.

You question the Bible we should question is that I hear their message accurately resist the Bible paints a very different picture he paints a very different picture, but one that says no matter what you go through no matter what hell on earth comes your way. No matter what horrific losses you sustain God's grace can carry you through God's grace is sufficient years back. Read a painful, shocking, horrific's horrific story. Mom and dad with a large family in their van they had some older kids than some years went by then a bunch of younger kids assistance large Christian family were on the highway. There's a guy illegally driving a truck in front of them knows he was licensed to drive that vehicle. He had a at a metal pole stuck in the back of the truck became dislodged hit the road, bounced into their van. The van was set on fire. The parent sustained burns to their hands all their kids were killed all the kids were killed and one of them that they they they airlifted by helicopter to the boilers want to be in a helicopter will here is traumatic burns airlift on helicopter, but he dies and and I followed this in NIII read the quotes from the parents still trusting God and there there at the funeral service with all the caskets and and and there with her bandaged hands and still worshiping God in Emmett it was it was very intense to watch and overwhelming to think again can imagine what with with a live through it God's grace. Being with them. You think okay but what's going to happen any year to three. How they going to be doing what when reality sets and maybe they're being carried by some type of euphoria's denial of reality or something right.

Who knows what were the emotions roll over the place. Her massive prayer support.

That's gonna die out. So I read some years after that quotes in the mother basically saying it was only God's grace that allowed them to live through something like that in years later still be worshiping it.

In other words, in the natural they wouldn't have made. How many couples when that when they go through terrible trouble losing a child out there marriage doesn't survive agony the pain is too great and the questioning of the blaming or blaming themselves or as the emotions get out of control and here is her for this loss. They going in the Lord God's grace carries us rather than deny really go through hard times.

Rather, let's preach the truth and prepare people for hard times and say no matter what God's grace sustains and yes he does heal and he does deliver a does protect any does bless, and it often things go the opposite of what we expect.

This is when we can find out even more deeply, the church through history is often understood this. The persecuted church.

The church in countries as well off as America understands is often a lot better than we do all, let's just see here yup the the rise of atheism.

The rise of atheism. It's almost 10 years ago now, or is it isn't longer what was called a year. The atheists let me just see exactly when that was the year of the atheists see if it comes up as a specific year. Okay. Was atheism born will 2012 be the year of the atheist yeah about a dozen years ago what what happened was that suddenly books by people like Richard Dawkins, the British scientist and professor Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, these books became bestsellers from Dawkins Dawkins book. For example, the God delusion was a bestseller on religion list for years and years and years restrictions.

God is not great and and this stuff just filter down into the larger culture. So first, lots and lots and lots of people reading the books and questions were being raised for them and then the the means the quotes. The ideas were filtering down to get young people, you have the Bible like a Bronze Age book about Bronze Age God is tribal deity where they get that from the stuff will condemn.

In fact, of often quoted this adjustment down the said that objections that he ran into the commonly confront on college campuses encounter on college campuses. He was now. He was now encounter with kids 12, 13 years old so apologetics is been there good solid apologetic answers.

Atheists is been there for years, but often the church is not known about the resources or felt the need for the resources so we've got a strength in our apologetics got understand the issues that folks are going through and provide the resources for them. By the way, I have not read the book came out 2017, but is Justin Brierley a bit on the show number of times. Unbelievable. This this this fabulous show with dialogue atheists and believers are Christians with different backgrounds or rabbi believer in Jesus, and so on. Of Ephesus. Unbelievable broadcast unbelievable?

Why after 10 years of talking with atheists. I'm still a Christian and a guy get Justin on the air. One day, up about his show number of times fact is on his show actually in their little studio there in England. One more thing to Taco Bell, Josh McDowell spoke about this a lot as well.

One reason why many of fallen away is the ubiquity of sin, sinful opportunities, decadent opportunities. It's not just the flood of opiates into America. It's it's not just legalize pot, it's not just some of the drug addiction epidemics that that is strong. Some of the lies, but the ubiquity of porn and and and sexually explicit and illicit material, eliciting God's sight of its is everywhere and if there is not increased vigilance you're at it. It's it's like you know your your your professional athlete. You're the fastest no person in your state, and you're competing against kindergarten children, you can walk and beat them you know you competing against high school athletes going to push little you're competing against the best athletes in the nation, you better get in the best shape. You have been will a lot of us are living as if were competing against kindergarten children to use the analogy that others will realize the epidemic that's their dislike fell into the in the whole of it and and book I have often said this, but is there stuff available now that little kids are encountering an eight years old that I didn't know existed in my worst decadent most sinful days as a heroine shooting 1516-year-old. It's there it's there just with a click of a mouse or touch of the screen and its ubiquitous and it goes from sick to sicker the things that a normal person could not imagine. I really want to know about.

It's out there and then with edges that millions of other distractions.

The cost options you may have cable TV 300 channels again nothing good to watch is the saturation evident constant sports and everything so something's more neutral somethings explicitly sinful thereon out there. We must cultivate discipline and holiness separation and we must teach God's grace that forgives and empowers otherwise we will get swallowed up as well, otherwise because iniquity abounds our love lexical. These are some of the things that are destroying the faith even good news is, God continues to build his church, Jesus continues to build his messianic congregation, Jew and Gentile one, Messiah, full of the spirit. He continues to build physically see the gates of hell itself will not prevail against. So there is more than enough in God for every single one of us overcome the stakeholder grace is offer that grace and help everyone in the both the most relevant full coverage on this has gone as God failed faith asked the following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network


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