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Israeli Perspectives on the Taliban's Takeover of Afghanistan

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 19, 2021 4:30 pm

Israeli Perspectives on the Taliban's Takeover of Afghanistan

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 19, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/19/21.

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So how does the Afghanistan fault of the Taliban affect the people of Israel stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown walking to the broadcast. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday hearing on the fire that means any Jewish related question of any kind is perfectly kosher so 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 could be about modern Israel today. It could be about messianic prophecy to be about Jewish background to the New Testament, it could be about objections to Jesus being the Messiah about the Hebrew language. Jewish tradition stress-related. Gladly take your calls and especially those who differ with me theologically, biblically love to hear from you is lost its Jewish related 866-34-TRUTH so I want to talk about something very serious in a moment, but but let me back my way into it with an illustrative story. The story is told that there were four scientists who all came to India to study the Indian elephant for one year. One of the scientists was from Germany. Once one was from France moms for America. One was from Israel.

So they spent one year studying the Indian elephant and then went back spent another year putting their findings together and then they each posted their findings at the end of one year, so the of the German scientist posted his seat. He wrote up a study called 100 ways to categorize and analyze an Indian elephant that if you know anything about your mentality and Truman scholarship very systematic, very analytical very dictionary like the French scientist wrote a study published is called the romantic life of the Indian elephant.

The French right.

The American scientist wrote his study he published is under the title, how to build a bigger and better Indian elephant American way. The Israeli scientist posed that published his study and it was titled the Indian elephant and the Jewish problem.

In other words, is always how does affect the Jews. How does this affect us. How does this affect Israel so it's it's a cute story and it is illustrative of different cultures and different ways of looking at the world and things like that. That being said, Israel is is very much affected by what happens in Afghanistan and Israel can also look to America and say hey we told you so. We learn from express on and go to it and op in the Jerusalem Post a moment that weighs in on that.

But here's how Israel is directly affected. Yet Israel is closer to Afghanistan physically geographically than we are, but that that's not the big thing. The big thing is it Israel is surrounded by terrorists so immediately to the north.

You have Hezbollah funded by Iran and in a constant threat is only estimated between Hezbollah and Hamas, and potentially other terrorist groups that there are several hundred thousand rockets pointed it.

Israel and anyone moment is not for Israel's incredible security system you can be in Israel feel perfectly safe as those that go on tour with us recognize. If not for their incredibly strong security system. The strength of their army and their resolve to fight back against terror. Israel would've been overrun decades ago. So Hezbollah funded by Iran immediately to the north, so they destroyed Lebanon there entrenched in Syria, then when you go to the to the Southwest you have Hamas and Hamas stands for the destruction of the Jewish state from the river to the sea right Palestine will be free.

That's another was no state of Israel. So you have Hamas there also with help from Iraq Iranian funding if if you then go to to the east and to the south, you have a Ron which is pledged to wipe Israel off the map and wants to be a nuclear threat you have that, then you have the larger hostility of other Muslim nations still and peaceful relations with with Israel and then you have Housing Authority even though that's more friendly than Hamas. You still have all kinds of terror bases there under the under the PA PLO history, etc. 30 surrounded by this when you have radical Islamic terrorists and in and movements. Groups like Taliban now take over Afghanistan number one it brings a tremendous emotional boost to other terrorist yes the cause of Allah. We will triumph will crush the West we will crush Israel. Remember America to the to the radical Muslim world is the great Satan, and Israel is the little Satan. One reason America so hated is because of America's stand with Israel.

Another reason America so hated is because of America's immorality which gets exported around the world. When the Muslim world looks at America they think America is a Christian nation and they think this is what Christianity is pornography and compromised rampant divorce and all kinds of immorality and on and on. When the Muslim world looks at America.

They see the US Embassy in Kabul. It insurances two months ago flying the gay pride flag even even if even if it's important to the present administration to say we celebrate gay pride America you you at least think in is offensive that is so many others. You would at least think that it would have the sensibility don't do that in a conservative Muslim nation for what purpose, encouraging the Muslims to join him in celebration. So America's hated Israel's hated their hated together Israel's hated than for other reasons in the history of the Jewish people rejecting Mohammed when he proclaimed himself profit in it goes back to that enmity. So there is this long history that can easily be drawn on, but suffice it to say that when you have number one the emotional victory.

It does bring encouragement the cause of Allah is rising on the earth and in the West is running front of the ferocity of the Muslims and this is the way it will be portrayed propagandistic with that's one thing a second thing is it now allows for groups like Al Qaeda and others that have been decimated to to have a safe place member. We went in to attack the Taliban because they gave they gave safe harbor to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. So you have groups like that that can then be re-rejuvenated and they in turn feed into other terror groups, so it becomes especially precarious for Israel at a time like like this now, having said that, I do not for a moment want to take away our focus on the people of Afghanistan, and particularly the Christians there. I'm in the horrible reports or devastating. I watched a video last night where there is a German Christian who was has been working Afghanistan for years was just able to get out with a few others and he ceases what's coming.

There is as unbelievable as a man who skews their soul and asked him on this call. This private prayer call. They asked him is true.

This Revival Taken Pl. in Afghanistan, the church is growing rapidly said no additional refund. He said growing rapidly.

If you have 100 believers go to hundreds of churches grow by hundred percent exhibit. He said we know of. Maybe it was like 100 something groups that could have between three and seven people below higher in the minutes of small groups house house churches underground. He said some claim numbers as high as 400 but either way, thousands of believers.

If there thousands more. We don't know about. So be it. But he was saying that the way the house church network works. You really don't know how many there are. Because okay you you get saved. And now you store little Bible study in the home now. Five other people get saved and now there's another outreach and you know a neighbor calms that person get saved and goes over to relatives house. It they don't know the moment a new group's birth it separates from the first wife because they don't want anyone to know who's who the if if if you get found out they don't want you to be able to under torture, reveal that I'm a believer that that's that's how difficult it is now reports that that the Taliban are going house to house and hearing this confirmed it from numerous sources and and what if you got a girl the house over 12. You got a mark that under door as they may just take your sex life. If if you 25 years older married, they may just kill you. The husband take the wife any other utter horror, I saw a video from a believer in Pakistan, his voice speaking, either in in in the Afghan language that was pushed to an end. Then the crib in error because the whole thing was muffled. You could really hear song we just read the transliteration that the translation rather and he's breaking down crying is not fear. It's not fear, he said, but we have worked for so hard for 20 years and now it's all gone that they were seeing the nation go on a better direction is that everyone has abandoned us and he's crying. Everyone has abandoned us and he said look, please. If we die, please don't abandon our wives and children please take care of them because I didn't plan to be so emotional release.

We can go on with the work we can go on but I mean it's it's it's gut wrenching it's gut wrenching and and the blood of these people is on president finds that simple. This is a disastrous decision never should've been done this way and whatever was going on with Pres. Compton and suggested Pompeii whenever they're working towards. It was not this. It was not this, let me just say this if if this happened to Trump I be just distraught. I be even stronger because of Christian standing with him at this happened to Trump. I I'd be speaking out against him and and is one decision even more strongly because of evangelicals, voting, providing vote for Biden. I voted for Trump so II would be calling him out even more strongly, but for sure the plans that were being made were not for this type of haphazard withdrawal with all the warnings against it and all the cautions. If you do this. This can be a consequence that's going to be the consequence.

Don't do it and still going ahead with it and and the idea that would present. Biden is asked in interview day before yesterday. Was it. He's asked in an interview. What about what about the people are falling from plain to me that the UN using the videos from within the plane of people high on the places on the takeoff that have you read the reports but with one plane was with with the, the, the wheels, the landing gear and stuff human remains found there. So obviously somebody may be cut in half for chronicling on dropping to that, I mean horror horror and imprisoned bonds asked about this in an interview for what would be a friendly interview with George Stephanopoulos. Was he say was for five days ago what Stella Nancy about this before radiation suit wasn't even mean so atrocities like that heart is like that.

No big deal because the forefront want this. The president that the members representing the free world was an absolute disaster in first and foremost want to think about the people in Afghanistan. The Christians there was working with America. The women, the girls who suffer the most of anyone. Let's also remember that there are implications for the people of Israel as well. Right will be right back 86634233 is usually because of all the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown let God arise God arise. The voice of a dear friend, Paul Wilbur is the hope of the whole world. That's the hope of Israel. That's the hope of the nations. Let God arise. Here's the good news in the midst of pain shaking up evil of certainty uncertainty. This is often when God moves the most. This is often when you see revival.

This is often when you see great harvest look a lot of people don't change their diet restrict work out ~have a health crisis. A lot of people don't get serious marital counseling and make major changes until there on the edge of divorce. A lot of people don't learn good financial principles until you're about to go bankrupt. Other people don't turn to the Lord get saved until they hit rock bottom that the fact is that it's often through the most unpleasant difficult times that God's kingdom enhances the most. So as the world the whole world is in a people this covert little. Everything else the whole world is in a people. This is a great time to pray and believe God's kingdom, to advance in power. 866-34-TRUTH agreed usually to questions of Anglophones in a moment, then go back to two more issues related to Israel, Afghanistan, and some interesting news from the Jewish world as well.

Interestingly Israel which is so surly vaccinated. Not everybody but a high percentage of the population is now going through a crisis of fresh new crisis with the Delta variant and they are giving surge shots to different people, especially trying to vaccinate people, especially 50 years or up to give them another shot and they're saying that that out of all the ones that are getting additional shot that even the limited and sick that there is none that are in critical condition. So they're claiming that it's it's better to have the shot but still there is there's a new rise because as I understand it on the medical doctor, but part of dealing with a vaccine is. Let's see have flu strain so it goes through different variants and then when everything is kind of gone through its cycle, then the vaccine is developed that deals with all of the above and then tested out over period of years is right now it's in the midst of this, trying to solve problem a wall problem being problem. See haven't haven't been fully manifest yet and and then the lack of time to test and the other challenges so right now Israel is is in some level of a people, things, and started to go back to to a more normal life ultra Orthodox they were doing very well and they are very low percentage of infection. They reopen their schools with atomic people and smokers together. Now there infection rate is just jumped up dramatically so the world is in a people Israel is in a people make God's kingdom advance in the midst of this okay with that.

We are going to go to the phones and will start with Michael in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire are yes harder question for you. Yes sir, I argue generally reject Christianity delete you with that polytheist usually. But there's a certain set of Jews leaving Kabbalah and they believe in the 10 federal and within 10 April. There's about 100 in each several their rejection of Christianity, but there perfectly fine with Kabbalah right so yes two of the few misconceptions this an interesting question. One reason that Jesus reject Christianity is seeing is believing in its regards or simply saying that Jesus is God, which would either be making a man into a God or or gone to a man so that alone would be considered idolatry and then more fundamentally, even if you symbol God is it's one God, but he's threefold Jews would believing in exclusive unity of God in that sense, then, that the other big big issue is that for Jews the whole calling the Jewish people is to serve the Torah which Christianity relegates in a secondary way recess is fulfilled in Jesus.

That would be another very big thing that the whole purpose of of Judaism is to honor God by observing the Torah and thereby be a light to the world so that becomes getting Christianity than the view of the Messiah would be among other things, that he would bring peace to the world of as part of his mission and bring the whole world, to the knowledge of God that said that I was in heaven with Jesus of their there are various reasons but whatever you heard about Kabbalah is is is misinformation number one that tense for your oats are not different deities, they would just be considered different manifestations or aspects of God and you did with your hundred deities within each sphere met mask where you heard that Oliver was a really Israel and he many forms of God, and he mentioned that and the essence of this we talking about.

Yet what this is, sir, is is is no reflection on you for forgetting forget that information correctly conceived go from is really Prof. There are some even within Israel and I got some of their books who read things through an extremely hostile lands or read things that are meant to be metaphorical and and see them as literal or something like that. I have talked to many, many, many religious Jews who who referenced scope Kabbalah is sacred literature and believe that it Jewish mysticism is beautiful course. I reject Kabbalah, but they would absolutely categorically say, one God, one God only.

These are not separate deities during the different levels of deity it's it's just the way God reveals himself to us and how is manifest of and in the world, etc., so it would be certain what it would be like someone claiming Christians worship three gods and elements of summons that you will Michael G worships. Regardless, of course not, would be the same of the Jewish person with Kabbalah they be utterly baffled to hear that, or that there hundred deities of each at each level of of sphere. Now, having said that I have used the concept of the sphere, wrote to deal with Orthodox Jews and see you look at it this way we look at it this way but were all talk about one God and one God only. So you have to have to sift that carefully.

There's much in Kabbalah that I that I wholeheartedly reject and of course I don't follow it spiritually in any way, but that that is a misrepresentation through someone that's hostile to the literature as opposed to a traditional Jew reading it. Who reads it in terms of one God and one God only so hopefully that's that's helpful to you. Okay Michael you you are very welcome, but by the way, are you listening online or on radio, I'm not great okay just just checking when I saw how. Thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH. I mention it just because the Truth Network that that hostess daily just picked up a couple great stations in Ohio W's is WTO D in Toledo and W TKD some of that in date but your go Salem 106.5 yet give us a call. I will give your free book free copy of my book the real kosher Jesus.

So if you happen to be listening in Ohio on 106.5.

You have to come on the air. You just call and say I'm listening. There and you give us today.

Magis will send your free copy of your kosher Jesus just our way of honoring a company stations that just joined the network 866-34-TRUTH okay do live do not have time to get into Jerusalem Post report so let me just do this. This is kind of an interesting story right. Here's the headline your lever or Unilever protesting Sharad Dienst this is a legal organization Israel take over a Ben & Jerry's abandoned trademark. So Ben & Jerry's said they're not going to distribute their ice cream and the court occupied territories so they go to distribute Israel proper, but not in Judea, Samaria, the so-called West Bank so according to Israeli law. If you have said you will not distribute in an area, then you lose your rights even your trademark rights you lose there symbols can take them up. So what would they did. Sure, I had been as they are now putting out ice cream and that's it says Judea and Samaria's finest is got a picture of the rehearsal. The cow Ben & Jerry's as Lexi says on it of frozen chosen people so you know everything you have no right to do this is our property.

This is our name is our image, you have the right to do that and this I know you have abandoned your trademark rights. You have no idea what you're talking about.

You have abandoned your trademark rights. Once you said you will not distribute in our area and those are watching. We just put on the screen for watching on YouTube or Facebook. So there is Judea and Samaria's finest Ben & Jerry's frozen chosen people know if you can say because none of the law. I think I think it's a great way to push back and say oh yeah oh yeah sources legal love. It. Go ahead push back and expose the discrimination expose the stimulus if if you're in a statement. What you selling it in Israel to the evil oppressors, but not not a Judea Samaria where the Palestinians can enjoy it may help their business even more, but that that being said, if it is legal and on the used beer and ice cream guide Ben & Jerry's in a New York super fudge chunk you know that would yeah eat the whole pipe fruit for dessert in a big dessert is hard to spread out over two days because of note. Devour the thing my my alcoholic days many years ago, but all let's say the only advice I give. If you do it. Make sure it's high quality ice cream you want people because initially people buy for the novelty you know this that cute is that finally then at a certain point not deliver the goods. They won't so better to charge a little more and make it really, really high quality, which means super decadent unfortunate and unhealthy. If you going to do it and compete with Ben & Jerry's all right will come back a long talk more about Afghanistan and Israel's op-ed in the Jerusalem Post fasting news about the last shoe of Afghanistan why he's not leaving yet more that story and then your calls, 866-34-TRUTH never hits the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on thoroughly Thursday. Thanks, Marty gets more beautiful voice of praise to God 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 any Jewish related question of any kind. Phone lines are wide open so interesting story from Afghanistan in the midst of the pain in the midst of the horror in the midst of the trauma to the midst of God knows how many people fearing for the laws God knows how many people really killed reports of Christians fleeing into the mountains. It's the only possible place where they can stay safe. They can't communicate with others.

It's a dreadful time and I didn't hear from a Christian that was able to fleeing a Christian worker was able to flee Afghanistan right at the time of the takeover.

One of the few that of people. It was able to get out that quickly and he said that within the Taliban and you have two factions one more radical than the other and their even praying about that now that the less radical will win the day. It would be really bad under them, but even worse under the more radical so the midst of all the pain and and and all of the. The upheaval in the human suffering and the humiliation of America before the world. If you can imagine for a moment. If this had been trumpet the helm.

This would be the new story on CNN and other networks for the next year or two endlessly endlessly hammering and showing images and that would be it. The fact is this even some level of attack from the liberal media against Pres. Biden indicates how how terribly this is been mishandled. All that being said, there some very interesting stories emerging this one Jew left in Afghanistan. Once you and an interview that Caliban about represented was doing ended up on Israeli television that apparently he didn't know. Initially was Israeli television. I just gave them the identity or the name of the TV network and that did anything to them and they said what about using Afghanistan is one Jew, and they said all we are minorities protected their Hindus and Sikhs that have minorities or Savior.

Yeah, what is one Jew left and he's not leaving his associate to take her the synagogue and and so on. There been a Torah scroll there that had been confiscated, but so is caretaker. The synagogue will remain so. He's not leaving leaders in his 60s, his wife and children have lived in Israel for several decades. He symbolically is run on the Hebrew what will I go to Israel here. I can take care of the synagogue now another side to it is that. Reportedly, he won't divorce his wife, which would've been a legitimate reason Judaism to divorce her and she can get on the new life, but what makes the story more interesting in the midst of all the pain is that there was another Jew who lived there that died few years back and daily hate each other didn't get along at all. So you think that's you know the joke to use in room three opinions.

They got your last two days in Afghanistan and hate each other about what a world. What world okay let me go let me go over to this article Jerusalem post and share some of it with you. It is by Le Havre Kharkov August 18 how the Taliban takeover changes the dynamics in a Biden Bennett meeting is an analysis. The subtitle says the events that unfold in Afghanistan were hardly surprising truth really is. They were history repeating itself. So the timing of Prime Minister Natalie Bennett's trip to Washington to meet with US Pres. Joe Biden next week is notable. Just last week. Some analysts were saying that after passing a massive bipartisan infrastructure bill by the stronger president than ever that that should keep that in mind, but now after the fiasco of the US pullout from Afghanistan by will be coming to the meeting from a much weaker position in the region than if the meeting had taken place last week, or before that of the events that unfolded in Afghanistan were hardly surprising to Israelis, there were history repeating itself. It Israel already knows what happens when it withdraws from territory it may have worked out mostly both the Sinai Peninsula, but the two other times of three Islamic terrorists to go over first when the IDF less in Lebanon in 2000 and after the disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

In both of these cases, the local population had been trained to keep the extremist day.

By the way present Biden's claim that there were 300,000 Afghan military there there hundred 70,000 by the end supposed to 2400+ American soldiers that lost their lives in Afghanistan.

The tragic number. Although none since February of last year so far more dangerous to be in inner cities of America. Obviously, but the tragedy of 2400 lives lost remains the same during that same time there was 66,000 Afghan military killed so the ideal invited to have the courage of the will fight present binds rightly taken a lot of criticism for saying that. Anyway, back to this article in both of those cases so sudden. Lebanon and Gaza local population been trained to keep the extremist day. First, the South Lebanon Army, which worked with the IDF than thought-out affiliated Palestinian Authority security forces trained by the US they were quickly overrun and massacred the Hezbollah and Hamas, respectively, but the Biden ministration acted like it had no idea what had happened in our part of the world on a comparison by the Secretary of State at the Lincoln do not like in yet non-by the way this interrupt this for moment Faye on Facebook was going on in Yisrael about the entire population being the world's laboratory came straight out of Netanyahu's mouth. Bear in mind that the government there is doing its best to protect its citizens and keep them healthy. Just understand that and put all statements in context, swung to address that. Okay Sgt. introduction my my apology. So yes, this is our Saigon. This is our Vietnam or generations back to this article, this intelligent estimate that was made public was that it would take 90 days for the tell about to take a bull. It took them less than a week, US Trinity Afghan army to defend its country from terrorist. The soldier surrendered to the Taliban plus US it would give special immigration visas to Afghans who work with Americans.

Only a fraction of them have managed to get out.

So for many thousands of Afghans mobbed the airport in Kabul try to escape all of this adds up to a US that is far less credibility to make demands of and promises to Israel has belied is even telling Israel you can trust him or by this ministration is not currently pressuring Israel to make territorial concessions that would vocally oppose building homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria, and 62 state solution in the long-term US, with the exception of the trump administration is long sought to offer security guarantees in exchange for Israel withdrawing from the West Bank with Israel's recent history. It's a hard sell will now majority was really supported two state solution according to many polls, fewer attempt to support the territorial concessions that would allow that to happen. The military withdrawal from the Jordan Valley is something that the political center and center left, in addition to the right oppose his was never really entertain offers of international forces US surveillance technology swim secretary of state John Kerry suggested to take the place of IDF boots on the ground in the Jordan Valley, the current state of affairs in Afghanistan makes American security assurances weaker and less reliable. Who's to say the US will get sick of guaranteeing Israel's security and stop doing it.

Consequences be damned. Same is true of US security assurances when it comes to Iran. The Biden ministration still pushing for return to a nuclear deal with Tehran that would allow it to have a nuclear weapon. The deal expires in less than a decade Washington disasters them to work with instead of making allow public campaign against nuclear negotiations for Prime Minister Benjamin. It's an outdated single make sure Ron can never threaten Israel with nuclear weapons and Bennett agree to greater cooperation on the issue missing on Wednesday. That is tech talking approach taken approach or partnership. The situation Afghanistan must give them pause when taking a long-term view on the Iranian nuclear threat okay will will stop there. So all that to say that there are many, many other dynamics involved or all that to say that America is ability to say the Israelite. This noise can be you get our aid to get our support get her back and this is why it's going to be in and put pressure on Israel to do things that normally it. It might not have done the foremost example would be pressure on on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was like the bulldozer pressure on him to withdraw from Gaza may believe is not for pressure from President Bush that that Israel would not have withdrawn from Gaza with a didn't of course it's been a disaster.

It's been a disaster for the people. Gaza is been a disaster for the people of Israel but obviously America has a lot less ability to do that America has has a lot less ability to to put demands online when America is been humiliated for the whole world NATO saying that this is this is the worst the worst gasket we've seen in prenatal leaders and things like that as they were involved in Afghanistan as well. So no Israel could well say with all respect, Mr. Pres., what with all respect, you really can't tell us what to do right now or you need us just like we need you. And of course America does need Israel in terms of its strategic place in the Middle East. Aside from the divine perspective I believe of of God calling America to stand with Israel and with that stand with Israel as a true friend that loves justice and of Israel does not treat Palestinians rightly and and and walk and ethical ways of Israel's called on the carpet for that's what friends do. 86634 and all right.

Let's let's go over to tell you.

Let's go over to Teresa okay trees may not be there but that was just a call from our station in Dayton, so I don't want to welcome you aboard reader five days a week, this time 3:57 PM Eastern standard so many joined the listen by podcast, watch us on Facebook or YouTube or download later on on Internet in various forms so so thrilled to be speaking to every one of you means the world to me. We can reach so many people through this platform we take it with the utmost seriousness. It's been five days a week for 13 years and really getting old.

We are really praying really seeking the Lord about ways that we can reach even more people to reach them even more effectively, but we are here want to fire your voice of moral, cultural, spiritual revolution, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and I'm in the which will really go Thursday thoroughly Jewish Thursday, Friday you got questions. We got answers with calls on all manner of subjects so welcome welcome. Glad to have you solicitors you stations in Toledo and Dayton on 106.5 and check out everything else on this new station as well. They will be right back with you calls 866-34-TRUTH it's the light of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on the line for and through Jewish Thursday. Hate Faye.

I do know what's going on in Israel. Many of my dearest friends in the world live in Israel. I am in constant contact with Israel. I'm reading insider reports from Israel so the best thing to do is not you can share an opinion anybody that just a word of recommendation all right word of recommendation. If you post on Facebook, YouTube, you can differ with me every day the week every post I put up you can differ with every broadcast we post you can differ with every live video I'm given commentary in different differ with. Feel free to do it to stay within our guidelines and use profanity don't know that the attack others right but you differ with. However, you do well not to make ignorant statements because it just makes you look bad.

It makes you look like an extremist, or someone speaking out of complete ignorance. You know it's like when someone can correct me on will be hubris and say this or hear the Bible is in sadism making up some of that not actually can differ with me, but I've got a whole lot of data and and I've been circulating the video from the Orthodox Jewish doctor warning is the Israeli rabbinic court about vaccinations when friends have asked you were different uses it here. Different views look at this a dissent that linked it to someone else medical doctor to send me that that same link and here he saying if you give it you children supporters are it's it's it's I the work you are sacrificing your children to idols. That's how strong he is honest and say no one should get in here. We have good treatments that will save us some. I'm quite aware it's happening but when you make false statements member what Scripture says don't bear false witness against your neighbor. When you make false witness false statements against me or others then you disqualify yourself from being taken serious because you sent to differ on what different day and night, but don't make false accusations in the process. I want people different with me and that's what we have what we do live broadcast with calls what you think we pay to be on the air to do a live broadcast with calls and then we set up other forms were people can just ask life questions.

What do we do that if we don't welcome discussion. Why do you think it's been hundreds of times. I imagine thousands of times I've invited critics and skeptics people different call-in tell us why or to post Orford to do public debates why we do this if we don't invite differences.

But when you post falsehoods and II just singles out. Discus came to my attention.

I was looking at her screen when you when you post falsehoods then you disqualify yourself for it. For example, if if I'm debating someone. Let's say I'm debating I'm an old earth creationist. I'm debating a young earth creationist. Let's just say that's the case. Okay which is not with the sensitive and young earth creationist is Jonathan survived and I say them you don't know he review new HEB which it will know that's idiotic you know Sieber that's it. Now I might say I different I differ with your interpretation of the deficit do not know Hebrew. I just made an ignorant false statement so this from encouraging you not to do is to make ignorant false statements towards one another. Also, he thinks it's all polarized that why attack the person in the process wanted simply say what is right differ with you. I just described. Be productive trying to be helpful. Try it try to move forward.

Good discussion, especially if you have some important to say. Don't disqualify yourself by making ignorant false statements. Fair enough. All right, it's go back to the phones we go to Greg and Cary, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Thanks for calling. A call have a question, but our trip lightly because I don't want afterward. Tutors were talking about.

I don't want to falsely accuse someone or any like that, but I was the spokesman on your Facebook to have the videos and you click on a Rabbi was talking about when he was talking about Isaiah. He was he was interpreting Isaiah in your in your plan and you reprint your interpretation of it, but I was just curious if I heard this right arm. Or maybe it was the smartness and I didn't know what he had said question. Paul's theological shrub I told you singer and he was calling Paul liar and saying that Paul did not study at the feet of godly jealousy claimed that that got all that he was even claiming that Paul probably wasn't even a Jew of etc. in or giving place to that idea rights of the tenant aligning the ago and I'm up against her. I have nothing against Rabbi, but I was just curious about what I heard about it correctly, yet that answer the question. You heard it, but you can understand a told you singer's academician Rabbi who for decades now his number one focus in life. Work is pulling Jews away from Jesus.

Now he wants to pull Jews away from Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism, but his main focus is going to sway from Jesus. We did a private debate in the early 90s. The monster broths broadcast that blanketed New York in those days, and then not long after that. As I kept reaching out to him.

He cut me off and is refused to deal with me in any setting of royalties all these decades, and there been times sir when when he has been the contact recently contacted the University a couple hours from a Christian University and said he'd like to come in and do a debate on Jesus being the Messiah with a hosted and they said yes and they reached out to me us a gift course. I'll do debate with you want the moment he hears, it's me. He won't do it. And of course the sadistic debate talk about the cans. Let's let this happen before.

So he's refused to do with me then put a bogus reasons which we corrected. But he he is academician Rabbi and many of the statements that he makes are extreme and the counter what our Kaukauna missionary Rabbi Leonard Sisler, yet America has so any Jew whose is a believer in Jesus were called missionaries right in because that's it.

That's a dirty word in the Jewish community. It means either you're coercing people or your bribing people your threatening people.

Laura whatever he ties in with crusades and inquisitions. This is just a bad word. Generally speaking, so were called missionaries out it's true we have a mission to reach her people with the good news right in the whole world but were called missionaries and their call for academician at basic basically look at our Masonic truth of ethical culture right, what was the middle worse than that of wheat we we are apostates we shall deem and if we lived in the time of the second Temple. Some would say would be worthy of the death penalty that that we are not just deceived but we are deceiving others and wears they would say.

Some would say it's okay for you as a Gentile, to worship God as Trinity that for a Jew to do is idolatry. Natoli would say it's idolatry for you to do it is as well. He takes a more extreme position there, but if he stayed with the message. Over the years we demolished his material of and in different forms in the 2012 video series is maturely and others in the five volumes of answering Jewish objections to Jesus, but because he's just stay with this message steadily and now got the platform through the Internet that's grown. We just felt it was important to devote time and resources to demolishing his videos one at a time so we put out nine so far and gullible and will be recording a bunch more soon, and on each one we do is we take one of his videos and dealing with a specific subject.

So if anyone is on Esther to Brown either Esther to Brown the Lord by website or Esther to run his kid.

Your Brown. Our YouTube channel. If you just search for for singer counter missionary. All you'll find all of the videos and what we do is we take one of his wheat we let him stay in his basic argument attack in the New Testament attacking Jesus because you talk about attacking Paul and then we pull out some of the most ridiculous outlander statements because he very frequently makes when the just causes your eyes to cross like what in the world. It's only crazy and then systematically factually rebutted which really interesting though and and and folks if if you followed told you singer think, was credible.

What you don't know is that many times what he's telling you, and he knows it contradicts Jewish tradition that he will give you the impression that no Rabbi believes XYZ and and plenty do. But if you show the introductory introductory letter that video Dr. Brown. However, I believe that I prefer. I pray for Toby's Toby singer Toby about getting Sylvia yet.

I pray for him. But Jesus save them because sometimes you know look at Paul. Look out Paul was 40 with a Tiki would persecute yet you people kill her become a Chris yes so I think I believe that God could save believably pray for him got to save him. He could be of a mighty weapon as Paul was yellow silica Christ just jumped into his work real time, by all means pray from what I encourage people not to do is to try to engage with the professional working in a certain field. The center feel. In other words their people say all I'm gonna reach out to Toby singer. I got a great argument and he's can get saved. Pray for him to pray for now Paul says in first Timothy one that God had mercy on him as a blasphemer is a violent man because he acted ignorantly and in unbelief right so that's the difference. Is Toby acting ignorantly. May God work in his heart make. May God save him. I want to see the best for him. I have no animosity towards him agrees me that he's destroy people's lives. But I want to see him say if you bring the pray for Wyoming's self. God bless friends get a great show lots of great questions coming your way tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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