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Heather Carter

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August 21, 2021 12:37 pm

Heather Carter

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 21, 2021 12:37 pm

Robby is joined by author and cancer survivor Heather Carter to discuss her book "Soul Selfie: #broken #together #hope."

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian Perspective Podcast with Chris Hughes, where we encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds, so enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. Oh, it's so great to have you with us today on Kingdom Pursuits.

I've been really looking forward to this show. Actually, one of the people I get to have on it is my good friend Bob, who one of his passions is to be on the radio with me on The Christian Car Guy Show and his church and so many different things. If you know Bob, when you think of somebody who's passionate, you can't help but think of him. So Bob, it's good to have you with me. It's great to be here today, brother. Glad I got this opportunity.

Me too, me too, because he's often at the beach these days, so we get to, since his grandbaby is in town, we've been seeing a lot more Bob. So then we have Heather Carter, and Heather has written a book. I really love the title of this book.

It's called Soul Selfie, hashtag broken, hashtag together, and hashtag hope. So welcome, Heather. Hi. Nice to hear you.

Oh, it's great to hear you. So how fun. I mean, Soul Selfie.

I mean, how do you find that kind of camera? I know. Gosh, that'd be helpful if we all had those. Yeah, well, there's kind of a backstory to it, and I'm sure we'll get to that at some point, but as far as the title goes, you know, I just, during some struggles in my life with the teaming and some other things, I realized that God kind of just told me, you know, you spend a lot of time focused on other people's behavior and other people's problems, trying to fix, manage, control them so that you can be okay, and you're a full-time job, so you need to flip that little camera back around and focus on your own junk and mind your own business and let others mind theirs.

Maybe you guys can help each other in the process. So that's kind of how I came up with that title. But what a great name, though, because selfies are such a big thing right now, and just hearing it, you know, okay, it made me listen right away. Yeah. Well, I'm pretty bad at taking a regular selfie.

I don't know if you've seen the cover of my book, but that is, those are selfies of everyone who was reading at the time when I published it, and some of my doctors, I had leukemia, so some of my doctors and nurses and friends and family are on the book, and I did force them to make it a selfie, which was tricky because doctors are super smart, but they aren't really adept at taking selfies. So I think, I mean, if we could come up with a soul selfie stick, we could sell that thing on Amazon, Bob, and we could be rich. So as you might have guessed, if you've listened to Kingdom Pursuits, and I know you hadn't had the other, you have to be punished just a little bit.

When anybody comes on, it's just what happens. So speaking of soul, you know, speaking of soul, Bob, did you hear about the cucumber who sold his soul to be pickled? Yeah.

He made a dill with the devil. I actually like that. Oh, wait a minute.

I love all your jokes. So I know a guy working at a Kia dealership, and he told me that redheads keep coming in to try to buy a soul. Well, whatever, you know? So have you ever considered this, Sean?

This one's for you, buddy. How much does Satan's soul weigh? How much does Satan's soul weigh? I'm so bad at this, Robbie.

Do you know, Heather? It weighs a pentagram. Well, there's a little humor anyway. So anyway, at the end of that, you know, I would actually have a Bible riddle for you. So I'm done with the puns and on with, well, I'm not quite done.

I'm never completely done, but nonetheless. So here comes the riddle. God made man from the dust. You may know that. So what did he do to give him a soul?

He made him from the dust, but what did he do is explain there in Genesis to give him a soul. If you have any answer to that, Sean, tell them what you can win. The winner of that will win a book. I think, Robbie, if I'm not mistaken, we may be able to give away Soul Selfie.

Yeah, we'll give away a copy of that if we're able to do that. Is that right, Heather? Can we do that?

Is that right, Heather? Can we do that? Absolutely. All right. Sounds great. That'll be it, Robbie. All right.

So you call us at 866-348-788-486634. Truth, all you gotta do is tell us. God made man from the dust.

What did he do to give him a soul? And by the way, shoes did come later. I had to throw that one in. Bob, you know, I just can't leave. You can't resist. You can't resist.

Never miss an opportunity, brother. Oh, I understand. So, you know, I was thinking about it, Bob, from a standpoint, and I know a little bit about Heather's story, but I do know, and I know from my own story, that God allows stuff in our life that seems so hard. But when it gets hard, we do kind of get this soul selfie, like, wow, he's showing us ourselves.

Stripping us down. Yeah. Yeah. And I came across this this morning, Heather, which is going to seem a little bit bizarre, but I'm a bizarre person, so, you know, you'll see it with that.

We're in good company then. Yeah. So there's something called Kabbalah, which is a Hebrew, you know, Jewish kind of study, where they talk about this, what they call kleepa. And a kleepa to a Kabbalist, or a Jewish Kabbalist, would say is the shell that hides the spark of God. Okay.

Are you with me, Bob? Yeah. So you got this shell that hides essentially God's glory. In other words, you were meant to reflect God beautifully, but unfortunately, when we fell, we got this kleepa. We got a shell. Now, what I found out actually yesterday, and I kind of have been processing it ever since, you know that the only thing that dissolves your kleepa is dust, is dirt. And the point being, if you think about it, that as we are buried in the ground, that is the only thing that will actually cause our shell to decay.

All right. It breaks down your kleepa so that the true reflection of God. So thus the point that Jesus made, right, that in order for a seed to grow, it has to be put in the ground, or take up your cross and follow me. Are you following me?

I'm getting there. Yeah, it hurts. And thus you'll see when King David starts the Dalit section of the 119th Psalm, he starts out by saying, my soul clings to the dust, quicken thou me, right? That's the verse. And so when he's talking about his soul clings to the dust, he's talking about you got to kind of die in order to live.

Are you following me? Yeah. Well, you know, Robbie, one of the things that prompted me for writing my book, I had acute myeloid leukemia in 2015. And what kind of along the lines of what you're saying is one of the things they do is the first 30 days that you, as soon as you're diagnosed, you're in the hospital for 30 days, no questions asked. And what they do is give you chemo and it's for seven days straight, and it pretty much kills everything, takes you to the point of death.

And then you have about 15 or 20 days to hopefully recover. And that's the idea. Oh, wow.

Wow. Heather, I hate that music means we got to go to a break. And we do have a couple Riddler's on the phone and we have Bob and we have so much more. But boy, am I excited to hear what you're talking about because you couldn't be more right. And I too am a cancer survivor.

You may not know that of lymphoma. So I'm with you in so many different ways that you may not know. But anyway, when we come back, we're going to hear a lot more from Heather, her book, Selfie.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build a kingdom. And we're so blessed today to have my good friend, Bob, from 109 you pull it, the voice of dial 788-9122 slash young with me. That's quite the introduction there, brother.

Yeah, the voice itself. But anyway, then we have Heather Carter, wonderfully wrote a new book called Soul Selfie, hashtag broken, hashtag together, hashtag hope, which we're really excited to hear about. And we're going to get to all that in a minute. But first off, we got Laura is in Raleigh. And so we got Laura, we got Raleigh and we got Jacqueline. So even if Laura gets this right, by the way, Martin and Jacqueline, I would still love to talk to you. So don't hang up on me. So we'll go to Laura first.

Laura, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Hi, good morning. How are you doing? I'm doing good.

But I have to say real quick, because I managed to do every morning. When I hit your line, I hung up on my guest. So if you guys wouldn't mind calling, there's a part of this phone system that automatically hangs up on the other line when you pick up one line if you don't do it just right. And I did it wrong. But nonetheless, Laura, no problem.

Heather, what have you got for us? Is I think he breathed into him. Oh, isn't that cool? You're exactly right. God made man from the dust of the earth. Right. Right. He just breathed.

He breathed into him. Right. I was like, okay, I was thinking that was correct. And you know, there's this, in Hebrew, which those who know me know I love the stuff, is that it's called nafesh. So you got this little nafesh that's inside of you. Did you know you have that? Uh-uh. No.

I would see a doctor if somebody told me. Yeah, you got a little nafesh in you. But I think it's... Oh yeah. I know I have Pericles. Yeah, you do.

In Psalm 13, King David said, How long will I take counsel in my soul? Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And the idea is that that little voice that you hear sometimes, of beating up yourself, guess who that is? Wow. That's your soul. I was going to hear that this morning. Oh.

Yeah. And so what King David is saying, man, God, how long? It's actually the beginning of that Psalm. How long are you going to hide from me, God? Because he says I have sorrows in my heart daily, because why?

Because I need to hear from you, God, not just my own soul. That's a trip. That's the verse that I read earlier to a friend of mine over the phone like early, early this morning. Are you serious? That and another one. Yes. Yes. I was looking up the sword of the Spirit, and then somehow I ended up on that.

Psalm 13, verse 2, I believe. Yeah. Yeah. How awesome is that? That is amazing, Laura. That is so cool.

It happens a lot. Yeah. Affirmation. It blows me away. It really does.

It really, you know, gum smacked or gum smacked, whatever the word is. Yeah, that is just. Man, you've made my day, Laura. That is so neat. Yeah, you've made my day. God bless. Yeah.

I have to call back and say, Gary. That's a trip. The Holy Spirit is a trip. Like y'all don't know that, but yeah, it's been such a blessing. Absolutely.

That's cool. Never left me and never forsaken me. He won't. He won't. Thank you.

We will. Thank you, sir. Bye-bye.

All right. We got Martin is in Raleigh, North Carolina. Martin, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Good morning. Good morning, Robbie. How are you?

I am delighted. So, Martin, I bet you had an answer for that as well. How did God make man from the dust of the earth? What did he do to give him a soul? Well, Genesis 2 7 tells us that, Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. It's noteworthy in Hebrews to notice the difference between the word became and give or gave.

So it says here in the scriptures that God gave man the breath of life, and then man became a living soul. Oh, man. That is so beautiful, Martin. You're absolutely right.

There is a huge significance in that, that the whole thing is almost, you know, it's like just absolutely beautiful. So I'm so glad that you gave us the complete picture there of how that happened. And by all means, so we're going to get a book out to you as well. God bless. Thank you, Martin. Thank you, Robert. All right. You have a great week. Bye-bye. You too. Bye-bye. All right. And then we have Jacqueline is in Greensboro.

Jacqueline, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? I am terrific. I am. So how about you?

What do you think? How did God make man from the dust of the earth? By breathing. Thank you. And what does that say to you, Jacqueline? It says to me every day, now that I know he really is a living God, every day I believe he's breathing into me every morning, every day, so I can get back up again. You know, as you were saying that, I was thinking, that's so beautiful, that while I don't even think about it, right, every time I take a breath, but I wouldn't even be alive if I didn't take the next breath. And he's kinda like Prego spaghetti sauce, he's in there.

It's in there. And you know it because you can feel the warmth, and when you wake up some mornings, some mornings are better than others, but there are these special mornings where you wake up and you can really feel the warmth of the presence of him. And it's just something, and it's like, to me, it's like, okay, he really seeing it, he really wants to talk with me right now.

He really wants, it's his pleasure of being here. Isn't that beautiful? No, I love that.

It's something when you, waiting for God to come, and then when he finally does come, the presence just, it changed the whole atmosphere. It's like, oh, he's here. Isn't he?

Isn't he? I wrote a poem about that. I don't know if you have time for me to say it.

I have time. I just want to hear your poem. I'm looking through the eyes of my father. I finally know what he sees in me.

Looking through the eyes of the father. I finally see what he sees in me. Heartfelt love devotion goes streaming down my face. Heartfelt love devotion goes streaming down my face. It's just one of the things that, you know, when I have to get out of looking at myself and see how I see myself, but again, to see it, how my father sees it, sees me. Because I keep Are you believing that poem I just heard? That's an excellent poem. And, um, I guess, I guess to kind of shine a little different angle on it, just a little different is think of the way you look at your kids and your grandkids. And that'll give you a little insight as to how God looks at us. Wow.

You're right. Um, there's another part that goes through there. Um, it says, um, uh, and it's so touching and, um, personal, like, um, but it's when he does this, when, when my father comes to see me, I'll smile my biggest smile. So when, when my father comes to see me, he'll know that he's very welcome here. And when, and when my father comes to visit me, I'll know that the feelings are mutual.

I love that. You know, you made me smile just when you said I'm gonna smile my biggest smile. So Jacqueline, you know, my email is there at

It's actually Would you email me that poem? I would love, I would love to post it. I have to learn how to do it. I'm not that savvy with it.

Well, get in, get your grandkids. Tell her, look, Robbie Gilmore with Kingdom Pursuits or Christian Kargai go to either website. My, my email is all over both of them. And just tell her, please. Cause I would love to post that. Thank you, Jacqueline.

Kind of like when VCRs first came out, you had to get a sixth grader to program it for you. That's right. Thank you, Jacqueline. God bless. Have a great day. Bye-bye. You too.

It tickles me that somebody else says that they're not email savvy and all that. Cause I, I am not, I try to avoid it like the plague. So we got to get back to Heather and I'm sorry. Because I cut her off, but we got her back. Heather, thank you for patience with me.

No problem. I was going to say, don't feel bad if, if an oncologist has struggled taking a selfie, then you're probably doing just fine. So when we left you at a, you know, before the break and I'm, Hey, we're going to fix to come up on another one. But right then you were telling us that when you underwent the chemotherapy, that you're right. They, they're going to kill you off in every possible way that they can, except whatever keeps you alive.

Right. And so take us, take us back there. Well, in 2015 I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, which is kind of in the same vein as lymphoma, kind of on the blood thing. And, um, my husband actually started a blog for me so that I could update people on the status of my cancer and that quickly morphed into the status of my soul. And then I started writing just daily reflections on the common plague of the heart, as I call them, like, like, uh, worry, fear, uh, resentment, jealousy, image management, just to name a few.

And it turns out I'm not the only one who has those. I used to write because it seems like I'm not going to run out of material. Like I kind of thought, Oh, maybe when my cancer goes in remission, God'll take my writing gift along with it. It'll go into remission also. But because the diseases of the soul are chronic, I probably will not run out of material anytime soon, especially since I talk about my personal issues and struggles with all of those areas. So, um, I kind of, you know, you just gave me an insight into cancer.

I had never seen before, Heather, that is absolutely amazing. I got it. We'll talk about it. I got to write that down because I don't want to forget this. This is awesome. So we come back, we got so much more with Heather. We've got Amy Cabo. We got Andrew, we got all these people, but more importantly, we got you.

So thank you for listening. We'll be right back with a lot more Kingdom Pursuits, Heather Carter, soul selfie. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. So blessed to have my good friend, Bob from 109U Pull It with me, as well as Heather Carter. She is the author of the book, The New Book.

It's out on all over the place, Amazon, wherever you go, wherever you want to go. So thank you so much for listening to the Truth Network and And we got Amy Cabo, the host of The Cure with us. She's got a big show coming up today. Amy, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Good morning. Good morning, Robbie. So you've got somebody that's apparently... Yeah, go ahead.

Yeah. Today we have Jen Heel, pretty tough guy. He was 20 years in the military. We're grateful for his service. But today he's an ordained minister that has participated in prison outreach. And he's also the author of God Loves Messed Up People.

I love that. It's a combination of a man's abuse of dysfunctional life. You know, he was devastated by an alcoholic father, sexual abuse. He was raised in the 60s where a lot of the racial rioting had a big effect on his personality. But his book now, it's not about preaching about God, but a conversion of life.

How we can... He tries to help people come face to face with their own dysfunction and try to find a way out. That's beautiful. So I'm so glad God Loves Messed Up People. That's a great title. I am so grateful for that. Me too. And I know that not only do you get Amy, if you tune in at one o'clock on the Truth Network, you get Boris and you also get the show.

It's live and you'll be able to call into that show as well. Thank you, Amy. Thank you, Robbie. Have a beautiful day and God bless. God bless. You have a great show. I'm looking forward to it.

Bye bye. They are amazing. And Amy does poetry as too.

Well, I mean, Amy is a poet and she quite often shares some amazing, amazing stuff. So, Heather, I managed not to cut you off this time and we're finally going to get to this. So, wow. Yeah. Leukemia is a tough one.

Really, really tough. And abrupt. And as I was... When you gave me this picture that I have never seen before and, you know, obviously a cancer survivor like you, but really, right? A cancer cell, when you think about it, Bob, is what she's described. She gave me this picture is like, it's your own cell. It's in your body, right?

It's certainly in my limb system. Right. But it's malignant.

It's like I've turned on myself and I'm killing myself. Exactly. There's so many correlations to cancer and just the general disease. You know, when I look through topics that I talk about in my book, a lot of it is, you know, the disease versus the remedy. We have, you know, if you're struggling with being judgmental, then your remedy is grace. If you're brokenness and it's hope or stress, you know, perspective, resentment, forgiveness, there's always the antithesis of that. And when we take a full selfie and look back at our own stuff, we're able to hopefully learn some things. And my goal in my writing is to help others know they're not alone in their craziness. Even if it's just me and one other person that encourages them, that's fine with me. And to know that there's always hope.

There's always a solution. My book is kind of a daily reading design because it is a series of blogs. It's 130 blogs I wrote while I was in the hospital with my leukemia battle. And then, so they're, you know, one or two pages because that's about all I can focus on.

Robbie, I have a little focus. Oh, I understand. I write a blog myself and have for years, and it's wonderful because I usually just limit myself to, you know, a few hundred words so I can get that out to get that thought and you try to condense it. God gave me another way of trying to condense things. I teach special needs for Sunday school on Sundays with adults, people that are actually sometimes older than me. And so you're going to try to teach a principle or something from the Bible, and now you're going to have a chance to try to teach it with people who may not be verbal, right? So you've got to teach it with sign language or you've got to teach it with people that are autistic that you really can't tell, you know, what they may be thinking. And then the idea is like, man, God, you're going to have to help me really make this at a level that I can understand it. Keep it simple.

Right? And so the blog is such a condensed way of being able to do that, that, you know, it's absolutely phenomenal. And I love, I got to tell you, you know, the whole, like, God gave you the courage, and this is what this show is about, by the way. The reason why I wanted to do it originally was when people are obedient, like, I bet you were scared about writing a book, weren't you? I was scared about putting it all together and trying to figure out those things. I feel like the writing part becomes pretty natural because it's just like, you know, the writing part becomes pretty natural because I got a lot of junk in there that needs to get read it out, read it out on paper.

But actually seeing the publishers and getting it done and getting out how do people know it and how do we get it sold and all that stuff, it's really hard. And it's really, like, God has taken you on an adventure that literally said, Heather, do you trust me? Right. And I write a lot about trust and lack thereof in my blog. If you come to my blog site, my website, which is, you can go to the archives and look them up by category.

So if you do that, you'll see kind of a basically a list of all my character defects, you know, we've got, you know, trusting, trying to trust God, issues with control, forgiveness, resentment. Right. I love the last hashtag, Bob. The last hashtag she has in her book title is hashtag hope.

And so, Bob, right, that's such a huge thing for you. I'm telling you, there's no hope without hope. But hope is the thing that just, it's the most powerful thing. When our building burned, you know, we never doubted that we could come back. And we had hope because we had God in our corner. And I didn't realize where all the strength was coming from at that time until later. But, you know, all we had was God. So that's all we needed. And he held us up and he gave me strength. He gave me strength, and then the people around me saw the strength he'd given me. And there was a big transformation at our place right after that. And, you know, everybody had hope that they was going to be able to feed their families.

Well, the hope that I see that's bigger, right? Because I know Bob and I know Heather to some extent and just listen to her for a few minutes here, is that literally when Bob's, you don't know this, Heather, but Bob's son went to be with the Lord, is it seven years ago? Coming up on eight. Yes, sir.

2014, 109. Literally ripped his heart out. I mean, you couldn't rip somebody's heart out more than it was ripped out right then. And all of a sudden, hope was not the easiest thing to find on the horizon, was it?

No, sir, it was not. I was, I was not, I don't know, I didn't know, a lot of people that knew me really expected me to harm myself. And without the good Lord, and hope, and an awesome moment in my life, and the hope that when the time came for me to understand, I would. But I knew there was no explaining or understanding it at that moment, so I tried not to get caught up in so many people lose a son or something like that, and they just shut completely down trying to figure it out, looking for an answer.

Well, there were no answers available to me at that time, so I just tried to push forward and limp along until I could walk, or crawl until I could stand up and walk a little, and then. Right, and the interesting first place you'll find the word hope in the Bible is there when Ruth is telling Naomi, like, I mean, excuse me, Naomi is telling Ruth there's no hope, right, that I'm going to have a husband for you. Actually, it's kind of counterintuitive here. Wait a minute, the one time that we finally get this word, like, oh my goodness, and that word, like, oh yeah, there was, there was hope, big time. There would be no King David, there would be no Jesus if there hadn't been for hope.

You're listening to the Truth Network and And welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And speaking of my Sunday school class, we have one of my members calling in. He's got a weather report for us. So Andrew, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Good morning, Andrew. Oh, good morning, Robbie, how are you?

I am absolutely wonderful. So you want to do the weather forecast for us? Andrew, are you wanting to do the weather forecast? Yes, hold on just a minute.

Okay, we can't really hold on here. You know what, Robbie, I'm gonna just give you a quick weather report because I got to go. Okay, I got to eat too, okay? All right, go ahead. Let me give you a quick weather report.

So it's sunny today, but the high is in the mid to upper 80s. And as we're going into tonight, we're gonna look from mostly cloudy skies in the weather band. It looks like that we're having some trouble. Yeah, we're about to leave. Yeah, but anyway, but I love you, Robbie, and I'll see you later. I love you too.

Thank you for calling. He's got to get to his meal. So it's great to have your honor, Andrew, right? Andrew is actually one of my favorite people. He's blind, Bob.

Besides, you know, somewhat specially needed, you know. I've met Andrew. You've met Andrew? Yeah, at your church at the... Oh, you've been to the... Yep, yep. I got to... You got to meet Andrew firsthand. Yep. And usually... I think we've met a couple of times, and I got to sing for the crowd.

That's right, I remember. And one of his first things always is he's got to ask about Tammy. Where's Tammy? Because he loves my wife, and it's like, is Tammy there? And he used to tell my wife she looked a lot like Oprah, even though he never seen her. Yeah, okay. You know, Tammy, I think you look a lot like Oprah, okay?

It was, it was, because he loved Oprah and he loved Tammy. So, you know, it's all coming together. So getting back to Heather and your blog, like how cool. So you continued to do that, and then there was another part to your story that I couldn't help but note. Your husband played a critical role in all that, because, you know, one of the things that cancer survivors know is it's easier to be the patient.

Yes. Than... I absolutely agree with that. It was much, in some ways, obviously the physical part was not easier for me, but emotionally, and I'm just taking care of details. I mean, I was in the hospital for 70 days, so the first 30 days were a bit rough. But after that, I was just in there for six days. I could watch movies and read and push a great button on my bed that brought me food whenever I wanted, and then kind of missed that button, actually. But my husband was always with my three kids and working and sometimes trying to work in the hospital and figure out how to pay for all our medical bills, and I just kind of was along for the ride.

It wasn't obviously easy, but if you think, it is easier in some ways. Yeah, everybody would come up to my wife and say, how's Robbie? Right. Right, that was the question.

And nobody asked, how's Tammy? No. And when you think about it, if you just take your choice, like, would you rather you have cancer or would you rather your wife or your spouse have cancer? Oh, yeah, I'd much rather me, you know, the idea of this. And so what your husband went through as a caregiver and all that, and then the beautiful thing that I hear that God gave you was he said, let's go further on this adventure. Let's make this a book. And I think that that's really, really, really cool. And so you guys got to experience that together. And so do you have kids?

I do. I have three kids. They're now they're 25, 21 and 20.

At the time when I wrote the book, they were all teenagers and my oldest son was in college. But they were straight out. Yeah, that was a scary time. They all handle it, you know, according to their own personalities.

My daughter, she was pretty easy about it. She'd come in and do her nails with me and just and even, I think, last this year we were talking about it and she said something like, yeah, back when someone tried to fake her own death, you can laugh about it now, but yeah, everyone takes it in a different way. But God definitely showed us some, you know, how much people loved us and just the people that rallied around us.

It was definitely amazing. Although the one thing I stress in my writing is that we're all at any given time struggling with deadly diseases and they don't always show up like cancer. I mean, no one brings us food when we're struggling with, you know, addiction in our family or resentment or anger or problems. Oh, yeah, I have a friend actually wrote a blog because he was bipolar and he said the disease that gets no chicken soup. Oh, yeah, exactly. You know what? It's a very silent suffering. So I write about these diseases of the soul because I recognize that, you know, even people walking around have these going on at any given time.

So when the person snaps at you at the grocery store or cuts you off in traffic. Oh, I hate the show is over. But man, you got to go, right? You got to find out about this book. It's called, let me say real quick, Robbie, the new one I have coming out is called Soul Selfie hashtag no filter and it comes out in October.

So be looking for that one also. Okay, in October, Soul Selfie hashtag no filter. We'll get her back in because she didn't get enough time, Bob. But there you go. So we're grateful. I love to talk to you again. I'm in my car just to honor your show, by the way. Thank you, Heather. Thank you, Bob. It was really fun to have you on today. Great being here today, brother. Oh, it's enough. You have such a wonderful show of encouraging prayer coming up, followed by Mastin Journey. If you're in Winston-Salem and then Nikita, it's time to man up at 1230. So much truth coming at you. This is the Truth Network.
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