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Heather Carter

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 21, 2021 12:37 pm

Heather Carter

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 21, 2021 12:37 pm

Robby is joined by author and cancer survivor Heather Carter to discuss her book "Soul Selfie: #broken #together #hope."

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Oh, it's so great to have you with us today on kingdom pursuits. I've been really show actually one of the people I could have on it is my good friend Bob who one of his passions is to be on the radio with me on the Christian Clark and his church in so many different things. If you know Bob you when you think of somebody is passionate, you can't help but think ahimsa Bob is good to have you with me is great to be here today glad that I got this opportunity made to me to conceit is off at the beach these days that we get to sense his grandbaby is in town we been seeing a lot more Bob so then we have Heather Carter and Heather has written the book. I really love the title of this book. It's called soul selfie hashtag broken hashtag together and hashtag hope so welcome Heather. Oh, it's great to hear you so how fun I mean soul selfie a minute I find that kind of camera equipment that an allotted time. People problem think that you can be okay and your full-time job.

You need that little camera background and help better in the process so that what what a great thing because selfie's are saying such a big thing right now and just here you know you okay it's made me listen right that it everyone at my doctor, Dr. and friends and family on its part to keep the doctor smart but they aren't come up with this soul selfie stick we can sell anything on Amazon.

Bob we could be rich so as you might've guessed. If you listen to kingdom pursuits about how you hadn't Heather that you have to be punished just a little bit wary but it comes on since what happened.

So speaking of soul you know speaking of soul Bob did you hear about the cucumber he sold his soul to be pickled now.

You made a deal with the devil I actually like the way that I love all your so I know a guy working at the dealership and he told me redheads keep coming and try to find soul whatever so ever consider this Sean this is for you.

How much savings soul soul way that it is really looking at me. You know the way to Graham this way you know I would actually have a Bible riddle for you.

So I'm done with the ponds and on well not quite so God made man from the I know that. So what do you give them what do you explain this to give him a soul. If you have answered that Sean tell what you can win that way when I think Robbie if I'm not mistaken we may be able to give away soul selfie copy that you are sounds great out of it. Robbie, I you call us at 8664878848634 truth I go to God made man from the what did he do to give them a soul and by the way shoes did come later. I throw that when Bob you know I to skip never miss an opportunity, but all I understand. So you are saying about it.

Bob from the standpoint and I know a little bit about Heather story, but I do know and I know from my own story that God allow stuff in our life. It seems so hard, but when it gets hard. We do, get this soul selfie like wow he is showing us ourselves. Strip and I came across this this morning Heather, which is to seem a little bit bizarre but I'm a bizarre person so you if you so that if there's something called Kabbalah which is the Hebrew in a Jewish kind of study where they talk about this with the complete but in a cleat but to Kabbalah history, Jewish Kabbalist would say is the shell that hides the spark of God. Okay, are you with me Bob C got this shell that hides essentially God's glory.

Mother would you are meant to reflect God beautifully, but unfortunately when we felly at the sleep we got a shell and what I found out actually yesterday and I can't have been processing ever since you know that the only thing that dissolves your cleat is dust is dirt and the point being, if you think about it, that as we are buried in the ground that is the only thing that will actually cause our shell to decay around it. It breaks down your cleat. The so that the true reflection of God. So thus the point that Jesus made right that in order for seed to grow it has to be put in the ground or take up your cross and follow me and follow me and I had hurt and desk you'll see when King David starts the dollar section of the hundred 19 storm. He starts out by saying my soul clings to the dust click allow me right that that that's the first and so when he's talking about his soul clings to the dust.

He's talking about. You got it kind of you gotta kinda die in order to live our foaming think it will and I and 38 that and email and it killed everything take you and appointed and then you have about 15 or 20 oh wow, I pray you have a couple things on the phone and we have meant so much more, but boy am I excited to hear what you talk about this.

You can be more right and I too am a cancer survivor. You may not know that lymphoma so I and so many different may not know that. Anyway, we come back here a lot more from Heather her book selfie you're listening to the truth and back to where we hear how God takes your and uses it to build the kingdom and were so blessed today to have my good friend Bob from one of my new public voice of about 788-9122/young with me you like introduction yeah now the voice itself but anyway that we have Heather Carter wonderfully wrote a new book called soul selfie hashtag broken hashtag together hashtag hope which really excited to hear about working to get to all that in a minute, but first off, I got Laura is in Raleigh and so we got Laura got Raleigh and we got Jacqueline so you know Flora gets this right.

By the way, Martin and Jacqueline. I would still like to talk to stoning up on me so will go to Laura first, Laura, you're on kingdom pursuits. I'm doing good. Save the planet every morning when I hit your line. I hung up on my desk so if you got my calendar.

There's a part of this phone system that automatically hangs up on the other line when you couple online if you don't do it just right and I did it wrong but nonetheless Heather what what if you got force not cool. You're exactly right God made man, I just I and you know there's there's this.

In Hebrew, which doesn't know me know I love the stuff. It is that it's called the Shashi C got this on the facets inside of you. You know you have that I would see it but I think it's all you know you do. In Psalm 13, King David said how long will I take counsel in my soul okay and in the idea that that little voice that you hear sometimes beaten up yourself to.

That's your house all morning and so when King David to Sandmanů How long actually beginning at Psalm how long you cannot hide from God because he says I am sorry sorrows in my heart daily, because why because I need to hear from you, God, not just my own. I read earlier like early early this morning. Are you serious, yet. Upon Psalm 13 verse two. I believe that that is why I really really made my day like that is so neat now, that they carry that yeah that's a blessing lately that's cool man making me start by all right. Regards, Martin is in Raleigh, North Carolina Martin, you're on kingdom pursuits good morning.

I am delighted so Martin.

I bit you had an answer for that as well.

How did God make man from the dust of the earth. When you do to get muscle that Lord God formed man of the great not the breath of life and man became a living soul noteworthy between the word, became an okay so it God gave man the breath of life, and then man became a living will and so beautiful Martin, you're absolutely right.

There is a huge significance in that that the whole thing is almost unanimously just absolutely beautiful. So I'm so glad that you gave us the complete picture. There of of how that happened. And by all means working to get a book out to you as well. God bless thank you Martin all right you have a great week, but I then we have Jacqueline is in Greensboro, Jacqueline, you're on kingdom pursuits good morning I am terrific.

I am so how about you what you think. How did God make man dust of the earth, and that what is what is it say to you, Jacqueline, and I know you live in God. Every every morning I can get back up again as you are Sandman. I was thinking that's so beautiful and well I don't even think about right. Every time I take a breath, but I wouldn't be alive if I didn't take the next breath and and he's kind of like Prego spaghetti sauce he's in there and walked down there we wake up and you can really build up like okay, really, really want to talk with me that when you waiting for God, and then when he finally does come ON. I only about yet I have time. I just want to look at my father. I finally know me, looking the eye of the father finally we heartfelt love and devotion draining down my faith, heartfelt love boat streaming down not think that you lack have to get out of looking at the high but how my father I just heard one. I guess I guess the cabochon little different angle on it just a little different is think of the way you look at your kids and you and your grandkids and all yeah that'll give you a little insight as to how God looks at us while Ryan liked him, but when he dug out all my big now though my father come to know that you're very welcome dear and when my father come to me.

I'll know that the feelings are mutual.

You know you made me smile just a big smile.

You know my email searching it's actually are doing more would you email me that poem I would love to get a little more with kingdom pursuits or Christian card. I go to the website. My my emails all over both of them and just tell her please.

I would love to post. Thank you, Jacqueline, like when they see you, when VCRs first came out you had to get a sixth-grader that's great you drag the goblins have a great book by somebody else says that they are not. Email savvy and all that because I am not I'm try to avoid it like the plague and get back to Heather. I'm sorry.

I'm so proud because I cut her off, but we got her back. Heather, thank you for patient so when we left you a you know before the break in Hayward affixed to come up on another one. But when you were telling us that when you underwent chemotherapy to write. They're going to kill you off in every possible way that they can accept whatever keeps you alive right and several testtakers back there will, and actually started a plot there and not likely you will and I started writing a reflection conflict in the heart by great that man you and it turned out like a light mission battle. My writing: chronic I probably do not care anything about my personal struggle. Though I kinda just gave me an insight in the cancer I have never seen that is simply amazing. I got will talk about it right. This is awesome. So we come back so much more with Heather got Amy Cabo.

More importantly, we got you, thank you for listing will be right back with a lot more kingdom pursuits Heather Carter soul selfie you're listening to the truth and all those Heather is the author of all over the place Amazon where you want to go soul selfie hashtag broken hashtag together hashtag hope and we got Amy Cabo's the host of the cure with us. She's got a big show coming up today Amy here on kingdom pursuits good morning, so you got somebody that's apparently glad and grateful that Carly and I are working on God, my bank and alcoholic.

There you where a lot of why not now. I like how we can help people come down so so glad God dismissed the great grateful for that and I know that not only do you get Amy if you turn in at 1 o'clock, Truth Network, you get Boris and you also get the show is live and you'll be able to call and let shows well thank you Amy S, you have a great show.

Looking forward to provide. They are amazing and Amy does portrays to well I mean Amy is a poet and she quite often share some amazing amazing stuff. So Heather, I managed not to cut you off this time and were finally get to this so well yeah leukemia is a tough one really, really tough and and and as I was when you gave me this picture I've never seen before and you know I obviously cancer survivor like you, but really write a cancer cell when you think about it. Bob is what she's described.

She gave me this picture is like it's it's your own cell. It's in your body right. It's certainly in my limp system but it's malignant. It's like I've turned on myself and I'm killing myself when I look at all things are great here broken helper back everything that and when we think of soul selfie and look back at you openly learn things that night. My goal in my writing help others. Now they're not allowed in their training department at and encourages them that's fine with me, and to know that help at my book. It kind of a daily I find it. The plot hundred and 35 hospital battle and then there are two pages. That's about all I can focus on little I write a blog myself and have for years and it's wonderful because I usually just limit myself to a few hundred words like get that out to get that taught you try to condense it God gave me another way of trying to convince things I teach.

I teach special needs for Sunday school on Sundays with adults. People that are actually sometimes older than me and so if you try to teach a principal or something from the Bible and now you can have a chance to try to teach. It was people who may not be verbal rights teach. It was sign language. Are you going to teach it with two people that are autistic that you really can't tell no what they may be thinking, and then the ideas like man got your map to help me really make this a level that I can understand right it so that that that the blog is such a condensed way of of being able to do that but you know it's it's absolutely phenomenal and I love I guy got to tell you the whole like God gave you the courage and this is what this shows about by the way, the reason why I wanted to do it originally was. When people are obedient like I bet you were scared about writing a book, torture. Yet, write it out saying the publishers and getting it didn't get now how do people know and how do we get it sold and all that stuff is hard and it's really like God is taking you on an adventure that literally said Heather. Do you trust me right and I write a lot about my art, you know that God is control. Forget that last the last test dodgy hashtag she has in her book titles hashtag hope and so Bob right that's that's such a huge thing for you to its there's no hope without hope. Hope this is the thing that just is the most powerful thing when our building barn and will we never doubted that we could come back and and we had hoped because we had God in our corner and I didn't realize where the strength was coming from. At that time until later that you know all we had was God. So that's all we need, and he held us up and he gave me strength and then the people around me saw the strength they'd given me and was a big transformation that are placed right after that and you know everybody had hoped that they was going to be able to feed their families have a hope that I see this bigger write because I know Bob and I know Heather to some extent and just listen to her for a few minutes here is literally when Bob's you don't know this Heather, but Bob son want to be with the Lord seven years ago coming up on eight 2014 109 literally ripped his heart out. I mean you couldn't rip somebody's heart out more than it was ripped out right then and all the sudden hope was not the easiest thing to find on the horizon was necessary was not.

I was I was not I didn't know a lot of people that need me really expected me to harm myself and without the good Lord and whole house amendment in my life and and and in the hope that when the time came for me to understand.

I would, but I knew there was no explaining our understanding it at that moment. So I tried not to get called in so many people lose a son or something like that and they just shut completely down trying to figure it out looking for an answer with their words and there were no answers available to me at that time so I just tried to push forward in an limp along until I could walk, or crawl until I could stand up and walk a little and then I interesting first place you'll find the word hope in the Bible is there when Ruth is telling Naomi ministries me Naomi stand worked on Ruth. There's no hope right that I'm in a have a husband for actually it's got a counterintuitive airway limited. One time that we finally get this word and that word like oh yeah, there was there was hope.

Big time. There was no king David there would be no Jesus you're listening to the back where we hear how God speaking of my class. We have one of my members calling in his got a weather report for so Andrew your finger pursuits good morning Andrew, I am absolutely wonderful so you want to do a weather forecast for us and our you want to do. The weather forecast and okay we can't really hold on here but okay.

I went report and I and I look guy and it looked like trouble anyway but I love you Rob you there.

I love you so it's great to have you write. Andrew is actually one of my favorite people. He's blind besides the somewhat specially needed. You know I'm a manager you met Andrew to church. The all you've been to the got to meet Andrew firsthand and usually I think we've met a couple of times and and I got something for the Crandon and I tried. I remember in one of his first things always disease got asked about Tammy where's Tammy was my wife is like this Tammy there and you still my wife. She looked a lot like Oprah, even the yeah okay you know Tammy I think you look a lot like Oprah. Okay I will as it was because he loved Oprah and he loved Tammy so no it's all come together. So getting back to Heather and your blog like how cool see you. Your continued to do that and then there's another part your story but I couldn't help but note, your husband played a critical role in all. That's because, you know, one of the things that cancer survivors know is it's easier to be the patient then I got an great, but that but actually I work on everything we come up to my wife and say how's Robbie that was that was the question. Nobody has house Tammy no and when you think about it if you just take your choice. Like would you rather you have cancer or would you rather your wife carriers your spouse have cancer and oh yeah, I'd much rather me know the idea of this in so what your husband went through. This is as a caregiver and all that and then the beautiful thing that I hear that God gave you was. He said let's let's go further on this adventure. Let's make this a book and know and I think that that's really really really cool and so you guys got to experience that together and so do you have kids there and in college and they were strength now handle it.

According to their own personality.

I got an even year we were talking about it like a crown that people love that rallied around it, although the one thing I strengthen my writing that all at any given time. That late and don't always tell if I can't bring that are struggling with addiction in our family or prevent man order anger problem or I actually wrote a blog because he is bipolar and he said the disease he gets no chicken soup exactly very well right at all because they recognize that people lacking around going on at any given time door.

I learned over and you gotta go right to find out about this. It's called okay in October so Sophia has said no filter will go back and get enough time on the thank you Bob. It was really fun to have all is such a wonderful show of encouraging prayer, followed by messenger Winston-Salem amendment to the truth. This is the Truth Network

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