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Why Christians Should Support Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 26, 2021 11:47 am

Why Christians Should Support Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 26, 2021 11:47 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/25/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

We often hear about Christian Zionism, but why should the church support stand with Israel stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown delighted to be with me to be with me to be with you Josh.

After how many years on radio delighted to be with each of you what I what I was ahead of myself.

I was about to say if this is your first time tuning in and joining me on a Thursday and I jumped ahead and instead that I'm delighted to be here with me now.

I'm delighted to be here with each of you and if you are new to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast on on this day we focus on issues related to Israel. Jewish people relating to the Hebrew Bible relating to messianic prophecy.

Those kinds of things and we only take Jewish -related calls. So this would on Thursdays 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I am going to share one important announcement with you and II normally on a Thursday really strictly stay with specific Jewish really is why axis is this is Jewish related in that it is from a missionary, Nigeria, who herself is Jewish, a Jewish follower of Jesus with amazing story of how she came to the Lord, but I was sure which she had to to say an urgent announcement she sent to me last night. This is Mike. I will think of ever done anything like this before to serving the poorest of the poor in Nigeria working Muslim community serving the children there teaching, helping to instruct and I want I want you to see which she had to say posted this on social media as well. She said this so I'm I'm deviating from the norm because this is so urgent and it's one of her missionaries on the front lines. She said I don't recall ever making such request, but please let your listening audience know what is going on with these kids and 15 staff members of the boarding school. These were kids who were kidnapped boys who were kidnapped the kidnappings and killings are occurring on a daily basis and it no longer appears to be news Boca Herat now has engaged in a rocket attack and my degree. These boys have been held captive for almost 2 weeks now. 17 women were kidnapped on their way to a wedding villages are being terrorized and burned to the ground by herdsmen. Muslim herdsmen said when interviewing a new teacher and ask you why she came to Joppa where our missionaries in impoverished town with little opportunity for employment.

Her answer is there is peace and job she moved from the north with practically nothing to live in a tiny room with no tolling facilities nearby the sale of less than 15% $50 per month just with us, fear. I pray the job remains peaceful many herdsmen dripping out of neighboring states or something here. Lots of new faces. Only Jesus me. Only Jesus can help and the kidnappers are threatening to starve the boys to death. So are on our Facebook page this morning I put it up with the link to a an article, a related article as well. That tells the story about the kidnapping the boys facility. Things are happening. It's not even use in Nigeria and many of the people being attacked being being kidnapped and being killed are Christians. So if you just lift up a prayer for God to have mercy and intervene in Nigeria. It would be really greatly appreciated. 86634. Earlier in the week I got a call from a Christian man in North Carolina who was challenging me about supporting Tromp and when he said he voted for by the nine turn challenged him about voting for Biden and we had a bad connection.

I was unable to dialogue with him about that further and he called back a couple days later, know that we don't we don't let someone call back within with really few weeks so that there's room for other callers, but when it was him.

I want to talk.

I want a monologue.

I want a doll axle so with the time that we had. We had a very, mutually respectful dialogue and and this was his challenge to me because I said look I had real issues with Donald Trump in terms of his character and behavior. The way trash people and so on. But I voted for him for XYZ policies that to me. A real moral issues and humanitarian issues and issues of importance for America, Israel and the nations, and when I challenged him about voting for Biden since it was because we both voted for Tromp. I said how could you vote for Joe Biden when he is pro-abortion and I went through my list, so this gentleman asked me very respectfully do I support Israel to the MI Christian science this if you mean, if you mean. I believe that the Jewish people should have a homeland and that it is Israel macabre the Jewish people back. Yes, I absolutely stand with that and support that a civil doesn't Israel have abortion laws and isn't isn't abortion legal in Israel and asked very respectfully, how I could then support Israel if Israel supports abortion in the same way I can ask him how could he vote for Biden if Biden supports abortion so that was the nature of our dialogue and I had limited time to answer him about the question on his Russell you know I haven't talked about that in quite a while and I didn't have other major things on my agenda for today for thoroughly Jewish Thursday, so I thought will let's do that. Let's spend a few minutes explaining why I believe Christians should stand with Israel and support Israel. It does not mean stand against the Palestinians were ignored the needs of the Palestinians. It does not mean putting a stamp of approval on everything Israel does but it does mean fundamentally recognizing God brought the Jewish people back to the land and that we should therefore stand with that. So why do I believe the church should support Israel stand with Israel, especially since Israel is a whole is not a believing nation in terms of believing in Jesus issue may be, in terms of the Jewish population. The 6 million+ Jews living in Israel may be one half of 1% are believers in Yeshua's far as we know, then you have maybe 15% ultra-Orthodox that militantly oppose our faith and maybe 70% of the population fairly secular.

You have gay pride marches not just in Tel Aviv but in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is been rated the most gay friendly city in the world by far the major poll a few years ago, so why should Christians stand with Israel. When Israel was is not a Messiah affirming nation terms of believing in Jesus the Messiah for question very fair question number one we are standing with God. We are recognizing that God brought the Jewish people back to the land and we are therefore standing with him will open up the Scriptures about that in a moment that's number one.

The Lord recognize the hand of God involved to regather the Jewish people from around the world back to the land as of said many many times we agree and understand that the Jewish people were scattered for disobedience scattered for rejecting Moses, the prophets Messiah so judged by God scattered around the nations and we understand that when God blesses no one concurs when he curses no one can bless when he opens the door. No one can shut it when he shuts the door. No one can open it when he smites no one can can heal when he heals.

No one can spite when he scatters no one can regather when he regather us know we can scatter if God himself scattered the Jewish people is anger and wrath scattered them in judgment then Satan can't regather them. United Nations can't regather them. America can't regather them.

The Jewish people can't regather themselves there only back in the land because God really gathered them so first thing we are standing with God. The God who kept his word, giving promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his pulse is in Galatians 3 the promise which is 400 with the law which was 430 years after the promise that was signed a law coming 430 years after the promised Abraham cannot nullify the promise. God is free to give the Jewish people, the land to scatter them in disobedience and into Satan purely by my mercy. I bring you back and that's why state of Israel has been reestablished and that's why they're now more than 6 million Jews living in Israel. Number one, we stand with God. Number two we stand against the devil. We recognize that Satan has been seeking to wipe the Jewish people we know in Jeremiah 31 verses 35 to 37 God said, no matter what, even sin committed no matter what he would preserve Israel as a people as a nation. Speaking of the Jewish people, and that the sentence of a Pam, Isaac and Jacob. So Satan has been seeking to wipe the Jewish people out because God chose the Jewish people to bring redemption through them to the world from Moses, the prophets, the apostles to the Messiah himself, and then Israel has unique role.

The Jewish people and the Jewish gruesome of welcoming the Messiah back according to New Testament texts, so the Jewish people still have a role.

If Satan can wipe them out and destroy the not only set a direct attack on God.

But it also nullifies the word nullifies the word because God promise the Jewish people remain until the end and therefore we are standing against Satan by standing with a secure state of Israel today so the Jewish people have a homeland number three is an ongoing way of repenting of anti-Semitism in church history. For centuries Jews have associated Christianity with hatred, with persecution, with hypocrisy, even with violence. Many traditional Jew thinks there's a straight line from the New Testament to the Holocaust based on the horrors of church history, Catholic scholar Edward Flannery stated that the pages of history Jews have memorized Christians have torn from their history books is what I wrote the book. Our hands were stained with blood for Christian audience to understand what happened in history and an the only way the Holocaust happened was because there were centuries of Christian anti-Semitism leading up to it that that enable this Jew hatred to spread through Europe. The way it did. That's why so many Christian leaders were deeply grieved after that.

Recognizing that their teachings and theology had played a role in paving the way to it. This is an ongoing way of saying we genuinely love the Jewish people. We repent of the evils that we have committed, and we are standing with you.

Number four we recognize the importance of Israel is a democratic state in the Middle East recognize Israel as unique in many ways in the Middle East in the midst of the Muslim world and in the midst of a world that has often been tremendously hostile and even terroristic with Islamic extremism coming out of some of the surrounding countries in the Middle East. Therefore, the purely strategic level is good to stand with Israel and number five is much as Israel has faults and blemishes. It really does seek to be an ethical nation, it really does seek to do what is right and therefore as friends of Israel. We stand with Israel and then we challenge Israel to do what's right. We think there are wrongs with the Palestinians, or in Israel's treatment of others as friends we stand with them and challenge them to do what is right, so we are standing with God standing against the devil repenting of historic anti-Semitism making good strategic choices and as friends calling Israel to higher ground here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown and I know you Thursday you consider any of the songs it's Israel slumber nor sleep voice of Cephus ultra-Orthodox Jews singing the Psalms was reminder pray for the fullness of God's love and truth to be revealed in their hearts before Google phones 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Why should Christians stand with Israel for all the reasons I gave AF. In fact, Israel does not believe in the Messiah Israel supports abortion, Israel has a pro-homosexual barges, even in Jerusalem many ways this is very progressive.

In other words, some of the standards of Israel are such that if those candidates running in America, I would not vote for them and am sin a Christian should stand with Israel. Isn't that being hypocritical again a very fair question and an important one to discuss. So number one we don't have another choice outside of Israel, meaning either the Jewish people are scattered around the world and ultimately powerless to defend themselves from something else like a Holocaust quarterback in Israel and that is the promised land sold. It's not like there's another choice of, for example, if you are rescuing slaves and and and breaking the power of slavery in the country you're rescuing slaves where we can you not just wrestling the nice slaves in the kind slaves in the moral slaves. There might be miserable, nasty people, but their slaves that they been taken captive against their will and that's not right to be sent against so it is a moral imperative to say yes Israel should have a homeland along with the spiritual imperative based on Scripture and recognizing divine activity so we we make that choice because it is the only choice available and it's it's the one that God himself is made to bring the Jewish people back to the land and now as friends of Israel.

If we see Israel acting wrongly, we challenge them to act rightly, and then within the land.

We work with Jewish believers and other Christian workers for for righteousness and we work with them for the pro-life movement and work with them to stand for godly values and even within Israel.

The very religious Jews oppose gay activism and oppose the liberal abortion laws and things like that.

So there is resistance from within Israel as well. Now if Israel was engaging in in some genocidal acts and things like that and and because of that we had to step back. It's enough if Israel became Nazi Germany God for bid even saying the words. The something horrific like that happen then we have to stand back and just stand with a rebuke with the stuff the case is absolutely not the case in any shape, size or form. And here in America we had abortion through all of our all of our pro-life presidents after Roe V Wade with Reagan was George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush and Donald Trump affect abortions in 2019. Actually increased with Planned Parenthood under Donald Trump. So it's it's a long battle. It's a long battle to fight. Now why do I challenge those who then voted for Joe Biden and got much of your salvation. Just asking questions like, you can ask me questions about my vote. What I do that very simply, this very simple yet choices now. I can understand some as I can vote really got. I was repulsed by the way, Trump carries himself, and I felt his behavior is destructive and binds policies. I deplore I can vote really totally respect that.

But the difference is here we had a pro-life choice words. It's either Israel exists or Israel scattered among the nations. Hence, in my view, the difference 866-34-TRUTH and let us go to the phones starting with urine in Germany. Thank you for calling the line of fire around runaround from ISI having the yes yes I have a question on the date of each thread. Before I left I would like to play with. I fully agree. He said that people I don't believe the replacement trilogy.

I believe God has promised them the land that I'm up to date decor box and I would like to ask what I was seeing the Bible dictate that on the promised land. All the type II beatings I do not mean for my check up Ashley on not out of yes I would say that the fire God wants them to Messiah and I will read more in the Bible that you know what Brenda have to accept the Messiah nations would agree to bring them back to the country.

While a bit that it has to go 50-50 with the 70th growth must take the project until after lipstick lock.

I would like to ask, how can they be for them rightfully claim the length that actually mentioned ultradeep disobedience in the second question relates to should with correctional more focus on let's preach the gospel to them through a juice fast in them. The nation, instead of doing the or not you know what I mean.

I'm a veteran abruptly stopped them and then let the Bible Isaiah, everything looks fun and play with my Christie's so let me answer the second question first.

Our greatest emphasis should be on praying for the salvation of the Jewish people sharing the good news of the Messiah with them sensitivity and love recognizing how the gospel has been portrayed to managers through the centuries and how there's been pressure you to be baptized or or die or be baptized or be exiled.

So we need to walk in real sensitivity and love. Yes, the greatest need is for the salvation of Jewish people individually and then obviously that the turning of the nation, so that should be our our focus and purpose, not either or, just like we want to see every human being on the planet saved but we also see if someone is is hungry and thirsty. We feed them and care for them. That is, it's not either/or of the same way if America was being invaded bite by terrorists while yet he was the terrorist say, but right now they're trying to kill innocent Americans need to be stopped.

So it's not either/or, it's both and spiritual emphasis first absolutely.

But then, standing with Israel nasty. So the question is how they back in the land if they have not yet repented – this let's go to Ezekiel chapter 36 Ezekiel chapter 36 and starting in verse 16. I'm gonna read it for you.

And when the Lord came to me one morning when the house of Israel quotes… God speaking in an CB during the Babylonian exile 2500 years ago, when Lord came to me all morning when the house of Israel dwelt on their own soil. They defiled it with their ways and their deeds, their ways were in my sight like the uncleanness of a mistress woman. So I put out my wrath on them for the blood which they shed upon their land and for the fetishes with which they defiled scattered among the nations, and they were dispersed through the countryside punish them in accordance with their ways and their deeds when they came to those nations, they cause my holy name to be profaned and that it was said of them. These are the people of the Lord that they had to leave his land.

So as it makes the God of Israel look bad.

Therefore I am concern for my holy name was the house of Israel, of cause to be profaned among the nations to which they have come sit in the house of Israel.

Thus said the Lord God, not for your sake will act all house of Israel, but from my holy name, which you have cause to be profaned among the nations to which you have come, I will sanctify my great went name which is been profaned among the nations, among whom you have caused to be profaned in the nation shall no that I am the Lord declares the Lord God, but I manifest my holiness before their eyes through you.

I will take you from among the nations, and gather you from all the countries and I will bring you back to all lengths of God says I'm doing it for my sake because my name is being blasphemed. I will bring you back. I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean.

I will cleanse you from all your uncleanness and familiar faces of the claims will come once they're back in the land, and I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit into I will remove the heart of stone from your body and give you a heart of flesh, and I will put my spirit into the soul cause you to follow my laws and faithfully to observe my rules then you shall dwell in the land which I gave your forefathers and you should be my people will be read on those who will be establish their God will be there God when I've delivered you from all your uncleanness. I will some of the grain make it abundant and saw so in short, this is what Paul said in Galatians 3 the law, which is 430 years after the promise does not annul the promise.

So based on the law God scattered the Jewish people in disobedience and if they repent you will regather them. But based on the promise he can have mercy whenever he desires. So this is a sheer act of mercy God regathering the people when there is a final turning yes there will still be Jews in different parts of the world and though be carried on the shoulders of the Gentiles, and of those various passages that you alluded to in Israel. Salvation will be a light to the whole world and the nations will come screaming to Jerusalem to worship the God of Israel, all of that will happen, but God is both the Jewish people back into the land for his purpose and for his namesake and now in the land he sprinkle clean water on them and little by little hearts are turning. So instead of maybe five or less Jewish believers in the land in 1948. It's about 30,000 now so the remnant continues to grow, but it's it surely God's mercy for God's purpose for his namesake, and if you'll notice what began in Ezekiel 36 was never completed. In other words, it spoke about happening after the Babylonian exile, but only happening part.

So the rest of it is still to come to pass and that's that's what we recognize God bringing the Jewish people back to the land. Even now I think people want more pressure in the meta-arts that they would stay right there and we got a break. I'll get you on the other side of the break of George Zach others hang on I will get to all of your questions today, 866-348-7884 that is numbered number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is our God, is now looking to her early Jewish Thursday broadcast take just a quick word. It is been a really exhausting season for so many scolded crisis in so many ways, still affecting so many lives. Things just disrupted from the norm so much political upheaval race tension in America. Difficult things to process a lot going on in America and around the world and sometimes get so absorbed with that.

We just failed to step back and breathe deep worship God in our hearts and minds set on him and simply praise him because he's good. We do that boy of everything changes the atmosphere in our hearts and minds changes but sometimes it just feels like the atmosphere around the changes as well. All right. Let us get back to our friend. We got I was given get one more question from you in Germany, but we won't let's go over from Germany to Hawaii. Zach will come to light a fire hi Michael sure all right so I have a couple of laws that are likely to repudiate publicly if you don't mind sure all right so the first and probably the most grievous was from a so-called pastor that are used to hang out with and give the Gentiles, my dear, and you killed her one day to where I live just kind of in a house of fellowship. Read the word XYZ and we start talking them below what it means to be Jewish and an alert to be no materiality in Judaism and you know he claimed to know why materiality is the thing and his reasoning was that like it because of the alarming rate of absent Jewish fathers and like whoa that's not true right I mean that but I hope that Wesley has been fed or something that is if you're watching you witnessing my eyes this about bug out might be candid under all kinds of crazy lies about the Jewish people, but that is one of the craziest, I mean write it it it would it would be like saying the reason Shaquille O'Neal was such a good basketball player was because he was so short it you know I'm thinking to be the opposite of reality. Yeah, I mean historically the idea that the absentee Jewish fathers are no that is not a hint of any such nonsense. Even if you check the story through divorce rates and things like that and if if you're with any religious Jewish family that the, the fathers really the head of the home and that the kids grow up wanting that the other boys wanted to emulate the dads and the the Sabbath meal where where the husband knows speak Scripture over there-praise blessing over her and the kids is a sacred central thing that you notice of the past as a dental hate some of the finest Christians on the planet through the fourth century to century Gentiles, so that just wanted to be sure that people get here. Yeah next to him at home I way that so the idea of why why is it that Judaism says your Jewish if your mother is Jewish words that come from your comfortable reading it and Ezra Nehemiah when Ezra Nehemiah saw that the Jewish people of their day had been intermarrying with with foreign women with non-Jewish women and of course that was a sin in God's sight. And here they just come back from exile and now they're engaging in the same sins again so they had them divorce their wives that went with their married to non-Jewish women and then they sent the women away with the children so you could just say well that's a sociological thing that naturally, the woman is good be more apt to be able to care for a child in the society than the man because of his work and things like that. The Jewish view was what it was because those were children of non-Jewish women. Therefore, they were considered Jews, so that, but that's that the textual basis for that viewpoint.

But the idea that you have to trace it to the women because the men were absent is is beyond bizarre Emmy like I said if it's like criticizing Shaquille O'Neal for being too short. I mean it's it's that crazy an exact opposite kind of thing. So here are next question is that a lot of your property at which I've heard before and it was that after Bob Dylan's Christian faith you reverted back to Judaism Summit is alive Bob Dylan's nonreligious to when he became a born-again Christian. Then, after some years he wandered away from that and experimented with traditional Judaism with with kebab the Bob excuse and then wandered away from that and is been fairly secular.

Although many say that he still holds to his Christian faith. But that's that's out our etc. write this on a lie and is is nothing here. Sorry I scraped the wrong I mean I should try to say, just maybe, what reverted back to Judaism without Christ, because that's what what you know but usually when people are going to say that mean you still in point of fact, there are plenty Jews who begin following Jesus and then get influenced by the rabbis or kind missionaries and internalizing their faith in Jesus and and become religious Jews, and that something that I've been combating for decades and try to help them come back to Jesus. We have other Christians that you start out in the face and then go back to the world or turn away in different ways. Yes, it was hers there was one more distance to know all right hate Zach. I appreciate the call very much. Yet he guys team here, I see what you find in terms of comparative Jewish divorce rates refined and in America. Just curious about that. What a bizarre bizarre state. Yikes.

You know that this can sound totally totally off-the-wall in terms of where that come from, but you get the appointment they were friends of ours decades ago, and I remember the mom told us that one day her boys sat down to two little boys sat down to have lunch and she gave him sandwiches and they just immediately started to eat and she said was she didn't pray for us.

This is but it's not hot it's somehow they had figured out that you pray over the food because it's hot and what is not hot.

They do not have to pray over it. Whatever it their little minds deduced either you're waiting for it to cool down there. It's too hot you want to pray that is likely to be too hot whenever that's with their little minds had figured out so this is is this crazy logic. So you're the reason the traditional Judaism says the sin strays through the mother was because of absent teachers, fathers, what bizarre here. Let's see the pew research's center found Protestant individuals anyone of you just identified as non-Catholic in the divorce rate of approximately 51% and let's see Jewish divorce rate set approximately 9% of those surveyed, been divorced or separated.

What do you know what do you know according to that Protestant divorce rate five times higher than Jewish divorce rate now to know how it breaks down overall but thanks for the for the info guys.

Speaking of anti-Semitic lies do you have my book in Christian anti-Semitism confronting lies in today's church. If you don't have it.

If you're able to get it. Go ahead and order you get it from our website, or any online particular Christian book Barnes & Noble Amazon it's an eye-opener in this document.

It's documented it it it is point for point documented laying out what's out there at the hateful lies about the Jewish people today and what's remarkable is when I confront these laws when I confront these lies and and when I when I put on the YouTube video SICU here will watch clips from true news going to want. This is blatant anti-Semitism that this is misinformation.

This is demonizing Israel and we put it out those videos instead of our normal videos which get like 95% thumbs up 5% thumbs down those get like 60% thumbs down in 40% thumbs up with many, many more people watching. In other words people confirming what I'm saying that the anti-Semitism is out there except their confirming it by exercising it themselves and attacking us for exposing here but look at this.

This is a an NBC clip. This episode is now been pulled from nurses. I've never seen the show but it it's blatantly anti-Jewish caricatures in a negative way.

So if you watch you get to watch a little as you listen so just to set the scene for you. There's a custody pew ultra-Orthodox Jewish man. He is he is badly injured.

He needs to have a bone transplant if he's going to be able to function normally and he's there with his father and the doctor there. Conferring about it.

Check it out. The rest is called Al a bone graft is harvested from a deceased owner of the leg is finally going from anyone. Israel went out this next step will never walk properly means forget those who he was okay. On the one hand like to be inspiring. This kid has so much faith that God wants them to play basketball again. He can heal his leg and otherwise if he has to go around with a disability or handicap of some kind in the replay basketball again.

He'll do that rather than have a dead leg put in his body or did bone. But the spot because of his religious faith okay.

It could have been powerful testimony that that's his conviction and of God is mom playing basketball.

So be it. Instead that's it. What if it's a go.

I am like a Gentile Lake Weatherford select from an Arab or from a woman and put that in as if that would be the determining factor in and that's what the world needs to see with all the caricaturing that's out there with all the anti-Semitism without the that's out there with all the lies that are out there all that that's what you need to break us and by the way, even if that would have been a religious belief that with the transplant.

You don't want a non-Jewish bone in your body under Jewish law, even if that was the case then that's for something for rabbis in the Jewish community to discuss as opposed to something to air in front of an audience that that may have enough prejudices already anyway got pulled but just imagine a whole lot of other settings that would not have made it to the light of day to meet some of the group look bad. The Jews say the right to make Jews look bad 866-34-TRUTH all right Georgia want to get you next and give you an example of simply contemporary anti-Semitism. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

No, I grew up home. You familiar with that song have an Aguila.

My mom used to play it on the organ have an argument but is appointment system played by mom played some she play that and it wasn't until I came to faith and then start reading Hebrew and then realize while this is beautiful words from Scripture, come, let us rejoice. Let us be glad yeah so have an Aguila okay 866-34-TRUTH and just won't play this clip for you quickly, and then birdie in Christ there is no Gentile actually wrong sir completely wrong or is there no female because as there's no male or female right no Jew or Gentile, is that what it means citizen female church building that you just have gender-neutral bathrooms you have men's, women's, or women's meetings because there is there's no female resume mail that right course not, what is Paul write Romans 11 I'm writing to you Gentiles I am writing to you Gentiles to provoke Israel tenderly, there are still Jews and Gentiles are still males and females but we are one in Jesus's system is the classes, of course, is Gentile.

Yikes the soda, Facebook came to my attention. There was the Jews and Gentiles dislike their men and women, of course, there are where one in Jesus.

There is no caste system is no class system begin. Romans 11 Paul says, I'm writing to you Gentiles believers. Believers are listen to this clip Prof. Marc Lamont Hill, Temple University. This is, I think the clubhouse app from last week he was fired from CNN because of previous anti-Semitic comments but but listen. Listen to what he says this is this is really dangerous stuff last week skeptical of the ICC is finding the subject tolerable for jurisdiction to investigate 90 children disemboweled, we have seen, possibly population wiped out time when all the patient demonstrate that there was no military goal or target area we seen so much evidence arrives and get my distress I think we're skeptical of for the by the by the ministration is positive because really waiting to see how friendly the by the ministration will be to Israel as a trump administration was very friendly to Israel disemboweled you. What kind of nonsense that this is that some of the anti-Semitic visor that Israel harvest organs captures posting skills and then harvest the organs 444 sale on the black market for transplants and things like that disemboweled statute after us through the centuries Jews have been accused of these things, and that's why there's so much hatred of the Jews around the world. Historically wiping out civilian population.

Throughout this does not happen is if if Israel takes out civilians and the military operation. It regrets doing it doesn't dance in the streets like the terrorists do with.

That's the intended victim, and Israel does whatever he can to not let that happen.

This is well documented investigations of documented this and then Israel is self-critical and doing its own investigations and and giving account for every bullet and things like that and where there are atrocities went when Israel does things wrong. This national uproar over their national protests over. This is the type of stuff and look people believe it is Prof. saying that people believe it is was guilty of these things. It's a terrible, terrible shame, 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to droids in Jacksonville, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Grammy Dr. Abdul Trout about the anti-commitment of the church, reading a book now called area G and it talks about how all of Germany during the time greet you quickly learn that the gospel of the Bible or you know you working all And that an entry but is that this is an official book or different. Yeah so she's got a chapter in their talk about the Nazi translation of the Bible and you know just pulling out verses like John 422 salvation is of the two just pull them out. So yeah, and it had applied other verses and then miss translate others is as well yeah so it is is quite secure and you had reading theologians I mean people whose works to this day are respected for their scholarship that that they were erudite scholars and yet they said no.

Jesus was not Jewish and tried to paint and was told the Rian etc. so it's it's yeah it's terrible but that's that was the theology and the just went one step further than previous aspects of replacement theology. Yeah it's it's important book. My question for you Dr. Brown I got your commentary will go and not read like the first 1215 pages answer before I go any further I just want to make sure I've got just of it, or eventually. Is Joe really kind of a historical fiction. What I mean is it that Job was a real person. But then, though, as you go through and delete left of the book. It has kind of back field to me of like the old legend in the white Beowulf or what have you affirm you know will poetic in nature. Even though it's communicating that the concrete is, but it's it's up. If the fiction that is accurate or or that would be going deep reading that you will not be going a little too far course we do ask the question directly strobe historical figure because there there's been discussion for centuries with her Job sister parable is the math so we we argue plainly that that elsewhere in the Bible in Ezekiel and in Jacob James that he is referred to as a historical figure and that if it's just a story, it loses its power in its meaning. Like I tell you this incredible story about a cancer survivor and how this gal overcame all these obstacles and her husband left her and she raised her kids and fought through this and somehow persevered and God healed her almost all just a made up story Walden.

The radiation is is is gone and the lessons are gone so this actually happened.

The words there was this wonderfully righteous man Job we understand was a God-fearing Gentile before that the time of of the long things like that that he he did then suffer. This wave of calamities.

He was then judged by his friends, etc. that all this happen. However, what's clear is that the narrative is been enriched and in other words, that these men did not speak to each other. In this exalted poetry and all of that so the overall core of the story is historical and must be Job really existed that Joe really did suffer these things that his friends really did misjudge him that he did really accuse God and that in the end God turned everything for good vindicated him also correcting and rebuking Job that this actually happens, but the it's like this.

It's like putting flesh on the skeleton of the narrative is now putting it you know didn't have to be this amount of discussions back and forth in notes and have to be exactly in that way or did they speak in that level of poetry is obviously not but you will also read historical account and then some of us and maybe it's the account of World War II or something like that and then it will say no.

Some of the conversations are based on memory and then embellishes Legos 40 or 50 years or 60 years ago something happened in your so it's that kind of thing. It's the filling out the embellishing so it is putting flesh on on the, the, the skeleton of the historical facts in the historical reality and in that sense it's it the way you said it would be somewhat of an overstatement, but somewhere in between there and that it's all just a little historical narration of every detail somewhere in between those two got it today article believe it is God's word and inspired it out trying to figure out, like what Jesus you use parable communicates fruit stories themselves were more fictional, but the truth that he's talking about is you absolutely back so that rep college were out front yeah exactly so.

So even the Talmud asked the question is still just emotional as Job parable and tumbling dating puts in from Abraham's day to Mordecai's dammit has it just try to figure out where he actually lived what seems clear is the narrative is painted in such a way that it is an ancient historical account that would've been contemporaneous with the patriarchs and before there was that the nation of Israel with loss, etc., but it's written by an author and Israelite author may be close to the time of the exile. Maybe when there's national question about the problem of suffering we know certain texts are quoted in Job and and it never was within the book. It's subtly quoting different versus for example, Psalm eight was many are mindful of him, is quoted in Job 7. You know, but in a sarcastic, likely me alone. This one you have to look at leave me alone so you have to see okay what verses are being quoted. What's the latest chapter versus being quoted so it has to be then written after that it, in other words, Ronald Reagan could call JFK JFK chemical Reagan Barack Obama Kunkel regulate chemical Obama. Yes, you have to go the okay where's the latest and then look back from there.

So the author of Job is marvelously gloriously inspired to write when most amazing books in the history of literature. Among the most extreme books in the Bible, but the historical account true historical account in the overall message of the chapters of the book is what actually happened like friends pray for the salvation of the Jewish people for God's grace without pray for revival tomorrow

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