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The Truth About the Equality Act

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 24, 2021 4:20 pm

The Truth About the Equality Act

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So what exactly is the equality act and why is it so dangerous stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you know, there are times in American history with their decisions made by the courts or by Congress or presidential actions that really affect America that really affect us in a generational level and that are not just abstract concerns but real life issues with real-life consequences and and were in one of those moments.

Now, as there is an effort to pass the equality act and I would say the vast majority of Americans don't really know what it's about. So we brought on an expert to discuss it with you today this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 can think of a better person to speak with about this than Matt Steve or he is that senior pastor as well as founder and chairman of Liberty Council. He has over 300 published legal opinions he has argued cases before the Supreme Court and easements out of the alarm about the equality axle. Matt welcome back to want to fire thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you Dr. Brown to be with you.

So let's start right here. Why now why this effort to push this bill at this time.

While the Democrats in the house tried to do this in 2019. But I got stopped in the Senate because the Republican-controlled Senate and I got stopped there now with the new Congress. The hundred and 17th Congress where they barely control the house and have a one-vote majority in the Senate. This has been their top priority. And so this is been on their agenda.

Since the election and this is coming forth and the house is rushing this through.

They may have a vote by the end of Thursday and then it goes over to the Senate the margin of votes in the house are going to be very, very close because there's a very small margin of Democrats over Republicans in the house but in the Senate. We have a greater opportunity to be able to stop it there because you still have called the filibuster rule getting 60 votes in the Senate in order to get to the ultimate vote, but what we do know from our offices and in our staff in DC is that the Democrats are trying to come up with a procedure whereby they can appended at the end of a long day after the reconciliation bill on the budget is simply a voice vote and rush it through, so that will be in the Senate next week. Alright so it's called the equality act, Americans are probably quality we should want to support equality and and yet on your website on

You call in extreme threat to religious freedom speech privacy and women's rights. So first, why is it called the equality act and then why is it so dangerous but I like the misnamed thing and so oddly, everybody's wanting to be equality in nature and so that's why they named it that way.

But there's nothing equality or about this particular bill if it was really about equality. The bill would not exclude for the very first time the federal religious freedom restoration act would not include churches, places of worship, synagogues, churches, mosque religiously affiliated schools.

All of those are included with no opportunity to bring the federal law known as a religious freedom restoration act as a defense he can see what they're elevating or elevating LGBT Q and abortion. By the way, way above and frankly eliminating religious freedom as a claim or defense. So there is nothing equal or equality about this bill. In addition to this, and we can go into some more specific as it's very shocking. Frankly, in terms of the breadth of this bill literally puts the pentacles of the federal government into every corner of our lives.

And I'm not exaggerating that by a bit. It is an incredible expansion of the federal government to every area of our lives, pushing both LGBT QI want to talk about that in a minute and abortion. Let's start with abortion because when I hearing that as much with regard to the equality act. I think some people understand the issue let's let's say for example you got a man who wants to teach in the nursery school that he identifies his woman and he he comes in and say wearing a dress and he has a beard and a just painted extreme case here in the school should be able signal. Actually that would be confusing for the children that that will work will know that that would be illegal. That would be considered discriminatory.

What will come to to those issues. But how does this tie in specific with abortion. What way that it applies to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition so that everything from conception through birth or anything related. Any kind of provision of medical treatment in the area of pregnancy, childbirth, or any related condition has to have equal treatment, meaning that if a gynecologist is treating women for pregnancy or other kind of child related issues then that gynecologist at hospital that medical provider that pharmacist is per dispensing drugs will now have to provide the drugs, the treatment, the surgeries for abortion.

It not only that, but it would also apply to federal funding of abortions of this really puts abortion as a federal right as well as federal funding as a federal right in this equality act, no recent Supreme Court decision seem to push back against this that say you have a company and your insurance policy you would be required to provide various abortion related benefits for an employee in Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious liberty there and said you don't have to do that. So with this reverse with the Supreme Court is done yeah because in that particular case the Hobby lobby case relied upon the federal religious freedom restoration act of 1993 that was passed overwhelmingly by virtually every Democrat and Republican independent both the House and Senate signed and allowed by Democrat Pres. Bill Clinton, 1993. Never been touched is been a very powerful law when Hobby lobby got forced to provide abortion inducing drugs and devices.

They filed suit using the federal religious remakes restoration act and they want the Supreme Court 5 to 4. Also last year in the bar stock decision with regards to particular the funeral home case where you had exactly the situation to some extent that you described about somebody who is a biological male wanted to come to work now is a woman and and greet people in this very somber place of the funeral home. The Christian owner said now that would interrupt the environment that particular case. They one in the lower court using the federal religious freedom restoration act, but inexplicably, when I got to the US Supreme Court. I don't know what they drop their religious freedom restoration act justice or search in the majority. Rochette had you brought the religious freedom restoration act as a super stature. He likely would've one for some reason they dropped so what this law does this say that the federal religious freedom restoration act of 1993 does not apply to any claim or defense. So Congress can actually adopt a law which they did in 1993, a very strong religious freedom law bipartisan, but a subsequent particular Congress can say where you are going to repeal it or were not going to allow it to apply in these cases and so that's what this bill does, it cannot be applied under the equality act and the equality act involved lots and lots and lots of federal bills, not just employment and public accommodation. It's a lot of federal bills. So it really is going to got religious freedom as a claim or defense in a wide variety of situation. So in other words, this would not just be a situation where you have a Christian owned secular business so the owner happens to be a Christian.

It's a secular business rescinded. This could literally affect to a Christian school of Christian Bible story or something like that bookstore that that even if it's Christian owned and Christian in nature that that that there would be no barrier you're discriminating how how far could this actually go yet all places of worship that churches, synagogues, mosque religiously affiliated schools, private school, from pre-k to college and beyond, and even in the daycare or the childcare facilities, all of that is covered and if you are noncompliant.

Not only are subject to lawsuits from the United States Atty. Gen. but also private lawsuits, but we know in the past that a particular college.

Some years ago had a discriminatory policy with regards to interracial dating. They ended up losing their tax exempt status over that. So what you cannot do legally respecting race and here's the key. You cannot do legally respecting LGBT Q under this bill so if you say oh we have when I can allow men to use the restroom were not going to allow boys to sleep with the girls in an overnight mission trips or sporting event or something like that that would be like saying when I can allow you to sleep with the this but these white white people because you're African-American were not allowing you to go into this restroom with a shower because your skin color doesn't match what we want.

So if you do that to anybody who's LGBT Q and Q is incredibly broad that manger violate this and you will lose your tax exempt status and for colleges and other school accreditation because if you lose your accreditation. If the deathknell for college and university students can't get student loans and most graduate schools will not accept an undergraduate degree from a nonaccredited undergraduate college or adversity right and friends were speaking with an attorney now that's a Christian leader, but he's not speaking as a TV evangelist.

He speaking as an attorney, D. These is not hyperbole is a chicken little saying the sky is falling. These are real issues that are being faced. We can unpack this more after the break with that.

We got one minute before the break. What's the first thing someone needs to do right now while it's still day, while we still have the opportunity while we have a website. L. five. We have a lot of information there. You can fax you can do a petition you can call your legislators and all that information is there. Do all of those and let other people know because the vote in the house will probably be before the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday is going to be very close. Every vote counts, which means every voice listening count and then when it goes over the Senate that I pray is the firewall that's going to be of very tough battle there as well. This is a five alarm fire drill if you will mean this is exceptionally serious and I don't want somebody to say. Will someone else can do it or my legislator is going to vote the other way. There's no point in reacting make the call and make the call to his many as you can since we really sound this filing as loudly as we can make sense of specifics that they request this video outline and share it take action now, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown way and Steve are loudly quality act, what you cannot do legally respecting race will not be able to do legally respecting LGBT, for example, churches and religious colleges are subject to the federal law respecting racial discrimination is churches and religious schools that have policies segregating people on the basis of race are two separate streams restaurants would violate the current law and loose tax-exempt status and schools will also lose accreditation without accreditation schools not able to receive student loans and on that you shared that before the break, friends, go to met you've been involved in key cases having to do with someone being able to get counseling if they're struggling with same-sex attraction among professional counseling. Different cities in America stays trying to shut this down. You been on the front lines of that that that this ties in with this whole idea of equating sexual orientation or gender identity confusion was race.

In other words, you were born that way you can change this is in late and immutable.

Now this is trying to push this legally across America. Is that a fair statement that is in fact this particular bill also will ban counselors from providing and client of any age, not just minors from receiving any counsel even though the client wants this counsel and begs for this counsel to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions desires or behaviors that will be illegal nationally under this particular equality act. Additionally, the bill actually defines the word Q and this is incredibly expensive. We understand you know L is for lesbian and G, gay, bisexual and transgender is the person who either wants to address is the opposite sex or even identified even have hormones and surgeries to appear as the opposite sex, but in Q that either stands for questioning. Somebody doesn't really know or in this case the bill actually defines it as queer. The word that Q it says in LGBT Q is clear now. What is clear, that is anything in addition to the universe covered by LGBT and that would include all of the paraphilias including a paraphilia called sometimes today by new terminology, minor attracted individuals which is a pedophilia. So in this particular situation. Think of this within the church context, whether it's a daycare or school and now you got somebody that is that I'm part of the LGBT QI have a failure because I'm a minor attracted individual.

The church of the school takes action and says no you can't work with the young people. He can't be the teacher he be the daycare worker, etc. that the violation as much as if the church were to said no you can't do that because your skin color is not the right chicken color that they want so this is incredibly expensive. It not only applies to employment, but a lot of other areas as well including if you have single room in your house and your basement. For example, you have a location near college and you want to rent that out to a college student. This all applies to you. Never been that expensive before and also it applies to a meeting before you'd say, well, you know, public accommodations, I get that if the restaurant in the classic example is a restaurants knock and allow somebody to come in because of their skin color and identifiable skin color at an identifiable location, but here there's no identity as to what the Q is it is anything because it also includes actual or perceived, or a perception or belief even if that belief is not accurate. So somebody can allege that you had a perception or belief and you have to put yourself on the defensive side, I have no such idea, but I didn't take any action because of that they can allege knowledge that it's something in your belief. They can also allege that you took action because of somebody's association with a person in the past. They don't qualify for LGBT Q but for some reason you take some action regarding them and they say well I know you did it because I have associated with somebody who's LGBT Q in the past, but more than that.

Dr. Brown doesn't limit it as it relates to public accommodation too late. Affiliate says that it is not limited to a public facility or physical facility or place that's never been before in the history of our country that a public accommodation is nothing. There's no place. There's no location and and you can identify who the person really is, who's making the claim that you have discriminated against them so you have all kinds of lawsuits with this expansiveness in this vagueness and the Atty. Gen. can get involved and lots of fines and an consequences so couple more specifics and then briefly I just want to talk about with the legal system. Could you wear people down and destroy them. Even if you end up when a case that let's say your Christian school Christian high school. If a 15-year-old boy who now identifies as a girl he wants to to compete with the girls in track and field, and therefore would be sharing a locker room with the girls and Chris is closest off of course not, were not going to do that it violates or or moral convictions. In fairness to the girls, and religious values would they not be allowed to do this under the quality act, they would not. And again it goes back to what you cannot do legally respecting race you would not be able to do legally respecting LGBT Q so imagine that you have a black and a Caucasian on the girls team or the sports team, you can't say to that person while you can't compete because of your skin color or they're going to a competition or even a mission trip or camping trip while you can't sleep with the white girls because your skin color doesn't match theirs. That would be discrimination.

Whether your church or or school churches. For example, are exempt from the federal all requiring you can't discriminate on the basis of religion. Christians can hire Christians and Jews can produce but this says that all of that is set aside so you can't make those decisions with regards to LGBT Q and if you do you violate the law are in and I'm flushing these out just because it sounds so impossible for folks to him, giving specifics could go as far as you have a young man openly gay and identifies as a Christian and wants to apply for a youth pastor job in your church and you say will know we we hold to biblical values in your your openly homosexual in a gay relationship. So are we can hire you with the church be forbidden from doing that. They equality act would certainly apply to that and you wouldn't have a federal religious freedom defense against this federal law that's imposing it on you for sure.

Your only hope on something like that would be to defend under their free exercise of religion of the First Amendment and argue some special exemption for what's called a ministerial exemption. But that's cool limited to a narrow area of churches or schools. So the bottom line is you would end up in lots of litigation over this, and anything less than the pastor.

Certainly it would apply and that according to the act itself does not apply to the pastor or the teacher.

The other thing is coming so it applies really across the board. And so, if a church has a wedding or even just normal wedding then somebody comes up in the church and they want to use the facility for same-sex ceremony, same-sex wedding and the church is now only four you know man and woman again at that and accommodation violation in the church is liable if friends. This is why many of us to been shouting out alarms and warnings for many years now and it's for moments like this because this is where this is been going.

This is why Matt would be counselors have been so tirelessly taking status after we hate people were in fact were not trying to stop someone from living a life they live is not breaking losses between them and God. It's taking liberties from others. It's imposing something on others in an unfair way and that we just got two minutes before were done but you've been on the front lines with David to Leiden. You know what can happen when someone is litigated even if you end up winning a case.

This could take years of life he could bankrupt you.

I mean, this is not a situation we want to be in. Now the punishment is in the process. Even if you defending Sandra Merritt in this case, and then David Leiden is also separately being defended regarding the videos that they did exposing Planned Parenthood harvesting baby body parts has been the most expensive defensive case that we've had in the history of liberty compliments 1989 and that defense just on cost alone will be $1 million and in the price is still going up in terms of our defense of it and I think we ultimately will win at the end of the day but it's the process that the punishment certainly Sandra would never be able to have people just don't have the kind of money, but it is a very extensive process and that's exactly what this would do, even at the end of the day you win. It's the process that the punishment and many will ultimately cave just because it's so expensive and they can afford to continue it just that the sapping of time and effort and energy in your whole life gets absorbed in his friends don't let this happen on your watch, go to five take action today. Call your representative email your friends send them the link and stay with the written counsel help them. Is there on the front lines. Matt I know your time is precious. Thanks for giving us the most time today and by God's grace will see victory here. Thank you Dr. Brown the pleasure to be with all right what time friends go to or five.

Let's take action. This is not a matter of hating people or discriminate against people. It's a matter of saying this is freedom are essential values of an eye. I am sure there are people identifies a not want this on everyone.

Be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown without and videos we produce in articles and books. Some of them are more baffling than others. The person who responded to my article rated its ester to elsewhere, you fool, according to the Bible posted yesterday just going to Scriptures in the book of Proverbs that talk about a fool someone who is morally and spiritually deficient, and I said I'd examine myself by these verses many times and seek to root out foolishness and to cultivate wisdom and look at this. Look at the mirror. With these verses in and see how your lifelines up so one response to the article on a refund on all your books I read an article calling through Proverbs quoting lots verses and seven I was there money back from by my books actually want.

Hey friends, welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown and we'll talk about a very sensitive issue in the moment hears them to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878843 sensitive issue and I'm doing it to help them do it to help, not hurt. I'm doing it to bring life not death. I'm doing it to shed light in dark places not to bring confusion not to belittle people to mock people to attack, but rather to reach out and try to help those who are believing things that I'm quite sure or dangerously and terribly off-base. So don't turn me off.

Please just listen for moment, let me say this first just finished speaking with Matt's neighbor, liberty, counsel about the equality act.

If you missed a part of the broadcast is take a moment now before the day is out very important today, Wednesday, February 24. Or we okay go to five.

Find out about the equality act, and act on it today. Call your local representative your house representative and urge them to vote against this.

It is not a good bill. It is not a positive bill is a bill that would be a direct assault on religious freedom and conscience across America in the broadest shocking ways that you can imagine 2004 God began to burden me about gay activism in America and I was wondering will why me and I cannot of homosexuality and personal background in testimony I've never had a particular burden to minister to those who identified as gay. No specific burden to reach out and that in that way. There a lot of things happening in the culture that are wrong. A destructive why this and why me and I quickly realized that this was the issue confronting us in this generation. This would be the great moral, cultural, spiritual issue that we would have to deal with together and therefore was a matter of all hands on deck. It was it was in a matter of of everybody getting involved in other words, I will get to sit this out and I remember when I was asked to be on Tyra Banks to talk about transgender children and I was recommended by Focus on the Family suggests, you know, my doctorate is not in psychology or psychiatry.

I'm not a I'm not a counsel. My PhD is in Semitic languages. I want you to understand that this is none of the year the right in the winter, I consider the right person. So why me well because we ought to be involved and no sooner did God give me a burden about the activism that I knew in order to have God's heart that I needed to sit did not simply have a burden against the activism, but a burden for people real love for people a real compassion for people also created in God's image and fallen like the rest of us. Also, for whom Jesus died, like the rest of us. That's when the Lord began to lay on my heart that you really came to Canada head in early January praying and fasting with with friends and from the Supreme Court in the anniversary of Roe V Wade reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda.

This is going back to 2004.

I then began to speak and interact in an and started to get blacklisted and attacked for my stance and then worked for over six years compiling, putting things together praying, learning, and wrote a queer thing happen to America and subsequent to that Kenya began Christian. Subsequent to that, outlasting the gay revolution by God's grace. These books have been used. To make real impact, even legislative houses and things by God's grace you have been used and at the same time, we continue to pray for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit among those who identify as LGBT team.

They would truly come to know God truly find wholeness in him turn away from everything that is the world's version of the flesh is version of what God has intended so the equality act now is is things like this or the reason that we been sounding the alarm for solo by the light. By the way of also said for your speedy hearts of compassion with backbones of steel hearts of compassion with backbones of steel we for the first time have made S. Dr. Brown T-shirts and they say it's it's very nice shirt and on the back big letters hearts of compassion, backbones of steel and wheat we did these on the one hand, to send the message it's it's a great conversation starter. It's even first and foremost reminder, you hey this is who I am. This is how I live in the great conversation starter as well because not just gay and lesbian issues. It's a thousand different ways. We need hearts of compassion, backbones of steel to follow Jesus with integrity. In this day and age. At the same time we are using this to raise funds for our missionaries that we support around the world so if we sell one T-shirt or thousand T-shirts every dollar of profit is going to support missionaries around the world. So we're is not a money making scheme on our end, its way of getting a message out way bringing funds to support initiatives if you will get little shirts good S. Dr. Brown, the k your brown not work okay Mondays broadcast I said as loudly as we could not.

This can happen on March 4 in DC.

Donald Trump will not be inaugurated.

Please friends. We must move on. Please can we put our focus where it belongs. In seeking the Lord and being God's people being disciples making disciples can be get on with our commission and move on from these things. Nothing is going to happen and will you please agree that if if that date doesn't happen that you will keep moving the goal posts and setting up other dates out. That was a major purpose of the show and wrote about that as well. I want you to see some of the responses they got not the please every. This doesn't bother me this not pour me right I am. This is not able to make note. No note.

This is my calling member said to be human dartboard but let me be the one you you throw the dart set that that's just fine because widely for this what I want to do is is when I get that dart stuck in me. I want to look to see okay what would become the poison was in that door. In other words, what's what's troubling you, why you angry why you're upset what he feel the need to lash out to me what what he feel the need to attack you with these words so I can help you. That's it, I'm good. I'm blessed. I'm thriving in the Lord uncovered. I'm enjoying his favorite goodness.

Even though other times burden, weeping in his presence on I'm good for our ministry is doing fine by God's grace and with with your prayer and support. Thank you so I'm only sharing these things so you can see what's out there and you would be amazed friends since Monday. How many people have been contacting us and posting comments in writing, privately saying this is what's happening in my church. The pastor is preaching the things that I've lost some of my closest friends.

I've had to separate from people that was really addressing this because this is out here now before done today. I want to be as constructive as I can in his redemptive as I can. Speaking to everyone who really thinks I'm wrong here, so please listen and and and and this with an open heart right so here are some of the responses I was going to unfollow you as it's obvious you are globalist puppet.

This is for exposing his conspiracy theories, but then I thought about the oaks and keep your friends close your enemies closer only to continue following it is good to know all of the globalist minions some Somali globalist because I'm telling you the time of trouble might be inaugurated again on March 4. That makes me globalist about realist okay about this with sorry, Dr. Brown, but you sound like the lying Satanic world system you would've been in the crowd yelling crucify him you would've been on the sides of the 10 spies report rebuking Joshua and Caleb afraid minutes. It's such a bizarre, and every level of feel terrible for the person that posted I should try to reach out recently with this individual sought posted but and I'm covering up the names a similar comparison with the ability posted publicly. I still want to embarrass them on national radio or international Internet, but the idea that because I'm not somehow believing in the second coming of Trump or the resurrection of Trump back into the presidency. Now, that means I'm in unbelief and I would want to crucify Jesus it's stupid so I seemed hardly to wrap my mind around where someone could be connecting those dots and I am so full of faith that God is God and Jesus is Lord and that the gospel tribes of the kingdom of God can advance this idea feared this enter my vocabulary little might my thought life's faith. How about that, but this one. This is in response to recent Donald Trump among Pinot Gris March 4 you Dr. Brown are obviously a wolf in sheep's clothing. In other words, if you don't hold to this particular gospel.

This conspiracy gospel. This reevaluation of Trump gospel then you're not a Christian meant you say why you dressing the start route. This is why this is pervasive, pervasive about this false teacher run from this guy. He's part of the illuminati. I block trolls didn't even spell illuminati right if you choose may be important, illuminati, at least spell it right. Here are a few more.

Does this false prophet teacher ever teach Christ crucified.

Since is always plenty things actually teach Christ crucified all the time post on it and put up blurbs and all constant all the time.

Always pointing to him absolutely, but when I expose this error now false prophet about this one dear Mr. Brown you been spreading a lot of rumors against our president against true prophets. You need to stop you.

Just up multiple estimation points. Okay, so when prophet said Donald Trump, Pinot Gris 220 and he wasn't really guaranteed in consecutive years and it hasn't happened once and with some accountability here. I know spreading lies about Pres. and true prophets see reality.

Now, no one has any meaning facts have no meaning when people embrace delusion and and if this is you that I'm speaking to anybody caught up with sincere motives, but reality needs to set in your holdings one place only Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Jesus crucified and resurrected.

That's we hope it's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more natural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown saw an email from a friend of our family.

Part of the group of praying ladies go after the Lord strung from supporters. Often for him.

Now there going to DC to pray for the by the ministration and president praying for the by the administration and were making plans to be there in early March got a note saying it's really hard for us to get a hotel room March 4 in DC hello wonder why wonder why that is here. Check out again some responses.

The Monday show. I wanted more viewers and listeners to know how widespread the reporting is about March 4 and concerns that there's going to be a violent attempt to do something DC March 4. Therefore, the National Guard is Mr. stay on when I have the same crazy mess that happened on 6 January when, for whatever reason, the police were not ready, strongly of the capital sought unexpected anything like that to happen, but I don't I don't I'm not in that circle out of the what people are actually thinking but I wanted folks to know that this is been widely reported, so I just posted a couple of links to major secular news sources so people would be aware right so here's one response. You are reporting articles for Newsweek, CNN and salon anyone listening any further to posting fake news and utilizing is a position for your organist lacking discernment as got in a bunch of people give me a thumbs up or if you give me a thumbs up.

It is not wild it. In other words, according to this if I give you a weather forecast from CNN I'm now suspect because I'm quoting fake news and that's how extreme the viewers that anything being reported on the second sites is therefore fake news wasn't in point of fact, similar going back to Christian sources and Christian websites for their information but if it's posted in the Ross. I'm liking the sermon anyone listening to Ms. lacking discernment is all fake news. This is a scary thing you see this is how people cut themselves off from reality. On the left on the right look there people who think Donald Trump is a million times worse than his worst day because all they do is listen to the news that is extreme news on the left and there are other people that think that Joe Biden's is literally Satan incarnate in the antichrist because all they do is listen to news of the radical right right about this, and this is a guy using some Jewish mocking name. That's why left a primitive quoted a supposed fiber dancing is racist conspiracy. Also, Brown USS liberty. We know that the small hats are up to in their Zionist New World order.

In other words, here's an anti-Semite, a Jew hater right saying oh yeah you say conspiracy theories are actually the Jews were behind Israel was behind 9/11 and energies ready to take over the role the typical small hats. This is the sum of the sickness that's out there that's the reason I would Christian anti-Semitism is this came out two days ago now just you know we get tons of people thanking us what we do.

Again, I'm reading these things to just to tell you we we pending their friends. There's a lot of deception out there would do our best to help his patient, gracious ways we can, not to condemn but to say please we could dread. That's why talk about dates in advance so that when they happen. If you reinstall right just know I'm telling you in advance. I know for fact I know for a fact before God, Donald Trump among Pinot Gris on March 4. Okay hundred percent a million percent to 20% sure. So I'm putting out in advance suit so that you so okay alright so discussed trying to trying it to tell us something in the March 4 comes okay please don't move the date again please been moved enough. Please don't move the date again, but we get tons of encouraging words like like this one just read it to you from hope.

Dr. Brown was doing a thankless job that must be done if some of the comments that speak favorably if you would be nice if Dr. Brown would stop mentioning Trump altogether. But alas, he has to in order to counter that she deception the nothing. Dr. Brown says will convince them he must continue his God save you Michael Brown you're the McKay of the evangelical world out of the Ahab's and Zedekiah's will strike you down finally fitting that both Mickael Michael and Mikoyan my care mean the same thing.

Who is like God who is like y'all Yahweh. Thankfully, there are other voices out there, but my care was the one saying that all the prophets who were guaranteeing Ahab's victory were wrong and he was the one saying they were all wrong. Thankfully, there plenty of other my care is now, but the fact is sometimes you have to speak things that are unpleasant.

Sometimes you have to suspend a call my whole life to say often the majority going in the wrong direction.

Often, the majority opinion is the wrong opinion and and and and if here's what's happened I asked on Twitter today so many people say you have lost friends over this and post it on YouTube. A friend of my PhD in theology and philosophy had it cut him off entirely consist completely absorbed with chew and expects me to believe it. Others would like to leave my church doubts what a pastor is preaching other senior writing Bible studies about it and how the prophecies lining up with chew Alonso what strong people in is that people just one day. Got up and said I'm to be deceived today. I think I'm going to be deceived. Know who would do it so so what what is it in terms of drawing people. Why are many supporting asset on Twitter. One thing is revulsion with some of the radical leftist agenda pro-abortion be at pro-transgender extremism. The attack on religious freedoms very disturbing to see where the left radical left wants to go very dangerous. The idea that Trump was unusually raised up by God to combat this with all of his warts and flaws therefore disliking amazingly made it the first time that something to happen. The second topic he was kind of like the wage in the door to stop this from happening and then that the real skepticism towards leftist news, fake news and so much of it is exaggerated and unbalanced and you have a lot on the right as well. One of extremes and imbalance reporting. But in any case so extreme skepticism towards you just can't believe anything your hearing like this were a ghost can believe anything you we and then the appeal of secret knowledge of the real narrative and then accrued. Who among us does not gas with shock at the idea of sexual trafficking of children is there is a worse thing you could think of or imagine a crueler act now.

Allegedly this ring and Democrats leading it so people and and then you have Jeffrey Epstein thing happens those like there's something to this so so people now get pulled in.

But in point of fact is as we talk I Jim Beverly ducted James Beverly on the show talk about his new book, chewing on deception that they that he has in his book, a letter from 100 organizations and and leading individuals run the front lines of combating sex trafficking, human trafficking, trafficking of children and they all said, chewing on is hurting our cause chewing on is not dealing with reality.

Please, if you care about the kids step away from this maybe got pulled in concern for America. Concern about leftist agenda skepticism towards left-wing news.

Concern about children with justice. Jeff, this is okay.

I started with good reason, but is false. It's false false. Like many realized after inauguration we been played is false. The lead secret military information that people in the military said a bogus bogus bogus and you mix a little truth, friends with love with love as a step back and hears me to refocus. Forget the news for week for month right just about the quality act. Contact your local representatives HR five right five.

Do it today Wednesday first thing Thursday morning that we can do so get involved there. But step back, then this can happen with you know would not, and to spend time in the word spend time in prayer and said, Lord, I want to be used to make a difference.

Why, what can I do my community. What can I do to make a difference.

I'm sure there are a whole lot of assignments waiting for you and God wants to use you in a fresh way and then go back to just preaching Jesus preaching Jesus preaching Jesus stick that that's my goal. I want to talk about these things to help wean us off of them focus on what really matters. I was going a quick call. Here are two meal in Chicago. We forgot about two minutes so go forward, sir. Her every record in America are now 25. You and I observed that there's a lot of empty on public to appropriate and art. I believe because one of the root causes white so much of a correction for conspiracy. Rather than speaking of the code and thinking independently. Think they do not believe American judges do not believe in the priesthood of the believer and like one Junto so we all have the anointing degree only certain people have got hunting and rather than encouraging people to have a private village unit. In Jesus it is a corporate submit to authority under the system and the mendicant judge of the establishment. The path of the pre-Bush repeated the seminary graduate and the rest of you still root cause comes from the following die I present jumping in. Just as a time six or but the kludgy lady distinction is not in the Bible does raise up leaders and leaders play an important role. They are shepherds but that the gold leaders to equip the body to undo the work of ministry. And yes, we are all priests will have relation with Gothic Paul wrote letters just to the believers and because he didn't write all the letters to the leaders ready letters to the believers so you might say that's what I'm doing.

I'm just seeking things out on my own with Q but but now you're looking for somebody else.

So let's pull way from so many of the things that get our attention as priests to God. Thank you and they'll appreciate and lets people go back to loving Jesus, worshiping God and letting thinking about politics is in the White House from speechwriting focus on worshiping the Lord asking for help. The and then about blessing people with the gospel. Let's start there

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