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Faith & Freedom!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 23, 2021 1:00 am

Faith & Freedom!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 23, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is with religious liberty defender Mat Staver, Senior Pastor, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, a national public interest organization advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and marriage and family as God designed it to be.

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Enjoy share but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network is not often about the new heavy hitter like this guy who has literally been involved with Supreme Court law, constitutional law, helping churches, he is matched either Matt thank you for your stand for Christ talking about your organization.

So many folks have heard you on the radio heard you on programs that are having our true thought like it's good to be here and is not for me as well. I'm founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel where national public interest organization advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and marriage and family as God designed marriage and family to be. We are working all over the country were working in court rooms, including the US Supreme Court and Washington DC and all the various state levels as well.

All that we do we do pro bono to advance these values just in fact in the last less than one year we been to the Supreme Court five times since May 2020 with court cases involving restrictions on churches and we've won those cases and set national precedent. But it's unbelievable that were in a time in America where were having to fight against. For example, California's law that we got struck down. That said, a total ban on worship, which includes even in the privacy of your home with anybody who doesn't live there. The violation of which was criminal up to a year in prison enough daily find $1000 Matt Stever, Liberty Counsel pastors are being put in jail in Canada that pastors have in the please come to church, you can't meet like this, even though we were spread out in their safe Internet dumb but but there's a real threat and now these laws.

In particular, this is HR five. In this this was supposed to be equality act. Is there anything about equality with the quality actually comes to our freedoms. There's nothing equality about her equal about the so-called equality act. In fact, even here in America we had pastors put in prison for opening up there churches that we've represented or that have been charged with criminal activity just for opening the church is the so-called equality act is the most dangerous threat to freedom in the history of America is certainly in our lifetimes.

It exponentially expands the reach of the federal government into every corner of every person's life.

No one will be able to escape. Make no mistake, this is not limited to the Baker the floors for the candlestick maker.

It involves everybody and the two different areas include LGBT end Q which the Senate bill says Q stands for queer queer.

According to LGBT Q nation is anything in addition to lesbian, gay, bisexual transvestite and transgender meaning. The 549, sexual paraphilias, one of which is pet Ofelia sexual attraction or involvement with minors. That's part of the Q, which is under the queer banner and that's the term used by the Senate so it pushes in every area of our lives. It also pushes abortion from conception until the first breath outside of the womb, it will overwrite every law in the country, including, informed consent, parental consent, waiting periods, Dr. credentials, clinic regulations, all of those would be over ridden late-term partial-birth abortion laws that are band that have banned that procedure, all of which will be overridden require state and federal funding, including funding by insurance companies and get this, it revokes the 1993. Federal religious freedom restoration act now if you go back to 1993 that was passed unanimously. The house 97 to 3 in the Senate, Chuck Schumer was a sponsor of that signed into law by Bill Clinton supported. On the one hand by the ACLU on the other hand, by groups like Liberty Counsel widespread Chuck Schumer now is wanting to revoke religious freedom. This means it will apply to churches and religious organizations, schools from pre-k through college noncompliance with any aspect of this which includes your beliefs. According to this law your beliefs on LGBT Q your beliefs on abortion or your perceptions on noncompliance will result in losses from the United States Department of Justice civil lawsuits of enormous fines and also for nonprofit organizations, loss of tax exemption and for colleges and universities, loss of accreditation as well. The consequences are devastating financial egg is taken away there any good after Chris universities negative after Christian middle schools, private schools, Catholic schools, anyone that has morality and he wanted that has standards and in fact heard someone say that if I just say lovingly to someone who's living in a sinful life so I say hey loves you. You know, here's a here's a meal card.

Here's you know give you a hug. Here's the gospel I say that I'm assaulting them and I've I've broken the law and I could go to jail or get finders of note, no question about it. So for example a churches if somebody in the church service says I want to find the women's restroom and you say will the men's restrooms down there sir. Now I want to find the women's restroom.

If you prohibit that person from going into the women's restroom are violating the law. If you take your children in your church for a growth group or program on overnight outside camping trip. If the boys want to sleep with the girls. If you prohibit that your violating the law.

If you take them on an overnight event somewhere and you're going to put them in hotels desegregate the boys segregate the girls, but if the boys or a boy wants to go into sleep in the same room as the girls and you say no your violating the law. If you open up your facility to have marriages on campus of your church and you say no to same-sex ceremonies are violating the law. This applies even online. This is how broad it is. So your web, your Internet, your social media. All of that will come under this so-called equality act. This is how broad it is.

It is exceptionally dangerous to freedom.

So many young people don't know about this.

So many Christians don't know about this. Only citizens that just want freedom and want to be able to express their views without hating people is that you know at you the conviction from the word of God don't even know about this so-called equality act which is attack atrocious attack on the face on Christ on our freedoms, our country, Matt Stever literally counsel what your website was a way for people to get informed to get involved in a state of prey to get active in the learn more. Our general website is just to letters we have a specific page just for the equality act five five were asking everyone to fax numbers of the United States Senate sign petitions to them and call the Senators as well because that's where the battle is its past in the house and now the battle has moved to the Senate, we must be vigilant and don't think that somebody else is going to do it for you. Everybody needs to raise their voice now make your voice heard direct and then five for information on the equality act.

God bless you face your fight were praying for you. Pray for this guy Matt stable right I see you other Christian largely what about Kelly Shackleford. David gives all kinds of guys like you did, or by Jay Sekulow that are fighting for the truth, and for for righteousness in our country of the freedom dues over the streams go away fast are they that they certainly are and that they're knocking to sit there and maintain freedom if we are silent we must act and we must act now praying that knows number one, that our country turn back to God. We need the Lord right now that were never critical issue is obvious that we need to turn back to God because at the end of the day. This is a hard issue but also we have to fight on the policy side and in the courts as well. This is the Truth Network

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