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National Awakening: America's Only Hope

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 16, 2020 5:00 pm

National Awakening: America's Only Hope

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 16, 2020 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/16/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

All you take a break from elections in the chaos of 20/20 and talk about revival stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown sprain flexing yesterday similar to give me discrete platform of radio intranet to speak to lots of people what's in your heart how can I best serve your body how can I be different than just a pastor. Caring for the flock and doing because called him to do or a conservative pundit weighing in with political wisdom.

What can I do to serve and help your people, and I felt strongly that it was really important today to take our eyes off the chaos of the world around us to take our eyes off of the crises that were experiencing a daily basis in America to take our eyes off of the elections to focus our eyes on the Lord and to focus on the subject of a national awakening to ask God do something even greater in our day, this is Michael Brown. Thanks for tuning in on today's broadcast. You may be listening to this by podcast after Thanksgiving.

You might be watching live on November 16. You may be watching on a Saturday night. America's voice on Pluto or dish TV.

This is timely. You can put this on 10 years from now it will be timely. You could put this on 10 years retroactively.

It will be timely because national awakening has been the great need of America for many years now, I don't just mean people get all hyped up in emotional church services. I don't mean people having some type of religious experience that does not bring lasting change. I mean an awakening can be looked at historically and we can say this is one thing shifted here. We had a counterculture revolution in the 60s and then it unfolded in the 70s and beyond, and helps explain some of where we are culturally and morally. Today we look back in the same way in a positive way at the great awakening the first great awakening, 17, 30, 74, 74's in the colonies were the second great awakening in the first decades of the 1800s, or various other outpourings movements in different parts of the world different countries and you can mark them, you can see the fruit so I would encourage you to trust me to restart you are going to be stirred, call a friend text a friend. Tell them to tune in. If you have a question that relates to this form. Eyes are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 first when we give you some working definitions house that so here is my full-length working definition of revival in the psalmist is revive us again your what was he mean what would have a cook says Lord in the midst of the years revived, do the work again was me. So here's my practical working definition of revival erratic revival is a season of unusual divine visitation, resulting in deep repentance, supernatural renewal and sweeping reformation in the church along with the radical conversion of sinners in the world, often producing moral, social and even economic change in the local or national communities read there for you again revival is a season of unusual divine visitation, resulting in deep repentance, supernatural renewal and sweeping reformation in the church along with the radical conversion of sinners in the world, often producing moral, social, even economic change in the local national cruises into Charles Finney's definition of 1792, 1875. He said revival presupposes that the church is sunk down in a backslidden state and revival consists in the return of the church from her backsliding and the conversion of sinners, so real simple you if you need to be revived, brought back to life than you were alive, but are not now there's backsliding. This compromises world ministers.

Whenever used to be you left your first love. Revival presupposes that the church is sunk down the backslidden state and revival consists the return of the church from her backsliding and in the conversion of sinners right I get some clips on a play for you both audio clips and teaching, preaching, some short clips of musical clips for those that like some of the theme music here on the one for you get to hear where one of the songs comes from William Booth piece that was can temporize some years ago send the fire but it's important if you've grown up in certain parts of America in the South in particular to not think of revival as a series of special meetings. It's it's just lingo in the South over holding revival next month so we can revival scheduled for the first of the number you can no more schedule revival you can schedule an earthquake. You can no more hold the revival you can hold a hurricane revival necessity man works out revival something God sends down we talk about something above and beyond what you would ask for expect talk about something that has supernatural elements because the presence of God is so deep the conviction of sin is so deep in the repentance is so deep the conversion is so deep the transformation so deep that you can look at what happened decades later and stand in awe of what God is not want to read a testimony to you. I know the man who wrote this though his family. He continues to serve God and burn bright until this day, and I don't want to read his testimony reposted some years back on online cholesterol. The Brownsville revival, which is a powerful, you've got to have the privilege of serving in was from 1995 to 2000. I had the privilege of being there from 96 to 2000 and and Brian, steady, strong on fire. To this day, as are his kids, so listen to Brian's testimony in July 1996 over year into the revival I was a 17-year-old atheist regularly doing drugs, toting guns given to drunkenness filled with rage and bitterness and battling suicidal thoughts. My great-grandfather was in ageism got Pastor man holy living in an intercessor, so man of prayer.

I been raised in the assemblies at the age of 18.

I had not yet been born from above. Use Pastor my parents church was planning a missions trip to poverty-stricken area in May, North Florida. His intentions were to stop for death revival. On the way down I parents asked me if I could go on. His response was it's a missions trip is not even saved degree to pray about it in the Lord and pressed them to bring me along.

We arrived in Pensacola on July 20, 1996 and was a 17-year-old gun toting atheist and showed up at Brownsville Assembly of God at about 1 PM already nearly a thousand people were gathered in a large bunch near the door waiting for the meeting, which began at 7 PM as an unbeliever thought what is wrong with these people then lots. What is so excited to get season we get to a similar God church room of spontaneous hymns of praise rising from the strong will with us on the hot Florida sun great thou art, amazing Grace, and several others passes by the street the church met in the port of the city were hearing songs of praise to the Lamb of God and this is been common in times of revival the course of history old in every city we hear again the glory of Christ to the revive hearts of his people. Here I was in the midst of the crowd.

Totally detached from their joy by hard heart grew curious when the doors open as I saw a man, women and children moving quickly and earnestly proceed in building as I walked into the building.

Even as a hardened sinner.

I began to sense the difference in the atmosphere, a strange pole began to affect me.

I felt increasingly uncomfortable about my sin. There was an unspoken yearning for truth, reality and salvation rising in my soul I watch the people engaging, fervent, sincere worship and praise which lasted well over an hour and a conviction.

My sinfulness was intensifying identity for what blanket over even turning to the young man next to me and speaking in just about the people were summarily but I could not of faith or circumstance skews me circumvent the fact that something or someone as real as he was invisible was moving in the midst of this people evangelist and brought up several women from South Korea would come to America praying Street witness to the Atlanta Olympics to come to browser for their sisters to receive the Holy Spirit.

The reply upon pray for them. He collapsed in a heap on the platform, with tears flowing copiously crying out to God save souls in Atlanta soul souls. The prayer for some time when it subsided evangelist began to preach, was a passionate call to repentance quite humble ourselves, turn from sin. Have faith in the work of the cross receive the mercy of Jesus Christ. Illiterates discovered that this was the message. This was his message every night at the Browns were revived, but on that night I felt I was alone in the room with the preacher and the Holy Spirit works like a hammer that shatters the rocket I could not resist the spirit any longer. I understood clearly that I had to flee the rafter, receive a new heart from the God of mercy was undone of my sin and overcome with a revelation of the cross of Christ.

I was gloriously born above born from above that night and nothing is been the same since.

Glory to the Lamb that was slain when I went back to high school next semester. 27 students called on the name of the Lord. As a result of the transformation this on my life. 27 of his friends got sick was mutely free for drugs, alcohol, suicidal tendencies and rebelliousness towards my teachers and parents.

One day even jump to my 89 Thunderbird and rental for more than 250 by music CDs that were filled with immoral things and profanity.

What else could I do like experience the cleanness of forgiven heart for the first time that I could not engage in that which contradicted began preaching use gatherings, bearing witness to the gospel in the streets and leading prayer meetings in August 1997 I went back to Brownsville to attend the ministry school was Dr. Michael Brown is the president which I graduated in May 1999 is been a remarkable journey with the Lord. And it all began on that day when I passed from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his glorious life. This was the experience of many thousands of souls came to the Lord to the Browns revival we were witnesses of this for years as resource souls from every background, prostitutes, wealthy businessmen, thugs, even preachers bow low before a holy God crying out for mercy over this and having found that there a need of cleansing is God step down in the midst of the gathering.

Many souls like myself enter through the doors and unbelief dead in trespasses and sins were born anew of the spirit of God save to the uttermost by the power of the gospel.

He said I remember many meetings with the fear of the Lord would grip the whole congregation of four or 5000 souls. Unbelievers were screeching and crying for mercy intercessions weeping and wailing in many throughout the crowd, crying out, holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

He said I used to meet with a brother for prayer before Bible school classes and I recall pulling up to the school property in March 1998 with the students, morning prayer meeting was moved upon by the Lord to profoundly is is when I pulled to the parking lot. Students were prostrate all over the campus laying in the grass or on the sidewalks, groaning with hunger for God and asking for mercy on behalf of our nation strong men were broken before the Lord, trembling and weeping in prayer and everywhere.

In these times the hearts of God's people seemed fixed on his throne friends what or something like that happen. Great grandson all over America by the millions would not be great error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown which is a church confused backslidden compromise. Many of our young people falling away the gospel message often being mocked and ridiculed. In America we need visitation we need outpouring we we need repentance beginning of the church spreading into the society sent either or it it's it's not it's not a matter of okay we we have awakening or we get involved in politics we have awakening or we get involved so should know it's supposed that any praying actor praying you do it you know how to do you praying you vote you share the gospel which can but hear me. I firmly believe we have spent so obsessed with the elections in politics that we have not been as focused on evangelism and the great commission making disciples can't tell me if you don't agree with that as I'm speaking a word to run video for those who are watching and this is a message that I brought in Pensacola. I was at the May night speaker that was evangelist Steve Hill was speaking this particular night's 1998 was a message called holy desperation: for people to get right with God, to seek him earnestly that it no him to surrender their lives to him. And if you're watching you can see this is an altar call. I can probably rarely ever seen people coming is as much as there's room by the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds until the several thousand filling every square inch you could fill in the altar, strolling the aisles people coming down from the balcony overflow rooms. The same thing happening and they just began to cry out to God cry out to God crowd for mercy. Repent we had no music background.

That night was just me saying get right with God if you're hungry.

If you thirst if you need more cry out some post on Facebook wrote that with my pastor. Three of the men from Halton on tears of grief (Pensacola, Florida most amazing week of my life with. This is revival in 2000. You're telling us at least 20 years ago to the most amazing week of my life people getting right with God. It is not just emotionalism but when you come under deep conviction of sin. Republican get emotional when you know you've agreed to displease God Republican get emotional when he forgives you and you feel freedom and cleansing pelican get emotional. So the emotions are not what makes the difference is the change heart change life that makes the difference. That's what matters little rafter when you see the district the roof for the people coming onto the balcony, but everything is is the filled in this wood could go on for hours of people repenting and crying out and then you hear the testimonies. Years later, and that's what would matter.

I will pull the video now, but that that's that's what really matters lasting fruit.

It's all we ever burn to seat lasting forgiven some of the people that were at that very meeting been on the mission field, some for close to 20 years now bearing fruit. Living sacrificially to reach the lost around the world that's critical lasting fruit motion doesn't do that you seek. Satan can cast out Satan. Satan cannot and will not bring someone to repentance bring them to holiness bring them to devotion to Jesus the Jesus of the Scripture written to look for the word Britain to look for the lost. Satan won't can't do that in the flesh can't produce that your momentary high like preaching, stirring every row yeah yeah whole but then what comes out of nothing. This disappointment just it's like an emotional high what you have. After emotional low wicket is that no good at all. Zero but when the Holy Spirit was deeply lives are changed. We have to see across America. When I came to faith 71 is a heroine shooting LSD using hippie rock drummer Jewish teenage rock drummer was part of some guy was near around America around the world.

The Jesus people moved to Jesus revolution but there were not enough spiritual fathers to help disciple and nurture churches were ready to embrace and absorb so many of us like that they were coming and we were there was not sufficient future repentance of the harvest did not have the lasting effect it could have had. Although many of us were saved and were transformed. Let me let me just give you some of the sounds you've heard this song over and again let's just grab the clip here.

Clip number four this this is the song send the fire William Booth Road at Salvation Army's in the 1800s and early 1900s when women Catherine Booth served five of the Salvation Army, which in its origin was a powerful soul winning army of consecrated believers that also help the poor and the needy but they were first and foremost soul winners evangelist missionaries so the song send the fire was then rewritten in the modern way. So here's one of our events called wake America with your thousands present in the convention center and deferred the song I want you to hear more and get a glimpse of what some of the services look like and felt like Siri go send the fire format posting on Facebook minutes. No subbands will change my life. You said we wait outside holding a lie just to get inside the church not be in the overflow testimonies were to people who showed up at the building at six in the morning with family and friends not saved.

Similarly, what we do. While when I hear those onto the beach one week six in the morning when we hear from the church building in the hundreds of people are ready. All you were going to church tonight church tonight. I think the Pensacola party, Long Beach, ever go to church and I will eat six in the morning while the doors open 6 PM. Login could see where satellite for 12 hours to get good seats the meeting.

Why well then the service started seven hours later you will be there 11 people we heard their stories.

There were there not saved and he got radically boring and some standing online outside the building, the conviction of the Holy Spirit would come the presence of God would be there. People sharing the gospel with them.

They come in conviction and and we know the stories years and years and years and years later, now, in some cases 25 years later, 20 years later, and the results remaining dramatic.

To this day. Just picture instead of happening one church it's happening and a thousand churches all across America is breaking out at home, so some of this did happen, but we need something multiplied and think is not political is not Republican, Democrat, this is not trump Biden. This is not culture wars.

This is an encounter with Jesus changing us and that is where change. We can't change her will testimony written earlier from Brian.

As a result of his salvation at next year so was over the summer right July school starts.

What late August 27 of his friends get saved as a result of what happens if this is multiplied over American friends national awakening starts in the church starts with repentance for arson repentance for our complacency repentance for our divisions repentance for our pride.

Let's restore starts with you and meet starts with leaders starts with confession, not finger-pointing. Confession Lauren blue and I've said I'm responsible, and then from there it spreads is as we are now on farmer share the gospel. People can see change in our lives in the holy spirits working starts to spread into the society. It is a hope America minute really is awakening or it's over. Believe that's what we are awakening in the body into the church into the society or marriage as we know it has to get more encouragement for you to get some great clips and place them right here number five. Snow light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown survival guide awakening.

There is no is not continued to exist to change so dramatically and look, let's be honest we have been so focused on politics so focused on the elections that in certain ways.

We've taken rise of the greatest prize which is great commission and the glory of Jesus and revive church shaking and nation want to read a few quotes in place of clips for you and I may take some questions 866-34-TRUTH Peter Marshall and Peter Marshall 1944, 1944 truly, the time is come, because the hour is late, we must decide in the choice before us is plain yellow your ball Christ or chaos, conviction, or compromise discipline or disintegration.

That was 1944. About 1959 Prof. Robert Coleman they were unprecedented numbers of people have a form of religion with the same time the church seems unable to stem the rising tardive degeneracy threatens the land question must be raised by this paradox should not the church of influence for righteousness in proportion to numbers. However, one may seek to answer this question is it is obvious that what we need is not a religion but more power. In short, we need real revival, 1959 Dr. Bill Bright 1969. We live in the most revolutionary period of human history, social Band-Aids and reform antiseptics give little hope for a cure or even an improvement revolution is needed, you can experience this revolution. In fact, you can help bring it to pass. That was 1969 right back to 1949, 1949 to 1952 there was a great outpouring in the Hebrides Islands cohabit is revival islands off the coast of Scotland and the principal vessel used was a man named Duncan Campbell. There's a picture of Duncan Campbell and it is him with these two old ladies you look at than you think. What happened they don't they don't look well one of them was stone cold blind and the other was bent over with arthritis use either very old women in here he is wearing a clerical collar Duncan Campbell, not some hyper emotional jump up and down Pentecostal preacher right stayed sober.

God used him visitation on the island.

It was quite extraordinary in these two sisters, the ones who helped plan the revival and pray him in when he said he couldn't come for scheduled meeting.

This is all know know God says his company schedule changed dramatically. Things were canceled. There he was in the outpouring began. They estimate that in the first six weeks in in Lewis Island.

The parish of barbs of leave loose on that in the first six weeks, 75% of those who were saved resaved outside of church buildings in which the Holy Spirit dismisses them where they were because they were churched and had background simply taught to death. They have all the background, the doctrine, but they didn't know God. Listen to Duncan Campbell describing this as only he could.

These are the words of late Duncan Campbell all go on only please, do not typically the blessing of the Lord, preaching about holiness preaching about nonstandard's suddenly conviction would come, people would realize oh my God I'm a rich people that were boasting in their sin.

One day next week.

Big hell is too good for me and then dramatically changed and radically changed the changes last for years and years and years.

I am an eyewitness to God doing this year in year out in Pensacola Florida during the past revival I am an eyewitness to the lasting fruit to the hundreds that went to serve in different capacities on the mission field all around the world to some that remain there to those that are upright godly people lives transform raising their kids and upright all the homes right here in America who started churches to those in the business world to those in the legal profession transformed from lost sinners or backsliders or compromises with this multiplied what if that's multiplied in church after church and meeting after meeting denomination after domination from mega-church. The house church with that's multiplied all of America.

Why can't God do that again. And here's a sound from Brownsville. Some of my voice and then my dear departed colleague Steve Hill with the Lord now, the evangelists that God used for years during the Browns will revive the evangelists got use to ignited. Listen to some of our voices from the days of Brownsville was an easy don't want to live as you can see people say your shirt breaking hearts that are as Lord and Savior learn from the best friend give us her schools give us revival and dramatic testimonies people's lives changed and touched over and over and over again similar to something even greater in or they start the work in the art. I posted on Facebook yesterday and I said hey if if your life was transformed to the revival. This is all to the glory of God. This just to encourage others and to give hope to get firsthand feeling it. As I said it's a major book scheduled for release next year ones can be on the subject revival revival redye this if you have a personal story of supernatural radical transformation to the Browns revival either in your own life so you know, please share here and some of the chapters will share some stories in order to glorify God build faith and increase hunger.

I just got the second one put some of testimonies in the new book store Hartsell. So here's one from now woman married with children running right for the Lord nor your family or husband to this day, burning bright, for the Lord recent God kids listen to what she has to say. This is elitist testimony said I was 18 and was asked me chaperone on it and asked me to chaperone a use trip to revival and was told we would go to the beach to my 18-year-old ears heard was free beach trip, so I agreed to my dismay the first day they woke us up super early to get in line outside a church building this summer wasn't even out yet and there were people laterally waiting for the evening service. We set out there in the hot Florida sun for 12 hours before we were allowed inside. I was the happiest, but I knew whatever was happening had to be good. Worship was powerful and the message Steve Hill preach was intensely convicting. I ran up to every single altar call that week the end of the week was getting baptized and declaring that I would never go back to my old ways. Up to that point had been saved by the year but still struggle to not be drawn to the world and my old ways.

I got say because I didn't want to go to hell. I was constantly giving into temptation lots of shame and guilt as well as fear that I wouldn't make the long haul as a believer after that week was set on fire hunger and thirst it for nothing but him the long drive home I with cleansing tears.

The entire 12 hours. I couldn't even go inside to Cracker Barrel for the lunch break because I was in the back of the van being touched by Spirit weeping. I did know my body could produce that many tears of the kids brought me Kleenex boxes and I used every single tissue before I got back home afterwards there was a marked difference in the holiness. Living was a byproduct, but overall I was woman unchained deliberated no longer bound by flashings are completely set on fire for him friends as well. Over 20 years ago elitist burning bright this day, as is her husband was also touched by the fruit of the revival friends in a time of emotionalism, hyper talking about lives changed by the power of God and alone I am giving you these individual stories because we could talk stats we could talk. Other things like that history of revival but come on the personal stories.

That's what stirs your heart that's wicked to say Lord dude again and when you look at America now and much more critical condition as a nation we have degenerated many ways.

We have divided menus were ever you stand politically. Please hearing review stand on so many divisive issues at that step back from that look to the one the only one who can solve RD problems and and friends. Is there political solutions can fix America is, is there is is there a person or party that's going to fix America. We need God friends in God's move is going to transcend political differences transcend racial misunderstandings get to the root cause of her deepest problems bring about radical us in changing his good thing is start in each of our lives would start the work in me. Bring me to repentance restore my first love Schumer. This compromise and ability starts there you can write where your your wife forgot you to stop and pray never known you can ask for mercy recognize your sin, confess it, make no excuses asking for mercy and have mercy in the transform you is what Jesus died again. That's why I'm on the air only talk about political culture illusions all the time. As part of my calling."

Your voice aboard cultural and spiritual evolution. I'm your voice a ball 70 and spiritual clarity do my best to bring gospel reality to what's happening in the world around us, but we never lose sight of the gospel reality. We never lose sight of what is first and foremost as I've said before, I am not a political cultural commentator who happens to be a Spirit filled believer, preacher, the gospel, though I make spiritual believer, preacher, teacher of the gospel who happens to be called to comment on political cultural issues as well. And that's why I'm always going say the ultimate hope. The ultimate reality is visitation encounter with God. Appointments sit that's what we must have all right I got goal let's see another testimonial sure one that I wrote out the Mr. revival, a joy filled clip you want to see celebration when joy breaks out because with great revival. This rate repentance. Many tears but also great joy and celebration. I'll take a look at that and I'm going to go right to the call right soon as we come back 866-348-7848 you get my emails, email us if not, please sign up today.

Good asked Dr. SK dear sign up for our emails and look never know was happening social media, media things, but if you're on my email list stand asked Dr. click to sign up for. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown revival getting out all the small business world involved in the culture wars balder kids schools and all the being witnesses and places of business.

While getting a message out to media and social media.

We are above all contending for the soul of the nation through prayer evangelism: for repentance for praying for revival in the church which will spread to awakening in society.

America is in many ways.

The worst case it's ever been. Course we don't have slavery like we did in our segregation like we did not have other problems like we did, but we got so many others in such deep levels that you could say when the worst state we've ever been spiritually and morally good news is that God is sent revival awakening in the past that can be the thing that transforms to this day, and that's what I'm contending forward and reminding us in the midst of everything else happening in the world around us keep our focus where it belongs.

Let's go to Dan in Iola, Kansas. Welcome to the line of fire.

Yet, I would worry about the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Yes, what about what what works at her and letting you know some of the sermons they preached and that's pretty much all he talked about. I was wondering if there was anybody today because I don't hear anybody talk about today.

Yes of the baptism of the Holy Spirit people freshly touched by the spirit people speaking in tongues people touched by the laying on of hands guy continues to do it around the world. That's why Dan if you look numerically that church grows around the world is massively primarily in circles that believe in the power the Holy Spirit for today with the host become signs and wonders that's often associated with the baptism of the Spirit speak in tongues, but you're very right Dan that there's been a D emphasis here in America that we want to see more sophisticated in our churches, even a Pentecostal charismatic churches we have a charismatic form of worship to raise our hands. We think certain songs but where is the power the spirit. I do have some colleagues and on a regular basis. It's as people come to the Lord to lay hands on them and pray for them to be filled with the spirit seeing God move powerfully in those churches are thriving. But it's it's certainly a New Testament emphasis if you say will we receive the power the Holy Spirit the moment were born Gamble. Let's just demonstrate.

Let's see the fullness of a difference there.

Let's see it. If not, let's ask God for their fresh tots and yes, and often comes to look through the laying on of hands. That's often the way the Holy Spirit is given impartation to going on of hands like we see an accident like we see in acts 19 is receiving church history in first Timothy four Timothy receives a spiritual gift by the laying on of hands so impartation to the laying on of hands remains a New Testament phenomenon to this day. Thank you for the call. Thank you for bringing it up, and yes, we need to hear about this more in our churches so one thing that happens with revival. This is there's a motion people weeping in repentance. People jumping for joy, the joy of the Lord is our strength in his presences. Drawing near my eight Psalm 16 those realities. The deep conviction like asked to what must we do to be saved and people cut to the heart. You see a lot of it, and sometimes people are scandalized by conflicts. Pretty intense but hate the maternity ward is not.

It is not quite like a cemetery visit, which would rather have new life or or cemetery soul yet with new life there's there's going to be noise and sometimes you have excesses that need to be dealt with but but again, again that saying brother Andrew's attributed to him.

Easier to cool down a fanatic than to wake up corpse.

So here's here's a glimpse of a joy breakup. Maybe some of you little joy your spirits lifted. It's been a tough year and doesn't show signs of abating.

I will know it's going to happen with the holidays and ended the year and cultivated election crisis and on and on 2020 we all put behind us were still in the midst of it have a little joy.

This is a gathering where the revival team from Brownsville going on the road to the convention center seat and 10 12,000 people face be packed out. We have our two of worship and testimonies and then even our preaching in the long altar calls thousands who come to get right with God that we pray for the meeting go maybe five, six hours both check this out.

Here's little joy of the Lord. For those that could use a little bit of a lift. Yeah toman like that it would deepen from the Excel of the celebration, the excitement deepen into praise and worship on our faces before a holy God of the deep events repentance and weeping and wailing and and back to the joy it, how could you not rejoice when spirit was there in lies, or being transformed in Jesus is Lord against not emotionalism it's just when you're touched suffer greater motion and the proof proves the puddings in the living lasting Jesus glorified word-based route. Let me read something to you as we come towards the end of broadcast. Today from my own journal January 31, 1997 returned from the service in the grass revival 130 in the morning was moved to write these words so again just home from the service announcement 30 a.m. they were written with unusual urgency and intensity. No doubt you will sense it is you read on.

Sure, my heart honestly with you, holding nothing back. Anonymous make myself totally vulnerable.

The fact is a must just come from the beautiful presence of the Lord from the night of Gloria's baptismal testimonies incredible stories wonderfully change lives that of sovereign visitation light of deep sweeping repents of radical encounters with the living God of public acts of repentance from young people throwing their drugs needles into the garbage told people distorting the cigarettes a negative weeping under conviction and rejoicing a newfound freedom, a night when spirit fell upon the children in a side room into their intercession wailing permeated the sanctuary a night when Jesus was exalted in the midst of his church.

This, of come from the holy presence of Lorna Brown's revival January 31, 1997 spirit moved to tears flowed more touched.

The demons fled. This is what happens when revival is in the land at the end of the night amid shouts of joy and free treatments. The sound of the newly redeemed during the first moments free from captivity.

I turned to my dear friend.

Eventually Steve Hillen said we don't have to quote from the history books about revivalists here were seeing it before our eyes can describe a night like this who can describe what it's like to be so caught up with God that heaven is virtually here and you can almost sense the sound of the judge knocking at the door looking saving young men come to the platform begin to throw with her earrings and another wants counsel because it does not remove his eyebrow ring and another ptosis, condoms, one of the sources knife into the trash. What can you say looking 70,000 people respond to the article stated for two hours getting right with God. Looking saving the pleasure pray for your nation praise for the real thing.

Virginia visitation of bona fide outpouring that height not sensational is not a superficial show, but an awakening of historic proportions. This prayers being answered before your eyes and you know that you know that your country will be shaken, which you say what to say when all you want is Jesus, when pleasing him is your total delight. We just have to tell everyone about God's great salvation when since Winston temptation is utterly repulsive to you just can't find the words to express to the Lord. How utterly wonderful he is.

He really is role in all but to say the sacred time like this is too precious to fully describe too intimate to wholly communicate with me your given speech. I can fill a football field with men and women who are hardened adulterers before the revival bring us to regard with unadulterated hearts I can present with a mile off minor free fornicators with a drunker sanctified Satanist provide perverts converted criminals and lesbians and homosexual been a holy I can introduce you to thousands of transform teens and countless committed kids to continue video stack. The size New York City apartment building, chronicling every single service of the revival, letting you hear that simple biblical Christ, exalting sin, exposing message that is preached night in a night out like the style of worship and the occasional shaking brothers through the altar calls about your fancy, to save his men usually use it will hear your voice.

This is not of God.

How pathetic, foolish and dangerous to take the con Stan friends all I can say is this gun comes welcome.

Seek the Lord while he may be found. Isaiah 55: him always near zero, 10, 12, it's time to seek the Lord till he comes and rains down righteousness on you when begins to stir your heart go with it.

Get to the word more seek his face more prayer response was prompting turn away from a sinful habit share the gospel as he prompts you, pastors, leaders make room for the moving of the Holy Spirit have constraints in your building and time issues and things like that.

The biggest break-in take time away from something else.

Time away from the announcements to take time away from part of the message one week. And secondly, the end of the world with the Holy Spirit move find ways in groups at home and other meetings where people can come together encounter God friends may start with a few here and there and things are happening across the nation.

But before we know it revival to sweep coast-to-coast in America could be ablaze with the fires of the holy visitation national awakening. It's only the

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