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February 7, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Isaiah chapter 44 and I like speak on the subject this morning. I will I will notice if you would verse one of Isaiah chapter 44 and listen to these verses, yet now hear, O Jacob my servant, and Israel, whom I have chosen, thus saith the Lord that made the end of form the from the womb, which will help the fear not, O Jacob my servant, and thou, and you know I love this in a sense in Isaiah chapter 44 you know I preach a lot out of Isaiah and I want out as well. We read these verses I want to I want to find the reference because I want you to turn there right after to make sure I have the reference right. Let me okay yeah got the reference right and so let's notice this I want you to be able to hear it and then go right to the spot so that you can understand the saith the Lord that may be informed the from the womb, which will help the feared auto Jacob my servant, and thou just run whom I have chosen for I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground. I will pour my spirit upon thy seed and my blessing upon thine offspring as were were to be dealing with today.

But I want you just to briefly hold your place there and turn just a couple chapters back to chapter 41. If you would do that.

Isaiah chapter 41 don't have you turn a lot and want to be able to concentrate over 17 when the poor and needy. Seek water and there is none, and their tongue fail it for first I the Lord will hear them. I God of Israel will not forsake them. I will open rivers in high places fountains in the midst of the valleys.

I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land Springs of water (over love you Lord. I hope our folks will kind of catch a glimpse of how thirsty we need to be in our lives, how you are promised that you would pour water on those that are thirsty that her longing for you and Lord.

I think that there's many times that we believe in you.

We love you. We depend on you sometimes were just not thirsty for you.

Like we should, Lord, I pray that you would help as we expound your word today that it would motivate our people to get a whole new first for you in Jesus name we pray.

Amen was itching here in Isaiah chapter 44, as you have seen over and over trip and I tried always pointed out that before Isaiah tells you this is what God said he describes who God is, if you know who God is. You will listen more to what he has said he offered him something we get up here and preach all day long, but if if if folks have not spent time with God during the week gotten to know God more deeply during the week know more about who God is, during the week. They don't necessarily have a tendency to listen that great edges want to go to church because I feel like I go to church go to good church and I'm thankful that you go to church but what would be an ideal scenario is that we come to church thirsty for God longing for him. Unfortunately, that doesn't normally describe how we enter God's presence in his house. What you notice first in verse 2B tells us who he is, so that we will listen closely more closely to what he has to say and so this is how he describes it. Verse two thus saith the Lord first.

That made the Isaiah said number one, he created the surely you will hear what he has to say. You wouldn't be here is what he saying if it wasn't for him.

You and have a family you would have a job you would have transportation to and from here we went have a billing. The median we would have absolutely nothing without him.

He created the notice. Secondly, and formed the from the womb.

He didn't just create the Isaiah says he constructed the he made you who you are preformed yeah the personality that you have the temperament that you have little things about your self the talents of the gifts that everyone of us have been given to serve God. God informed all that he created you he constructed you notice what Isaiah says their third he's committed to the he says the God that made the informed me from the room womb, which will help the so God made us deformed us and not only that he's committed to us all help you. I'm not to leave you or forsake you. As he speaks there Israel you are my chosen and dear friend when you and I gave our heart to Christ and salvation. We are now his family.

Notice this poor thing. I love this and they'll just run whom I have chosen.

Isaiah said he created the he constructed the he's committed to the and he's chosen the you know that's how it works.

God creates us, God constructs us literally God is committed to us and he has chosen us when you got saved you got chosen skews the English properly. When you were saved, you were chosen, but when you got saved you got chosen.

You were called immediately.

God did not save us to leave us they didn't save us to send us he saved us for us to serve him. We mentioned always in. I think we all agree with that, for God is with this is how this is going to work I created.

He constructed the them committed to you, chosen you. If you would verse two. Fear not, O Jacob my servant, fear not. You say will what is he fearing well here the very person that God created it and constructed for demand of the individual that he is and literally is committed to helping many chosen Jacob and his chosen jazz rent just like he's chosen you and me to serve him and do things warm and and you and I although I just don't know how I'm going to do it if I feel so unable and how to pay bills, let alone do everything that God wants us to do.

God says this is how I work. Notice in verse three I will pour water on him that is thirsty I love you God says I'm committed to you but until you get thirsty until you really want me I can't do a lot in your life. But the moment you become thirsty.

God says I will pour water on you. Listen, can I put it this way. God says if you want me you get me glassy somehow thirsty are you today some you like one little parched. I know that it's been a little no no no no no usual spritzer, you know, I whatever are you thirsty today.

Are you longing for what God has on the Miata. Sometimes more thirsty than I am at other times. Sometimes I'm just doing so much and and contrite on so much.

Got so many sticks in the fire and goes only different directions like everyone of you every day of your life that all of a sudden you turn around in your devotions are somewhat cold and your Bible reading is somewhat sporadic and literally during the day you're more frustrated than you are faithful and we got all these things and it can be overtake your life and I'm asking you to stop on it on God's day on a Sunday as we meet on the first day of the week to worship his resurrection to celebrate that fat are you thirsty for God. We got revival come in April. No bells with you will just have another meeting unless were thirsty and I'll be honest with you have just about the same week this coming week as you did last week unless you get thirsty unless you get to the point they got on time events thirsty.

I got an appetite for something that I'm not experiencing my life right now and God I need you. I don't need things anymore. I'm trying to I don't need more possessions.

I've got it.I need you, says, just to give you a drink when you get thirsty for me. I will pour water on you, I'll give you abundantly above all that you can ask or think my going to decide about this today, but you out there and preach the same thing get the same reaction as I doing here picking going to read you something Dr. Johnny Pope send stuff out once a week just to some preacher friends and things and I always enjoy getting it and he sent something out this week about revival and I don't normally just read stuff, but I want you to hear what he had to say about some revivals that took place a system for second.

He said it may be well said that there would've never been the greatness of America had America not been birthed in the labor of revival. Jonathan Edwards wrote these words in 1743 about the great awakening that shook England and America listen to what Jonathan Edwards had to say in the year 1740 in the spring before George Whitfield came to this town. There seem to be a visible alteration.

There was more seriousness about the things of God, especially among the young people those things that were of ill tenancy among them were more for born and it was a more frequent thing for people to visit their minister as God began to move in their soul in some particular persons there appeared a great change.

About this time, and thus to continue till Mr. Whitfield came to town, which was about the middle of October. He preached here for sermons in the meetinghouse and a private lecture at my house one on Friday, another on Saturday into up on Sunday the congregation was so extraordinarily melted by every session.

Almost the entire assembly being in tears for almost the entire sermon. Mr. Whitfield sermons were suitable to the circumstances of what they were going through at that time containing reprints of our backsliding's and animals moving and affecting manner, making use of our great profession of faith in the great mercy God is given as arguments of motivation for us to return to God not know that might seem like fancy lingo, but this is what he said before the man got ever got to town there was a change in people become more serious began to want it more thirsty for the move of God. You and I seem to have to drum up just enough thirsty for one hour a week the guy was really, really, really thirsty for that.

Sometimes becomes obligation, but you when you really get thirsty for something you want to revival swept thousands in that community were saved within weeks. Why, because a few people got thirsty. So this 1795 Timothy Dwight was the grandson of Jonathan Edwards was elected president of Yale University. Yale had departed from the earlier awakening a needed revival and they do again. By the way, Christianity today records this account early in the spring of 1802.

Two students were overwhelmed with conviction of their sin and a desire for closeness with our Savior in a short. They came to faith in Christ and assurance of forgiveness after making a public profession of faith. They joined the church there at the college. This made an impact on the other students 10 days before Christmas vacation. 50 young men declared themselves to need Christ and receive Christ in Yale wherever the students gather in the rooms at meals or around New Haven, the great subject of conversion was eternal salvation. Many fear that when the students left for their spring vacation.

The revival would cease. Instead, the reverse occurred, the students carried home with him the news of Yale's turnabout and he and Paul spread when they returned after the summer Morehead offer their lives to God, and Mr. Dwight Jonathan Edwards, grandson, president of the college witness version of 100/160 student more than half of Yale got say could you imagine if Abigail got saved right now. Could you imagine if half of our charges got saved, let alone Yale listen to this new awakening came four years later in 1808. It was almost as powerful as the first one succeeding revivals to the students. In 1813 1815. These awakenings marked only the beginning of a movement which swept Connecticut. Ultimately, the entire country was bathed in revivals of all sorts from camp meetings to protracted meetings from urban centers to the most remote parts of the American wilderness revival culture lasted until the outset of the American Civil War culmination of this revival was given a fresh win in 1859 listen and I don't read a lot normally listen a prayer revival. One of the burden of Jeremiah lamp here after the Civil War, evangel such as Dwight L. Moody in the North CMP Jones in the South were used of God to carry the torch once again and they later handed out to evangelists such as Wilbur Chapman, Billy Sunday Bob Jones Senior Mordechai Hamm had to think this 100 year legacy was kindled by two students at Yale is a preacher why the world are you talking about all this. Well, in the 1940s and America new movement among young people called youth for Christ was born. They attracted tens of thousands of high schoolers for the rallies God used a man named Jack Fortson in New York and Tory Johnson, a Baptist pastor in Chicago to become the spearheads of this movement Dr. works and had roots to family that had been saved in the revival that I just told you about that started in Connecticut, they began to want that exact same thing and Johnson became the first president of youth for Christ and they brought in a young evangelist from North Carolina who have this real desire for God named Billy Graham.

He was just finishing up at Wheaton College became the first full-time evangelist for youth for Christ. This spiritual team effort that began with youth was the beginning of one of the greatest moves of God in the 20th century. From this came mass revival Crusades the rebirth of personal soul winning Whitfield literally the growth of Sunday school in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and literally millions were saved just under the ministry of Billy Graham that was literally birthed out of a desire from one man whose family had experienced the hundred year revival from Connecticut and it all started with just a few individual God will pour water on him but I'll say this was a will have to be everybody else were not against anybody else but a feeding church in this area to be thirsty. It's Carmen Baxter.

We've seen revival. We've experienced it when you felt that over time we lose our first this is a reminder got that all pour water on him first. Number two.

Isaiah says God talks about literally a man that is thirsty. Number two. He talks about ground that is dry. God said I will pour water on him that is thirsty, but notice what he says. Secondly, and floods upon the dry ground single printer that's pretty much the same thing and I'm here to beg you, that is not the same thing if it was the same thing I would've said you see dry ground needs more than a little bit of water. When ground gets dry and parched and cracked it needs more than a sprinkle or a light rain came in right there was a Jimmy dry ground needs an overabundant dry ground needs some flooding dry ground needs an outpouring and God said Amanda thirsty all pour water on him. But I'll tell you what I can do this dry ground that is slowly dried and become cracked and parched. Like many of our churches, like many of our families.

God doesn't give you our get thirsty you get to where you desire me, I will literally give water to you, but I can slide dry ground about you. Some of us are walking on dry ground. We've let it dry up and here's what happens.

We have one emotional service we get a little bit excited at a song or we like a little something that the preacher says and we think that that's going to fix everything, but we let our ground get dry. We need a flood was a dimming win are when our ground gets dry. We don't need just a normal Sunday morning in the wall of life we need time in God's house. We need repentance we need praying we need calling on God we need to change some things at the house dry ground needs a whole lot more than a little water.

God said yes. What I do I flood the dry grounds check you don't turn back to chapter 41 that I had read he said, literally. I will make the wilderness a pool of water. You know how much water that takes to make a pool out of an entire wilderness that's nothing to God. If we just wanted he'll do it. Number three.

He talks about seeds that are fruitless. I will pour water on him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground and I will pour my spirit upon thy seed. Now a lot of people was a waste on about our next generation of he talks about the next generation and the next freight. You have to understand something, listen to me want to get this.

Have you gotten to the point in your life that you really desire to bear fruit. Have you planted or scattered seed but just don't feel that you're seeing fruit. Is anybody else like that. Sometimes like you're working and you're doing and you feel like you just tread water.

You're not seeing results, and then we are being faithful. But Lord, keep doing this and I keep teaching this and I keep running this route and I keep helping here in the Alana Klassen and I keep doing this and I keep teaching this unusual glass but got I just don't see you doing anything. I don't see any fruit what God said. Sometimes your seed we will scatter it, but what we need to make it grow as the Holy Spirit of God. Listen to me.

What makes fruit grow is the power of the Holy Spirit in you and I can be busy scattering seed.

But if we don't have the power of the Holy Spirit in our life we will not see fruit.

That's why we cannot service after service after service nothing changes. That's why we can do a ministry and doing ministry and doing ministry and can't see any fruit because the Holy Spirit is lacking. My get loud my get too intense for you this morning. Just a bit passionate as I need this if you don't just nap. Whatever you need to do. Let me get this out for me dear friend, I'm all for 11 people and being kind and generous and you know I don't preach on a bunch of junk I just don't do it, but I will call it as I see it, and I believe that you and I need to get a little bit more thirsty and I believe you and I could be so busy but we can lack the presence of the Holy Spirit in the things that we do and if the Holy Spirit is missing or lacking. We will not bear the fruit that we could bear no value for good. Good Lord, who put that there. Anyway, if I would've fallen you to really laugh. I know you would've been like this all and in laughter. I know it would happen as I got back up. Okay, we can laugh now listen to if we're gonna work and forgot to put the time in and for you to be involved, why not have the Holy Spirit's power upon it so we can see some fruit. There's people all around there working hard but seeing no fruit. God said when you're thirsty all pour water when you're on dry ground. I can slide it if you want me to I can literally pour my spirit on your seed number four speaks of generations that are blessed member God's talk to the people that he created that he constructed that is committed to in his chosen, look what he says I love this and my blessing upon thine offspring.

Not that I can do that. Look at me think about this you get thirsty, God pours water on you, and the more you begin, as people see that all of a sudden we realize the ground is dry to God. Floods that and as the water now was returned in the ground is now fertile. We need to start throwing out seed everywhere. We can but without the Holy Spirit will never see fruit and it will grow. You see how it goes from one person to more people to fruit and God said this that literally if you'll get thirsty for me to get a handout to the point that glass offspring that means were not just in this for us folks we got another generation coming up and we better get thirsty or they are to grow up in a dry and thirsty land. But if you and I get thirsty. God begins to flood the strike does among three boys. But I want them to experience to understand to begin to get a taste and from then to crave a real genuine move of the Holy Spirit of God. We can as parents sit back and say well it's a youth pastor can make them thirsty. Well, my kids have a bad attitude must be the church's fault.

Oh yeah that makes a lot of sense. Know your kids been more time at school the do a church. But the church blamed you know there's been more time your house and they do at school and somehow school and church get blamed. Can we just get me just get real, it's me, it's me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer. And if I get thirsty filming my family thirsty, my family gets thirsty for God begins to fall for my friends thirsty my friends get thirsty charges going to get thirsty.

And that's how it spread, but it starts with a blind man getting thirsty.that if you do I will I will I will I will. All you gotta do is get thirsty for me.

I don't know about you, whatever got go to my life recent I'm getting thirsty get tired of vain repetitions.

I'm getting tired of just going through tradition, just going through something I want to see real I want to see something that the Holy Spirit is all over it you agree with that and I challenge you today are you thirsty fair question got it all. Pour water on him that is thirsty. Lord I love you and Lord as we read of great revivals that have swept through. As a result of just a few people getting thirsty. God would you somehow touch the hearts of our people to get a first a longing for you, not church as usual, not ministry. As usual, not a Wednesday night as usual on a Sunday morning as usual or Sunday night as usual.

Lord, I preach and one of the greatest churches I've ever been around. I'm preaching to a church that is faithful that we are here three times a week that they are busy and they are giving but God. If we became thirsty. Imagine what you could do through us.

Oh dear Lord, please. It still you, you have the same power you have the same ability you have the same requirements we just believe you can do it again but God, we have to get thirsty. Lord were just not thirsty for you anymore were thirsty for so many other things that the world has to offer God make us thirsty for you is all those things just make us more thirsty and more discontent and more unhappy. We get thirsty for you.

You pour water on us. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast.

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You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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