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Moody Center Pastor’s Gathering

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 17, 2022 7:00 am

Moody Center Pastor’s Gathering

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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February 17, 2022 7:00 am

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Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael Nessa and special episode originating from the glands of the Moody center in Northfield, Massachusetts. USF was recently a part of a powerful evening event at this historic venue and use the opportunity to bring a challenging and incredibly evangelistic message to those who were in attendance personally and also to those who watch the event live all across the world so up next on leading the way audio we have a special message focusing on prayer, repentance and revival. It's one that Dr. Yousef gave the pastors gathered at an Internet afternoon gathering prior to the evening event. Now as this year unfolds.

Dr. Yousef is passionate about being part of more events passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth around the globe, leading the way you live, so be sure to listen for more details right here or you can always visit the events page. But since your listening right now be encouraged by this special presentation from leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent when I was a young Christian on all read the life of your Moody all the great men of garden. Then I'll feel so terrible because all have all his all these great friends around struggling and so I learned to read further to get the whole story.

For example, George Murillo, who are going to tell you a little bit now you know the story is familiar with it. The hungry in the orphanage in Bristol, England, somebody knocks on the door and says you know my little car broke down right in front of you can use the milk should shorten a baker would say God woke me up early this morning, but your special bread for your kids, those wonderful why am I not getting answers to prayer like this all really started reading and finding out the best evangelical stories, the whole life of people like George Mueller, George Miller course of the those of you who do not know is a 19th-century Christian evangelistic beheaded update Ashley down orphanage in Bristol, England, provided home during his lifetime for 10,000 kids all friends and he found 100 schools Christian schools. He was known as a matter of prayer is already told you in the always expected God to answer prayer and so on November 1844. Dismember the November 1844 he made a commitment to the Lord that he is going to pray for five of his friends to come to the Lord and that he's going to disciple each one of them as the Lord bring them to himself and the that was a commitment that he met and he prayed daily. I mean, he did not miss a day whether we see his homework traveling whether he was sick or not sick well no matter how busy his schedule was right for these five men to come to the Lord and made the commitment to disciple everyone of them and so I you don't have have passed daily prayer.

Just think about it every one out of the five comfortable while he did not get discouraged just started discipling him, administering treatment and he grew him up and in ministry and then would not be diverted from praying for the rest, George Mueller, like many of us believe that when spiritual babies born you comes I will okay now girlfriend for yourself. You have to nurture the you have to disciple that baby and so he nurture this particular first out of the five. Then he continued to pray daily for the other four stuff five more years.

The second one came to the Lord and so he discipled him administered to him. Six more years. The third one came to the Lord, and he discipled him now. If you're counting this is 12 years 12 years, not missing a single day. I don't know if I can say that 12 years, not missing a single bed praying for those people. Now two out of the five that he prayed for were not converted in 1888 he wrote in his daughter. The following are related to you but I hope in God, praying all and look for answers will not converted, but there will Miller died in March 10, 1898 at the age of 92 he had prayed for the salvation of the five but three camps of the Lord in his lifetime and were privileged to be discipled by George Mueller himself at the time of his death. These two holdouts were actually sons of two of Mueller's friends.

Even so, Mueller prayers were answered after he died on the last to come to Christ. No, of course, he missed out being discipled by George Miller himself, but nonetheless the prayer of the faithful prevails much okay why am I telling you this story.

Well, I always tell my congregation. I have a method to my madness because in America we can discover so quickly if we don't give them instant results. If we don't see something happening. We just get so discouraged but discipling of others is a life long commitment it might take your lifetime. Don't give up. Don't ever give up this principle of discipling and investing and ministering to others, growing them up so they take multiplying ourselves is delineated in Paul's very lost letter. The second letter to Timothy chapter 2, but only to think with me here is the apostle Paul in this cold dungeon coming to the end of his life and yet he writes his first disciple whom he discipled Timothy and he writes to him in second Timothy chapter 2 verse two. I wanted to say that with 222, and here's what he said. He said on the things that you have heard me teaching presence of many witnesses entrust all pass along to other faithful men are also qualified to teach others the discipling on the training of others particular the next generation is our lifelong process is a lifelong process. But even after death.

As we saw in Mueller's life. God answered prayers after he's gone to glory. In fact, verse one Paul said to them, you then my son, be strong in the grace of Jesus Christ. Then he said in verse two the things that you have learned from me pass it on to others.

Other faithful people that will continue the process. How is Timothy going to be strong housing can be strong to go to grit his teeth as he tried to pull himself by his bootstraps busy and say yes I can.

Yes I can. Yes, I can in this affirmation that some are just tell you to do that by reading the next book by Rev. small fungus on marketing now that strength does not come from within.

It comes from intimacy with God. It comes from spending time in the word of God first and foremost, it comes from utterly trusting in God alone is a great paradox in the Scripture Almighty sovereign God who can do all things he chooses to entrust this truth. The fumbling and stumbling adopted children document. This is where saved by grace we are justified by grace we are sanctified by grace we live moment by moment by grace we are empowered by grace to overcome obstacles and opposition and my dear friends, it is by grace and grace alone, without the discipled the next generation. Amen. Give God glory help me. That's why Paul says, in effect, Timothy. You can only experience the power of the grace of God. When you are not investing of your life when you are discipling when you are passing the torch when you are passing that stranger that he calls another person because of the treasure to other faithful people early on. Paul asked Timothy to guard the gospel housing God, the gospel, this man was timid and fearful of going to tell you the minute. But even regarding the gospel was not enough because I can tell you truthfully from my personal experience. If you just focus on guarding the gospel. You become a recluse. He said in guarding of the deposit of truth you need to pass it on to others. You need to give it away. Listen when you entrust your retirement or your monitor saving institutional financial institution you not expecting to put it in the safe and lock right now you are investing in that financial institution and your expecting your investment to grow in a Similar Way, Paul is saying to Timothy is that you should entrust the gospel message to faithful individuals.

Why because he invests himself in them, and the gospel will be expanding and growing as he invested in others. In fact there's something here that if you read the passage, but passing you could miss ability to miss on exploitative already told intimacy is a very timid guy. If you spend time to just really read what Paul is saying he was timid.

He was a fearful soul. And Paul is saying to him that it is in the investment of the gospel message and others that you would overcome the tendency toward your timidity. If you want to experience victory over your timidity and your anxiety on your fear and your sorrow invest yourself and somebody else is a must is not a choice is not an option is a must is going to give you victory over your demented brother listen to me listen I know all about timidity. I was such a shy boy the moment I hear guests coming around and hide in the back room. I was so introverted that I tell you if I was not standing here in this article, God has a sense of humor. I'll be sitting in the back as well would be in the very back is just blessed by nature I'm an expert on timidity.

I know timidity inside that timidity can often get me self absorbed in self focus and you don't really timidity is to become others focus. The antidote to the meditate is discipling on mentoring and passing on the treasure of the gospel and entrusting it to someone who is faithful his gun entrusted to the next generation.

The antidote to timidity is to be a blessing to somebody else with the business people call win-win is win-win. Why because the one who's doing the discipling. The one who's doing the mentoring is equally, if not really more equally, at least in my experience, blessed than one who is receiving the mentorship like electricity cannot fully enter you and empower you in this offense. Assure you if we failed to pass the truths of the gospel where not only depriving the next generation of their greatest blessing. What we miss out on our greatest blessings.

Can I get an amen.

Please don't miss out on the bus, domiciled in the bus. I pray that everyone at the sound of my voice would make a decision if you're not already. To begin to take discipling of others. Seriously entrust this life-changing message to faithful people. I think just about everybody here I'm agnostic to raise your hand. You heard what about apostolic succession. While the master have you not heard about apostolic succession.

Raise your hand.

I need to explain something apostolic succession said that the Pope of Rome, for example, is the successor of the apostle Peter where I grew up in Egypt as the Coptic church the Coptic community roughly about 10 million people and that the Coptic Pope: the Pope of Alexandria or the patriarch.

He is the successor of the apostle Mark because Mark was the first one to come to Egypt and founded the church in church Gruen.

It was about 85 to 90% of the population were Christians for four 600 years of Christianity until the Muslims came the Arabs came and invaded the country and basically changed all that each one of those Orthodox churches that are supposed to be the successes. The patriotic success of one of the apostles. The idea is that the apostles establish the church in this particular location. Peter in Rome. Market Alexandria Thomas in India. The idea is that these apostles when they were around. They zapped somebody who zapped somebody who zapped somebody who zapped somebody who ended up with these folks that's really was called apostolic succession.

But the truth is there is a punitive stop. We don't know who zapped who, within my going to confuse themselves with the facts right. But what a lot of believers today don't know or don't understand that there is a biblical apostolic succession. The Bible talks about apostolic succession but is not succession of popes from apostles, but it is the unbroken series of genuine believers who guarded the deposit. The treasure of the gospel and passed it on to others. That is if you apostolic succession.

That is the truth apostolic succession was believers of entrusted the truth to others.

Faithful believers now come to us and we dare not guard the gospel unmolested.

Uncompromised to pass all be invested in the life of others.

According to second Timothy 22. That is a two biblical succession that things that you have heard from me entrust to reliable people who also qualified to present other people. My dear friends, we cannot pass apostolic succession were apostolic power from person-to-person just by laying on of hands, dear friend of mine who was on this part of the world who many years ago have gone to be with the Lord used to say that is laying empty hand on empty head and you end up with an empty Christianity. We are commanded here about the will of God that we light the torch of God's truth and that torch might be left to another until another until another that way the light of God's truth spread throughout the world turning the world's darkness into his bright light mother share with you a story that I shared with my congregation on one of those people who are absolutely blessed of God to sit at the feet of some of the great men. Some of them you would know so that may not know, and I remember when I was in California 1977, 78, I came across a man by the name of Jay admin or I've always played for revival ever since I read Oswald Smith book revival. We need I have prayed for about an God's amazing wisdom. This early age I was walking by the office of Dr. Jay admin or the amazing Irishman who is considered to be one of the great authorities on revival in the history revival. Every time I pass his office. He sitting on reading.

Finally, I picked up the courage and often is Doris a doctor or would you mind if I buy a hamburger sometime and just sit at your feet and learn some more about the history of revival and unforgettable six months where we meet on a regular basis set his feet learn so much.

Always remember a story he told Agnes. Ouch.

I remembered it because I knew I was going to be here with you in this part of the world.

Now, on account of the view with the as I conclude immediately after the revolution war. He said the moral fiber and the spiritual condition of America was in a tailspin. Alcoholism was rampant crime was rising church attendance plummeted John Marshall, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

At the time wrote a letter to James Madison, the father of the Constitution. He said the following in importing is that the Christian church in America was too far gone ever to be redeemed. Thomas Paine, who was considered to be the intellectual leader of the American Revolution predicted that Christianity will be forgotten in 30 years.up all of Harvard students body found is not a single solicited. Not a single student on campus believed in Jesus on the Princeton campus. The vast majority of the students were engaged in was called back then the filthy speech movement at William college students held a mock communion that blasphemed the name of the Lord Jesus in New Jersey, students burned Bibles and up public bonfire crime was rampant and women fear to walk out along in 1794 is a new American nation was sinking deep into godlessness and depravity. A Connecticut preacher by the name of Isaac Bacchus begun holding the prayer meeting in his church. Later Bacchus and formed an alliance with 24 other New England pastors with the goal of praying regularly daily for a spiritual awakening throughout America.

Back then the call that the concept of prayer in 1798 churches throughout the 13 former colonies were holding prayer meeting confessing sin pleading with God for revival and amazing nationwide revival broke across America, especially on college campuses. How many of you believe that God can do it again change.

That will happen when God's people. God's people.

When God's people repent of medicine, the sin of apathy revival will start with repentance on the part of God's people, not the outside world. Another government that society but us. When God's people repent of their sin. When pastors preach the uncompromised truth of the word of God come with it may go see God move God's people repent of their sin and turn to him become fervent in prayer and commitment to discipleship and watch out God is going to move among us a fresh father. I need this word more than anybody else. We constantly need to remind each other. This is what you looking for I we be faithful passing on this treasure of the gospel, regardless of the calls we pray this in Jesus. Amen. You're listening to Dr. Michael you sat passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth on leading the way.

This episode featured content from an encouraging gathering of pastors and ministry leaders at the historic Moody Center in Northfield, Massachusetts. Look out from one leading the way life events this year, maybe right here in this area or online. Either way, make plans to join in and be challenged in your faith journey.

If you're new to leading the way. You may not be aware of the many ways to connect with Dr. Yousef and the solid Bible teaching available right on the radio or in your podcast library so we want to direct you to Al T. This is an informative page with practical links. For example, find local radio television and digital broadcast so that you can consume more messages from Dr. Yousef once again that fight to make note of this. This program is brought to you by leading the way with Dr. Michael.

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