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Is Isaiah 53 Really the Forbidden Chapter in Judaism?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 1, 2020 4:30 pm

Is Isaiah 53 Really the Forbidden Chapter in Judaism?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 1, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/01/20.

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Isaiah 53 it is this chapter forbidden for Jews to read stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always.

866-34-TRUTH let's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire.

This thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown and I am really excited friends because we have released the first of its kind in amazing new video on Isaiah 53 it's on our website.* this.

It's on our YouTube channel Esther cabana get your brown it's called the most compelling messianic prophecy and we deal with Isaiah 53, five minutes in animated video.

It is going to be an amazing Jewish outreach tool. It's free.

Share it posted on social media. If you have questions about that, by all means give us a call. The phone lines are open for any Jewish related question of any kind, 866-348-7884. If you are a Jewish person watching or listening and you don't believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Or perhaps you once believed that, but you had questions raised in your faith is been shaken, give us a call 866-348-7884 and if you say I'd like to talk with you but I can't risk it a minute very religious setting. And if anyone knew I was calling I would be in trouble won't write was privately we will not give your name out to anyone. We will not put you on a special list. We we will interact with you privately, and do our best to help. If your first language is English were good on that if your first language is Hebrew were good on that if your first language is Russian regard on that. We got a staff member fluent Russian English and Hebrew Jewish Russian Israeli believer. We would love to interact with you but right now calling this SB English right 866-34-TRUTH so check out this new video on Isaiah 53 simplest things just go to our YouTube channel.

Esther Brown and and you will see it there. The most compelling messianic prophecy. It is powerfully animated or team did an incredible job putting this together and I produce the text for based on decades and decades of study of the text to try to make it simple as I could for Jewish seeker and to edify the all believers and and and all seekers from all backgrounds but to to convey the truth of the message to kind of subtly answered questions and respond to objections that will come up, and then to let the text speak for itself. Knowing the power of the word that the power of the gospel is in the proclamation of the message so Isaiah 53, more than any other passage anywhere in Scripture conveys this message of the size vicarious death and his resurrection, and there it is laid out in the book of Isaiah hundreds of years before Jesus came into the world so share that out. Would you be schismatic evangelism team with me would you do that, just take the link from YouTube and boom posted on your Facebook page that out via Twitter to provide Instagram wherever you can get the word out getting out because we we know God wants to touch multitudes of Jewish people.

With this tool so Isaiah 53. When you look at the chapter little bit more during the broadcast. Today, but is it forbidden. There is a viral video that one for Israel producer friends there a time bar and other friends and their talking to people's religious Jews and others in their not familiar with the contents of the chapter. They never read it.

Is it forbidden or are they told to skip it or not read what other the details of this.

Why is it thought of as the forbidden chapter. Why is it that many traditional Jews not familiar with that they know so much of the Bible by heart. They know massive amount of rabbinic literature by heart the most devout studied many hours a day and incredibly learned why do so many seem unaware of this passage so first thing to understand is that religious Jew and it's the man it's doing most of the study that religious Jew is is intimately conversant with the tour with the first five books.

This is the foundation for everything that they're studying. So when they first learned to read Hebrew. Maybe you're five for five years older.

They're starting to took to learn Torah at an early age, and in some years after that, learning it with Rashi's commentary and every week in the synagogue, a portion of the five books of Moses is read, so that annually you read through the entire terrazzo every year of your life going through going through going through going through going through and reading it during the week.

Okay then, in your prayer times you are reciting lots of the Psalms to reciting other portions of Scripture. And that's part of your daily routines.

You're very personally with that and then in the synagogue every week you have supplemental readings called half terrazzo supplement, you may hear spoken of Coke locally is tough. Torah, but it's 1/2 towards the supplemental reading and it comes from the section in the Hebrew Bible called the prophets Nadeem a traditional Jew refers to what Christians refer to as the Old Testament, they refer to this ton right so Torah brought the aim could you beam to raw the five books of Moses. The aim the prophetic books to beam the writings okay. What are the prophetic books in traditional Judaism. They are Joshua Judges 1st and second Samuel, first and second Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the 12 Minor Prophets. Those are considered to beam so it is believed that prophets wrote say first and second Kings, etc. first and second Samuel, the prophets wrote those books therefore they are prophetic in their incitement, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel 12 on profits you say what about everything else that will first the Chronicles of Esther and Ezra Nehemiah. What about Daniel what about those all go in the writings together with Psalms and Proverbs and Job Lamentations girl there so every week in the synagogue reef in the five books of Moses R. And then you read from being from the prophets. Now it's it's not all of those books. Obviously it's a selection maybe a selection from Joshua that ties in with the weekly theme or maybe a selection from Ezekiel were Jeremiah that ties in with the weekly theme in the Torah, so there are passages from Isaiah and there is a passage read in Isaiah and one of the weekly Torah portions as a supplement right before Isaiah 53 in Isaiah 53 is technically 5213 to 5312. That's the passage so ignore the chapter division or 5213 5312.

That's what refer to as Isaiah 53 so there's a passage read right before that and then the next week. The passage right after that in Isaiah 53 escaped. Why is it skipped okay first thing it is skipped that's that's a fact. No other passages in other places are skipped as well, but it is skipped which means the traditional Jew is not going to hear it as part of any annual reading is not part of daily prayer is not part of the weekly synagogue readings, so a traditional Jew to grow up, and unless the traditional Jew has studied all the Bible disable traditional Jew study day and night, and of the Scriptures and sign up not all of the Scriptures. In other words, they do not read the Bible, the way a Christian might and sale can you start reading Genesis 1 to read through the Bible in a year screws me again the amount to study.

They do the. The amount of material they learn is is massive, but they're not just going through the whole Bible, so it is skipped and that means that a traditional Jew after being insist synagogue say daily or weekly for 50 years will never hear that read in the synagogue were still here. Other portions read over and over and over and over and over. The question is why is it skipped, and the best scholarship that I've seen on this says that there is a debate on the subject that if you go back far enough in the ancient world because not all of the ancient Jewish world have the same customs. For example, if you lived in Babylon.

The cycle was to go through the five books of Moses in the synagogues every three years if you lived in Judeo you would go through it once a year so things were not fixed in the same way different parts of the Jewish world may have prayed certain prayers on certain days in other parts of Jewish world not certain parts of Jewish world may recite certain portions of Scripture on certain days in other parts of Jewish world not so. There are two different traditions that we try to uncover, but we just don't have exact data.

One says if you go back far enough you'll see, this was never one of the passages that was read numbers. There is no evidence that was once read and then taken out there is that argument that in some parts of the ancient Jewish world. There is no evidence that was ever there in the first place. It was always skipped, just like other passages are skipped because they are not considered relevant to tying in with the weekly Torah portion on the flipside on the flipside, there are traditions that indicate that it once was. Read in the synagogues and was removed because it was considered too controversial.

It was considered to polemical and it was known that Christians were going to use this to preach Jesus and that to have it read in the synagogue would not be constructive, which tells you the power of his words now many messianic Jews only know of that argument that it was written. Synagogues was taken out.

There is a debate about that. So if you have an Orthodox using.

I was never part of the cycle was never taken out.

That's what they've heard. Others would argue know it was part of the cycle and it was taken out.

So there is a scholarly debate about that, but for sure it is not read and there is a strong argument that at least in certain circles it once was read in the synagogues and was moved. Now it's not forbidden any Jew can study it read.

It has all the standard commentaries.

If you have any rabbinic Bible with Isaiah 5300 a book of I said Sam, my love is filled with these things and all the commentaries of their and so on. But many Jews go through their entire lives and they're not familiar with the passage because it's not part of any traditional reading cycle and therefore if you show it to them first time in less they've been trained in polemics or know the arguments about Jesus being the Messiah. Many of them have never read it more right that 866-34-TRUTH along the bones come back for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on sutures Thursday any Jewish related questions you have for me of any kind whatsoever, by all means give us a call 86634. We start with Christian in Tampa Florida. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Thank you so much Dr. Brown I appreciate Michael, you bet.

I had a quick question.

I have a couple of friends but try to use Jesus praying to the father and also in equipping people in the temple like an excuse to kind of like knockout his divinity. So my question is how what I properly articulate to them how that that not how that works through Scripture is very passages that I can check out the refute the claim correctly right so the first thing is to say, doesn't say he whipped people EDM (right he overturned the tables and and he's quoting from Jeremiah 7 that that that the temples been turned into a den of thieves and that he drives out the cattle with a whip, so there's there's nothing on messianic or or sinful or fleshly about that, he's cleaning out his father's house, in effect, yes. Who better to do it. You could even apply to Malachi 3 that when the Messiah comes, he's going to come like a refiner's fire and is good to purify the, the, the priests and the Levites. The question is who can endure the day of his coming because it's going to come with purging judgment. So I will I would start there in in terms in terms of of of saying first is not hurting anyone. He's not doing any violence there is no accusation against that it would be very easy if you're using the New Testament as a guide here because we know about this to the New Testament, it would be very easy for Rome to bring some type of accusation against him based on that he was. He was actually causing violence or leaving an opera, but that they had to rely on false testimony. So that would be the first thing the second thing is the very ones that were eyewitnesses to that of the ones that make the claim that he was sinless. This was looked at as some sinful activity with a been able to point to it. You don't have in Jewish literature anywhere.

Ancient Jewish literature that he gets attacked for doing that.

That's the one thing the other thing is that they need to understand that he comes as a mediator, so he is going to pray to his father because he is fully human and fully divine, and I would start with passages like Genesis 18, where God appears in human form and eats with Abram. Even as his feet washed is an extensive conversation with him and then leaves while the two angels that are with him go on to Solomon, Genesis 18 through that to begin in the 19th chapter to say our God is complex and is unity that to just write it to squeeze them into our little minds is a mistake is far greater than that. So one of the same time he can sit enthroned in heaven when the same time he can fill the universe with his presence he can work among us invisibly by his spirit and he can appear in human form and we have evidence for that in the Hebrew Bible. Now he just does it in a more permanent way in the New Testament, and he does that to bring human beings to God. So this is exactly with the New Testament teaches and this is not a matter of math or science resume of Almighty God complex in his community. So, I would point to to the wonder and beauty and history of it to say this is how God reaches out to us and makes himself known so that we can move in with you got. I point out that the God of the Old Testament is hidden and yet revealed invisible and yet visible transcendent and yet imminent. How how is that is through his son that he makes himself known. This is consistent from the Hebrew Bible into the New Testament are likely to want your very welcome. Keep sharing the gospel with your friends and make sure you show me.

Isaiah 53 video 86634 okay before we dig into a bit more. There's a 53 text let me just say that I'm not going to get into a major political discussion.

We all had our fill with the presidential debate Tuesday night.

I think it's one of the rare times when left and right United like: but I saw a fascinating article in the Jerusalem Post.

I was curious to see how this would play in Israel and other nations. So, so check out this article in the Jerusalem Post. America gets taste of Israeli politics in debate analysis. For years Israelis thought that they would adopt elements of US politics, but this time it went the other way and other works of the Jerusalem Post article and say America.

This is what we deal with all the time. This is what our politics like all dog you thought it was juvenile. You thought about every other crosstalk and yelling over each other's like this is our normal politics you think we get nasty our attack as in America, the level of our politics.

The name-calling, the accusation you think it's bad here, go over Israel. But hang on and in the fact that you have as many as 22 different parties competing for seats in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament for the hundred 20 seats okay and and maybe 10 of them will get enough votes to to get in the threshold level, which is for seats. Then you add in that that you have ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups radically left secularist groups and then Arab groups. You've got a volatile mix so I'm not I found that so interesting to see that there's thing yet America got a taste of Israeli politics. That's like our norm soul interesting for sure, 866-34-TRUTH all I want to get to this question momentarily in Seattle but first beginning of Isaiah 53 Zukin 5213 is a 5213 starts with these words, he nay yes appeal of the so no question about he, nay, and of the behold in my servant. But yes, keel that can mean he will act wisely or he will succeed. You will prosper.

Either way, it speaks of his great exultation God drawing attention to him continues because share Shama more or less caught Rabin just as many were astonished at you in speaking to the servant directly or the prophet is a type of the servant right because share from Imola Caribbean just as many were astonished or appalled at you and stem cells. With reference to the servant came.

She caught me by him or is so his his his appearance was was marred more than that of a man. The tour called me up and they are dumb and and his likeness is forum beyond human summits.

She was going to be highly exalted.

Okay Emmaus Kila did and I didn't read the the end of that verse you move and he saw the golf mode he he he will he will be lifted up, exalted, and exceedingly high. But first he's going to suffer terrible abasement King is a go team Rabin alive. You could sue up marking p.m. just so he will startle or sprinkle many nations. King shall be silenced because tissue loose to parlay him, who is that which is not told them they will see for sure. Virtue Susan Rusher Lucia Moo keep it on and and that which they had not heard, they will now understand that the work you get into this a little more as the broadcast goes on, but the question is who is the servant.

This one that will be highly exalted, but only after terrible suffering, this one whose message will now get out to the nations.

You can make a case for sprinkle many nations so that the cleansing work of his blood of this would translate struggle with the whole other linguistic debate. As a result, kings will shut their mouth. The traditional Jewish view is ultimately this is speaking about Israel may have some messianic application, but it's ultimately speaking about Israel and if you will keep reading it as a 53 you'll see that servant of the Lord has been suffering for the sins of the nations the kings of the nations are speaking and their signal we thought Israel will suffering for its own since we realize that Israel will suffer for our sins as we exiled and oppressed and killed the people of Israel but where healed through their wounds messianic Jews Christians would say no can't say that absolutely not set the servant this is Israel speaking in Israel, saying, we thought that he, the Messiah was suffering for his sins. We didn't realize he was suffering for our sins and by his wounds we are healed. So in our video Isaiah 53 we lay out recently five minutes animated video so to the point and with the Scripture being put out there put out there so people here at Felix even think about.

We indicate why the servant spoken of as the same one spoken of Isaiah 49 and Isaiah 50 was rejected by his people even suffers violence in the hands of his people and yet it is through his life and his death is resurrection that the three people are saved and through him the message that goes to the nations, and that Israel succeeds in its mission to be a light to the nations I get back is a 53 but before we do that can answer a question on Psalm 22, so stay right here on file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, and was worn for many many existed. Great to hear singing with her dad. There is voice the prayer from her blessing from number 60 Aaronic benediction is thoroughly Jewish Thursday so welcome we get some new music will be playing this week so be ready. Plus touch. My problem is that this one a of this worship. Drink that in anyway here we go 866-34-TRUTH any Jewish related Hebrew related question. You've got for me please give us a call we go over to Rob in Seattle, Washington.

Welcome to the line of fire, all of Dr. Brown.

My question is about Psalm 2216 you walking and reading of the article. Many claim that it is not the word peers because I believe Cara who is the correct word. And that means like a lion rather than the Christian translation of car rule which appears and you look party thing I did not mean. But big or X excavate one thing that be not Cheryl Heger manuscript is just a misspelling.

Considering that this word is never used anywhere else. Yes I'm told he really should know better. We refuted that many many many years ago in writing and on video. All materials been out many of us refuted so it it's is very, very weak arguments. The problem with Toby Singer. Is he knows the stuff is been refuted.

He knows their answers but is tell you what I'll do is say no. Here's the counterargument. But here's the accurate information just tell you that this is been demolished as arguments years and years ago and and that he's only telling you part of the story. Why because it is emotional truth.

So here's the here's the deal. This is an internal Jewish issues and even it is not even a Christian.

If this is an internal Jewish issue so the the Masoretic manuscripts.

The vast majority are multiplied thousands of manuscripts hundreds over the years and the hundreds that that still have so they read almost all of them caught hurry which would be like a lion.

Okay, so Korea diary your dive rug lie like a lion. My hands and my feet was that mean there's a verb missing clearly is a verb missing. So if you look at Rashi, who is the foremost medieval Jewish commentator there from 1042 1105 what is Rashi say like a lion. They are mauling my hands and my feet. So first that's that's the a very vivid picture of crucifixion within the New Testament itself never quotes this verse includes some of the surrounding verses in Psalm 22, which is a vivid crucifixion Psalm so in terms of what's ultimately being seen and experience there in the spirit but that's the first thing Rashi says like a lion.

They are mauling my hands and feet without that would be quite a valid description of someone having their hands and feet pierced with with metal spikes first thing the second thing is the oldest translation that we have of this is the Septuagint Greek translation and we know for sure country Toby Singer says that the Septuagint was completed before the time of the New Testament and the Septuagint translates with the pierced that substitution translates where did they get this is this is a couple hundred years before the time of Jesus where they get that from. That's not, re-well as Toby mentions knuckle cover the.

The Qumran manuscript so this is roughly around the same time of the New Testament the reading. There does not have a good which is a smaller line, but evolve along the line, which is car root. So what is car root mean it would it would then mean dig out cut out or through something like that, which again can easily be used sedately dig through they bore through my hands and my feet would work very very well to speak of crucifixion. But there's more. There are about a dozen Masoretic manuscripts of these are Jewish traditional manuscripts from autosave 802,000 years after the time of Jesus and some of them have variant readings. Some of them read car root, cough, Ralph evolve car root. Some of them read, or Rue with an olive.

The very thing that Toby is denying exists is found in traditional Jewish manuscripts and that's why the best ancient Hebrew lexicons.

Add this as it is a potential root that is there either, or Rue there or car root so either way, the oldest translation that we have, says the pierced oldest Jewish translation, the oldest Hebrew manuscript that we have of this, says the date they they dug through they they bore through and some medieval Masoretic manuscripts reflect this as well as is entirely Christian Jewish issue because is not quoted in the New Testament, so there is good evidence for reading of they dug through they bore through. Hence, they pierced my hands and feet and this is something that's entirely Jewish in terms of ancient translations and ancient manuscripts. I am just trying to see if I can find the right video for you, but I actually got into this in great depth on on the show that I did. Let's just see if I can find find this and tell you how to find it.

Yet, here we go.

So if if you go to to YouTube and just search for Dr. Brown refutes Rabbi Singer on Daniel nine. In Psalm 22, or just type in Dr. Brown Psalm 22, you'll see a video will begin to this in great depth. We demolish arguments that he raise wheat wheat we take some of clips from him about 10 Psalm 22 get into it. I even I even put up copies of the data. Some of the information that you can actually see it with your own eyes.

So on our YouTube channel S Dr. Brown or just search on YouTube. Dr. Brown refutes Rabbi Singer on Daniel nine and Psalm 22 and again with troubles me with Rabbi Singer is different than many other County missionaries who will give you the other information and will say hey look at this.

Check it out. Now here's what we believe it's wrong and then the layout. Their argument he doesn't tell you that these arguments exist, and you think all no ugliness of the wrongfully hang on their arguments and he knows full well about them because his study these things for many years.

That's what bothers me that he withholds the truth from people and gives a terribly misleading impression. So any any follow-up question from that there couple other work that he got in another word that primarily used for pierced an Old Testament dimension. If the author wanted to use the work pierced. He would abuse on the other word rather than a unique rare work that is never been used. So I guess my question is why you think the author used this kind of unique wording that an archaic version of Carl and why would one of those popular yet most first thing is, Toby knows full well that you have what's called The common on in the Hebrew Bible words used only once. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of words in the Hebrew Bible that are found only once. This is totally common and and you have many different words used in many different contexts, and in other words, is not one universal word that's that has to be used here has to be use their for example the word he wants us used the route.

The car gets used in Zechariah 1210 BB twilight assured the Carl and the look to me whom they pierced service except that's talk about Jesus there because it's is pierced, all have an argument out of it anyway but again, if you tell us a vivid inner like digging through your hand or pouring through your hand or something like that or are you related to like piercing through the ear of a slave in excess 21 this this through this you steer that same root so no reason to to point out is if it so on and Toby again knows full well that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of words that occur only once in the Hebrew Bible is reverently only from the entire ancient literature. These are the books we have.

It's not like we have a library of 50,000 ancient books from Israel and we see which words used even more commonly we just we just have this limited corpus so nothing particularly obscure about it. Nothing that would be so unusual, and again in the vivid description or it could work especially well and what was the word used for a single use word that Ireland earlier yet so half packs HA PAX Mme. and LEGOMEN a or similarly, non-so just check out here so if I'm searching I go Hebrew Bible right typing this and Hebrew Bible half packs we gone on what it is literally in Latin once said, once said so here getting a Jewish encyclopedia comes up first. Words are forms of words that occur once only there were about 1500 of these in the Old Testament know which forms the criminal he wants but only 400 are strictly haptics, that is, are either absolutely new coinage is roots and cannot be derived in their formation and their specific meaning from other occurring stencil their listing 400 that are totally unique and then another 1100 that appear only once, but can be connected with other words, this is not even have hexagon. This is not even that extreme. In that regard, but there again, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these no mystery in a very, very weak argument for Toby raise any knows full well that if it said they pierced my hands and feet.

He have some can think instead anyway is been presented with the truth for decades and you know is resisted suite.

We pray for God to grant them repentance, but yeah very very easily refuted, and again, check out the video where we put the evidence up there visually for you okay thank you sure thing, you bet 866-34-TRUTH on that what you know another Toby at Singer call. Let me tell you this, friends, we are about to release a series of videos one by one will take these deceptive, misleading, destructive videos that Rabbi Singh is been putting out for decades now online and will demolish them. One of the time and present you with the glorious truth of the Scriptures and will will separate the lies and the misinformation from the truth. So working on this. It's a major project that could be multiyear, but we know that many others are his views and this led several serial results presented in section truth shine like life's darkness on another call, this it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his Dan in Roswell, Georgia looking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown forgot God bless your work. My question recently heard Dr. Rabbi Toby finger big rather competently that Jesus could not be the Messiah because the car again. You might Dr. Wellwood, how would you articulate bridge and after that gets again a ridiculously ignorant thing for him to say he knows the answer. Traditional Judaism recognizes the atoning power of the death of the righteous.

This is taught throughout the Talmud and rabbinic literature.

So I just say your own tradition speaks otherwise we don't believe in human sacrifice personal believing human sacrifice what we believe in the atoning power the death of the Messiah. So when we go multiple we look at the principles of Isaiah 53 whoever it. Speaking of he dies for our sins and by his suffering reveal all of us like sheep went astray, each one strength was only in the Lord has laid on him the guilt of all of us and through his suffering we become righteous. We suit we believe what's written there in Isaiah 53, then we also say that that we find this principle of the death and suffering of the righteous bringing release and freedom to others within the Torah that we see when the high priest dies. Numbers 35 that the innocent man slayer. The sum of the person who unintentionally went out and killed a person so your interior chopping within the in the forest and and your accent goes flying off killed her best friend, will you flee to a city of refuge have to stay there the rest your life or until the death of the high priest and the Mishnah and Talmud asked the questions of Jewish literature. What atonement fruit for that blood.

For that the bloodshed was at the time the person spent in exile, the city of refuge know it's the death of the high priest that atones. This is in the Mishnah. The Talmud even have a numbers 25 that when an Israelite man takes a Moabite woman into his tent have sex with her and Phineas runs in. There's a plague that's been launched on Israel because of their sin, Phineas high priest son takes a spear's of spears them through, and they die and it says that Phineas by killing the made atonement for Israel. So here the death of representative wicked people brings atonement. Israel and turns back a plague and then you have in Jewish tradition. Isaac offering himself up on the altar. In Genesis 22. Even though he doesn't actually die. Rabbinic tradition says it was as if he dies and all subsequent sacrifices that are offered or offered based on Isaac's merits and to this day when a famous Rabbi dies, the other and is feeling the funeral you say.

May his death be in atonement for our sins so totally knows full well we put this out in great depth in the year 2000. In in answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

Volume 2 theological objections but it was reason Toby is refused to debate me a second time from us though. 30 years now. There's a reason for this, but the answer is we do not believe in human sacrifice. We believe in the atoning power the death of the righteous. We see it most explicitly found in Isaiah 53 we send. He died by his death we are forgiven and free and damn the simplest way where you can get out this basic argument is this a Jew get my emails. Dan find out that okay. But here's here's what you can sign up, go to asked Dr. when you sign up you are going to get Esther to you see Santa for emails immediately.

You'll get a free mini book called seven secrets of the real Messiah. Okay. And in it, there's a chapter about the atoning power the death righteous in Jewish tradition right so it's it's it's the mini book but it's free sedan go there asked Dr. center for emails. Everybody else do the same. This is for everybody right and you'll get immediately. This free mini book this e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah and you find out more about the atoning power in the death of the righteous and then other resources we have the get into it and expanded form. It's powerful it's biblical. It's glorious again.

Isaiah 53 that we've talked about our Isaiah 53 actually cut, cut it off their debacle used to listening we have a new video out if you missed the announcement earlier just released last night so's release 9 PM last night. It's just out. It is a five minute animated video and Isaiah 53 you will find it to be one of the greatest Jewish outreach tools you've ever got your hands on and it's free for lunch use online and emphasizes with scripture says he died so we could live. We categorically reject human sacrifice.

We absolutely believe that it righteous Messiah could say father I will take their place just like a soldier in battle, that he gives his life so that the other troops can escape he gives his life and and then they are freed by his sacrifice. That's with the Messiah did for us. All right, so record dig deep into Isaiah 53 further this for time.

Second, to be able to take your calls but watch the video and then we've got in volume 3 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus you want to dig deeper counter all the major counter missionary objects destroys a 53-year-old, there that's what we spent these many years putting out these resources out.

Let's go to Shem in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Welcome back to the line of fire.

I think it might stuck around back in Hong Kong right.

Yeah I remember that what what what your background Shem. My background like I come from a from an observant Jewish background. I still really respect him a lot about rabbinic literature and practice but I no longer feared as carrying authority from fine. I really gone back to the root gone back to and Scripture, and that what is being the EV car that the main point of authority… And in your name Shem is that short for something else. Yet this amount okay. Shimon got a gun and and so have and I'm all into question a moment so I imagine you're familiar with Carolyn Judaism correct yet yes I am and I have looked into it and they have a lot of things that you speak to me, but wasn't permitted.

Remember everything Donna Donna and you'll have a whole line 15 of my series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus where I challenge the idea of an unbroken chain of rabbinic tradition going back to to Moses, so maybe at some point I'll been since you but if you're in Charlotte when they will meet face-to-face, but I drill recalling I think. Asked about Canada Scripture how we got certain books was that the question Yep Yep remembering exactly right.

Are you the name Shem stuck out to me so okay yeah let's dive in quick your your your questions are okay great thank you for coming that I really want for the day of atonement.

I called but I called for the end.

And yet I yeah I've heard you say, a member find that one big problem with rabbinic Judaism event after the fall of the Temple.

There is no atonement for them and I really get that, but at the same time there's a number of verses throughout the many installments many in the prophet where they do to figure out at the idea that prayer can replace that. And sometimes even preferable, as I have many example to have three that I followed up right now. Psalm 141 take my prayer as an offering of embankment upright and as an evening sacrifice. Hosea 14 which you spoke about a little bit last week as well take words with you and return to Yahweh, faith, and forgive all guilt and expect what is good instead of bold, you will pay the offspring of our lips met.

With that he can get the last one I have nearly from Psalm 50 10 Lord, open my lips to my mouth. Pray for you do not want me to bring sacrifices you don't desire burnt offerings true sacrifice is a contrite spirit. You will not defy the contrite? The campus your faith in your life. Yes… Shem's first thing is, are you willing to read something if you send it to you anything for sure.

Okay. So what when where when were done right. Rachel is going to get your mailing address right when putting you on any list or anything like that can send you. Volume 2 of my series because I deal with these in great depth. All the verses and I have limited time here okay also. Best thing that you try to call in earlier is as well, so Shem stay there as it is. Could be a second before Rachel's for consumers.

Rachel is free of she's going to get on and Kai just just tell Rachel that we needed to get Shem's info here and that will send him volume 2 of my series so in short, Psalm 141 is simply saying receive prayer the way you receive sacrifices not saying it takes the place of any way, shape, size, informant who wrote some informal what was David's relationship to Temple tabernacle of Psalm 51 same. You want more than anything is a heart of devotion to bit read to the end of the song is. He then says then when I repented properly will receive my offerings and sacrifices. Hosea 14 it's a mistranslation say that old are now replaced by privilege and stay there to get you that info and you'll be held by this book in front of the

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