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The Presidential Debate as a Microcosm of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 30, 2020 4:40 pm

The Presidential Debate as a Microcosm of America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 30, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/30/20.

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The presidential debate last night we learn from it stalking for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown yes I I have a lot to say about last night's presidential date want to break down a lot to talk about some very serious issues and I want to get your take 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. This is Michael Brown do my best to be your voice today in a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of the chaos that was last night's debate painful and difficult to watch, but as I said last night and as I posted an article today. The debate is really a snapshot of the state of America was your take last night you think it was a winner or loser to trump when did Biden. When did America win or lose.

Was it a fair debate.

What's your take 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's look at some of the headlines that were posted last night and this is a variety of websites, both left-wing and right-wing from MSNBC to Breitbart.

This is look at some of what was reported. A debate not in America. Pure chaos at the first debate other than this headline fall brawl first come Biden to be full of fiery exchanges insults as they spar on Scotus Cove. It and more is another trump TV spectacle made for video POTUS relentlessly heckles Biden constant interruptions tough guy Joe some trump to shut up because Pres. clown twice inevitable Wallace double teams trump those actually a conservative website Drudge Report with a big picture of a clown face debate/. Now let's cancel out circus now will you shut up man oldest candidates in history. Here's another round one mayhem. Here's another.

This is personal trump calls Biden incompetent and Dem Dubbs Pres. clown is furious debate descends into bitter shouting match, then this live MSNBC analysis after presidential debate turns into a chaotic, shocking effects of I love the hard to watch any of the postdebate analyses, but here in MSNBC that turns into a chaotic shouting out and then a trunk house as moderator Chris Wallace. I guess I'm debating you not him but that's okay.

Biden tells Drumm to shut trump to shut up, caused him racist, presidential Chris Wallace runs into France.

Biden, and on and on it goes. If you missed it, let me play two clips that were representative and then on to give you my overall take and do my best to be constructive and practical and edifying and not sensationalistic as we break this down right click on, let's take a listen load and let your senators know how you feel are good load now in effect.

They will assure you. In fact, let people know is over.

Senators can answer the question. Is that because the questionnaire questionnaire addresses the radical left would usually not on man, who is on your list, you, this is all right gentleman I think is a less unpleasant act accordingly event are not regularly offended the segment were to move on to the second segment was really productive. Keep The people understand sheepish 47 years you've done nothing but founders of all right the second subject is a culvert 19 is an awfully serious subject, so let's try to be serious about our I mean, that's a little taste. Now, on the one hand, it's absolutely outrageous that Biden refused to answer the question. It's absolutely outrageous that Chris Walston push them on, but the way the bickering starts in trump, interrupting a challenging his not answering but you're not supposed to be interrupting at that point and then Biden tell me to shut up Manning and Chris Wallace. They're all talking at the same time I felt like it was one of these family squabbles were you just international dinner will somebody stand up and just tell everybody be quiet children be quiet. That's how I felt watching it and many others from all sides felt the same way that there were worse moments with all three talking at the same time, but here's a good example of the kind of back-and-forth in the pettiness on all sides with listen number will tell you about later with Bernie Sanders IIR left on the manifesto wheel it would manifest your socialized medicine book singularly known. The fact of the matter is, I'd be pretty Sanders not by much. I buy but being the whole of Limehouse.

I'm here Stan face Motorola Hodges would've leveled as early would've lost every probably knows how to do with her Tuesday look very low residue.

I got very lucky you're very lucky tonight as well. And tonight I'm going washer because with wires a deal I that was a a little snapshot of what happened over the course of the night. Here's the article that I will step back. I prayed right. This can be so much postdebate analysis can be break down in defending this when defending that one who want back-and-forth in what really looked at. I still care. America lost that that this is a picture of America so that's the article that I wrote the presidential debate was a snapshot of America.

If you haven't read it's it's* the presidential debate was a snapshot of America and as I say in the article, the debate was a microcosm of the state of America. We are gravely divided.

We are nasty we burn bridges rather than build them.

We don't trust anyone that is not in our camp. We are deeply suspicious.

Everyone seems biased in the question are there any national unifying voices. Sadly, there are not right, and I noticed that someone posted this on Facebook today after reading my article and in this is what she said. She said you write what I'm thinking. Loki said thank you for saying everything I've been thinking since last night and saying it so much better.

That's why I'm introduced as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. I'm trying to get God's heart, wisdom, truth, and I know that many of you feel the same way, but you don't have the platform that we don't that we have read you don't have the reader reach the Internet reach the social media reach so we want to use that and be your voice.

We also want to hear from you.

That's why we have live radio so we can hear from you 866-34-TRUTH that's what we post everything on the Internet so you can interact and comment. And there are tens of thousands of comments every month. We appreciate you weighing it, but we are we are trying to step back and get clarity. No, I don't claim to be perfectly unbiased, who is a do my best to be obvious them not right, but I am trying to be as objective as I can be before the Lord.

I'm making that effort rather than just waiting in a partisan way. Okay, so a few large slots about the debate number one.

What you do debates you debates to change people's minds you do debates to get people to hear your position and embrace your position. Let's say when you're doing a debate that Sam debating an Orthodox rabbi like my friend Rabbi smoothly. I want people to consider Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, and he wants them not to. So let's say you have three major groups. If you if you make broad divisions. One group is the group that really agrees with me.

The other group is the group that really agrees with Rabbi smoothly.

The other group is time between leaning one way or the other. Not sure so I always want to strengthen those that are with me knows I want them to leave feeling fortified strength and encourage energized and I want to get the people in Rabbi smoothly's camp ones that are complete in the other side looking thinking I will get them wondering, could there be truth to this position that they've always rejected, but the ones that are good, have the greatest potential impact on are the ones that are kind of in the middle reasonably sure. So let's say let's just say that in the debate if there was that the arbitrary way to score. Let's just say in the debate.

I 1822 right people should always camp will be a little shaken by that but the probably still think you want the people in my camp will think I totally demolished, but it's the ones in the middle, leaning the little one way little the other that I got the best chance of maybe influencing to really consider my position.

That's why you do the debate.

I don't think either candidate succeeded at all in influencing the people in the middle. I think they missed enough opportunities.

I think they did enough things that were self-destructive. Along the way that they missed their moms and listen. I say this as a debater. I say this is someone who's been in the hot seat been on the stage and major events. Universities are things that are being broadcast live stream. The much by thousands, though obviously not the tens of billions that was last night were debated that consequence in terms of the national elections but high-stakes debates on key issues been in the hot seat. I've been in that situation many many times I have experience in Essen.

I like this such a thing as optic certain things play well and others don't play well in the whole reason you're doing the debate is is to effectively communicate your position and get people to consider your position, win them over to your position. That's what you do it and you're convinced that you're on the side of truth right so number one, Pres. Trump sadly set the tone with his interruptions. He did it.

From early on in the rules. You get to speak to minutes I was think of the gets the answer to minutes back-and-forth talk.

There's plenty of opportunity will back-and-forth you don't interrupt the person time.

It makes you look bad. It makes the petty so he messed up with that and he did it through the night fail on his head, Joe Biden on his and what is he do, he retaliates with insults because the president the clown twice tells him to shut up because I'm a liar and and other things like that he fail there, that if you're getting interrupted, there's a way we take the higher ground instead of man that did you end up the illicit. I've been in situations right get whiny and other inches just every everybody looks better.

As for Chris Wallace. He did not moderate fairly. That seems very very clear the way he challenged Trump on certain questions the way he repeated things that are absolute lies in and set it up as a question.

He did not push back on Biden. The answer we push back on Trump. No question about that in terms of not a fair job of moderation and then he got as bad as the debate now everybody thinks Stella somebody to stop. I'm sure Ms. you felt like that. That being said, I don't know what he could have done to force Trump and then Biden to play by the rules. I believe you got Trump to play by the rules that Biden would play by the rules. I don't know what you do in a situation like that of cutting someone's Mike off. I don't know how to handle it.

So was a difficult situation, but overall it ended up being a mass in a hodgepodge something that again gives a picture of the divided state nasty, angry, everybody's wrong nobody's right states of America. That's why elections can only go so far.

There must be kidding the changes our nation that shape the gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown list next beat 866-34-TRUTH 8788 a few other larger things. I just want to address what is with the battle being fought the way it was. It's kind of like you signed up for a boxing match with gloves and regulation ring and all this and and ends up with a street fight. When you bring a baseball bat in life and biting kicking wrestling on the floor and it ends up just being a mess and everybody in the process gets that you feel yet dirty, just watching. That also means that the major issues of substance which is what we really needed to focus on really got overlooked. Now on the debating level debating principle there were there were obvious. Mrs. and and by the way, I know the here and there.

There were some rambling with with Joe Biden, but with everything I was expected in terms of your dimension you can think you can speak in all this he did his as well as you could expect in in in other words, I think he came out fine in that regard in trouble he's losing. I think he cannot find again their demeanor in the way they treated each other and interrupting and the bickering and insulting that that was degrading for both of you say was the president he should not act like that. I agree 100% on the other hand, you don't call the president clown, shut up so that the sword cuts both ways.

In that regard right, but when something comes your way. That is an absolute falsehood you need to boom you got refuted head on head-on, so the Charlottesville lie that will unpack little bit later in the broadcast. Charlottesville lie. The Trump said that neo-Nazis and white supremacist that some of them are very fine people right which he categorically said the opposite of that free week of the few occasions in any case, he never smashed that it's out there country/on the flipside, when you refuse to answer a direct question of importance will you pack the Supreme Court and and the buses on like an answer that because that would become issue that supposed to be the issue that's what you're being asked.

That's a big question. Americans need to know boom fail there. She had those kinds of things that that happen. I don't think that Trump lost any of his support any of his base by being what he was, because that's the way he's been from day one and those that can't vote for him.

For those reasons aren't voting for him and everyone else. I hate that. So I voted for him anyway, voted for the policies and he is the way he is on the flipside, is it possible that Biden saying yell on the Democratic Party denying the platform that the manifest of the Kimberly Sanders put together distancing himself from the green new deal, saying categorically doesn't want to defund police will let loose some of the left base.

Those are questions that would typically questions to discuss but again got lost the overflow of what happened right here is what I post on twitter. I posted a couple of polls during the debate.

So one is who is being more civil in the debate there. Remember, overwhelmingly, my twitter followers would be if you if you CitiPhone for Trump or Biden overwhelmingly be Trump. Nonetheless, still he came out, lower their crews being more civil Trump 18.6% Biden 22.2%. Neither 57.7% that's really true. I should investors be less civil and in both 1.5% so obviously was nobody thought that then another question I asked in terms of who won the debate. In your view, who wanted debate so here's the interesting response on twitter who wanted debate in your opinion, I give four choices.

Biden 8.5% Trump 36.6%. Neither neither 19.7% less choice America lost 35.2%, so on my twitter feed. It is not is not big at six 43 1/2 thousand estimate that so it's not one of these with tens of millions right, but it's good representative Chuck on that feed you would say that the great majority of those following the would consider themselves Christian conservatives right to the great great majority. We have many that don't agree, but that would be the great majority so think of this. Think of this almost as many set America lost as said Trump, one that that to me says a lot and NIII tweeted this out during the debate. Is it there's so much dirt flying. It's hard not to feel dirty just watching and then when the debate ended, I posted this because again is the presidential election of you voting for right tonight's debate reminded me again that there is a lot I don't like about the way real Donald Trump handles himself. This is twitter hand reeled on Trump but hands down. He gets my vote for policies as well as gets my vote against the Democratic policies sought to shout out as loudly as ever, have the day after.

Donald Trump is not my Savior.

Donald Trump is not my deliverer, my hope is not in Donald Trump. My hope is in Jesus my Savior deliver my all in all he's the one I preach, he's my love, he's all I declare when the name of Trump is forgotten when the name of America is forgotten the name of Jesus will be exalted forever and ever and we will worship him, to the glory of God the father. That's who I am. That's my heart that's my stance as to who I prefer to have an president as president between the two choices now. I prefer Donald Trump over Joe Biden in that syllable, but friends let let's recognize were dealing with human beings, we human beings that need prayer that need, the need God and I can only go so far and what they do and that's the reality. Right we go to the phones. Let's start with Alex in Richmond, Kentucky. Welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Brown.

It is good to be talking with you and I'm thankful for auditing the youth that though I'm thankful for the conversation politically on sort of moderate their fundamental thing that I do not work. Democratic platform but a month are really struggling with Trump and the just a little bit of my background Donna college ministry in Kentucky.

I worked on a number of different college campuses. I work with evangelism and discipleship teaching on the Holy Spirit. But for a multiethnic campus ministry out the care a lot about racial reconciliation and justice go to one of the ministries I run it pretty much all black student some constantly talking a black student somewhere Christian.

Many who are not in with the perspective I have a very troubled with how Pres. Trump and his communication about law and order and racial justice affected my student boy that he didn't denounce like the premises. Like when he had the opportunity becoming played around with it like what that permanent that's troubling to me. The way that he focus, exclusively on law and order and having the backing of police officers but not talking about the need for police reform and justice reform that's troubling. He didn't say anything about systemic injustice. Like Biden said he mentioned a violent protest, but for many like college students like that out protecting Bonaire not being violent. Like out of that cut it down to them yet. On the flipside, could Biden the Biden has been in 48, 47 years in government and solve these problems himself, and now he wants to work on it and at the same time you know he lied in the past about participating that the rights movement. The whole if you don't vote for me. You ain't black, it is honestly on the street at the lack of unity in the church and am grieved how my black brothers and sisters feel in Alex's young you hit the nail on the head in a number of different keyways and remember each one is is also playing to the base. So trying those many Americans were upset about the riots. In fact, that those have hurt the Democrat because the quote that Joe Biden attributes Kelly and Conway that you know that the rights are greater encouragement, which we sang was there helping our cause, and with some people see chaos in the streets, they realize with the Democrats going. She wasn't encouraging it so it restated but it was inaccurately represented by trumpets and hash down for long order and and his base wants him to enter the stand against the riots and and they have made the BLM movement less popular than they were back in June and of course Joe Biden clearly said he does, he does not stand for defining the police so that was no. He was saying that he realized that that's that's important, but there is no question that Trump missed a clear opportunity to to make his positions cleared out. He did state the positive in terms of what is done to help black Americans and we have to reiterate that Biden's bill ends up with more Blacks in jail.

Trump's prison reform and superbikes out of jail. Trump stands with historically black colleges. Unemployment rates of help black Americans, etc. lowering unemployment rates, but when he was asked specifically in climate, we can pull that transcript up from the Breitbart article, we actually go back and forth in the exchange went when she answered with Stanback in standby. He totally blew his opportunity but if you look at the actual transcript and here's what happens. Okay so Chris Wallace, you have repeatedly criticized the VP for not specifically calling out NT for which Biden ridiculously citizen idea, not a group, Trump.

That's right Wallace and other left-wing extremists groups just need to look that up on screen there and other left-wing extremist groups, but you are willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and the militia groups Trump sure wasn't to say they need to stand down and not add to the violence in the number of the seas is sunken ocean is missing important Trump sure I'm willing to do that while she prepared specifically to do Trump I would say Wallace go ahead sir, I would sail most everything I see is from the wife left-wing, not for the right wing Wallace so what you are what you are saying Trump I'm willing to do anything I want to see peace Wallace will then do a search Trump. I am say it, do it, but that's that's binder turning it Trump you call them what you want to call them give me a name. Give me a name was white supremacist right-wing militia.

Go ahead. Trump says who's likely to condemn white supremacist. The problem was Trump who white supremacist right-wing militia Trump probably Stanback in standby, but I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what some risk of this identity. Finland, etc. so he gives ensure yes yes yes yes I think that moment is Chris Wallace's term stand out and he says it Stanback in standby. That moment, but as you see we come back and inside the break has been consistent in denouncing Lewis moment like that. I asked the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown take on last night's presidential debate want to hear from you undergo your calls momentarily and spend most of the rest of the show taking your calls. Let me just say this for those likely to be strong you can be strong without being nasty. You can be strong without insulting you can be strong without interrupting it I can say take it from me. I understand what it's like to be in hostile debates understand what it's like to be against a hostile opponent understand what it's like to to work with some of the doesn't play by the rules understand what it's like when you realize that the audience is stacked against her position. Okay, I understand all those things there are biblical principles read through the book of Proverbs there biblical principles and now is talk to us as believers.

Some of us want to sound so righteous. I'm not bragging that we just get nasty some babyish with the, the less people listen to us. The more we yell post universe is now on and in AS a poster. How can I reach this person how it if I'm sure I'm on the right side on the wrong side than the love of God should move me want to reach them and help them produce 51 remains true that a harsh word stirs up strife, but a gentle answer turns away wrath. It remains true. Proverbs 25 that that a soft answer breaks the bones will be effective right you will make a difference will make an impact.

So I believe neither party has done a consistently good job in terms of racial reconciliation because of divisive politics right and and that remains a big issue so I believe Trump missed an opportunity to answer something clearly but here's the dig behind. He's knocking to play the game where he feels he's ready answered something and and he does not want to focus on the white militias in the white supremacist is he doesn't. That's the big problem in the city rights.

He thinks it's all coming from left in the vast majority who is coming from left the vast restless majority of the writing in the looting and the vandalism. Their presence across America initial question that you have rising tide of white supremacy and white nationalism. That's ugly and destructive. I did just not going round looting in cities the same with the others are okay. Both of these are dangerous negative factions is just that the left is having a certain more visible impact. Now, so Trump was gotta emphasize what he felt was the sport but I just want to go back to the Charlottesville line that is been repeated endlessly. That was part of Chris Wallace's question to Joe Biden in July was quite ready and paint a picture of that of the ugly. You know hateful faces from Charlottesville and then wrongly claiming that Trump said some of her fought very fine people so I want to go back to the actual facts of the matter.

Okay, search my article Charlottesville. I must die on our website so August 12, 2017. This is immediately in the aftermath of what happened Charlottesville and and the tragic death of the young woman there.

He said I think there is blame on both sides. That is talk about the people protesting the removal of the Confederate statute you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.

What are the main he meant that there were people there that just didn't think the statue should come down with a white white supremacist that was his point.

Okay, so now two days later he issues the statement racism is evil and those who caused violence in his name or criminals and thugs including the KKK neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups right this is August 14, 2015, 2070. Then August 15.

He said we condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred and bigotry and violence.

He was asked what did you mean by very fine peoples.

This is all that very week he explained you had people in the group that were there to protest the taking down of to them.

A very important very, very important statute and the renaming of apart from Robert E Lee to another name them when he was asked if we should take on statues of Thomas Jefferson. He said okay good are we going to take down the statute because he was a major slaveowner. Now we gotta take down his statute's you know what, it's fine. Your changing history changing culture and you had people and I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalist because they should be condemned totally betrayed.

Many people in that group other than neo-Nazis. Whiteness is okay and the pressure-treated went absolutely and fairly.

Now the old reports you had some fine people, which also troublemakers and decedent, the black aphids helmets the baseball bats you got you had a lot of badge a lot of people in the other group. Then Trump is asked you're saying the press is treated white nationals unfairly. He says no, no, there were people in that rally and I looked like before.

If you look there were people protesting very quietly the taking down of the statute of Robert E Lee.

I'm sure that group. There are some very good some bad ones. The following day look like they come rough that people, neo-Nazis, white nationalist, whatever you want to call them so was it four separate times he makes himself clear.

This ally has been perpetrated is an outright lie that Trump said white supremacist neo-Nazis, white nationals, these others are very fine people.

It was repeated last night it was it was implicit in the question from Chris Wallace. It was obviously a major throw throw a nice low pitched it to Joe Biden hit on that one and and Trump failed to grab that and say that is a categorical lie I condemned in the plainest terms people know it's a lie and they spread it anyway.

But others don't know it's a lot and that was a miss on his end. Okay. And of course it's getting report another he told white nationalist standby standby be ready. That's always been reported to missed an opportunity. He did on the other hand, Joe Biden perpetrated a dangerous lie there you go. That's reality.

866-34-TRUTH let's go over to David and San Antonio, Texas which your months are long dark brown shalom. By the way, we could use a little shalom right now that you think you sure you yes we we we could but I I I watched the debate last night and I and I prayed read the Scriptures for long time and I met and I thought backpack back to 2016 and the exact same moderator pulled off the exact same buyer in the debate in 2016 that's what you don't want to take now with your thoughts on my thoughts are what show do you mean kids. It it's what we should expect from media because the media is coming from a leftist position they're coming from. There already protect want to protect their position at Switzerland and in other words, your big take away was the was the incidences of this should've been the fairest turfs of the moderators of the Chris Wallace Pam Fox news, but obviously not being a Trump supporting his registered Democrat, but but either way again. I don't envy the position he was in in terms of trying to rain the thing in and get Trump especially that the play by the rules and get get Biden to respondent, and so on. It was an easy position but but the bias think is hard to deny but again there is a way where if that's the case then all you have to do is look the part of the victim.

You can be strong, be honest, be firm to make it clear cicada ganged up on here and sympathies will turn in your direction. It's reality is reality come from experience in talking from Ollie's optics there this giving postdebate comments here 866-34-TRUTH we go to Rachel and Oxford North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you Rachel are you the same Rachel.

They called me yet. Is that okay yeah you called me the older blank that would getting ridiculed for not wanting to vote for Obama right that was actually a call that I remember to this day. Tell me if I have things right.

Okay what when I asked when when issues as we knew that that many black Christians are conservative in their moral and family values and get Pres. Obama's views Sen. Obama's views were contrary to that and you said you're old enough to remember the speeches of Dr. King that this is a spiritual battle that you were in churches where they prayed by name for the election of Pres. Obama and that you then got a copy of the letter from from gay Democrats in San Francisco where they were. Thank you prison Obama for his stand on XYZ issues which would've been completely contrary to your friends that she tried the experiment and rather than than saying hey, this is about Pres. Obama or his letter to them you you read it you read his letter to them without saying who it was. So they categorically differed with and then you said this was prison Obama or Sen. Obama, and they refused to believe it was actually having you said it's a spiritual battle is more on abortion when he was still on before I can even run for presidency and it was horrendous even before I left didn't agree with it and that is what when dealing with today we are dealing with all of that so vote mean so much. But yet I was ridiculed like you cannot be increased for care.

That was 2007 and it was like and I didn't have an opportunity to bring you up to date, but I was in a revival in a revival meeting the day after they announced that on that Trump had one and they had a gift to a district head that were doing the revival and he was on a good wolf Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the man broke down and cried and hit his head on the on the podium and almost can go on. I mean, he was so I asked my husband if it would be disrespectful for us to get up and leave Phil anyway so we thought was that okay Tete what was just because an interruption ever break coming up but let me just tell you it is a delight to hear from you. 13 years later is just one of those calls that stuck with me and that's what I mean if my memory was that good to remember every call from 13 years ago W of impressive but yeah I remember it so that spiritual Best Buy. I have a question for you on the other side of the break, but you get to go first.

So glad to hear from our girlfriend, Rachel, Oxford, North Carolina] here is a cost it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us to read my article, unless that's presidential making a microcosm of America you that over the website asked her to or over all right, Rachel, back to you okay so anyway your question and conversation about the debate again and got a different panoramic. I really believe that this is just my personal thought that Biden would hand-deliver the insult Ethan. If Trump hadn't initiated them. I think that he was cracked to to diverse attention and that the one thing that may be the only thing that he would be capable of to a strong degree would be to laugh out with info. I believe it would've happened even if I'm not pleased that Trump you know initiated it on.

However, I believe that that Biden was starting to consider what else was he going to be able to get so so is the fact is, I agree that he would have been nasty, insulting of the words of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and some of the lines were obviously made for that is for us his campaign. They don't seem to regret things that since a link that they're selling T-shirts now you shut up man so that's actually right. So the and the strategy was again deflecting the question to you and attack Trump but all I'm saying is, winning a debate point right so you insult me on a reply in kind. Sit him amok and get in the gutter. Let's look at the issues in your statesman you and you end up winning people over beak because the other one. The better you look worse. They locate one last question for you once that there was a second term was prison, Obama, and he openly came out in terms of redefining marriage and things like that.

Did that change the views of of of any of your black church colleagues, but I would like to like you're gonna need people to care vote for Tom for not telling those people acted telling find their attitude toward me because there they they didn't view me anymore like I fell out of FC backend filled the fact that they were that day were more kind and warm to me. Let me know that they actually listening on their still diehard. Now and you know just like to think back and you know what yeah I do feed it with the people on the on the limb.

I see your point, but don't you want to gain until your grandson.

When an addict you live to see a black current president now because I don't want to function on color unless it's the blood of Jesus Christ, which is man, I really believe that the winter till all of this has got to be necessarily reviewing what everybody else is doing and want that all devotion it because the will strictly fact that if people so that we need to and for everybody listening or whatever to stand on Christ the solid rock.

So that means you know what to do. I don't have to tell you and nobody else tell you so you know when you Castillo Castillo Fulton when you you know, making your opinion about a debate or whatever and not to Brown to be honest with you I wanted. I'm listening to what's going on. I read articles on on the Internet about adding wanted because the left of my time. You did and I like my current yeah and and it would assaulted you to us is frustrating and difficult to me I knew was important that I talk about on the air today and I ran vanity light, but after that slick princess flush, pray and talk to people about Jesus. To be honest.

Hey Rachel, I have one request for it. Don't make it so long between calls right something to Michael for all these years.

But anyway you your call and usable. We usually accommodate what I might be thinking or feeling on 100 anyway so I'm going to say that I believe that that was the maximum Biden capability to send mass out and get mean and nasty, yet not sucking God bless and and again is a call that I didn't forget. From 13 years ago so great to hear from you again, 866342 let's see we got time for more calls. Absolutely a Marine in New York City.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire about how you doing just fine thank you talk about America (Missouri, Hamilton got an arm.

I come from London pain level. Everything about everyone educated family, block and downs. I moved here when I was 18 and so for me everything about politics and I was 10 years old, and at the market of socialism.

And a lot of the issues in black America.level of ignorant it really is palpable. I already knew the whole guy about race that they've been doing it and I was 19. Using racing using race to defy and keep people down for me when I moved here, I knew three come from a conservative African-American occupier, we come back right right and wrong is wrong quite look like black man you know we were educated we never got but when I moved a blue state.

I knew three things about the Democratic Party Dr. Brown within a year they hated Christian.

They had a lust for abortion and a used race for every NFL to me. Presidential come clean in here for 35 years and when I finally fell despicable and that knocking Pelosi Chuck Schumer Gary Mackler, Al Sharpton, all of these people know he is in a race because they went to camp for everything.

Dr. Brown, the vampire, how shall I hang Eric's heavy body wanted to be in Dallas from Dragon what he could not by his name for his political affiliation, everything changed.

So to me, not enough. There are people that love Confederate I don't really understand it but I don't friend walking by them. Rated NRA.

I'm not afraid of militia. I don't want to be anywhere near the social justice Gloria black lives matter, why I'm building my from my balcony.

I live in midtown in the 40s back but I'm not trying to be melodramatic. Although all the blues and get out key in a street fighter. It was very frustrating on both part. He has done more for African-Americans and for years, Ben, Harris, Joe Biden, and the party in general inspection.

But if you don't know all you Democrats now. Dr. Brown they have to get black people apoplectic regarding rank Magdeburg KKK lampshade in elk tour. You know all of the thing every Want to kill a black person a minute a phenom in any quality all have been fired, and then off to the next race until another 40, but the lack Christianity that I know not just by fire, they, they quite emotionally I'm Catholic Dr. Brown and I'm talking about Brixton that I now, academic you if you believe in the blood of Jesus in the world can even be a debate you know what it form Chris Malik lined them up. Do you believe into gender believe in QA believe what you know, just because people do not even know the plan form to the party that don't particularly my Democrats bring don't know they can stay down will trump the rights that then he support you know the premise that politicians know that lie lie in the Cuomo. All the guys in New York have any authority they now individual because they wanted everything from the before he put our Joe Marino as you as you speak to these issues was with such clarity and obviously everyone on every side needs to look at the platforms look at the issues, but it is interesting in terms of the attack on the person of Donald Trump's been the same person went limp when Hollywood loved him, and people want to be on celebrity of practice was the same. It was like he was a nice nice guy that knowing this insulting and profane. That is the same person you will click Obama but the great where good luck and I'll get an empty pilot can answer me only thing that you know in the body, take a I currently only knew I didn't want a politician got it I knew about it.

I've got a jump in. I got a jump and I've got to seconds left, but will post your call for the steer because you speak from any and let none of us be guilty of voting based on ignorance or emotion let us vote on what is best for America

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