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Insights and Perspectives From Our Black Christian Friends

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 17, 2020 4:20 pm

Insights and Perspectives From Our Black Christian Friends

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 17, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/17/20.

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Have a candid discussion laying out some critical issue.

Some important things to think through when it comes to race and racism stage for the line of fire, your host, activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Grell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown this is Michael Graham the line of fire. Taking calls today.

This is the third and last day spent teaching a class all day, the King's University on contemporary anti-Semitism. These are scheduled classes. Many many months ago but we have to do to buy soon now because things are not fully back on schedule. Because the covert 19 issues, but it also means we had to pre-record shows so I am recording the show on June 11. I'm just giving you the context of this just a few days back, but if there is major news that happened between June 11 and today or major news taking place today I'm obviously not covering that. Nor can I take your calls but I think you're gonna find today's broadcast to be really helpful, full of insight, edifying and challenging. Now I've been on the air daily talk radio by God's grace for 12 years now and I know it's important calling in my life there many other things I'm called to as well but this is very important has a major focus of our entire team on a daily basis and doing talk radio. You have a great benefit of learning from your audience.

In other words, if if I'm just getting up and preaching a sermon somewhere and then leaving or if I'm doing a TV show where we recorded a series of teachings and air them on TV as of the many times on different TV networks. Christian networks and the like. So I'm administering in them will get reports back. Thank you for the broadcast really helped etc. etc. or a different view on this. Whatever but normally appreciation and then you're always the hate mail a lot of appreciation good feedback will reduce you.

Thank you. Okay, that's great.

That's part of what we do but talk radio we interact, talk radio, I talk about something in you calling Doug Brown.

I think you're wrong here. Hey I got this perspective, or I'll just find out what a lot of people are sinking or hearing it in the living way to talk radio. It's interesting as reading one book that explained that many conservative talk radio hosts were were confident that Trump was going to win in 2016. Where is the mainstream media. Even some of the conservative media was saying.

Looks like comes the loser comes deathly you lose what happened was a lot of the talkshow host were hearing from their listeners and those listeners represented a cross-section of people that end up getting Trump in the White House so listening and interacting gets me out of my normal circle words I've I've had plenty of friends from many many different backgrounds have been out of America about 200 times overseas so little been to India 27 times in Italy 27 times and in many other you know from South Korea to England to Germany to the Philippines to Mexico to Hong Kong to super all around the world and and spent thousands of hours callers probably about three years of my life spent overseas in different cultures interacting learning and and then having 70 students from around the world and our school. Over the years but that's a certain circle still now were on talk radio your calling and from many other different backgrounds were we might not intersect and sharing more of your experiences with me so it's been really helpful to process that, and to learn from it and to factor that in to my thinking.

Now obviously, if you have a biblical view that I differ with.

I differ with it all right if you have a life experience that's different than my life experience and and your background is something I'm not familiar with now.

Great, I can factor that in and learn a little bit more about different cultures.

Is this a theater that lashes question right. How many Native Americans have you talked to me, full-blooded Native Americans, not so look like you know 1/20 Native American in their blood, but full-blooded Native Americans. How many of you talk to that were saved raised on a reservation in America. Most of us would be very few right some of our grads have ministered for years and years and years that they relocated there given their lives for a resident of different reservations in different parts of America and the it's heart. It is beyond heartbreaking to hear the situations and the level of alcoholism in the level of depression and the level of suicide in the hopelessness in the sense of betrayal and what worlds you get that perspective. Don't sing it, and unless you're talking with people living with people.

If you're from the inner city and all your friends are from the inner city. Then you have a very different perspective than someone that drops in the suburbs are suing the grubber the wealthy part of the city or and and vice versa.

So, we educate ourselves this way we agree with everything but we fear and we process now through social media. We can do that as well so I posted this let's see, it was the night of June 10 on our Facebook page. Soma 600,000 followers there to my black brothers and sisters in Jesus ulcers and Jesus would say in Jesus. Please share your thoughts with your white brothers and sisters here as part of the same family and one together in Jesus, so my goal was very very simple. My goal was simply this to say okay I I want to hear your perspective and I want you to share it with other brothers and sisters in the Lord. All right, so here's what I asked for. I said if you been following my articles and broadcasts you know that I take strong exception to the black lives matter movement because of its radical social agenda and I refuse to bow my knees to my bankruptcy at the same time. I absolutely want to show my solidarity to my black friends in times of pain and frustration and I wanted to be an ally to combat racism or we find but I friends of mine who are pastors in front of this very difficult line to walk since the rejection of the black lives matter movement and the mob mentality is being perceived as lack of solidarity and standing against injustice. So what would you say to your white friends who stand with you against racism and injustice, but will not bow down to the black lives matter movement. Thank you for your input and your solidarity as we stand united in Jesus. Now you might say Mike, don't do this because the moment you do. This may misunderstanding their your ear, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't solicit agree with you something to disagree with you Kayla.

I'm not trying to chart some course of being popular or chart that the course of least resistance. I'm trying to honor the Lord and we as gospel. People have to communicate honestly and that's one of the things I've asked for. Look what with that the coming of trave on Martin by George Zimmerman. We talk that's through the killing of Michael Brown by the police officer in Ferguson my namesake. We talk that's through various that look like when Pres. Obama was elected. I asked call. I asked black callers to call and even though I did not vote for Barack Obama and had great concerns about his presidency. I asked black callers to call the next day the asked what it meant to them, I want to hear perspective this is a historic moment at first by Pres. unify difference policies and issues on I want to hear from people and get perspective so it will listen to each other right learn from each other. We may listen process and disagree on something, that's fine. But what what I want to be able to do one when I'm in the midst of a controversy is I want to hear your viewpoint and understand it sufficiently that I could get up and pray presented publicly, as if it was mine and you would think it was my I once did a debate with myself on Calvinism versus Arminianism. That's right, there is a gathering of five 600 college and career age Christians in Charlotte North Carolina regular unity group meets together. I was asked to come in to do a series of teachings and the last one was in debate myself so I gave a passionate 15 minute presentation of Calvinism, white was biblical and and and white was the right understanding of God's plan of salvation followed by a 15 minute passionate presentation of Arminianism and why was biblical and why was God's plan of salvation and then I said now let me explain how in the midst of our differences, we can work together as one in the Lord and that was her presentation. Then I had people. Guess what, my own view was maybe two thirds set Arminian with which I am so they got that right. But one woman came up to me after she said no. I can tell your Calvinists.

I know you're the calf was the goal so I want to be able to hear and understand your position so I could present the genie said brother, you got it Dr. Brown you've got. Then I can say okay here's right disagree. Here's right. Agree or here's why have further questions are always so insecure that we can't do that or we get unutterable look at how walk I I'm not trying to prove anything I'm seeking. Honor the Lord and serve you and I'm encouraging you to the same thing to sit down and have conversations with people of different color of different ethnicity of different economic background, different spiritual background of different perspective and to sit down and have honest conversations that I have recommended some anger to start going to your comments here in in a moment on the Facebook page and reread them. Some that I found very helpful or or that I thought good good presentation of of of your position, but I have friends of mine who pastor large multiracial churches right I mean many many many different nations. The leadership has many many different colors and backgrounds. The worship team many different colors and backgrounds diverse worship music on the worship team because they are there some different cultures represented is just a reflection of who they are and generally in cases like this the pastor will not address political issues much at all. And there I understand it is not compromise it just it with explode because the term perspectives.

Now they will address issues they will address cultural issues moral issues they may say okay here's where we stand biblically on these issues of life, family and and and basin women saw and and and racism. Here's where we stand biblically. Now here's were different candidates and that you vote according but what I have suggested is that when you're coming around election time and you have a multiracial congregation to get some articulate folks up black folks white folks Asian folks Hispanic folks. Whatever your your large makeups or and have them each explain say for the president or who they're voting for and why some explode everything. Not my hope is that you get brothers together doing this that you understand because you got folks right now is been for years.

I have no audit no way possible is impossible, impossible to be a Christian as support Donald Trump. No, it is impossible to be Christian and not vote for the is impossible to be a Christian about Democrat's impossibility. Christian about Republic Army have such passion arms. Well, let's sit down as brothers and sisters who are on layout place you go first person is talking here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Michael Brown not take today in any breaking news today when I can read about were continuing to discuss the issue of racial division in America and I asked on Facebook on June 10. Even June 10 I asked for input for my black brothers and sisters to my said brothers and sisters coming in in the Lord, fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus to speak to white brothers and sisters, especially pastors who do not want to bow down to the mob who have grave differences with some of the platform of black lives matter, but who say black lives matter how you navigate this so I asked for some input and and it's wide-ranging, wide-ranging, and only a few comments were so extreme that they just had to be removed otherwise great discussion and and a lot of good input is so Bishop Ricky said this. It's a situation where it can't be understood by someone white asked me lived to understand the full effect. However, we are a royal priesthood in a chosen generation, so were you learn how to live holy of learn how to live right. Learn how to suffer. But why suffragan eternal life. But when I see Jesus. Amen we all just need to get along. Now, some took exception to that saying hey, I've suffered things is nothing minority or for other reasons. I've suffered XYZ and I'm not black so how you say I can understand, so there was very good civil under the conversation because this this Bishop was was was not singing a confrontational way, but in a way of calling for unity. Let's see, Kim, Seth said asking for the what and how is not appropriate because we are needing to look to the who the person of Jesus and see him in the Scriptures is also the why of why we are reconciled to get his people in your faith. Pastors of the great reconciles of our generation, but their light shine in such a time as this. David said I would commend them for their courage for resisting the massive groupthink sigh up so psychological warfare being pushed by the media and corrupt politicians and preachers so here's a black brother saying I'm commending these other pastors for not bowing down to the mob.

In other words, since when do Christian leaders need to prove their allegiance to God or their stands for righteousness or their hatred of sin or injustice by bowing the knee to a mob by a mob. I'm not talking about peaceful protesters by a mob. I'm not talking about people who are hurting and saying show a solidarity I'm talking about the rioters and looters and the intimidator's. I'm talk about the cancel culture.

Were you you like one tweet that's controversial and you're out the band. Tell your friends. This is really dangerous stuff.

At the same time. If we feel to March. If we feel to be part of the protest.

We can't, so I'm not going to do it because because the model be associated with the mob gift was right because it's right not not because how it looks but to honor the Lord. Let's see minor you belong to the kingdom of God. You are to live by kingdom rules not here to please the world. Know your identity as God knew who you are and whose you are a new heart, changes everything.

So some strongly spiritual perspectives there some though that that for my black brothers and sisters that really articulated things that I felt were very helpful.

Let's see, this is error SC for the people reading this. Thank you for standing in solidarity with the black community mourn with those who mourn, acknowledge the pain. Make your voice of solidarity and comfort louder than your criticism of BLM eating the black lives matter movement while let's let's hear that one again for the people reading this. Thank you for standing in solidarity with the black community mourn with those who mourn, acknowledge the pain. Make your voice of solidarity and comfort louder than your criticism of BLM. Boy, those are great comments those gray comments that no look. I want to bring in another perspective here from home okay. There are many who are watching what's happening in society today and say look this is like a communist hijacking.

This is like a takeover. This is anarchy. This is Marbach Chrissy and and and the people being used. Black Americans are being used as pawns by people of a destructive agenda, both white and black and and people other color and ethnicity that they're being used as pawns and in their being set up and manipulated by the media and and and we we need to shout that out now. To some extent.

There's no question that there are other forces at work and of course the devil. We understand Satan try to divide and destroy understand, but there's a question that there were forces of anarchy and radical socialism, and various other radical ideologies.

People espouse these things are absolutely at work to wreak havoc on America and they are using this opportunity they are seizing this opportunity for their purposes. There's no question about that, but friends with out the outside agitators are black brothers and sisters. Many are hurting in America right now and many are many are feeling like societies tell him your life doesn't matter or your life doesn't matter to a white person that's what many feel and there is historic pain and and and certain things dig up.

It looked why are Jews so sensitive to issues of anti-Semitism, it's because they don't occur in a vacuum right that there is a history and and the Holocaust was the worst part of the history, but there is a history of centuries before the Holocaust and right now around the world.

Anti-Semitism bomb attacks against Jewish people. So it's one of those things where there is an extreme sensitivity in the Jewish community anti-Semitism. So when it raises its head. You might said it's a big deal, everybody gets attacked regarded by get smart you while doesn't always lead to extermination attempts or or exiles and and things like that and and horrific treatment imprisonment and torture and burning of villages and and on and on and on. While in the same way. There's a sensitivity because of of of American black history. There's a sensitivity there.

So if if there is a perceived unlawful killing of a black person that is all covered up by the law will not brings up the lynchings and other things right so let's let's have understanding that this context draw this right. Let's see here okay just scrolling down for a couple comments really got my attention and I will I will grab them here. Here's one I appreciate your efforts. Your Dr. Brown that there can there be an honest discussion. As long as the term system. Systemic racism is used because it's too vaporous based on feeling rather than fact allows for constant misuse never-ending false accusations of racism and the perfect political manipulation tool.

It's a shadow not a substance and substance is the only thing we can grab onto for making real change right now, here's the issue here is the issue and I may be reading some comments that are not just from our black friends on Facebook is SYS restaurant put restaurant food from Peter Ojeda of your woman. I need your input. If your father and you drink yellow. I want to hear certain things, blogs, everyone can comment right so here's the question if once one group of people, black and white refers to systemic racism and another group of people black-and-white. This elicits things systemic racism in America today okay are they talking about the same thing or they are. I use the word social justice positively the other day and people came at me and said you support Mark's archaeologists on biblical justice bomb series on social justice.

One way I'm Sam well I use it the right way for biblical justice.

Okay. Point taken point learn be more careful in my terminology so not misunderstood his unsold units can take a term and hijack it will use it, make a biblical but what you mean by the term and and and how do you understand it or are you are you saying that there within the police system and and and law enforcement that there systemic racism. In other words it within the system itself. There white cops who target black victims and and in a systemic thing is that what you mean about. You mean something else.

So when words use, we should ask questions what you mean by that. Could you define that you give examples of that and then you you push back at it again you may come to agreement. At least you'll have more understanding.

Angela, we are Christians first, we cannot align ourselves with the ungodly, no matter what they appear to be standing up for we don't need BLM to stand up for justice. However, don't use the ungodliness of BLM to back away from confronting racism. I would say this is the most constant refrain that I that I hear.

We cannot allow the radical nature of the black lives matter movement. We cannot allow the rioters and the looters. We cannot allow the Marbach Chrissy to stop us from standing up for what is right, we cannot be so put off by the negative extremes that we refuse to do what is right and where there is racism when there is injustice that we confront and look at the very least, let's just understand history and context and wounds. Let's just understand how things are perceived. One thing that really help me over the years was hearing from African-American callers for years and years and years.

Regular listeners, people who love me. People respect me.

People honor me with a Dr. Brown unit labor. We live in.

Gropper relived grew up in experience.

We experienced an when I hear from enough people like that I recognize okay that is a cross-section of America is us from across the country that I'm hearing these things so is this a cross-section experience different in mind that I now need to say things to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown are Michael Brown here. You know that we always tackle the controversies you know we wade into the difficult issues you know that were willing to take risks, meaning we may take unpopular stances really do it.

Honoring the Lord to do it in humility and the fear of the Lord to do with the principle of be quick to hear. Be slow to anger and be slow to speak, so were doing our best to be quick to hear, to listen to learn to understand to pray to consider, then, to speak as we continued it to seek the Lord and seek wisdom in terms of the great painful divisions in our country right now we know that Satan wants to divide and destroy. We also know that there are times when you have to take a stance for what is right and with that brings a certain division but the Lord be glorified. We will stand for what is right no matter what that will do it in humility. The fear of God and love for others even love for our enemies not I'm going to be as candid as I can. If you strewn again with nuts and costed our record at this broadcast on June 11 to be context June 11 and it's because were coming to the last day of a three day intensive class at the Kings University on anti-Semitism, subduing it by zoom but it's an all day class of these are prerecorded shows, but absolutely relevant to sprinklers a few days ago about race issues in America. I do not claim to have solutions for many of the social problems we face.

I do know what's right and what's wrong. I do know what is sin, and I do know that ultimately the gospel brings solutions and as we come to Jesus and as we come to one another. And as we come with open hearts with open minds with a desire to serve and bless. Then we can be agents of reconciliation in the culture and then through that there are people there movers and shakers, their political leaders or economic leaders. There are sociologists there the different ones that can look at things and and and there can be constructive, gospel based solutions to problems in our society right but but all that. All that being said, we can start recount which is gospel and one of the key things is brothers and sisters in the Lord sitting face to face yet another because I've been on the United States so many times administered in so many different countries and some different cultures you learn that something that's totally acceptable in your culture is fully offensive in another culture, and vice versa. I give you one example, there was an Orthodox Jew in Israel with this family was led to the Lord through Christian missionaries very unusual situation and they started to come under flack for their faith.

Verbal persecution and fear of losing job board. Even because of the attacks of so they they they moved to the states. Some folks help them move to the states and the that the Rabbi, the father spoke very very little English railing and in our congregations partner messengers traditionally have any Israelis at the moment. At this other times a bit. A bunch of Israelis or fluent Hebrew speakers, but at that moment.

Their work so is up to me to communicate and my spoken Hebrew back then. One was this late 80s of the 90s. Much better than it is now because the seven used but even then I would miss things I would. We agreeably trigger certain time, and I heard wrong and I was an hour late in our earliest point and then we sought we were treating them like kings and queens. Okay you can be this family see her for dinner here and this one for dinner next day and I'll be having lunch with you this day we find out they feel that with complete mistreatment neglecting them what are you talking about brokering our homes and while in their culture. Middle Eastern culture which that the larger Arab world, which would have this in its history, that if if a gas comes to you, unannounced unexpected.

It's like the King is come to your home and you stop everything in the family.

Is there a new feast and you got in just that's what you do while we were we so renewal we were doing like a good thing in our world, but it made them feel neglected. Okay then we sever main service Saturday morning so church Sunday morning mess and carries us of the more and I knew that they were they were going through financial hardship settled let's bless them. Let's do something I've preached. Sometimes a new church picks up an offering for the ministry on the way out. Some of shake my head in the Pentecostal circles they call a Pentecostal handshake may be enough to serve as a call about the century, the shake your hand in the rose just put money in your social summaries that include an offer they want you to have a personal amulet. There's a five dollar bill, there's a $50 bill. They discussed mileage but I spoke one time at my home congregation of in the 80s and at the end of the service.

I was wearing a jacket and tie, so that my suit jacket on member Nancy had, this sweater but had pocketed something like that at the end of the service, the pastor said let's bless Mike and Nancy Isys bless them personally and I want you just go up and put money in their hand put money in their pockets. Whatever. So I was a few hundred dollars, but it looked a bit as crazy as money. It was a flat was a funny thing. And we really needed that we had some real financial but it was, comical you walk out of the service with it out who's going to church or at the money right so it was it was a cute thing and it was that was it was fun. It was family, your overall we got a laugh at our daughters like what the world so there little so anyway, I thought in this set Shabbat service where you do this for this brother Danny was his name. Let's bless him. So I told everybody go up I want to put money in his hand.

I want to stick money and this is called pocket insurance just middle. He said afterwards. It was the most humiliating experience of his life that you wouldn't do that to a poor beggar in his culture. The level of insults I thought great, wise Dr. Michael Brown.

I think we are blessed the guy ended up being one of the most humiliating experiences are not one of the most the most humiliating experience of his life so friends don't assume everyone has the same upbringing doing some evanescent cultural background, doing some everybody sees the world the same way.

Listen to each other talk to each other. It's so easy is it, what is wrong will some things are right and wrong but other things are not just right and wrong is a matter of background or perspective right so I asked on Facebook.

Let's do this many, many friends of mine, pastors, leaders they want to stand against races.

They want to stand against injustice, but they will not stand with the black lives matter movement because of its radical ideology. It's it's pretty queer ideology.

Its anti-nuclear family ideology is anti-Israel ideology and other things. The most them.

Would you say to them, how can they be a true friend without compromise their values through a lot of responses. Maleic said this seek justice and restitution on our behalf understand and research what systemic racism is and how it infiltrates our society call this evil out by name white supremacy. We can attack this evil with the true love of God that we will achieve equality if you don't agree with BLM is an organization that's fine, but the phrase is important. Likewise matter just as much as anyone else of that phrase offends you, then you need to ask yourself what so choose maleic Inn in speaking reason tongs and speak about the love of God and seeking justice, and so on, speak in cynical white supremacy.

Now many of you listening and watching her white was it was time white supremacy Wheatley neighborhood will get along and work together on the business from what businessperson I've hired in race people up equally regardless of of race or ethnicity. For decades, our churches, multicultural and we serve everyone the same.

What's he talking about what that's we have a conversation when I hear white supremacy. This is what I hear, and this is why I reject the term when I hear white supremacy. This is what I mean by this. What used to have the conversation because right now when words come up to Perry was polarized there was polarized, but the world be polarized but that the church talk things through.

And then at the end, you might say hey I categorically differ with your perspective or you might say hey I've learned a lot from you. Here's what Shamika said I agree with you to now lying to the BLM movement. I believe it's anti-God to its core. I also believe that black people are not as impressed as they think. I do believe racism exists individually, but I have a hard time believing it exists systematically or systemically excuse me, I'm a Christian. Before anything else we should always handle sin issues with Jesus is the cure because he is the only sure about Rodney posted this.

Thank you for those comments. All session equipment satire of the viral tweet Matthew just lost the second.

Some of your three sons to violence were giving a eulogy explaining with the recent loss meant and a special child was there when you sit down your third child asked why didn't you say those nice things when they killed my other brother when BLM protest the deaths of some, but not others. And it seems like BLM's favorites.

When BLM ignores the black on black crimes that result in many more deaths of our youth find it hard to believe it's about injustice.

BLM's voice for change is silent when they refuse to hear the voice of the voiceless abortions by communities within the disease control reports at least half of all pregnancies among black women and abortion 472 per 1000 people are only saying all is mad because black lives matter fails to acknowledge all black lives then edit. I hope to qualify this my mom is Mexican. My father's black eye with more Hispanic grew up with experiencing ignorance free to speak in Spanish. Looking Mexican among shared about some of her family disowned her when she married my father by siblings look more black oval none of us are black skin and older brother experience more racism than me. Let's look at a comment by Samuel.

Simply speak out against injustice.

Preachers who preach the Bible properly and understand social issue should already be doing this also recognize that likewise matter is both an organization and the slogan with a meaning greater than the black lives matter organization. I have no problem saying black lives matter and I have no problem stating that I do not align with the black lives matter organization that's it. I appreciate these comments friends and some of your listing on your heads. I agree some your listing siblings people coming from some´┐Ż A Dr. Brown Whiteman talk about this hellcat. How can we not talk about this right now as the church is God's people are we just going to have our own perspective and divide from others who don't see things the way do we do all we get a question will how can you love Jesus and have the ocular Jesus not have this perspective on. Let's find out. With sit and talk with serve from each of us as far as I lay find amazing. This is in his line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us to be on the line of fire Michael Brown to honor the Lord and serve you to take sides, to prove that I'm righteous to prove that I'm woke to do my best to honor the Lord and serve you and help us think issues through it's always challenging to think outside your comfort zone outside of her life experience. But it's healthy for us to do so is the body that the world scream one another, but the world so to say.

Throw rocks at each other. But let's not do that is God's people just to then the show was prerecorded on June 11 signature context. So just a few days back but if there's been breaking news since then, we can use today were not commenting on it. This the last about three days 2 to 3 day class at the Kings University in Dallas Texas redoing it by way of zoom in and gobbling back with you live again tomorrow. Okay, I asked for comments on my Facebook page. My black brothers and sisters in the Lord to speak to white brothers and sisters who say it and and other nonblacks who say I cannot stand with the black lives matter movement because with radical ideology.

I will not bow down to the mob and to threats but I want to show clear solidarity with the cost of the black lives matter and I want to stay with my brothers and sisters who are hurting and and who are concerned and I want to show solidarity and I want to stand for justice. So what would you say to those people. So we got hundreds and hundreds of comments, many of them so constructive and helpful. There was only one that I spotted were the person called me a racist for posting this Isidro cancel before three I'm applauding you out so the inlet got pulled in and the person blocking you into that kind of thing, but will out otherwise just have added causes of profanity have added sure your views and make a note so there's a lengthy post from Terrence that alone read to you three things number one when 99% of the black people I know see black lives matter were not talking about some organization formed a few years ago in response to one killing seems to be the consensus of many white people so the words many of us here black lives matter. We associated with this radical even Marxist organization that we oppose right so when when Terrence is saying that his black friends Melissa black lives matter. 99% of them are not referring to the organization.

Many nonwhites the moment they hear that they're thinking of the organization. So this is this is good to know. Would you agree is a talk to 100 people and realize that likewise matter is the idea here that law enforcement cannot unjustly murder a black person and get away with it. It's this statement that we feel needs to be told to every law enforcement officer that applies the law and their authority unfairly to black people they need to hear it even if you don't. So what Terrence is saying is please proclaim that likewise matter and forget the organization. Please show your solidarity with black brothers and sisters who are concerned that there can still be injustices under not remember that lynchings and things like that were not that far back in our history that segregation not that far back in our history that other things more recent or are still painful wounds that are easily uncovered. So what he saying is recognize that proclaim yeah of course amen black lives matter but forget about the organization. When you say that okay report. Then he says this because your thinking will why door all lives matter now. One other post that read a little earlier made this interesting comment that many come back with all eyes matter because they feel the black lives matter movement that they're not single black lives matter by skill by black some advice. Goodbye abortion. No matter, so it's all eyes matter or all black lives matter so Terrence is something very interesting.

We've heard the analogies cancer awareness supporters don't need to hear all diseases matter and save the whales groups don't need to hear all sea life matters.

When Jesus said most of the points. He didn't need to say a week immediately to your blessed is everyone we know it was 100% legal from 1619 since 1964 to legally discriminate against people of color every possible that was accepted in society.

The Somoza change.

Not all hearts have spirit of racism is still in every industry in this country and lawsuits and statistics associated prove it. So don't rebut with all eyes matter when refocusing on was affected by the residuals of for 350 years of legalized systemic risk is not obviously, not all of America had slavery. Much of America post later people died fighting against slavery not only America had segregation people opposed segregation.

Nonetheless, in America. Overall, beginning with the colonies. Yes, there was systemic racism in different ways where we were slaves.

For example, were were looked at as as that they were inferior to keep their bodies and slay become a breakthrough souls get them say, but they are is an inferior racer. It is a cursed race. These were some of the abuse that Rachel to. Therefore, slavery was justifiable that so you had various things Jim Crow segregation so all all that to say that Terrence is point is saying black lives matter is, is not saying all their lives don't matter but St. would you agree that they do matter because we feel like you think they don't. So I never thought that okay will the let people know of course, you affirm that question from likewise matter.

While distancing herself from movement number three.

He said if you eat bad and don't work out for 20 years then decide to get in shape.

It will happen overnight. It will take time, America seen bad for three and 50 years and decided to get some air is healthy. Race is one area we see signs of things getting better but there's still work to do, stop acting like racism magically went away with the civil rights movement doesn't help us. Christians start programs for these kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods, many of whom have parents who have been generationally victims of the biased systems in this country be Christians see the need to meet the need in minority areas member white men who want racist still got economic advantages for generations. When Blackman couldn't so that privilege existed and their families generationally benefited, even if they were racist themselves. Use your heart time funds to help those who are victims a set of beneficiaries who 1900s through now were privilege I may have that maybe were missing at the end there. So II found these comments from from Terrence lengthy to be very very helpful and to put things in context that I think others can understand it's okay what what can I do this chart feel guilty.

Why should you feel guilty if you haven't done so there will why should you feel guilty I feel guilty for being white on feel guilty of being a male on was little guilty as I did something which I should feel guilty but do I recognize needs to recognize discrepancies dry recognize the legacy of the treatment of black Americans in our history. Yeah, I recognize it, that there are things that remain today. As a result of that in their ongoing things. I can still come up that need to be addressed and I've had friends and the friends of multiracial families. The tell me about struggles Craig Keener on Monday so he's married to African woman and they have it at an African sun or or a euro a box on raising together and so when they experience we have friends that that first adopted a black child white couple then had their own children and sit at shocking the different treatments that the kids got based on skin color. We had others on that were taught about adoption that it's cheaper to adopt a black baby American white baby, just as the reality look went when I was growing up my dad was a very liberal Democrat.

Now he would not recognize the party today with some of its stances, but the first organ teacher that I had my sister and I she's potatoes about six so 67 the first organ teacher that we had no actually start a little earlier five and eight whatever it was, an openly gay man and his partner we come to our house and stay for dinner do that do the back to back lessons and then stay for dinner very commonly grew up with that okay then the next organ teacher after him was Russ and Ed and was a beautician. Russ been married, left, left of one of them married left wife and children.

We found that subsequently moved in together first organ to then the second orientation. I'm not comparing skin color with homosexuality and just give you my history was a black man married to a white woman and this is now the early to mid 60s and I remember my father telling me how terribly ostracized. They were and how utterly wrong it was. He could not imagine and believe this was Long Island New York is not imagine and believe the society that that would reject this cup of any survey lost family members, friends turned against Simkins was an interracial marriage and yelled many of our states or states whatever the exact stats. This is illegal until not that long ago interracial marriage, but I grew up where my dad was was outraged over this and I was in kindergarten. So before removed to allow New York City. Maybe my best friend or one of them was hard to remember back that far was was a black kid named Pierce were like five, six years old. We hung out together and I remember one day after school I went back with him.

I walked back with tempted to hyssop apartment complex and came back home a little later.

My parents were concerned were released just days walked to school knows just what was no walk to school their buy-in and never telling them in and and that's when I found out that where he lived was a more dangerous area and know that but but friends ice. I stood rubber I grew up Isa still grew up suburbs of Long Island the white community primarily in and mainly white school and so on and and we have our backgrounds. We saw guilty. But wherever I can be a truly help and solve a problem minister grace and above all, be able to leave for in the sky is on save or how

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