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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 8, 2020 10:51 am

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Bible Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 8, 2020 10:51 am

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/05/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You got questions, we've got answers for lines or wide-open stage line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown it's our Friday addition which means you got questions, we've got answers any question of any kind that relates to any subject matter we ever cover on the broadcast. Anything I write about talk about the guest we've had on my all means give us a call 866-348-7884 the earlier: the better chance we have of getting to your call is to show goes on bottom of the hour. I'm just gonna pull up a pole that's going on on Twitter right now. Very interesting responses that I'm getting to the skull, so we will get to that a little bit later before I go to your calls. There's no question that Americans being shaken. There's no question whatsoever in the distinct feeling that I have is that everybody is in over their heads from the medical experts law enforcement for the president to local mayors feel like everybody's in over their heads that this situation is too big for everybody.

Now if this was something in my own life.

The solution is easy for my niece like a counsel get wisdom do I know how to do, but when I'm in a situation that's over my head, which is fairly frequently.

I'm on my knees depending on God.

There were prophecies years ago that Donald Trump would be the president. I mean, before he ever ran before primaries 2007 or eight. Whatever. And that he would enter the White House, not as a praying man but he would be filled with the spirit in the White House and become a praying man may be all this pressure will move him to become a praying man. Maybe we can pray for it.

Yes 866-34-TRUTH we start in Maine with Tim walking to the line of fire. Thank you court go ahead of this up Carteret and my question about Isaiah chapter 714, and it seems to be our district or double proxy word one rated parents address court. Coming son, which noted white would run your young woman you'll aversion court and but then how can it also applied to Jesus, Mary being your good being born from a virgin or some kind of a Activa within like the Scriptures that would tell that would make that switch and also not good that the Jewish people back in Old Testament times that they think of that as the Messiah being born from a virgin right.

This is one of the most hotly disputed passages in the whole Bible, and the fact that Matthew quotes it in Matthew 123 reference to you. She was virgin birth makes it vastly hotly debated tense your second question. First, we have no evidence that in Old Testament times, or even in New Testament times before Jesus began his ministry that anyone was looking for a virgin born Messiah. We have no evidence of it. We don't have any sliver of ancient Jewish interpretation of points in that way, the most that we have is the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, a couple hundred years before the time of Jesus translating Omar with parts in us a part of us is not exclusively virgin or even in the New Testament. You can argue that it's an exclusive like that the the foolish virgins of the wise virgins could just be foolish and wise young women but the fact they translate with parts in us instead of the honest leans towards a virgin birth understand, but even then would be messianic. There are some who say no, no, it's a virgin birth prophecy. It's all future there other things for Isaiah's day that comes in the eighth chapter where Isaiah and his wife are going to have a child and the child will be called Mahatma Herschel house pause and that's a totally separate sign and Isaiah 714 is a sign for 700 years later, another said it's ridiculous address relevance for for us because King Ahaz and and and then many interpreters they'd only had relevance for him.

Son of messianic prophecy at all.

My understanding is simply this, that there were many promises given to the line of David that were supposed to happen, but never happened.

Like Psalm two where the.

The Davidic king is going to rule over all the nations that never happened. Isaiah 9 where this this child would would actually have divine status this child born to the house of David and would rule and reign in his room would be without end and you would've thought that would be Hezekiah, but that wasn't the case. There many other verses like that promises given to the line of David that were never fully realized never fulfilled, so they may have had a relevance at that moment, they were spoken but the ideal was never reach that the fullness of the prophecy was the Risa Matthew. Looking back, she's Matthew 7C exit. Excuse me. She's Isaiah 7 Isaiah 9 that the birth of the messianic King, Isaiah 11, the rule of the messianic King, and he sees that these are all prophecies about the Messiah, so my understanding is this all not in and of itself speaks of a young woman would you say presumably virgin. You could but David in the Old Testament is called an LM. That's the masculine equivalent just a young man. There is no Hebrew word which in and of itself outside of the legal context and with rape or something like that is no Hebrew word which in and of itself means virgin to law does not always mean virgin all mods is not necessarily always been virgin.

If you could argue that that is what is presupposed or understood.

But it's not like to see the English word virgin would be more clear in itself. My understanding is that there was a prophecy given to Kale because because northern Israel and Iran were trying to dispose him and overthrow the Davidic dynasty and establish their own man on the throne in Jerusalem and that's why it addresses the house of David in the immediate versus writer. For example, Isaiah 713. It addresses the house of David, not just the king. So this is a sign for the house of David. I take it as a sign of of a burst of great importance, even miraculous in the great sign.

Being that this child would be a manual, God with us in some unique way and that that was actually saying they're not going to replace you because I'm gonna bring someone else to sit on the throne in your place, and this is who is going to be now we look back at it later on and see this was a promise given but never reached its fullness, it reaches its fullness through the miraculous birth of Yeshua to Miriam, who was an all Mongol argue that and who in the fullest sense of the word is God with us.

So that's how I understand it, you could say it's a double prophecy, but you have many like that and let's look at it from another angle, Jeff.

Passages like Ezekiel 36 speaking the return of the Jewish people from exile, and the glory that will follow and how the whole nation will turn to God and his laws were written on their hearts. Did that happen when they came back from Babylon know they came back with the rest of it didn't happen to have many promises like that in the Bible were the first part happens, but the rest doesn't and therefore we await the rest of it into me. Matthew was opening up this with great spiritual insight to come to this conclusion. So Starbucks some of the prophecy, do not send enough in the Old Testament entirely your say there there just unfulfilled monetarily falls right yeah executive in. In other words, because it is spoken by true prophets, and preserved on the word of God for us.

Then we say will the first part happened was sure the second part will happen. We got the deposit of the down payment were confident of the rest. That's also high. Understand God planted messianic prophecies in the hearts and minds of the people of Israel that that he gave them great promises about the king is going to do this. The king is going to do that but doesn't happen fully and now you don't even have a king in your exile like now what, and you go back to see where is the king what happened to those promises. And that's the same I believe ultimately with Isaiah 714 in them. In my book, answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 3. Answering Jewish objections to Jesus, find through I get into great depth of Isaiah 714, as well as the larger questions about fulfilled prophecy that you're asking so hopefully this point you in good direction. Thank you so much Tim for the question, 866342. Let's go to Derek in Hawaii. Welcome to the line of fire doing well thank you have a question regarding the Orthodox Church of new believe there the quote back that we have the biblical Christianity. Why or why not and require active, apartment Christian and my brother and a lot of petting church history and you are explaining to me about the product movement in the Roman Catholic Church, but not met the barely big Orthodox technique built that a lot of what we do today.really close to what their back biblical Christianity and that is advocating for a more Eastern Orthodox approach. So I want to get your… Yeah so yeah I absolutely do not believe that Eastern Orthodox is the closest to the original. Of course that's their claim and then Roman Catholics would claim to be the true church, then evangelicals would signal we are following just the Bible submit each one of us can have their particular claim, but no, sir, certainly not the developed hierarchy of the church you unify that at all in the in the New Testament is the the authority of tradition supplementing Scripture which develops things that the people in the Bible never heard of. Certainly not there is a certain even though it claims to be attached to Jewish roots. There really is a certain detachment from the Jewish roots of the faith and not recognizing the ongoing role of of Israel, so no certainly many ways I would say I would say no.

Not I would be more at home of Eastern orthodoxy than with Roman Catholicism, but we have a short video while not Eastern Orthodox. I think just about three minutes long and explains ultimately because I have to evaluate all traditions by Scripture because of various claims. Why see something adding Scripture going against Scripture that I have to differ with it. I would say honestly that if you connect it with a spirit filled evangelical house church or with a spirit filled messianic Jewish variation in Israel you get closest to what was being practiced in the first century, the latter, the messianic allegation being practiced by Jewish believers in Israel and just house based nonhierarchical spirit filled Bible-based movement, you could make a much much better case than that for that being authentic tests as opposed to the house and check out my book revolution revolution challenging religious system. The call for radical change or it will be like that pitiful I don't get in now. Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for those who are his followers.

Ever wonder what it's really gonna look like next on living on the treatment room takes us on a guided tour of the place. Jesus is preparing for who's there. What were going to do and if you're like me to be of a divorce coming don't miss living on the shipping night now streaming online were transported back to the 1950s in Cayuga, New Mexico, 16-year-old Fay Crocker works the late shift is a telephone switchboard operator when she hears a mysterious sound through her headset. She calls Everett Sloane team DJ at the local radio station K Everett and a radio listener with a spooky theory seek to understand what they're hearing the result, a slow burning UFO thriller some profanity and teen smoking earned this flick its PG-13 rating. So were giving the vast night a 3/5 for family friendliness. Read the full review of I'm out holds for Focus on the Family's review when the going gets time when the odds are stacked against us is important to maintain our godly character is also one that's the most challenging this week on a new beginning after Greg Laurie helps us learn from a godly leader named Nehemiah. Join us for inspiration and instruction this week on new beginning. Her plan gets the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown with you my screen clear here. Actually the video why not Eastern Orthodox was an attack on Eastern Orthodox and by the way, just explain why I'm not that what should be posted in a few days and Monday we are going to play a special interview with you for you there was recorded May 14 with Shane Claiborne Christian activist red letter Christian Trump opponent Shane Claiborne. I think you'll find it to be really interesting is as we talk candidly but graciously so that is going to air gobbling on Monday. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Mitch in Columbia, Kentucky. Welcome to the line of fire and well.

Thank you very much appreciated. I found you pretty much said that ideology don't quite get all great but my question back home from startle and got always get the spirit will all but ended up having to leave. Years later, because they would always preach that you will not pay and let them talk you like pretty much that every body spoken at or married American and enact a picking payment and how and the related and I want Scripture to be tobacco modified. You can still be stayed. I know the Holy Spirit fell upon Don Yardley around them evident comforter, my, the Holy Spirit was always God deal with what so there's evident but I know so you know on the number one me how I can help brawl my brother and I will yeah I let Glenn tell Mitchelson immediately jump in and an answer that number one acts eight does not mention speaking in tongues is a word about K just to be clear, it does say that they were filled with the Holy Spirit and Simon saw it, but it does not say they spoke in tongues. This is the first point and they were saved. Already they were ready safe. They had received the Lord but had not yet spoken tongue so that right there destroys an argument the Samaritans through the preaching of Philip were ready believers there were ready safe but not yet have the Holy Spirit. That's the so that's proof number one okay and it does not mention tongues. That's number two in terms of acts 19. If you automatically receive the spirit and spoke in tongues when you were saved. Why does Paul ask them did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed what is have to estimate if everyone in the moment your saved receives the spirit doesn't say he led them to Jesus and they were saved doesn't say that all what excesses he asked them did you receive the spirit. When you believe no edema here about this case does get a pizza and the rest and to say the religious it's a state only heard the message of Jesus to John the immersive John the Baptist and interventions, tongues and prophecy.

So maybe after prophesy.

Also, so that's another thing that goes by the wayside.

Then Paul specifically in first Corinthians 12 at the end of the chapter says to all speak in tongues.

This is known not all speak in tongues another. They can be interpreted in different ways.

But if you just try to push back against them wise. Yes no not all speak in tongues so that that is is yet another thing that goes against their teaching and also if tongues is the evidence of salvation. What is he tells safe people don't for bid, speaking in tongues within the first Corinthians 14. In other words, if if tongues comes with salvation. Why is he telling say people and overbid tongues as Ozzie tongues was something additional tells of something extra and some thought it was wrong rather poorly said no don't for bit so the fact is in acts 10 they are saved before they are baptized in water and other and in other chapters, there say before they are baptized in the spirit so be great if everyone was filled with the spirit and everyone spoke in tongues that would be wonderful but that is not salvation that the key to salvation is not the evidence of salvation and nowhere is it taught in the Bible to be the evidence of salvation. All that does is put people under tremendous pressure to make will either speak in tongues or something like that or try to work it up in it so it's on biblical and it's unhealthy only. I'll tell them that God gave you Gary there. And yet, I believe that all that work that I still love the people and people right right at the hinge point and if you read is a serious error. It's a serious error that they have Mitch and because of that they become very exclusive and that's the big issue is one Satan saying that we differ on this in my understanding the baptism of the Spirit is subsequent to salvation and everyone should seek it, and the most common outward evidence of it is tongues but others would say no. You're baptized in spirit. When you say but does give tongues Deborah or we can differ on that.

That's fine, but when people make a legacy hinge point range for the fellowship. That's when the cross is a dangerous line hey Mitch, God bless you stand word. Keep walking in the spirit, 866-34-TRUTH we go to David in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown beyond that, I request and it actually was very flat, but Bert is John going to like it. I had I brought the buddy and they are not in John not Dr. John 20 that that the holy that bike spoke and he grieved God in the holy. The blades on them and said receive the Holy Spirit right yeah so where they made in that moment, I believe they received.

I believe they would say before that but they were then either indwelt by the Spirit. At that moment which they had not been before.

Number people in the Old Testament were saved. They were they were justified by faith right they didn't have everything we have, but they are still people justified by faith, just as we are. Eight.

Abraham is the is the father of of believers right in Gentile so that they were saved.

Were they indwelt by the Spirit know because Jesus says a few chapters earlier.

He he is with you, but he'll be in you, the Holy Spirit, so either at that moment, they were indwelt by the Holy Spirit, or that was symbolic of what was gonna happen a few weeks later when they would receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and speak in new languages so either they were indwelt by the Spirit. At that moment or that was the prophetic proclamation of what was going to happen.

A few weeks later. Yeah… It would work unbreakable herpetic and what what you think you, I'm not sure.

Honestly, I thought about a lot I've wavered, you know at the moment when I think of it I think that something did happen to them and they were probably indwelt by the Spirit. At that moment the limbs if he spoke it. Nothing happens like they might say what was that what happened but then he also could've touched, taught, instructed and said I've spoken.

This can happen. I think it's likely they were indwelt by the spirit of that moment and then the empowering came later, which would be just like them were born again were immediately indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but power can come later, but it's terrible. You can make a good case. Either way, my request was totally different and you went over that, but I talked about it but I hear what you thought about how I want to get on that baloney.

And what about the restrainer out.

But I probably 30 different brain or what and and and that Craig Craig Keener is not afraid the antichrist mentions over 30 and if you get it you know major critical commentary bill. The list one after another after another after another vote. I have actually booked. I have a book yeah I was so so into insured David three word answer. I don't know if you press me. I don't know now why did Paul speak to them cryptically.

Could it be that he was talking about authority. Governing authority and when that's taken out of the way you have chaos and that that could have been taken as if they were determined overthrowing Roemer some of that that's a plausible suggestion was that it that it had to be spoken cryptically so that you know what I'm talking about intent instead of spelling it out so you know, I might argue in that direction that there's a certain establishment of order and authority that God has in the world, even though it's through sinful people when that's taken out of the way so it's and it is already in its and it's it's it's it's this this is someone no way a leader taken out of the way that what you have man of lawlessness, chaos, anarchy and friendly financing and honestly not sure. I am sure is not sure she knows that I'm sure I thank you dear Dr. Robert Jeffers with today's pathway minute people ask about capital punishment well wires are those of you fundamentalist Christians are so big against abortion. Why don't you have the same feeling about capital punishment if you believe in the sanctity of life and you believe in the sanctity of all life, what you think about taxes executing those hundreds of criminals have asked that all white people always to Romans 13. The Bible says individually were never to return evil for evil government is an extension of God's will and God gives government the power of the sword to execute judgment be held from a judgment against those who practice evil. My point here is that government is not divorced from God in Scripture government is an agent of God to accomplish his purpose. Today's pathway minute is provided by your station and victory to hear the Bible.

Dr. Robert Jeff got a cantata I once heard a Bible teacher describe Jesus miracle of turning water into wine as one of the highest quality and quantity.

Those six stone jars at the servants filled with water, held up to 30 gallons when Jesus change that playing Galilean water into wine that was far more than the wedding party needed Jesus gave more than anyone would've expected and as far as quality goes well that wine was the best like none other. Jesus loves to do things in quality and quantity was doing your life. He said I have come that you may have life and have it to the full, to have the life of the Lord flowing through you. That is living up quality life and the power to live in today. You've got it to the full range of quality and wanting in your life today. This is language minutes with Dr. Gary Chapman, a list of rights.

Gary accommodating single mom of three kids and were talking about marriage, how I approach her children with this should she do it or should I talk to them first bromelains biological parent should talk with the children.

They have a bond with her emotional bond with her. You so she should talk to them about the possibility of marriage. Let them have their response unit to be kind to them. You need to answer any questions I'm asking. You need to let them know that love their mother but she must be the spokesman because they're far more likely to receive the message coming from her coming from. That's Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the best-selling book the five love languages. For more information or helpful resources for your relationships to five love file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back on our YouTube channel structure Brown SK DR Brown with our weekly exclusive Q and a chat so jointly that especially if you can't get through. Now you can ask your question not having to call B on the Esther to run YouTube channel okay before go to your calls 866-34-TRUTH you got questions. We got answers, I posted the poll last night about 1130 posted it on twitter and I asked the question what what you're feeling now about the. The coronavirus shut down using was necessary and right choice. One thing it was somewhat of an overreaction was to first three thing was a big mistake but well intended using was a big mistake with intentionally planned by forces hostile to the nation. Interestingly, the lowest response we got 937 votes 04 so far for so far, the lowest is necessary and right isn't that interesting.

Only 16.9% while and then next lowest very slightly well intended. Big mistake. Then that's 26% than evil intended big mistake. 26.8 and then an overreaction. 30.3 but notice that almost 53% say. Big mistake. And out of that half say roughly half well intended others evil intended it interesting, very interesting, isn't it. So anyway just wanted to mention that you and get back to the phones we go to Carlow and San Diego. Welcome to want to fire on the air. Good good though. Right now. The background like yeah but I don't like your brother, you took the computer… There though, how you more theological that are held will only word you what they wanted.

They want yeah you want to break down you know she's I just use the microphone.

I just use the Bible Bible is 100% against their position. I believe it is impossible to defend the cessation. This position just using the Bible if all you uses the New Testament. It's clear that the gifts are here until Jesus returns. It's clear that that the power of the Holy Spirit should be in demonstration. It's clear that we should expect to see healing when we lay hands on the sick, it's clear that there should be ongoing prophecies. Nowhere does it say it should stop to the contrary. Paul says eagerly seek prophecy. Don't forbid tongues and yet this okay sure I'm just going by the Bible to show me where that stopped.

Show me who change that it never says it. James Jacobs, the fifth chapter is and was sick, the owner of the congregation.

My head where that who change that where that stop the need for the power of the Holy Spirit that a witness must be in the Paulos group where that stop acts asked to the outpouring is on all flesh, for all time until until Jesus returns the entire period of of the last days, and it includes prophecy and so who change that you have my book authentic fire fight so review the chapter solo script Torah and therefore charismatic citizen whereby the Pentecostal church today or this church down the block list is use the Bible okay this is use the Bible and and when you go thing that yet.

When you go through that. Then you have massively the upper hand. You have to talk about what God's doing all around the world and all the miracles taking place in the hundreds of millions who been touched by the spirit around the world to bring up audiences what the Bible says like what you are you will you know I work there will you know what you're not doing work that… When you hear the like. Brother Arthur at the computer like no doubt about it becoming my diet that will make them more appealing…… You are right now. But then mind John MacArthur and Justin peters do not believe in prophecy for today do not believe that their valor tongues today do not believe gifts of healing and normative Justin would say God in his sovereignty can heal and and he rejoices when that happens, but that these things are not normative so they are they are secessionists for sure you would call impartial sensations. They are secessionists but you look to it to me when I tried to get away from my Pentecostal roots in the late 70s and early 80s and with my hyper intellectualism in an theological pry true sayings pulled me back first.

When I would really presence of the Lord and spend quality time with him would be very natural to speak in tongues and I'm and it was a very intimate experience in God but that was secondary. The bigger thing. It was the Bible. I bought all these books to convince me that this was not for today.

But the Bible is to clear a thought. Yikes, it's just I can't get away from it. It's to clear and then I received in a mighty entombment of the Holy Spirit that that that dramatically change my life and lady to have there been the same since that so review that chapter Carla so Scripture and therefore charismatic and also look at the chapter by God to be experienced according to the Bible what kind of experience, should we have in God. Thank you sir for the call 86634 let's go to Eugene and Fort sill, Oklahoma.

Welcome to the line of fire. Yes there thinking or having on our ability to get there and my question reading throughout the book of Proverbs recently proffered expect and speak a lot about paying attention today and how. Basically, they have their own motivation or instinctive to be hard worker and listening to a sermon by Paul washer.

He was talking about the biblical manhood looks like or especially in the context of being a husband how the culture today in America teaches people how to get the most out of something while putting in the least amount of work that the un-biblical content though and I try digging up but dumb stop examination, I just be areas in my life where it seems to be nonelectric. So that the plane I read I pray I do all of being by Donald like a lack of earthly did the plant like I go to work with the idea of just doing enough to get by, and I'm basically no Colossians 317 doing at all that you give the glory of God. I just know that I can be so much more of a hard work. Some of my coming in but not really having much of anything. The work hard. I'm just wondering what kind you are working I going to Bible that could really encourage me to give it my all. As far as work ethic and what you think are the dangers of allowing it. Basically really are on. That will obviously the book of Proverbs talks about a lot there a lot of verses in Proverbs and slothfulness can destroy us that they can be the difference between success and failure can be the difference between being blessed and not being blessed can be the difference between having a life of significance in life of insignificance so there are a few things one is I would go through Proverbs and write down a copy out cut-and-paste every verse on Proverbs excuse me every verse on laziness and discipline every single one. I would look at those and then I with print them out or put on my phone. Whatever.

And every day read them out loud and pray over them every single day and then I would ask God, Lord, I need help. I'm not a motivated person I do I want to do just enough to get by and I would ask God for help. And then I would do what I can. The moment I sense that a notice that I would try to work against so first I renew my mind by the word and then with that. I would pray over those verses and pray for Lord I'm weak. What I struggle here.

Lord I don't have it here. Lord, I need help. I remember talking to a woman with left her husband and was involved in a lesbian relationship with another woman for years and her husband kept praying for her and she did not want to go back to her husband. She did not want to get right with God, she said, but I was willing to be willing to be well uses this faint faint saying. And God met her there and then. Then she acted on that acted on that.

So when you feel stirred to more discipline then act on that we feel stirred to go the extra mile act on that and what happens is you develop new habits and those new habits become a lifestyle but start with the confession of your weakness in the recognition of it. Do what you have to do to get the word in your heart and mind and pray over those things and then take steps, and soon enough you'll see that your habits are different in the after this push yourself every day.

In that regard. This is you know the results.

Otherwise, you know the results of the North 866-34-TRUTH we go to Burlington, Iowa. Montel, thank you for calling the line of fire real, very well, thank you. I quit question so I'm a torchbearer and fired one address with butter torchbearer and I was watching the Jewish roots video and it is so amazing. I learned so much book. You made a statement and you said for like the principal smacking on the cheek right, but more statement of the two Pharisees groups from Hillel and Samara to mark you down but you're making a statement on my first Hillel on how you know Jesus could've possibly started his ministry on Jubilee 77 year police seventh year yeah yeah but I was wondering if like you currently care to choose a path is plausible, but I want to know it if you thought there there is really truth to get like it appears, what your opinion is what my unit is that it's very likely because of his proclaiming liberty and using Isaiah 61, and his other relevant teaching, but it can't be proven. We we do not have a chronology that allows us to be absolutely sure and it's clear that there was some confusion in in the world.

So I sort my first choice is dogmatic on a Montel thank you for your support appreciated. Modern day deception of Satan in the world to see Dr. Michael R said deceive people into believing God is and shall be guided by his feelings for Bryce being challenged this week leading modern day deception of Satan in the world today send Dr. Michael R said deceive people into believing God is and shall be guided by his feelings for Bryce being challenged this week leading you find the news confusing. You wonder who you can trust the breakpoint this week is designed for you. I'm Shane Morris with Colson Center for Christian worldview.

Join me in my Colson Center cholic Johnston Street every week right here on this station for a half-hour discussion of the news you care about looked at through a biblical worldview lends that's breakpoint this week half-hour of clarity, conviction, and compassion to help you sort out a chaotic and confusing world.

Next time on Focus on the Family Dr. Tony Evans explains what it means to have a kingdom marriage under God's authority and for his glory. He shares about maintaining oneness importance of having a servants heart and how do we build a marriage relationship that's been fractured God's wisdom for your marriage. On the next Focus on the Family. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown until just reference being a torchbearer. Those are monthly supporters who help us with the dollar a day or more per month with $30 more per month and they are the backbone of what we do in so many ways. So thank you for standing with us and helping us do with you helping us reach others, which is why we hear every month as a torchbearer you have access to exclusive video material so we make thousands of videos available to the general public within we have exclusive content for a monthly supporters and our patriotic supporters to sup with $10 more per month. We also send you a new audio message every month.

We also send you an insert a prayer letter to let you know what's going on in key updates you will see a 15% discount in our online store. So if we been a blessing to want to become a torchbearer and I believe is you settle in and help us touch America spark revival in the nation's and bring the gospel to the Jewish people. I believe God will bless you for doing that in many many ways as well, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Michael and San Francisco.

Thanks for: the line of fire from the call appreciated you welcome so my question is going through Daniel and my mind but my past was really hitting on the fact that these prophecies that the interpretation of the dreams. For example, the statue made out of the gold, bronze, iron stone how these were prophetic truth that actually did happen later on in his history. So for example like the Emperor to meeting the Persians were prophesied in the dream as the feet of the statute and lake on truck parked out how the Persian Cyrus. No one, no history did not record the start time until recently where it turned out that there was a Cyrus ruling in the Persian native person instead and Israel at the time, but my question is like I'm trying to discuss this with other people who said well we have actually know what you because the Old Testament document that we have our hundreds of years after the fact of the redacted and therefore not looking back in history writing. Daniel okay this is what happened.

So basically, under false pretenses. The property there is recording history.

What is there any truth about or do we have the original what what the weighted rest right so the first thing is, of course, we don't have any book of the Bible don't have original copies will be have his manuscript copies of your manuscript copies of your manuscript copies of your manuscript copies the arguments not Daniel. It's kind of funny. On the one hand they claim Daniel must've written it in the second century because he got so many things accurately. So the second century Jesus. He must've written it then and was looking back and just creating this if it was prophecy and others say well he must've written it then because he got the other things wrong like Daniel six. He mentions somebody we never heard of, and so on cycle getting it right or to get wrong that's that's kind of the funny thing we know that Daniel was included in the Septuagint, so these to hundred 50 years before Jesus. This was included in Septuagint. Note that Septuagint also includes other books which we call apocryphal books.

But when we know it. It predates that for sure is an and and it's been translated into Greek, so there was an original translated into Greek fragments are from of the dents in among the Dead Sea Scrolls so that's that's it on another positive indication. Studies have been done in the Aramaic of Daniel Gleason Archer did studies on it and another gentleman Stefano Rich. The Aramaic of Daniel light of old Aramaic did studies of this and and argue that the Aramaic of Daniel is an older Aramaic know the words would would vindicate a date be written in the sixth century BC. Now, you could theoretically say that someone wrote in an antiquated way like me writing in King James English today, you could make that argument, but once we had the Aramaic of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

We could really kind of look and say okay this is a different this is an earlier Aramaic that was the conclusion of Gleason Archer as well. So the fact it's of the Septuagint.

The factor fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The fact that the Aramaic can be argued to be older Aramaic that that points to the book being ancient as spoken and and then Jesus the New Testament writers referring to Jesus specifically referring to it, indicating that these are these are true prophecies, but you can't prove it in another word shooter to a skeptic right right and again you the idea of having manuscripts elicit was I carved in stone. Okay, the idea that you have all this preserved and papyri here the that the Middle East environment was not best for that you have certain things like the scrolls were put aside and you know you have those, but I have to basically you date based on a number of factors and linguistic factors are some of them so you can't prove it but you can make a good case for the authenticity of Daniel. But what I would say to people is okay. What you do with things that we know were prophecy spoken advance at least a few hundred years before the time of Jesus that came to pass strikingly in his life were that he be rejected by his own people and be a light to the nations of the world you what you do with those. Those are the things that emphasize and say look, if you truly call out to God and seek him earnestly. He said that he'll reveal himself is a rewarder of those diligently seek him. You do your part to make himself know. But you can give good intellectual arguments for Daniel. The biggest issue normally comes up with Daniel six wanting his mention there and when one existed. Those questions, but again we keep learning. Sometimes it was issued a different name was used for someone to discover that later. Hey Michael, thank you for the call. All I do we have time John in Salt Lake City. Thanks for calling. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brock hey I just a quick question for you. I wonder about what any of the spirit called the chosen and whether what your opinion about the authenticity of how they portray Jewish culture that the term Jesus yeah I have not seen it unfold.

Unfortunately, I've not seen it. Okay. Are there anything specifically that caught your eye that you wondered about. I find it a really compelling. When I think of my Jewish brethren. When I watch because you know it really is the fact that Jesus was a Jew and he was surrounded all his followers were due. You know to me all you know it's something I want them to watch built like it would attract them in a different way.

Otherwise, I might approach them about Jesus being the Messiah then should you have my book, the real kosher Jesus no I do not can I encourage you to get it you'll find it a tremendous eye-opener and a great bridge builder for speaking with Jewish people as well and watching the series of even more meaningful to it's called the real kosher Jesus okay thank you you're very welcome to a allocative got time Holly in Seattle. Time is short so please dive right in doing very well thank you marriage or train manner and that they will create or not Aaron MY leave his father and mother cleave to his wife and the two will become one flesh around that I represent back relationship in the covenantal relationship between God and people, and they are thinking about nonbelief. Have no intention at preventing at the relationship between guy people like is not considered a true and legitimate marriage me. I think I yeah did getting married. Holly is between a man and a woman. In other words, Paul is explaining in Ephesians 5, the larger picture of of Jesus, the groom and the church as the bride and in the Old Testament God is is the husband of Israel.

Israel is the bride but marriage is what it is. It's the union of a man and woman together for life and in that sense it's sacred even if it's completely secular in front of a judge in God's sight when those two people come together in in with the intention of marrying then they are then joined together in that same word with God is joined together, let no one separate so even a secular wedding would still once it's consummated is still that since God joining people together. They may not understand the full significance of it with the spiritual meaning of things, but it's still something sacred marriage in itself is still something sacred hate at a time, but thank you for the call and listen friends 15 minutes and I'll be right back right back. Just in 15 minutes. Be right back. I will be taking your questions to ask the ground so same channel as could be around 15 minutes. Real exclusive weekly Q&A chat. Check out my latest article on the screen

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