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Uncovering the New Spirituality, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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April 11, 2020 1:00 am

Uncovering the New Spirituality, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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April 11, 2020 1:00 am

What do new spiritualists actually believe? Is there any truth to what they teach? Join us this week on Let My People Think as Ravi Zacharias examines the new spiritualist movement, and the traction it has gained in western culture.

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Examining national ministry of finance comes from your generous donation. I know more about running the horizon having a party and hello friends this is Ravi Zacharias and all the chaos of the world. It can be easy to lose hope.

Think about how hopeless it seemed for Jesus's disciples and friends who endured her time and hope seem to perish on the cross with Jesus, but the despair was short-lived for when the women arrived at the empty tomb, an angel said to them, do not be afraid, for I know you're looking for Jesus who was crucified. He's not here he is risen. Just as he said despite the pain and suffering so prevalent in the world. Please be encouraged, we have hope because he is risen. I wish you all a blessed Easter result is a very it is this. There is no absolute truth. There is no absolute morality is no meaning in life and language really has no actual meaning. Determine what meaning you will choose with Robin lying about the spirituality of sold millions and even publicly saying he'll do anything in any mind on that one live in a well Wednesdays ideas.

My methods uncovering spirituality. Why is it that Christianity is judged by its abuse and other worlds religions are judged that pristine fashion. But that's precisely what happened in the University doors were swung open to living under. In the early 1900s was a brilliant man but I covered his life covered some of the operations on it and where exactly. Things started to fall apart, but don't have time to go on recommend it was one of them yelled at him.

That was another contemporary may come under the name on him does oftentimes put onto a girl's name because on the means, joy, and so they'll vacant on the lies, the joy of life, you'll let him die you know the joy of yoga on things like that and so on and you will have this these that that kind of appendage oftentimes but you're yo-yoing on the this flowing locks of black hair, very impressive looking that nuance did in a different way with Hinduism. He would wear a cross around his neck. He was a disciple of a man called Ramakrishna was one of India's most famous gurus died in his 40s of throat cancer that came about. They say from two things that addiction to betel nut which which causes throat cancer and the incredible spasms. His body would go into when he was levitating and carrying his meditation into some intense forms that almost resembled some kind of epileptic fits of some sort but it was part of his religious routine and that his 40s. Ramakrishna died the open on the was the disciple that he picked as his ultimate success vacant on the euro and under you and I may not be too familiar with that Indians the Westerns and Westerners may not be but my resume. I shall be of the 60s transcendental meditation. We all know his name and how he came about and basically got the West in a stress filled life. We were running running running making money and he devised a very clever scheme of telling us how to stop running and took the money from our pockets into his pockets in order to tell us how to vegetate and meditate one of his premier disciples was difficult.

Depot children was a follower of my resume show get that time he was a practitioner in medicine in Boston and Chopra did something incredible for the Eastern spiritual movement with his knowledge in medicine and his what I would call somewhat sophomoric understanding of the sciences. He blended that along with the little touch of quantum theory which Richard Dawkins marked in a dialogue with them and Chopra did a very poor job at defending life and uses one to me. Several use it as a metaphor and often just looked at him uses a metaphor to a blended wellness Dr. science, spirituality, and he did something incredible. You know, life has its boxes. We live in a box. We drive in a box. We give gifts in a box.

We do all these things in the box and ultimately we are carried out in a box because things are ultimately contained in some way. Chopra is brilliant. He gave his belief, no name, the Hindu philosophers have really railed against him for this because he is marvelously leveraged Hinduism, but he doesn't call it Hinduism because it's some not from that amah, which literally means the in the eternal denim the tunnel religion so you can't box and then you can't critique them from Hinduism. You can't critique them up in Buddhism, he conquered Deacon from Taoism Yukon, critique, and from any-ism. How many people want to critique some of them, the tunnel religion depot chill brought to this and he blended together two or three things and I want you to listen to me very carefully now.

He took our hunger for wellness doesn't want to be well he took our longing for wellness and said there were ways in the ancient wisdom that did it all very well, and so we go back to those, and I'll tell you what I was born and raised in India. I know that system very well. I had a Vedic medicine coming from the science of health goes back to natural ways and natural potions are natural portents and does a lot of good in it so to strengthen the herbs. This will strengthen the oils. I have a very serious back problems. Many of you know I've had two critical back surgeries about two metal rods that bracket me from L3 to S1 unfused and that is metal rods there with eight screws bolting me in on the only thing that's actually really helped me in a palliative way is to use some of those anti-inflammatory oils, which I use for massage therapy and there's absolutely no doubt that there's really but it's only palliative. It's not correct an incorrect anything in my skeleton and are various ways in which you can find relief, but some of the biggest struggles that they will have in the East. In these ways, they come to the West for Western medicine to help correct somewhere in the middle is the balance, and any time you go to either extreme. You actually do disservice to both of them but Chopra capitalized on this hunger for wellness. How many don't want to be relieved of pain. I don't know anybody didn't want to be relieved of pain only don't want to be finding a less invasive way to get better.

We all long for this.

I remember my father who was severely asthmatic, used to send in front of the window and literally lift his nostrils, trying to breathe for 20 years he lived wheezing every night to sleep and I admit a doctor met him and told me to go to Hyderabad over a thousand miles away from every lived in Delhi and if you stand in line.

There's a particular group. My dad was a Nottingham training student. He studied the University of Nottingham. He held a very high post in the government of India as a deputy secretary in the State Department will be called home in the street but that was not foolish. She just hungered for wellness in the situation you go to Hyderabad there's a group who comes out one time of year and just before dawn. At the end of the early moments of dawn. He will take a tiny little fish and put a mixture of spices in it and he will give it to you swallowed three years in a row.

If you do this you'll be rid of that problem. My dad went three years and are over a thousand miles to Hyderabad to swallow that he still struggled terribly was days till he moved to Toronto in the 60s and they found out what the allergies were and my dad never had an asthmatic attack after that when he moved to draws a true story to story. I'm just saying this to mitigate the claims they are extreme, but I want you to listen carefully. Now what is it that as soon Eastern spirituality actually means. Here's what it says by the pages of they tell you what it is not any time a person takes hours to tell you what something is not you can probably sure because they're not quite sure what it actually is. So here it is. Spirituality is an attribute of fearlessness, a sense of adventure. It is a way of looking boldly at life. We been given. Now, on earth as a human being for my, how should I live my life. What happens when I die. Spirituality is nothing more than a brief search for the truth about existence. Nothing more but nothing less.

As well, the Buddhist define spirituality as Shawmut or tranquil abiding and so one of the writers here.

Elizabeth lesser after defining it tells you one way to find the answer here. Sit quietly where you are and close your eyes.

Feel yourself breathing full of the bread on its journey into and out of your body sit feeling yourself breathing for a few minutes less you handle your heart then put your hand on your fingertips lightly on the support of the center of your rib cage to the right of your physical heart. It is a spot that you can feel when you're startled and royal breath sharply and would move your hand gently and read slowly and softly into that spot under your focusing intently on what many traditions call the spiritual heart of the heart center. Imagine that the support you are touching is the top of a deep deep well folio breath into a journey into the spacious interior we own heart. Breathe slowly in and out. Let yourself be pulled ever more deeply into the well of your own heart as you meet thoughts and emotions on the journey. Do not push them away their part of you, but not all of you read what you find and move on ever deeper into the well of your spiritual heart sit in the state. Letting your cell be pulled by your longing into the well of your heart observing your breath for as long as you feel comfortable and then slowly remove your hand return to normal breathing and open your eyes you think that's all there is to it and they tell you there on serve for terrorism Marianne Williamson for a minimum of five minutes every day meditate in the following way. Pray that anyone thinking of committing a terrorist act anywhere in the world would be surrounded by huge golden egg. The egg shell is made of the scriptural equivalent of titanium.

It is impenetrable. Any malevolent hateful of violent taught that emanates from the mind of the terrorist cannot get past the confines of the eggshell before the violent taught can turn into violent action and to stop by the force of this meditative field energetically. The terrorist is quarantined on the inside of the egg see a shower of golden light pouring from the eggshell into the heart and mind of the terrorists praying for your lost brother see him or her healed by the force of divine love wrapped in the arms of angels reminded of who he truly is.

Do this five minutes every day. Tell everyone you know to do the same thing. You know what when you read this and you go on and on and on it over the bluff for the week is going on here.

I'll tell you what's going on here.

There are four links in Eastern spirituality Greek link from Neoplatonism handling the Buddhist link in the Taoist link.

I've given all this falling Sunday quotations from their writers. In my book itself, and when you see that happening and understand it you will begin to see what is the end result, and this is the end result. The end result is actually very obvious. It is this that there is no absolute truth that there is no absolute morality that is no ultimate purpose and meaning in life and language really has no actual meaning you have to determine what meaning you will choose to give language check out Taoism is exactly where the you and Yang ultimately lead you to that words are devoid of meaning uncle you fill it, and they end up with a situation that I think is absolutely incredible. I read for you. One more thing and then tried to move gently towards the answers.

It is this the tail actually goes something like this in the beginning God.

God spoke, but that was a long time ago, we wanted certainty. Now with this only reason and rationalism would do but that was not enough. We wanted to see. So we went into the senses and found the empirical but that's not what we really meant by C. We really meant feeling.

We wanted to feel so we found a way to generate feeling into the picture. Truth was framed into the scene but the scene was left open to interpretations of the scenes are not absolute. So the story was told as an art form. But the reader still didn't like it because he was not the altar, so he read the story while he sat in a reconstructed and deconstructed cubicle breathing deeply to make the story. Whatever he wished. But what does one do with the long reach of the empirical. The best way was to find a blend between the empirical and the satirical and end up with God again. The only difference was that God could not be the storyteller and we still needed God so we became God. If you take that paragraph as I summarized it to understand exactly why Eastern spirituality has its appeal to know why it has its appeal. It allows you to define morality without bringing in God, which is exactly what happened of the garden of Eden to the day that you eat of this fruit. You shall become as God defining good and evil. That's what it really meant you will define good and evil. And you know, ladies and gentlemen we are living at a time of incredible hunger for definitions and we don't have it. And so the Eastern spiritualists have capitalized on agenda conflicts they have capitalized on our sexual proclivities capitalized on our cultural wars going on. Every now and then you will see deeper children very cleverly taking some evangelical writers view on homosexuality and slamming the so-called Christian fundamentalist children very cleverly ignores what's going on in the newspapers today in India by the Minister of health in India made some comment about that kind of a sexual practice and it's all over the country needs a Hindu man beset a list of how I have some thoughts on this and he just voiced it and the convergence of letters and articles on one famous gurus of the same thing over leave yours those pronouncements because he could see when he says what he does. They will clench your fist against the caricature of Christianity and grabbing the finger on one issue they think they've grabbed the fist of the whole system and somehow made it look as something totally unattractive know when you see the way Jesus dealt with women almost beautiful things to see. Think of this at the grave after his resurrection.

The first ones. The first evangelists women was view is not even acceptable in court at that time you look at how he honored sexuality, you realize sexuality is the only thing that is such a gift of beauty that God does not engage in himself because it is bounded to the physical and God is a spirit so we don't understand the physicality of life we move into the spirituality to redefine physicality and we profaned the sacred again and again and again and this time goes via just want to close with a couple of things to know there was a stone found in the Libyan desert, long time back and it said this, either In the Legion of Rome serving the desert of Libya have learned and pondered this truth in life. There are two things to be sought love and power and nobody has votes do things to be sought in life, love and power and nobody has both, he was almost right and dead wrong is right.

No human being ultimately has both in the absolute sense, there is one who does in this God himself absolute power and absolutely love coalescing in the Trinity in that Godhead love and truth and holiness coexist in their absolute sense one to bring this to a close with a couple of comments first one is this it was a few years ago that Matthew Paris, an English atheist writer wrote this in the Times of London, December 2008 John and I've often talked about this.

He's an atheist in his lifetime cruiser but here's what he writes on December 27, 2008.

He says this before Christmas.

I returned after 45 years to the country that is a boy I knew was now is a land to date is Malawi and the times Christmas special appeal now includes a small British charity working there pump aid which helps rural communities to install a single, letting people keep their village well sealed and clean. I went to see this work inspired me and renewed my flagging faith in development charities for traveling and Malawi refresh another belief to one up in trying to banish in my life because it confounds my ideological beliefs is stubbornly refuses to fit into my worldview and Arab and has embarrassed my growing belief that there is no God but now is a confirmed atheist I have become convinced of the enormous contribution that Christian evangelism makes in Africa sharply distinct from secular NGOs, education and training alone will not do in Africa. Christianity changes people's hearts. It brings a transformation that blood is real.

The changes good is a long fashion among Western academic sociologists replacing tribal value systems with the ring fence to be on critiques founded and dares, and therefore best for them authentic and of intrinsic worth two hours. I don't follow this I observe the tribal believers no more peaceable than ours, and that it actually suppresses individuality. People think collectively.

This feeds into the big man and gangster politics of the African city. The exaggerated respect for the swaggering leader and little inability to understand the whole idea of loyal opposition, anxiety, fear of spirits of ancestors of nature, and while strikes deep into the whole structure will African taught a great weight grinds down the spirit.

But Christianity, with its teaching of a direct personal do we link between the individual and God unmediated by the collective none subordinate to any other human being smashes straight to the philosophical spiritual framework of just describe those who want Africa to walk Parliament the 21st century global competition was not kid ourselves in providing the material means or even the know-how that accompanies what we call development will make the change the whole belief system has to be supplanted and I'm afraid it has to be supplanted by another removing Christian evangelism from the African equation may leave the continent of the mercy of a malign fusion of Nike, the witch doctor.

The mobile phone and the machete's an atheist, noticing something about the transforming power of Christ that replaces the hunger for power, the hunger for love and knows how to deal with its face, it what is it that we ultimately want in life. The new spiritualists wants the same thing we do want harmony on this to connect with this. They won the hunger that is in this ability to go beyond the body, and so the patent breathing techniques and so long to relax the body thinking that that will convert the soul. The truth of the matter is, just as the radical environmentalists forget that there is an environmental problem to that they have to take care of that first. Otherwise, the environment will always be in jeopardy because the environment is always corrupt and polluted and so I say that the bridge from the head to the heart.

The bridge in harmony is what it is going to take but I want to close with a beautiful hymn that is home a few times in life. I wish I could really sing because it's sung by one of my favorite soloists Kenneth McKellar Scola low score seated one day at the Oregon I was weary and ill at ease, and my fingers wondered idly over the noisy keys. I know not what I was playing what I was dreaming then, but I touched 1 quart of music and the sound of a great Amen it's flooded Crimson twilight by the close of an angel. Psalm Italy or my feeble spirit like the touch of infinity, it quieted pain and sorrow like love overcoming strife.

It seemed a harmonious ethical through our discordant life it link to all perplexed meanings into one perfect peace and trembled away into silence as though it were loath to cease.

I have sought an IC could mainly that one low score divine, which came from the soul of the Oregon and entered into my it may be the death's bright angel will speak in the court again it may be that only in heaven. I shall hear the grand Amen that'll be the sound of ultimate harmony in the silence of ultimate all. How does Jesus bring this now into your life and mine father you are a God who tells us that you provided for us the truth in your son and grace through him to give us the love that we might controlled up. You know the audience see everyone in his or her need to know that some our hearts are aching and breaking some hearts are you earning some hearts are uncertain in all of our minds seek certainty in this day and age.

Necessity of father and minister to us so that we will walk in the light, the sound of music in our heart that you and you alone can give them the soliciting meet us in our deepest need. Help us to know that our spiritual hunger is amended, the Lord of life and the Lord of truth in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Even listening to Ravi Zacharias and the methods titled uncovering the knee spirituality. If you've enjoyed today.

Granby shows checkout Ravi spec why Jesus in which he takes an in-depth look at the knee. Spirituality and faith why Jesus is still the only onset to life questions, you can order the back with today's methods by calling us at one 800-4486 76 thanks with your online bookstore at the IM don't I want to see all of that I am to see a facelift in Canada connected us on things mixed with an Instagram flight update Rite Aid articles move great content from the VIN to satisfy the and inflation. Think of the radio ministry is managed by Dan

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