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When the World goes Mad and God Laughs

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 27, 2022 8:00 am

When the World goes Mad and God Laughs

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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April 27, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Michael you sent nothing blurted out and groups against the Christian faith today on leading why do these different government normally at each other's throat they hate each other that Beverly reported each other very, given half the chance to kill each other and yet they become united in their opposition to the Christian Faith Christian values to Christians but also the quest, welcome to audio with Dr. Michael you sent over the next few episodes you sent brings a passionate series from several powerful some as you dig deeper into God's word. You'll see that God has the answer to every problem you face right now. Words found in Psalm two. Here's Dr. UNICEF to begin the first thing you notice the Psalm very clearly that is divided into four sections.

Remember Psalm is a song and there are four stanzas in the song. Psalm two very clearly divided for Spencer's stanza one versus 1 to 3 talks about man's defiance of God. The second stanza is versus 4 to 600 shows us the father was the region toward the defiance the Fed spends a versus 7 to 9. It shows us the song's dominion. Talk about the Lord Jesus Christ and finally the fourth spends a versus 10 to 12 about the spirits deliverance so you get to finance the region. Dominion and deliverance. I hope you are impressed as I was first of all you see here very clearly man's defiance of God in the Psalms, ask why. Why, why do the nations rage and the people conspire and plow against the Lord why there are hundreds of organizations on lobbying organizations and groups that organize that register with the government for the sole purpose of oppressing Christians and Christian morality.

Why, why do so many political leaders in our culture today referred to Christians as out of the mainstream. Why now I for one think that is a compliment but they don't.

They think it is an insult to see why do so many governments around the world persecuted Christians, also being Christians, why do countries like Saudi Arabia and others feel that the Bible is a threat and therefore they banned it from their country.

Why, why do these different groups that are normally at each other's throat they hate each other that literally report each other very, given half the chance they would kill each other and yet they become united in their opposition to the Christian faith to Christian values and to Christians why I will answer that question. But before I do that I'm going to show you how they express how they express the rage against Jesus the anointed one is by going after his children by going after his followers and they call them every name in the book like bigots and intolerant they take their evil acts and they try to stick up to us. That is, groups like a B hive of unholy industry that are swarming in the media to denounce the righteous but why because they want to believe in false gods. They want to believe in themselves as gods that they want to believe.

False religion because they hate the teaching that says that there is only one light of the father that is only one plan for salvation is only one faith is only one doctrine is only one heaven and there's only one Savior, and that's why they don't want that.

So in their arrogance. They refused to believe that our God is the only true God, who tells the sun to shine in the morning that he is the only one true God, that those the moon light at night that he is the only one who tells the rain to fall. That is the only one who tells the earth to produce fruit and even more importantly, he is the one who sent his one and only son perfect sinless to die on the cross for sinners and they don't want to act.

Romans 118 describes it this way. They knew the truth, but prefer to believe in the lie and deceive the reliving that right now for very exchange the truth of God for a lie and worship and serve the creature instead of the creator is something that you need to know this rage, this outrage against Jesus the anointed one and his followers is going to reach its apex is going to reach its zenith immediately before the return of Christ and look at it now and I'm not making any predictions were just think about this 50 years ago we set all you other Christians are persecuted over there. The other Christians are hated in this country and in that country now to you.

You see, it's a global rage is a global outrage and is sweeping Europe and north America.

This is that's going to be the case as we get closer to the return of Christ. Man's defiance. Secondly, the father's derision toward the defiance. So many professing Christians these days are in total denial of the derision of God. There are many denominations who are actually going through their handbooks and they taking out any reference to the wrath of God. Any him anything that talks about the wrath of God. They are removing they do not want to believe that God's wrath is coming up on the nonbelievers that are coming upon evil, but the wrath of God will be fully exercised. They don't want to believe that they want to believe in a God who is a milquetoast God. They want to believe in a God who obeys them know they want to believe in their want to think of a God whose grace means that he is clueless and powerless, and for this reason they cannot accept verse four of Psalm two. The one enthroned in heaven laughs, the Lord scoffs at them. Why, because our God is far from milquetoast our God is a God of power and might, our God is a God who exercises his authority, whether they accept it or not, our God is a God who rules the universe whether they like it or not, our God is the God who controls the events of history whether they believe it or not, our God is not sitting on his throne in heaven and wondering what am I gonna do with these people actually some evangelical right is a saying that God doesn't know the future and that he is going along with us experiencing life like we are and I want to say that is not my God, the God I worship is omniscient and omnipresent God I worship is a God of power and might, that's the God I worship he's not sitting in heaven, wringing his hands and drinking Mylanta and saying what am I gonna do, what am I going to do what am I going to do now these people who believe lies over against the truth know you know but rather the Bible said he laughs but beloved, listen to me this is not a pleasant left. This is not a joyful left.

This is the laughter of the region. They think they can do this. That's what it means God is saying they think they can get rid of my son.

They think they can persecute my children and get away with it. They think that might as well let them reach for the sky unplugged the sun out, let them stop the sun from shining if they think that they can reinvent me or they can remake me in their own image. Let them control the rain and the floods on the hurricane.

I let them put the ocean in a bucket, and here's what I love history. I'm a history major, but I love history I read history as a hobby is the most amazing thing to me it repeats itself with precision and all you see, if you read in the pages of history but people not paying attention. They not paying attention to history and that's why we keep repeating its mistakes. The Roman empire was probably most powerful empire in human history. And it had 30 emperors and governors in its existence. They all distinguish themselves by their zeal to persecute the other Christians. Here's the history of all the 30 emperors and governors all all of died horrible deaths. Some of them ended up being deranged others ended up being physically blind. Others were killed by family members. Others died, miserable death in captivity. Others still drowned others still died with human flesh eating disease. Others committed suicide every one of them died a horrible death. Yet the Christian faith marched on man's defiance, God the father's derision. The sons dominion versus 789 will proclaim the decree of the Lord. He said to me you are my son, today I have begotten you asked me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the end of the earth's your possession. You will them with an iron scepter. You will rule them with what so much for the milquetoast Jesus, our God is a God of power and might, he came his first coming and weakness.

He will come and strength to come in humility, but he will rule with an iron scepter in his second coming today. It is not news to most of you that the name of Jesus is free-for-all is free-for-all. The custom curse free-for-all to the same free-for-all to the face free-for-all to abuse free-for-all to be outlawed from public life, except as a curse word that was never outlawed but listen 1000 years before Christ's incarnation.

The father said of him. He is my one and only anointed son. He is the one and only, through whom everyone must come to me.

He is the one on the way to heaven.

He is the only choice for you to have if you ever want to be saved eternally. Here is the only one who is going to judge the earth is going to judge every single human being on the face of the earth who rejected him as the only way to the father why because from the very beginning of creation God said is Jesus belongs to him. He owns you. Not if you listen to the preponderance these academics in the Hollywood types and useless business people and and here's how I see these people these academics, these pumpkins is Hollywood types of celebrities I see them as a bunch of squatters you know you saw that in the news. Squatters currency a house nobody's and if nobody occupies a study moving and nobody shows up with the owner doesn't show up basically make themselves at home and before long they think they own the house just because they have not seen the owner with their eyes they think they own it because have not heard the owner with the ears they think now they own it, but the squatters never owned anything so they become deceived and deceived themselves into thinking they are the owners because he only does not exist, the owner is not interested in his property that he is not concerned about his property so they declare themselves to be the owners and then goes on until the property owner shows up and make no mistake about it, the owner of the earth is them show up in person he's coming back. He's coming back a thousand years before Jesus incarnation God declared this is my son, to whom the earth belongs.

He owns there a thousand years before Christ came, in Bethlehem of Judea. God declared my son owns the earth and God the father declared above, the Jordan River when Jesus and John the Baptist got into the water and the Holy Spirit showed up and he said there's is my one and only anointed son. He owns the earth is the Lord's, and everything in it now. I have a big question to ask you, do you think Satan knows all of this course he does.

And that is why Satan offered Jesus a shortcut in the wilderness. Remember, there is not his, but his identity avoid the cross shortcuts Satan always offering will be very careful when you fall for his shortcuts very have bitterness on the other side of it. You know Jesus at the site at that moment that that's the use of interpretation, not even translation interpretation.

Satan buzz off the earth is mine, but I have to buy the father and you know what I Jesus taken that offer newest second year. None of us could mother being redeemed, but he went to the cross so that he might redeem every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why he had to obey the father and not take a shortcut for he said in Psalm two. 1000 years keep repeating that before Christ 1000 years earlier, they should ask me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance. Please think with me. I want every believer in Jesus, every disciple of Jesus every follower of Jesus. From this moment on we need to be spending every waking hours to ask the question how can we claim the nation's four hour Christ not is a personal opinion, listen to me know my heart on this. I personally believe all my heart that the Lord grieves in heaven when he sees his redeemed children have vision for everything in life, from retirement plans to vacation plans to life plans and they plan nothing in their obedience to the great commission. I believe the Lord is grieving when his redeemed think more about their recreation, then the rebirth of sinners. I believe that with every ounce of my being that his redeemed think more about those few years that we have here on earth with a 50 or 100 that where there will be spending there forever. The return asked me, and I'll make the nations your inheritance, beloved on this will wake up in time to this calling and mission were going to get to the point where it could be too late and I'm not really sure if we have cross it already man's defiance of God the father is the region over the defiance, the sons dominion forcefully and finally the spirits deliverance some years ago I did a series on the third member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit of God. I called it know your best friend. The Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood person of the Trinity. While I know your best friend listen to me because the third member of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit of God hears the one who called and called and called him called us until respondent is the third member of the Trinity who is calling sinners today.

Even now come come to the Father through the son is calling three relatives through friends with everyone of us here saying to everyone who would listen turned to the song while you can come to this time so that the father may accept you come to the sun come to the Father through the son that he may accept you look at verse 12 with me please I'm getting close to the end though Mrs. though Mrs. the construction of the sentence could read this case, the sun, less the father since he but is referring to the father Christmas unless the father be angry back out to the sun or face the father's wrath and judgment. Notice here, the Holy Spirit has a threefold appeal, threefold ear pierced my ear pierced.

All will and he appeals to all emotions.

He appeals, being Y's. He wants be wise, don't be foolish.

Secondly, he appeals to the will sorrowful the Lord out of reverence and finally he appeals to the heart.

Christensen give up your pride. List your pride with trip you give up your indifference before it's too late.

Give up your independence before you regret it casts a son after all.

He kissed you first.

When he hung on the cross. Why because now today this moment he is speaking in grace, but the day is coming to speak and judgment in the grass. Don't be deceived by those who serve everybody's going to make it in and told me to see and don't judge things the way he's appear to your physical. I father developed God's eyes vision while there is time the facet of the King which he called you to be grasp his vision and his purpose for your life and embrace it and obey, and you will be blessed just a son. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you set for leading the way he did this and all of Dr. Yousef messages online and through the leading the way mobile course on the radio Details that this message was the very first part in Dr. Michael you set series guy has the answer for every problem you face so I hope you'll make every effort to join him for each encouraging and challenging at the scent and find a way. In addition to being a local pastor and an international Bible teacher, Dr. Yousef also is a prolific author, pending more than 50 bucks. I know you appreciate his sound biblical content is wise guidance as a man dedicated to God's word and the passion to lead people to a closer walk with Christ. That's why we men appoint you to the leading the way website it's Al T. still be able to view many books written by Dr. Yousef and you can order them right. They hear everything from his most recent book, never give up to this several years ago guiding you in discipleship or leading your church or business in more Christlike way to look through the entire library of books available to order from leading the way. When you visit or call and speak to a ministry representative at 866-626-4356 866-626-4356.

We also love to hear from you through the post office.

You can write to leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. This program is brought to you by leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set do remember that if you not able to attend your own local church. You can join Dr. Michael yourself for leading the way-apostles most Sundays right around 10:30 AM Eastern time. Visit LTW or my power Thursday and I know you will appreciate the worship he often facilitate LTW Jack

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