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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 23, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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October 23, 2019 1:00 am

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There are successful pastors and evangelists were not so successful fathers. There are successful businessmen, professional not so successful fathers there are very successful political leaders were not so successful fathers, noting David was one of those. He was a great King. He was a warrior. He was a leader. He was a king. He was a spiritual giant in many ways for his generation and yet he failed as a father, King David was so busy doing his job that he failed at his task.

One of his sons raped his half-sister.

Another son killed the rapist half-brother and to top it all, his son Absalom conducted a coup d'état and toppled his father office room.

So much so that Absalom really has taken the reins of power in Israel and to make things worse. King David had to escape from his palace in order to just say his skin just to save his life. Yet the runaway powerful successful King David was on the run again is in deep trouble and is this King who was in deep trouble views his desperate situation as is great King begins to see the tragic condition in which he finds himself as David finds his heart and his emotions and his kingdom on the part as David contemplated this pathetic flight in which he finds himself. He sits down and bought inspiration of the Holy Spirit, writes Psalm 28 I wanted to turn with me to Psalm 28 father in the name of Jesus. We ask you to open our spiritual eyes that we must see and learn from this credible man of God that we would learn from his failures that we learn from his experience that all God, we may be pleasing to you. In Jesus name, amen.

In Luke chapter 18 Jesus tells a story and the story is about a corrupt judge. The Bible calls him an unjust judge and a corrupt judge who obviously accept bribes. He honestly does not do the right thing by people. And then Jesus said there was a widow who desperately needed this corrupt judge to do the right thing. She usually doesn't do the right thing often and therefore she wanted him to do the right thing. At least this once the judge is not interested simply because this woman did not have money to bribe him in order to get him to do what you wanted to do this find of the fact that what you wanted is the right thing and so the only thing she knew was banging on his door, day or night vindicate me, vindicate me, vindicate me doing the right thing judge know the right thing, judge, and finally Jesus said this man said to himself. What I know deep down, I'm corrupt. I know that this woman can't afford to bribe me.

I know that I don't often do the right thing, but in this case I'm going to do the right thing just to get rid of it and stop her from nagging me. What would Jesus say listen carefully place it would Jesus say he is saying that God is a very opposite of that judge everything that there's judge is God is not and everything that God is the judge was not because God is a just God is fair God always always always does the right thing to his appointment. If the corrupt judge of the unjust judge did the right thing because of the woman's importunity how much Morrison Jesus that the right just Holly just judge all the universe, how much more would he do for his children tried to him and not what Jesus is saying is that I wanted to listen carefully placing the rod on this one.

Don't miss it here saying that old persistent prayer that is according to the will of God will give God's answer. I will repeat that will persistent prayer that is sprayed in accordance to the will of God will get God's answer is not in this Psalm as you look at it you'll find that really it is a prayer but is in the song. It's in the song format and factor of three stanzas and that song prayer three stanzas first stanza versus wanted to. You see David places his confidence. He makes a confident request towards you need to remember confidence request. The second stanzas versus three and five is that he makes a calm reasoning with God.

The third stanza is that he receives a cause for rejoicing.

Six words, all you need to remember.

Remember the six words you remember all the message okay six words confident request is a confident request the second calm reasoning and the last one cause for rejoicing. While I flunked math I think the seven words.

Nonetheless, remember those three things you remember this message. It is my prayer and has been my prayer that God would use this message to literally transform your walk with him. David confident request still does not who David is or the desperation that he is in, or even justice was clause. No, but confidence of payments request stems from his confidence of who God is, to you I call old Lord, my rock now is very few things about a rock in case you don't know rock in the Bible is a symbol of the changes God the rock is a symbol of the immutability of God, the rock is a symbol of the permanence of God, the rock is a symbol of the invincibility of God, the rock is a symbol of the strength of God.

I want to do this and I'm going to tell you, no one has a right to call themselves the rock now a two bit wrestler Michael himself.

The rock is not a rock at all. In fact, you get another one of those acting restless and come in and beat him up and is no longer the rock is just know he got his own imagination run wild about himself. Only God can be called a rocket man. Only God can be called the rock and I don't want you to miss the contrast here in the Psalm. This is an incredible Psalm with a lot of contrast, David's world is falling apart. But God is Ben's world is crumbling from under him. But God is the rock, David's world sliding from under him. But God is his rock. David's throne seemed to be invincible, just a few days ago been snatched away from him.

But God is all David's security is melting before his very eyes, but God is all David's subjects have turned on him and turn against him. But God is the rock. David's world was collapsing before his eyes. But God is the rock, David's world seemed to be nothing like it once was. But God is his rock. Have you ever been there.

I sure have. When everything seems to be working great and then all of a sudden things begin to fall apart totally out of your control. The company that you counted on the business deal that you worked hard for the marriage that looked as solid as a rock the house that you are so proud off you wake up one morning and it's in trouble.

In those situations.

What you do. David turned to the only one who's unchangeable David to the one whose love for him does not flow then returned to me only one whose stability is unquestionable to ask a question when your world collapses before your eyes. Do you turn to God, the rock or do you blame God when you are betrayed by your dearest and nearest dear turned to the rock of ages, or do you get angry with God when you find yourself in trouble because of you all wrong choices do you provide to the rock of ages, or do you falsely accuse him of not protecting you from the consequences of your own choices. I remember one time several years ago a man sat in my office and he literally got himself exactly where he was. Nobody helped him and he was in a mess, and he was blaming God is in the will. Can you blame God for that is it is you protected me and I occasionally limit jumping with them miss understand this, but I sometimes feel sorry for God's plan for everything we don't like a mess of colonizers of God in all his ways.

God would have nothing to know God. All of a sudden, when the where is God. I want to do him right here. The problem with most people. They feel that God owes them something they do. They run around feel the God owes listen God owes you nothing you will him everything. The source of David's confidence request is the mercy of God. There are people to think that God owes them something. People running around saying that government owes me something. The church owes me something. That wasn't my parents only something nobody owes you anything buddy listen to me. I wanted to listen if you go around running around in your life thinking that the world owes you something somebody owes you something you will never accomplish great things in your life. This metallization mentality that sweeping across the land need to be stopped by God's people and say enough is enough.

David said, hear my cry. Oh Lord, for what is he crying for what is due to him for what he things God always you know what anything is demands are no what his desire as well.

He said, hear my cry for mercy and his mercy, hear my cry for mercy. That's all that David was asking for this endemic as a matter fact is far stronger than this.

David is thinking that God is not here him and hear his cries for mercy and answer his prayer is as good as dead as I said you know what I fully identify with David. I know many of you do to.

Without God's mercy, as good as dead. There are times in my life after moment you say you mean you have blown it to, but I believe a big time limited times in my life. After a moment I'm going to God, and all force is a God. I don't have the right to ask for anything except the promise of you mesh.

Obviously as you look at the Psalm you realize that God has been silent for a while. You know how I know that look in the text. David is appealing to God to break the silence and then said his prayer David has such confidence in God's mercy that he could say to the Lord all Lord if you don't answer my prayer and my cry say I am as good as dead Davidson lift up my hands toward the holy place. What is it is a passionate way of expressing his deep longing to be back in the temple of God, worshiping God once again is pleading for God to give him mercy and have mercy on him and answer his prayer. You know, when Moses lifted up his hands on top of the mountain. Joshua won the battle when Jacob wrestled with God is lifted God heard his prayers and answer them when Jesus in Gethsemane. The Bible said his sweat was like drops of blood.

The resurrection took place three days later, cannot be upfront with you cannot be honest with you. Now that I'm gonna care with a you say yes or no to do it anyway. I honestly genuinely believe that most Christians do not know what it is to literally intercede in prayer.

Most Christians do not understand what it means to persist in prayer.

Most Christians do not understand what it means that the horns of the altar and say God not leaving until you submit because you promised so we mutter our petitions were God, I just hope that you can help me God with terrorism. If you ever say God I hope I'm gonna stop you if I ever hear you pray God, I hope you can only hope God can help you discuss K unit talking to the God of the universe understand God can do all things and he accomplishes all things according to the counsel of his wealth both as Ephesians 111 David not only made his request and confidence. Secondly, David made his calm reasoning with God. Look at verses three, four, five of Psalm 28 and as you look to get to those verses on until your couple things in the light of these words what's happening in our culture, we have been told so often that we're not supposed to judge anybody we not supposed to judge anything. The so-called liberals twist the words of Jesus when he said judge not, and thus justify and rationalize sin and rationalize rebellion. They say oh we not supposed to judge and consequently when evil and wickedness all around us abound.

They say we have no right to call that evil there but God does want to call evil what God calls evil. I agree with them have the right but God does. The professor was speaking this class. Not so long ago and he was talking about the atrocities of the Nazis and the atrocities of Hitler and the Jewish girl in the class to lessen what what do we have to judge them suspend of our age that is the culture in which we live. It right now and beloved, I want to tell you. Satan loves it. David had already approached God on the basis of what his self-righteousness now approach God on the basis of God's mercy. David already approached God and confessing of his own sinfulness, but it is more than that. He doesn't even begin when he is asking God in reasoning with God to do the right thing to do.

The just thing he does not begin with that, he begins by praying and asking God not to judge the wicked. He gets to that, but he begins his request of God to keep him from being dragged into the quagmire of the wicked. Why what you think is praying that because David understands that he has the propensity to sin. David was aware of his own propensity to behave just like the wicked do and that is why he begins by confessing that apart from the life-giving sustaining power of God's word that apart from the life-giving sustaining power of God spirit that apart from the life-giving sustaining power of God's mercy, he would be swept away with the wicked, and be where they are is something important here. I really don't want to diminish when David was praying for justice against the wicked UC Davis form five when he's praying for justice against the wicked. He was not just praying as private citizen David. He was praying as the king of the nation as a ruler of the nation.

You must understand the difference here. David was responsible for seeing justice take place in his kingdom and that is why he was praying for God to empower him to do just thing some of you might misunderstand what I'm going to tell you. I hope not but him your item. Regardless, evil must never prosper regardless of how we feel about those who commit evil. I will repeat that evil must never prosper regardless of how we feel about those who commit evil and we must pray for evil plans to be frustrated if you do not feel that evil shall be frustrated that evil shall be judge, chances are you don't care for the victims of evil. Truly. Today we are being brainwashed, but that we can care more about the several rights of a child abuse than the victim.

Today we are brainwashed that we should care more for the terrorist than those who suffered their hands today would being brainwashed that we care more about the rapists than the right victim and ladies and gentlemen, that is wrong and we must pray for justice, as David did his confident request is calm reasoning is cause for rejoicing whenever we get into trouble.

Actually, whether the person is a Christian will not.

Whenever anyone gets into trouble. The cry to God in the office other people. Please pray for me please pray and they'll pry my little friend before their prey. And that's fine but is what happens most often the Lord in his own time and in his own way.

Answers a petition and when their prayers are answered.

The person is excited. I'm in is here.

She is elated, thank you God thank you God thank you God is so excited.

A week later. All of a sudden, the thought hits you all you know, last week guidance of God.

You know God by the way, thank you for what you did.

That was good was me. Thank you God.

That's fine. Well, to wait a few months later, and is completely erased from your mind and learn, then it comes all of a sudden you think about it. Something happened you remembered you got answered your prayers. Oh yeah you.sorry, I should've been thinking I should really be thinking every day that I did and I'm sorry and then a year or two later when the challenges of life on the problems of life could popping up and keep popping up a Nissan visit and then you face another dilemma in your life then you think all God, you know you've answered my prayer. Couple of years ago when I cry to you, you had my prayer all God, thank you for that. But, by the way, God, what have you done for me lately, this thing of the age want to tell you something you want to know how that lack of gratitude affects the heart of God. She God is like. Jesus and one day there were 10 lepers 10 the number walking by and Jesus healed everyone all and they went away one of the 10 hunted Jesus down and he was not a Jew, is probably the only Samaritan the only foreigner among those 10, he hunted Jesus down and he came to him to sit. Thank you Lord, thank you for healing me.

Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for transforming my life. Thank you for the storm into the society. Thank you for restoring Rick, thank you God. If you read the words of Jesus in the original you'll feel the pain in the heaven. This of his heart when he returns to the disciples and he says would not, just like only one the Samaritan comes in and says thank you but not David. David actually began to praise God for answered prayers before he could see evidence of that answer prayers. He began to thank God for answering prayers before the prayers could be even answered in the human eyes of this man. I know some time ago I prayed to the Lord about an issue that matter for long time and I remember clearly one day as I was praying, since the Lord to be saying now. I wanted to thank me for answering your prayers as the Lord I will as soon as I see evidence of illicit will start thanking me now and I want to confess to you for 18 months, every single day I would thank God for answering that prayer. But listen I want to be up for how to be honest with you when you need to know the every day. Of those 18 months that devil may at my stupid day for thanking God for answering my prayer when the evidence appears to be to the contrary. But God gave me the faith to thank him before seeing the evidence with my own eyes.

Look at verse seven of Psalm 28 David said my heart trusted Preston's I am helped present tense our praise future tense, based on his experience with God. What is happening here. David supplication gave way to David seeing God's hand and seeing God's hand give way to song of praise. I wanted to hear out on this one. We do not live a Christian life in a vacuum. We don't some people just gone through life and think we live our Christian life in a vacuum really don't where you are today as a result of where you were yesterday and where you will be tomorrow. As a result of where you are today not only David praise God before he has seen the evidence of answered prayer, but David was interceding on behalf of others. The people who pray when they want something from God and said God please please please please God and and they get what they want and then they forget for days or weeks or months later, they miss out on the most incredible blessing that they could possibly have you know that is what I mean by that.

Well, that attitude of going to got only when you want something from God. And then when you're God you forgot about God, you have lost one of the great blessings that can only come when you know how to intercede on behalf of of others praying for others interceding for others.

Many of us miss out on the blessing that can only come when we cried to God on behalf of the work of God. When we cried to God on behalf of the kingdom of God. When we cried to God on behalf of the things that idea and near to the heart of God. We miss out on the blessing. So David concludes his prayer is song is prayerful, but praying for on this.

Listen. Save your people, and bless your inheritance be their shepherd and carry them forever. When I tell you an interesting anecdote that I could not help but think about as I watched a little bit of the celebration of Queen Elizabeth anniversary of her and phoning a soulless rock 'n' roll stars and all those people whose names I do not know and can pronounce. I remember reading in history some years ago about Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebration and I cannot help but contrast the two just a natural what are you a history buff, as all the delegates were coming from all over the Commonwealth coming in there to wish Queen Victoria.

Well, the head of the delegation from Madagascar asked if he can give the Queen a gift and he sang her favorite song and as a queen heard her favorite song being sung by the head of the Madagascar delegation. She went.

She went favorite song was Rock of ages, cleft for me that behind myself in the but there's a even more poignant point of this song was written by man by the name of Augustine's chocolatey at the age of 16 he received Christ into his life as he heard the gospel message preached in one of the districts of Ireland. The sermon was on Jesus, the rock Augustus was a very frail young man, he suffered from tuberculosis. Like David he was in trouble. He did not know a day that was free of pain. His world was always dark, his pain was unbearable. His health was crumbling. This started for the ministry, but his body was so weak that stopped him from being able to express his passion in preaching and he died at the age of 30, not before he brought these magnificent words Rock of ages, cleft for me behind myself in the thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that LTW.Ward

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