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The Burden

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May 21, 2022 12:00 pm

The Burden

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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May 21, 2022 12:00 pm

Mark joins Robby in the studio to introduce U.S. ally and Afghanistan hero, Shaheem, who has been instrumental in extracting and rescuing the persecuted and oppressed in that nation, as they face threats of starvation and murder.

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.


Connie and Atlantic Mayor Mema with storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just a few seconds enjoying it, share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network the following program contain sensitive content listener discretion is advised previously on my arm rescue you are both went to the country went undercover as a buyer that's going to area that is controlled by hotel or somebody or building and reposing as an interest but we have an interest in buying roles. Sometimes a parade goes gold rules are there trying to determine what information you believe you should recording or documenting those things.

Local people are also part of that undercover work. That's how those investigations fall welcome to lantern risk ministry program educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the board we have a treat for you today on lantern rescue and Mark we got right on amazingly special guest is actually in the studio with us right now… This is one of our heroes community shippers like okay so this is one of our heroes. This is an ally to the US from Afghanistan and he is been instrumental in so many ways and especially most recently since August. He's been instrumental in extracting and rescuing a lot of people a lot of persecuted people and those who are oppressed, and so when I mentioned his name or diskette let you know that he actually is right here in the studio with us. We've been having meetings together and so brother go ahead and say hello and Shahi for the shop okay were grateful that you're here money and my name is Shane when I got my life all Medigap leg may get home. I have been a lot of given agencies like porcelain hay. Often a I went I finally going to money because it's going to redeem and then going on in the thing that I wasn't going a lot of things you can't talk about your you have been, as I say, an ally to the US I know much of your life is just been in a war fight that I sent :-( the identifier from someone sent anything, but it was my passion just media only to mankind and I make any link with my heart on the bench and people that I meant then long that everyone going into going to Afghanistan and often the Ottoman laughed and pointed that out. I don't my sleeve up and I think better, Niven is I was ghoulish and of course have gotten a likely indent, and they have been made with the support of knowing how many can been driving you don't want things to accomplish is that you are the primary instrument to move the last Jewish community out of Afghanistan that was no one to move the last Jewish with the meaning of guy and I think I think of this information back then brightened and he now and then faking it again tonight talk about things today Ali I'm just nervous he's not so nervous as I am, but this is an individual who represents a team of people are team of people who may only say they've moved people. This is the only human smuggler who is on our side.

We hunt down human traffickers. Normally this is the one that were nodding down or working with the girls smuggling and is moved people at death's door yeah talk about things that remarkably relevant in the capital.

I've been the public knowing that it might even I spontaneously began leaving when I was, and is saving lives in a different monitor was sneaking them. I'm not any other human having Evan. I did a lot of work in progress. I had a good meeting with the support of some of my American friend, brother, I had no and he went on the units chemically when I think I need almost got examinees anyway let me that I need Lincoln 500 people that like me to the board by that word out were telling the Americans of the starvation problem in Afghanistan Ukraine.

His capture so much attention right now that Afghanistan is gotten a little bit forgotten in the reality is that people are starving talking here and we just recently did also a medical treatment where this man. I will call the warlord, but today he's just about what used to be able to do it. We've got it as the set up posts all around Afghanistan and to treat people and we got doctors who volunteered under his supervision their time and we treated women and children about it was about 3500 feet gasket and we did our partnership with another foundation so was good and different data negation may mean you anymore and that when going and went out that our friend Dr. wanted Kenny going as an ornate, many can come and you had to be many send the fellow, many can be nonsense investment and again it went into the night before the people and that they were starving and Dr. rather than you know.

If you take Russia took $20,000 worth of medical supplies, and just broadens the country and just handed it off.

It would get resold right and misused and so in order Shahi supervision. Actually, you know he he mastered that plan. It was a let's set up posts. Let's bring doctors in endless give them a medical care like assessment, you know, just like a doctor. Your doctor want to do physical so they came in and then we disperse the medical supplies and treatments to those individual people and so you know that was brilliant and outside of this man in this room. I don't think that could be done in Afghanistan is incredible. The favor the wisdom, the clandestine nature and capabilities of this you are right here really. One thing I guess if some someone with a lot of elimination and listening to my wife and I know I took anybody out Monday against FMA that will I just want to get the comfort that they should building them like America because of their eye guy can go back and would be going. I am kind of event disclosure memo medical school in their thinking.

I would not bring you guys down a a I was thinking that all my honesty and loyalty was listening to my wife's needs support my program meeting stomach because an event then begun. I'm Daniel. It's my myth anyway). I think anything, though there doesn't. But what none of my American friend that thing that I might be feeling vulnerable and just think everything doesn't spend money that I prefer the part of, and even that there advertise allotment that he loved to do nothing lead up to that because you and I forgot to extract people and set them up.

But did you know the reality of the though starving in the medical treatments that needed in your willingness to risk your life. Continue to do that but listless back up a little bit you know. Last time we were together my house and we chatted. I got you know you better man and got to know about your family. I want it.

Would you take the time to maybe sure little bit. We have a break in the shelter but you could just tell me about the general public hear about your childhood and in your life and how God led you through life to where you are now yes so I will morning of getting in a I can go to school and I don't have an LA owning it from school, but it all again in a emblematic by making anything on José.

He had a how did you you have a heart surgery how to how did you get here US when Elsa else, making the when the president of the Pittsburgh University.

No ending.

He's died so he'd sponsor me in a game, but many come out. How incredible some guy at sponsor GM to say I don't save your life and not knowing brother will know the military side of your life in direct sunlight you have saved games of thousands of people including US soldiers and in the soft baby and I'm not credible that is right I have a lot of notes from the different genders, and emulated the Navy North that would need a communicant in the beginning anybody's stated that Jane save Noah live an event like a family and now as I was backing but I was like this for you.

I was thinking how old were you when he came for the Hartford how old I wasn't 20. Clearly, 23, and so it 23.

At least you had surgery here in the US it was was on your heart and not have a mandate on the lease. David was doing my name and when the VSD enough and that they had numbness in my left side to Internet Tom you know your family member.

That means the most to your life on is such a wife and child about your mother relationship. He always had is now my my mother and me not demeaning if she's anything I think you find my LiveWire I need to get in my leveler the flag. I did an enemy knows you this evening, but in any event, one leg memo that will not make the delay. I misspelled that I discovered about that in my name, and intermediate cheesesteaks. Many months now my wife was pregnant when this could have happened is important that have happened.

Yeah I did. I actively try to think them and getting them out of the motor so we are trying I'm trying to make a link to my company has effeminate the plaintiff anything of any good, but I have what form, click on that one be in the in. I was dead. Then I hated it when expect anything in any of anything that would get the one with the medic of the family.

If you want to prove I can think on my program manager think is that again in a Monday play. I think that what I would with. I didn't give him a feeling that the order I just on the plane plug and I'm sure will help your family. I'm sure you're like me the storm while wife, goodness, he knows you can see is him all over the situation and the favor just unbelievable so I'm sure you want to stay to all men, so much more coming up for you here on my interest-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security problems, genocide, terrorism, track is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest criminal activity in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat track and operates were trained in a national network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates the listed procedures are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support the following program contains sensitive content discretion is advised to welcome back to lantern rescue was a special episode we have today. I know you will want to take a picture right back to you know was still on your mark will have a bottle relationship with farmers in my life and we entertain even those people are home you months ago we were honored to have you in our house and I will never forget something you said to me okay there's you said it was such passion you were sitting on my couch were disquiet and you look over at me and you said brother you have the burden and said then you told me what that bird was an I listen to you because you're right, the burden is on few people and is that you live this life without trying to help somebody else I'm not blown me up or anything like that. I'm just saying you have a kindred spirit from a person Afghanistan to look across and disparage me with monitors that you have the burden this man has the burden probably.

He has every right to be out of that region and could you be living here and not a cure. One thing yet he continues to stay in that region. Go back and forth in between different countries orchestrate make things happen.

That is wisdom from you brother okay sign asking the singer sewing dispute. Some people don't have the burden they like you said you said a lot of people said it in your dialectic, your your way. You said they could just go to work. They can just come from work they can just live the life that I don't care about anything and but I'm learning that need me audience. This booklet is that I have one under a I guess was not much of a known right. My friend investigated not to move, but I'm I'm getting you if you just come and ask for lasting I am what what a lot of negative misconduct by make that impression. I would like for care. Many came to anything. I probably have one of them and I'm I want I want that for many guys it's it's Wednesday, the dignity and when people talk. But I want to make. I would live Mimi. I don't I don't feel good, and it medic that my friend Phil Devgan saying it would anybody find in any company is doing a medic. I guess that was loud in notebook because he knew that and that the thought dozens if you leave I think of a gun on that though. I hope that we have what they need to back that and and therefore you then again I'm I don't brag a lot about Mrs. Ledet and getting that when it is a meaningful unit of service use that word. The burden knows those who they would probably say that describes because you do want. Sometimes you wish you could sleep more wishes to travel less the she couldn't enjoy hobbies wish you could your mind could be set on things that are just lighter to carry with the Kenya yellow Bird what is the faces of the children down and see the millennium wife will witness that well. I went 20 people are lightly regulated right millennium not anyone… A lot of people like that in what distinctions and and I can never live because feel gravity. If you want to and one that the last was another was that the last of the Jewish I think you mom and a lot of that is going anyone that I was just thinking the government out of him.

And I think I when we rebooted it and nobody knows for Wednesday a 50 Month Oil Manually Long Way gun and he's knowing you bring up something I want us to reach a little bit about this a lot of Christians in Afghanistan is much as maybe Americans realize that there still there armor and there there some part of their just been able to be extracted right and moved out and I can you think they knew that the people I know don't understand anything living in misery they are. There are some other people that an Internet vent and donated in Hayden's heart if you're Christian it's it's hard Afghanistan Pakistan is hard in India is hard everywhere that region of the world you know and in many media, running away, but I doubt anyone it knew what I can know that in doing a weight gain even a days even from the set of the monarch when there are people who think the problem: you know I have a lot of other than they again and Mark is here and David get if you need my cell is just as people. Let me know and anything northern Indian you have to do something we should not live well is the Lord and not whatever we are going in yet. I did my part really knowing that half so well, you know, as I listen you know and when you say your help in these people get them out of members or some, can you give our audience a little sense of what an operation like that kind of looks like you coming in the middle of the mind to go in know what it wasn't like I picture this for Jewish family.

I can imagine how horrible it would be to be in Afghanistan and to be Jewish. Right now, and I'm sure their hideout like wherever in the world and so you somehow or another you find out where they are them a map did no more mortgage and he went missing you. But the Christian I know we go way I have done, then I know we can find a minute of 9889.

Think about power but that is valid know now that I know I'm English that for them and me, then it would be regulated by medical and I would but I'm getting out and then was difficult is us another reality so once we move what we do is we rent amount department for three months and give them food for family family units are the BIC. There 8 to 10 people not to her through there always you know multiple children. This guy thinks he can be even more cousin be 20 people you know really know on Shaheen and and help to feed these people in these but the difficulty is a lot of left a dangerous situation where their life was their houses, SITUATIONS, spreading from the telegraph to a place where there hoping to get to get to move further because of their applications are there process or another visa situation. But reality is that is backed up. The tremendously back on it hundred 50,000 refugees, at least it is a lot more and more precious. And whatnot, the valley and a little upset. I would just think about love what I needed to meeting you, but no, I'm not here for bed thinking you guys think that if any are what is possibly give on that we had with people left behind as we know right now we have Afghans from special forces who actually removed in August on a struggle.

We need funding to move on. We need we need a another organization responsible for caring family decide what is going to be no way do you believe what people in the 11th meeting later anybody that listening my voice on the onions are able to fornicate into some funding part of this demonic word that gravity of any meeting you yet you are not dying men living in and hiding in the I've been even made possible for them just been there yet and money on a game of seeing how Mimi gone situation on the wall were so many people were there hearts from what's going on right now in Ukraine, but here we have just unbelievable situation is people special forces obviously risk their lives for a lot of American writer now in this situation where were they desperately need our help right now.

Obviously, all of us listening to him pray that God would open up a tour somehow to provide for this other need this just gigantic in the world that inflation is grabbing all the people in all sorts of stuff going on. So ma'am, I mean we need to be planned and if God puts it on your heart. Oh, I know a guy. Okay, well, let's get it figured out that we get those people to mark or whatever and get some traction to you know to help you can tell a man's heart but these are people he probably worked with for years and years documents we have about 100 days family cases that we know the girl moved the murder of any thing you knew people looking for them. Thank you even know it when they have to make a possible they could not go to the bottom part of your schedule yet that I would I get what I did. I use my networking. No money in the biometric meeting to get home and get pending instead of thinking in the government, but the thought of me monarch anything the art we need. You had me on that event on Guinness people in Guinness guys was getting nothing done alive, and I'm sure that you are not going down.

I know it's Afghanistan Ukraine Volumen wanted you got that one anybody in human being anybody in the left vodka about another brother were not given up on going on when I give up our work. We are not given up okay and were not forgotten Afghanistan and were not forgotten. Those were press their noses in persecution and we are we are entering into now are to do an assessment of the region, Robbie, and we're going to assess are there remaining Christians was the condition okay so you know were not given up and maybe I should call them back – $33 million a race but were not adequate as assessed by myself and I'm I said no I want is a a door now in the middle of nowhere. I personally know that I got a deal that when you get something in me that God would give me a happy but I cannot anymore but I cannot not push you but the thing is, you have bring it and limit. I am not going to make a an open field Geico man, but yet technical timing when God gave you the mother that is something that I would having and what what I did mod and I make in addition, many people out at the site when I was in the cabinet and getting on with the Internet and went out of the Dominican Medicaid again and he is a great nation that believe me I have known everywhere I can emulate additional mechanical family have a meeting the Lord Dominican Medicaid remedy of the Lord will pay a leak on the listen number sure is your listening.

I mean, you can see Harris a man was such a passion. This know this is worth dying for. For him number two goes in there every day*marks and development in different areas of the world, but for him.

These are his people… Is me. So let's just commit to pray like God. What can I do here I am. What's my role in this, and what can we do to help these folks that are making this assessment and keep us aware was going on in the world right please reach out to us and will transparent will let you know the steps one is happy when they're being moved today when they arrive safely for safe house. When they get to the final destination will do all this many times listeners have received, bless. This is the Truth Network

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