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She's the One I Prayed For

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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October 23, 2021 12:00 pm

She's the One I Prayed For

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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October 23, 2021 12:00 pm

Haley, a sex trafficking survivor, courageously shares her story of abuse, which lasted the majority of her childhood, and gives an account of her providential friendship with Lantern volunteer Casey, which has helped her to cultivate a budding relationship with Jesus Christ. Haley is joined by Casey, Mark, and Ren.

A warning for listeners: this episode contains sensitive content, including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide. Discretion is advised.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue is that I want you to make sure someone says a counselor said the God of Abraham is also much that at the moment you climb this to kill yourself.

He had an American Christian on a motorcycle.

Not even supposed to be and that contrary pass underneath and begin a prayer chain. Five had to climb the whole thing to the top and carry her down. I would for sure but I think the greater miracle is be afraid God restrain the oppression and I believe daemonic forces on her so that she was released from that. Welcome to lantern risk ministry program educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest we tell the stories we talk about rest. As we empower you to do something about it said that it not be said I was silent when the oh I think this is sort of the divine appointments to that you got here lantern rescue today as I think you know what God is doing it. And sometimes we get in on it and we get a chance to see it was beyond honor to be with the folks on what is here in the studio today would lantern rescue, but we got rent on the phone and so Ren can you kind of set the table for us so we who have been one of our meeting on going to help a lot with that with greeting volunteers and recently she got connected with Haley and their relationship to be anything Dori Casey introduce Haley force I'll stop by Tanya about how we got connected. I applied a blog called knowledge of light which I think I shared with you guys before, and through that my partner Gabrielle lays a part of that anti-human trafficking page on Facebook and from there we found Haley and we found her posting sharing what shall be sharing with you in a little bit and Gabrielle and Harry talk for a while and then when I finally got connected with her the first time that we had and it was just such an instant connection and and really a God connection and I knew that she was the one that I had been praying for and asking God for and so young to consider Casey what what were you praying and asking God while I was.

I pray for Sir, trafficking survivors and for loving any you know whatever's laid on my heart to pray for him that day but I was really praying that I could be the light in somebody's life and help them come to freedom in an relationship with God and just be delivered from all really to volunteer for Lena rest and then well for God actually like I choose you this day really really really cool slightly. Force Haley Haley on CA survivor Amelio sex trafficking and I will kind of let her introduce herself and tell you about a little bit what that looked like in her story well welcome Haley I know it's going to be really different to be on the radio, so very difficult. We appreciate your courage tremendously to share the story you know with our listeners so can you come to take us out. Dr. yes Haley, I've never actually told my story out loud so so my father was my trafficker. It started out as sexual abuse at the age for it was very hidden in the beginning, and my mom is also being severely abused, so she was like being beaten into like following what he was doing. We lived in a two-story house. The house was really old and beat up. We didn't have any hot or clean water. So it started out with my father molesting me in the bathtub because bathtime would become the project because my mom would have to like boil water before she could put it in the tub so would have clean water so that went on for a while until eventually, we were evicted from the house we moved into my grandmom's unfinished basement I think is about six I shared a very small room with both of my parents and because my grandparents lived upstairs. The abuse had to be quieter so that sexual abuse was a lot quieter than hitting us or beating us so that escalated a lot more and it started with my father making me perform oral sex on him and it was like every day after school and I was still so young, so I just thought it was very, very normal and it know any different then after that I moved again at about eight. The new house we moved into was two houses down from the bar this in the next house will talk about is where some of the darkest memories I have that and it was in this house that I started to realize that my father was doing wasn't very normal and my mom was just as scared as I was in this house.

There were times where I was locked in closets. My dad would like dump bugs on me for punishment.

His friends would start to come over to that house and they would break me by.

My mom was gone at work because my dad would be home and then he would get money or drugs from letting them write me and eventually we were evicted from that house again. We moved into this huge two-story farmhouse and from outside the house was like every girl's dream there was horses so much land, but it was my living nightmare five. It was definitely by far the worst house. I was about 10 and everything was worse than I could imagine that house I would be taken for my room in the night and put in the bed of flight and put in the bed of my dad's pickup truck and sometimes I still can remember the feeling of just laying in that truck being so scared a lot of times there was an abandoned barn in the very back of that property and that's where he would take me. I would be left in a stall. There were like these force rings on like the coals and they were used to like tie up the horses. We were grooming them so they wouldn't move and that's what he would like tie me to and I would be left out there for days or even sometimes weeks and that only people that would ever come out to see me were the ones that were there to break me some weeks I was raped over 100 times one week. In particular, it was probably about day seven or eight of just laying in the stall not far and I heard footsteps and I know is my father and he looked at me and asked me why I was so miserable. I knew I couldn't ignore him, because ignoring him, never ended well for me but also my punishment would depend on what I what answer I gave him so I told him I was thirsty, had been out there for like eight days and have food or water. So after I told him that I then had to beg him not to rape me. But of course he raped me again and then he picked me up and put me in the back of his truck. By now I knew the routine of when we pull back to the house I would go in the side door. I would shower and I would absolutely not wake up. My mother a few hours later my mom woke me up after doing all that because his morning and she asked me how was camp that week and this was the moment realization that my mom didn't know what I dad was doing and right after that.

She told me my dad needed help. Downstairs in the barn so I know to do. I would get dressed. I went downstairs to the barn to help him and when I walked into the barn he walked into a stall and pulled out a gun and he shot my horse, he told me that I lost a lot of money for being so miserable and then he left me with the dead horse, and he made me clean up the blood before stained his concrete and shortly after that incident we moved again. We moved into a small trailer in the abuse and traffic continued a lot, not house. My father was actually arrested in that house for molesting another child. He spent about 60 something days in jail and then he was released and I lived with him for months before parole caught up within, and they told him that he was no longer allowed to leave the children so my mom told me that I had to leave. So at 12 I moved out of my parents house and moved into my grandparents house but my granddad was already on Megan's law. He was already a registered sex offender. So I lived with him and the abuse started again with him and convict further continued with my father because my mom would bring the unsupervised, there, and the abuse their start to get more physical again with my dad.

So start be a lot more noticeable and on my 15th birthday, he raped me again that led to a pregnancy and then a miscarriage in the school worker started to report to the state and the state got involved, and the court case started against my dad and during that process I was still being abused by my granddad but I refuse to talk about it because I knew what my granddad was doing to me was a lot better than my dad could have been doing to me, so that in 2019. The abuse about my granddad finally came out and I was 17 and put in foster care, and then in March 2020. My dad was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in state prison, so minimum sure what those hearts just wrenched how anybody could be you know survives. Can you give us some sense of

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