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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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April 16, 2024 5:54 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 16, 2024 5:54 am

Is the jury still out on Shohei Ohtani, or no? | Amy's trip to Niagara Falls! | What are the best wings in Buffalo?


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Price and coverage match limited by state law. Hey, hey. Whoo. Got that first hour underway. No major train wrecks.

Comwrecks did not blow up. Two students have already left. There's only one remaining.

I'm not sure what that means, but I'm not going to read into it. I've already told Paul, though, clearly he's my favorite student. She's going to be our little secret, but he's still here because he doesn't have to wake up for a class until early afternoon. I'll be all the way back in New Jersey by the time he wakes up for a class.

That is wrong and unfair. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence from the campus of Syracuse University. No eclipse this week. Oh, it was so much calmer. It was so unbelievably calm in Western New York. I almost couldn't believe I was at Niagara Falls. There was nobody there on Monday morning. Nobody. It was amazing.

A few dozen people. No lines. No having to wait for the Maid of the Mist. Oh, boy, do I have a story to tell you about the Maid of the Mist. No trouble standing on the railings or getting up close. No problems climbing up to the crow's nest or walking over to the Cave of the Winds.

No lines anywhere. And I asked everyone that I that I could everybody who worked in the area, even the guy who served us our wings in Buffalo, what last weekend was like and their faces, their eyes and their faces. They were definitely feeling some some PTSD and some flashbacks to what was a crazy weekend for Buffalo and Niagara Falls in western New York with the solar eclipse.

So that was pretty interesting to hear the stories they were telling about how they worked nonstop, about how it was great for business, but it wore them out and they were kind of happy when everybody left. But it was the complete opposite this weekend in Buffalo and in Niagara Falls. And I really enjoyed my time there.

If not for the lake of back snow, I might even convince my husband that we should move there because we really like the pace and, of course, really enjoyed just the the walking around. The weather was gorgeous on Sunday and Monday. So it was awesome to be there.

Thank you for all of your messages from those of you who are members of Bill's Mafia or just call Buffalo or Niagara Falls your home because it was really neat to be there. And I had a lot of catching up to do by the time I got to Syracuse on Monday afternoon and how to teach class number two, our topics on on Monday evening. The art of the interview, which is, I say, a lost art in radio in many ways and also how to research and show prep. And I told my students, you'd be surprised how many questions I get about research and show prep and how I get ready. And it really is kind of cool to know how many people who listen to the radio show also want to know what it's like behind the scenes and how I get ready. By far the most common question I get and have gotten over the course of my network career, which are where I've done mostly late nights and overnights, is when do you sleep? That is the most common question. When do you sleep?

Do you ever sleep is another one that I get. And so people are really interested in what happens behind the scenes. So we're doing a lot more of the research and show prep and how to build that as not only a routine, but to help you stand out in a crowded sports radio market.

If you're informed and you're prepared, that's half the battle. And then the art of the interview, because I consider it art, cool art. So we are just getting into our second hour. We'll get back to Caitlin Clark and the WNBA draft. But the question is out there on our social beyond that number one overall pick. And maybe you caught it on YouTube after the fact. I was in class, so I did have to catch it after the fact online. Did you watch any of the draft past Caitlin Clark getting selected number one overall?

So that's the poll out there. The WNBA is banking on the popularity of Caitlin Clark to give it a huge boost. Also banking on other stars like Angel Reese and Camila Cardoso, who actually end up on the same roster, the Chicago Sky. But I do think there's a huge disparity between the name and the face recognition of Caitlin Clark to the number two pick. And the number two pick has got her own pretty cool story. Cameron Brink out of Stanford, her mother and Steph Curry's mom were best friends, our best friends. And so Cameron Brink's godmother is Sonya Curry. I mean, that's a big story, right? It probably would be a really cool tie, if not for the fact that Caitlin Clark was sucking up all the air in the room. I mean, that's a good thing.

Not a bad thing. But yeah, kind of after the fact, it was really neat to hear about how Cameron Brink not only had that moment with Sonya Curry, who was there at the draft as she was selected number two overall, but then Steph Curry posting a video on his own Insta story where he's watching the WNBA draft and he's supporting Cam and there's his mom with the Brink family. And she mentioned Steph on the broadcast, right? And so he and I actually told my students this on Monday evening because I was asking them about the WNBA draft and one of my students actually used the WNBA draft as the topic that he would research for one of our weekly assignments.

And he was wondering aloud how people would handle it. Would they watch the draft in its entirety or would they watch Caitlin get drafted and then say, okay, I've seen the headline. I know what people are talking about. I know she's going to the thiever. What she said, what she's wearing, how she looked, who's there's not really a green room, but who's at the draft with her. Those are the types of things that people wanted to know.

But beyond that, does anyone have the interest in the rest of the draft picks or knowing what other teams are adding to their rosters with some some younger superstar rookies? So I think it's a it's a challenge of the WNBA still. It's not just about Caitlin Clark. How do you now that you've got the attention of the world through Caitlin Clark, how do you keep the attention of the world? How do you build your fan base beyond the hard cores or beyond those who just are interested because they know of Caitlin Clark?

And that's going to be a major challenge. But I like what Lynn Dunn had to say. She's the general manager of the Indiana Fever.

No, I did not know that a week ago. But now that I know right, she's the she's the the general manager of the fever and she kind of understands or recognizes that this is a huge opportunity for them as they head into this season where Caitlin will attract so much attention. And of course, it was a no brainer for them.

But the idea is that you've got people you've got their attention. Now what? For some time now we've had our her penciled in as our number one pick, but we didn't want to let the cat out of the box or the whatever the mouse out of the trap or but we didn't want to let anybody know we want to build up some excitement and now we've it's official. Caitlin Clark is coming to Indianapolis going to have a huge impact not only on our city, but our franchise to she's going to be an integral part of the Indiana Fever and I can't wait to see Boston and Mitchell and Clark.

Wow and Smith on to all of them. That's Lynn Dunn. First time in my life I've ever heard her speak. She's the general manager of the Indiana Fever and you can hear the excitement but they've got to be able to implement this they've got to be able to walk it out. And so the fact that they've got Caitlin is is part of the battle right and it is because you're you're terrible.

But how do you go from being the second worst attended team in the WNBA to a team that is worthy of all the attention. It's about to have and Lynn was interviewed on Wish TV. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Infinity Sports Network. You can find me on Twitter same place at a law radio also on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you as we head through this edition of the show. I know it's weird. We'll walk through it together.

It's going to be OK. We can face any adversity if we do it together. Although I don't have the answers that you are asking or the questions that you're asking me. I don't have the answers why the name change. Dude I just work here. I don't make these kind of decisions. I do what they tell me. So when they put a name in front of me and say this is the new name. Well so that I don't get bounced off the air and actually lose my job.

I think I'm going to go along with what they're saying but that decision is way above my pay grade. Phone number is the same 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7. Again our Twitter has changed but that's really the only one of our social media sites that's changed. It's at Amy after hours because at after hours was already taken. So and I was not going to use in after hours that was not happening Jay. I briefly considered should we incorporate infinity into our show Twitter and then I thought it's too verbose. It's too many letters. And I thought about how our network Twitter is now I.N.F.

sports net. And could we use that I.N.F. after hours. But in after hours I think it's awkward. And it's yeah it's just hard to say on the air in. I'm not sure why or who decided that we should abbreviate it for our network Twitter why just not infinity network or in fee in fee.

It's better than in. I think in fee. How would you spell in fee. I NFI right. But people might not know that.

The first question would be what's in fee. And he's true. I suppose. Or we could do in Finn Finn right.

The in Finn sports. But I'm why not just say infinity net or infinity network infinity net sounds good I kind of like that infinity net infinity net infinity net. Can we now use Buzz Lightyear just a little bit. Please think we have to. I think we have to as well.

I can hear it in my head to infinity and beyond. That should be our thing. Actually John Sterling has gone beyond and we'll get to that coming up weird weird just because I don't understand the timing not because at 85 years old the long long long long long time voice of the New York Yankees doesn't deserve to walk out whenever the heck he wants. But why now.

Right. It's a little bit odd. I don't know that this takes away from the major story in baseball that is still the soap opera of Shohei Ohtani J.

You and I haven't done a show together since some of the the saltier and spicier details came out. But when I was on the air Friday eBay Mitsu Hara had turned himself into authorities and was waiting for his hearing to get his arraignment date. I haven't followed it beyond what happened on Friday afternoon.

Did I miss anything. Has Shohei Ohtani received his 60 million dollars back. No he has not received that back.

That's unfortunate. What else is he pay behind bars or is he out on his own out because of his own recognizance or whatever that phrase is. I believe he's still out last I know MLB is trying as quickly as possible and like the government to clear Shohei's name and then. Yeah I think he turned himself in I believe. That was Friday. That was Friday. Yeah that's the last I know. Other than that I think they're still they're trying to clear Shohei as quick as possible. I saw that and that's it.

OK. So the story itself will probably not get major headlines again until he pay is arraigned or if he does end up pleading guilty it would be then the sentencing hearing and how much jail time he does. There is no way that he is a fall guy who could potentially serve 30 years in jail. What's the point of being a fall guy if you spend 30 years in jail and you get out and you're in your 80s or close enough and you can't really enjoy all of the money that comes from being a fall guy the payoff.

There's no way I I have gone on such a roller coaster of emotion and a roller coaster of of belief and disbelief and suspending belief and all of those things. I'm back to one of two things either Shohei literally had no clue as in no clue which seems more plausible now than the other which is that he was trying to bail out a friend and initially he decided to help his buddy. But once his team got a hold of it they realized how bad that would look. And so then they came up with a different story.

But I feel like that's less and less likely. That's what I believed initially. Now that I know about the amount of money and the fact that the feds have not come up with any tie between Shohei and gambling and the fact that eBay Mitsuwara does have explanations for all of the ways that he was able to dupe the team that worked for Shohei. The fact this was just one of his accounts it wasn't the only account he had. The fact that he really did do all the communicating between Shohei and his team which honestly so many ways that this could have been prevented. But the fact that Shohei Ohtani doesn't have anyone on his team other than eBay Mitsuwara or did it I should say didn't have anyone on his team that spoke Japanese other than eBay really puts eBay in a position or did put him in a position where he had far too much power far too much power. And I feel bad for Shohei Ohtani because if you really did trust him with everything and this guy was robbing him blind which is what the feds believe it's what the investigation has revealed how not just awful he must feel about this betrayal at the hands of a friend but also how foolish he must feel too. It's it's a hard thing if you put yourself in a space where he's a human being he's the same as us when it comes to being betrayed by someone who was really close to him whether or not you've ever had people rob you is one thing someone that you know rob you but the idea that he trusted him and he believed that this guy had his best interests they were friends they'd worked together for a long time they spent holidays together and over the past three years this guy is siphoning money out of his accounts and at the same time is duping his entire team. I believe the financial team the accountants the lawyers the agent they failed him and I hope he does make changes but if I'm Shohei Ohtani man I am really leery of trusting anyone from this point forward unless it's someone that I'm related to unless it's someone that's in my family but even then I probably become a control freak when it comes to my finances and anything else and I'm not sure he has the time the energy to do that once he gets back to both pitching and hitting but yeah that's tough I tried to kind of identify with him as best I could although it's hard because I don't have that kind of money and it's not ever happened to me in a way that a friend has stolen from me it certainly happened that a friend's betrayed me or a friendships broken up over something but stolen from me and so I kind of feel like he deserves the benefit of the doubt but I'll say this I put it out there on Friday during the afternoon show when I was hosting and the vast majority of you still tell me that you do not believe Shohei Ohtani one or two people saying that they believe him that yeah they can see how this happened even with the explanations they're getting from or were getting from Ipe Mitsuharu even hearing what the feds had to say about how Ipe orchestrated this whole thing dear god he's brilliant in a very sinister and evil way that he could pull this off for three years and run all these scams and tell all these lies to all these different people it's right it's evil and it's it's criminal and he deserves to serve all kinds of prison time but also it's kind of brilliant that he was able to pull this off right so if if the if all of this is true and I kind of have to believe that it is now I actually feel sorry for Shohei Ohtani and he's not the first athlete who's ever been swindled by someone close to him but I can only imagine how gun shy he is now about trusting anyone including his team who he probably paid a lot of money to to handle all of his affairs and his finances so he could focus on baseball and what a weird space he is in right now where he's kind of lost his safety net but also lost this feeling that people have his best interests at heart I don't know how forgiving the guy is but it's going to take a whole lot of forgiveness and kind of stepping out on that ledge where you're trusting people again even though it's got to be hard at this point all right on Twitter at a law radio I did post a couple photos from my adventure on Monday morning oh my goodness it was amazing so I got a couple of fun stories to tell you about my time in Buffalo and Niagara Falls introducing the hubs to both those places for the first time so yes we had authentic Buffalo chicken wings and then we also went to a Niagara Falls on a day that it was perfect very few things in life are perfect Monday at Niagara Falls was flat out perfect then I'll share a couple of other photos I've got some videos as well photos of me looking like a drowned rat I'm not sure I'll show the share those photos on social media but if you head to Twitter or our Facebook page that's still the same you can find those photos after hours with Amy Lawrence on the infinity call from mom answer it call silenced instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game you have 47 new voicemails download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum $10 per order additional terms apply this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can waste another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can conquer it I can hop into my all new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road any road the steeper the better because my all new Santa Fe is available with H track all wheel drive so I can hit the trail without a worry in the world heck with three rows and best in class rear cargo space I can pack the whole family in with all our gear we've got available dual wireless charging for our phone so we'll never lose touch with civilization and we won't lose touch with the primordial power of Mother Earth so which is it waste the weekend or do something a little more epic and conquer it in the all new Hyundai Santa Fe visit Hyundai or call 562-314-4603 for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey sports network you are listening to the after hours podcast we welcome all kinds here on after hours Lewis who's in South Carolina you're up next on after hours Amy yes you know I'm a Clemson Tiger calling for South Carolina I got to tell y'all happy cracking up I want to have some of that stuff y'all were drinking while y'all doing I got one more real quick thing please there's no way you could possibly top that this is a lyric from Eddie funny I think I'm in love and my life's looking up I think I'm in love because I can't get enough I'm in love with your show and the love with you Amy oh well that's very sweet Lewis I'm a pilot I got a plane I'll be there by now you are one hell of a man this is after hours with Amy Lawrence I don't know Niagara Falls might be paradise pretty darn close it was so so so neat to be at Niagara Falls on Monday morning we had originally planned to go on Sunday but the weather was a little bit iffy there was supposed to be spotty showers and we just didn't want to get out there and walk all over plan to walk all over it was going to be raining and so we looked at the weather for Monday and changed our plans and decided okay why don't we go on a day when it's upper 50s low 60s the wind has died down and the sky was the type of sapphire blue that just brings joy it was an amazingly beautiful day at Niagara Falls and I was blown away by how wide open it was to we pulled into parking lot one which was maybe a quarter full at 10 30 in the morning by the time we left and that's right next to the visitor center but the time we left I would say that parking lot was full but parking lots two and three were still wide open we got out we walked right up to the visitor center we walked around the initial kind of observation area that kind of looks out over the falls and it was not just my first glimpse in about 20 years but my husband's first time ever in western New York so he'd never seen Niagara Falls and he was all excited about taking pictures from there we go over to the Maid of the Mist which is the iconic boat that you get on and it takes you into the falls and you're supposed to get sprayed from the falls well there was no line for that either we just walked right in and up top to the very high observation tower which is cool they have a tower an actual tower that you're up on and then down to the boat where they hand you ponchos and I assume we would get a little wet but from my my recollection 20 years ago we weren't parked under the falls so I didn't expect to get doused or soaked I just thought we might get a little wet all right so we go past the American Falls and we are well you can't get real close to them because there's rocks at the bottom which I also didn't remember but because of all the rain in the area the river is rushing the water is really high and the falls were so so so powerful so we go by the American Falls and then pass what they call the Bridal Veil Falls which are just another it's a more narrow part of Niagara Falls that's I don't know it's it's between I guess the American Falls and then the the Canadian Falls but it is part of of the the American Falls it just has a different name took me a while to figure that out and then so we go past those two parts of the American Falls I didn't know again I didn't remember whether or not Made of the Mist would get into the Canadian water or the international waters and so our pilot takes us up into the Canadian Falls where I mean it's a horseshoe that's why they're called that and you're you're in essentially this little bitty area and the falls are all around you they're kind of a they're like a u-shape in front of you again a horseshoe and he takes us about as close as he can possibly get to the falls and just hangs out there for five minutes the water's really choppy we're on the upper level of the boat soaked even with the poncho completely soaked from really knees down so my my pant our jean legs are completely soaked socks wet through and through shoes are completely soaked to the point where you're squishing when you walk but here is my favorite part and I told my students this in class on Monday evening because I am so used to listening and I'm so conditioned to trying to hear what's going on around me as a longtime radio host and junkie those five minutes where the boat is parked almost underneath the falls and we are getting completely doused so it's not the made of the mist at this point it's the made of the monsoon I mean we're it's like it's raining crazy part we were just you could look up kind of and see the sunshine but we are getting rained on like we're in a tropical storm and I all I could hear for those five minutes laughing screeching yelling it was amazing the joy that was being expressed by prop I think they do about 500 people to a boat it was awesome to hear kids and adults and grandparents react in all the various ways and all the sounds you really couldn't have conversations because you were getting you just getting completely inundated with water and you couldn't look up right you we they had little hoods on the ponchos not that they did much good but if you tried to look up you couldn't take your phones out because your phone was going to get destroyed so you had to essentially just stand there all you could do was stand there and get completely soaked but in the water was cold but it was amazing to hear people just kind of because you couldn't have your phones you couldn't take selfies you couldn't take videos you can do anything but just stay in there and get wet and so people are screeching and they're laughing and they're yelling and they're exclaiming over these five minutes and if I'm the pilot of this boat that's probably my favorite part of the whole thing is that he just you know maybe he had a clock running on it and for five minutes we just sat there or the boat just sat there and we just got wet and we all reacted in that moment and it was pure joy it was adulation and it was joy and it was amazement and it was like a bunch of kids at Christmas time it was really cool so then he kind of flipped he turns the boat around finally and within seconds you're out of the the danger zone I should say and then as he's going back the other direction now my my husband and I are on the side of the boat that's facing the American Falls and the blue sky is back again and we were able to take photos so that experience was awesome and the chattering on the boat for the next 15 minutes until we get back to shore so then you get back to shore and you have this option of climbing what's called the crow into what's called the crow's nest so it's a series of stairs that are that are taking you up the rocks so you're right next to where the water is coming over the falls on the American side so the very left of of the American Falls and it's phenomenal because you're so close that again you're getting sprayed so you keep your ponchos people are wearing ponchos and stuff you're getting sprayed but the roar is so loud that you really can't carry on a conversation and I took a video and I sent it to producer Jay and his response was and I quote that is sick it was amazing so I'm gonna try we're gonna put that up as a reel on our Facebook page and I will see if I can post it on Twitter as well at a law radio so again right next to the falls something else that was really cool is that there were rainbows of course because the the sunshine was so bright and it was about noon at this point the sun is overhead you're getting rainbows and at one point even saw a triple rainbow and it was really faint but I saw a triple rainbow and it was cool because my phone can capture the rainbow that even your eye can't see so as I we also went over to for those of you who are familiar went over to goat island which is where you can walk out onto this observation deck that has you between the two parts of the American so the American falls is on your right which is really the iconic Niagara Falls and then the the narrower section that's called the bridal veil falls which I really appreciate considering that I just got married and I had a bridal veil so we're you're standing in between them on this deck and you're you're level you're up high on top of the falls and the water is on either sides of you now my husband is afraid of heights so I was very proud of him he actually stood out on the railing and he took some pictures and we took some selfies but I think he was shaking anyway that was really neat too because you're up top and then they have this option it's cave of the winds there's not a cave anymore but you then take an elevator down to the bottom and there's a viewing platform and they give you another poncho and you can walk out on a platform that puts you at the base of the falls we decided we didn't feel like getting soaked again so we kind of got to the point where we're getting rained on and then backed up but yeah really neat so we were on top of the falls and then we were on the bottom of the falls and the rainbows were awesome and so even if I could only see one rainbow my phone would capture a second one that I didn't even know was there and oh gosh having to fight with my phone to keep it dry but it was totally worth it a bunch of cool videos a gorgeous day couldn't have asked for a better weather day a perfect sky the falls were beautiful and here's something else well I say I would say this is the only part that I did not enjoy about Niagara Falls and I'm not I'm not exaggerating I'm not kidding about this I don't remember this from when I was a kid there are thousands and thousands and thousands of seagulls there is a seagull colony that lives right there and so when we're walking on this platform at the base of the falls I mean there's birds everywhere it they it smells like fish so I don't know if the fish either kind of get caught in the Horseshoe Falls area where it's a dead end obviously it's a it's like a cul-de-sac there's no place to go so if the fish get caught in there and that's a prime feeding ground for these gulls or my husband and I speculated maybe there are fish that come over the falls and they die on the rocks or you know they get caught on the rocks and they can't get out of there and they can't get back into the water and so the gulls are just picking them off as as they land down on the rocks at the base of the American Falls not really sure but the the fish smell was distinct which didn't bother me but also the seagull poop smell was I mean you could only smell it at the bottom you couldn't smell it at the top but I said to my husband it's a good thing we're wearing ponchos we're gonna get pooped on there were so many birds I've never seen so many seagulls in my entire life and I love the beach they were there were thousands of them and they were so loud but they are parked right there you can see them they're nesting some of them are sitting on eggs I mean they're just right there you're walking through them as you're walking at the base of the falls and yeah they're dive-bombing your heads I mean it's like the beach only multiply that if you've ever gone to the beach and your seagulls get bold they know there's food that's gonna be left and and they're kind of hanging out wherever there's people but multiply that where it's almost like a bad movie and and the birds are the villains and you can't get it you just can't get away from them there were so many seagulls I've never seen so many in one place in my life so that was the only part that I didn't enjoy was walking through a colony of seagulls and hearing them and smelling them and thinking we're gonna get pooped on but it must be that they have access to a lot of fish there so it's really neat the falls were rushing and they were loud and they were amazing and it was such a neat experience to introduce my husband to Niagara Falls and to Buffalo wings for the first time not that he hasn't had wings before but you haven't had wings until you had Buffalo wings so I had many suggestions we did a bunch of research off to tell you where it ended up it was a major controversy on my Twitter so Jay if you want to take that photo of the Buffalo wings that we ate off of Twitter and put it on Facebook I would appreciate that as well my goodness I didn't realize that people were so passionate about where you get your Buffalo wings in Buffalo 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7 our number has not changed I've not changed our Facebook page is under construction so don't yeah don't maybe pay attention to the header because it's it doesn't work right now we're gonna figure that part out but the name is still the same after hours with Amy Lawrence and then at a law radio the only thing that's changed is the network is rebranded is that a thing in 2024 we're rebranding you can unfollow us on social media but then follow the new account at infinity no shoot at INF sports net in at the in sports net so awkward I don't know who came up with that came up with that Marco is it you did you come up with that I have nothing to do with any of these decisions so far above our pay grades they didn't that they didn't send out a poll and say hey how do you like this get those no I don't know if you do I usually do not get those heck no they don't even know I do a show although they did give me the honor of being the first host to throw it out there and to call it the infinity sports network so that was fun on Friday all right it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here's our latest sports flash doors take us to summers away or winter adventures and afternoon getaways your dedicated fidelity advisor can help you open those doors by working with you on a comprehensive plan to help you reach your wealth's full potential because doors were meant to be opened visit slash wealth investment minimum supply 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released it's a five-yard touchdown run for buffalo big daddy long legs this is after hours with amy lawrence it's true i stayed in allentown when i was in buffalo not just that but when i left so when we left our street where we were staying and we drove to the it was a one-way street we drove to the first stop sign that was allen street it's kind of fun with the it was the it was the just like a nod to to being someone who works in this business and knowing uh bill's mafia and just recognizing uh how important it is not just to the fans there who are all in right they they smash tables for their fandom and have had so many close calls and have had so many heartbreak moments and yet just passionate about their buffalo bills but josh allen too right to stay in allentown i just thought that was kind of cute it wasn't on purpose you know we i didn't pick it because of josh allen but i did choose it uh just because or i chose this area because we could walk around and we were pretty close to downtown we wanted to be able to explore a little bit so thus the debate about buffalo wings and which buffalo wings were the best and where we should go for buffalo rings and we did a lot of research because i wanted my husband to have the best most authentic buffalo wings and the problem is that there are so many different opinions and i didn't realize it was such a debate but i stumbled into it after the fact it's after hours with amy lawrence on infinity sports network top of the hour we're going to talk about the nba playoffs and the western conference to uh play in games they tip off on tuesday the playing games and then the eastern conference is on wednesday and also we've got the stanley cup playoffs that are starting very soon but just to finish up because i know a lot of you were wondering where i decided to eat buffalo wings so there is a photo on my twitter at a law radio and jay has already put it up on our facebook page after hours with amy lawrence we've got a brand new video up from niagara falls on my twitter and we'll get that as a reel on facebook because i've never had a perspective being so close to the power and the rush and the noise of niagara falls it was pretty intoxicating so that was amazing i want to share some of that with you and i highly recommend it we're trying to get bob's family like his mom to say yes yes i'll come visit so we can take her to niagara falls anyway we asked a lot of people we asked locals we googled it we looked on yelp we read articles online about the best place to eat wings in buffalo the most authentic wings in buffalo we were looking for a place that was close enough that we wouldn't have to drive 20 minutes so that was part of it but also we stumbled upon anchor bar which is the home of the original buffalo wing that's how they build themselves and there's a whole story behind it in the history but it's been there 60 years and so we thought combined between the history and the fact that it was four blocks from where we were staying that it was worth going and eating buffalo wings there and yes judging by the photo if you check it out on my twitter uh you will see that that we had the original so the medium which is sauce is what they call but it's it's the original buffalo wing sauce and then i cheated and i had boneless chicken wings jay i don't know if you're really disappointed in me but they were extra crispy which is fun and i ended up getting a bourbon barbecue sauce a honey bourbon barbecue sauce that was really good so we had the original buffalo wings the actual wings and the color and the buffalo sauce and then i cheated and and ended up with some boneless wings i don't know if that causes you to lose respect for me or not i have to be honest boneless wings have been growing on me more and more in the last like year two years i used to be a totally you know normal standard wing guy but now the boneless i almost lean to them in a way now i like them yeah they're good and sometimes you get more chicken i don't know if that was the case with me because they called them like extra crispy excuse me where they may have even put a second coat of the breading something along those lines but yeah it was it was awesome it was it was a great experience we not only ate ate all well we needed all the wings we had a couple left over but we also had waffle sweet potato fries from the anchor bar which were delicious as well and guess what they served them with honey honey interesting have you ever had sweet potato fries with honey before no not with honey that sounds good but i never even heard i wouldn't have thought to do that yeah it was actually an interesting combination the sweet and the salty and then i enjoyed the fact that anchor bar is also a tribute to a lot of the history so famous people have come through there but they have license plates that are hung up on almost every spare space of wall and then they have tributes to a lot of the different athletes and sports that they care about in buffalo both the past and the present so that was really neat i enjoyed it for that reason now other people told me duffs are better wings and i also heard about gabriel's gate which was actually a block away from where we were staying so we could have walked to that one another recommendation i heard was bar bill bar bill yeah bar bill and we would have gone there if not for the fact that it was a good 30-minute drive from where we were staying so we weren't we just didn't want to have to drive that far just for wings does that make us uncool probably but we just enjoyed parking the car in allentown and then walking around buffalo we walked down to the buffalo naval park which has a couple of retired ships the uss little rock was awesome it was a destroyer class we're able to walk all over that the uss shoot i forgot what the other one was called i'll remember here but the uss little rock was was the one that was really neat and then the uss croaker is a sub that has a rich history as well and we're such nerds when it comes to military history and we've discovered that we share a love for these types of of outings and adventures crawling all over a a retired navy ship that's something that we that we really liked both of us are 5'10 5'10 and a half and so to to try to get through the sub i cannot believe that a couple dozen people lived on this sub i not claustrophobic but i would be on a sub like that which is pre-world war ii just really amazing uh to to be part of that to to walk through that and to read the history and all that kind of stuff so we spent a few hours there and then it was on to buffalo wings and i hope you're not disappointed in me a that i had boneless wings b that i also uh that i also picked the anchor bar again because many of you recommended other places but they were delicious my husband was happy and that was really the whole point of taking this trip to buffalo staying in buffalo so he'd get the full experience and it was beautiful weather everywhere we went we asked people about what it was like last weekend at the anchor bar the host he was a young guy we said to him or i said to him what was it like like last weekend in advance of the solar eclipse and his exact response and i quote it sucked so just the being inundated you know buffalo niagara falls being inundated with what they said was a million plus people it was awful yeah it was awful that's what he said he's like it was good for business but it was non-stop our server worked a double and said he he barely breathed for 14 hours and it was it just like a steady stream of people they had an hour wait all day long at the anchor bar for people who want to eat buffalo wings in advance of the eclipse so a couple of stories i like to share when i'm on location right now i'm at syracuse university where i taught my class on tuesday monday evening it's after hours with amy lawrence on infinity sports network this episode is 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