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Lantern - Live!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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February 9, 2021 11:54 am

Lantern - Live!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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February 9, 2021 11:54 am

The Lantern Rescue team has been working tirelessly in overseas operations, and now they're finally BACK to share how God has been at work! They're at the 2021 Men's Summit at First Christian Church in Kernersville, NC, talking about their most recent mission in West Africa and how God has been moving through their rescue operations and fundraising efforts.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network welcome to lantern risk.

A ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the is actually lantern rest you live today from the men's summit of the First Christian Church in Kernersville, first time ever. You will get a chance actually to listen to Mark TC. I'm hoping Alan, the whole team is on their way here, there be here momentarily, but what a cool time. You can actually call in the day and talk to them babe with the questions that you would have a number to do that will be 866-34-TRUTH 8788 foreman while we are waiting for their arrival. I have in my cohost from Aspen Germany Andy Thomason. How cool is it you know talk about the man's conference. Here's men that have stepped up really for the kingdom and is just great to have you here. Ranking appreciated.

Yeah, definitely. I hadn't this scanning last minute think I'm kind of standing in but you know the whole mescaline journey message and I was about unified for the hearts of men and fighting for righteousness. Linda you know I think God is waking up men to really get involved today and what he's doing in the so the conferences is a cool part of it and in lantern rescue obviously part of this is a surprise for semi take my hat off to the Truth Network and after that they put together this live remote since we actually had this opportunity as they came in here for fundraiser is when you get to hear the story today that's coming at you. Let me just tell you you need to stay tuned because I know what has happened in West Africa. I had a chance to spend some time with Mark earlier this week and when we had the opportunity is that we could do the show live, because these guys would be in here for the fundraiser today and I said man. How cool would that be that our listeners will actually be able to call. Talk to Mark. Maybe you've got questions. Whatever the number will be 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

But while on the subject.

If you want to interact. You know we are alive today and you can come join is consistent.

This starts at 9 o'clock or just started. It's gonna be gone till two you get a free lunch coursework to be broadcasting until 12 so the Christian card I live is coming up again with a team from lantern rescue and then then the goodness if this meant we got kingdom pursuits and and as we speak up blocks Mark and so man how cool is this were alive today and think so much man so excited to be here.

Can you hear me okay I hear you great okay great and good and you know I don't know if you down some so excited that the rest of the team's role in in here will be here shortly. In you got TC and Alan and read and ran well for all all in your home state board of the event is you know why kids may we talk about this with the get there.

We we came to this area for an event last night.

That is part of this event and a banquet that the good people of this area put on and man God was. It was amazing what happened last night that he put it on, you know, I can see that God put it on and I know enough from what happened earlier this week why God's doing this because what is happened in Africa is just mind blowing. It is in you know the team to come in because I want to let them I want them to share about Africa, even more than I have, because I had opportunity to be on some shows and talk about in detail, but what I'll say is like you know we were supposed to be in Asia Pacific. We we got rerouted ended up in Africa and the and there's a story about that as well and at the same time a year and 1/2 ago we were supposed to have an event at this place here really has a code that it was it was delayed and so it's all that was pushed off and now you know. Here we hear wind up in in West Africa and with and we develop a program there and then we which have a budget for right same time.

I literally come back from Africa.

I'm not sure this event having a big gone and I don't know you know what scope it is done everything I call up the man behind behind all of it, and he segmented it was sold out. Looking forward to it. You know, and we come in and you know there's a lot of people wanted to banquets and and things for us, but usually that is very dependent on our time and resources and can we do it or can we not do it you know we I showed up last night to speak in this was just an absolutely beautiful laid out you know venue in an everybody was there an unbelievable silent auction unbelievable spirit in the place great people you know Jen work was speaking as well with the sin and man. It was just amazing and then out did you hear about the result of what happened.

Now I have and that you know so okay so I meet so and here's the team saw Pharaoh quick so I I got up and I shared an and I ice I gave the amount of what it would be to cover what you got to hear about West African second TC and those and to cover that program was right at 50 grand right right support our Intel team. Everything there is about 50,000. At the end of the event last night. Gift gets will have Robbie. They they they presented us a check for $60,000. I know were working backwards, but I do want to talk about Africa. TC is here now and 50. I'm just as well to tell them were at this event. This live event which part of it. Last night was that you know they presented us a check for $60,000, which is literally exactly what we needed. You know, and so so exciting though I will yell at one and is alive today, so you've never had a chance to actually call in and talk to Mark or TC or that we just got ran here.

How cool is this to have I made, it is really good.

I haven't seen you guys in 10 months or whatever and I I've heard about what you're doing but TC share with our listeners what what what's happened a little nervous and can cover up my mistakes and talk slow know it's been awesome as Mark was saying to come yesterday and have as the one man said here have God connect the dots repeatedly connect the dots or from my perspective the Western Africa trip was as usual God working and doing things that we could never do ourselves and we can never facilitate ourselves are our you know lantern is kind of laid out for like were able to change directions and come laid on her feet and so this whole trip got started with you to go to another country and within three days were actually the set up and ready to go to West Africa, which is really cool and then to meet to meet the and are contacting our country and to see what he's doing to his story with some no rents can be able take away what budget was. It was really great trip to see what's going on there and how we could come alongside those folks have time and I was so excited to see you got a name field God government. It is like how cool and so get out. Since this is going on right now and these guys are gonna be here today.

So if you want to come meet hey you can come to First Christian Church or you can call him on the phone.

You know were alive today 866-34-TRUTH 87884, but this contact in Africa ran wow. I mean like, wow, can you get into that story force that was pretty pretty crazy so that West Africa Frank Willie first night here in Raleigh this evening and he was in. As these videos of him trying to him just by himself on the border rescuing these kids that were being traffic across the border and at first here's Kenna like Korea like who is this guy and an West Africa sky doing his own thing not funded by anyone just out there in the border and he was that this amazing person that had been personally impacted by trafficking in his own family. His sister had three of her children trafficked and they never have recovered this children and the sister his sister out of the stress from all that she died of a stroke and heart of the story. I think rim is, is it he was his wife and I'm in. His sister was targeted because she's Christian that's right yeah so and in West Africa there is a large Muslim population and baccarat controls. A lot of that area over there and she asked she was happy religious years and I didn't deter Frank and all he still a very strong Christian and so after that happened, he knew he needed you something please out of the border and he's just trying to to rescue these children on his own and he keeps getting arrested by that by the local police because he is doing this vigilante style and just try to help kids in and getting arrested and brought back into town arrested and brought back in town and after months and months that happening.

He finally gets a call from the Inspector General and he's brought into his office and the Inspector General asked why you doing this and Frank explains his story and what happened and to the Inspector General then put him in charge of the border stations and has him out there teaching them how to how to rescue victims in him builds up his own team out there now. The people that were harassing him are now working under them.

So it's over it's really the story, but seeing as all this power and then he messages us like I need you to come come train me that this power now and I have this drive that I don't really know what so we get to we get to West Africa and land in this just amazing man me testing out after all that Jackson had got there. It's well past midnight and were exhausted and he needs us in the parking lot he's just so joyfully think this is my life to my list to perspective right Allen Coast.

I mean, here's this guy he's been showing up at the border to try to find his his his relatives for months and you know God is open the store them at the door and then here comes the 18 right refer to this is that you have the situations come across more often than not are usually after the fact that the children is either in the sex trade has been abused or going through that process.

The unique thing about this is allows us to almost preventative step in that we break the chain getting to the children prior to their abuse because as her coming through the border Thursday during the process of being traffic but they haven't reached that point where they been abused fiercely been abandoned or orphaned by the family, but the family doesn't realize what is going on there just thinking a child's going to the job, which is how it usually presented to them.

These traffickers avoid villages and say you know we have opportunities for your child to be a waitress or apprentice in various trade and knowing how to better life. My child is willing to give up the child traffickers and then bring them to the border and this is where I'm not sure for using his name or not. Frank Frank is stopping at that point it's it's the breakpoint where they can rescue the child prior to being in those areas of evil with dismay that that they find. The traffic was really not the actual jobs promised so to me it's it's a blessing to be at that point is usually working in the darker area working in the side there already there, bring them out of it. So this is like very rewarding to us to know that we were able to help them stop them from getting into it before the actual abuse occurs so so how cool is it that God is now provided $60,000 last night.

This was part of this event, trying to increase you know what God is done through a man who just stood for what he knew was right all alone and in God is surrounded him in a consistent increase your faith like a flag. I think people would be going to an area not wanted to get arrested and then the release to go right back to me that's not normal. You know that's not normal mindset so that is God driven thing mine heart goes out to them and I wish I had that courage. I know he's endured all those problems. I wish I had the courage to do that. It's an amazing thing. God empowers us to do things we never know can do and so the first day you got from that. From what I've understood. One of the first days. You guys are actually able to get to you.

You rescued several the very first day) hang out working to get Mark back on here so I got wires all over the place is live and so welcome to library so that one of the remarkable thing is that when we got country Frank had probed had had every initial meeting that we needed with the proper government officials and and it would've taken us a year in tremendous amount of money to build a relationship that network because this guys persistence and then his good reputation. After they realized what he was doing what I was doing and the authority that they gave him you know we show up and he's he's got everything ready for you know we do everything like 48 hour period and it was very hard on this because you know why we could meet you could make a joke joke. We had just flown certainly joking. I have flown 37 hours and then we had 48 hours of meeting everyone moment. I looked over and having he's chewing the foil paper and even Randy start to become angry and and he's like you know everybody there to become involved. Like I got fed so chicken and rice baby Castle. We arrived there were but you write it with in that whole quick. You know, we initiate training episodes in all that you know for for law enforcement things.

And yeah, we're busy.

I mean, I don't know what day in what long that we are no overnight running the bush in Africa. You know how to run, calm and workable order out in this is phenomenal. This is God's favor and so, so, tell us what happened.

TC tell us what happened will get to see you so you finally get a chance love 48 hours.

We got balance included in and so you got a chance to actually begin the operation and the grapefruit came immediately. We ran right up to the border which was 4045 minutes away got to the border and I was personally impressed with what the border consisted of quotes from Frank's area of operation was humble, but they absolutely made the most of it. I thought nothing of working in that environment.

The border was some I don't know a steel railing with a few chords across it and so Frank's team was. I was very impressed him they would a lot of motorcycle traffic in they were.

They missed nothing.

People coming through their they would look at the children who they were with they needed they knew I was sitting near hundred percent of the cabdrivers coming to their child and oblong fat cabdriver if they were local venue of the local kids and they would pull them off and start questioning and right out the gate. We had how many interviews I didn't timer there was a release 10 and we had for four children. One little boy like within hours all this was happening so there were things we taught them.

But there are also things at that team taught us super sharp super sharp so that's just it's phenomenal and then from what I understand they arty have something set up to help get these kids somehow so can you going to bed a little better yeah but many want to talk about that know the process of here. These kids an hour to go.

Can you sell at in this country. They have, you know, most countries are going to have to do this whole process from beginning to end and and set the aftercare with them and in this country.

They arty have the aftercare and that the social services that are really incredible after the children are identified as victims and their every movement situation there able to reprocess into social services and and get help that Wayne and get put into these homes that are able to rehabilitate them and help them move forward in their lives, which is just really incredible in these countries that there are people out there you know this this border.

The these great thing to have weapons right now and they were telling us there like a book. You probably see them sometimes in Boca, the enormous terrorist group in Africa and these people are just in in in light of all that. Still pushing forward to to rescue these children and then there's people that are willing to take them into their homes and I do this aftercare process with them when they know what's at stake and it just is really incredible to see that motivation for people that are given nothing in return.

They just do this out of the goodness of their hearts so you guys reached $60,000. Last night, you know, obviously Frank is no equipment right know anything, but just showing up at this note. Can you give her a list or some idea TC of work program or even Mark. What's it gonna get Frank his lawsuit. Also, if you think about a person like we talked about this extensively normal times for for Americans who are great hearted and come up with a kind of money you think if you just pass that money over returns and the good things we talked about this quite a bit, you know, the train will have to go with the prep how that money no wedding goes towards will be important decision-making processes needs thought through and so it is awesome and what I can do is amazing that it will still require planning and forethought and things like that you surrender your thoughts on this border station is so underequipped. Will try to a few files on such meeting will take a picture Of that there office. It is literally a shack of steel sheet to steal that up separately, up to and they don't even have a vehicle they vehicles that we were in may or may not have started my mirror overseas and they don't like the weapons I don't have fighting, they really have anything and this canine they're still doing this with just the teacher on their backs and they're walking to work, or there is no catching a ride on the back summons motorcycle so it's really incredible and this money will truly change lives hundreds of lives in in the last two years. This team without our help was wrestling kids and now there with our training and then with that the funding they were able to provide enough from last night's fundraiser.

It's gonna just magnify that by so much it's it's just really incredible to see what this can now literally when they when they we made the contact why we came in. Frank said this is the greatest day of my life is because the operation was was shutting down his his vehicle had ended his lifespan was over his volunteer work. I was just not die when things need this right because you are right we need the the volunteers who were working in gathering the intelligence and then cooperate with the police were were struggling.

You know, to make ends meet and everything so it was, it was it was a time it was going and that's why for Frank.

His faith is is grown immensely because God answer to prayer that we would show up at me. He literally looked just like I did know if your real you know that we lightly know if you're really so here we are all real in West Africa sky. We don't even know pick this up in a vehicle like rancid limped his way to a house save out for us a place for us to stay in and then went around and during the week were like we gotta get this guy vehicle unit will use as your vehicle is like not borrow the next day shows up another like is this your vehicle not borrow you know right okay. He has no vehicle you know and he is like piling it with his Intel people you know every debt he's running them. The more than trying to run us around like were trying networks were slowly figuring out this guy that he is just trying to make everything happen using borrowed vehicles that don't work it out and and housing because obviously haven't worked right so he Sara Lee you know his livelihood as he sells kerosene and the lamps for those people don't have electricity without really I know his wife goes to market. This is amazing and so at that point we are team like we got vehicle.

Not only will have them what were like how you get in the vehicle and everything don't say this is that the Monday after we returned from Africa. We wired him enough money to buy vehicle and some motorcycles for intelligence of man everything and that was all covered.

God covered all that and he's got all that that was step one you know is step two was was the budgetary needs of this Intel team in and out. I will circle back if I could out Alan to talk about who we trained you know how far in the training we got what. Further, we have to do with the this operation but yet here we are now. We were able to fund them for a month to do this full-time provide the gas got their vehicles and will give them oversight and accountability as TC said there's a lot that goes into that lot. Our presence has to be there. Mark was saying there is no week we have our best people times those thoughts are then changed because we don't know everything but the situation with the vehicle. You know, driving down his roads. The potholes are more like craters so we thought that they would need a full dry truck and I would be the best means of transportation formed all the kids you and all that. And in reality it cost too much for them to even maintain a truck over there so of the dam was the opportune for them so we just look at lessons learned from places you so I know your shipment on all my goodness, it's almost 930 in the shows can be over but good news is we got so much more common today at the Christian carcass that we have Landon rescue back and we got kingdom pursuits. It's all happening at this man's summit today kingdom men activated in this case a kingdom woman because we cut we got rain here and so this can be live is your opportunity you could come meet these guys if you want to work, come and join what's going on here with kingdom and activated. Obviously, these men are activated last night as they got together you know this group. Roy Jones and his ministry $60,000. You know what I know from talking Mark many times.

TC Allen ran what Frank means is prayer time.

He needs protection.

He's in a difficult place and he needs our prayers are resources whatever lantern is where you can find these things is truly an honor to lock onto these kinds and en bloc arms with what God is doing, not just in West Africa but you know all over the world.

In this unbelievable time that that we find ourselves in good versus evil and in and we stand as men and women and put on the full armor of God's hand and pray thank you for listing lantern rescue will be back in a half-hour with a Christian card I show by kingdom pursuits in the system and somebody called this is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned that talked about the horrors of abortion.

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