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Help the Persecution Project

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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December 9, 2023 1:42 pm

Help the Persecution Project

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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December 9, 2023 1:42 pm

In today show you will hear how you could help this amazing medical program .

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Nakita Kolov, the Russian nightmare.

No, the devil's nightmare here. From it's time to man up. Challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits.

Now, live from the Truth booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. Oh, what fun we're going to have today in a one-horse open sleigh. Actually, because I've got a lot of old friends and I've got some new friends and, you know, it's always fun for me to see what God's doing.

I just feel like a kid in a candy store so often with what God's doing around. And I think you're going to be, this is one of the more international shows I've done in a while because we're going to go from the Nuba Mountains over to Central America and then just a little local trip over to West Virginia. It's almost heaven, from what I understand over there. That's what I've heard. So first up is my old friend, Ed. Ed. Hey, Robbie. It's so good to hear from you again. I'm not lying. It's good to be back with you, Robbie. Thank you so much for the invitation to speak today with you.

You guys amaze me. And so where are you today, Ed? I'm up in Virginia, right in the Blue Ridge Mountains. So, yeah, it's a beautiful day up here. It really is. It's not like the Nuba Mountains, I don't suppose.

No, no. We have a nice green vegetation even right now. And Nuba, they're coming out of the rainy season, so they're green. But, you know, they're entering the dry season. So after another six months, it's going to be really just barren looking.

Yeah. And so have you seen this hospital? You may be, if you're listening to The Truth Network, you've heard us talk about this hospital serving, am I right, over a million people, one hospital?

Yeah, that's the Ketchman area. There are very few hospitals in the Nuba region of Sudan, which is about the size of the state of Georgia. So imagine if you're living in Georgia and you only have probably, you know, five medical facilities that are big enough to take care of you if you have trouble. And, yeah, so we've been constructing and supplying the financial support for the staff, which is almost at about a hundred staff members now out there. So there, yeah, the Ketchman area for that hospital is about a million or so people. Wow. That's nice.

And they'll have to go days just to get to that hospital sometimes, depending on where they live. So we got stories. Ed is like boots on the ground so much for the persecution project. And I'm always so thankful. He's such a joyful spirit. To meet him is a joy, I can tell you.

And so we got a lot coming up with Ed. But then also yesterday, well, actually, if you listen to Landon Rescue today, if you listen to that show, you heard me talk with Weston Parks. And Weston is with a nonprofit that is actually in Yatkin County, you know, right here. I was shocked when I heard that. And I said, well, hey, you ought to come on my show. And so he agreed. So Weston is with the Value of One, which is a nonprofit that is working to fight human trafficking specifically in Central America, right, Weston? Yes. But we go all over the world, actually, to do our projects.

But our last few have been really focused in Central America. And so based on your hat, tell me about the hat you have on. So we partner with Landon Rescue to do some operations. And this is one of their hats. So I appreciate them letting me sport it today. You looked really good. So how did you come to meet those folks?

And where's the link up to the Value of One? So about a year and a half ago now, you know, in this line of work with the Value of One, you meet contacts all over the world. And one contact led to another contact. And that put me in touch with the people over at Lantern. And we just started collaborating, some talking and understanding that we kind of had the same mindset and the same goals. And we felt like we could work together there to accomplish some things.

So that's what we did. We started partnering together. And I've been very grateful to get to know the people over at Lantern. They've been extremely helpful to us. And so we're glad to work with them.

Yeah. So if you're not familiar with Landon Rescue, by all means, you need to listen to that show. It comes on, I think, at 930 on Saturday mornings. Those folks are fighting human trafficking and helping people that are in desperate need in the Ukraine. Right now they've got people in Israel. We're going to do a show shortly on what's going on in Israel with Landon Rescue. And this week's show, we talked about Central America and the trafficking that's going on there.

Very unusual stuff I learned this week. And so you can go back and listen to that podcast. But also today, on a more local note, we have Mitch. And Mitch has got a vision for a ministry in West Virginia, Boots and Bibles. I love the name of that, Mitch.

Well, thank you. It's Boots and Bibles, food for the body and soul. Christ showed us that you have to feed the body and then you can feed the soul.

Not maybe all the time, but if you go into a home or some place that's very destitute, the husband or the dad or the mom's not going to listen to you if you come in and try to win them in the gospel because all their children are hungry. So we minister up in McDowell County, West Virginia. And we've been doing that for about four years with this pantry, but we've been moving in that area since probably 2002. That's fascinating, especially with you being local here. You live in Pofftown. We do.

We do. It was just a ministry that we worked at. I graduated from Piedmont Baptist College at the time. And in 2002, we went on debutation to raise support to start a church in Appalachia, but that fell through. So we went on the, I ministered, I pastored at a church out in Illinois for a year or so. Then we came back here and we still had the vision of working and moving forward to McDowell County, West Virginia. And so what was the vision of this church? And so what was the draw to McDowell County, West Virginia?

I really can't tell you. My mother's from there and she would always say, because she migrated out of there when she was very young. And everybody thinks that we went there because my mother was there and I had some heritage.

That's not the case. The Lord dealt with my wife and I, Diane, in two separate occasions, each individually in 1993. So I knew that when I retired from the Navy in 98, I would be going to Piedmont Baptist College and getting my degree and then moving on from there.

And then when the pastoring at a church didn't happen or being able to start a church up in Appalachia, we just moved on to different things. I was a chaplain out at Winston-Salem's Rescue Mission Alpha Acres for a little while. That's in Yadkin County, right? Yes, it is.

It's gone now. That's amazing. So Ed, getting back to the persecution project, how long has it been since you went over there? I was over there earlier this year, yeah. So I think I was out of there in February. And I was supposed to go back this month, but the fighting is pretty intense over there right now. And a lot of people being displaced. Since April, we've had about 350,000 people come out of Khartoum fleeing the violence up there and making their way down into the Nuba. Persecution Project has been responsible for evacuating thousands of people through the church network and getting them out of harm's way and into safety, relative safety there in the Nuba. So yeah, I was supposed to go back.

I was going to take my daughter with me, and now that's been postponed a little bit. Oh, wow. And so is Brad down there, Brad Phillips? Brad, yeah, he lives over there in Africa.

So yeah, he's in and out a lot more frequently than we are. And of course, most of our staff is Sudanese, and they live there in the Nuba. And we partner with over 400 churches and pastors, distributing relief supplies and Bibles. I like the boots on the Bibles idea. What's amazing, and it shouldn't surprise any of us, is that in the body of Christ, when you have your program, Robbie, you always bring people on, and we all have kind of a central themed focus. It is to get the gospel out, but the value of one and boots and Bibles aligns itself exactly with what we're doing over there in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. It's the value of life, and it's helping people with physical needs, but also getting the gospel into their hearts and minds. Oh, absolutely.

Well, again, all these ministries, certainly the Value of One and Persecution Project are all there at Kingdom Pursuits. If you want to find out more information on those, we've got a whole bunch of stuff coming. As well as you might know, we're going to play shenanigans when we get back. We've got to do that. And it's going to be a lot of fun, and it's going to be a lot of fun because I have Ed Lyons with me and you might guess that that's all coming your way.

Stay tuned. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom, and we are having a blast today as we've got so many poster children for that. We've got Ed Lyons with the Persecution Project, Weston Parks with the Value of One, and Mitch Jacobs, and his wife is in the studio with us as well, Diane, and they are with boots and Bibles and cool ministries, amazing stuff. But, you know, the Persecution Project, you know, one of my favorite people has always been Ed Lyons, and so because partly it's his name is so fun to play with. So speaking of Lyons, there you go. It is time to play shenanigans, and you might guess it's going to be along the lines of Lyons, so you know, feel free to jump in with any of these. Nick, you know, Mitch, if you've got an answer, Ed, by all means, okay, so you're being chased by a lion.

You've got to picture this whole scene. You're being chased by a lion. You're on a horse.

To the left is a giraffe, and on the right is a unicorn. What do you do? Make sure my horse runs faster than everybody else.

Yeah, that's one thing to do. What do you think, Mitch? See what climate I am in, because there's a lot of animals in just this one space. Do you think you're in the Nuba Mountains?

I don't know what mountains I'm in. Unicorns, yeah. What do you think? I'm going to jump on the giraffe, I believe. In my case, I'm going to get off the merry-go-round.

You saw that one coming, didn't you, Ed? All right, all right, all right. So you've got the urge to sing The Lion Sleep Tonight.

All right, where is that taking place? What do you think? You have the urge, Nick, to sing A Lion Sleeps Tonight. Diane, feel free.

You're on the couch, but we allow answers from the couch. That's my favorite song. Yeah, it is. So if it's your favorite song, you should be able to know where that takes place. Africa. It is.

It's part of Lion King in Africa, but if you're going to be real specific. Have you got it, Ed? How about the Serengeti?

It's Serengeti? I like that, yeah. It's just a weem away, a weem away.

Weem away. You liked that, didn't you? Yeah, so the lion does sleep tonight. Did you sleep tonight, Ed?

Yeah, doing pretty well here. All right, so speaking of Lion King, if the Lion King was a cow movie, what would the lead player be called? If the Lion King, since it's your favorite song, you must love the Lion King, Nick. What would the lead character be if it was about cows? Man, I don't know. You've got this, Nick? Ed? I can't. No, I have no clue. Diane, Diane, how about we go to the couch?

No? Well, here's, you've got to say it just right. Moo-fossa. I like that one. You did.

That's good. You probably won't like this one. So, are you ready? I haven't gone to you yet, Mitch, but here we have. This one's right at you.

I'm throwing it right at you. Why did the lion cross the road? To get the goat. Well, that would have been good if he was hungry. It didn't rhyme so good, but, you know, what do you think?

What do you think? Weston, you got any ideas? Why did the lion cross the road, Nick? To search for his pride. Ah, to get to the other pride. Oh, okay. Is that why you crossed the road, Ed?

I was just wondering. I think that was good, yeah. So, you might guess that by the end of those shenanigans, yes, we do have a Bible riddle that you can call in and win today at 866-348-7884, and we have all sorts of stuff that we'll get into in a minute.

All you have to do is answer this question, and I ain't lying, okay? The lion, biblically, is used for which heavenly entities? There's more than one that it's referred to as a lion. Hmm, interesting.

What heavenly entities are referred to as a lion? 866-348-7884, 866-344, truth, there's a number to call in and win, and if they can do that, Nick, tell them what they'll win. Absolutely, yes, you will be winning a prize from the King of Pursuit Prize Vault. Just call in at any time.

We will dig deep to see if we have a special lion sleep tonight, CD or something, that would fit your answer today, 866-348-7884, 866-344, true. So I'm definitely curious, like, Weston, how did you end up in Central America? I mean, you know, you're in Yadkin County, one day you woke up, oh, I think I'll go to Central America, no, what happened?

Well, I have to take you back, actually, to the very beginning of our ministry. We were looking for what country we wanted to go to first. The board members that we had, we took a couple countries, we went to the State Department's website and pulled out the level three and level two trafficking countries there out of the tips report, and we all took one home and we prayed about it.

And we took several of them home, actually, and prayed about it, and that got us to Lesotho in Africa. And from Lesotho, we left there, and I got in touch with… So Lesotho in Africa was the number one trafficking…? There wasn't the number one trafficking, but they were tier three from the tips report at the time that we looked at them, and that's why… So tier three, what is that? So the tips report ranks you in tier one, tier two, tier two watch lists, tier three, and then there's some special case countries. So… Tier three is like you're not good.

Basically. It basically means that you have… the government is doing nothing towards human trafficking to try to help it. It's the worst you can be other than a special case, which is typically countries that have no government authority at all.

They have no functioning government. So we took several different levels home. We took some tier two watch lists and tier three. We took from all over the world. We took two, I believe, from every continent is how we've done it. And we took those home, and we prayed, and then we come back.

And we all come down to a consensus that Lesotho was where we needed to try to go first. So we reached out to people there, and the Lord just opened door after door, and I met some great people over there with the Beautiful Dreams Society, which is an organization working there. But when we come back from there, I started speaking a lot more and talking, and a pastor had come up from one of the Central American countries. And while he was here, we got together, and he was telling me the needs that they had of all the children in this particular country that were needing to be rescued and needed a home and how bad trafficking was there.

So that started my trip down to Costa Rica. So it's been an amazing watching God do different things there. And he mentioned something a minute ago that really hit home with me, because we talk about this a lot. You know, it's not just about rescuing the child.

It's about the end of the day. It's about the soul of that child and where they go and spend eternity at. And I talk about it a lot when I speak in churches that it's not as easy.

The ordinary missionary work doesn't work sometimes with trafficking victims, because there's no way to reach them. So if you don't first rescue them from what they're in now, they may never get a chance to hear the gospel. So it's one of the reasons why we emphasize the value of one. It's not just the value of one from rescuing them, but it's also that value of one from that one soul. So it's really important to us.

Darrell Bock Yeah, I find that absolutely fascinating. But I would imagine, Ed, that the exact same thing is true for the people in the Sudan, right? That, you know, the gospel is not so important when you've got bombs landing right next to you. That's all a big part, and especially with this hospital. Like, these people are deathly ill, and they need medical assistance. Yeah, they want, you know, we want to share the gospel, but they've got to have a life in order to do that, right? Ed is catching a lot of those who are internally displaced.

They're coming back and the good news is the church is welcoming them. Pastors are receiving them. We're reaching them with humanitarian aid and the scriptures through these church networks. But you also have the increased demand on all the necessities, which includes the medicines, medical aid, and water, clean water. So we're also addressing all those issues. You know, the hospital is being led by a doctor who just recently told us, you know, we need more antibiotics, antimalarials, you know, medicines for all this influx of people during the rainy season. So, you know, with the help of our donors and people who are getting to know us a little bit, you know, they're going to and for 30 bucks a month, which is basically the cost of taking a family out to breakfast, you know, is one day a month, they can help support that hospital.

You know, Yeah, I love that. And, you know, you mentioned something I think is significant to note, that there's the Ukraine and that's unbelievable what's going on there. It's unbelievable.

We had a lady from Israel last week on the Kingdom of Pursuits. The horrific stories come out of there, but what you guys have been dealing with there and that Nuba Mountains has gone on and on and on, right? Yeah, yeah, and the world, especially the United States, isn't aware of it as much.

It's not on the radars of the national news media, you know, and so they're focusing on these other two crises areas and which is good, but the Nuba and Sudan, you know, ever since April, there's two warring military factions, Islamist factions, that are fighting for control of the country, and the people who just want to live in peace, peaceable lives, they're being caught in the crossfires of these two groups, you know, so. Wow. Yeah. You know, God is everywhere. He's in McDowell County, West Virginia, and he's down in Central America, and then I'm gonna find out more about the Africa connection. When we get back, we got so much more Kingdom Pursuits coming your way, and I don't know that we've gotten the call. We have calls. We have Ray Fisher in the triangle area who's gonna answer for us on the idea of who these heavenly lions are.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom, and, you know, I just, again, feel so blessed to have all these wonderful folks that God's doing that with around the world, actually. Today we've got Ed Lyons, and he's with the Persecution Project, again, servicing the Nuba Mountains. We're talking about this hospital. We've been talking about it all month on the Truth Network as we're trying to raise support for them, as well as Weston Parks.

He's with the Value of One,, or you can go to Kingdom Pursuits for either the Persecution Project or the Value of One and find out more about them, and then we also have Mitch Jacobs with Boots and Bibles, supporting McDowell County, West Virginia. So how fun is that? But you know what I have right now? I have Ray Fisher, and I'm very excited because Ray knows he has the answer of, you know, which lions are heavenly entities. So what do you think, Ray? Hey, Robbie, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. There's one of them. Absolutely. You're completely correct, and for that we're certainly going to send you out a prize.

Do you happen to know another one? There's a roaring lion. There you go. But he's toothless. Well, I don't know about that. Because in the Psalm it says, he's broken the teeth of his enemies. So, and he just did that from the cross.

Yeah, he did. He did that from the cross, but I don't know about you, but he's taken a bite or two out of my hind from once. Well, he scares us, a lot of us.

And I imagine there's some people in the noober right now wouldn't consider him so toothless. Oh. But as far as taking us to hell, there you go, he is. But that's an interesting discussion, all in its own, right? But you are exactly right, so we by all means we're gonna get that out to you. So, where do you live, Ray?

In the Triangle area? Yeah. Go ahead. Are you the Ray that's my friend? Yeah, I was at boot camp recently. Ah, I thought I, okay, I thought I recognized him for you. Do you know David Anthony drove me all the way home? He did.

Right from my front door. What a, what a trooper, what a servant of God. You know, I was thinking about David today, Ray, that, you know, here's one of those people that's just like the unsung hero, right?

Like, Ray just shows up to help. He doesn't want any credit, doesn't want it, he just like, he just shows up to help set up camp, he shows up to sit and take it down, he calls me, he texts me, he sends me messages he has from God. But one of the neatest things about him, from my standpoint, is if you are around him for any length of time, he practices the presence of God. He's constantly saying, thank you, Lord. Oh, that's, I'm so glad you showed that to me, Lord.

In other words, he is, if you're around David for any time, it's clear that he has a phenomenal ability to stay in the presence of God. Yeah, we had a good prayer session all the way home. He is an amazing man, so I'm so grateful that you said that today, Ray. And I'm shocked that I didn't immediately go, I know, Ray. I guess I don't think of you as Ray Fisher. But anyway, thank you for calling in, Ray. I'm gonna enjoy picking out you a present. I have one in mind, just for you.

I have been waiting to give it away for years. It's the biblical back scratcher. I need that. Everybody needs a biblical back scratcher. Don't you think, Mitch?

Yes. It's got beads on it to share, you know, there's the red for the blood and the white, you know, for the, it's a biblical back scratcher, you know. You can share the gospel and scratch your back all the same time. And so it's coming to you, Ray.

Yeah, and my season of shingles, that'll come in handy. It will, it will. So by all means, did Nick get your address? He's gonna send it out to you. Okay, good. Well, that biblical back scratcher, I've been holding on to it for years, is coming your way, Ed.

Ray, I mean, I'll get who's I'm talking to. Thank you, my friend. God bless. And you too.

God bless you and the whole network. All right. So. Okay. I better let you get, let you go and get back to the important issues. I appreciate it, Ray. So getting back to, I wanted to talk again with my friend Mitch, right? And so the stage of Boots and Bible you're at right now, what, tell me what's going on with Boots and, as you guys are trying to get organized and, and get going and how people could pray for you.

Sure. We are a non-profit, right? We're still trying to work on our 501c3.

We submitted in May and we're still waiting on answers. We go to different places like Pastor Taylor over at Bible Fellowship Baptist Church. Let us come in and present. And we had some, that's, in fact, that's how we were able to get on the air here through Dr. Taylor.

And it was very, a great help. And so we go to different small churches, big churches, small places, big places to present our message and garner support. We have a Grace Baptist Church in Gastonia. That's a big supporter of ours. And so how would people, if they wanted to be a supporter, how would they contact you? Well, right now we don't have a website. We're in process. We do have a email.

Thank you. Email, yes. Oakridge at windstream dot net. Oakridge at windstream dot net. And you got a phone number. We do.

It's 336-577-6806 or 336-577-6290. So, Ed, as you're thinking about the Nuba Mountains right now, you obviously have got faces to put with names and kind of put skin on that. Because it's one thing to think about all these millions of people going through all this stuff, but it's another thing when you actually know a name. And so when you think about what's going on over there, who do you think about?

Wow. We just rescued a pastor out of Khartoum, evacuated him and his family just about maybe a month ago. His name was Pastor Hassan. And they actually, neighbors found him in the streets beaten. They thought he was dead.

He wasn't moving. They found out he was still alive, and they nursed him back to health. And so through a network of Christians in the capital of Sudan there, we were able to arrange transport for him. And I think it was 14 members of his family to get out of harm's way.

So that's just the recent name. Dr. Martin Zechariah, he's the head doctor at the Jigeba Hospital. You know, just a wonderful man, loves to teach.

He's teaching his staff. Everything has, we have chaplaincy programs in the hospital. They come in, pastors come in every week and minister to the staff and to the patients.

And you know, just individuals like that. They're just wonderful, beautiful people over there. We're excited about helping them and would love the partnership with anybody listening. You know, just as Mitch said, we also go and visit churches and talk about, you know, show pictures, tell stories. And they're welcome to call our toll-free office number and arrange that.

I'd be the one coming around. Toll-free number is 888-201-5245. 888-201-5345?

5245. That's why I said it. So you would say it right. There you go. So I would imagine, as I've heard, right, Weston, you go around to a lot of churches as well. We do. We present. We've probably presented in 50 or 60 churches now, just getting basically our message out. We have several that support us on a monthly basis, our ministry.

So it's been great. And the main thing that I like to do in churches is educating people on what human trafficking is and what role we play as Christians in that. So it's very, a lot of people know the word human trafficking. They understand what, you know, they have their own mindset of that. They've watched some movie or whatnot, but it's a lot more to it.

And like you said, once you start learning names and you know faces and you see faces actually involved in it, it hits a lot closer to home. Right. It's a lot different subject. And so when you were in Africa, remind me the name of that country? Lesotho.

Right. We got some Lesotho stories coming your way, as well as a little bit more from Mitch, a little bit more from Ed. Again, if you had another idea about a biblical entity that was a lion, we'd love to know that.

866-348-7884. Again, all these ministries are there at You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And every once in a while you find somebody has dual passions, right, that they have passions in this case for human trafficking and what God's doing in that. But then in Weston's case, he also has a passion for rodeo, right, and so very cool that the value of one has a gigantic event coming up actually in December of rodeo. And so how fun right here in Yadkin County.

That's right. We're gonna be at the Lone Hickory Arena on Bethel Church Road there in Yadkinville, and it's called Fighting for Freedom Rodeos. So it's gonna be a fundraiser that we're doing. We're hoping to have a great crowd. We've got a lot of contestants entered, and we're looking forward to it. It's gonna be mud and busting, barrels racing, shoot dogging, bull riding, team roping, goat tine. It's just gonna be a whole big rodeo. We're looking forward to it.

Oh my goodness. So we're talking about a full-blown rodeo right here in Yadkin County, and it's December what now? 15th and 16th. Gates open at 4 and the show starts at 7 o'clock. So is that a weekend? It is. It's a Friday and Saturday. Friday and Saturday the 15th and 16th. That sounds like next week.

Yes, sir, it is. We're getting close. Sounds like next Friday and Saturday in Yadkinville there's a rodeo, and the proceeds are gonna help, right, these poor people that are in Central America that we've talked about and the people in Africa.

They will. And but there you got like 80 contestants? Well, I think we're at around 87 entries now, so it's an indoor heated arena, so don't worry about the weather. Just come on out and enjoy your time, bring your families, enjoy the show, and yes, all that proceeds will go directly back to the value of one, and all that money of course goes into rescuing victims of human trafficking here locally in the United States and across the world. Isn't that amazing? Don't you think that's amazing? Very much so. I've been to a couple rodeos, but I was asked to participate one time, but I said, no. I'm not surprised. If they'd ever asked me, I would have had the exact same response.

How about you, Ed? Have you ever wanted to jump on one of them lions? Man, I'll tell you what, this is great.

You're gonna love the story, and I think Weston's really gonna appreciate it. We took it, we give out cattle and goats and cows to pastors so that they can focus their ministry on knowing and preaching the Word of God, and they don't have to work so much, you know, they have a herd that grows and they get milk and they can sell the milk. Anyway, I brought a veterinarian out from Missouri out to the new bus, so he was inoculating these cows, and the cattle have massive horns out there, and people, besides the pastors, people, other people in the areas, started hearing that we had this vet coming to inoculate, and they brought their cattle out. So the vet gets out there, and he's got the U.S. mindset, he's like, okay, we need to build a shoot, and we run the cattle in the shoot, and there'll be a bull, you know, we'll stop them and I'll inoculate, then you let that one go, the next one will just come down. And all these new book men were like, no, no, we don't need to do that.

And he's like, why not? He said, well, we just wrestle the cattle down on the ground. And so the vet says, well, show me what you mean. And so three guys took off after one cow.

These are massive beasts. The first guy grabs the tail, and he's like skiing in the dust behind this cow as the cow's racing away from him. And the next guy comes up and grabs a horn, and the third guy comes up and grabs a front leg, and together they knock this cow down really quick. And the vet comes up and just shoots him, you know, with the inoculation, and they let that guy go, and they run after another one. It was like a rodeo.

Oh, I would, yeah. Nuba style, you know, that, that, well. It was awesome. It was really fun to watch. You clearly have never forgotten it.

It was, yeah. I would love to see a video of that. That has to be something.

I, you know, was at a rodeo, the Pro Bowl providers rodeo, and those are just, what a wonderful thing to take your family out to again next weekend there in Yadkin County. What an amazing thing to support. And, and so in the last few minutes here that we have, Ed, how could people be praying?

What, tell us what, what's on your heart? Oh man, we're just coming out of the rainy season where we had a massive flood, you know, and it was pretty difficult to get around and to distribute relief supplies and things like that, but now we're expecting a flood, a human flood, coming out of cartoons. So we expect, you know, upwards of maybe even a million people getting out of the Capitol and down into the Nuba. So I would say pray that the church in the Nuba reaches these individuals. You know, probably half of them coming out are returning to their homelands.

They probably have a knowledge of Jesus Christ, but the other half probably may be the first time that they hear about Jesus. So pray for the word to get into their hearts and minds, open up, and, and that we can continue to do what we do by supporting the hospital and, and the pastors and everybody else over there. Yeah, appreciate the prayer support.

Oh absolutely, and again all the financial support that's going towards, going towards that again. And so Mitch, how could we be praying for you guys? Yes, we are looking for a box van or a small 14-foot truck so we could carry our supplies up.

Right now we're using our own GMC and it's pretty rough. Pray for wisdom, our 501c3. Our pastor is Dr. Richard Powell and he's supporting us with these prayers and so on.

And we have individuals in our church who give and pray and support us. So we just look for that at this time. Well thank you Mitch and thank you. Certainly how fun to have you on Weston and Ed. As always it's been wonderful.

Again we can go to and unfortunately I don't have the rodeo information there but you can get the link to where you can find out all about the rodeo because you want to go next week. And then clearly obviously the Persecution Project, what's going on in the Nuba Mountains, how you can contribute, et cetera, it's all there at Well thank you all so much for being with us today. Thank you. Thanks for having us. Of course. And now thank you for listening and you get so much truth coming at you. You got the Maskelyne Journey. You got Encouraging Prayer. We're going to talk about Make Him Room with prayer next. Stay tuned. This is the Truth Network.
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