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Kingdom Pursuits - Loaded For Bear & LYON

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 4, 2020 8:02 am

Kingdom Pursuits - Loaded For Bear & LYON

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 4, 2020 8:02 am

Ed Lyon from the Perscecution Project gives us a Nuba Hosptial update, author Ron Bracy shares his heart and Bill Mixon has great suggests on what to do when visiting the Triad area.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore one hour we loaded for bear today on King Street for loaded with fair and first of Ramallah. I am an owner to be loaded for bear the you gotta have lines ready so fortunately we have one at line my good friend with a persecution project which I got work to do.

Don't read today. Oh it's it's always such a joy to have you and you know I'm really anxious to come to hear an update on what's going on you know there at the hospital we been working on it so but for listeners that were nowhere you know of what we been doing you work with a persecution project and you guys had this hospital project can kinda bring us up-to-date little bit short.

Absolutely yet with your daughter, your incredible daughter hospital building project that we have.

It is the gave up maternity ward building into gay but about the area that been under attack by the court, government for number of years and now I would have the opportunity to write that many medical facilities and the entire knew about about the five the state of Georgia.

There's only a handful, though. The one area of particular didn't have any medical hospital, they would have to travel seven hours by vehicle and then without a vehicle they get the nearest hospital, so we thought a lot of women that were in need of paternity care.Dr. Tom Hanna who work that mother of Mercy Hospital.

I was training.

Dr. Ahmed Zechariah who then was inspired by Dr. Tom and encouraged by Dr. Tom to construct a new hospital in a remote area for the poor knew the resident could be helped and so worried you gave us and we been partnering with them for number of years now because need right now is furnish do building that is been completed work since I'm more information on that and also with us this morning. My good friend Bill Mixon was the start of the new Facebook just had all kinds of friends that were just so to go into a law through all this coronavirus trying to figure what in the world to do and I pretty good time to escort the Fokker it's because I like to get out and height and I like to get out and walk so I put together a Facebook page Forsyth fun things to do and were opening up some in the community there things to do but yet there's beach music going on at Midway country music up at the park like you haven't ever been up to the music center on the Parkway.

It is a spectacular way to spend some time they've got a museum and they've got professionals that come in and just and what a neat thing you know, one of the we discover this in my life in a long time ago actually, but that one of the holy things in life is play right fun things to do if I God designed us to play in. If you look at the word play in Hebrew, you're going to see that there's all sorts aspects of that word is holy and improve course they played the music that was the praise God with and playing with so many different ways.

You know, his partner having fun and and and want to meet passion to go after. So we got that and then third up. I told her loaded for bear. We have another friend that is been with us before we have Ron Basey and Ron is the author of the book walk on from valley of despair, so we have from fun to despair. Here you have quite a variety that and I just dropped them with with the skills of my fingers but anyway he is going to be with us. He's the author of walk-on from the valley of despair to the mountaintop of praise and so this might be a good time to do my riddle if I didn't try to write my seat selectively. I don't do this to make you happen to guess and then you know I want to do it in a minute because the riddle has to do with walking till but add how she got them. She got them back so will get them on. Good morning Ron, I'm sorry I dropped you, but your now I'm it's good to have you back with us walk-on from the valley of despair to the mountaintop praise so good to be with you again sorry about the breakup. There, it's okay. It's okay and so Ron is in Texas actually right Tanya and he had this the story as well let you share a little bit of the story of of what led to this book with our listeners well short story I started teaching the book of Habakkuk several several years ago when I was in seminary and.

Bible studies in churches in my distant became hammered with the Buckingham decided to write about it, but in the middle of writing about it.

Our son was killed in the war killed in Albania, the mission with the Air Force. He was special ops and I stopped writing for five years then God worked his miracles in my life and he put me back into the teaching of the high school students and the book came alive again and I was able to finish it and it truly is a book of the timeliness for today.

We actually had it reprinted last year because people today are living in a lot of despair, which is the absence of hope, and that's the key theme of the book is that in the sovereignty of God. We always have hope that we can turn to.

No matter what's going on in our life. I can't even really really difficult stuff and I find it fascinating that God had put on your heart to start that project and then you know the loss is your son and the you know it's how God brought you through that and and so that a lot of people obviously can share and how God encouraged you is the way that clearly bacon like second Corinthians says he comforted us so that we can comfort others of the company confidence with so I absolutely beautiful and having Ron on before, let me just tell you he has some insights in the book billiard and likeness of Habakkuk that just like you know how I love the song of Solomon.

I could go on and on and on. My mama mama mom anybody that knows me. Ron loves the book of the back you get in here in the is given share some stuff on the show today that I think will absolutely astound you. So we have only have one minutes I still I don't have time to get to my riddle which has to do with walking so we can get back to my friend adheres where are you at today and front porch. We read about that we have all will going on about a mile and 1/2 from my house today. They have limited due to the COBIT restriction. In Virginia, but there are still people going up and down the road.

So if you're hearing part of the background of the BAP Bay Virginia really. I'm really really glad it brings up something since I got a minute to talk about some I really want to talk about today show is a lot of people called in complaining about some of the political ads that run on our network lately and we've never really had the amount complaints that we are getting currently and and I just want to help people understand that the federal communication FCC decides a lot of these things when it comes to political advertising.

They are probably stricter on that issue than anything that I'm aware of and there's lots of laws that were written obviously by politicians to make sure that their stuff gets aired on matter what on every radio station that they want to play it on so if you have a if you have a license to be nailed this type radio station that we are, which is considered a commercial radio station if they if they make the ad you got a plan. So I know some people really offended by some of the ads favor recently understand this has nothing to do with what we believe Truth Network does have to do with us believing in the law of the land and obeying what it is you have given us keep this license so that we can use the signal, so we got a whole I have written. Welcome back to person, or how God thinks build the kingdom and as I said were loaded to bear with loaded liens. Michael friend live lion for the persecution project.

Bill Mixon good friend with foresight funds to do and Ron break Breaky walk-on from the valley of despair and depression to the mountaintop praise walk-on so you might guess that the we do have these riddles and speaking of walking trying to crack myself up with these so you know when you think of walking your man. I like you may want to reconsider that in certain countries. Romney's Savior, walking your dog in China the way they do. That is usually with veggies and then trying to. I want to walk your dog.

That way, but you do have to admit, when the Chinese take their cookware to a party. They walked the walk walk the walk. I think they do what every day walk the walk while walk and if there cooking with their walks in their old valiance and their old voyageurs. This would be Plymouth then that's when they use their Plymouth lot never really were. You really can't come to. So thinking about walking in your car and I was you would do that you could use a towel and you have a walk with so at the end of all those in. I could see that I would just wasn't resonating with my walk but I love who in the Bible block to buy.

Walked around and around seeking the kingdom of seven and I walked around and around seeking seven you call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and if they can guess that all we inside the book.

Maybe Ron break T-shirt. You never know. All right, 8663 or 8784 866-34-TRUTH fellows who in the Bible walk around and around the kingdom of seven, Bill and fun things to do besides fun things to do. You can get to buy for site on things to and then log into your Facebook page where you can in Facebook go to Forsyth fun things to do, join, and if your church is some organization you know it's heaven something fun for a family to do. Posted put some information on the what if I live in Rockingham County. I live him to put away her pounding really, really, it's North Carolina but were trying to figure out things for people in Forsyth County to do but by all means they can drive to Mount Aries got some wonderful things going in this weekend that matches Kernersville's got some events that are listed in there there's some restaurants reopening some museums mount areas also in place.

They got a regional Museum the last five County yes but Forsyth County drive to the next County and have a wonderful day having lunch and then drop by the museum, the regional Museum.

So it's fun things for Forsyth families to do and I don't care if you want to drive to the other end of the state, but it's good to know there there dozens and dozens of things going on this weekend and will get it. Keep the page up so that you can plan ahead and enjoy getting back into the real world where you may ask mango so speaking of fun things. Now I'm what I think of the book of Habakkuk were back at Ron but I seriously and in today's climate that were in writing this book is very very helpful to to trying to get a glimpse of what God had in mind for us right Romney very kindly very kindly about it is, people are asking the question, or is God in all of their well Habakkuk open book and it's apparent that he has been asking God or is where are you for a long period of time and he continued asking God glory was for a long period of time until finally got answers and in his answer to Habakkuk God says a Habakkuk I'm working in your world, but you won't believe what I'm doing and that what we need to understand in our world today. God's working wage is not hearing, which is not seen them because were too busy with our own concerns. In fact, at the end of chapter 2.

Habakkuk writes these words, he says, but the Lord is in his holy temple.

Let all the earth be silent before him.

We think God silent where you want me to be silent because God is on his throne and he is in control and what is happening is for purposes, and we may not understand his purposes. We can rest assure you that work and in his own timing he will reveal as he did to Habakkuk what he was doing know it and then it will be up to strata were gonna respond like Habakkuk did what Habakkuk said the righteous will live by faith and will walk on, no matter what the circumstances of life are in. As I think about what's going on in the new.

The mountains, how many times if you guys seen something that looked like work of God being all that these bombs drop in all this stuff yet God's doing a tremendous work in the in in the body of Christ there in you know in the way.

Absolutely it. I can't help but think that God ordained the timing of everything at the fact that you have a lot on the same time that you talking about the new book Christian and all they've suffered over the years the government itself.

They were definitely they would have the ability to be at the valley of despair, but yet they there is that Christian remnant in there about 30% of the population of the Newburgh Christian and strong, strong in their faith beating beating at the bit bombings that I've bent to right after I was in one area one time and it was a Sunday morning and we were having tea and coffee before the service that we were up against the mountains, big boulders that she could hide behind it all, but on the other side about the government party lobbing artillery shells into our area and I counted out the app every day.

You know that within one hour. They shot 40 of into the area where you have a new majority the people Christian thought of looking at the pastor next to me. I have to say that this happened every Sunday but yeah pretty much everything David know when we worship to try to disrupt our worship at 11 o'clock for some unknown reason they just stop the artillery bombardment and I looked at the pastor again like that I would know were pretty Savior behind it boulders. What we do now be pointed out in the middle under the big tall trees where they have church branches. The blogs set up where people sit on the log to stop and worship God. And I said okay, not knowing that you know whether or not the government artillery shells again and that we had probably a good hundred 50 people show up for service pulpit. The pastor spoke behind was filled with shrapnel and you know they're there on the mountain top appraised of me have a relationship with the Lord right even if the ball yeah either spare among the people.

At times, but that they refocused the pastors of their yeah, what about finding that you have a fun time on book is completely God, believe me. Yesterday afternoon I had no gas exhibit so God put this together. I'm actually quite excited about it and actually Ron I'm you know that that verse you that you mentioned where it said you know we need to be silent in the end God is speaking I'm listen to the shells it adds talking about. I was wondering what you think about that. Well, you know, the year that led I lived prior to becoming a Christian in the fullest sense of being a Christian was the year I spent in the war in Vietnam flying combat missions over North Vietnam. Having friends killed, captured, facing death many times myself, I can fully understand what it is experiencing there because the motto of the reconnaissance is alone, unarmed, and unafraid. Well get rid of the unafraid because there was a lot of fear, but I know for fact that it was only God could get me a line now through me and God is doing. We think you know bombs dropping his son. Anyway, we got so much more kingdom pursuits, and on and and my friend Phil so I come back, find out about pursuits where we hear how God thinks passion uses it to build the kingdom and we are really loaded for bear as you can tell if you've been listening with our lien in with the persecution project talk about what's going on in the mountains.

Ron Brekke walk on from the valley despair to the mountaintop praise which you can tell he is Vietnam veteran and what a story in what God's doing through all that is just absolutely amazing Bill Mixon with fun things to do in Forsyth, which is always a by the you can find out all about the persecution project bills ministry fun things to do as well as walk on from the valley despair which is amazing book based on the book of Habakkuk, but we are, as always are blessed to have you know, wonderfully neat shows on the truth that were unarmed literally blown away all the time I what God is provided with us on Saturdays on the Truth Network which a lot of networks there Saturday programming is is not a mean God just gives us awesome stuff like unbelievable is one of those zany, and the cure in Amy is with us. She's got a show coming on at 1 o'clock Eastern on the Truth Network comp insurer and this week Amy you you your loaded for bear to be deal with teenagers and God trying trying going and fortunately I think a great Just absolutely wonderful so personals can be lysing to be able to call him at that same number 866-34-TRUTH 87884, not that one.

Thank you Amy God bless you how I look for to listen to myself. I think I might next up we have Orlando who is in High Point and he may understand who in the Bible, walked around and around and around actually seeking the kingdom of seven Orlando who might that be good morning Amanda, it's good to hear from you. That's you, you will give you you should. That's how you get to walk around your exactly right in the Israelites and they were obviously they'd actually just crossed over. So what a wonderful answer which in Hebrew means salvation right arm and it it it absolutely is and and allows you from seeing the verse it's in Jeremiah word says the Lord. Jeremiah 31 rinses the Lords can do a new thing. The bride encircles the group and so in a Jewish wedding. If you ever attend one of the bride goes around the groom 7×7. That's right under the and so there there there was sort of bringing down the walls of the husband's heart and so II love love love what you said because the concept is and I think about it. I asked Jesus sometimes how what can I do you know to love you like that you know what would that look like an know it's a beautiful thing to to ask God how to love so I know it. Thanks Orlando I but I love your answer is just beautiful. Thank you God bless. So Bill, I'm sitting there thinking that man a lot of people in an effect that is what you said a minute ago. I when he was talking about the bombs blunt drop in Vietnam and the bombs are dropping, you know it was talking about the bombs dropping in the new mountains and then these people they go out and worship right probably even without masks what Bill said. He said you know he said yeah they're not afraid the bombs drop in but you know how many churches are locked down because her, they're afraid of this disease and you know I don't know what that wells up in you, I mean you you want to set it so I'm well yet.

I was driving up in the mountains on a Sunday morning and was amazed at the little churches and I drive by one in the parking lot was full and the people were sitting in the cars evidently listening to the sermon one way or the other drive by another church up there in the parking lot was full and they all set up and outside cheers and drive by another little church.

It was obvious they all just inside praising and worshiping and then all the churches here and in the big city are just scared to death that open their doors. It's nice to know that the churches are opening back up one way or another, but died know, I know that there are a lot of churches that are just financially, barely making it, because they've shuttered their doors so I had obviously you experience that in the neighbor mountains and now you're up there in Virginia.

What is she like to you now.

Well I will small church here in Virginia that we will be a few weeks back to break something that you asked her optional habitual the leadership of trying to obey that wearing the life of the official really help to families that are staying all absurd or anything else we can do that. We been blessed so far we haven't had any cave or church that a blessing together yet what they what they were dealing with the top left of your new book but it had nothing to stop them because they recognize where their hope There wanted to worship the Lord really would not be home the better you hear about the Chinese churches beating underground now hidden away, beating, and maybe a baby church of the big city small group… Have always opened up again to fight small numbers of people from the church so that they can have fellowship. Encourage one another, pray, pray with one another at the small groups to get all throughout front porch of the whatever I get off now that there's always a solution so Ron, what you think.

Habakkuk would say to us well I think he said very clearly that we have to walk by faith. I hear that in my head saying I'm a I'm teaching seniors this year at a Christian private school and we are in full school mode. Our classes are open. I teach in an open classroom. We do follow procedures of staying safe by many things but it's just a great experience to be with the children. The children back in the school environment and the end. I believe that's exactly what Habakkuk would say that we, even though in fact he ends his book by saying even though all of the things that I am used to my temple, my family, my city, all of those are destroyed yet. I will be joyful in God my Savior. For the sovereign Lord is my strength and he enables me to walk on the high places of praise done in the matter of faith, hoping and trusting in God we not had any cases of the virus in our school.

We been in school for a month now exactly so with that I think we have to start love love love that way I read it. He actually says he makes me walk on my High Plains that aspect of it. But anyway we got we come back we have more from the new mountains and from Ron and my friend Bill on front and for size where we have with Bill Mixon on with fun things to do in Forsyth County is Facebook group that is working on their line with the persecution project in the Numa mountains and Ron Brekke with his book walk on from the valley of despair to the mountains, the mountaintop of praise and so how wonderful we we were talked about that but is I can't help but note the obit and I know for you. So much of what you consider to be fun is what I like to get a nice hike we got a lot of wilderness areas in North Carolina and it just wonderful. Go up to hang in rock put in a few miles or go over the border at the Grayson Highlands. There's just awesome place up in Virginia to go and then Lynn will gorge. It amazes me the folks that haven't ever heard of were visited Lindell Gorge, North Carolina never heard my story how I got lost. Yes, I have got you one of those that it does not fund service where you get to go hike. I make sure I got a couple good compass is the idea of walking onto the mountaintop and I love I really really really really do love have spent some time that last first or Habakkuk that Ron was talking about ways to make your feet to walk on your high places like certain places that you can walk Bill that I can't walk in places I can walk that you can't and he's making please make a special place for well yet do some spots in North Carolina.

Would you can hike up above the tree line and just have unbelievable view with everything around you, and I really feel connected to God when I can take it three or 4 mile hike out the wilderness wilderness area and just look off into the Vista especially if there lots of clouds around. There's just a great way to communion with God is to take a nice long walk with or without a good friend and so interestingly add your there quite often in the neighbor mountains and and so their feet are fitted quite differently for their mountaintop journey than ours are here right color walking up and putting how long it is certain location. Bill tell you putting our ghetto putting it today. Some of the section of South Sudan. They will all the way up the decay of a hospital because that your medical ability will take today to get there thinking about a woman pregnant and beating to deliver her baby and one paper environment of the hospital that virtually impossible to do that at that late bill I where were also we have an ambulance help with the hospital and I do want to give you a brief update last pocket. I don't how many weeks ago that what we have really raised the board to deliver 80 hospital bed bachelor party, but delivered up there chairs that Even trolley cart tryptophan.

They've all been delivered. Exam couches so the progression of the paternity will read along and talking about the mountaintop of praise that thank you and your (I just pray for God probably doing a partnering together to equip the paternity work for the women, and the landing for landing on this and so how much more on this particular campaign.

Do we need to get to where you guys were hoping well, we've we've got kind of a new rate limit on particular aspect of the purchasing, but now were looking for something and were also doing generators that we need labor to put up with everything training people to get medical and lab equipment which would include things like incubators of x-ray machine seen. Even down to the stuffed goat blood pressure cuff microscope that you know the list goes on about the final stage so evenly ambulance that we have need of repair. Right now the back of your help with all the body will roadway. They slipped off the deadbeat repair so the other funds but gave a hospital will go to all of the different aspects of making some final fully functional paternity work that's awesome want to get the last minute to our friend Ron and I know your books been reprinted in and what would you like to share Ron that you maybe didn't get a chance to get today but here's what I like to leave everyone with Habakkuk begins the book in despair looking for answers from God, and God said Habakkuk. I'm going to give you an answer. There's a vision, and I want you to write so that the people will see it in their times of need to close the book with a great vision of the majesty of God that God is the deliverer that's coming in all mankind and all of its various histories have always thought Craig deliver the deliverer is Jesus Christ. And so the reason Habakkuk is able to continue on that mountaintop journey because he seen the glory and the power and the presence of God, and I would just encourage people to look for that and have the home that he's therefore the thank you all so much for listening to King versus today you can find all the stuff for kingdom journey starts here now, talking forget Amy, what one cannot. This is the Truth Network

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