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Pray For Sudan

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 31, 2023 7:00 pm

Pray For Sudan

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 31, 2023 7:00 pm

 Stu interviews his good friend Brad Phillips with The Persecution Project Foundation. Listen as he shares the power of the Holy Gospel sweeping through Sudan.


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You don't care who gets the credit. And you've helped build hospitals and rebuild schools and everything in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. But Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, is on fire. There are bodies in the streets. Our listeners need to know, can you please give us the straight truth on what's happening there right now?

Stu, it's great to be with you. I just got back to the US about two days ago. In the 15th of April, war erupted in the capital in Khartoum between the top two generals, both of whom are war criminals and Islamists responsible for all kinds of murder and rape and genocide. And they've unleashed a war in the capital which has claimed thousands and thousands of lives. More than a million people have fled the city. You know, Sudan has about 45, 40 to 45 million people. And out of that, there are about 10 million people that live in Khartoum, which is the most affected area right now. People living inside the city are experiencing some of the worst catastrophic conditions you can imagine. They're under bombardment and shelling.

The Sudan Armed Forces is bombing and shelling urban civilian residential areas every day. It's been more than a month now. This is May the 17th, I think, and May the 18th.

So it started on April 15th. Every single day since then, they've been bombing and shelling. At the same time, the Janjaweed, now known as the Rapid Support Force, is deployed in the city. They've been going house to house looting, killing, raping, stealing. They put snipers in different parts of the city. Snipers especially are targeting communities where we have a lot of Nuba Christians are living when they're coming out of their homes looking for food or water or medicine or basic supplies to survive. They're being shot and killed in crossfire. Some of them are being killed by snipers. Some people are starving inside of their homes because they can't get out.

We've been on the phone with some of our people up there while the shelling is going on, and then the phone line is cut, and then you find out that their building was destroyed. So there's a lot of bad things happening. Right now, the Nuba Mountains, which was the target of some of the worst persecution, is now becoming the safe haven in Sudan. And you have six million Nuba in Sudan, and about half of those, more than half of them, identify as Christian. And one million of those are trapped in Khartoum, and another two million are trapped in other war-affected areas in northern Sudan outside of Nuba Mountains.

And all of them are trying to make their way out of the city through some very dangerous passageways to get down to Kordofan. So we had, just in one area where we work, we had 12,000 families that have shown up in the last three weeks. That's about 70,000 people. We've been advised to expect another two or three hundred thousand people in the next couple of weeks.

We're approaching the rainy season. People don't have shelter. These people that are fleeing the war are coming into another area with nothing. So we're mobilizing all the resources that we have to try to prepare the way to help the church.

The local church there is really the champion and the hero in this war right now. They're going into homes and rescuing people. They're also receiving people in the Nuba Mountains. And we're trying to come alongside them and help them with some shelter items like tarps. Probably the number one thing we would need right now is something simple like a $40 tarp to cover a family while they're rebuilding their life. So there's a lot going on. We're thankful that these 12,000 families reached to safety in the last couple of days and we're praying that God is going to bring out some other people and provide the resources for those people to survive once they reach the safety of the Nuba Mountains. So there's a couple things going on. First of all, establishing what actually is happening in Sudan right now.

There's all kinds of different reports and people just don't know how bloody. Imagine if you're capital city where you live. You walked out the front door. Then you walk to the closest intersection. There's literally bodies that have been decaying.

How long? Yeah, you know, Stu, in the news they're talking about hundreds of people who have died, but I think if you multiply that figure by three and add a zero, it's going to be less than the actual number of people. We have videos and images that are being sent to us every day of different neighborhoods that are just littered with corpses. They're just being left there to rot. Guys on our team that are going around trying to assist people and find people trapped in their homes are having to walk over bodies to get into different neighborhoods. It's a really tragic situation.

All of the medical facilities, all of the different types of supply, you know, grocery stores, food factories have all been destroyed by the war. So people are stuck and they're stuck in an urban area with whatever supplies they have inside of their house. Most of these people don't even have $20 hidden under the mattress. And the cost to get out of the city is a couple hundred dollars per person. And some of these are big families. So people are going out, they're leaving their home, they're looking for food. We're getting stories all the time of families that we know where their son was missing for a couple of days because they sent them out to get water or food.

And then they sent out another member of the family look for him and they find him dead in the street. So it's, it's a bad situation, and it's being perpetrated by these Muslim Brotherhood Islamist extremists who've been in charge of Sudan for the last 35 years. And unfortunately, who've been given a lot of legitimacy and enabled by the international community, including the US government, especially in the last four years as Sudan has been in a transition, instead of holding these people accountable for their behavior, instead of bringing them to justice and putting pressure for a real transition to representative government to real transition to religious freedom and things like that. We've seen the international community, play the role of enabling and of legitimizing the cartoon government, even, even deceiving people and into telling them the last four years that there was a change and that there was now freedom and religious freedom in Sudan, which is which is a far so now all of those lies are being exposed and tragically, millions and millions of people, really the whole nation of Sudan is groaning and is is suffering right now.

People are dying every day, it's, it's a, it's a, it's a really tragic and horrific situation. So strategic country, one of the largest landmass countries in Africa, located, you know, there in Africa, bridging with Egypt, the Middle East, very strategic, and an opportunity for souls an opportunity to do some things in the persecution project, you're on the frontline Brad, people that support your ministry, can help get these people tarps and Bibles and you're, you're one of the few folks that actually get in there, there's a there's a lot of things that people can do, there's simple things people can do, we started something called the Nuba Breakfast Club, people can go to Nuba breakfast It's a platform for trying to support medical services in the Nuba Mountains. And we need to do everything that we can to expand and enhance their services now, especially as we're seeing a flood of people who are fleeing destruction in Khartoum, we need to do everything we can to bolster our efforts there at Jigeba Referral Hospital.

So encourage people to consider giving up a family meal out at a restaurant, you know, $30 a month, one commitment that you can make can make the difference and save a life and help us in sustain our efforts there at Jigeba Referral Hospital. Prayer is the biggest thing that people need this, you know, so many of these people are part of our spiritual family are part of the body of Christ, they need to be encouraged, they need to be lifted up in prayer, we need to remember them, especially during this critical time. You know, this is a time when we can't faint, this is a time when we need to stand up and we need to make ourselves available for service. And we need to be interceding on behalf of our persecuted family there in Sudan. And it's, it's really a time of terror for a lot of people. And I just thank, I thank you for sharing with your listeners over so many years, but especially now this is a time we really need to mobilize a lot of prayer on behalf of that nation of Sudan.

They're going through entire regime changes as a massive civil war and the slick spokespeople for these Islamic fronts that are in there killing people in cold blood are trying to convince the UN, they're trying to convince the US that they're all, we're peaceful, we're creating peace when they're not, they're murderous and they're bloody. Brad Phillips Persecution Project is doing something about it, they're on the front lines and say one more thing Brad before we get out of here. You know, one of the scriptures that comes to mind for me is in the Proverbs, it says, You know, God wants us to be available. And we might say to ourselves, what can I do?

There's nothing I can do. But we know about this, we know about this slaughter that's happening. There are many, many different things that we can do. The first thing that God wants us to do is be available, and he can provide the resources and so let's let's pray for our family there in Sudan.

Amen. Watch the website when we're talking about that cool Breakfast Club idea. I love that idea, helping people, that's a tangible way to help people get food, get supplies, get Bibles in this area for people that are trying to get out of Khartoum where all the bullets are flying., it's a simple way, I think everybody who's listening to the show has the ability to participate in this platform and help make medical services available and support the persecuted church there in Sudan.
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