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A Call To Duty Far From Home

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 16, 2022 2:06 pm

A Call To Duty Far From Home

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 16, 2022 2:06 pm

In Pursuit for The kingdom of God for today show we have Mable Ninan the author Far from Home: Discovering Your Identity as Foreigners on Earth .Also in Pursuit to we have God's Solider  Michael Hansley founder of Call to Duty.


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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore how fond on Easter Eve that we get to talk about Africa needs Jesus is right kind of that time a year where we get a chance to really see what Jesus is doing and so we got Kelly Gilbert with Transworld radio here join in this actually out of Raleigh but via their studios out there right Kelly hello Kelly, well, we had Kelly Gilbert, but this would be an interesting situation here kingdom pursuits observe other guest hasn't arrived yet and Kelly. Apparently there's a little technical difficulty will get it here in a minute but this is a good time for me to do my Robbie's rental since if that would be possible to go ahead. Just play my music Carmen if you could mail. She's busy trying to get Kelly on so will just go with it with the with the jokes Wynot.

So speak in that again. The other guest is supposed to be here is called to duty and so speaking of duty. Where do many of mid-evil soldiers hang out when they're off-duty. That's where do Middle East mid-evil soldiers hang out when their off-duty and there's nobody to ask, but I'll just ask you if you thought about it so they hangout at the nightclub. Of course that's really hang out so the next one is plagiarism squad reporting for duty sir. Have you heard that plagiarism squad calling for reporting for duty sir copy that do Middle East mid-evil soldiers hang out when they're often Carmen.

Now I'm here in my delay. That's okay.

Did you get around now. All right. And then last but certainly not least of my jokes. What do they call jury duty in Australia so little bit difficult this morning due to a new studio new systems and new everything but what are they called jury duty in Australia they would call that dignity duties.

This is the same love my music but nonetheless I like to joke with a call jury duty and Australia digger you know if you've ever heard a degree do. It's kind of fun so actually have a riddle today and calling Lynn at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH. So what is the actually the first three mentions of duty in the Bible they actually have to do with what union that usually gets a great reception so the first three mentions of duty in the Bible had to do with what union that usually gets a great reception and if you can answer that. Carmen tell about that when one of our possum is through president Rodney tell me, so I'm excited you are well. We were hoping again different have called to duty tickets. That's a conference coming up May 6 through the seventh. Since we don't have those at this point were going to go with the regular kingdom pursuits tries vault which we have all kinds of books and prizes. As a result of, and we just got back from the NRB and we've had such an amazing amazing as Stu puts it, and we get this plunder. Like all these people that work in a ship these books back, but we interviewed some of the amazing author so we can give you book from the kingdom pursuits tries prize fault. All you do is call in which to be really good because in a lesson you talk to 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH are actually at the company when the show well since 2009 and so somewhere in the neighborhood.

1112 years I've never had this happen where it came, so Tom and I had no guest but we can't get another day up the discharge of the first time I ever did. The Christian God as Sherry said, you must really like to talk on the radio and I was terrified I was like no not particularly well you can have any debt errors. So here we are, without a guest on kingdom pursuits and trying to figure out how not to have data here is the case may be, and so you know you guys can enjoy watching Robbie's squirming unless you want to call it 866-348-7884 so you know I can get into little bit of what I enjoyed so much in the hundred and 18 Psalm that I get the didn't get it talked about in the Christian cargo show so you know if you looked down and I don't have the verses in front of me now, but really really cool if you come down near the end of the Psalm you know you get to the 22nd verse which says the stone the builders rejected is become, you know, the head of the corner.

You know that clearly you know is give me an idea. This is Jesus quoted this Psalm several times and so Jesus taught on it and and now these folks are get a chance to see this so apparently they didn't. Hopefully Transworld radio on the phones organ be able to do that here in a minute but then when you move down you know there's and I think it's too versus right after that, where they start saying, save us and bring prosperity. Will that actually in Hebrew is the Hosanna, and so oh good I got a Riddler I got Bill in Gastonia, but so that Hosanna Hosanna in the highest. I'm blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord will really really need that you you get here. Is this the stone the builders rejected, then you get the Hosanna, which we know from Palm Sunday get here and then blessed is he you comes in the name of the Lord and then right after that if you look in that Psalm, which is just an amazing Easter Psalm then you see that it says in a bind the sacrifice to the courts of the altar. What you know it's interesting that here. These folks were quoting the that the hundred and 18 Psalm on Palm Sunday and I think that they were shown a picture of what Jesus would be doing what grade I have to callers now so I'm in a go to Bill is in Gastonia, Bill, you're on kingdom pursuits good morning and I'm just grateful I have submitted talk to Billy with me. Hello Bill, yes I will bill your on kingdom presented here. Yes, you are so great you know the first three mentions of duty in the Bible had to do with what union that usually gets a great reception marriage.

I kind of expected that when are you married Bill. I will write a great reception not understand. I understand it's interesting that you think and I was I was looking at it this morning that the first three mentions of the word duty and you not as you've ever studied that the different ideas of what motivates people to do a you know like fear is in horrible motivator. From what I understand you, you get people to do a lot of stuff with fear. But they don't necessarily work their best but will, and money will get people to to do stuff for you but is not necessarily the best motivator to get people to do stuff. Interestingly, duty is a tremendous motivator like enough. You know it's something you're supposed to do you know it helps you so how long you been listening Bill years in North Carolina. I urge you yeah you you live in Gastonia. There, just north of Charlotte. Absolutely it and where to go to church Friendship Baptist Church to start going there on cool and so you are you excited about Easter tomorrow.

I am your doable right afterwards.

I can't get anything more.

That's really cool. I get to do a sunrise service in in Asheboro. I think it's called West Westborough Baptist Church that will bill I got a run. Thank you to send out a book of your choice. I got Jim when we come back hopefully in Charlotte. He'll stay with us and I get a chance to talk to him and some else's, and maybe even Transworld radio and knows her, or other nested women. We are so blessed to be with you today. I'm so glad you tuned in your on Easter Eve and when we left her here. We had Jim and Charlotte's can be what is that maples can be with us with her book, far from home in just a minute for Jim you're on kingdom pursuits good morning, how are you I am wonderful so did you have another answer force on the first three mentions of duty in the Bible. I wanted to call in it or you guys been a long time listener and just want to thank the Lord died or been in court the blessed resurrection of looking forward to tomorrow and the special time of year for everybody in the thank you, Jim.

That's awesome and I appreciate you. Where do you live in Charlotte actually outside Charlotte in Monroe uncle Evan haven't been here that long about that Maple going to delete the part Baptist Church but not little church in the know didn't didn't didn't all ready for tomorrow. Yeah me too.

It's gonna be a wild afternoon so well will thank you Jim God bless you.

Appreciate you calling this importance and all right. Keep up the good work, long time, but there are so grateful. Thank you Jim God bless, but I will all right forgot Mabel Mabel, my apologies. You were supposed to be on at the top of the hour, but we do have Mabel now shook her book is far from home.

Welcome Mabel L yes yes were so grateful and where you come from, today really that is far from home for but anyway I said I take it you know the way but nonetheless years ago I lived in San Jose actually and I'm talking about a lot of years ago, like 1963 I lived in San Jose so that's really really neat so I there's quite a story behind this book, far from home. Can you share with our listeners little bit how you were how God called you to write it and I know you long ago, and I will find that I'm getting really made United that you get in line. I grew up and call him a big happy family. I had a good job highlighted on the L life happy, batting God but me back then I moved to another country and I'm happy to fill happy could be in the USA and back in your life. I have been I moved right after I got mad at back on my left and I were that many men care that he could not live with but I didn't realize that and that you would change live thing to have an effect on me, both emotionally and even Jimmy and because I to attend McKinney and in every way. You know I I didn't have my family with me anymore community up Brandon and I went Bill and Vlad bled out I didn't have that many more are a job and I can't do that, John. I even then injected and my counting dying) and deep down I do feel like I I don't align yeah I belong identity, Palm known inner feeling like I don't belong anywhere not union. And I know find optical combined, and he and Gandy got spending more time and find it back to my chair that he made me realize I and my many spelling and on and on. How can anything on our time. Give me back and chaotically and reminded me of good from the binder that blanketed to foreign identity right between the content that you care no month and impeding the content indent came again and again in chapter 2. The content are now even got there, even though eight chapter chapter 11 people and all the people of a defect and badminton barn and emptying it on and back kind been to have you in advance and then I think that I think it got blind and on about my anything identity my fiction and begin identity.

I wanted to share that I mean anyone out there probably targeting the change in fact not think of doing.

I even coming or going for prolonged period of pain. I want to think back and even my and you know the hundred 19 Psalm in the given section. Actually the second Monday the third verse the given section says I'm a stranger on the earth. Hide not your commandments from me and I've often thought about that verse is like if you're a stranger to any place you need a map. I think I knows I'm a stranger I need a map and that's what kind of the psalmist was saying that like man Lord, you know, I don't know what I'm doing here and I'm clearly out of place, so, so, Lord, give me a map and and he gave us his word, which is actually kind of Jesus and Jesus is the word, and so you know it's kind of need.

I have you here on Easter Eve because it sounds like you are a believer before you started on the Bible study and you have this revelation, but then all of a sudden God took you deeper into the freedom that he had for you right. I mean, I believe that great. I think I bought a nation I picked it, guiding it into the Army that alleviate Patty God blessed every day I by loving cats.

I thought that I had to get out on. Everything that you know shaking my leg was shaking.

It became an it challenged me.

Merely think about our think about the fact that Jesus blood, then why am I there not feeling okay now now and so how long ago was that that you had that experience where you were when you went to that Bible study what year was that allowed I think my final love God and not like before that I like reading the Bible are doing on the company on my own to kind of, you know, lead and gain God bled and abiding thought I I knew that God went happy and that I will trying to find happiness. I would want to get so many any get you to being at the big event that the islet trying to find a get back that July 2 I know that feeling that I I can do that on my own. I community back that I just googled Bible study and googled it right and I and I didn't have a check-in deadline, but check it Bible study and then get brought up by the end of The dog met in my eye nearby catch and I had one friend I contacted Knight and I think nothing about my group. I've been going there and they strong on doctrine and you will find anything community to study and that happened dotting the book of Matthew that Jeff G. Blair docket shifting in my mind I get back I back I started enjoying the got even more and he changed my ability. My question began to change from what am I doing yet to God. What do you want me to do.

Yeah, you have me by Jan Barrett and Jacob Bennett.

I had even if I don't know anyone, even if I have nobody yeah I have you and you tell me what do highlight my I don't think it happened you know immediately. I committed to comply that it did happen and that package I was afraid Mabel but when we come back to have more far from home because just begun the journey far from home, so will be right back with a lot more pursuits.

Thank you Philistine your and uses it in a really cool always. How I get a chance to see how God comes to somebody who was called out to him and need and then comforted them and then they are an opportunity to comfort those with the comfort they were covered with, which is what Mabel story is her book is called far from home.

Mabel worsened where's the best place to get your book on right now and by now the right online. What's your last name Mabel nine and I and so they look for far from home. I'm Mabel Nyman and NAM right yet. So whether that's a like July, but beyond that, now you right now though not now, but it better be out. How wonderful. So yeah really helps on an author.

If you ordered before the books released because that first week in all the sales go in that the books released of all the presales and so you really help her out by ordering the book and then reviewing it when you get it. It's called far from home and again is fine.

Mabel nine and and I am and so Mabel, you know, here you are you. You obviously have felt this relief. How did God come after you to write a book. I cannot plan when I let them go. I used to write a block on going out you and ED always good for a partner to so I like that so now it is so US and I might going on something on my you know that you should write down what you thinking find out what you're going through and memo you like that because the guy on God and even our strong motivation want me to write down how God had been faithful to me back to my delete in the back and read that date and on the grill. He is going yeah I know about my life in India are blocked when I ran the unit and how God should buy and Bennett are edifying and I want to delete behind by him to my IBM right to my something like that. I took this idea to write their content on overtime a lot.

I'm right, but God work. We, you know, my idea of blogger to my starting with somehow changed into something IBM but not Come on my on the right coaching came along the way and I find my car and that the book of the conduct of just the adventure God has you on.

I do know I met you at the National religious broadcasters convention. So how did how did you end up there. You get the word out about my book connect with. I'll have a video like that on my own. He went on there that doing in the field.

I like my cat like me and you from them at the back but got me to match that I didn't have you know that might be my book on what type of I thought you and I can go to Nashville and I have a good friend like I wanted to get me in the media and the my idea public to know it me and encouraging people all over the country and the I'm honored that you would give me a chance to share your story with our listeners and so Mabel, what you can hear you on the idea of the show is how does God take your passion and use it to build the kingdom and here we understand the Mabel's passion is clearly writing and the like. She said the written word so untruths of all the chapters of your book which one can you hardly wait for somebody to read chapter 1 Title done on know many people will relocate their own will be meeting on I'm planning and far and it can be more than I'm kind of mind and violate NFL I talk about my own destiny. For me it's been because even within the US. I moved around a lot, but in protecting you that I am I thankful and fell, moving from one another at made me home. Take part permanent home and sometimes when I going to India. I feel I can't longing home that inhabits me and it did because in a way the shadow of the longing that I have on my permanent home theater and I cannot relate far my data to that chapter and sleep until the cot and will enjoy read, ship it and Bob is having on the enjoy time with God bring about the cottage on a believer go to Chad Babcock be basically getting to heaven get on the long bar I had any poem and backbone picnic which I now fully angry it's it's a neat thing. I once did a study and discovered there arguably more songs written about home and there are about love.

You left to do much inventory do you know there's no place like home for the holidays or you know, you know, homeward bound, I wish I was you know the list goes on and on and on and on the lawn. Actually, if you begin to study it in my I looked at it for a while in it and is fascinating to me and you may be aware, this that the Bible itself. The Torah starts with a bet which means house and originally when God made the world that the Jews teach about the reason starts with the bed as he wanted a place that he could call homework and hang out with those people that he made and have fellowship and have a community like you talk about in your church and and that's what God wants. And so that was the whole idea to begin with, and so no wonder that such a deep, deep place in our hearts that that this longing for home and end which is tied to identity because we got kicked out you two chapters later this them anyway so we will be right back with Mabel. She's far from home and it looks like we got another guest driving up that's going to be here with the call of duty release given the short bit with him. So stay tune we got a little bit more kingdom suits coming up these three welcome back to the pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion kingdom and we been so blessed to have with us Mabel Nyman with her book in no far from home and now we have Michael Hensley with the seas with conference coming up called called to duty. It's going to be in Clements of the village and event Center May 6 come up and so wow Michael tell us what's going on just so to put on a men's conference and encourage discipleship and just bring them together for fellowship and ultimately to glorify God and so you know what kind of geyser you hope and that will hear this and show up. I guess what can you give us a picture of like if you're sitting on the couch and you think in man I need what what I mean that's that's I wouldn't even know how to answer the question any messaging. If your man and you love the Lord.

I think you should show up. I think there's not any of us that don't need deeper growth and to just love the Lord with all our hearts and minds strength and so would you have lined up that's coming to speak so the keynote speaker is actually Mike Devine.

He's out of covenant church down in Denver, North Carolina. I don't know if you've heard of him before.

Not just love the Lord has a huge heart for men is own podcast of preacher so and and so what what is he to be speaking on Juno so the conference theme is light up your world is based on Matthew 514 through 16. That is ultimately that's it's all about discipleship equipping men in the areas that we need to let's say you and I we both love the Lord yes okay we are on different paths right S so what I need for growth may not be what you need for growth, so it will really focusing on is like to finally speaking, yes, but they were in a breakout in the classes that are taught by just laymen that are walking in victory in their just different areas of your life so that we we can sit there any further for the man's struggle with porn. We got a guy that's walking in victory over for the guy that's having marital issues that we have in their teaching on marriage for the guy that just doesn't know what it looks like to love the Lord with classes moment to so and so you've got the main speakers you have several others of us. We have one main speaker and then we have a couple of Jeff Singer will be one of the speakers as well. There he'll be doing a small spot and then we have other third teachers are: teachers to break in the smaller classroom size settings and actually teach so that we were not all 500 minute rumor 300 minute room, but maybe down to 1015 minute class so you have more intimate discussions and that's a beautiful event Center right there and right off the exit in Clements North Carolina, fearing that in this area or even the flex people in Raleigh because were broadcasting Clarinda Virginia and actually in the Pennsylvania as well. It very easy to get to. We try to make it simple is easy to get too easy to register you a call to and you can just click on the button register right there call to not the call to duty game let's call of duty to solitude. Okay well that's a good significant thing to notice is called to duty all to do not call of duty there you go see your make sure you get that we must. Mabel but I guess it's no problem, and that's kind of the morning were all sorts of surprises are come around every bend so tell us about your own journey. How did you know come to have a heart for men's ministry. Well that's that's a long story out of your time for all that, but ultimately I failed. I failed in life just in so many different aspects. I was living culturally and I was which we call cultural Christian I thought I was a Christian I thought it was a follower of Christ. But then everything was falling apart and if for being honest, I didn't love God and I didn't like.

I knew who he was tired and have a reverence.

He wasn't in authority over my life and eventually things fall apart so you failure as a father failure as a husband failure as a business owner just an when I finally surrendered life started changing, not easier.

Definitely easier is better, and so you have a heart for discipleship. So did somebody come alongside you and help disciple you owe. I have so my dad died in a 16 and so I lived under the lie that I was a self-made man for a long long time. Yes, I've been blessed, especially in the last four years have two wonderful old men just come alongside me and they fathered me like I would've never dreamed of.

So what is in what ways are they fathered owe a lot of correction lots of correction and discipline of much-needed. I will say that I tell you it just honestly just having an intimate relationship with another man just sitting there. I'm confronting me with the hard truths rushing no watching my walk and saying are you sure this is what you believe. If his will you saying we walked don't always line up some distance between the two conferences call to duty Cynthia village in the event Center is coming up May 6 through the seventh, Aaron Clements, North Carolina, and you go to call to right call to duty.WOR LD and register and we thank you so much for being with us, Michael. We thank you for Mabel was here with us most. The show and for you guys are called in and help me when I didn't have any guest so it's been interesting show. And boy you know what a wonderful Easter Eve. I pray that you guys just have an amazing resurrection day tomorrow. I noticed a different purging prayer followed up masculine journey starts here now 12. This is the Truth Network

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