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"Modern Pursuits"

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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March 26, 2022 3:24 pm

"Modern Pursuits"

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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March 26, 2022 3:24 pm

In today's episode Robby Dilmore is joined with Nikita Koloff for Truth Live Day at Modern Chevrolet in Winston Salem NC. They are joined by Stu Epperson and many more discussing God's many Blessings and directions for their lives. Overall leading them to use their gifts to spread His Gospel

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This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Sit back, enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Music Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion.

Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. I was going to say, are we, are we in a booth? We're on the showroom floor.

We are beautifully of modern Chevrolet out here on University Parkway in Winston-Salem. And this is your opportunity, right? To come out here and meet the Russian nightmare, you know, get his autograph, get a photo, get a photo, get a book, get all that stuff. And guess what? We have lunch coming.

Sonja's, simply Sonja's, simply, simply like that. Yes. Chicken salad. And this is no ordinary lunch.

So if you show up and you say, Hey, I'm here for the Truth Network. I want the free lunch deal. Well, guess what, man, we got special Sonja's special chicken salad, potato salad, and iced tea. It's all coming. And it's going to be here about 12, 15. So you don't use your opportunity to meet the Russian nightmare. You can hear the Minot show live. You can get, you can get chicken salad, get some free food and people like free.

They like free. And then they can meet Willie who's here with modern Chevrolet. So welcome Willie. Willie is back at modern Chevrolet. He's been here all together. You've been in the car business 45 years. Yes, sir.

25 plus at modern. So yeah, we had, we thought Marcos was good 17 years. Now we got Willie. So you know, it's Kingdom Pursuit. That's impressive. Willie, just so you know, that's impressive. It is a quarter of a century of one place, let alone that length of time in one line of work. Really it is.

That's impressive. So speaking of Chevy, my music should be playing. It might be playing. There it is. You hear that? That's my joke music.

People know that Robbie's fixing to get going. So speaking of Chevy, here we go. A Chevy Silverado, a GMC Sierra, a Ford F-150, and a Ram 1500, as well as a Toyota Tacoma are all driving in a convoy.

What is it the best you ever saw? It's the best pickup line you've ever seen. Willie, I'm gonna lean on you with 45 years of auto experience to answer these questions. Let's try this one. Let's see how you do with this one.

Okay. As a Chrysler guy, those people who know me know I am. When you're asked if you preferred Ford or Chevy, what do you should you do? When you're asked which one you prefer? As a Chrysler guy, when you're asked Ford or Chevy, which do you prefer? What's the answer? Fine on the road there.

That's Ford, yeah. You don't want to mention that. Okay. Bob, what do you think? You got it. That's heavy.

That's heavy. Any idea, Bob? You dodged the question. You dodged the question.

Oh, Lord, help us. You got another one? No, I've got more where those came from. So why, here you go, for you Chevy lovers, why do Norwegians drive Chevys? You ever wonder that?

Norwegians are known for driving Chevys because they're afraid of drowning in a fjord. That's a good one. I hope you're laughing out there in listening land. I'm just saying that. I know you are.

I know you are. And this one's for my buddy, Stu Epperson, who I hope is listening because he is the re-gifter extraordinaire. So I know you've always wondered, what do you call it when you re-gift a Chevy Volt?

Re-gift a Chevy Volt. Yeah, that's revolting. Oh, my goodness.

Yes, it is. And so are these jokes. No, I'm kidding. They're good ones, Robbie. They're good ones.

This one's for you, Nikita, because you mentioned it first. Last of the Chevy jokes, but I know you're out there. You've been waiting. Bated breath right now.

So what's the difference between a 1972 Chevelle and a Bic Mini? That's heavy. Man, that's heavy. That's a heavy question.

Go ahead, Willie. Horsepower. Horsepower, there's a lot of horsepower differences. You see, one is a heavy Chevy. Heavy Chevy. The 1972 Chevelle was a heavy Chevy. And the other one's a little lighter. And a little slower. I feel good I had part of the answer anyway.

And so with that all said, we want you to call it and win, even though we got a little struggle with our phones today. But Christian will let me know, what is the lightest passage in the Bible? What is the lightest, right?

Speaking of the Bic Mini. Let there be light. That's my answer. You can't give it away. People can get a free lunch. Come on down and get a free lunch. Modern Chevrolet.

Free food. 1215. Come on in. So yes, yes.

What is the lightest passage in the Bible? Other than what Nikita said, because there's more than one. Okay. 866-348-7884.

86634 truth. The shenanigans are over, Willie. It's time to get down to business. Yes, sir.

I'm ready. So Willie, tell me, you've been working here for a lot of years. Yes, sir. I have. And I had a lot of fun.

What's your favorite, like, man, when this happens, this is why I got in the car business. What's that? You've been doing it a long time.

68 years old. That's awesome, man. Yes, sir.

Thank you. What happens that you're like, man, that's why I came to work this morning. Well, when I got up this morning, took a shower. You look clean. Don't you think he looks clean? Put my clothes on. Dressed to the nines is what he is. Put my clothes on, got in my car, and this is what I said to myself and God, okay?

Not leaving him out. Oh no, don't do that. I said, when I go in this morning, I want you to, I want God to put in people's minds that go see Willie Gassett, Modern Chevrolet, because I'm good at what I do. And it's just like G-U-E-S-S? G-U-E-S-S. Like Guess Watch, Guess Jeans.

Okay, like Guess Jeans. Willie. Okay, and put, he wanted, you wanted God to put that in their minds. Why? Because I'm always like helping people, and that's my passion, making people happy. And I like, when I sell a person a car, and I see him drive away on the driveway, and I can say to myself, I've had made another customer happy. So we used to say, when you see the taillights go over the curb, that, that's, right? Right. That's when it actually happens.

There you go. When you see the taillights go over the curb. So I have to tell this story.

Maybe I shouldn't, but I will. So when I worked at Galloway Buick years ago, in downtown Greensboro, right? Well, if you've ever sold Buicks, anybody who's sold Buicks knows this, that people that buy Buicks tend to be old. In fact, if you sell Buicks for more than 10 minutes, the, the, what you're going to hear every single time is, this is going to be the last car I ever buy.

That's right. Because most of them is like 60, 70 years old. They always say the same thing. It's like, this is going to be the last car I'm going to ever buy. Right? Okay. And so this one time we sold this car, and the man went out, and the salesman, you know, right outside the window, I was the sales manager, and I'm looking out the window, and I see this old man sitting in this car, and the salesman gets done with him, and it's just sitting there, and it's just sitting there about 45 minutes. You know, it's a hot summer day, and I'm like, man, it's still sitting there. It's still sitting there. Are you still sitting there? I said, Bill, you better go check on your customer, man. It's been like 45 minutes.

It's still sitting there. And so he goes out there, and guess what? It was the last car he ever bought him. He had a heart attack. He did. He died right there, like man. On the car lot. Oh, my God.

True story. So, you know, I'm not going to say I said this, but it was before I was a Christian, and I said, Bill, can you just get it up over the curb? Can you get it off the lot at least? Yeah. Then I took it back.

I said, yeah, we backed out the deal. Oh, man. Because, obviously, his heirs. But, yeah.

He couldn't sign no paperwork. He was gone. Right.

He was gone. Wow. That's an amazing story. It is. It is. Willie, you've never had a story like that, have you? No.

You've never had anyone like that? But I'm going to tell you what happened at Modern Chevrolet. What's your craziest story?

This is my craziest story. Okay. In 19, 1997.

No, 1988. This lady came on the lot, right? Oh, we're going to have to wait to come back.

We're going to keep them hanging like we used to do in the wrestling TV business. Okay. Yeah.

Hold that thought. We got these stories, and I have one that I consider crazier than that, that I'll share after, because we have some that will entertain you. This one is crazy what you just said. This one is crazy what he just said.

But we have Josh. He's got a guest for us. He thinks he's our guest at Nikita Koloff, and we need you to come join us. Modern Chevrolet, 5955, University Parkway.

And when you're listening to the Truth Network and Your passion happens to be cars. Well, you're in luck today, because we're Modern Chevrolet on University Parkway. We're live with Nikita Koloff and Bob. If you always wanted to meet Bob and have him sing down 788-9122912. Sorry, sorry.

I added the extra one. This is your opportunity. Come meet Bob. Come meet Nikita. Get your picture taken.

And we got lunch coming, Bob. I wrestled in high school, but this is the first time I got to tap in with Nikita Koloff. It's a really cool experience. Yeah, you just tagged out. That's right.

It was a tag team experience. So we got, again, we have this riddle that has to be riddled. So we got Josh, who is calling from North Carolina. And Josh, you're online on the Kingdom Pursuits.

Good morning. Josh, can you hear me? Did we lose Josh? I don't know if we can hear Josh.

If we can hear Josh. Josh, let me just tell you from many, many times answering people who called in on Kingdom Pursuits. Let me just pretend that I just heard the answer. You're exactly right. There's never been a wrong answer on this show. That's for sure.

And you have won a prize from the Kingdom Pursuits Prize Vault. We're going to get that out to you, Josh. I'm sure you were right. Whatever your answer was, I'm sure it was light. It was a lit up answer. It's going to bring a lot of light, so thank you. But when we left our hero, Willie, he was in the middle of a wildest story ever.

So Willie, lay it on us, buddy. Now, you know, every time I tell this story, I'm passionate about people, OK? Because that's part of my life. All right.

Right. And this lady, it was in 1988. She was the lady that lived in Marksville, North Carolina. I know where I used to work here.

My grandbaby is there now. She came on the lot and I waited on her. And we had this Chrysler. I'm loving this story. A Chrysler lady in Marksville.

This is right up my alley. She wanted she wanted this Chrysler, but I said, no, I said, what? I said, no, I'm going to sell you a Chevrolet. I said, oh, you told me it was a crazy story.

Yeah, I don't believe in it. And I said, I have this Chevrolet Christ. I have the Chevrolet that I want to sell you. And she said, what kind is it? And I said, it's a celebrity. Chevrolet celebrity.

Right. Well, she said, no, I don't want that. It's not the stylist kind that she wants. She wanted that Chrysler. It was a Chrysler, the bearing, whatever it was at that time. So I end up selling her the Chrysler when I was when I told her to buy the Chevrolet.

Chevrolet is a good cause. And I want her to have the Chevrolet because that's what I do. And I sold her the car.

Everything went smooth. About two weeks later, this guy called me and said, Willie, I seen this lady going through town in this Chrysler, but she was going about a hundred mile an hour and could not stop. She hit this big Mack truck, went up on it, cut her head off, killed her.

Oh, no. Yeah, killed her. And what happened?

The accelerator got stuck. And boy, she should have bought a Chevy. Well, like I said, every time I tell that story, it really, you know, it's a real nice lady. She was very knowledgeable, but at the point that she should have bought the Chevrolet. But hey, what can I say?

In this particular case, I am in, you're in, you have my total agreement that that's exactly what. It was somebody, mom, somebody's sister passed away when she was just bought that old Chevrolet. Man, man. So that, that, that hurt. Yeah, it did. And you were, yeah, that would be. In 1988 at Modern Chevrolet on Broad Street downtown. Wow. Wow.

So on a lighter note, very much lighter, right? It is a beautiful day in Winston-Salem. We would love for you to come down to Modern Chevrolet 5955 University Parkway in Winston-Salem 27105. If you're putting that in, we got Nikita Koloff, the Russian nightmare, as well as Bob Young, our Christian junkyard guy. We would love to see you. And again, he's got autograph book sign.

If you want a picture with Nikita, that's all available. And Willie said at the beginning of this, that he had prayed this morning, that God would put it on somebody's heart. They want some help and that he'd help them this time.

Not get the Chrysler that they get the Chevy. Oh my goodness. I didn't know how to respond to that story. So I got really quiet. I didn't know what to say or anything, but that was definitely a different story unlike any other I've ever heard. Well, let me add a little bit more humorous one.

Okay. So back when I sold Pontiacs, not Buicks and not Chevys, but I sold Pontiacs, which they're General Motors. You got to admit, at least we're close. And we'd had this, what we used to call T-type. You know, it was a Pontiac Phoenix and it was the prior model year. So this is like 1989. So it was in 88. And you understand this, that it's hard to get rid of those older models.

Right, right. Well, this one was over a year old and really like the last of the old models that we had. And we finally sold these people this car and they went into the finance office to sign the papers. And we had a car wash at the time that was round back.

You know, the old kinds that had the brushes that came down and so we sent the Pontiac around back to get it cleaned up. What happened was, here's the crazy part of the story. The car wash ripped the antenna off of the car and proceeded to beat the Bejeebies.

Got caught in the brush. The antenna was beating the car while those pieces of the car came off. They all too got connected to the brush until the brush literally pulled the body off the car.

Oh man. You had to see this picture of this car. So you've got these people in the finance office, right, and their car has been destroyed in the car wash.

I mean, not destroyed just a little bit, but I mean, this car was totally, like he wouldn't recognize it as a car anymore. Like it had been in Burman Gray on Saturday night. So what did you tell them? I was like knocking on the door, you know, on the side.

Excuse me, I hate to tell you this, but... Houston, we have a problem. You guys have a special opportunity today of picking out the car of your dreams and I've talked to the dealer and, you know, we know you bought this, but we're actually going to give you, at the price of that car, pick out a brand. Oh man. The new model, nicest one of the models, the nicest Phoenix we have in the lot, it's yours. You just go out there and pick out because there's been a little accident and they were like, well, can we see? No, you don't want to see. Yeah, can we see? Oh, then you have to ask more questions.

You don't want to do that. So yeah, so what, you know, as we're looking into your, you know, 2022 is really a different time in the car business, right? Yes, sir. Like all of a sudden there aren't a whole lot of cars out here, right Willie? Well, you're exactly right.

It's not, it's not. So you have to just take what you have and work with it. And mainly right now we mostly sell a lot of used cars because, you know, people still won't go buy cars. So we're just trying to stay focused on what we need to keep everything moving. And that's what we have to do. That's what you do every day when we come in here. We try to make something happen. Right, right.

And one of the neat things about the modern organization is you guys have the resources. Yes, sir. To go out and get the best and finest used cars. Because obviously you can't even trade for used cars. If you don't have new cars to sell, you can't trade for them. So you've got to have people that go out to the auctions in different places. And it takes somebody that knows, as you well know, Bob. Absolutely.

This is not a job for a lightweight or somebody that doesn't have resources to get out there and get the finest used cars. So, you know, you guys have quite a selection out there, right? Yeah. Yes, sir.

We do. Which, you know, that's the deal. And it's a great opportunity to, you know, get some help. And Willy's here to give you some ideas along that line.

This modern Chevrolet 5955 University Parkway, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27105. Again, we've got Simply Sonja who's bringing us these wonderful sandwiches, chicken salad and potato salad, and your choice of iced tea or lemonade, from what I understand. And all you have to do is say, I came in here with the WTRU crowd.

And again, you get a chance to meet Nikita or Bob and myself. And again, we want to tell you that a Simply salad, Simply Sonja's, is in the Best Western. Did you know that? It's on university over there by the Coliseum, you know, where the Coliseum is. Where the Coliseum is on University, Bob? Yes.

Are you picturing this? There's a Best Western there across the street. And in that Best Western is Simply Sonja's. And so they have meals constantly.

All you have to do is go over there, from what I understand. Well, if you wanted to just, you know, taste it for free to get an idea of how wonderful Simply Sonja's is, you just come out to modern Chevrolet. We're going to make all that happen. I'm pretty excited about it myself, because I'm told about 1215, they're going to descend upon us with food of all sorts of different... And so excited to be here for you. Are you going to be here for that, Bob?

I'm not sure. Just plan it by ear today, brother. I'll be here.

He'll be. Selling cars too. There you go. And so what year did you get in the car business, Willie? Well, I started in 1977. I came to Winston in 1977.

So, 1977, I happened to be in the car business because I got in 73. In 77, for those of us who remember, and I bet you do, what was the average time that somebody would finance a car how many months? Between 24 and 36 months.

That's right. In fact, it was hard to get a 36 month loan because most of them were 24 months. 24 months, exactly.

24 months. And just to show you how technology has changed, and he's going to remember this, when you used to take a credit application, you remember that? We used to do it right by hand, right by hand. And then how did you get that to the bank?

Faxing. No, in 77 you did. Oh, in 77. No, you had to call it in. You called it in. That's right. You called it in. I was taking you back. Before the fax. Yeah, you called it in.

The first fax machines I've eaten many of credit at because it used to spin, and then went low. Anyway, when we come back, we've got so much more. Take it or see. You're listening to the Truth Network and We hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we are here live at Modern Chevrolet 5955 University Parkway in Winston-Salem. We've got Nikita Kolov, the Russian nightmare.

In the house. Bob Young, our Christian chunk yard guy. And very soon we're going to have simply Sonia's chicken salad sandwiches, which I'm pretty excited about that. I can't wait. You know what, Robbie, just real quick. I'm looking at simply Sonia's menu. Manu, you may chime in on this. Simply fries soul food egg rolls. You might chime in on this a little bit.

Yeah, that sounds good to me. Simply salmon croquettes. Right? I'm like, okay, I'm not even...

Anyway, I'm like, she's got some unique things here. Is it croquette or croquette? I think croquette. Is it croquette? Is that how we would pronounce it? I don't know, it's simply.

I don't know. Croquette I think is... We're having chicken salad. I think that's when you... Croquette is when you knit. Oh no, I'm sorry, that's crochet.

I think that's where you put the balls for the little hoop thing. I'm gonna leave the jokes to you, Robbie, anyway. Our man, Monty, is here live. Not just any Monty. We're talking let's make a deal, Monty. Let's make a deal, y'all.

I love it. Come on. Door one, two, or three, right, Monty? Pick one.

Pick a door, pick a door. I'm gonna pick one of these Corvettes I'm seeing here on the floor. I don't know if you heard me earlier, Monty, but I have a 1986 Corvette that I bought in 1986. Oh, wow.

Rag top, gold rag top, less than $100,000 on it, mile-wise. Oh, man. Yeah. Is it Indy Pace car? Indy Pace car edition. Oh, wow.

I was actually gonna test the salesman here if he knew that, but anyway. All right, go ahead, Robbie, go ahead. So, Monty, how long have you been here? I've been here for 11 and a half years now.

Well, you just heard it, man. I mean, to me, this is such a testimony of how the people are at Modern that our first Marcos was here 17 years that we just had Willie that I think he said over a quarter century. 25 years, I think Willie said. And is that a quarter century?

Somewhere in there. Yeah. Math is not my strong suit, Robbie.

I'll leave that up to you. And then Monty, wow, 11 years, a long time. Because I can just tell you that I was in the car business since 1973, so a long time ago, and we would often hire 20 car salesmen a month. That's how we went through them. When I was with the Crown organization, I worked for... I won't mention some of the other ones, but we went through a lot of salesmen. 20 a month? Yeah, we had to hire and train 20 salesmen a month to keep 40. Wow. That sounds right. You went through them.

Yeah, you did. Because people, when they get in, they think, oh, well, that's easy money. But they don't realize that the hours are the first thing that drops out most car salesmen. Number of hours.

Really? I have to work Saturday? I have to work how many hours a day?

Oh, yeah. I'll be hours a week. Saturday is the day you want to work, isn't it, Monty? It is. And Saturday is the big day. That's the Super Bowl. That's the Super Bowl. That's the Super Bowl of car sales. Saturdays. I'm guessing people are off work.

Let me tell you the real Super Bowl. It's when the month ends on a Saturday. Oh, yes. Yeah, that's a big day, Monty. Big day. Oh, yeah. It's crazy.

Can I ask Monty a question? What led you into car sales? And here, 11 years later, you're still with Modern Chevrolet. There's loyalty in that. Oh, yeah, absolutely.

What would you say? I really fell into it. I graduated from Winsome State and actually fell into the car business. And this is my second dealership.

First, I started off at Bob King, Marsden Hyundai, and Kia. With Ron and Quait? Yes, Ron and Quait. I fired Ron and Quait. Well, your firing turned out to be a blessing. Apparently, he went and started his own business. That's the best thing that ever happened to me is Robbie fired me. I've heard a few of those stories. You got fired? Yeah, it's the best thing that ever happened to me. Anyway, keep going.

Sorry, Mike. Yeah, it got a little too wild over there. So I had to spread my wings and I ended up here. And I got here March 1st of 2011 and been here ever since. So you just, OK, we're still in the month of March. So you just had a recent anniversary here. So you're starting month or year 12. 12, yes. Congratulations.

That's amazing. Time flies. Yeah, the clock doesn't stop ticking at all. Yeah, no matter how much you want it to.

There's only one time in Bible history where the sun stood still anyway. So I love to ask this question because having been one and having enjoyed that identity most of my life, what do you get out of bed in the morning? What makes what flips money switch when this happens, man? That's what I that's what I came to work for today. Well, I mean, I really love dealing with people. I like being around people, meeting new people.

I mean, absolutely, you know, making money so I could take care of my family. But I mean, I really I really do like to interact with with a lot of people, meeting new people, because, you know, I mean, that's what it's about. You know, meeting new people, finding out new things. Well, you get that person, you know, if you were like me, like, man, here's this person that couldn't figure out how to get in a car. You know, their credit was whatever. And you had this situation in that situation that just looked impossible. But it took two, three weeks, you know, whatever it took. And eventually something come together, it comes together and you can get to see somebody's life like, man, I actually made a difference. Absolutely. Absolutely. So that's that's rewarding for that's part of your reward. Absolutely.

Is helping to meet the needs and help of somebody walking through that door. And that's where your experience comes in. Right. Because when you've been doing this 11 years ago, I see, you know, you're looking at the whole time to try to because if you're you made it in this business because you're building a car in your mind every minute you're talking. Oh, yes, absolutely. I know that's what you do. Yeah. But 11 years here at Modern.

But you see, you started somewhere. So how many years total? Total is twenty, twenty two and a half.

Twenty two and a half. It's like when you went in the ring. Yes. You had a picture in your mind of how you were going to pin Ric Flair and and and throw, you know, staying over a high rope and strangle him to death. And avoid Lex Luger's torture rack as well.

On top of that, that was the main focus. Stay away from his torture rack. Stay away from his torture rack. Right.

But I can't even imagine that thing. Yeah. He and I was just with him recently. We spent we spent time together. Of course, we do a camp together that you experience called Mancan.

That's right. Where he and I didn't get on the torture rack. He did not put you in the torture rack, fortunately. But part of the reason I think he's in a wheelchair today, he and I concluded, was was that darn torture rack. He goes, could I come up with a different finish? I mean, I had to come up with somewhere.

I put a 400 pound guy on the back of my neck. What was I thinking? Right.

That was the American dream. Dusty rolled tower of power idea, by the way, if you will. Well, well, Marty, did you know how old I was? Okay. Anyway, go ahead.

No, no, no, no. We get it. We get it. And you know, there's that. But you did. You had something in mind. I had a goal in mind.

And you had a sense of, okay, I'm wrestling this guy. I got to stay away from that. You know, like the you know, the so.

So, okay, I'm just going to throw this in there real quick. Big Van Vader. Oh, yes. You know that name? Oh, yes.

Big Van Vader. Oh, familiar. So, so, God rest his soul here. He had a history of being reckless, a past, right?

And so there was, he had a, it was called a power bomb. And I can assure you, I actually had a conversation with him and said, just so you know, we will be, we will take that out of your repertoire because that won't be happening to the Russian nightmare, not tonight or any night. Well, will that be happening? I value my health and I value my body. Like for real. That was a legit conversation.

So there were some things I avoided that go anyway. So I think it's great that you have that goal in mind of bringing value and reward to, that's your reward for putting a smile on people's faces and sending them out the door here at Modern Chevrolet with behind the wheel of a brand new car. So that's awesome. Nothing like it.

There is nothing like it. And I, you know, if you were to meet Monty, the thing that you're going to need immediately now is this is, man, he's having fun. He doesn't go by Monty for nothing, right? Let's make a deal. It was right on his car. So how cool is that? So got plenty of time to get by. We still got simply Sonia's food coming.

We're excited about that. 59 55 University Parkway in Winston, Salem, North Carolina 27 105. Come on down. You're the next contestant, according to Monty.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom. And we're having so much fun today. Live at Modern Chevrolet 59 55 University Parkway in Winston, Salem.

Again, put that in your GPS 27 105. You'll see the big beautiful truth van out there. And now just to show how exciting it is. And we just all truth out because we got Stu Epperson here. Well, it's an honor to be here. I've been listening.

Sounds great. Love this beautiful day. It's a little bit windy, but it's a great day to get a new car or to get service in this amazing new service page. Just look at that.

Wow. Let me just tell you about the service pay. Like, Oh, my goodness, they have spent millions of dollars to create the state of the art service center that I've never seen. And I've been in the car business, as you may know, for 45 years.

But let me tell you how cool this is. When you drive in for free, when you drive through it, it checks the alignment in your car, tells you how you would pay $19.95 or maybe even $40 for a four wheel alignment. Well, this is the state of the art deal. You just drive in, and it automatically can tell you what the alignment is in your car. And believe me when I tell you that how much do people spend on tires and all that other stuff here? All you got to do is drive in the Modern.

And as you're driving into the service pay, it checks your alignment and tells you exactly what it is. I mean, how cool is that? It's pretty awesome.

And the people here are friendly, awesome staff. And let's hear it for the team and staff here at Modern. Come on. Let's hear it, guys.

The Russian nightmare. I mean, this guy comes in and unbelievable. He parks the waters. But look at the vehicles. Look at that Corvette. Look at that big truck.

This is just amazing. And that service and the fact that they really want to, you know, Jesus talked about he who is the servant is the greatest. And they say, hey, you know what? We want to take care of people.

And then what ends up happening? People want to buy a car for them. They want to work with people like that. You know, Mark, Marcos, this awesome team down here.

Mani, who you just talked to, amazing what's going on here. Modern Chevrolet in Winston, Salem, all over Winston, Salem, North Carolina listeners were over here. You'll see the big Van Park. The hazards are on right there.

And it's right here on University Parkway right off Highway 52 in Winston, Salem, North side of town. How cool is that? And right now we have with us Pastor Todd and Pastor Todd got a very special event coming up tomorrow, right?

Yes, yeah, I do. We're having a very special service at my church at Bethlehem Christian Church in the Altamaha community of Elon, and Nikita Koloff's going to be there. He's going to be preaching.

That's awesome. And so this will be the third time he's been there. And we're glad to have him back. And a good friend of mine, I've gotten to know him over the last few years. And I tell you what, he does a great job.

The devil is going to get the Russian sickle. I'm just saying. Oh, yeah, he is. Yeah. Now, your church is in Elon. So a lot of folks know that's kind of on the eastern side of the triad, Burlington area, right? Right.

That's right. Graham and AMA 30, our powerhouse. So what's the name of the church again? Bethlehem Christian Church in the Altamaha community of Elon. Bethlehem, like the house of bread. There you go. Right, right. Bethlehem, pretty easy to remember. Yeah. I'm pretty sure there's somebody famous born there. They're only open on Christmas time, by the way.

Somebody wrote a book about. How about that? Yeah, the great name of a church. So just if people Google, they can find your church pretty easily, I guess, right?

Yeah. Yeah, Christian church, Bethlehem, is our website. And I like to tell folks I used to be a Baptist preacher, Southern Baptist. But I joke around about how I'm not a Baptist preacher anymore. I'm a Christian preacher. Now we're Bethlehem Christian.

He finally became a Christian about time. There you go. There you go. No, but people can tomorrow morning. What time is Nikita?

It's at 11 a.m. Tomorrow morning and be glad to have anybody come over and listen to Nikita and have your picture taken. He can share some of his books and sign an autograph or something like that. We're here for a little bit. If you can get over here again. Actually, he's going to be doing his show live.

So he's doing a show. Time to man up here at 12 30. That's going to be on.

So that's after you get your free sandwich from. We got food coming. We got books.

Nikita's got all his books here. It's a great, great set up here in a beautiful showroom and a beautiful day to be out and about. I'm telling you.

Yes, it is. It's a wonderful day. Well, Pastor Todd, that is awesome, man. Thanks for what you're doing, serving the Lord through covid and all the crazy stuff and going on last couple years.

Been interested in being a pastor, had it? Yeah, it is like everybody else has been. It's been a difficult time in a lot of ways, but God is faithful and he sees us through these things and praise God. Thank God for that. Amen. What's your challenge to people about getting plugged in, getting in a church, coming together?

You know, the Bible talks about edifying, which is a word, a construction word, building each other up. How important is that for people all over the place? We have listeners in Richmond listening to this in Ohio. Listen, this program listening to man up with the key to call off Robby Dilmore, the Christian Kargay, Keenan Pursuits.

What's your challenge out there? Yeah, I encourage folks just to find a small group of Christian friends, even within a church. You know, a lot of people need that small group of Christian friends that love you and they love God and they love the Bible and y'all can grow in that together. And if you can find a church that preaches God's word and loves Jesus and loves you and you can love them, then get involved with a small group there, like a Sunday school class or something like that. Those are some of my best friends and I know that's what helps keeps me going and keeps my faith strong is my family and my friends in my faith community at Bethlehem Christian Church. We love our pastors, the Truth Network, don't we, Robby?

I mean, if the day doesn't go by, we're not praying with the pastor, loving on him, giving him gifts. I'm about to give this guy a brand new Truth Network pin. Oh, wow. Okay. Nice. Wow, man. Okay.

Nice pin. Oh, we're running out of time, but we want to remind you one more time. We are at Modern Chevrolet, which is up on University at 5955 University Parkway. Again, if you get here, don't forget to mention Sonja, simply Sonja, because you're going to get the free chicken salad sandwiches.

Kita Koloff, me. We'll be here till one. Come join us. We look forward to it right now. Encouraging prayer with Dr. James Banks. It's going to be awesome. Stay tuned. This is the Truth Network.
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