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Q&A With Koloff- #65

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 19, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #65

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 19, 2022 1:00 am

In today's episode, Nikita speaks with General Sales Manager of Modern Chevrolet Jeff Wood.

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It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff

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For one flaw. Introducing first, from Lithuania, he weighs 123 kilos, the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov. Welcome to another episode Q&A with Kolov, the Devil's Nightmare. Welcome back to another episode Q&A with Kolov.

That's right, questions and answers, where you get the opportunity to ask me the questions. Now, sometimes you're going to get a personal phone call from the Russian nightmare, and sometimes you may even be in studio. Well, today I have in studio with me, General Sales Manager, Modern Chevrolet, Jeff Wood.

Jeff, welcome to the Q&A with Kolov. Thank you, Nikita. Glad to be here.

Well, it's great to have you here, and this has been a while in the making. I know with your crazy schedule in car sales, it's hard sometimes to pull away, but I'm grateful you found a few minutes to come on over to the studio today. Well, we appreciate it, and you're right, it is hard to get away because there's always something going on at the car dealership. Well, I would imagine there is, and not having been in car sales, but I have friends who are. In fact, one of the men sitting in our studio with us today, Robbie Dilmore, the Christian car guy, was in the car business for many, many years.

Well, Jeff, let's do this. So you're over at Modern Chevrolet, and I've got to tell you, we did a recent live remote from Modern Chevrolet and got to interview a lot of your guys, and I've got to tell you, one of the things that impressed me, maybe more than anything, well, let me say this, the two Corvettes you had on the showroom floor there impressed me, being a Corvette owner. Did you know that? Did you know I'm a Corvette owner? The gold one. Oh, that's right.

Bought it, I still have it. 1986 Indy Pace car edition. Oh, yeah.

Ragtop, yeah. Out of Minnesota. Out of, good memory, that's right. But I got to tell you, the one thing that probably impressed me more than anything was in the interviewing, a lot of your employees were the length of time that they have been at Modern Chevrolet. You've been there how long? I've been there 21 years. 21.

And I think if I remember right, one of your guys, Willie. Oh, yeah. 25 years.

Oh, yeah. So let me ask you, what do you attribute that to? Well, Nikita, we're very fortunate that our ownership management is dedicated to their employees, and we kind of do the same to them. And I've been there 21 years. Like you said, Willie's been there 25 years.

Average tenure is probably at least five to six years. Wow. So we're very fortunate, and I think that means a lot to the customers. They know that they can buy a car, they can get service, and then come back and see the same person instead of a different person. So that helps. It means a lot, yeah. I mean, I'm a car owner, so I have purchased a number of cars, and you're right, that does mean a lot where you can, I mean, it speaks volumes, I think, on the loyalty of the employees to the employer. Right, right. And as we talk about your family-friendly atmosphere there at Modern Chevrolet.

But let's do this. Let's give our listeners a little backdrop on Jeff Wood. Tell us a little bit about Jeff. So we know you've been at Modern Chevrolet, but are you from the Winston-Salem area? Oh yeah, I was. Family? Born and raised here, graduated from High Point College.

Okay. Not university, but college. Okay, is it now the university? It's the university now. But back when it was a college. Back when it was a college.

You're aging yourself, you know. Right, right. Okay, keep going. And started at Park Chevrolet in Kearnersville, North Carolina in 1984. Wow.

And was with them until 2000, then came over to Modern. You're listening to the Truth Network and That's M-C, the number one dot com, because you are number one.

Hi, Nikita Kolov. Be sure to check out The Man Up Show, now available on television, broadcast, and podcast. Go to or the Truth Radio Network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Okay. So I've been in the business for 38 years. Wow.

Met a lot of people and sold a lot of cars. Things are drastically changing, as you can see, it's evolving to the electric car. And so who knows what's going to happen in the future. Well, I want to get you on The Man Up Show and talk. I'd love to talk to you more about that, you know, at greater length.

We have more time typically on that show. And family, I know you mentioned before we came on air, you have, I know you have at least two children who are wrestling fans. Well, yeah, I have actually, I have six children. Six? I got the Brady Bunch, I got three and three. Okay. And my two oldest sons and my youngest son too are big wrestling fanatics.

And I used to take them to see you. Where? Greensboro. At the Greensboro Coliseum. Greensboro Coliseum. Wow.

Okay. And so it's, you know, we're big wrestling fans and I have always been. So even back when the Ted Turner days, so that's when we started. Superstation TVS. Superstation. That's what cranked it up.

Saturday night 605. That's it. You remember that? Oh yeah, absolutely.

So born and raised in this area, go over to the Greensboro Coliseum. So three boys and three girls? Right. That's correct. Wow. Wow.

You do, you have a full quiver, my friend. Oh yeah. That range from 40 to 10. From 40 to 10.

Well, you know what? We're, we're, we must be about, cause my oldest will turn 40 this summer. Now my youngest though is, is 25, but you have one that's 10. 10. Yes.

My second wife. Yes. Okay.

Okay. Does that help keep you young? It does. Actually it does. He tries.

And between him and the two dogs, it keeps me, keeps me young. Okay. Wow.

Well that's, that's pretty amazing now. And I know, so you said the old, the older two, the older two remember the Russian nightmare. You said the 10 year old, not yet.

He'll have to watch some YouTube videos. Right. Exactly. And the, I don't even, I can't, I don't even know who they are today, but he, he's in the modern guy. The modern guys. Yeah.

AEW wrestling, WWE as it's now called and right. He's into those guys. I was with the Jim Cornette and the Sergeant Slaughter. I was actually, if you can remember Igor and Bulldog Brower. It was Mighty Igor. Mighty Igor. Yeah.

Mighty Igor and Dick Bulldog Brower that would come up to the Winston-Salem Coliseum. Really? Yeah. That was a different. Different era. Yeah.

Kind of preceded me. Right. Cause that was probably, and it's interesting you remember that, but Johnny Weaver. Johnny Weaver and Nelson Royal. Nelson Royal.

Yeah. That was, I think the Mighty Igor, that was the IWA. I don't know what that stood for. Well actually I think my former partner. Uncle Ivan.

Cola Ivan. I don't know if he started the IWA or he was at least a part of that organ is a little upstart organization that I don't know how never really got legs I don't think or lasted long. It didn't.

It didn't. Yeah. But wow.

The IWA. And how about Johnny Valentine? Remember that name? Johnny and Greg. Yeah. And the Greg the Hammer. Yeah.

Yep. Those guys were awesome. Do you have, Jeff, do you have a, do you have a favorite memory perhaps? It doesn't have to be related to the Russian nightmare, but do you have a favorite memory, a favorite match maybe or something that from the Colosseum, Greensboro?

You're going to find this interesting I think, but my favorite memory of professional wrestling is Gordon Solie. You're listening to the Truth Network and Nikita Koloff here and I am excited. Did you hear the huge announcement? The big announcement? I don't know. Maybe it's a minor announcement. Anyway, Facebook.

Go look up my new fan page, Nikita Koloff Fans, and like it and follow today. You're listening to the Truth Network and Okay. And the announcer. Yeah.

I love to listen to him call matches. It was, they were out of Florida. Yep.

They had like Jake the Snake and I don't know if Dusty Rhodes was down there. He was. Yeah. He was legendary in Florida.

Yeah. And those guys down there, but Gordon Solie was awesome for him. He really made the excitement of the match. He did. He was a master of words and I can, in my head, I can kind of hear, you know, hi, hi, hip toss. Does that bring back memories for you? Yeah. He was great. I mean, some of his verb and some of the words, I'm like, is that even in the dictionary? But man, he could come up with it, couldn't he?

Absolutely. And hey, a little side story, a little side note. His daughter actually attends my church down in Kannapolis, North Carolina, the refuge. I met her. She randomly came up and she goes, my dad was Gordon Solie. I'm like, get out of here.

And so, yeah, his daughter attends my church and then I met his grandson as well, who lives in the area as well. Little side note. Yeah.

And he's like, holy. So you enjoyed the announcer. Yeah. Yeah.

That's pretty cool. And, you know, that just, to me, that just put more emphasis on the intensity of the match. He could do that.

And back then, you know, you had like Blackjack and Blackjack Mulligan and those guys and they were really, it seemed to be a lot more intense and more realistic. Realistic. Absolutely. That's the word. That's the word.

Where you were going. Today, it's more of a, it's a show. It is.

It is. It's a different business. I mean, you know, kudos to the guys who go out there and perform. I mean, they're great athletes and they have, you know, they're perfecting their craft.

But back in those days, yeah, there was much more realism and that was our intent on making you the fan believe it was real before it was Vince McMahon exposed it, I like to say. I guess I should as, as, quote, sports entertainment, right? And so interesting, quick Blackjack story, and then we're going to get to your questions because this is Q&A with Koloff where you get to ask me the questions.

Okay. So since you brought up Blackjack Mulligan, if you remember, and you may, so his, as we call it, a finishing move was the claw, right? That's correct. And he always wore this black glove. Yeah, with the fingers cut out.

With the, that's right, man, you are a fan. With the fingers cut out. I wrestled him a handful of times in Florida and I want to tell you what, it wasn't the claw that potentially put me out, Jeff, it was the smell of that glove that almost put me out. I'm like, dude, buy a new glove, wash it, do something. He was superstitious.

I guess. I'm serious. That glove reeked and you couldn't help, his hand was so huge, like cover your whole face. He was a big man. He was a big man and he put that claw, he put it across your face, and man, I had it front and center, you know, my schnoz got the full effects of that, the smell of that glove.

It was horrifying. So anyway, so that's a Blackjack, if you appreciate that, that's a Blackjack Mulligan story. So all right, let's flip the tables here and give you the opportunity to ask me a couple three questions and relate it to whatever you want.

So fire away with your first question. All right, since you're talking about Blackjack, who was your toughest opponent when it came to the test of strength? Whoa, so there was a number of guys, I mean, if you looked at Lex Luger's physical prowess, if you will, yeah, the total package, he certainly, he was strong. A guy that wasn't necessarily as chiseled as Lex Luger was a guy named the Barbarian. I don't know if you remember the Barbarian.

He wrestled with, what was Terry, the warlord, the Powers of Pain, they had Paul Jones, number one, Paul Jones as their manager, the Barbarian, he was Tongan. You're listening to the Truth Network and All feet agree. Clemens carpet is where you need to be with carpet, vinyl, tile and hardwood from the top brands. Clemens carpet does it right from beginning to install. Voted number one by you in the Reader's Choice Awards, Doug, Chad, Benny, Pee Wee and the team at Clemens carpet look forward to seeing and serving you soon. This is Nikita Kolov and I want to thank Clemens carpet for supporting my new show, Man Up, Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the Truth Network.

You're listening to the Truth Network and And I want to tell you what, I don't know how many guys you've met from Tonga or Samoa, but man, I mean, like the Samoans, Afa and Sika who wrestled, Rakishi, I mean, you can go right down the list, man, those dudes were just raw strength. I mean, and the Barbarian was just pure raw strength. Two others I would have to mention in that category and there are others, Haku and again, another Islander, but the Road Warriors. You remember those guys, aren't you?

Animal and Hawk. In fact, I'll tell you this story for those who might be familiar with weightlifting. So I recruited Animal out of High School, Irondale High School, New Brighton, Minnesota to play college football with me.

We became the best of friends. I mean, we were in the gym all the time. In his peak, if you could appreciate this or maybe somebody out there who lifts weights, he would do seated military press. So I'm talking about a York free weight barbell with 365 pounds behind the neck presses. Now, yeah, I mean, that's free weight behind the neck for reps.

I mean, there's people who couldn't bench press 365 pounds, let alone sit down and press it behind your neck for reps. That's how strong he was. That's amazing. One other little quick side note on that. So I don't know if you remember, but they were infamous for doing the press slam. Oh, yeah. Right?

Yeah. So they would press. Body slam.

The press body slam. So they would press a guy over their head and say, well, I did my best to avoid that. And Animal caught me off guard one time and he put me up quicker than a wet noodle. I mean, he put me up and I thought, okay, smart guy. So I just did the Superman on him. Now, normally we'd put our hands on his shoulders and kind of brace ourselves, but I just put my arms straight out, Jeff, and did like literally the whole Superman deal where he had the full effect of my weight.

Well, it didn't need her in one bit, it just stopped him. And when he slammed me, him and Hawk did a little hee, hee, hee over the guy said, okay, buddy, never again. Never again. So anyway. So, all right. Next question. All right. I got to ask you one more here about talking about Minnesota. Okay. Talk about everybody's favorite.

Okay. Your contact with the Andersons or Ric Flair, I know they're from Minnesota, correct? There is a plethora of guys, yeah, that came out of the Golden State, the Golden Gopher State of Minnesota. So Flair, actually Ollie and Gene, who were known as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, actually Ollie was actually from Wisconsin.

Oh, really? He wasn't even really. He snuck in. He snuck into the wire.

Is it accurate that they're related? You're listening to the Truth Network and Nikita Koloff here.

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You're listening to the Truth Network and The Flairs and the Andersons? Only by television, Stan. I thought that Flair was a cousin of the Andersons. Well, yeah, and Arn Anderson in there, Arn Anderson from Minnesota via Rome, Georgia. So right away people are going, oh, man, I thought that wrestling was all real. Well, you know, it's kind of like the Russian nightmare is not really from Russia.

There's not a Russian bone or blood drop in my body, but, you know, but so just real quick. So these guys really were from Minnesota, though. So both of the Road Warriors, Minnesota, Kurt Hennig, Mr. Perfect, Ravasheen Rikrud, the Z-Man Tom Zink, Barry D'Arso, who wrestled with me as Crusher Khrushchev, and then WWF as Demolition, Minnesota Guy, Brady Boone, Verne Gagne, I mean, Mean Gene Oakland, speaking of announcers, Mean Gene Oakland. I didn't realize he was a wrestler. He was a Minnesota guy, but he was a Minnesota guy, and just there were so many others. Mike Enos, I mean, I could go down a list of guys. And Kurt Hennig, wasn't he in the Olympics?

Kurt was not. Brad Ringens, who was another Minnesota guy, was from the Olympics, and Kurt's dad, Larry The Axe Hennig, another Minnesota guy, but no, Kurt and I went to high school together. He and I and Ravasheen Rikrud and Barry D'Arso and another guy named John Nord that wrestled as Nord the Berserker and Nord the Barbarian, also from the same high school. Five of us were all in the same high school football team one year.

Wow, interesting. Yeah. Y'all went undefeated, right? That's the assumption, Jeff. They're like, wow, you guys must have had, yeah, you must have won the state championship.

We were 500. You know why? Here's why. You not only need great athletes, you also need coaching. Okay. Blame it on the coach.

We're blaming it on the coach. And a lot of flags, a lot of red flags, or yellow flags in those days, yeah. So anyway, that's exactly right. So anyway, so man, good to have you. Thanks for popping into the studio today. Yeah, it's been great.

It's been great, really. But I'm for real, we've got to get you back for the Man Up show sometime. We'll do it. All right. Jeff Wood, general sales manager over at Modern Chevrolet, Go over, visit these guys.

Hey, go get your oil changed. One hour or it's free. How about that? So tune in for another episode of Q&A with Koloff. God bless you. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, support, and generous gifts.

May God bless you for your continual contributions. Go to and donate today. If you would like to support Koloff for Christ Ministries for a gift of $25, Nikita will send you his two CDs, Adoration and Declaration. For a gift of $50, Nikita will include his book, Wrestling with Success, and for a gift of $100 or more, Nikita will include a signed copy of his newly updated life story, A Tale of the Ring and Redemption. Go to and donate today.
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