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You are a High Value Target in the 5K Race that is Life

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 12, 2022 2:47 pm

You are a High Value Target in the 5K Race that is Life

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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February 12, 2022 2:47 pm

Today's guests include author of "you are a high value target" David Johnston and local Pastor Skip Furrow from North Point Baptist Church promoting a Charitable 5K Run for Salem Pregnancy Center.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you. You've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Oh it's so good to be with you here just right before Valentine's Day. You know there's a lot going on this weekend as well as a super ball.

I understand of the rumor about that, but we've got way more of a Super Bowl going on there today on kingdom pursuits. First up we have with us Pastor Skip Farley was with Northpoint Baptist Church here in Winston-Salem and Skipper got a big event coming up.

Yes we do, and I appreciate that so much the opportunity to tell everyone we can about this. It is a privilege for our church to be in support of the Salem pregnancy care center which reaches out to young women in a crisis pregnancy situation, giving them an alternative to abortion counseling them loving on them giving them advice, supporting them and helping them through a crisis in their life and giving them an alternative and we have been very impressed with their ministry in their outreach and the presentation the gospel on March 5 we will be sponsoring as a church, a 5K walk run all proceeds of which will go towards Salem pregnancy care center and we are. I want to just be able tell everybody about it. You can find it on its your this is an official race. Dick's sporting good stands behind this finish line timing will be the official timekeeper for W awards for every age group.

We will give way door prizes, free prizes, Zaxby's's will be there with free food will have a classic truck parked there.

The on the tailgate. They'll be a coffee for everyone who wants to enjoy it and the 5K race will start at 10 AM and then right after that a pot of gold short just short – I think for young kids. 11 and the awards 1130.

The cost of is $35 but if you push a child in a stroller is only $25 that'll make fun and so is my understanding. It's at the farmers market is in Colfax yup be running around the farmers market Colfax. So how fun Saturday my skull. The lucky leprechaun 5K again is give the farmers market is pretty easy for almost no guessing. Winston-Salem, Greensboro benefits are right between the two and how many that that that this is going support such an amazing cause would never talk with obviously skip about this race-based church, etc. but we also have with us David Johnson and we had David on before he was. I met them at the National religious broadcasters convention is an author which got a new project. David, I understand that is your new book. You are a high-value target.

I did know our thought of all the people who know how valuable are the both of you. You know I unfortunately III what we would and we do these master majority boot camps and and sometimes I've told these guys know is you leave here, be aware that you got a bigger target on your back than you've ever had on the enemy now knows that you you're walking into your true identity of most of the things that that you become a more valuable target and wow one time three weeks later.

One of those young men got taken out completely was and they would have to be Bob young son who is there Christian junkyard guy and I can remember Bob looked at me and said you remember what you said three weeks ago and it it really it's it's it it's an frightening reality, but by the same token, you know, God's got us right where he wants us battle plan to deal with the enemy. They are little grifters that were not ignorant. We know what's going on rule of work.

Know your enemy go out. We don't short computer work ready marching orders. The school and David if you heard you were in the military and another bunch for military people right in the military but yes I wrote a book called kill Neil. Basically to help combat soldiers recover from PTSD. You had to shoot a man on the battlefield. You then have to go through."

But what to make.

It would find a picture of his white children and the liquid that the rest of their life and the site comes a course which the fate of all truth. The time the born time died trying to kill and I had to kill the intimately got back to suicide by military people in America is just advocates of house here in the biblical collection on how to get over the killing which ditch ties back into what Salem pregnancy is doing so much right David pastor in the every single abortion has multiple victims of murder right you. You've got the mother, but then you also have the father and the a lot of times have the in-laws or the parents of the of the mother always people now also suffer with that same kind of thing and a boy, if we can get stopped before it ever starts at its it's a powerful thing right pastor.

Yes, I was just thinking the other perspective to this is, as you mentioned, the father and the mother of of a child that is been aborted.

They are to deal the huge crisis and another part of a ministry like this is to be there for people like that for the healing and for to know that they are they are loved by God that they are cared for their valuable to him and that there is forgiveness there is redemption and all you got that right yes and I think that's the other part of this that that sometimes is neglected. Yeah, but I pretty boy David, I'm looking for to reading this book just now hearing about it so I know you know what will celebrate all the gospel is the power. Yes, God shall item.

I'm amazed that God looks like radical and and there's no or number of the blood of Jesus cannot click solely to we get forgiveness get claimant and to get reestablishment and so like your strength, skip stepfather, mother need that kind of encounter with God. Make the old passed away so that you can begin I can remember I did a I guess radio show during the Christian counselors convention that was a national timing on an interview, 100 counselors, and as I was going through during all these interviews, so many of them I would. I would say 1/3 of them were counselors to people either considering abortion, the mothers, the fathers, the in-laws, I mean that the mother and father of the daughter often push their daughter in the end of the guilt. It can, that is it's it's that's all part of, but it was interesting to me that almost every's. In fact it and in that particular situation. Every single counselor had experience firsthand of an abortion or somehow are connected to it where they had walk through those things and got a deal them. You know you he was the God of all comfort. Scripture right from separate. I think got a cup them so that they can they can comfort others. It's amazing how that goes around so you can see we got Alvarez show lined up for you. I still haven't got my little seem appropriate right there in the moment we are talking but we will get to that when we come back, as well as more from Pastor skip in this 5K race and David Johnson with his book right you are a high-value target while pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and how finally got past furl with us with North Northpoint Baptist Church and their amazing leprechaun lucky 5K that's coming up.

As you might guess and march like leprechauns do. At 10 o'clock the farmers market in Colfax and again this is lucky leprechaun of the gift you give the gift of the website again where people can register if you go to. It's your We are calling the race. Running for their lives.

So you see that also on their and the former is numeric running for the letter. The number for their lives. But yes were piggybacking on to what has historically been the lucky leprechaun race at the farmers market. So look for the either running for their lives or the lucky leper time on it's your and so we got that coming out and a lot more from him and Congressman David Johnson is the author of you are a high value target.

So as you might know I have to get my riddles, and so that Carmen targets surveys and I honestly had one that was so funny it made me laugh or five minutes, but I can't turn on here anyway. Not because it was well anyway.

How did the bank wondering word yeah yeah right now is a racial slur in there that is appropriate anyway.

How did the bank robber choose his next target. You may want to this vigilant about it, I did wonder, can you tell me how did the bank robber you have to be careful so use Google safe search got enough to me that Google's safe search military were all the safes are yeah I don't. I'm so tempted to tell this on its it's not a rate not what you call a bank excuse me what you call a doctor that always hits its target. Now I know now that a crack shot.

That's a very. This is actually anyone from my church is groaning right now because they know I'm going that that is impeded talked into it and so I had to do it.

Now I understand this is in the best of taste, but I find it so funny it is that land for five minutes anyway.

The sun set in his room throwing darts at his mother-in-law's photo but not even a single one hits the target. Can you picture that Carmen's throne is darts barely is not a very good shot from the living room is motherly law says what are you up to now. Larry which he responds. I'm missing you mom LOL I so after all designated you actually would like that, that when David book introduction to our actual Bible little today so there you go. What are three shots in the Bible targets right. What are three shots in the Bible went long like these are true shots went long and you could save it to involve your pulling a few strings to get safe. So if you know the answer to that you call this 866-34-TRUTH 87884086634 truth.

If you know which are true shots in the Bible went on, you can save it to involve pulling strings to be safe in common that they can guess that Toma them with three cries of their calling on the famous Long archery shot, and it's pretty easy 1866348788486634 truth and you no doubt that Mr. target anyway on purpose so pastor I am curious about the how did you get involved with Salem pregnancy what what how did God put this all on yours and your hearts to get II enjoy running, really I do I do I enjoy running and I just heard about the ministry. Our church has heard about them for years and just felt burdened tonight.

I enjoy participating in 5K's and I thought well why can't our church to one to benefit this local ministry that is such an incredible outreach to others, and so we contacted the ministry and they thought it was a great idea and so we just decide to do and thought to be a fun way to raise money for them and so you probably run in the end. Previous sounds like lucky leprechaun runs made no last year was the first time that I've ever run in that one. I've done some other 5K's but this first hummingbird on this one, but last year I did run so you believe you had a chance to experience that.

But the neat thing is is somebody that I used to could do that. I'll be honest, I'm not physically able to do it anymore because my knees won't take the running that they used it I could do a 5K walk maybe but but when I used to run 5K's the camaraderie right and then that whole sense of really community as you guys are are are getting through it and the whole fun of of and allow God gave you a body that can run miles and miles.

It's it's still fun for me to do that and it's exciting.

You're right there is camaraderie because you just have fun together. A younger much younger child in me is a good friend that I met through merely Christian camp. He ran with me last year and he deliberately stayed with me to run a lot faster. But Glover stayed with me in the race just encourage me and we had a lot of fun and I really appreciated him doing that he could've run a lot faster than me that I actually had a guy used to run marathons was a Marine, that and eat. He taught me some beautiful things I've never forgotten it was say Robbie don't look ahead. Look at the ground right in front of you and and and and and and and he said on the I've never forgotten that if I'm running and then he says all about the breathing it's all about just reading it is, and that if you can get a cadence in your breath going which don't you find it interesting that in so much of life.

It's all about the breathing is. Is this an excellent exercise and in a just the discipline you read the book of Proverbs it says a lot about just discipline, diligence, and there's a lot of applications I think spiritually that you learn from just physical exercise.

I and and it's like man you know unfortunately remind less about our breathing. Yes, but it's so connected to the spirit. It's unbelievable. And if we could, you know, somehow another get on that page. Are you tracking what is all David here we often log decided I would like to go to your and register on the condition that will be just fine brother. I'm an old man, the highest compliment I ever get my white David.

You don't actually complement one guy I I still enjoy riding my bike like that with my needs, but an iPad you actually employ the same techniques I used to do when I run off at the tender look at the road in front of me and I will measure my breast and get a cadence going on when I get tired and all that kind of thing but I think it's absolutely wonderful thing, and especially for such a time as this right is to get outside when everybody so afraid of to get outside and run and all that. What I can imagine of taken part in that event last year when everybody's been hunkered down and and all that stuff. This is helpful with it was refreshing. We actually I remember right.

We had tried to do it before but the fear of the virus and things like that and what turned out to be. Last year was just it was, like up just a release for those who participated to me. Lisa was to me anyway that at least outside we could get together outside not worry about it, get fresh air.

Be in the sunlight and just have fun and it was nice to be together again that I remember that from last year. It was really refreshing and exciting. I think that was part of what made it so much fun last year was people finally released outside if you beat you could still maintain distance but nice fresh air and people gathering you a lot of fellowship between the runners or ball concentrated on their own. It's funny, I hopefully will attract a few more serious runners. For me it was a lot of fellowship for others.

Some of those guys and sent his men and women are more so serious. You know that I made.

This is a big deal. You know, for me it's just a lot of fun it to be together but you know you have the serious runners that there focused and there there to get their time and their time is going to be on the Internet where they can see it and things like that and they're very competitive, so the kind that varies but we try to make this a real fun atmosphere that I miss. We blew through that segment and nobody called him shocked that you know what archer in the Bible really shots went long 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We would love to hear that: when when we come back we got a lot more talk about. You are a high value target with David Johnson's new book as well as this 5K run some staging we got more coming up. Welcome back to Perseus for we hear how God takes your passion to build the kingdom were so blessed to have with his past furlough of Northpoint Baptist Church church here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

David Johnson is the author of you are a high-value target. Knowing your enemies schemes and feeding them so I'm interested David how outed God put it on your heart write such a book. I will make people think one way or another. I different met Margaret add to that inquiry, what's going on. The culture is shocking because the good guys are now, and for example the First Amendment being denied a lot Christian nation got Andy conversion therapy. On the way through legislation right now, which basically that you not attempt to advise you to clear or otherwise right there. There gender or sexuality identity impact glass and used to hate speech laws we could find it and they call it ethnic and one of the members of the of the column got charged criminal charges for giving her testimony because it was considered ethnic education so we have got back, and men shall be in one of them that they will be those that are good, evil is not content to speak evil.

It wants to change the whole scheme of things, and gave it the good people are really people people and that's where we get that great verse on your people for good.

And so what happened now to stand up tomorrow. Considered evil because they are again the evil eye of the ledger. So I think the issue is really contemporary right now.

Culturally, but individually to people are under and in the more valuable more tech like the people understand how valuable start. I came difficult, but not like love you so much and skip morning Ben, where there were two ladies that work in one didn't show up. Get not sure what you shot.

But what about people who are still major identity of loving them love our neighbor as though self-destructive behavior side on the installment plan. Taking your life with some finality just kill yourself no great bike drink by drug activity by an ankle. People are shall destroy and I so majorly because they don't know how wonderful they really I can agree with you more mean, obviously… You're wonderful enough to literally die but I'm curious you know when you go on these projects with God and I and I know you did that, he sneaks up on you sometimes and he teaches you something that you like, oh I didn't know that was her some along the lines when you are doing your research on the book or are studying that God showed you is a solution that you didn't succumb your character differentiate between what was out versus alter my own act of the got everything going wrong track because we can mess and got fired out so I might hear of like I love the scriptures get by the drug that you quoted earlier show that one blessed God comfort in our so that we can comfort others comfort. We are got got felt like God our trouble.

Now we know how to help out going trouble and we could share with them the help we got got nominal con what is so significant to your point right now and you white like God did to Angel to good preaching. He wanted what had struggle and went well served by and get recovery. The wonderful thing about got everything was broken and so that's why people should come, but people must first of all know the value and I really like the die when you get me need to have somebody die you need. You really put somebody die. Oh so so wonderful Mark 20 know that you are actually bothered by God the father. The fall is to amend the woman got got got to put the person inside the bait ex-wife called father is actually before time began. His syphilis can be skipped thoroughly need to run in the 5K's you know he he thought through the means unbelievable when you think about it that you know my parents may have wanted to have kids.

But God was going to delight in and you when you were born I it's a beautiful wonderful point and David and and part of the whole reason that again this 5K is so critical because all those babies that that God wants to be on the scene. That's how much the same thing. I'm sure be more respectful and helpful about what you're doing to save the babies like what I was dreading the girl had won the heart. We are declared why we declared alive when the heart starts never heard that that's that's brilliant but not no rationale not evil, rational, never rational because people distort everybody thinking and got court court got all abortion thing goes back to the date when the people. The Jewish people were deemed less human. Therefore, they could be killed without being covert and of course when the trials came up. The main argument for the vendors who were German, killing all the people well we never broke the law Jeffrey never going to break David that we will be right back.

More from Pastor Skip Furlan David Johnson this book are you a high-value target know you are a high-value target. Are you a high-value target you are and then skips race that is really hear how God takes your and uses it to build the kingdom of today we are blessed to have with us Pastor Scott Pastor Skip Furlan with Northpoint Baptist Church and their 5K which is called the lucky leprechaun 5K is going to be at the farmers market in Colfax and let me get this website to you. It's your And not like it's my party and all the cries I want to know it's it's your race.

It's your Saturday, March 5 at 10 AM and again the idea is to support save in pregnancy care centers and and I liked what David said. He said do not go there you can go there and register in and and whatever.

And you don't have to run you can ride a bike you can walk, you can stay in Dallas or where where where are you at today. David, I am online right now where do you live David Lord did for you. I'm a Canadian barber in America, by the grace of God by choice live a great bumpers down. There was a born of God. Like that's good I like that I like that so getting back to I just want to talk a bit about Northpoint that I've been familiar with the ministry for years.

Your sons and got a neat ministry and in what what would you share with us about your church or people you think a man I need the church to go to appear in the north side of Winston-Salem appreciate that very much. First one. Northpoint is a very loving group of people and we are interested in people coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is privilege for me to just preach God's word. I don't have enough time left in my life to breach anything else. I will never get done with the word of God and we just reached right, straight from the Bible just trying to reach people for Christ and encourage them in their walk with Christ and I would just say we would welcome to come if you don't know the Lord. We want you to know how you can know him. If you do know him. Please come and just grow with the rest of us who were trying to your out how to grow in Christ, and it is a super group of people, very loving very kind and that that's absolutely critical that I remember our pastor at Calvary one time said you know you don't have to go to church to get to heaven but you don't need a boat to get to Europe but it is a long swim if this and I will but I was to say pastor it in your own life right your church because you been there a long time. Yes I mean when you suffers for losses that you've been through recently you find out what it really does mean to belong to a community that loves you not become a pastor, but because they love Skip of course I been on the side of ministry.

I've been on the side of being there for people but going to personal loss myself. I've also experienced the love that that church had towards towards me and that they were there for me in a special way to love back to me and so it was a wonderful privilege. Although was very difficult to see them.

When I've gone through. Sometimes a crisis in my life that I was on the receiving end of their love and I seen how important it is to have the community and and I have to say is not. I've got pastor friends in this area that stood with me to. They were incredible in other people in other churches, other Christians, and if you don't know I should site Skip lost his wife and 2018. Yes to Jimmy you know what Princeton some of the Sunday after the night. I went back to church. I was preaching and someone said to me you pastor.

You don't need to be so quick informing him that sin is to be like that for everyone but for me I needed to be with us. People I wanted to be surrounded by them. I wanted just to sense their love and the camaraderie that they that they had and for them to be. There was a was a real ministry to mark and that's the beauty of being part of a loving church that Jesus shows up with everybody that walks in those all those high-value targets that she talked about David and I have to say this I dirt there is a philosophy of thought that if your leadership you cannot be close to the people that you lead and I don't see that in our Lord not idle I could point you notice this class after hey you're the pastor you're supposed to be up there to pinnacle well I'm not. I'm just a busted broken guy that got she's to use and not being close to people I think is extremely poor. I hate writing time or to mention that website one more time. It's your as well as David's book I you are a high-value target. Knowing your enemy schemes and defeating them can find out in all that David Johnson's other books is all there at Amazon. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you pastor. Thank you for it initiated have more David at the RB coming up so that will and an octave chance to see I cannot hope and right now those listings get encouraging prayer followed by masculine journey, so grateful that you listen and for joining us here on the truth. This is the Truth Network

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