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Bill In Hollwood

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 20, 2021 5:44 pm

Bill In Hollwood

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 20, 2021 5:44 pm

Bill Guest Host today’ show with special guest featuring The God in Hollywood crew. Also bill interviews Dr. Speed with a special message about the Covid vaccine.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore that this would be Robbie Bill Mixon has the pleasure to fill in for Robbie this morning. Robbie's leading men's retreat and on those occasions. Sometimes blessed enough to have the opportunity to come in if my voice sounds familiar, it might be because you also turn into the Christian car guy shed where I had the opportunity to join Robbie the first Saturday of the month I've got a couple wonderful guests on the show this morning. One is Dr. speed is good to share message with us about the coronavirus vaccine and then I've got a wonderful new friend Ryan Moody who works with crisis control ministry and he's going to share with us some information about crisis control and who they help Dr. speed, how are you this morning with had numerous talks about the virus, and numerous talks about the vaccine and is an emergency room doctor.

I know they had just been working her around the clock. They have been shorthanded and it had lots of extra people coming in I wanted her to explain to those of you that are wondering whether it's a smart thing to get the vaccine or not I'll say I've got mine I got the booster still a little confused about all the things that I read dock with what would you like our listening audience to know about the vaccine controversy and people question asked Dr. no don't ask a neighbor after the medical professional should have access to the research that is often available to the public be great if there public education system would get little bit more information that we do our best Italian women can continue to prove efficacious. Whether you get the coded vaccine or the virus you are antibodies or protection against the virus is good for about 6 to 9 month studies are showing Victor care is recommended for this 50 years of age or older or what. Health issues or those are 18 years older who have serious health issues or living very close setting. You can get it here older than 18 recommendations for who should and they did not know that you're still protected, especially with Delta variant without huge undertaking cases this past fall, and the American College of petition gynecologist as a native maternal fetal medicine in the two largest organization for acting on medicine and they have officially recommended that those who are pregnant get the vaccine as well. Unfortunately, those who are pregnant tend to do a little worse when they do get the coded virus for a lot of reasons that officially they recommending it and we've been recommending it and it can really think life at, you know, I am happy to any questions about the vaccine for camp and it does give your body the opportunity to recognize the virus and mountain immune response. It does not change your DNA and benefit questions you have your doctor that they be happy to speak with you and I'm sure they'd be happy. Look it up if they don't have enough hand, call you my doctor for the next few minutes, ask this question. My understanding is part of the problem was that oversold the vaccine and we all thought that if we got the vaccine would be safe and it turned out if I'm correct that even if you've got the vaccine, or even if you had coded before that you still could catch it again and you could still get the virus to somebody that you bump into the key though is that your numbers change dramatically. So if you've got the vaccine.

You may get it again but is going to be a whole lot milder in your whole lot less likely to end up in the emergency room and your going to be a whole lot less likely to shed what you shed and give it to other people so whether you had the virus or not. If you've got the vaccine you become much safer not completely safe part that the check on her year and you get the vaccine. Vaccine started to let your body recognize this.

That is what color looks like an active protein.

Basically the third body forms the immune response to, and now it knows what color looks like you might expect to covet, but you have the vaccine virus and to show them your body has an immune response and killed off say I don't have the vaccine and I excavate and expect to enter my end but because my body is not prepared to fight it, then I'm going to have more replication of that virus in my system which is going to give me covet, or the full systemic illness of coded and that's when you get in trouble a lot of the folks that we see now that he could confirm this.

That about around 90 to 95 people that are admitted to the hospital in ICU or have died. Now I'm vaccinated and unvaccinated less than your symptoms. If you do you happen to catch COBIT because again you're not getting that replication and I have just from my own personal experience, I don't have any statistics on this, but almost all of my patients to come in person did not get vaccinated or your right if you got COBIT in January of the beginning of the year we got the vaccine at the beginning of the air about 6 to 9 months out your antibody start to run out your body slowly loses them and so that's why they recommend the booster immunities work well whether you had COBIT or if you have the vaccine, but they will run out both of them and so therefore getting the booster or getting the vaccine.

If you had it previously will give you that additional protection that you need and it really does help reduce the symptoms below. How how the folks there are usually happy that they've gotten it once they've gotten it. And there's nothing crazy happens and I'm not glowing. It continuing to prove to show the patient and they I will say everything has risk right though you take a Motrin ibuprofen can cause harm to the kidneys, such as Tylenol too much can cause harm to the liver, Motrin can cause ulcers and a lot of the medications and things we expose ourselves to every day including things that are not FDA approved that we consume every day so there is a small risk of a serious side effect.

Like anything else, but that risk around 1% or less compared to the 20% risk of an ICU admission or complication from coded you balancing your risk. You can risk getting coded and having fears complication, or you can get the vaccine and you know it, the less risk I want to be protected.

Thank you very much. You drilled something into my here I had to really understand a little better and that is that the benefits of the vaccine and the benefits that come with having survived having the COBIT wears away with got they had that booster.

With that said, I want to talk to Ryan. I have I have a CDL and only reason I have a CDL was to draw the church bus school bus and I sorta like having it on their the only time I really get to use it anymore is when a volunteer crisis control I get to drive one of those real big trucks to go to the fair and we stock it with all the food that is given out in the food pantry at crisis control so I know crisis control does a great job providing food for just about anybody that comes and asks for and they also have prescriptions that you gotta qualify for but they've got a really great pharmacy so if you're in the Forsyth County. You can't manage your your drug deal that that's a good place to go and will come in down to a hard break when we come back were actually good to let Ryan do some of the talking, but they also have all kinds of other services that they provide to the community. So one thing I would love our listening audience to do is to go online and look up crisis control ministries and see what they do and if you run Facebook love for you to go and just Google crisis control ministries and to join their Facebook group and become really familiar with this organization because we've got an opportunity when folks come to us and say I'm in need. I need help. Well, if we can step in. That's great, but also it's good to know the different community organizations that are available.

So why and say hello to everybody and we get back, let's talk. Start talking about all the things that crisis control. It is a pleasure. I want you to be praying for crisis control ministries this week and remember that we are supposed to be God show come back to find out how we can have a little you're listening to the that the kingdom pursuits you probably are wondering why Robbie's change much filaments in an obviously three. I've got two wonderful gifts and the net segment one is Dr. Britney speed and the other is Ryan Moody wind tell us about crisis control ministry and what you want people to take away from this time with us this morning absolutely crisis control ministry. We are Forsyth County's largest nonprofit emergency assistance provider. We serve both Forsyth County and Stokes County and our mission is to assist people in crisis so they can meet their essential life needs and become self sufficient and one thing that I get asked a lot when I told him about our mission is what what do we call crisis. What we determined is a crisis and what we call crisis is something that impacts her ability to provide for yourself that has but is out of your control that you know threatens your way of life. So if you get sick and you can't work or if you get into an accident and you can't you you've lost your car and you kind of work anymore or if you're no under threat of losing your house or your choosing between having to pay for groceries or pay your mortgage does where we stop okay so if I understand from without experienced over the years I come knock on the door.

I call and I get an appointment. I sit down with a counselor and they'll have a form to fill out and there certain pieces of information they're going to need that you need my address and contact information proof that I do or don't have a job proof of what other benefits that I'm receiving from the community.

I one of the reasons I loved him was that when I worked with a one church and was in charge of what those checks would call crisis control and they'd say, well be a little careful that particular person's gone to for other churches this morning, but once you establish that the person's not completely misrepresenting the facts you helped design a holistic way for them to get from where they are to where they need to be which is one of the most wonderful things instead of just handed somebody get three cans of stewed tomatoes you're saying okay.

Let us know what problems you're trying to overcome, and if you will take your our advice, we will help walk you to from where you are to where you'd like to be. Is that a fair statement yeah I would say absolutely it is. We primarily serve our community and three major ways. As I mentioned before, we do emergency assistance.

So on rental assistance mortgage assistance if you count your pay those payments when we are there to help you. We always, as you alluded to. We have a fairly rigorous interview process was rightly mature to know that everyone who comes in is being truthful about their crisis situation. Another crisis situation falls under you know are in our niche and when we had out you know a payment whether it's for electricity bill, water bill gas payment mortgage anything. We never give would always give the money to the vendor themselves or what about your landlord or if it's an energy company that is who we pray we don't ever give money directly to neighbors to come in so you're an extremely good steward of the donations we give to crisis control ministry. I hate to ask without checking with you first. But is there prayer involved it.

I know that you allowed to take Gideon Bibles over and put them out so that when people come to the store to get food if they want to Gideon Bible they can pick one up.

So I assume that there's a spiritual side to the holistic help that you're providing people yes absolutely. We are a Christian ministry.

We work very closely with several churches in the area, many of which we've been around since the 1970s many of the church that of come together to create crustal ministry. We have since worked very closely with them for almost 50 years now, so there is a spiritual aspect involved with Dr. speed jump in here please and go and my friends and family know that I'm actually yellow duck empathic, which is the same training as an entity medical door. Dr. part of our training though incorporate the holistic approach meeting not just thinking about management or procedure, but treating the person as a whole, taking into not just their social factors or physical factors, but their mental factors as well.

Treating symptoms do not need the when you prayer a lot of this brings back to bring the back of just being aware of how human consciousness and how you can have a profound effect on helping someone by focusing on things that matter in life, not just therapeutic aid medicine, but there prayer in helping calm company for lack of a better word or find okay, that really and if you look up holistic prayer in Google it probably along the lines of it active, needing to feel that your praying and understanding how the dynamic help somebody have that connection with God, or to get back focus on the things that are important though I appreciate it. I think it's important not only in your daily life but also medicine or in a crisis situation and when somebody is either injured, physical aspect in emergency room are going to crisis the fees of the folks that are volunteering their time and doing reasonable crisis can't help but recognizing that through prayer. Sometimes it's just as simple as would you like me to pray with you have used that line in emergency department before when somebody has bad news or when thinking, overwhelming, or when they had a situation as a lot of are more needy population because I'm coming to get home coming in FY to go to the doctor coming to follow up with them and there's a lot of components to again just treating the person spiritually and as a person that they have feelings and how can I comment so that they can better take care of the physical aspects of things so the somebodies life is less stressful if they have a fairly good idea where their meals are coming from. If they know that there people out there that care for them.

Then there are much more likely to heal better there a whole lot less likely to do things that cause them to be injured seriously.

Is that a fair statement. I think so we we knit in organizations like crisis control and our emergency rooms are a lot blissful and our healthcare dollars in the nation go a lot farther. And when people check out of the hospital if they've got a place to plug into to get some of those other resources there whole lot less likely to show back up in the emergency room and to be taxing the system that's almost at the breaking point now so I would like you all in the listening audience to be praying for our emergency room staff's for the EMS services and for crisis control in Forsyth County. Hopefully in your county. If you're not in Forsyth County. They have something similar to crisis control and consider getting your Sunday school class or your small group or the other organizations you're a part of to find a way to get plugged into your community to make a part of the holistic approach to solving people's needs.

We need to be ready to step in and take give a helping hand. I'm not a big fan of giving money to those people that are standing on the side of the road with a sign. What did give them a certificate to go to a restaurant close by to give them a piece of paper. This got the name of the couple service organizations in your area in our area. We've got to that. I have a great deal of respect for what is called city with dwellings and if you get a chance to Google city with dwellings. They specialize in dealing with homelessness, and they have a program where if you're homeless you can go to one place and have all the resources you need to solve that problem and if you are harmed, and you've got problems in crisis control is a wonderful place to go if you're trying to figure out how to solve a law of large problem. I would encourage you to Google and research, both those organizations and put them on your prayer list both organizations or in a position now to accept volunteers and to become plugged back in.

I used to work with city with dwellings. It was in our area. If you are homeless and the weather was going to be bad and you needed to find a place to stay. It was hard to go around the six different opportunities that were available. So city with dwellings sort of grew out of here's one place you can go and we will check and see if there beds available. There are also opportunities to volunteer in a lot of hospitals.

I assume in the two systems you work with the two hospitals you work they have opportunities for people to volunteer and a lot of community and like you can support medical crisis unit.

You can local shelter. Sometimes on can emergency department. I was a candy stripper felt back in the day and a lot of times allow volunteers to come around gentle simple need any lot or something warm blanket into the healthcare thing that you can support local shelters and other places. Not only you money is not not reading today for anybody but that you can donate other things as well. There's a local shelter here that pertain to violent that expectantly clothing, and housing. Good for you can look at the resources in your area to help people clothing in the winter we take advantage sometimes I think the fact that we have maybe three clean jacket where some people don't have one to keep them warm to the winter, still remembering that you can support by donating things you don't need any more is always good volunteer time and I'm also write services that you will certainly appreciate the inherent evidence you would show. I hope our listening audience. I hope you will tune back in next week. Robbie Gilmore will be here keep him in your prayers in the station and find a way to get plugged into your community. Remember that we are cross shoulders for people to cry on Christ's hands, will you have lift your listening to the serving the Hollywood system.

These insiders at The studios are now unashamed to live for Christ. Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is God in Hollywood for Robbie, do more and I had the great pleasure to introduce Brad and Paul, I had the pleasure of looking at some of their videos yesterday and am just in awe of their vision and what they've put together. Please let us know what's going on Robbie job on.

Thank you so I thought would being the last show leading up to thank giving.

I thought we often get out. You know what, how can people be praying for and don't bless you what we do in Hollywood always able to jump on you yet. Are you with today will will take that style that you might be able to join it backing no, I would start with it. Now a lot of electric wire. We even you and you like you're filling in today Bill, if you're willing to jump in.

I need you to jump in and beat it and all the you're ready. Yes sir, I'm here though electrical for Thanksgiving where you like what you think Hollywood what you think will you. One thing that I've noticed and is aggravated me for years and years and years is always seem to me that the worst character on the show. They would hang a Christian cross on them where there'd be a picture Christ behind them. Have you ever noticed that. Are you there oh wonderful I'm so glad you're here Paul.

I was just talking to Brad and he asked me a question and I was saying that when I think a Hollywood. They really frustrate me because in my life experience.

I watch and a lot of those shows that a lot of those movies pick the least Christian person in the tech Christian symbols on them around him.

Have you ever noticed that we were saved.

We did any number what what I learned. We don't rock the boat got right and I think that the more we really don't want to expand our efforts. Because of the culture and way point people to Christ.

I think that the winter and I think the influx of product and project directors and producers that are bringing online incredible and I'm very encouraged by that I feel like we are on the on the verge of really expanding a message that will go even further than usual shows like that shows no treatment. Please work on a grateful for equality under don't think that you just cannot get done without prior understanding of serving God you got people willing to step up and put some money and time and effort into some really wholesome things to watch. Otherwise those other folks get to fill all our airwaves with the wrong messages I really really really want a Christian to be because we started helping people get the project out really like your project out after that are good. But most notably every Christian worldview, like naming except are promulgated with people actually want to serve God and a message out into the culture that can give hope to other I was watching some of you understand that if there's some Christian projects going on that you can provide some expertise and some financing to finish up a Christian project that is trying to wrap my head around that a little bit. I assume those are generally movies or short films or does that also include nonprofits and promoting them.

I'm not sure exactly what all who all you qualifies to the give you a phone call Brad. I'm not sure Brad went with had just a few issues in the studio this morning.

So what are you clear that for me.

Okay what to work with anybody, and we will work for work with and so we can help in any number of way.

Whether it but not Bob or Bart were vacant, they can call and build and talk to us about project people have a nonprofit want to give money or something like that we get designated for their particular show project you're doing. We can designated okay but who qualifies to pick up the phone to call and say I need some help working on a project polish and what we do. We are all very purple where we operate on people that fit in the bucket in their project, God honoring them we will talk and so it I like to contact as you can reach out and email it all the ball at A or Brad and we will respond and figure out what happened. We just do a basic prayer. Excellent. So give us some idea how many different projects do you help us with the year well but we've got is a list right now about 20 project showed, and we have clicked off I think about in order to fund the rest of them.

Remember the shows are virtually done. There are 78, 90% done and the producers are brought out of money does the group to really target were looking for folks that get into trouble to have a faith bill because they burn up to investors and they start to question themselves. We want to come behind those people encourage them back up on the real thing. In so doing I would get them right now by think about a million 1/4 million and 1/2. We can finish up the rest. About 20 shoulders almost 15 project and it in the Christian fill and your average build, are many times that for one pill.

It takes three or so years anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 years to make a film from beginning to end.

Okay now are these generally projects that were originally to make money or they were originally designed to be nonprofit. Are you there will sort of knew this concept and it sounds fascinating to me on the kingdom pursuits webpage.

There's information on their program, their ministry, and held that you have made a big difference in the Hollywood and his helping provide really great Christian content for the rest of us to enjoy. And I would highly recommend folks go to kingdom pursuits and look at the links and understand a little bit more how these wonderful gentlemen Brad Silverman and Paul long working with A studios to help bring what we would love to see good wholesome Christian programming made available. I can now tell us a little back of the world we live in right with technology is when we you making phone calls and trying to do things that way, that the trying to keep from getting coveted. It does make life complicated.

Yeah, I hear what you've always thought all that I felt, yet he was still in on the project we have going on up against the commercial but until then you are asking what question we get that if I can jump in and okay that you were asking about if the project were there to make money or if they were mostly nonprofit project director at correct. I was trying to get just a knock on your door go were basically a Hollywood postproduction ability finish brought all means we get back in the direction you and I want to lift up to our audience that they should be praying for our station and they should be praying for A studios and Brad Silverman and Paul long. We need good Christian wholesome things to watch on TV. We will be back in Florida right you're listening to the truth and serving the Hollywood system. These insiders at A studios are now unashamed to live for Christ. Right at the epicenter of the film and television industry is God in Hollywood. Well it's wonderful to be on the air with red and all you wanted to share what with this type of content that were able to help and basically our background is neo-Hollywood right Hollywood and the Lord really called it out of a low number of folks that you called himself Hollywood. We called together to see if we can't get help not only create content but rate the quality of the content that honored him and do it right from Hollywood really from all over the planet.

But we are damning from just the epicenter of Burbank which is right with you.

Start all and in that we just started taking project that they're usually not eat a nonprofit scenario. These are likely jet Hollywood project even talking to Rodney that that the big one.

People know called the shows they now are you for me with the chosen.just read about it. I did not see okay what you're in for a treat. Check out the chosen. I didn't really get to enjoy it. That's an example of the type that were able to do by disconnecting content that honored God but the life of Christ from the first of those around him like the apostle, and even a friend of the enemies of Jesus is really what will their IDs and then the fresh way to truly exploding all over the planet so we we are proud to be part of that shell, but that the hypo caught that were doing this.

These are Hollywood film and television projects that were able to step in and just try to make a little bit better rate the quality will what was your favorite projects that you've done so far. You bet what that the great collected yet. Basically we don't need a joke, and certainly right about what vindication were super excited about unplanned came out about the pro-life film that were that we thought was fantastic under so many of them and that you were probably not as well that in that box we found that a lot of the project we did need help and in and part of the help weight and Paul actually beat we pray together every day we start each morning by about five minutes to an hour really is praying together and in the word together just right there in Hollywood. Being a good thing.

We can't live a life of faithful to Christ while reviewing the and in this box we found that people part of the help that we can provide bill is that when the project get financially, we thought will.

How can we help them get unstuck, and that's why don't always talk about that. That's what we started the Christian film finishing five I would just a fund as you mentioned earlier that it be nonprofit by but designed to help before profit project for you. To get Bennett to get that worked out. I get the summit up. People are interested in seeing more quality content that honored right then that's what were all about my piquant that I need Tillman television shows that honor Christ exactly what were Paul and I spent our time doing and if anyone's interested. We we did absolutely need prayer, you can imagine we we are in a in a difficult community in Los Angeles in Hollywood, but we feel this is exactly the mission field that God is called you and we invite all the list and will not be praying for us.

They can find out what were doing K8 EPA praying for a and you can check out the project working on, including the chosen and so many others, But you can find out just what were all about and how you can be praying for reach out like an apartment in her email got all you do, Brad

We would love to talk anybody want to talk about what we are doing in Hollywood. Maybe they have a project that needs help. Or maybe they want to help someone else on their project. Your Christian film by and all that they go to our website to go were doing our story. and then on I think by you can check out the Christian film finishing, but I was invite everyone to hear. We are approaching giving Tuesday right spread Thanksgiving for anyone interested, they can certainly go to our website and look at the Christian film finishing fund and prayed it be if anyone out there would like to join at financially with a tax-deductible donation to the Christian bump anything but the bank actually be up part of the bleach and getting more Christ honoring content out into the marketplace, so does the two of you have lunch and dream up, but where did Brad start to happen. You join him, but you emailed it the latter you all on the K8 EPA people think that the Greek name or something but it's actually the initial the first letters of Paul. His wife, and it can't.

They all start with either pay or eat with Karen.

I always say when Karen called white come to the office. We stayed at became About policy for 30 years in the Lord you bring it all, but we sure do enjoy, or at least I have it on this audience has enjoyed learning more and appreciate your hard I want to urge this nation have read all and try to figure out ways they can make a difference in their warm or at least isn't that our site have a story and filthy. The you look at how you this is the Truth Network

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