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Married & Behind The Mics - Mr. And Mrs. Dilmore

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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March 14, 2021 12:10 pm

Married & Behind The Mics - Mr. And Mrs. Dilmore

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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March 14, 2021 12:10 pm

A Kingdom Pursuits FIRST! Not one, but TWO Dilmores on the microphone - Robby and his wife Tammy.  With their compatablity results, we hear from Don Crosby from PairFection

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio.

We are all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore well I gotta tell you today's show is more than a tree me more than a tree, you know, everyone thought you end up with. If you listen to my last show. The one the guest. The right day hunting the proceeds. I have the guest. It happens to be my wife right. She is one of my guest today on kingdom pursuits.

If you don't know my wife's name is Tammy welcome Tammy.

I'm glad to be and it was not easy. I will say Mike Tammy is not a person that likes to get on the radio or anything like that but due to our other gestures here with us today Don Crosby with a company called Terra section dons company has to do with intermarriage and in making your relationship better and so Don you can kind of walk our listeners through what Tammy and I've been through the experiment and now how did you put a bedpan. The bigger the results are in final rose ceremony will Tammy get a rose will it's all going on right here today on kingdom pursuits.

The big reveal. It will happen, but first you gotta tell him what we've been through will you know I think that will Robbie think if you hear that your personal but I think that's a great question for your bride because attendees come in the hot seat.

Poor thing. She does not expect so good. Couple you see you've heard for years and opposites attract, and I say now what you guys are sweet couple lots of lots of differences with some beautiful similarities so we took a couple of what the call survey is right and then there was a couple's what you call the couples worksheet side-by-side. And so we we took the sort of things they sent them off to the to the gurus and then they compiled it and so here we are today working here all the stuff but as you might imagine. Now you may not be terribly shocked to find out the sins could opposites attract that my wife does not think my jokes are all that funny.

I definitely do know you okay therapy will be this afternoon thinking of marriage. These Longhorn teams have been very difficult for many. Luckily for me I have an amazing morning just last night. It will get the finder firmly pressing my face think over 19 there is one that was fine this morning.

Tammy will not think is funny but I what you call on Russian marriage, Russian Soviet union is always there to talk to Don and the people at perfection and I took my wife to marriage counselor. She said she was sick of my Star Wars troops told the counselor divorce is strong with this one may be set so that you actually would have a little and I'm really excited about my little and this is your opportunity call and maybe calling with the riddle.

Have you want to do it 866-348-7884 tell us which Bible character. The most character and and there's some interesting choices.

This is several that I think you could come up with which Bible character thought the most of marriage, 866-348-7884's number to call in and when and asked him about this, pretty sure the person that calls in first college it's a free pair faction right you and your spouse evaluation like you get the same thing Tammy did absolutely free. Are you calling to tell his policies which Bible character thought most of my thinking is never wrong answer to motion to have the phone for 63487884 and I do have some Jesus lability. This is a hard question which Bible character talked about marriage so getting to it as we and handling these calls Don. We took the survey and then you can kind of tell us what what why people would do that with the processes that will first will Robbie is not just for marriages. It was for relationships.

Also, if you think you know what you mean is the whole the whole issue with marriage is perfection trying to develop an exceptional lifestyle together is no book on any and there is lots of theories but to hate you look across the room. Your eyes connectors at body language and you fall in love. Now what right and so little more complex and that so what we do set them we have the technology that we've used for companies for almost 40 years and we've taken it to a new level of making it for the family or the couple and is just really rich, very rich okay. Speaking of rich, let's just jump in and you know you got you got Tammy right here and got me was a basically Tammy you know you to let your survey took about three probably took about 12 minutes but is a three foreman process. 60 words, cross matrix 248,000 factors not painless right you can't fail and would you think your process. First of all because a lot of people there will be psychoanalyzing are afraid of stuff like this on the guy with the results can share right now. I just thought I just now in my gotten in Robbie's a sales guy so he probably sold you on the benefits of why we need to do that and you know Tammy, your defense a good friend of mine has a very similar behavior than Robbie's, and when I first met his wife is a childhood friend. She said no. So Rogers been like this his whole life. So this is how Robbie's been his whole life, but that seriously 60 words, cross matrix 240,000 factors, so it's basically Robbie like a MRI of behavior okay okay and so from that, it takes it and puts it in the context of how a person is so loose talk about things that really attract people to our one is energy case sought. For example, you cut you two guys are very different right senior, socially outgoing, Tammy has a selling style behavior which you prefer a small group, you know friends, family, people that you know that's very very easy for Robbie. I mean Hazel radio show he could talk all day on the radio and say what you do night, let's settle out and enjoy it right or invite people over for a barbecue and up but the difference here is that I need to say that you get that ability you. I call you the glue to Robbie structure detail. Caution should only prove it to me while Robbie's more of an entrepreneurial outside the box. You know you'll be finding no delivery that's led to some stuff in our life that make sense Robbie but but but rubbed it in her defense okay for for not to have the ability to plan to be a scratch. She loves planning. Just tell me so you can put it into your spreadsheet or put in your notebook the way going to do it but I would say one of the things hello hello hello because memory is 33 years three or so. If you look back on it was one of the things that was attractive to both of you the ability that you had similar energy. Tammy has.

She has a lot of energy. Go past me. There were some nights. She and the gang on and try to take advantage of my anomaly that we have Orlando and Barbara both the colony and welcome back to where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. Some so happy that my wife here find out that her passion is to be married to me. Actually, her passion is to know Tammy is just she is a phenomenally gifted caregiver on all sorts level she's to be with babies and so many different ways, and my father and now my mother-in-law the way that she can care for people. It is, is beyond cool.

It's perfect, it's pair faction I'm telling you.and then we also have Don Crosby who is not really related. From what I understand being my W-2 does it show that he does have the company perfection pair faction when you know recognizing the challenges of relationship is balancing personal uniqueness and so how cool they have these surveys and things in order to work on this Aleve date, we've taken an insert Tammy and I are working through that.

The big reveal today, but to take these callers was what we had this question which Bible character thought the most about marriage in first up we have Barbara Burns in Midlothian, Virginia Barbara neuron pursuits good morning, so I am wonderful and so excited to hear your answer about which Bible character thought the most about marriage while that's beautiful yeah he spoke a lot about it. In the New Testament is no doubt about it. That's cool. What tell me why you thought that the mix here is getting. I couldn't resist. Barbara, thank you for sharing that. Yeah, he definitely did eat. He wrote about it in the interesting thing was that it looks like he himself wasn't married I saw with us.

Barbara now we don't know, but it's my one point when he wrote that one verse clearly eat dinner either.

He was a winner at that point, never been married. I know we don't know but it's it's in the it's the kind of thing that he would. I would believe they were. And so it's interesting that we don't we don't have some answers but we do have plenty of questions, but I'll bet there's no doubt when it comes to speaking into marriage be pretty hard to beat Paul so your winter without and are you married Barbara while news you get a chance to do it shipped Beth and you got her email address and also we can okay we got her cell phone number. We will get up with you on how to get you the survey. Thank you so much. I really really appreciate you calling in the Last thanks.

The next step we have Orlando is in High Point this morning to morning Orlando how are you I'm doing wonderful.

So who in the Bible did you think thought the most about marriage, about about Mary a great would grab it and everybody looked at him about my not thinking what yet he did.

He really, really, you know that's it's Don.

How helpful would it have been if Jacob could've submitted for these different you know try to figure out because you know you like in a business you don't treat everybody the same, and I imagine if you got four different wives, you really need all helping is complicated. You start looking for that number five that's a great great great answer Orlando. I love it.

So now you have a great weekend. Thank you for calling you so happy LOL she she has an intoxicated glass in my you get to hear that want to today. It's a rare time right thank you God bless you appreciate so much so, and then we have sale is in green sprouts and failure on kingdom pursuits good morning. I am delighted delighted that you called in the day so how about you you think which Bible character thought the most about marriage. Oh baby, you know, that is, that is just a profound answer when you think about it that Adam really did choose Eve in that moment, which I thought about it many times, like when he was standing there in it and it says I believe in the book of Hebrews that Adam wasn't deceived, so he knew what he was going in for an answer. We had a moment to think G if I don't eat this, to be separated from my wife or even give God the chance to ask God about it, but nonetheless, so we did not moment. You know he made a choice and an the other thing about Adam and Eve that I thought about all week long. Interestingly, which brings up fail is Adam is the one who originally spoke over marriage right he saw Eve right after God made her he was he was flabbergasted. He starts saying, all while this is bone of my bone and flesh my flesh and then he says, and for this reason a man leave his father and mother and be united-the two will be one flesh and and so he spoke over marriage for all of us ever.

You know that and even Jesus quoted that deal. So that was marriage one so I love your answer. That's just you forget I will never actually ever forget that is awesome.

Thank you God bless your procedure YouTube upon alright so next up we have right knee with master journeys: week we got interesting crowd today Sir Rodney who you think thought the most about marriage in the Bible will know what you love to look at why my lifestyle and added I got to go about Mary Solomon 700 and 300 concubines so that will thousand like yellow and you think of a woman so you know that you are You really really busy Don if he didn't need enrolled in this because he would be sending one in and rich it's it's it's it's fascinating, which know it's interesting, Rodney.

I can at this point this out because it was the answer, I was thinking about that, like oh my goodness when it came to consumption of thought Solomon had his deal here but you know how many wives did did Solomon have which I did this morning.

Marty knew he had 700 wives and for but I wanted to see what Google thought and Google came up with one and they said it was now mom, which was the mother of Rachel bone as fast as the knowledgeable Google there.

I thought I was. I Google thinks that that's the one that I want to go with the shoe might know whoever she was she was the one as he wrote a whole book. I mean, oh my goodness, so it's just awesome. Thank you. I love it. Thank you Rodney God bless have a great great weekend. I would forcing you bodyguard Jesse thanks Rob, alright, so jumping on in their right as he looked at our two profiles and you put them side-by-side. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi amount I might be whiskey and we look at the brilliant strength and getting back to the comet that was making us a moment here is your energy that's really part of your secret sauce is having such a similar energy in this case, Tammy's energy is higher than your energy but you have high energy you're out like a high extra force. She's like off the chart which means she can bake cookies at night and do things at night while everybody's sleeping.

She's like my cheese and she's always busy doing something yet to be with her Christmas 90 gosh the thing which is the thing that I think this is what Tammy goes through writing correctly from wrong. Tim, she can be. She can go to bed she's laying down she's closing her eyes get a good night sleep and all of a sudden she thinks oh my gosh I didn't do this or I forgot that Huck I've done that. I mean she could go to Walmart at 11 o'clock at night and me. She just can you have no idea. You have no idea. I mean could just picture this you not hard to get walk around Disney World like in the old days used to stay up till like 12 o'clock so we had two kids, but at this point time I had been born. We walked him around Disney World.

We get back to the hotel at about two in the morning and of course I am completely wiped out and she picks this time. Let's make fun of that. I never, ever, ever, and the kids won't forget it either because I think that they must have that kind and I think all my kids do, and that they can go with her, and when they do it's it's on like donkey. It was some interesting times for now I have an answer that I did not have and so the phone is ringing some of this 866 you can call in and join us 866-34-TRUTH 7884 some more, I will come back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your bill became so fun to have a friend on Crosby here with us with perfection. His passion is relationship is only different ways and finding ways to know growing oneness as is, whether that's a marriage or your company. It's all part of global behavior, but you can find perfection there And of course my wife has a passion for caregiving. If you were to know her you would be shocked when she has the energy she has that you are talking about and my dad would need help at two in the morning at three in the morning on his inner she was always there, so that's that's absently beautiful. But we got Amy Koppel who is the host of the cure and what a cool show you've got coming up today at 1 o'clock.

The cure with Amy Carbo is going to be fake Christians or real? What what a brave topic you have taken on the day there.

Amy and Boris. Now we are right now to learn our and our care right in ranking now why outcome is that so we got a call in live 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and asked the pretend lady she's pretending just same to me and tell Boris and I let you know we go to get him, and sometimes two hours left. Thank you you too and I and I'm looking for the show exhibit 1 o'clock you don't miss that on the Truth Network so getting back to my friends Don and my wife Tammy and I was weird talking through the break.

I thing I often wish we could just play believe the mindsets of the people here is all not all the stories of my wife is energy. I I'd never you know I'm known are obviously for a lot of years. 34.

She's looking at me like that, trying to figure and I was knew that she she could do that I may not. I never really had thought about it is, is one of the qualities that would have to do it I can think of all the times like when we have nieces or nephews come to visit her brother passed away when a lot of years gone so we, his kids would come up during the summer and we keep it was always a blast and Tammy course would take the two sisters and the younger boy and one boy. He didn't have the energy sisters have so he would go to sleep and then the girls would cover shaving, you have no idea what went on in the laughing.

Of course you know somewhere around one in the morning. I'm trying to get some sleep and your hair and all this right here Tammy laughs so you can come in the other room like this. Now that she's up to.

Assumption and I is that in her profile you she's a rascal. Yes you you get a going she could to stand up if you if you know you. A dark room she think she's by yourself. Stand up all the soap you know I will work for the crown organization you know they had always been parties of all managers and all these marketing marks that were at these big parties with very important people in my world. So at the time and worthless thing a Grove Park Inn which is a pretty ritzy place. If you've ever been there right and so a bunch of the sales managers which are all a bunch of shamanic answers like us are having a party and Tammy is like we need to go wake up the box and so we I can't believe I did it to this day she goes and wakes up the big boss right knocks on his door at three in the morning.

I can still see the look on his face when he what are you doing to meet since Ron you gotta come with it's it's it's it's it's enough to his credit. Guess what he did eat. She's holding Ron you eat, I mean Donnie.

She does have a salesperson's personality when she wants to know that she turns it on persuasive seller. She's got she's a girl even if she believes that she sell anything if she is or something about her that she doesn't quite trust her like she walk away from and see. That's how we actually one of the reasons that we met and she was selling cars at what later I would be the general sales manager about at the point when I met her I was a Galway Buick and she was at Eagle Pontiac and so my friend worked at Eagle Pontiac and he's got this girl.

You've got to meet Robbie. You just and that's what set up a blind date that led to.

As I talked about me? I show in a Tammy meeting me on the stool, not the first time I met her there she was standing on a stool because she's 5 feet tall and 65 you picture the scene I and and and there she was so nice that that happened because she was a car and and a good car salesman of the children's to relational. It's a good life them.

It just fantastic to wait, wait, we are having on filing a time that you have this other couples thing. That's the hard questions about how you feel about money and how you feel about sex and how you feel about you know that you sit there and sit Tammy and I were out on a boat on Thursday.

I took the train off and we just had that out there and I was then so we could just really just turn. I focus on this and we spent maybe an hour and 1/2 on his questions and I was actually just an absolute joy to spend that time with my wife talking about things that that you know certainly over the years there were times where you know Tammy I went through it because as you said. I'm a risk taker and so I lost everything right and left me we don't one of the things that you mentioned here really touch my heart you very blessed me you know you know what the beyond our love worksheet okay Lord hit touch my wife and I and I get up early every morning practically in one morning about 4 o'clock and I was the right start writing another book on relationships and snow. You don't need a book, get down to the bare facts of what makes a good relationship. So I started reflecting on my 34 years 35 years of marriage and out came the beyond our love worksheet and so the simple fact that other couples are using it in a way to to bless your relationship. Can you imagine you know today, you can talk about the areas of sex and money and in all these different things that he if you've been married a year or two or three or five. This can be a difficult question right out and talk about honors like the famous question when you walk in the house. Your wife looks up and since we need to talk or that's a okay okay every guy knows what this feels like right so here I am Robbie is doing a lot of traveling right below. Speaking and I have my bags by the door.

My wife's is honey before we leave and take me airport. Should we need to talk. I fear my wife is 5 foot as well so she's I think that her eyes light out. I knew I was in trouble.

We have to talk and I was like oh my God, this is not to be good and and she goes were not communicating and I started smiling and started to break into a laugh and she goes what's wrong and I said this, companies paying me a lot of money when I fly into teach you how to communicate what you're telling me I'm not communicating and she said this is what happened. She goes not she's let me rephrase a little bit. This is for you, Tim. She goes were probably communicating fine, but you're not giving me what I need.

While that was like that was a thump. So the reality that's the importance or now that was a great thing to say no she is not behind and relate that I was Tammy you know that this is your new show did you say I can relate to beauty, the beauty beautiful thing here to visit were talking and having enjoyment conversation about things that we that are typically very hard to discuss. And that's with the beyond our love worksheet's all about is to ghost open up and I called the beyond a love worksheet row because my father who is madly in love my mom.

She divorced him after 20 years of marriage.

30 years later he died still loving my mother so I spent hello Silva, sections on systems weight. Now you can King ever since I, just perfection, which is PA IR FTX FACP IOM I can't spell either thought US. Don't forget the US US. Take your own worksheet is not expensive. However, welcome back to King versus where we hear how God takes your passion uses it.

Let me just say talk. Many years ago by I think it was Vince Lombardi said you got have priorities in life and number one is God number two you know your family during marriage and number three is the Green Bay Packers. I've never forgotten that that you know and Tammy sometimes reminds me that the note when it comes to light your passion like your family after God is like gigantic Lee huge and and and I just know when things are not where they ought to be in that part of my life. I literally don't feel like I can do it and I'm in I feel paralyzed and saw what your father went through as I'm listening to is he lost his wife after all those years you know it's I can even I don't want to think about this and in you know really beautiful thing that we do need to highlight the fact that number one this worksheet over time that Tammy and I did on the sailboat it's free. You just got observed you can do that.that's got us perfection that US patent switch. You know that this is probably significant more than you ask. See how slow I am. It's like not us that had perfection about data and it's free and if you do the side-by-side, which is the longer you need to do the whole survey individually need to get all the worksheets and all the stuff that's still with the discount is really an extension is 2050 bucks 5195 or something with a 20% discount and is Kathleen pointed out very wisely.

You know the price of one dinner out and you and your wife get a chance to really talk about some meaningful like you can look at your wife's energy and mow your husband's and and and some other great date night rubbing you whether one of the principles of putting together was for a couple to have a special time of discussion together such a great date night you got have a nice meal and a beverage and and go to worksheet again and the side-by-side or church. Your time by the pastor don't have a whole group do marriage retreat or summon you and have them all know with them with the information that really would help them yet be under love worksheet is it what's real interesting is that it took me about a year and 1/2 to create perfection and the reason I did. The perfection was because unofficially I'd have presence of companies call me and say donkey do for my family did for my company is Evan working with corporate for 30+ years and so the Lord touch my heart says follow your passion so that's how perfection was birthed and for that in mind, it's the dynamic is for examples for the whole family because there's there's one portion of it is for singles for personal development understanding. So a lot of you folks listening, you've got probably teenagers. What would be the value understand your teenager. Let's get to the question.

Tammy actually ask you because I think it it's beautiful and perfect because in my mind.

God made us all to reflect him, and beautiful place. Yes and send it and I known for some time that one way that Tammy does the reflects God is she is a phenomenal caregiver said during a break. Tammy lifted Don and said so what makes you know by looking at that, that I'm a character in first bartending I've never met) not and but I glanced at your graph and simply show me that this affected your patient woman not real patient but patient. We like to put things in process so number one your your gifting's processes is also a relational trait. The other thing is with you structured your detail your consciousness that also comes into being an exceptional relationship. You don't do a relationship because you are to be liked. You want to be involved because the right thing to do right your heart and the conformity is also a task trait which shows me that you got that natural ability to be very efficient with the task know you could incorporate that with the mild-mannered disposition of low dominance in the ease of intermixing of the extroversion over the dominance and that high-energy all that combine just produces fantastic caregiving profile and I've seen this many times with nurse adults work with hospitals and stuff so you got that natural gifting but the part of the equation that you don't know. She obviously gave it to my daughter who's a nurse, but Tammy faints at the sight of blood wanted to nurse now live, so will find another place and there is the best hands.

Gloria gifting was so much you seated take care of small children. Oh yeah and the man take care of the elderly incredible.

You know you with hospice or anything.

You just your heart and in the whole thing here is that you know we talk about Tammy.

Would we want to do in life because not so sure if you can just touch into your passion of what produces that which you want to get up and morning so you got it so I really think that one of the ways that all spouses can really love their spouse is to identify their glory. Where is it that this person reflects God and so this is a tool that you can take like you said the price of a date night and in the have something to help you see wow this is where my wife submits really it's really a beautiful thing and see this is how I can speak into yes and of the beautiful things.

Protect your relationship so tariff action.not US it's okay, slow. Eventually I can tell you how wonderful to have lunch.

As a result long and this is just one of the guys came think you might Kathleen, this is amazing stuff. So were so glad if you hadn't joined us today at Woodman near as much fun all the wonderful calls we had and oh my goodness, got symmetry, to limit the study purging prayer with James Banks, next it's some followed by the journey of Salem area then with this is the Truth Network

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