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If Not For GOD, Mike, Nikita, Roy & Robby!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 24, 2021 9:59 am

If Not For GOD, Mike, Nikita, Roy & Robby!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 24, 2021 9:59 am

A bunch of guys who love the Lord.  So uplifting.  Keith and Fail call in.  Big event coming up too.

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This is Han's trial from the finishing will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds.

Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth podcast network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore wow I'm excited about this show because I have my good friend Mike, not for God with me as well as coming up. We got Makiko off and Roy Jones talk about the man Summit 2021 that will be here before you know it.

February 6 and we get to do a live remote out there like we often do for her for that kind of thing that I I failed a little bit in Christian card was post to mention Amy, show the cure. I meant to. I had a note to do it but sometimes you know I'm 65, I can forget a thing or two might get anyway her show today, very exciting, congested, and I cannot was sanctity of life day is people were thinking about that kind of thing and so their mood there there show today is about trafficking and its end with the producer of the movie traffic so you can find out about that is, can we live coming up at 1 o'clock so you don't want to miss out on that so wow wait, we've got the failing Greensboro already. She's got a testimony. Mike let's go to that. Is this something if not for God's failure on the kingdom pursuits good morning. Yet I wonder morning that you know people always you one thing that I do think about what one thing that I do 313 and 14, Paul said, you know what we will press on toward the goal to win the call so to be encouraged. Forget about the past and focal point of what God is taking you and him that he can do it light like Paul but God for you and and move on, upwards part of that is that you emphasize that you so clearly the big thing is I think about the Israelites on the get bit by the snakes right in Exodus and maybe it was numbers and they just they needed to look up your help comes from the Lord. So your help comes from the Lord and I and Robbie. I was actually weird to talk about this before. I was at a bank yesterday and the lady at the bank I she had one of these rubber rings on that was her wedding band and I*no I said that's the kind of band that you can work out with and she's like well actually she said I was. I was at the mall with my husband and the ring fell off and I lost it and I was like oh Wesley D did you not have insurance on the ring and she said no. I had insurance on the ring. I just never filed a claim and if you think about it 2000 years ago Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and all we have to do to file the claim is to believe in him and will have eternal life. That is, that is, if not for God, I mean really, I appreciate you calling so much for your testifying is awesome I love that I love the way that you read that check that verse. Thank you so much.

I like to thank you so you know we got the men summoned from applicant have Makiko offer got Roy Jones but a corset kingdom pursuits so you know where you are. I was summertime and summits, and speaking of Summit, you know, if you attend the man Summit.

Chances are you won't get over it. I'm just saying if I cannot get L elevation is so hiking times.

You know they really sum it up all night.

I and so few weeks ago.

Maybe it was months now that I think about it. I went to the restaurant was at the summit of Mount Everest had to give it three stars. The food was awesome that I actually have actually have a very long trip that II may choose to tell that have to do with that right now and are actual riddles, short time so who had a Bible summits. Summit experience anything that you guys had a mountaintop summit experience and in this case, they experienced some profit there Bible topic and there mountain summit experience experienced some profit asking 866-34-TRUTH 8788. All the great prize, you name it. 866-34-TRUTH 7884 866-34-TRUTH I gotta tell us is his Bible summit experience right for Experience. Mike you love that one of the people that gets my human. I love the judgment is better fact we went to the mountains for about Qubec that I had about 50 of them, but I ran out of all the beds that we got we got to get back there.

We gotta get the jokes back but so we got another might have the answer already that lights are light maps that we are can have Nikita call off, and he is in a book signing in South Carolina, but he's posted break away for us and will be able to get into that, but so and I love I love love love when when Mike came to me and I guess it was in December 2019 and he was like I wanted a radio show and I said that when Mike what you want to call your radiation. I don't know I need to pray about that and I'm like oh well okay so I don't know if it was like two or three hours later I got this text of this great idea for radio show and I and II have never gotten over how cool it was that you came up with a title that you did. If not for God. The pastor of our church. Brian Biggers. I was actually preaching on Sunday and he was saying if it had not been for the Lord if it had not been for the Lord, and he went into I think it was the book of Psalms. I looked it up and I found out that wasn't the bucket with another book, and so I ended up looking it up and I said that is the name of the show. If not, forgot with Mike Swick. I think initially you would said something about the Mike Zwick show and I said man. Nobody likes awake but if if not for God and in it was definitely God ordained, but it's interesting Robbie we we were actually talking about this a little bit before in you said that it's through our weakness. I help. You always talk about that that and not photo bombing Jesus is not right that God's strength is made perfect in our weakness God strength is made perfect in our weakness. Send Adrian Rogers the old Baptist preacher who comes on the Truth Network at it if he still comes on that he did for a long time that he had something it was it was something like a who's who of all of the preachers in the of the Baptist preachers and they all got together and he said now who win here who win here was finish number one in the class and some people stood up and who in here when they they made a 4.0 when they went to college and and somebody stood up, or whatever.

And at the end of the thing there only a few preachers that stood up and he said all right. I've got good news and I've got bad news for you he said the good news is is that God can use you guys were standing up, he said, but he's more likely to use the people who are sitting there you go. And if you don't, I immediately thought, you know, everybody should know that Mike Swick is this Wikipedia. I mean there's only one Wikipedia in here with us today. I think person to answer for sure and welcome back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion to build the kingdom that I have some poster children for that for sure they have my good friend Mike posted if not for God to show comes on. If I'm not mistaken, a 3830 Saturday mornings and just just like your show you get the if not for God with Mike Zwick podcast area 20, 19 actually go to all his podcasts are there and in Mike's podcast is doing awesome so we also have coming up Nikita call off right Russian nightmares are the worst nightmare depend on how you have to say it and we'll see if we can get them the stay shut, Potter whatever he says is critical so that we have Roy Jones also because they have the men summit coming up which is good to be February 6 it's a Saturday to be there live starts at nine goes to 230. Lunch is included 20 bucks you can go to kingdom pursuits.

You can find this website there and they do it so this because I really like this joke. Mike and I have the time and so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, but this is my trying to Gentex little bit to get there but will get there okay so are you ready Beth, I'm sorry after a curveball. You said though she got so great in that loving the world.

Philosophers and theologians had gathered for a summit.

Mike and help dramatically enough on the sum of an actual mountain. Everyone was having a great time mingling together discussing the great philosophical logical question is when rumors started to swirl about that.

There was one particular holy man joined today's festivities, the secrets of the most puzzling social and personal issues of their disciplines. Obviously intrigue several of this attendees approach the old sage who was seated crosslegged on a small mad and engaged him in conversation is a server, but we've heard that great stories about your accomplishments. Are these tales true. Have you found the answers to the questions of peace, love and bliss, said the crowd across the state replied. Well my children.

These questions are not as difficult answers on my think, for example, let us discuss the question of bliss.

Shirley a life of bliss seems a complicated and lofty goal, but is one that can actually be achieved, achieved by simple change in diet change in diet what you mean. The sage responded many years ago I tried to achieve a state of bliss by trying many different foods from all over the world.

After several months, I noticed that a consistent diet of asparagus led me to a closer life of bliss than any other fruit asparagus my children is how one may achieve bliss.

The crowd stood stunned, but eventually replied asparagus what to do with and at that exact same moment the skies opened up and it was a torrential downpour of rain and people ran to and fro the entire group gathering out lately so there's no shelter from the mountain and just as quickly as it started started. However, the rain stopped in the sun came back out to shine as everyone was recovering from the sudden drenching attention, drenching attention turned once again to the sage with sent actually sat right out there and from the whole time in the storm, but was conspicuously bone dry Shirley. The stories must be true.

You must be a very holy man to have. Whether this rain untouched share with us your secret scribe clap crown and the count is the sage motion for them to come closer, raised one finger as he spoke in the answer. My children is very simple.

This is the awning of the sage of asparagus and I point actually may have answered the thank you for your patience with me and sitting through that all will show okay yeah it was foods Bible somebody experience happen experience in profit caramel but they certainly did. That was one of many and I really did mean and I was wrong. Now it's a great answer. You're exactly right.

I love it. There's just more answers. I like my questions and have lots of that's one of the fun with Bible keep my producer thought she said is this whatever radios he's got such a voice. I said that about your voice. Keep it made me feel real good. You still got my friend, so we were grateful and grateful for Elisha only. Oh yeah, it not only hear about studying about the Shadrach me shack up in good and recently popped in my mind thinking about them now. They won't be a politically correct now they weren't in the wind looking to get rid of it is walking around in the firelight want nothing to the weekly three guys in their_Oracle looks like the son of God and you know, we might be facing fires in some way or another we just got remember our God can slaves and even it does not bow down so awesome thank you Keith. I appreciate as always, I appreciate you calling you and you being a winner, where your course you are right. If that's true, look like you. Thank you sir, you have a great Saturday. Always appreciate your calls Less about. Thank you so is not forgot my coming you got Shadrach me shack and Abednego you get Elijah more now that you know more than that to some extent and are you you see this now in your life and interesting when you get a radio show all the sudden you see things filtered through you know that make a great like that that your van at the at the bank at the bank yet.

You know in in what I came here. I didn't know what I was doing. I know the name of the show. I didn't know it was good to be about, but I'm really grateful to you Robbie because a lot of times you do to share with me and you have, you know you've really helped me a lot. Not only on the show but also in other areas as well and just want to get a huge shout out to you Robbie because you just just a great guy. Just you really care about people and one of the things I think about with you Robbie is that you're very unselfish person. A lot of people just look look out for their own good, but you been a huge help in, it would not be if not for God without Robbie said should be with Mike's wicked Robbie don't work. So now I what I love and I really really do and I get to do several people is what I would call real disciples people are hungry for the people that love the Bible and let you know so you you can imagine my joy when I get to sit down with Mike, who's been thinking about something that that God has done, or God is doing and and whenever anything comes up in his life. I can see him through this letter that he's thinking about his radio show and whatever and then we need to come in and try to hash those things out and and and really I just picture God with us and Eleanor sit in their recording because how many times Mike if we had nothing to talk to talk and got to start opening up all sorts of thoughts and stories and things like that just about every time I mean just about every time you note. One of the things in and you and I have talked about this before Robbie, but I remember when I was in college I high school, or any other time where I would actually have to read all of these books just so that I can get an air just said that I could pass the class and it's funny after I got to school and even to the to this day. Right now I read now for pleasure. I love to read the Bible I just read a book by my friend Annette know well touching the glory. I love that I loved another book by Stephen Stu Epperson loved another book by JD Greer that I just read.

I'm so you know it's funny where it used to be something where I did it because I had to do it. I do it now because I love it and I see the same thing with you, Robbie, were you note you're not dragging yourself then here on Saturday morning thinking I got to do this show. It's like you get to do it it's it's it's something in in you when you and I do the show we just I just feel like were both rejuvenated you ever feel that absolute it's it's a revival. It is because how you want to say it. Iron sharpens iron. But when you get to see somebody else that there there face just comes alive and so just those people never recorded something before you know you have to set a level so that you know what you get how the level of what you can record so if you try to record Mike. He comes in well with the knowledge that these guys like super overdrive. You know it, trimming down because when he gets enthusiastic and always said you could just feel it.

The passion and and and what's actually coming from his heart yet and and if not forgot my coming is just you can tell that that's in there while it's not for God in it and Robbie. I think that's why we do what we do on looking at first Corinthians 923 it says I do all this for the sake of the gospel that I may share in its blessings and he would just it's a joy to do when I meet you know when I was you I'd send you a Bible verse Ezekiel 33 739 it says son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel. Israel so here the word I speak and give them warning for me when I say to the wicked, you wicked person you will surely die.

You do not speak out to dissuade them from their ways, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their Jew born the wicked person to turn from their ways and they do not do so, they will die for their sin.

Yourself that if we do we just share it is awesome. So we got Roy Jones Mikita, Amy, Alabama loaded for bear. Welcome back to where we hear how God takes your passion and kingdom and we are so blessed to have with us today.

Mike hosted if not forgot on Saturday mornings at 830 and all offenses show on the man up and Roy Jones is on the light are black gospel stations and he is with us as well. So you have him a minute, but the men summit is coming up February 6 and is going to have Mikita and Roy Morgan of the afterlife from nine until 230 is $20 includes a lunch is not a virtual event. So Nikita will be there and you can see them live and in person as well as Roy Jones, Dr. Pete Kunkel, Bishop Larry Jackson Ken Klein not Calvin is presented Triad area talking and walking Christian men's ministry by having me cobble right now she is the host of the cure. This can be on today at 1 o'clock Amy you guys going to talk about trafficking today on your show right wall mount gel all and in point last night. I'm on goal and a great way to meet people where China lightly, absolutely and so this is coming on 1 o'clock. It's lives you be able to call in and talk to the stars that she has this can be on there so and in the course. Amy, you are actually traffic but you certainly went through the abuse and all that stuff so the stress got to be near and dear to your heart, God bless.

Looking forward 1 o'clock. Thanks, Amy Wright.

Have a great day so we do have Roy Jones. These with us now and in Roy, I apologize. I should know the time of your show and it's called man talk. It's on the light network and it will comes on at what time on Sundays, 235. Every Sunday afternoon, but you got a big summit coming up right there.

February 6 at one of our keynote speakers this year.

He normally empty for me at the knowledge about stretching Mikita so lucrative and Nancy wrote a few years ago. It's something that every never done right into a natural fit. But they shall put it back on platforms speak got Bishop Larry Jackson with a stop in Charlotte. Most people promise keepers in family research Council. Of course, last year's notes on at least Mary him Dr. Pete Kunkel from Cartersville and the pastor came Klein out of Greensboro. I will be speaking well great day lined up the pandemic will bit of a different venue like the numbers of people that will build handle network. Lots of interest income would love to have you join us try to kingdom pursuit you can order the tickets all right.

Since that time, but you know we have the Russian nightmare himself. What is now a total loss all with it with our car guy. Well, not right you will not commit you keyword so the kid I know personally and I'm sure a lot of our listeners that know your show that comes on, you know every Saturday at 1230. But what a message you're going to have for man right in this season it's a different season, then the most divisive ever faced but I can just tell you because I get the gist of absolute honor of Sam in a you talk about a disciple, Mike Mikita Mikita is man up every single week but could you share a little bit about what you did. Mikita well I got up.

I'm looking at that lineup. I know I know Roy right off the start named object try to figure out how I got the privilege of being on that platform with that lineup.

There for every year, every year that Roy put together a being, you know, together some of the incredible speakers of the past coming up in the future like Gen. Jerry Boykin and so many others that it only other document on the other feel honored to be a part of that. It just speak into the lives of bad the Lord many years ago back really starting about 2000 really put it on my heart to reach out man I just fall, man, you hired the live to a higher standard than than men have have gone in the past. In the last note to maybe three decades is so awesome and I love how you separate and and and you talk to how men should be in order to help others.

We gotta be healthy yourself right incentive you you work in a multi-prongs sort of ministry where you stir people up in these areas right. I do like cougar would also be also a partner of mine start the wrestling and got WWK United coal labor together. We react erotic camp called man your list to check that out. Man can't bowl the website on their and you just bring many to Be able to you know got a one-day conference like the summit and opportunity for man DEMAND gathered together so we can our goal recognize medical battery.

Well matter how they are right now better equipped to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Even quickly healthy year.

You know, old man living holy lives wholly available on the Lord going to mark our target. Our whole is so awesome and in great that's really what you're calling is to do this men summit is to get these guys together every year like this Mikita timeline get 2005 when Dr. call my heart.

You want to be done for the kingdom, and there was nothing that could hold before the father.

That would be measurable impact to the kingdom. Other than trying to live right in the league right but actually working for the kingdom that's what were trying to get man off the top line much like Mikita were trying to get him to start the fire if you will like the fire again go back to the local body fellowship reignited and energized to make a difference for the community to churches and for the homes and most important of the kingdom as a whole and it is I was saying about that Mikita many times in your show. You talk about is some cause in your life. Mending a because it's worth dying for, right and absolutely your grateful to get a letter like I don't really know we've all got the shows on on on the radio networking event on the podcast left reached out only a local community, but you don't cross country and around the world and on my experience of traveling worldwide now to 30 different country that even though men may be different language. They still have the same problem. If you stay here all over the world go you know the title of time and is called man out and upward downlights titrations called man talk and see my feeling is has to do with men like you get a lot of your long-awaited list are talking about finding out that's a how we sometimes lead you know when we do mast and turning. We have lives say you know my husband will get off the couch right because you know he's he's been hurt so many times trying to do this are trying to help out and and those things are tough sometimes. I know you're both busy today. You can be really busy here in a couple weeks is February 6. Tickets are $20 now includes lunch you get here.

These guys live in in in person and is coming up February 6.

I'll be there as well. Just from the table.

You that I get broadcast are looking forward to it. We want to see you there.

Go to kingdom got more Mike Smith, not after the Reichstag will come back to fix your and uses it kingdom. I'm sure you can hear the key that Roy Jones passion for and that summit I've never actually friends if joint is there over the years, they all raved about it. It's going to be First Christian Church in Kernersville be start at 9 o'clock on February 6 and I'll go on till 230 and we saved lunch is included so you want to miss out on that and also we want to mention one more time about the cure. Amy Capo shows to be on trafficking again. She's got those people to moving traffic and this can be live at 1 o'clock so you be able to talk to her. That's today at 1 o'clock. It's all coming up on the Truth Network but one of the things we might have if not for God shall, but you know Mike, that you can do this letter year and two months right and so part of the joy of doing this because the whole idea of kingdom pursuits is like talk to all of us like he talked to me said Rob you want to get on the radio. I was a car salesman. He talked to you.

I want to go on the radio. Urine insurance cells right right but somebody might be called in to do a book or he might be calling to do a movie he might be calling to some, this seems crazy. Are you talking to me God because I don't do that you know but he does and and when he does he takes you venture you never thought you would ever go on. So now that you been on radio for a year and two months. Can you come to share with the listeners what kind of downloads God gives you as a result, another was in your obedient like that. Yeah, yeah, the, you know it's there is an old quote by Theodore Roosevelt and it says something about the credit does not belong to the critic, but it belongs to the man who is actually in the arena who is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who in the end, if he loses, at least he tried and if he if he wins than he and he gets out on top or something like that. I don't have it in front of me but basically what it's saying is that if you if you don't try, you never know. I mean my dad always used to say he say Michael. Nothing ventured nothing gained and you know II think you had you had told me is Teresa Mike, Dena, how many people had told me a year ago that they wanted to start a radio chef guide. I do hear it all the time.

It is only certain ones of God.

It is clearly God's to set up crowd went to do it and and and then he formatted it.

But you know what's really cool about that quote by Theodore Roosevelt is after my dad died like you might imagine, I went and sat down at his desk and made a roll top desk of the dearly loved and I roll up the rolltop desk you know and I'm looking in the and my father was very meticulous.

Unlike his son, if you went to my desk right now, you would know that here on the side of that desk was a newspaper clipping with that quote from Teddy Roosevelt that my father, you know, had right there where he could look at it so that that he would try and be able to an end to things that that's the deal.

Like we can experience other people's adventures by watching TV or right or you know whatever it is or you can actually say God went where you want me to go and when he takes you there. Then all the sudden you know, did you ever think that you would be interviewing Dana covers on the pastor that was having all these dreams and stuff by Holly Delmore or Stu are you Stu Epperson are you know we got JD Greer. I think coming up next Monday but it's it that all that stuff is cool but with what's really cool is when I text somebody you know that the show and they say oh my gosh that really spoke to me. Thank you so much that that means more than any name that I could ever you know have on the shower. You know, just the fact to just to have an impact on people's lives. I mean, I know you said Amy condo. I mean she's obviously doing she wants to help people and you're doing the Christian car guy you help me out with my show because you want to help people.

Roy Jones and Nikita Cole off there doing that summit were they getting together on February 6 because they want to help other men and and in so many times when I see people when they're not doing very well there looking at themselves. What can I do better. What can I IIIII.

But some of the happiest people are the people who think less about themselves and more about others so never ever forget that actually one day I'd forgotten that we are supposed to interview Alan right now. I know how I'm not the most organized first in the world every yeah we know so all of a sudden I'm like oh my goodness, here's Alan writers was to freaked out and as you sat down and interviewed them.

It may be one of the coolest radiations I've ever heard in my life is as Alan went in the things that I was just like man, how did I luck up that I just get to sit here and watch this happen that the did like you said when you came in we get we get to do this right right and and you know a lot of times when you set all comanager of theater technical asked that we recorded healthier like what you want to talk about Mike, and I was like I got nothing but she just kinda you turned on your we turn on the recording and it's like all the sudden the Holy Spirit will show up. I said it I think it says in Scripture. Somewhere it says don't even think about what you sent the Holy Spirit will tell you what to say when you're when you're right in front of the councils and stuff like that so you know I think so many times we try to do it on our own. But you have to use the power and if not for God on this and I see that every time I get to see it with a lot of different ways but again it might show comes on 830 every Saturday morning, you get the podcast if not for God in the Truth Network podcast all available to by the way podcast approximately one year. Great show, and you know what a cool thing so wow thank you Mike for being with us today were actually recorded here right now thinking while you get to stay to list encouraging prayer with, followed by mass concerning a lot of time to man up here. This is the Truth Network

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