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Angels Among Us

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 9, 2021 3:18 pm

Angels Among Us

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 9, 2021 3:18 pm

An author and an attorney make quite the wonderful guests.  Robby is joined by Adam Draper and Author, Nancy Panko.  So many riddlers too!

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The cuticle of the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore now here we are on kingdom pursuits.

I'm really excited about the show today because a gift to talk to some old friends. One really old friend and one that I think be familiar with this step, talk with Adam Draper, Adam was the host to an extent. He always will be the host to teach me to pray. We was on disciple magazine is a very very good friend of mine we known each other over 20 years but you may want to Robbie what you have in mind today because here's the thing Adam is one of the coolest Bible study years. I know when Adam and I go anywhere.

It isn't my wife says you guys are going to get into some Bible discussion it's going to go on and on and on and on and that fund have friends like that right Adam Ali and so Adam actually is an attorney by trade was my attorney but I go to see him about whatever the next thing you know we what we would be in some deep discussion and so you know I try to be really fun today as I talked to Adam this week.

He had some really cool insights that I think are extremely timely for us in the season that were in this country right now so I'm hoping you enjoy what what we have to share. I know I mean enjoy that guy I've never known a timer. Adam didn't teach me something that I thought was just wow that is so cool. Thanks for being with us today. Adam and you're down in sunny Florida today to be sunny today, cloudy but is beautiful and sun breaking. Through the clouds and I don't know. I think that the prophetic sign up to something. I can assure you he is next up, I have Nancy Panko. I've had her on before. She was the author.

You might remember of amazing books is award-winning book called guiding missiles which was 50 years of military men, but she has a new book out, which is sheltering Angel so welcome Nancy, how wonderful to be with you today and so I'm taking it that this is sort of a novel right now, but it started me thinking about all the things that happened to me and my family throughout my life and wondering if I ever escaped being hurt or injured or happened and wondering if I had a guardian angel and I started doing some research on Angel reading the Bible. I picked up Billy Graham's book Angel ringing assurance that were not alone. Oh my gosh, I've read it like four times. It is the most wonderful, referent, and here I had all these incidents from my life and I started writing a story that incorporated these incidents, and I started connecting what God tells us about Angel and went Angel are and what they are not intended as equally important to know what they are not what they don't do and I will this story and all the way through it. I kept saying I wonder how many people realize that we have angels that surround us, and I wonder how many people can say I've had an angel encounter. Well the cool thing about the show and I was very sick as your other guest today is the only person I have ever met in my entire life had discussion with his guardian angel.

If you're listed right out of you know that's a conversation I will never ever ever forget.

So yeah, it's really cool. So how cool that we have you guys both on but you know it is kingdom pursuits and for those who done this before. Now it's go time.

So speaking of angels that fan I bet you're wondering what is a good name for an angel that always looks up instructions online email and UL. Adam is a little funny you said you got a letter so you probably know how angels ring a bell. You see Matt many movies in life and how to angels ring light a match do with a match made in heaven. So as the story goes, God was one day talking on his angels and said you know what I've just done.

I just created a 24 hour period of alternating light and darkness on earth good and the angel says yes, but what you do now God says, I think I'll call it a day do I do. I'm actually intrigued very intrigued by the answers of them I get to my little today moving over to the rental so you can call in and win today by answering a simple little there are at least three angels that we have the names of that are in the script and that's not counting making number four, at least in there.

There may be more but that's what I'm hoping was so if you want to give a shot at naming all three your name wanted to some stuff to give away so I can do is tell us the name of an angel in Scripture. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 they can do that Batman, since you are so much good stuff in.

All you have to do is tell us one of the angel's name given names 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Nancy, I imagine you got this one all Adam probably does so no giving away the goodies because we gotta give way. Only when we do that call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so I know working to get into Adams Angel story here, but I don't want to tease you little bit will get into that little bit later so the other thing that actually we talked about that I think is really really cool. That led to me saying Adam once, Michelle setting will talk about that topic is in Isaiah 61.

I Jesus mentions the word is he's given up in a bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free. The word meek, so Adam kinda set that up forceful bit go over the conversation we're having here today rubbing this is how it started out I was reading Isaiah and I will when I do this III read it, spread it out on Bible Gateway and read it in several different translations that one in particular I like to read Orthodox Jewish version and it and in their uses. The shows you the Hebrew word when when and then you can translating to look up the you know the English in the Greek or whatever. So when when it says to preach the good news. It's really interesting occurrence of the King James version says that the spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings so we were a good tidings and place to go. Matthew is in Dallas and answer to our Angel question and we have so much more.

So stay tune we have so much more welcome back to kingdom pursuits when we hear how God takes your and uses it to build the kingdom. Today I'm blessed to have friends with me, Adam Draper, my old friend and attorney here in Winston-Salem Carolina but were talking about the word meek and the whole discussion around there. I'm hoping you'll find this interesting as I do as well as Nancy Panko.

She is the author of her new book sheltering angels and so got a lot of talk about angels going on as well.

As we got three read letters for three names of angels, at least so I will save all my rivers as I take you one by one, by all means I still want to talk to you, even if some against your angels names I don't hang up on me. Please, and if you would just share one so that the other two have a chance. That's okay. So we start off with Matthew. He is in Dallas North Carolina Matthew Ron kingdom pursuits good morning I am wonderful. You're exactly right and Gabriel. How do you remember Gabriel, Matthew yeah he was there he was there with Daniel to and so that is awesome what you're exactly right. Thank you for calling in today Matthew appreciated as we got his information, put him back on hold and then we got Angela Fossen in Burlington. So Angela, you're on kingdom pursuits good morning good morning this really going to see that were very fortunate to have Nancy think she is finished your book on angels and Nancy are you :-) Rufus went through. I don't get some southern Israel Southhampton other words, I don't know but I pretty sure he got his wings. I really like it, to get out my concordance to let me check in with Adam Draper since you know Adam, if you ever Rufus the angel George Carlin played a kind of an angel named that's a good thing.

Well I say and you have us all have to go check our Bibles now how all expected update next week to find out what happened.

Rufus, the angel yeah me too all right. Thank you Angela year when a blessing for my next up we have Nancy Gant in Chapel Hill.

Nancy, did you have Rufus on yes I am correct mentally well, which would've been a poor it was something or oh yeah at that you, Adam knows that name it's in fact in Pilgrims progress John Bunyan used it upon you, and maybe was it a point name for the pain right in Revelation right that's a good answer. I send you two books about really good with Alan Lansing. There's no doubt about it so awesome thank you your winter on kingdom pursuits today. God bless have a great week. Enjoy Pastor James tomorrow because I happen to know Nancy goes to James Banks's church does our Christian prayer with Nancy's wonderful, wonderful disciple to God blessed Nancy will talk to you soon you okay bye-bye so when we left our hero Adam. He was trying to talk to us about right preaching good news to the meek. So Adam I'll let you take off where I cut you off the word for me there translated me in the King James Septuagint, the Greek version translates as poor. The Hebrew word for it is not being, which is is the root word and in it means in Hebrew, basically poor afflicted, humble me, but the Greek word that they use it in the Septuagint for the translation of an are not being is a different word altogether, then, then it is much more descriptive okay and it is basically not just a poor person. It's helpless as a beggar of the popper rather than the mere peasant the extreme opposite of the rich so what was interesting to me about it Raleigh that we were talking about is that so many word that's translated me in the King James. There are several words for for making Hebrew but will or that would go along with that French is another word called which kind means the kind of loneliness that we take on before the Lord, not not Dora base but it's it's sort of your God, and are not kind of thing. You will weaken him in reference to him when we pray, your faith is in the ground you but when Jesus spoke and what's translated it as meek and always get across to us, and in English what's really being said. So I looked up when I'm familiar with with meek is when Jesus said, you know that the meek shall inherit the earth while what is that that means that the poor and the extreme beggar shall inherit the earth. Well let you know that actually the word used in the Greek there is different it is. It is probable and and that means in Strong's put it this way, the meekness is not weak but rather, it refers to exercising God strength under his control. Interesting thing to me when I kept looking at a discussion about looking Jesus also said that about himself.

Take my yoke upon you and Matthew 1120. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek different word prop OK I am meek and lowly in heart, and you shall find your rest unto your souls. Now interesting thing is that use the word when he used it to describe himself. That word means is loosely meek that it it it is the necessary balance exercising power and avoiding harshness.

So anything the meek shall inherit the earth from the Greek translation. It means what what are we will wear like him him working through four. Meekness is not weakness ever first to okay but what did Jesus do I only do what I think about it, they let you stay so where like I want. Okay, now you guys go be my disciples. I'm teaching you how to go do this okay so then I am when I'm meek what I'm doing is I am actually exercising God strength under his control. I'm not doing anything. I'm just going this is what the Lord does and then God comes in and does the rest are just beak out his word and I preach good tidings to the poor and the Internet and that word because the work right now. We were just out there doing it. But what Jesus did was gay but I am exercising the power, but again you and Eve. As God that man what is what is happening this is that that whole theological thing that you and I for Robbie that is so awesome to me, which is although Jesus is God could cease to give up your day is soma why the God man is all God but is also all man.

So while he's here as Manny is not acting as God, but he is surrendering all of that and acting as a man in right standing with God wanting to show us what that looks like, but to and defeating sin and death as a man for Canada's right now so I know that was worth the price. The tenant so we got more with Adam. We got lots more with Nancy.

I'm starting to segment Nancy. Then we got three more guesses on the angel so there might be more than Rufus coming up more pursuits. They somewhat come back to kingdom versus where we hear how God takes your passion to build the kingdom.

Today we have my good friend Adam Draper talking about Sarah not maybe as well as Nancy Pankow. She's the author of sheltering angels and I should point out that if go to kingdom you can just see Nancy's book there, click on it mortar at all it comes to visit kingdom again the name of the book of sheltering angels and speaking of angels. We got always callers that I want to get to. So we got to fail is in Greensboro North Carolina failure on children versus UL you know you well and now and then but they don't go well alright you got me.

I'm going to look for recess and I'm going to Revelation 11 and had to are a winner so that you okay hello I like that when we will get that when I guess it would be to Michael and I like that you never put that together.

But you are exactly right. That's very good that's awesome. Thank you for calling today.

It makes my day bye-bye. All right. Next up we have Janice in Durham, Jan, your last chance she might have had no then you will as well. It's like Catherine is in North Carolina. Catherine you're on what we lost Catherine to soak okay we can get back to Nancy. She can tell us your annual but I'm not sure where okay so I'm curious as you are doing your research about angels and in a course you wrote this into your novel, undoubtedly sheltering angels what kind of just blow your mind like man I did not know that well everything from the beginning that God created finite number of angels. At the time of creation and that angels are just one step higher than man.

I found that to be interesting and that God's angels are there to worship him and do his bidding and act as messengers and he sends them to heaven to help him he sends them to earth to help and some are given the task or the ability to transform themselves into a physical behind a written about that when Lot and his family are saved to angels, go to help them and they are actual physical body presentation of angels and so I wrote down into the pluck. I had an angel transform himself into a lovely nurse who cares for the little girl when she becomes very ill with complications from evil and I those things interested me so much, so that's what I read Billy Graham's book for time, I kept finding new things every time. Speaking of the things we still have Adam sign. I promised the audience. Adam, if you could quickly but tell the story of your interaction with your guardian angel you will probably get you your you kinda got me at a loss there which one will you we talking the interesting thing is Adam actually talks in the end it's wonderful thing. Actually, the more you get to know Adam like this but the time that you ask him.

You didn't get bored. 00 that you guardian and I realized that been standing there for you, really long time and I was guarding was a a not you was a guardian and I don't you get bored and he said he said now I'm on him. All I'm doing with the father sent me here to do whatever that is, the fullness of joy. Why would I be bored really awesome. It really wasn't what you describe to me at the time because I think I talked well it was it was in the reason you said that he mentioned the tree that you think a tree gets bored doing exactly what God has for to do in its true identity.

Yeah that's right what he was talking about it.

Life you take part in life and it was really Robbie a kind in an admonition that I received it and other times I was standing among some angels. In addition, once in and I was telling them don't you understand something about evil and how they function and they both they looked at me and went unit one studies evil.

We don't study it.

Always know what we know what good is because we know the good. We know what what it is not God. Nancy, I mean it's it's it's really wonderful to me that the that you wrote this book and it's so relevant right is relevant and thought that it's it's a generational story starts on a farm, a young couple has a baby girl and she is born with the gift that they don't know it yet.

And when the child is three years old and is verbal. The child relates to her mother that she has a friend in the friend's name is Sandy.

He is a long name Monica told me to call them Sandy and mother thinks she has an imaginary friend that her precocious little girl just has this imaginary friend and as she a little older, she tells her parents exactly what she sees their top Sandy is very big and tall mommy. He has a wing wing and and then during undeniable angelic intervention. This little girl looks up and said see I told you Sandy help Seth well and it goes from there.

This family grows in faith and love and trust in the Lord. Learning from their three-year-old child, and then four-year-old event that that this angel has been sent to earth.

In my book to stay with his charge. For her entire life and he makes it clear that that's not that rule, but in this particular instance for the sake of the story he is to stay with her for her entire life and in the next quite interesting to wrote a section in there when I converted it to the story but I also had an interaction with a guardian angel who saved me from certain death on an interstate highway.

Yeah those are done shows on the Christian car that had people calling it's way more common than I think most people understand that PON is knowing that they had that that situation were an angel told him to buckle your seatbelt before something happened during ancient sent some kind of message and those are also beautiful. I've got a couple other callers I got to get to Amy Koppel with the cure and Amy, you got a big show coming up today at 1 o'clock on procrastination will I have some lame shows you live in some want to talk to you struggle with procrastination today is your day can call him Ivan 866-34-TRUTH 87884 was Jerry angel story. Welcome back to where we hear so much fun today with my friend Adam Draper and Nancy, thank you. Sheltering angels and speaking of angels, we have Jerry Miller is got another Angel for surgery or hunting pursuits.

Good morning good morning Angel, which is my call just say that I just love when the Lord apply to my heart and make you look just beyond the beyond. Now that's a message and it is okay that you and I appreciate your comments about your winter blast thank you for your program well So I'm sorry that last word, but I did want to get a chance to both answers with Nancy and Adam to talk about this this word meek which I want to connect to angels for you from my perspective because I love my friend Adam because he sees is actually probably smartest person I ever met my wife is for just really studying things and really really studying and so he understands the Greek. He understands the definitions of people study through the years. What I like to look at is actually the letters that are in words to begin the study what the original word picture was and so the word that Adam is talking about. In Hebrew, from my perspective is enough and Nancy.

Maybe you can see how this fits and angels.

I hope you do that when I look at that word in Hebrew that the first letter is a lien and if you were to look at the picture of and I am which I would welcome me to go do just Hebrew letter. I was it look like well it looks like a yoke, and so when you take that first letter is to be yoked to something in the second letter in the word and not have is a nun which means essentially it's the seed is a picture of it in some ways, but in other words, it it kinda synonymous with the word faith okay so if I am yoked to my faith. Then the, the fee that comes at the end is like Jacob's ladder it's it's a straight line that comes down but it means something is coming from heaven. Okay and when we get this picture of what Adam said with this guy on his face abashed like God, you got everything.

Let me let me yoke myself to your what what what you're doing in the picture of that. When you look I think it's in numbers. I forgot the reference. I'm sure you know what Adam where the Bible says that Moses was a knob enough and the another words he was. He was the meekest man on earth at the time and very very unique and latest very very meek was that it was a double enough while when you hear when you heard Adam's description of an angel saying this is what God has me doing and an angel is completely meek. It's completely doing what it's yoked to God right in complete faith and at the same time one Angel took out what 600,000 people with one swipe of him in the book of revelations is to take out so the up the amazing power of what God is through this anonymous is unbelievable that the same token, it is completely meek. You see him same wonderful. They hearken word to perform it exact that is amazing notion that so that God power works through to do of his good pleasure week. It's how the heavenly function and were being taught that having I don't want to blast into something completely different.

But why is it the world who are learning all the things that angels now that time is coming body of Christ away. The time is in front of being taught right right blast and that's it. That's the cool thing is that as Nancy told she can read that book by four times because it wasn't something that really was beautiful and fun and something right to give you hope and and and I sensor reading your novel Nancy people are going to get that hope. I hope so. That's why I wrote it, you know after I wrote guiding this so I did not intend to write another one, but I felt multiple My Shoulder That This Story Need to Be Told and I Do Believe That with God's Guidance. I Was Able to Tell It and Interestingly You Got Your Shoulder Right Now to Write One to 11 Writing Yeah I Love to Write, so Happy That You Got Your Doing That This Wonderful. I Had Not Written until I Retired from Nursing Had Not Done Any Serious Writing, and so at the Age of 71. I Had My First Short Story Published and I Was Moved to Write, Guiding, and That Is That God Driven Story As Well.

This Adam Is Actually Retiring Once and so We Can Look Forward to All the Government Says Not Retiring Actually Exist. Getting More on What God's so That You Guys so Much. I Had so Much Fun to Say You Listeners Get More Fun for Purging Prayer, Which Is an Awesome Followed by the Masculine Journey Starts Here Now. Nikita Told All of the Other 1230 and Then Amy, with Care so Much for This Is the Truth Network

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