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A Home For The Holidays

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 15, 2020 8:54 am

A Home For The Holidays

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 15, 2020 8:54 am

Robby is away at Boot Camp with his band of Bill Mixon fills in and really mixes together quite a show.  Greenest and Operation Christmas Shoe Box

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This is Sam from Alaska journey podcast of her goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world you chosen Truth Network podcast was starting just seconds. Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore will you not quite that lucky.

Got Bill mix. Thank you for tuning into Robbie Gilmore's kingdom pursuits. Robbie is hosting the masculine journey means this weekend and asked me Bill Nixon to sit in for him. If you listen to Robbie's Christian car guy radio show.

My voice might sound familiar to you is my pleasure to share some time with you this morning with some dear friends of mine, Bobby and Diane pledgor and with the pledgor is Patty Miller and they going to talk about just the most wonderful ministry, a shoebox ministry where presents are delivered around the world and along with them. We have Julia tune with the green nest green nest is a special program in Winston-Salem.

They work with a number of organizations, but the one that I learned about them through is a city with dwellings and they help homeless get over their homelessness and get settled into places to live, and greenness helps provide all the things that they need.

Once they've got a roof we want to talk about Samaritan purses operation Christmas child in their worldwide Christmas shoebox ministry.

We just had a wonderful hour before and the Christian car guy show and Bobby Bobby tell us a little bit about the shoebox ministry Samaritan's purse has a ministry called operation Christmas child and what we just simply do is ask people to take a just reckless shoebox whether policies and have a shoebox with a combined plastic container that looks like a shoebox and feel that shoebox with the school supplies, hygiene items, articles of clothing and small toys and things like that.

And then there are many drop off locations in the area and then coming this coming week is actually national collection week so this is this is big for us, that this time of year and so the shoeboxes will get processed and then they'll go out to over 102nd and third world countries where children will receive the shoebox. I know that you've been working with this a number years.

How long have you been doing this in a dine and I have been working for with operation Christmas child for 13 years now wonderful Patty Patty how long have you been helping with the ministry and packing shoeboxes are over 25 years. While I with my children as they grow out and that I have been a volunteer for the last five at what when you volunteer what you do.

In addition to packing shoebox.

It really begins early in the year and I look for things on sale to things that will go in a shoebox be a soccerball being a doll albeit a toothbrush and as I shop on I tell people what I am doing. I talked to friends. I talked to neighbors and I try to make aware that shoebox is not just for November that it's up it's all year process and gathering items. Thank you so much and let's remember that kingdom pursuits is a call-in show, we want you to be active in our your participation.

Would love you to call into 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you persist, dissipated, or worked with the shoebox ministry. We would love for you to call in if you're familiar with the city with would love for you to call in and share and green nest greenness. WS is a really neat ministry and Julia, would you tell us a little bit about the ministry I'm sure a lot of folks haven't heard of it. They need to yes while we've only been around for about 5 1/2 years that where Jang so it's not surprising that some haven't heard of us, yet we take donations from the community and gently used furnishings and housewares we display them in a beautiful showroom and then through partner agencies.

We connect to people who are transitioning out of homelessness into stable housing app. You can imagine walking on being homeless and walking down the street. You have nothing and you need everything and said we have all of the items she would need to fully furnish home and so those families and individuals who have gotten hands then have an appointment to come and shop at green nest. They get their own appointment without competition from others said the individual family will come on the run with a case manager or agency wrap and they get to choose the things they like and need choice is a big part of our program.

Many of them have not had an opportunity to choose things like this for themselves before dignity is a big part of this, we want them to feel respected and honored. We want them to have a warm experience when they come to greenness. We think it makes a huge impact that they are able to choose for themselves the things they need for their houses or apartments that previously were to totally empty without anything if you can imagine that not being able to have anything to cook for yourself not having a bed to sleep in all of those things that are able to get at green nest for a small furnishing fee and then they can have their fully furnished hands. In addition to does general furnishings.

We also have a program called up off the floor that program. We get the referrals through the school system of children who are sleeping on the floor or multiple to a bed and they're able to those families can come and get a new platform bed mattress and bedding for that bad for each child. His in the home.

Who needs a bed and there's no charge to that program that is fully funded by donations from the community city with is one of your partners social services who will serve you partnered up with cash.

We have 80 agencies and and all such purchase that we partner with.

So we have a number of churches who also are working in the community and have some connection to families and individuals who have been homeless and now are in need of furniture and other housewares for their handset actually are number of churches that we partner with and they are the ones who identify those in need who could benefit from visiting green nest and you've got a webpage group green, one in green nest and you go to Facebook but we do as well as Instagram and I encourage people to follow us on social media because on social media we are able to share a number of stories of these individuals and families who come to green nest and said you have a deeper understanding of some of the tragedies that of a fallen people and at how they've gotten to this place and then to have this opportunity to start over in such a wonderful way. It really is. It's an incredible place to work and we love being able to share their stories on Facebook and Instagram in Winston-Salem.

There's a really neat organization city with and it's one place where the homeless can go and get almost all of the resources taking care of and help them get a path out of homelessness and when the coven came in they were a number of homeless that were in high risk health situations and they found apartments form the realized after they found apartments form that by separating them, and given them all the resources they needed. Most of them were correcting the things that they needed to and were coming out of homelessness and they needed a place to stay at a number of organizations including the United Way started rebuilding apartments for these folks to move into will the apartment was just one small piece of it on me. That's just four walls and a roof.

But greatness stepped in and help provide all the things that you don't even give a thought to of a dining room table kitchenware silverware one of the families that they were working with. There was a lady that just was unbelievably helpful and was trying to take care of the community watch and really stepped out there to make sure her neighbors were taken care of when the volunteers felt that she had almost no furniture at all.

It really touched their heart that I know that there's a great need for the know somebody is going to an estate sale.

You know somebody it's already sold all their stuff and they're trying to figure out what to do with this is a wonderful ministry to think about sending this audit to so we want you to keep them in your prayers and we want you back in and learn more about this wonderful opportunity.

You're familiar with the word Christian Scripture Esther Allen flees on Focus on the Family minute. We know the new creation that very few of us are talking a new name and I believe that every Christian name in Scripture we see in the Old Testament many times God would get physical name change there is any physical name change how I got from Esther flees to Esther Allen physical name change. There will be a spiritual change. There is an old meal and is more defined in Scripture. It sounds exactly like you were before.

Every single one of us in Christ we have a new name display not God's word tells us he's making all things new war from Esther family with today's pathway minute know we have our own Pharisees and the religious world today. I think about some I know right now.

They love to point out people in public like they think are sinners. The girls they deal with them with absolute contempt. They they were spiritual giants, but in fact they were simply smug self-righteous snobs in the eyes of God.

God hates that they absolutely hate that. If you want to know what the heart of God is. It is pray for them and rejoice when they come in today's pathway minute is provided by your station and pathway to hear the Bible the TV ears or renewing your mind with Dr. RC scroll what is God is the creator of the whole world that is not simply been isolated by power higher than himself to have dominion and rule over one tiny corner of human life that we call religion, but he's really the creator of the universe is the sovereign ruler over all things that all things find their meaning and their significance as they are related to him like Prof. Cornelius Van Til once said there's no such thing as a brute fact and there's no such thing as a mute because every fact is tied find its meaning and significance in this relationship to God for today's special offer renewing your mind or will we are so glad you came back to kingdom pursuits. We want you to play about the ministries that are here today. We want you to call in and share your story or ask your questions the best call-in number is 866-34-TRUTH 8788 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We are talking with some volunteers from two wonderful ministries this morning one of Ms. the shoebox ministry and the other is green nest which helps the homeless, and it also helps families that have children that need a bid to study in year that extra child comes along and you've only got that one extra bed, but we want to talk to Patty Patty's sister shared a wonderful story with her that just touches her heart, and she'd like to share a little bit about that story what prayer is such an important part of packing a shoebox on you wonder what the needs are for these children that if you pray before you pack the box you will be amazed at how God gets the perfect gift to the right child. There was a little boy in Uganda and his mother died a bay of AIDS.

He went to live with his grandmother, his grandmother at the age of two realized that the boy was mute and so she took him to the witch Dr. and the witch doctor said there had to be a sacrifice if he was going to help the boy.

There had to be a sacrifice.

Sacrifice was three fingers that he cut off at the child and obviously his sacrifice did not work. Only the sacrifice of Jesus Christ dying on on the cross will help us but this little boy went to an orphanage that and he was there about two years and Samaritans purse came in and gave out shoeboxes. This little boy was very stoic.

He had no no communication.

He stood in the corner them.

Employees at the orphanage said they could not get the boy to even smile to respond. One of the workers noticed him and went over and opened a shoebox and started to show him the things that were in the shoebox and he had a ball. He had no response. He had crayons. He has no son, no response, but at the bottom of the box was a pair of gloves. He got so excited and smiled for one of the first times they had seen him smile any put on the gloves and wiggled his fingers because now he had a hand like everybody else. We hear story after story after story of how the right box gets to the right child and how important when you pack a shoebox that you pray that God will put this box in just the right place. Thank you so much Bob at the been a lot of large organizations in the past a lot of big churches that have come together and provided hundreds and hundreds of boxes and I know this because it is just made made this process totally different than it has been in the past but what is the program doing with with covert in mind to help make sure all these needs are met. For people who can't get out and go shopping or just don't want to get out there with all the scope gone, they can simply going to Samaritans and is linked there for operation Christmas child and on that website you can actually was called build a box and so for $25 you can pick a list of items of hygiene items of school supplies, clothing, toys and things like that and you can actually pack a box for a child and that in the $25 includes the shipping and so you will be able to pack a shoebox for child from from your own home and so you can still sure that love of Christ with the child and so when a child just that shoebox. It may be the only shoebox of the child gift of the child will every receive in his lifetime. We've heard so many stories of the been the case with got a caller with gut Adrian Adrian are you there Bethany and make sure I'm doing this right Adrian, can you hear us have to put it on hold now shoot I'm sorry, did you get her number and I hit the wrong button press. Call us right back. I'm sorry.

Let Adrian's a volunteer would you cheer a little bit about what you know about Adrian with city with dwellings that you mentioned before and she is she works for city with dwellings and brings individuals and families from hit from city with dwellings over to green nest to shop for their furniture so she's been to green nest many times she's one of our best customers.

I guess I would say wonderful volunteer Adrian, are you back I want for sufficient or if I hit the wrong button. What would we appreciate you calling the end. Can you share with us a little bit about what you know about green nest.

I volunteer dwelling help out only and very low income people that were on top of the battery building right there on off abroad and I am the representative from being from going take folks that have been recently housed by over to green. These are people Wesley get that previously have been in shelters or walking down the street with nothing on that date, but in their backpack. They have nothing. Nothing. But then we finally get them into it apartment and they walk in and there's nothing but a greater no real. Another problem like oh my God, what am I going to do now the good news is very green is another PEL of green, but there are many volunteer there and you get enough I make an appointment and or the other housing manager would make you appointment there and going in right on Brook Ave. in Berkeley next dated and convenient and were starving people in precise County and we know and you know where you're going out one if you donate furniture.

It's a wonderful thing. I go in there with the client or definitely like to call them and they have nothing and they get the all by themselves and bring their mate special meal special in the following. There are the most gory people you could ever imagine and think so make it out there alone burn in the everything every help a coffee table and lamp. There she there it Brett there how the back. It is nominal out what they can get really low about $200-$250 that they can get every and it is life-changing.

We go back to their apartment in the truck and they furniture placed all around and it is life-changing.

Pretty now have something that there there they don't usually have something really there. Being that I cannot tell you how special it but it really invite you when I know you probably already have it go and visit green.

You can go on the website and find out get dressed all they would appreciate it. Appointment no difficult if you just walk in there in there with another get but in the thing was getting at with dwellings. People love money 25 Spring St. N. spring break right on top of the Douglas battery and automatic panic, shop, and therefore ever and we would love to have you come in and what we do is bring Ed to do with going well. Now are you doing in outreaches three days a week in city with dwellings yesterday with going to open Tuesday Wednesday Thursday from 930 1130 and if there we have an eight people. Not many but, we can't afford very many people take on special case in the afternoon, but that has to be made by appointment. When you check in with dwelling during our opening hours and you working with split 50 to 60 homeless people. Each of those three days will hold good of court and on how many can come in and, of course, that when they do they have math and penetrated our air temperature is taken better but normally I'm lack where we were having between 85 and 115 and to our unity for air on 308. It is a wonderful way people to feel perspective and have compassion shown that them and help the left work feel that their lives are really counting in the world. The last year this time with with got numerous facilities across this city that help homeless with a place to stay when it gets cold Samaritans, Bethesda, Winston-Salem, that you were the hub help somebody find a place because otherwise it show up at Samaritan and they were full than that have to walk but to Bethesda and find out they were full so you are you is city with dwellings coordinating a place for people to do put their heads down during the winter yet about where your house about 100 people hundred and people, and are poor are for use. It means that were about coming up to a hard right. I want to thank you so much for coming in talking to us about these two programs I want to thank you for all the helpless fortune. Our community you are a blessing to talk to the legendary singer Pearl Bailey was the first person to record a song in 1952 called tricks to then Pres. Ronald Reagan song in 1982 press conference with reference to American and Russian efforts to establish diplomatic relations actually takes to do a lot of work in some Princeton's text to argue a little difficult for this next time you're to argue moral what the apostle James slow get on the road to discover God's way.

Route 66, driving the word whole lot onto Route 66 start your journey home today. John MacArthur with more portraits of grace. For centuries Israel has eagerly awaited the promised Messiah in the person of Jesus Christ, the Messiah already came but since you didn't fit Israel's blueprint of the reigning political Messiah who would deliver them from Roman oppression. The nation rejected him, tossing them aside like a worthless rock Christ.

This rejected cornerstone however is precious to believers remains a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense 21 people trip over a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense is large enough to crush a person. The point is clear.

Rejecting Christ brings spiritual devastation of enormous let such a frightening reality motivate you to take every opportunity to evangelize the lost. Mrs. John Pringle continued to common life. The winning coach Tony Dendy with today's uncommon moment during his last years of active player Andy Pettit served as a positive influence younger New York. I could picture it since so many situations survived the New York media for so long an adult with the pressure time again that he was able to model directly and indirectly big-league skills and Christlike habits for others on the staff.

You should strive to do the sign, whether in the church body as a whole and a smaller accountability, Bible study were in your everyday life knowing that people are looking for an example of how to be like Tony Jensen, author of the popular uncommon book, theory, more coach back in two kingdom pursuits. This is Phil Nixon filling in for Robbie Gilmore recent absolutely wonderful gifts and secular way you can be the hands and feet.

Christ in our community.

We got Julia to with the who is with green NIST green GRE in ES to the one in Or if you're on Facebook you can go to green NIST and pull it up and what they do is after the communities help the homeless get into a place to stay is one thing to be wandering around without a roof and walls.

It's another to get roof and walls in the walk-in and have absolutely nothing there to put your head to fix a meal with an green NIST is that second most important part of making that few things that they're looking for right now is bedding now if you hear this and you actually have access to extra long twin bedding. I'm telling you the Holy Spirit had you to do this show because it's got a place for you to put that debate that donation but any type of furniture you think about having a place to stay.

Your mother with a couple of kids and those kids are having to sleep on the floor. How would that affect you if you my mother passed away recently and we went when we went through the house look for items that we thought would be perfect for city with and we packed up the car. When I called them they said, well, we've got an even better place for you to take all those items and we took him over to green NIST so if you know of an estate.

This got stuff left over after that estate sale if you're cleaning out the basement and you're trying to figure out what to do with those items if your child has just graduated from college and you've got the stuff that you trying to figure out what to do with. We want you to remember green NIST and call green NIST and see if they can come pick it up or if you can arrange to take those items to them.

Julia tell us a story or two about how these these gifts of love have made a difference to people in our community. Well, a couple of weeks ago there was a gentleman who came to shop green nest. He was a veteran. He had not had housing in 20 years and on the day he came to shop for his furniture and green nest.

He was that afternoon going to get the keys to his apartment is very exciting day for him.

He came to green nest and some people come to green as the really overwhelmed by all the many choices that they have and how beautiful everything is. This gentleman he was.

He knew what he needed and wanted.

He had, he went right for everything picked it out was very sure of himself. Make decision after decision after decision, we come to the end of his shopping trip and right at the end we share some things we have like a freebie corner where we have lots of additional items like artwork like the red blankets. Some other things that we have access other people think. Select for themselves and so he's our NS at corner and he found a throw blanket had Stevie wonder on it and it turns out he was a big Stevie wonder fanned well. I think what happened was it all hit and it wants.

He'd been homeless for 20 years was getting the keys that afternoon and he had just selected all of these wonderful things to furnish his new home and then he found Stevie wonder blanket and tears just started streaming out of the corners of his eyes. We have a lot of tears at green nest and they're all happy tears. It's a wonderful place debate. We had also about a week ago we had a young mother come to us at a couple of kids.

They had been in their apartment for six months, had one mattress that was it.

Nothing else they needed everything and when she she actually was at the end of her shopping trip. It was throughout the entire shopping trip that she kept crying she kept to say all this is so beautiful.

All this is so wonderful. I can't believe I'm getting all of these things for my children and for myself and were going to have this more warm and inviting and functional home that happens a lot at green nest there a lot of people impacted by homelessness with had real really traumatic experiences and then lock in their lives to come to greenness their attitude at a turning point. They have finally gotten housing there turning their lives around and then take it.

She is these wonderful items that the community has donated and it's a bit overwhelming for all of us involved and we start our motto is that we are transforming the community one nest at a time. We believe that that Nass not only includes the individual or family. His getting furniture but it includes the donor. We invite donors to come in and see how their furniture is impacting others in the community and we believe that's transformative for those of us who volunteer and work at green nest every day we are transformed by the people's lives who are impacted the people who donate the people who volunteer as well as the case managers and the agency rats to come to us. I have had an agency rep say that the first day she came with the client to green nest was the best day of her working life and we believe that's true, it is a transformative experience for all of us involved in green nest and I invite others to be a part of us donate come volunteer with us. Come visit us and tour. We love to share green nest with that with you. We have a lot of safety precautions in place right now because of because of it. So we do limit the number of people in the building at a time, but we invite you to give us a call and we are happy to arrange a time that can be safer for you to come see how we operate in the community that Winston-Salem does a phenomenal job with bits that are on the street if they didn't have major drug and alcohol problems of been assured that if there's a fit.

This dealt with or dealing with those problems. There's an apartment for them.

But what's an apartment if you show up and there's no furniture in it. What's an apartment if you show up there's no silverware in it.

There lots of people that have gone through a bankruptcy lost a job, the landlord calls it says you gotta get all your stuff out here. What in the world where you take it you get your life back in line. You get a job you get a place that it's just empty and you imagine it being empty. We need to help folks feel that apartment up with love and allow them to get their heads straight to help seek the help they need the resources to get their life back together.

That is so much less expensive for community than trying to deal people with people as they go through the rotation of the Samaritan ministry in the in the middle Health Center at the hospital and then the court system in the part of the goose fix part of making life whole is heaven.

Those basic needs in the home.

So I ask you to pray for this ministry and if next week somebody says a neighbor of yours a friend works at what we going to do with this leftover furniture. What are we going to do for these items.

Boy, I've got all the stuff that in my basement. I've got to get rid of it.

Do you think there's a place for me to take it to say to you, the reason that they mention that in front of you and greenness comes into your mind is give the Holy Spirit wants you to say, boy, there's a neat ministry.

I heard about that.

I want you to check it out see if they can come pick it up. I want to encourage all of you to go on your Facebook, pull it up and search greenness to just sort of look through the pages and see if anything particular touches and I want you to see if you can remember to go to GRE in EST green nest with one in W is a look at their webpage because it's a fascinating webpage is an awesome ministry and see if there's something there that touches you and gives you a chance to pray for a particular individual need. Our community does a wonderful job with the homeless, but this is one important piece of helping the homeless study homeless and have a positive outlook in the future and to get back into the mainstream. And remember the children that are sleeping on the floor on cardboard and the children that are sleeping on the floor on a foam mattress and yet you got that extra bed in the basement that extra bid in the attic you trying to figure out a way to make some space pick up the phone and see if they'll come pick him up and remember that there folks out there that could really really love to sleep love Christ made available.

Your love offer. Please pray for greenness. Please wait the box ministry back in in just minutes and find out otherwise, God's world just a $25 the nation. This is your time you're here now to go out there claim either emotionally and physically therapy doctors because that's what curators do show the world you're giving is tougher than tough on the tour guides you need/counsel Dr. Michael passed by, he passed over of God's children by live Passover, which is across the angel of death will pass over one washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. In the first Passover God's people had to offer sacrifices whether they can afford it will not last Passover, which is across Jesus by rice all over everyone who comes to life passionately uncompromising treatment with Dr. Michael join us this week for a call to the nation with Carter, from Times Square Church in New York City, but had enough of this mockery of God.

I've had enough of living in this powerless place. I'm not going to sit here and lick my longer on getting up and I'm going to do something that will bring glory to God. Make sure to be with us every week for a call to the nation with Carter, Becky, and lifted it to you and Amy call though one Eastern wonderful show you're available at 1 o'clock. Set your watch go into the load on there that you a buzzard one and you can tune into any Cabo and listen to her show on this network and we want to talk a little bit more about Christmas box ministry.

Patty's got a wonderful story should like to share and then she's going to tell you how you can spend a little $25 donation and where to go to do the it's the power of a simple gift, both for your own children, and for the children of the world.

I love it when parents and grandparents work with their children and very thoughtfully and prayerfully put items of hygiene soccer balls stuffed animals in a shoebox because the power of that box is tremendous for our six county area. Last year we did 37 842 boxes which is I wow wow this year we are hoping to do a little bit more.

But what is really important to me is not just a child receiving a shoebox.

It is the opportunity for them to learn about Jesus Christ and the power of Jesus Christ after they receive a box they have the opportunity to do a 12 week Bible study where they learn about Christ.

They learned stories about Christ and they learn how to share it with other people. Last year from our 37,000 boxes. We did to 100 different countries. We had 808,098 children that he accepted Jesus Christ. Just think how many children is that they learn and they believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

To me, that is a harvest that is a harvest of young souls simply by packing a shoebox somebody that can't go out physically put a box together, still has an opportunity to participate this year. Bobby tell us a little bit about how somebody that really feels a need or desire to help that what they can do in the next 15 minutes, they can simply go on to Samaritan's and then go to the operation Christmas child link there and there's a place where you can do was call build a box and you for $25. You can choose a hygiene item. Schools supplies clothing items and then you can build a box and then it will be sent out to a child in the second or third world country and so this this box is not just something that is tangible where the school supplies again were out or the clothing is going to wear out and things like that. This is an opportunity for child hear the good news of Jesus Christ and how he loves them and gives them the opportunity to accept Christ in their life, so it is. It has an everlasting impact on child so for 25 bucks I can go to website, Samaritan's and then those operation Christmas child link in their answer 25 bucks. I can fill up a box with school supplies supplies items all lodging items.

This it covers the post-does does it will be delivered to the child wherever the country with your sentiment and I can track that box yes you can go online and and also if you're if you're just packing a shoebox on your own and then taken it to a church gets burned. It gets processed.

You can go online and pay for your shipping there and you'll receive our barcode that you put on your box it will be scanned at processing and then you get an email saying what country that box went to at your church, your friends, people that love you pulled their money together and they sent you to Togo to be absolutely sure that those gifts showed up in wonderful condition, and that every dollar that every one of those $25 when exactly where people expected to go yes in 2017, walked on, were able to go on a distribution trip to Togo in Africa and so the trip was fairly expensive but there were. We had donations from different friends and family members that paid for the whole trip and so we were able to go to Togo for 10 days and so we we saw firsthand what it's like to be after that the receiving end and see these children open up the shoeboxes and so many of them never received the gift before and so they they heard the gospel of Jesus Christ before they were given that box and so they not only did they get a tangible gift but they had the opportunity to receive an eternal gift.

Thank you Bobby.

Thank you all for being an income and sharing about this wonderful ministry and gray nest.

If your property manager if there's a hotel in town. That's changing into apartment complex.

If you're aware of a bunch of home items that could need a new home themselves. We want you to think a gray nest if you know of an estate sale.

If you've got that house that your aunt passed away and you just got no idea what you did to do with all those items if you know of a place where all those household items go. Remember green go on Facebook lit up work GRE in Pray about the thank you so much for tuning in and pray for this. This station and we love you and appreciate you and on a regular basis. Let this be a day show Christ rubbing your prayers. This is the Truth Network


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