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Christimas BEFORE December

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 14, 2020 3:38 pm

Christimas BEFORE December

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 14, 2020 3:38 pm

What a heart warmer.  Robby is missed a bunch, but The Christian Insurance Guy, Bill Mixon, rises to the occassion.  It's AWESOME!

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This is the Truth Network. There are no rules on this trip, remember? We're just heading for the Pacific, and there ain't no plan. Who knows where we're gonna be? I know where we're gonna be.

Dudley hooked me up. Check out this thing. It's a GPS in my phone now. Look at that thing. Let me see that. Yeah. Cool. Look at that. What are you? What'd you do that for? For the good of the trip.

You don't need a GPS to discover America. You need a bike, and you need the road, okay? Freedom. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show. I say this calls for action, and now, nip it in the bud. Nip it. In the bud.

You got to nip it in the bud. Good morning. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Show. This is Bill Mixon, not Robbie Dilmore. Robbie is sponsoring a men's retreat, the Masculine Journey Boot Camp, and he asked me to sit in. If you tune in the first Saturday of the month, my voice might sound familiar to you, but it is a pleasure to have the next hour with you, and we want to thank you for tuning in. It is a call-in show, and we would love for you to call in at 866-348-7884. 866-348-7884. Two of my dearest friends, friends through the Gideons, are here this morning, Bobby and Diane.

They have leadership of Love Responsibilities with the Samaritan Purse Operation Christmas Child, you know, the worldwide Christmas shoebox ministry. And if you've participated in this before, if you've packed a box, if you have helped in any way, we would love for you to call in and share your experience at 866-348-7884. I'm an insurance agent with Charles Brunson. You can find me at

And if you've got an insurance question this morning, you're welcome to call in. And if you know a really fun thing to do, or if you're looking for a fun thing to do in our part of North Carolina, try

That takes you to a Facebook page, And if you know of something wonderful going on, a family-friendly event today or tomorrow or this week, we would love for you to share that on that page. We're going to talk about the Operation Christmas Child, the Samaritan Purse Christmas Box Program. It's not too late to get involved, 866-348-7884.

Bobby, would you share with the audience? Let's pretend somebody out there has not heard about this program and tell them a little bit about it. Well, it is a ministry of Samaritan's Purse. And what we just simply do is we ask people to pack shoeboxes. And they can be a shoebox that's where you have bought a pair of shoes, or you can buy a plastic container at Walmart or wherever, and it looks like a shoebox.

And pack it with school supplies, hygiene items, articles of clothing, and a small toy. And then there are many drop-off locations around our area. And then that box gets processed, and it goes to a processing center, and then it will eventually reach a child in a second or third world country. And what's so great about this is that many of these children may have never received a gift in their entire life. And so not only do they get a gift from someone around the world that tells them that somebody out there loves them. But the greatest thing about this shoebox is when they get this shoebox, they get to hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which means that God loves them, that child, just as much as he loves you and me. And so they hear the gospel, perhaps for the first time. And many of these children, when they receive this shoebox, not only do they receive this gift, but they receive eternal life because they invite Jesus into their hearts.

That is fascinating. Diane, it's neat to be in a ministry with your husband. Tell us how long your family's been part of this ministry. Well, Bobby and I have been year round volunteers with Operation Christmas Child for I'm trying to think here, I think it's 13 years now.

Started right after you got married. Exactly. No, not really.

It is. And we counted a privilege. And we just feel very blessed that God called us to do a ministry together.

And I do, I do not take that for granted. There are a lot of couples who don't have that calling. But God called us at exactly the same time into this ministry. So we do get to serve together. What type of things do you do in your position? We work with community relations. So what we do is we reach out to organizations to get them to pack boxes. So we work with Trail Life, American Heritage Girls, Scouts, any community organization that would be willing to pack shoeboxes. We speak, we go in and talk to them. So we're out in the community.

There are a lot of jobs or responsibilities within the team. But that's what we are called to do is to work in the community. How complicated is this COVID made your efforts to provide boxes around the world? Well, Samaritan's Purse has always has a plan. And so with COVID, they had Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. And so we have moved forward with the shoebox collecting, especially with COVID.

The world needs hope today more than it has ever before. And with countries shutting down, we really have a need for shoeboxes. And Samaritan's Purse is able to get into some countries where no one else is allowed in, because of these shoeboxes being tangible gifts for these these children in these countries they're allowed in.

And so that's why it's so important to, to have shoeboxes to be able to deliver to these over 100 countries this year. Bobby, I know there have been some churches that have really worked to get a whole lot of boxes together for you. What are some of your biggest participants? Well, there's Calvary, the church that we go to has been a big participant in years in the past. And there have been Pinedale Christian Church, which is the collection center for our area.

They're very big when it comes to that. River Oaks, another one out in Clemens, is a church that they are actually a relay center. So people in that area take their shoeboxes there, and then River Oaks will take them to Pinedale. So there are many churches in the area that are very involved with Operation Christmas Child.

So that's great that we have that kind of support. Diane, I understand an individual can do a single box a couple different ways. How does that work this year? Yes, so especially with COVID, some people just don't want to get out and shop. You can actually build a box online. So you go on Samaritan's Purse dot org, and you can build the box according to whether you want to do it for a boy or a girl, what age group you want to do it for. And you can sit right there in your home and build a box online.

And you don't even have to leave your home. And they'd go where to do that? Samaritan's Purse dot org. So I could just go to Samaritan's Purse dot org and click a few buttons and I can pick the items that would go in that box I can pick whether it's a boy or a girl. Can I pick the country or is that a little bit too specific? You cannot pick the country, but you can do a tracking where you can find out which country it went to.

Oh, well, that sounds neat. Bobby, how many countries are you working with now? Well, this year there will be over 100 countries where the shoeboxes will go. And there is what's called a national leadership team in each one of these countries where lay people get involved on that side of the shoebox, if you will, to make sure that the box will get to the children. And so they work locally with churches.

They're like-minded in the faith of the gospel. And so they'll have what's called distribution parties. And so they'll get a group of kids together in their neighborhoods of these churches and they will have a big party and these kids will get these boxes and be able to open up these boxes. I seem to remember somebody telling me this started with Bosnia.

Have you heard that story? Yes, Samaritan's Purse started Operation Christmas Child in 1993 and with actually a layman from England that contacted Franklin Graham and said, you know, I have something that is on my heart. I want to help the children of the world who are in places that have war-torn countries and places like that.

And I want to give them a gift. And so Franklin got together with one of his friends and he has a big church in Charlotte at the time. And so that first year they collected over 10,000 shoeboxes and the first distribution was in Bosnia in that war-torn country at that time.

So it was a great start. So in a country that had three different divisions, there are all kinds of people being shot and killed and the kids were having to duck from bullets. You started putting together gift packages for Christmas and had volunteers that went through those lines to deliver children's Christmas gifts into a war-torn country.

That is just the most fascinating thing. I believe there's something on the web page that sort of goes into depth on that. Is there a web page people can go and find out more about how this works?

Yes. Again, go to Samaritan's Purse dot org and then there's a link in there that's Operation Christmas Child. You'll see a little tab at the top of Samaritan's Purse web page that says what we do and then it shows all the different ministries that Samaritan's Purse does and Operation Christmas Child is one of them.

And then you can see the history of Operation Christmas Child on that. Well, this sounds like an absolutely spectacular way to be Christ's hands and feet around the world. Tune in. We're going to talk a little bit more about how you can get involved and pray for this ministry. Thank you for tuning in. You're listening to the Truth Network and Truth Network dot com. Well, we want to thank you for tuning in to the Christian Car Guy show.

Robbie is having a boot camp this week and asked Bill Mixon to step in for him and it is an honor and a privilege to share a little bit of time with you. Remember, this is a call in show and we would love for you to call in to 866-348-7884. And I always like to lift up the fun things to do in Forsyth County.

If there's something going on in our part of the state that others would like to join in, some family friendly events as hard as they are to find, if you would go to the Facebook page or to www.ForsythFunThingsToDo and share them, we would appreciate that. Bobby and Diane are with the Operation Christmas Child Samaritan Purse program and they're going to share with us how those of us that like to do Christian missions and have been COVID scared to do things could do things from our sofa. And I found out there's a way for just $25 to send a box of love to over how many countries, Bobby? Over 100 countries. Over 100 countries in the world for children that are locked away, worried about what's going on and many of them won't have a Christmas present without your help.

And they can go to what webpage? and there's a link there for Operation Christmas Child. You know, we were talking about Bosnia was the first country. You actually went to a country and helped pass out the boxes one year, right? We did. Yes, we went to Togo, which we had to look up on a map. They called us and asked us if we wanted to go.

We said, yes, we do. And then we hung up and looked at the map to see where we were going. And it only took forever to get there and half as long to get home, right?

Exactly. But it was worth it. It was amazing.

It was a life dream of mine to do a distribution. It was life changing. It really was to actually be a part of this ministry, but then to go see what happens on the other side of the box, to meet the national leadership in Togo, to see their dedication and their passion for the children in their country, to hear the gospel, to see the distribution, to see the children's faces when they opened the boxes.

All the videos that you can watch just don't do it justice. It was an amazing trip. And yeah, I assume that a big part of you going was to be absolutely sure that these gifts and these $25 donations from people that what you give actually shows up and is used. I mean, you're making absolutely sure that there's no graph, that there's no money falling off the truck, that everything is going where it's supposed to go.

It's a check system. Uh, but you met some kids over there, I would assume. Is there a story or two that you'd like to share from Togo? Oh, wow.

Let's see. Well, we did, we were able to do actually five distributions while we were there. Um, I will share a story, uh, just about, you know, we put all the things in the boxes and we're like, what would the children really like? And, and, uh, we, we want people to do a quality box, but honestly, um, when we saw the children pulling out pencils and jumping up and down because they got pencils, um, it, that's a life changing moment when, um, when we realized that children around the world can't even go to school if they don't have school supplies. And when they get excited about pencils or one child said her favorite thing in the box was a bar of soap. I'll tell you what, that is, that is a humbling experience. Now, if they go online and they're willing to give up $25, they can choose which actually goes into those boxes.

They can. If they choose a boy, then it would be a ball. You know, that type of thing. Every child will get school supplies. Every child would get hygiene items, but they'll choose if they want a doll or a ball. So that type of thing. And then what age group. And I've, I've actually been able to pack those boxes and they're really, um, good quality boxes.

They're done in Charlotte. Uh, and so I can testify that it's a good quality $25 box. Now, um, if I put together a box, if I get my Sunday school class together and we put together boxes, if my church decides to do this and we put a tractor trailer load of boxes that come to one of the distribution centers, we can go online and we can track where that box is and we can keep up with it all the way to the time that they, they handed out to somebody. Well, if you pay your shipping online, then you will have a tracking number that you can keep up with and it will tell you which country it went to. That is, you know, it's just neat to me that I order something today and I can go online and see right where that thing is all the way till it gets to my house or the wrong house. When you, when you pay your shipping, you will actually be, uh, given a QR code or a barcode, a type of barcode, and you'll print that out and put that on your shoebox. And then, so then when it goes to the processing center, they have scanners that scan the shoebox and then they scan the shoebox and then they scan the master carton that it goes in and they know what country that is. So then the person will get an email saying your shoebox went to whatever country. It's amazing to me for 25 bucks, that includes the postage.

I mean, none of the operating expenses are coming out of that. Even when you went to Togo, your friends and your churches came up with the money to help get you over there and make sure everything was being handled properly and bring you back home. So I can't think of a better $25 somebody could spend to make sure that some child finds out about Jesus. I assume there's a tract, there's some material, there's a Bible. What, what goes into the box on that, that level? Well, they in the, on the receiving countries, they get a little pamphlet.

They put in every shoebox, the greatest gift. And it gives, it talks about Jesus, how Jesus was sent to earth for one purpose, to die on the cross for our sins. And so it tells the child right off the bat that they are loved by God and that Jesus loves them and loves them so much that he came to die on the cross for their sins. So each child gets that pamphlet in their language.

Okay. And so there are many boxes that have people put New Testaments or whatever in their shoeboxes and they have a Bible that they can read as well. But this pamphlet tells them the gospel story in their own language. Now in Togo, I assume that when they handed out the boxes, there's also a word of witness that went along with the gift. There is, there is.

Every single distribution party, if you will, is done the same way. They'll sing, they'll sing a few songs and they'll do a skit. Maybe the children will do a skit and all. And then someone will come up and give a gospel presentation. So before they, before they ever open up that shoebox, they hear the good news of the gospel. I tell you, this is just, I promise you when the show's over, I'm going to put $25 in this.

I'm going to call that or go to that website and do a box. And we want you all to be praying for this ministry and we want you to tune back in after this commercial. It is just a pleasure to have you in the audience.

Please call in, uh, 866-348-788. You're listening to the Truth Network and In and being here with us. Uh, it's just a beautiful morning out. There's no rain. It's a nice feeling.

No rain. Uh, we want to lift up to you that, uh, there's a wonderful show that comes on later. So much truth all day on the Truth Network this afternoon at One Eastern, The Cure with Amy Cabo, the program that offers a platform of hope for everybody. Amy Cabo and The Cure this afternoon at One Eastern on the Truth Network.

We hope that you'll do a note or go into your phone and set it to remind you to tune in at one o'clock Eastern and catch that show. We're here, uh, with the Pledgers talking about a really neat ministry that takes Christ to over a hundred different countries around the world. And for $25, you can go online and you can make a donation, pack a box that will go as a Christmas gift to a child somewhere in the world.

And you can track that box to its destination, Operation Christmas Child. If you've participated in this before, please call in and share with us 866-348-7884. Or if you have a question about the ministry, call in to 866-348-7884. Um, Bobby, how long have you been volunteering with this ministry? We've been in volunteering for probably about 10 years now. Diane said earlier that we were being involved for 13, but I believe as, as community relations coordinators, we've been involved for about 10 years with that. Now, have both of you started at the same time?

Yes, we did. So, you know, I know with the Gideons, with all the time you put into that, we hit this part of the year and you've always got to pull out your calendar before you say yes to do anything. How, how many different events do you pack into a month? Well, when it gets close to processing week, which this coming week is processing week, it does get hectic.

And normally November and October, November are our busiest months of the year. We have Chick-fil-A collections coming up this week. And so I'll let Diane talk a little bit about those. So, yes, we do partner with Chick-fil-A. We have national partners every year. And so Chick-fil-A is one of our national partners this year, along with Trail Life and American Heritage Girls. And so, yes, we will be doing collections outside at the Chick-fil-A this coming week, since the dining rooms are not open. So that across the country, Chick-fil-A's will be doing that this coming week, along with here in the triad.

Now I may have misunderstood. Can I take a box to Chick-fil-A and drop it off for them to deliver it? You can drop off a shoebox at Chick-fil-A during their collection night and you can get a free chicken sandwich.

So any Chick-fil-A, I can pack me up a nice box, make sure I use my mask and my gloves, put in what I think needs to go in. I assume I don't seal the box. You can put a rubber band around it. We'll be fine. And then it can be checked.

And if there's anything that should be added that wasn't, then they can do that. So put on your gloves, put on your mask, fill up a box, put a rubber band around it, take it to your local Chick-fil-A. What day? Well, actually different Chick-fil-A's are doing it different times. So it's not each Chick-fil-A is doing it at different times.

So what window, what time frame? You would want to call your local Chick-fil-A to find out what day they're doing that. Go online. They might have it posted online. On their pages, they'll have them on there.

Or for 25 bucks, you can go where? You can go to Samaritan's Purse dot org. And then there's a link there for Operation Christmas Child. And then there'll be a link on that that says build a box and then you'll get to go in and choose the items and create that box that way. And I know some of the items are school supplies, a ball, a doll. What else are the type things that go in the box?

Hygiene items. And you mentioned school supplies a moment ago. In many of these countries, if children don't have school supplies, they don't get to go to school. It's not like here in America where every child goes to school. In places, in a lot of places and countries in Africa, if the child does not have their own school supplies, they don't get to go to school. So we take so much for granted here in the United States. And so packing a simple pencil and pen set to us may mean nothing. But to them, it means that they get to go to school.

And so be sure to pack school supplies in there. Now, if I'm not mistaken, a lot of boxes are passed around in the United States and families and homes. No, they're all going around the world. They're all going to second and third world countries. Second and third world countries. Is there a particular story that you remember that touched you from? Yeah, there are.

There are several. You know, often we get hung up on what we're putting in our shoebox and, you know, do I want to put a pair of gloves or a toboggan because I don't know where it's going. So it may go to a child that is in Africa on the near the equator. And you would think that what if my box ends up to a child in Africa near the equator and I've got gloves and a toboggan in there? You don't need to worry about that.

You need to put in there what God lays in your heart to put in it. Because when we were in Togo and we've been twice to Kenya and they're both near the equator, we saw these African children wearing toboggans. To them, when it gets down to 70 degrees, they're cold. So they were wearing toboggans at 70 degrees. But one of the stories that really made an impact for me is there was another person from the United States on a distribution trip and they were there watching the boxes being presented to a child and the child opened up and again it was in an African country where it was very hot and the child opened the box and he had a pair of thick winter gloves. And the person from America said, you know, I'm so sorry you got gloves because you're not going to need them here.

You're not going to need them here where it's so hot. And he says, no, you don't understand. He said, I have to help my mom cook and I have to handle the hot pots and pans with my bare hands. And so I burned my hands. And so now with these gloves, I don't have to burn my hands.

So God has a way of getting the right item to the right child. And if you pull 25 bucks out of that credit card and you go online to order, then that's not a concern. They know exactly where those boxes are going. That is correct.

That is correct. And you can track them. You can track them from that point on to where they go and you can rest assured that there are people that pull money out of their pocket and that they get friends to make donations to help cover the cost. They're volunteers going to all these places around the world to make sure that these gifts go exactly where you expect those gifts to go and that there's not money falling off the truck on the way. I can't imagine sending a box with a whole bunch of neat stuff in it and paying the postage for only $25. What a wonderful way to be absolutely sure that you're fulfilling God's mission.

Diane, is there a particular story that you'd like to share? I would just like to address the people that are packing the boxes. Like Bobby said, pray before you start packing the box. And whatever God tells you to put in that box, put in the box. And sometimes when we go to the processing center and we look in these boxes, we think, what was that person thinking? But you know, now we keep hearing story after story about the children who received these boxes.

Don't question, just put whatever God tells you to put in that box. We had one woman who did a twin box. She put two of everything. And that would sound strange if it was going to one child, but it ended up going to, um, two sisters. Uh, they didn't have enough boxes to go around and they were able to open that box. And both of those girls got one of everything in that box. So God is amazing.

And he already knows what child is going to get that box. Yeah. Yeah.

It, it dawned on me. There just must be a countless number of volunteers making all this work. And you must come in contact with hundreds of different people that take time out of their day to do this.

Are there some particular people that you've worked with that you'd like to lift up that have done? Well, we've got, um, 15,000 year round volunteers in operation Christmas child. So there are a lot of people that you may come in contact with every day. We have, um, probably six or seven people on our team that we are just so thankful for, um, who partner with us in this ministry to, to just get the good news out of, of operation Christmas child and what it does around the world for these children. So everyone on our team is, is very special. And I know that there are there teams all over the country, uh, just like ours that pray for these children who get the shoe boxes and who work very hard to make sure that, that people know the time of year to pack shoe boxes, which is now. And so, you know, every, every volunteer is extremely important. We're very thankful for them.

We need you to pray for those volunteers. There's a volunteer behind each and every box. How many boxes did they send out last year?

Do you know by chance? Last year, there were 10.5 million boxes worldwide collected. Uh, 8.9 million were collected here in the United States.

You know, somewhere I saw a total, do they have a total running total for one, uh, one point, um, over 1 billion over 1 billion cards have been done since this inception of this program. Wouldn't you like to be part of the 1 billion people and the 1 billion kids that have received these boxes for $25, you can go online and you can be a part of this program. So please pray for this and we will be back in a few minutes. Thank you so much for tuning in.

You're listening to the Truth Network and In the scriptures saying in Jeremiah that he have a future, he will not abandon us. I was born in the Philippines and growing up in a poor family and living in a tiny house, no stove. We just used wood and cooking and growing up, um, I did not receive any gift. Sometimes we got to bed empty stomach and when I was a child, I have favorite name reverse. It says in the scriptures in Psalms 37 for delight yourself in the Lord and he will and he will give you the desires of your heart.

I decided to have my own clients but my mom could not afford something like that. One day our pastor inviting us for an event for the church, I saw these big brown boxes and so my teacher handed me the shoe box. I'm so excited to open it. Teacher counted three, two, one and then we open it together with the other kids and when I opened my shoe box, I saw a lot of items in there like the hygiene, I have a washcloth, pencils and I have stuffed toys and in my joy, I see a full box of clients. I am grateful in that moment knowing that there is people who packed a shoe box gift for me and I am blessed because they sent me a box of gift that brings joy for me.

I become a training teacher of the greatest journey and it's impacted to me because I see those children going to church with their families and I see their smiles and joy in their eyes that when they receive the shoe boxes that I felt when I was receiving it. I moved in the United States in 2016, I got married and I have two kids and so I become a yearly volunteer for shoe boxes in our church. I am so grateful for being involved in this ministry and Operation Christmas Child knowing that through packing shoe boxes, I am allowing children all over the world to the love of Christ and bring joy to them. You know if you've got a small group or church or a Sunday school class and you're looking for a project, it's hard to find a better project than the shoe boxes. Diane, tell us a little bit about what folks can do outside of the Christmas month.

Well there are people that have so many talents that God has given them. We have women who sew pillowcase dresses all year round, crochet hats, men who make wooden toys, whatever the talent God has given you, you can put it to such good use by making things year round for these shoe boxes and not just start in November but just work all year round. Women knit and sew and children make games and fishing kits. I could go on and on about all the things that are put in these boxes but if you are a group or you are a church that would love to pack shoe boxes next year, one great idea, some churches collect an item every month or maybe hygiene items one month, school supplies the next month, clothing the next month and we work year round and so you know before you know it it's time to start packing shoe boxes and so if you think early early on and just different creative ways that you can get items together to pack boxes, people have packing parties so that you can get together to do them together, families do them as families, there's just so many different ways and on you can go on the Operation Christmas Child page and it will give it will give you so many different ideas and different ways to to get these items together. You know it's often our small groups trying to figure out what a really great thing to do and come together and work on. During COVID you can get each member of the group to go onto the web page and to do a box at $25 a piece.

What was the web page? Or you know you get through this Christmas season and you're looking for an ongoing project to do you could go to the same site and work on a project all year long to have the boxes ready next year. Bobby what what do people need to know? People need to know that for one they need to pray for the child who's going to receive that box and that's the most important thing that they will hear the love of Christ when they get that shoe box and that they'll accept Christ into their heart if they haven't already. The other thing people need to know is the shoe box doesn't only affect the child it affects their whole family and in some cases their whole villages. We've heard stories where children have received shoe boxes and have accepted Christ and their grandfather was a witch doctor in the village and the witch doctor ended up coming to Christ and giving his life to Christ. So the box is more than just a gift to a child it's a gift to a village in some whole village in some cases where the whole village will hear about Christ and that's what it's all about.

Is there another story a closing story you'd like to share that you remember? Diane was talking a little while ago about pray what God will have you put in the box and this is a God thing it can only be a God thing. Somebody packed a pair of prosthetic shoes in a shoe box and you would think how in the world is a pair of prosthetic shoes going to get to the right child and so the child who received this shoe box not only did he need a pair of prosthetic shoes because there was problems with his feet but they were the right size.

But they were the right size. Now only God can coordinate that and so you know pray pray what God would have you put in the shoe box if it's something you know what you might think strange don't question it just put it in there. Well I know from knowing you folks for over the years that this is something that means a great deal to you that you get a great deal out of it. I know through the Gideons you do a wonderful job sharing God's word with people that you come in contact with. We've got to remember that if we've got Jesus in our heart that we've got a responsibility to be God's shoulders to be Jesus's hands to be the Holy Spirit's feet that we've got a responsibility to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those that we come in contact with to make a difference in the lives of those around us. We have a responsibility whether we're teachers or not that we're evangelists. Everybody's called to be an evangelist and to share the good news and we should be actively looking for opportunities to do that. I can't think of many ways that we can that we can do a better job of sharing God's love around the world than to provide one of these shoe boxes.

The $25 covers all the gifts the box and the shipping and then you can keep track of it and you can be absolutely sure that this is one of those ministries like the Gideons where you can be absolutely sure that every penny you put into it is going exactly where you want it to go and we want you to pray for this ministry. We want you to pray for the the recipients of these the children around the world. We want you to pray for the leaders that they keep doing a wonderful spectacular job of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people around the world. We appreciate you tuning in and if you've got the ability to tune in for Kingdom Pursuits we hope that you will do that right after this show and we hope that you will remember at 1 p.m to tune in to Amy Kaba and The Cure. Thank you for tuning in. We appreciate you greatly. you're listening to the truth network and
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