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But God...

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 9, 2022 1:00 am

But God...

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 9, 2022 1:00 am

In today's episode Nikita is joined by Maury Scobee for the third part of his story about former Reverend Billy Graham.

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network man up. Welcome back to it's time to man up with the devil's worst nightmare that you to go off today of the Bayesian story of those listening part 12 was personally assist his wife has so many amazing stories, personal memories will welcome my listeners back to the cuticle off, it's time to man up and we have been having just be. This is such a special treat for me. Talk with more school be personal assistant aide to Rev. Billy Graham is Ruth Graham and and the Graham family as it is a whole so some amazing memories and in traveling to China is there is there another country that perhaps you escorted the grahams and or were were a part of of that trip for the part a part of that crusade something that jumps out that really really is a fond memory of you of yours. We had three huge congresses in Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 83, 86, and after them to file and so wall I was there with the grahams that I be speculated by and then we were planning to go back in 2000, but that Mr. Graham had brain surgery had to have some surgery at the Mayo Clinic.

So we were unable to go but they break that satellite for us in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic and we watch the live every day all all the meetings over there ever been there whether so that Mr. Ms. Graham ever wanted to save all your combat on a certain preacher or loud times I did interviews back and forth different evangelism or speaking from certain parts of the world wanted to during their time of speaking wanted to ask Mr. Mrs. Graham question so all that was capable with this modern technology. Yeah right. I know that's it it's it's pretty amazing what oh what we can do, especially in today's day and time and and when I am inward. Talk with more school be who was 43 years now with the Billy Graham evangelistic Association.

What is a personal assistant personally took to the grahams and and and you are with them right where me right up to the passing of Mrs. Graham as well as all yeah I would call the house. Mr. Graham would route was picking down all you know her nurses were cabinet elements grandma so it appropriate. Five.

Probably couple hours or maybe regular balder two hours before she died. I thought that be a marvelous time that he would embarrass that by her bedside held her head.

They have their last visit as a world that was Travis flag and then he called didn't really say that I think that you realize that he, wanted.B of the slavery. When she took her last breath though.

I think that that be hard for ADL married couple, especially all the longevity of the years that I have been very some point all he walked back to his office and all. We sat there and visited Friday and all know he knew that it any benefit commitment say that she had gone to heaven for the I think what fascinates me is not been out to the Billy Graham Library will talk about that in in in just a moment in a few minutes here as well will will will circle back around about it had done what they always fascinated me was with what's on the gravestone at end of construction.

Thank you for your patience… LOL I see Ms. Graham had such marvelous wisdom about the about-face, but then she also had a tropical side to.

And I remember that there was a lot of interest in the fact that she came up with that will say and all that's with all the great that's that's pretty that's pretty amazing in and so she knew she would pass and you continued on with with the with Billy Graham and injustices yeah him and his needs than right so I was up there that he passed the euro is getting more more quiet but all we have plenty of around-the-clock nurses 24 seven and then dull. I filled them. I usually work the evening shift, so that's all I could be very wanted have a couple of band that worked in the daytime with the nurses a bed. I worked in the evening with the nurses and then went to beta special for Mr. Graham to have me for the second half of the day. Well that's a huge blessing were talk with more school be personal assistant aide to Rev. Billy Graham 43 years of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association to talk some more will become backward to talk about the Billy Graham library. We can talk about the cold. Talk about Montreat, Franklin Graham, Samaritan's purse will be back in in just a moment just some phenomenal stories that that more is is sharing with us in I think more think I could talk forever with you in the butt. I said I sure appreciate all the stories, not for one glad that the bill Murdoch connected us together and it brought you into my life and this is been such a joy getting to know you and him. Oh absolutely yeah I hearing some of the stories and end up let let's talk for a moment, let's just reflect back for moment for our listeners if maybe some am unfamiliar with Franklin Graham are or what he does me through Samaritan's purse and that can you give our listeners just kind of a snapshot of what all Franklin does well I thought maybe I'll at least get it fit into the family correctly with the grahams got married. They had three daughters right in a row and then the fourth child with and so wall reverent grandfather was named William Franklin Graham and then when all Billy Graham was born. They named him William Franklin Graham Junior and so then when Frankel was born. He's William Franklin Graham the third and then all Franklin has beside the ghost Parkway had and he's William Graham the fourth, follow now when TLP's. Oh just a teenager, so yeah down the road all I'm sure the Lord will bless them with another William Franklin Graham that's that's pretty amazing. I know you CC shared on one of the other shows how know how you first met Franklin and in and in those days, you know, he was I guess transparently transcranial. He was living the college life right but it at a certain point and in his life journey God grabbed a hold of his heart and and absolutely yeah I turned the corner and and from there you know you launched in the course you know he travels around the world and around America, you know, having prayer meetings everywhere me is very influential everywhere he goes in the course Samaritan's purse.

Which of our listeners are familiar with and you have them. A little snapshot of what what's what's Samaritan's purse all about what they do well. It seems like all I think Franklin actually inherited that it was started by mandate Bob all grieve all the funders made sweat me, but he started in the California and all the then scheme of things because it his friendship with Billy Ray and then he got to know Franklin and the Lord laid on his heart. Bob Pierce was his night. Bob Pierce okay and so Bob felt led to all give the Association give Franklin the keys top right you might say. So Franklin that took over Samaritan's purse and all. I had a little bit involvement because it was based in Los Angeles, but Franklin just once he moved to Berlin to go to college and then stay there that he may just someplace all these years. He did want to move. He didn't want to have to go to California to run the Samaritan's purse so he actually brought the whole thing lock stock and barrel all across the space from Los Angeles to burn in the course of AME. They do everything for those who don't know they do everything from going into disaster relief areas are some many times that I put together the first boots on the ground many times right in bringing salary leadership but if I be praying for people. I mean if you fall the organization. All they do amazing work and just loving on people trying to comfort people through disaster relief. Those sorts of things, but also the Christmas shoebox rate is is interesting how well that I forgot that somebody actually suggested that Franklin and then bake or let it brought the idea for him to move that forward which he has no it's quite an organization so it's well looking into stores all of your listeners to the free will of the global ministry Samaritan's purse really is it going to every continent. Yeah. And I know that the Christmas shoebox if they do not for me without me is just an opportunity away for whether it's your church or you individually just an opportunity really just a blessed underprivileged child and in and in many cases, and in other nations in instilling perhaps the only time they've ever even gotten a gift they open up this this shoebox and it's filled with all kinds of toys and just different things that you see the expressions on these kids faces it's all yeah pretty amazing right all somebody else said quite the idea of doing that with them.

They realize that Frankel would be wonderful to keep it going. So they day three of the idea of moving forward in 02 of this day on the bill be up gigantic shipment arrives on the certain country. All they go all over the country give it out, please shoebox is this just helped on the quite often that such a blast.

Figured this lever faces of these children.

Once I get that box and opened it up and because they also put a Bible of the track and ball.

There certainly hope and wall is a humanitarian thing, of course, but on the other hand they wanted to be a witness so that each recipient of the box will have an opportunity to have a Bible and then learn about the plan of salvation that hopefully prayerfully consider becoming a believer now, that's amazing that that's the founders really what it's all about rightists is how sure the plan of salvation and surrendering a heart in her life to to Jesus, and more. You have a tell us about just tell us briefly about the know you been helpful and in escorting some some of my friends to the Billy Graham Library. The first time I went there I brought my dad prior to his passing. We spent three hours at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte.

If folks if you've never been putting on your bucket list.

Put on your your things to do list because it is a phenomenal so what kind really kind of a self-guided tour, but more tell tell the folks because I know you worked there briefly, as well as the Billy Graham library as well yeah I'm still connected with her but right now with all the probative everything in coronavirus if the numbers are down because everybody sort of afraid to get out and about I wear a basket everywhere you do that we would tell have to do all live a life like this. You know how it spread around but tell yeah me. We still have people that are wandering again, and the numbers are greatly reduced. Again, I think people are afraid to be of a crowd, but all still people drive via that doll. See the signs for the Billy Graham library of their familiar baby with his name and his ministry and his longevity and selection of laundry gathered there's different rooms that you go through the whole thing. I think you could probably take oh comfortably two hours to see the whole play in the handbell. After that you can spend almost another hour in the bookstore. They got a marvelous bookstore is a lot of people that come true have never even become Christians and a lot of them. Pray for salvation and then one of the first things they watch.

After that was to buy Bible. So we've got felt quite a number of Christ Bibles for everybody particular for baby a paperback or somebody else like one little bit by survival. So, listening to the truth and to cool off and I am here with a huge announcement like public speakingman up men's conference. MorningStar ministries portal South Carolina August 25 the 27th you think that's always a way.

No, not too soon to sign up. What a lineup of speakers we have the benefit of David and Jason All-Star NBA All-Star how would his speaking world wrestling champion flex mover Chris Rick Joyner Delta force commander, Gen. Lieut. Gen. Jerry Boyd tired. Yours truly Nikita for approving them to advance the spring shelf and register today.

It is live start events and start gold registered, you will want to miss the cuticle fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today. W.

S. M. C. The number because you are number 10. It's been a wonderful euro sort of furthering the owner both fall responsibility look after these people that come to the library event except the Lord and then want to begin their path. We which is amazing in and yeah so so for this again you never been so you hear Billy Graham library, maybe thing in public library, but I I assure you this morning. It's in the bookstore so there is a bookstore and there are books there, but this is not you know like the public library going in and checking books in and out. This is this is a tour of Rev. Graham brother milligrams and he and Ruth and and in the Billy life story so you are really walking through history of of his life story and I want to. The first time ever did it more. I was blown away. I know my dad was greatly impacted by bite is what he was already in his 80s. My dad was well yeah I am but we were blown away just by your 11 surrendered life. What what what God can do with one man or woman one child whose Foleys fully committed fully surrendered fully yielded to the call upon your life and just the impact that this one man made worldwide and so folks, it's an opportunity related to her his life within us as a couple points of reference. It's interesting, more like when you walk in the place courses there's a giant glass cross when you when you walk up and add yeah yeah and and so the interesting thing is whether people know it or not. Like you said, there's a lot of people were not even believers who come to to the library. What they don't realize is there entry when they enter the doors or entry to the foot of the cross into the library, which is pretty good point that such a good observation. You're exactly right there there there cut in endure it directly already coming to the foot of the cross which my dad what his testimony was when he grabbed the old rugged Cross right in and so that's pretty amazing and then as you kinda completing the two before you enter into the bookstore you walk through not given away. But you walk through a heat a tunnel of cross of of neon crosses which is a pretty good cool forelock by the way out here and not to mention you know that that your good and you get at least leave understanding there is a plan of salvation in an opportunity to him as Morrie said to make that decision and to give your life to Jesus bore any any idea just curious. Any idea to date since the library was open approximately how many people have made that decision that that that I would like to Jesus.

I started by Gores, but I've got to believe it. 505 you think about when it opened. 2025, 30 years ago maybe 2000 and by all right. Oh, it very well could be. And then we got counselors bear so that when you finish the tour you end up right where there. Some counselors bear at the first leg begged me that they say yell.

If you are moved want to talk about this anymore and then you'll see one or two or three on every tour, every day all throughout the day. I say yes you can. Sometimes you can see that they've been moved to tears and that otherwise you could just tell by their count.

That's that they were affected by what they saw on all the different rooms that you go through this part of the tour from God this place and some videos. I've done a remarkable job. I really honestly well yeah I can. I can do know that it what one, one last favor memory for for me for the Billy Graham library is is when you gave up our dear friend Bill Murdoch and myself a a a a special to her become a private owner yeah yeah with with lots of special stories.

That's what the me that what amazes me about all the stories you have about all the different things countries and and things that the that that that you have shared with me over the years and in things that are on display there, but the special memory. Morrie is is we have lunch because if you get hungry while you're there. That's in the capital area and you get hungry. I had the opportunity.

I was like just blessed to sit down and not really have much of you put a dear friend of yours by name of Rose Adams writes that Wilhite and took care of Billy Graham's mother for the last three or four years of her life and it was right there the day that she died and went to have a good mother, Graham, and so Rose Adams from every Saturday for the listeners that happen to come by the Saturday all my figures been limited because of Tobit that all before too awful long. I think she's going to be back been there every Saturday at she's got some marvelous stories with sale CEC does and and and folks she is, she still drives. She's 94 years old she still gets dry pretty amazing woman and in fact she has a book I'll just mention of our reflections on when she was taking care of Rev. Billy Graham's mom. She has a book that actually right yeah of those reflections she had journaled, and you want to talk about a fascinating story as well.

Maybe one day you will get Rose Adams on the show here. Maybe one day as well so that I would be more it would be wonderful.

Morrie got to just a few more minutes and let let's talk about. I know you will. When we first met. At the cove we first met, it was you. Given the given me a private tour the Cove Sheriff are listeners, but what what the cold is worse located what it is all about hello all located in Asheville and all initially all year round conferences that are anywhere from a week to 10 days and just marvelous evangelical groups that commanded, it could be anywhere from hundred and 50 to 200 and all you can certainly look it up as quick hello THC COBE in Asheville, North Carolina, and just look up on the Internet and just the if there's some conference that looks like you would be a real blessing to go to because all of the bar. There are different topics that doll. Some of them are packed out with Bill and everything in the chapel full and then others are sometimes a little bit smaller but it would be well worth your listeners to consider coming to joke sometime yeah I want one that comes to mind. I'm not mistaken, just being an athlete. I seem to be.

Recall that a Hall of Fame coach Tony Dunphy not mistaken it has as she's just one example of some of the caliber of speakers draw in ministers that they bring into the cold for these conferences so that in for some of your older listers you go back to back your 50s baseball player Bobby Richardson.

Wow okay I'll be a spell around a dog you know that would be a wonderful guest on your show almost take the figure of somebody else, over talk about. Please make yourself without that be wonderful to have Bob Bobby on the show just like I'm doing now what I have to admit I may lean on you to help me make that connection that's all that's really fantastic. This is so doable with me split by Hobart by phone with you signature home on your folks well absent, absolutely moria well that so last last little story here. Let let's last for listeners. Let let's talk just for a couple minutes about Montreat in the I know recently you gave me a tour of a full tour of of Montreat in the evening to show me, show me where Rev. Graham and Miss Ruth lived in it and we know where you live there at some point to tell us. Yet there listeners just briefly about Montreat. Well, it's just a real homely beautiful part of the Western North Carolina. It's kind of at the end of the road where you get the bog. It was the conference center for the Presbyterian Church USA and all over Western North Carolina is limited. Listers are probably aware you got Baptist, Methodist Presbyterians they got every one of these two got their old Dell Bible centers where they have conferences every week.

All through the year. Sometimes there year-round. Sometimes they work better in the Sprague or just for the fall and so Montreat is just one novel will more you have shared some amazing stories and and certainly I love to.

What would you come back if I like to back we come back on the show sometime. Oh, absolutely I would do anything with you. You're wonderful to be with well you have II know I want to be respectful of your time and I know you have so many more amazing stories that that you can share with with our listeners and more school be personal assistant personal aide to Rev. Billy Graham Miss Ruth and in the Graham family organization. Now 43 years and and and counting right Morrie 43 years and counting for life. Where did that come from out of the years about what I have a dear just minimizes this the days and weeks sometimes drag on, but the years fly by right pretty good. I like a lot of truth to that.

Well Morrie thank you so much for being a part of its time telling welcome Bob so that you have been a part of the program about this (eight I am little element of all interested doll. Thank you so much for proposing the idea and I'm so happy to have been a part of it today. Well, you know, but you have a special place in my heart I love you my friend and I appreciate all that you've done in serving the Lord and serve in the Graham family and you have made an indelible mark upon upon mankind, and thank you for your contribution Hobart have the same to you. Your remarkable person I'm so blessed that God allowed our paths will cross all right.

More will you take care when working and working only be talking to you again sometime soon.

Okay, that will be fantastic. All the best. I'll talk to you. I got bless you it's time to man up there we go bye-bye but this podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers and generous God bless you for your continual contraband not only if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see adoration in her declaration for a gift of $50 can accumulate his wrestling set for $100 more, you will include a signed copy of the tale of the ring a lot.donate today green vinyl tile carpet right now number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want a thing limit for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were this is the Truth Network

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