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August 15, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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August 15, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Psalm 127 verse one except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. That again, and that this powerful army that just kinda cuts everything away and gets right down to where the rubber meets the road. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen wake up, but in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early to set up late to eat the bread of sorrows for so he giveth his beloved sleep hello children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward as arrows are in the hand of a mighty man so our children of the youth happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them. They shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate noticed the first part of verse five happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them. May I say that we all have different size quivers for some six is full for us three is to fool.

I think were full into voice knocking another one in their and God gives different grace as a different wheel for everybody and her. I heard one preacher preach Alice I say that hopefully you have heard one preacher preach one time that you know you have at least six children and it to him.

I say that's what I say to him just taken, but I don't believe biblically there's in your gut that you how many are supposed to have, or whatever the case will be gotta give you what he wants you to have God designed the homework to talk about that today.

Father, we need you to build our house Lord. So many of us have labored in vain. So often trying to create a product that only you can build we've tried all the books we've tried all the advice we've taken everything that society would tell us that we need to do in Lord over and over again. We have failed. Lord, may we see today that you're the one that has to build we have to submit to you, Lord, I pray that you would build our marriages that you would build our homes that you would build our children and that father we as the husbands and wives as Lord the removal of the ones that are responsible for homes that father we would allow you to do exactly what you want to do in your name we pray. Amen. First, today I want to look at either some things I see in this passage that a very, very clear I believe Scripture almost outlines itself and I enjoy outlines. I'm sure many of you can probably tell that, but the first thing I see is the foundation look at verse one is says this except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. That means this from the very start, God has to be the one to build it.

God has to be the one calling the shots, you know, the foundation dictates everything the foundation of your house will dictate you can have the nicest house, but if the foundation is wrong if it's not settled right if it's not designed right if it's not stable. It doesn't matter how nice the house is on the outside. It's not safe if the foundation is not right. Do I have any men right there. The Bible says that a wise man built his house on the what the raw the foolish man built his house on the sand and so often you and I trying to make what would this this society tells us as a family and trying to have in our homes. What society says we need to have and what were supposed to have. Often times, we've done nothing but build our family on sand and it doesn't lasted washes away and we can find out it's not as stable as we thought it and we have to come right back to verse one and realize that unless God builds the house that we are laboring in vain.

All of our work and effort in and money spent in all things were going through. If it's not going God would do it. It's in vain.

Why are churches falling apart all over America. Why is wire Christian so hated why why are all these things why a society so against Chris and I say why because we have failed to do our job as Christians. I don't know what happened years ago, but somehow we stop designing our families in building our families the way God wanted it, we let too much of the world get into our families and we let too much of the world get into our churches, and before long we realize that where the ones building the church is where the ones building the families where the one building our marriages and it's all falling apart because it should've been God building it, but you want God to build this church I everybody tells me when you become a new pastor that you're going to struggle with things but I sure have you try to figure yourself out. You think Nana you not. I know I want these these products and I want I want these things to happen but you know where where my supposed to be strong on and where my supposed to be lenient on it. Where do I draw the line and where do you show compassion then where do you show the it's a hard process and I found out that the best of my efforts can't build one brick of the church.

It's going have to be God. You know sometimes people are going to leave and you've done everything you could do bent over backwards given in the world and they're still going to leave and you know what it's God's building the church, God's in control of that I am and I realize I could spend all my time given all my effort, and it still probably leave probably not will be by the slip.

I'm just saying that you you're beginning to learn that you know what your efforts can't do it God just going to have to do it at and more work has to be done in the prayer closet and less trying to do what you think ought to be done and our staff. We tried to take him to places that train them. Not all these things that we can do we. We need those things we need ideals, we have to go to the leadership training where it says take all these things won't do any good if you're not on your knees in your prayer closet praying for asking and begging God to bless this God has to build this church and folks God has to build your home never wanted has to be the foundation we recently built a house. I shouldn't say we build a house, we risk recently had someone build our house in there here this morning and I enjoyed watching the process.

I was very very impressed by the process and there are some things I find when it comes to the foundation.

First off, and I had the literary fees were number one. There has to be a director and it's what we would call the contractor.

There has to be somebody calling the shots. There has to be somebody making the decisions and that's called a contractor. If everybody put in their two cents worth.

And everybody was calling the shots.

There's no telling how foundation would turn out. There's no telling our house would turn out to be a somebody has to hear everybody's ideas. Somebody has to hear everybody's opinions but somebody has to make the final decision. Dear friends, God supposed to be that person in your home. What often happens is as we normally have a constant fight of God, wanting to build our family a certain way and I was trying to build a different way every one of us would say no. I want God to build my family, but so often we do things and allow things and practices in our home that are totally against God's word.

What's going to happen to have a house divided of the Bible says house that's divided can't stand there has to be a director.

Folks that requires submission.

It requires us saying this is your family. This is your home. Our marriage is not our marriage. This is your marriage God and you're going to have to build it, you're gonna have to do the work in the way God does, that is for you to simply abide by the principles in God's word and God will build it first, there's a director. Second, there's the design that means that would be blueprints and plans etc. that means that there has to be decided how big your room is going to be has to be decided where this is going to be on this lot and a has to be decided how many rooms were going to have an and and if it's could have a pitch roof it's going to have this kind of roof is going to have. You know, this kind of society was going to have brick then there has to be a blueprint there has to be design you have to know where the electrical outlets are going to go and you have to know where the plumbing lines are going to be run.

There has to be a design somewhere you don't go just say wow. Like a house on the skin to start building and see what I come up with the has to be a design you know that design comes from for your family to come from the Bible where blueprints right here we blueprints we we dealt with at all last week about husbands and wives in our differences as Bible gives blueprints ally as a husband and supposed to treat my wife and he gives blueprints how life is supposed to treat her husband and this book gives blueprints how my wife and I are supposed to raise our children and the principles were supposed to do it still and those children a design, may I say this dear friend if you want God to build your home and God has a certain design, and you decide to go against that design. God's not building. No you are God. Now I can't do anything about it if you're going to take the design he had planned for your family and your to say no. I want this.

I want to different type of thing I want to have my opinions yes what God's not building it now. You see we got to go by God's design. What is that what is the title of our series that we begin some weeks back, the way God designed it and dear friend. This Bible gives us the blueprints of how it's supposed to be done gives us the blueprints about our marriage gives us the blueprints about our children for gives is blueprints will I listen this this Bible tells us how were supposed to act at work and you know that it tells us that were supposed to treat our employer and/or our employees.

This Bible even gives us a blueprint how are supposed to treat each other in charge deal.

This Bible even gives us a blueprint of how were supposed to treat our government. By the way, today's a big day a really big day. We need to ask God for some miracles, in his mercy. The design number three, there are the details you see when you begin to design a house there has to be a foundation and that is dictated by okay you got have a contract, you have a director then you got have a design but third you gotta have the details and then that would be the kind of materials are to be used whether your house can have crown moldings can have trim in different places and even has the details of the kind of quality here to use. Are you that I have maybe a hardwood floor. Are you going to have radio maybe an engineered floor you have carpet you have filed anything. I cannot tell you this many times the difference between expensive house and maybe a midrange house is the details inside coming. Somebody has to make that decision, or you can use quality products, or even a Trotta are you try to get a deal going to cut corners and are we going to use something that maybe it'll look okay for a while, but it is not to be the most lasting of things.

But who cares. I'm just going out there and live in it, dear friend, this is your family. If your home is your marriage so you better determine that you use the best materials possible disorders that come from preacher. Well, it's very easy. The Bible says that they did so to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption Bible says either.

So to the spiritual of the Spirit reap life everlasting. What a different look at me folks when we tell you when it comes to the details in your family in your life you have to pay attention to the details and you have to determine whether your home is going to be a fleshly home or if it's gotta be a spiritual home, you're gonna have to determine what's going to be good to go on was going go on in that house. What you're gonna watch in that house. What you're going to listen to and that house what the practices are going to be. You have to determine how the kids talk to you now. They don't talk to you. To determine what those kids where and what they don't where you have to determine what we need or don't need drink or don't drink. Have to pay attention to the details of your house. If God is going to build it, then you have to have the best possible material. Often times we so to the flesh in our families and our homes. We we participate in practices that are totally against the Bible and God and men were not here to jump anybody today you say men to come to church or just I'm not jumping on you. Sit here saying if you want to build a) a house and you want God to build it and you want to have the kind of family and marriage one day that you look back and say me and thank God there's no way to explain it except God did that and there's some things were gonna have to do and we gotta pay attention to details and God gives us a blueprint for that. He says thank you so to the flesh reap corruption know about you, I don't want corruption in my family. I don't want corruption in my marriage. I don't want corruption them all. Last I see is the decorations see when things get up. Then we determine what's going to go inside of the decorations and what has a different opinion about that paint colors to carpets, to whatever else might be young, say, over the years in evangelism. We've gone eat a lot of homes. I would say so there's a lot of different taste and decorating when there's a baby go to her house like a headache. I can't say was going on their mobile days on my way.

I would like while they got you live in this.

You know, but man they love it so it might come in my house is a how do you what I love a were all different but mass. It is the decorations preacher about second Peter chapter 1 gives us this lesson it says add to your faith virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. Mimesis causes a.k.a. once you have the foundation settle which is faith. Faith is the foundation then there are some things you're supposed to add there some things that you're supposed to decorate your life with. There's some things that should start showing up and after faith in you gotta start adding the say folks and forgot I have a godly home for you.

Have a home that God built the we gotta start adding some things may I say this that there ought to be some virtue showing up in our homes. There ought to be some knowledge he said how do you get knowledge in your home and you get God's word you read with your family. Yet you have them faithful to church to get them under the sound of preaching and you're here this morning so moms are not jumping on you, but some people you know they say wow this is fall apart. That's all part and you want to say you haven't been to church to three months only what would you expect their friends. God says of divorce were supposed advert you are supposed to add knowledge. That means were supposed to put ourselves in a position where these things are added to our life.

I believe that temperance ought to start showing up. Let's be honest now. It's pretty clear that God is not building that marriage and that home if there is constant outbursts of temper everywhere there's always holler and scream and calling names fighting I with a some God's not building that that's not God's product God says we should have temperance, gentleness, goodness, faith, the Bible sets, gotta go through all of these but that's the foundation. Bible says except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build mass say this, you're wasting your time unless you do it God's way. Secondly, I notice, is this not only is the foundation.

But second, the fortification to what is fortification me.

I means the defense around the hall.

Notice what he says in the second part of verse one. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen wake up, but in vain.

Were talking about the defense were talk about protection that's over talk about here any say in this God has to build a house if you try to go to your wasting your time and then when it comes to that.

He says God is the one that has to protect your home you try to do that on your own you're waking up file no Lord you and I don't. By the time you and I see a problem. By the way we try to form a family have a marriage raise our kids when we try to do that in the flesh are you looking at me. By the time we see the problem it's too late. That's all we need God's wisdom because God will show us way before that thing it's out of control. A this company to be done about this some needs to change here because you and I are wisdom we were just slow. We we don't know what God knows and often times by the time we think there's a problem.

What is he say the watchmen wake up. But in vain. By the time we say. Gotta be done to should been dealt with a long time before we give it some things about this fortification number one I see the protection it says except the Lord keep the city.

Second thing I see is prevention. He says the watchmen wake up, but in vain. That means this you know if I'm gonna make sure that my house, my home is safe and I'm not just found out from break-ins I'm talking about say spiritually talk about creating a hedge about my family and my home is what the Bible says God not only has to build it.

God has to protect if you try to do that without God's help, then you are going to be too late to what he says to preach what you mean by that.

What I'm saying is this, if you abide by God's principles for God to build the house and you and I have to abide by God's principles in order for God to keep the house and if we sway from that.

If we say no not to do things God's way.

I want to do it my way. God says that by the time there's a problem you're going to be too late to try to do a thing about the fortification third this morning and I'm hurrying through. I see fear. Look, if you would. This is very interesting. In verse two says this it is vain. See this word, vain, vain, vein vanity God saying that all our efforts are for not all the best things we think are good things we can do if we know without God gives for not conveying it's vanity it doesn't accomplish anything. Notices verse two. It is vain for you to rise up early to sit up late to eat the bread of sorrow. What is he talking about here will number one I see on under this under fear is panic. This is a picture of you and I things going wrong in our family we see the devil trying to do this. Doing that in this what God says is vain for you to rise up early go to bed late eat the bread of sorrows, panicking, worrying, God says that doesn't accomplish anything.

What is the next phrase say. He says because this because God gives sleep what you me this for he so he giveth his beloved sleep say preacher how these things haven't gone say something I found out this little bit when I say safety in fear and different things happen it always come back to this, but my wife and I when we had our time at the hospital with Kayden.

You talk about fear you talk about panic and what I found other than one thing I could do about any of it and nothing you can do honey what good listen to me folks I did have my time to get up early. I did have my times of staying up late. I did at my times of eat the bread of sorrows. In fact, I have my towns and sleep at all worrying wondering God won't would you do this, why is this happening and I cannot tell you this all that didn't do one thing to change the situation. So you see panic second you see peace. He says he gives his beloved sleep. It's amazing that all my efforts didn't change one thing: I realize that's all I lower this year. You're the one in control is I can't really change it hundreds to give it to you is amazing how God can give peace in the middle of a very difficult situation. It's amazing when people come up with is a weirdo so strong. You have such strong faith through this. You know sometimes we didn't. But you find out that my best efforts of panicking doesn't do one thing to change the situation. What I found that in situations that most people would panic God can give you peace.

You know why because prayer works better than panic. And when things happen in your life and circumstances, but sickness comes up and you have fear. Look at me different. Prayer works much better than panic you just get out on your knees you lay it all out to God giving your heart desires.

Talk to him about it, let it all out. Say God I need your help and you know what let God worry about it. Let God minister to it you get in the bed and sleep or the Bible say Bible says joy comes in the morning. Weeping might endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. I want you to notice also.

Lastly, I see the future not just the foundation the fortification, the fear, but want to know is lastly the future. Look at verse three. What is our future preacher flavors, three low children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward as arrows in the hand of a mighty man so are the children of the youth happy is the man that had his quiver full of them. They shall not be ashamed, and they shall speak with the enemies in the gate number one. I see the privilege of our future. What is a say in verse three children are an heritage of the Lord in the Fruit of the Loom to be the womb system that's an homage to my dad right there I was, it was a beverage on for the loom to be very brief sermon. But anyway, as bad an arousal. What is God say he said children are a privilege that were heritage means in Psalm 127 it means this it means inheritance. It means payment. It means obligation. It means this thing God out of his love and goodness has given you an inheritance by giving you children that is a privilege just the whole process of children and a how God doesn't.

But he doesn't. And may I say this morning that everyone of you. I believe that have children there are difficult times and there's times they actually break your heart and I understand that but children are a privilege that were rewarded verse. Verse three means compensation or benefit their benefit to us.

It's a pleasure it's a privilege. What you know to secondly we see the potential.

Verse four as arrows in the hand of a mighty man so are the children of the youth God says is that your children are not just a privilege for you, but they have potential and it is your job as a parent to do everything you can do to cultivate that potential.

Tell your mom and dad you all you do and you try and you work and you raise in your pleading, you train you do all the stuff your child can still decide to do it.

They're going to do. They might choose a different route.

They might choose a different direction, they might know a way that you are trying to to point them in or push them in lesson that's their decision.

They will answer to God for their decision.

You and I will answer to God for how we card and train their potential. Every child has but it is what God says that our children are literally like an arrow in the hand of a mighty man I've ever thought about this. Why would he use arrows arrows are only in the hand for a short period of time. Did you know that this arrows are made to release arrows were made to let go. You know what our job, our job is to point those arrows in the right direction and then let them go. That's all we can do you know either like arrows because they can do damage to Satan they can do damage to Satan.

You know what we gotta do we gotta train our child right teaching the principles of God give them every opportunity and potential to serve God enough they choose differently.

That's their choice, but if you raise them right and they choose right then they can do damage to Satan. Some you have raise children and their serving God in place.

Some of them right here I'm taste him every time that got child is faithful to church witnesses to somebody does anything for God that does damage to Satan and God said, hey these children not only our privilege but there is great potential there. Why do we have a bus ministry why we do things like trick-or-treat why we do things like community day why we have so this class is why we have a lot of I'll tell you why were trying to direction. We need your help. We have helping we can point with a somewhere average around over 200 kids not always unite with our buses. Imagine that's with four routes.

Imagine if we had eight routes. Imagine if we had 10 rounds.

Imagine if we had 15 rounds. Imagine if enough people got a burden and vision. All of a sudden those buses when they pull in are just full of a bunch of kids shows that we will.

Satan lastly there is the pleasure.

Look at verse five and will go happy is the man that have his quiver full of them.

You know that children not only are a privilege not only are they potential. Look at me folks.

Children are pleasure. I know that the day might come there not a pleasure but I you just be quietly me alone. Let me enjoy while they are thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast.

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