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July 5, 2022 8:47 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina start Luke chapter 15 verse one to the Bible says, then drew near unto him all the publicans and sinners for to hear him, aren't you glad Jesus always has time for a bunch of sinners. We all this morning.

By the way are nothing but a bunch of sinners. I don't think anybody needs to be reminded about that because I've sinned this week and I know some you probably have. I've had ask God to forgive me for things and I know you probably have were all sinners. Aren't you glad that he's not so above us is a God that he's not willing to come down and eat and drink and fellowship with the publicans and sinners. Notice first two, though, and the Pharisees and scribes murmured as they always did. By the way, and that you know you always find in the Bible, the religious hypocritical crowd always did one thing that always murmured so. The Bible's take on a murmur is normally a religious hypocrite, and that something so don't murmur or that my syllabus on the about us verse two in the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying this man receive it. Sinners and Edith with them.

How dare he so are you reading these verses preacher. I want you to understand after this.

This is the crowd, publicans and sinners in the Pharisees and scribes, and they're both all that whole group is getting ready to hear sermons by Jesus. So he is speaking to one group who is the publicans and sinners.

Then he speaking to another group, the Pharisees and scribes, and they're all together in the same audience, so it got understand who Jesus is preaching to to understand the full meaning obviously of the different parables that he gives notice if you were the first one he gives the parable of the lost sheep, then the lost coin, then the lost son. We always have to illiterate with a the lost sheep, the lost silver, and the lost son. And so, would you look if you would it verse 11 and he said, a certain man had two sons now for the sake of your time this morning I want to read this story because you need to get it all.

I know you read it 100 times, but there could be some hear this.

Never heard the story, so I wanted to understand where we are and he said, a certain man had two sons in the younger of them said to his father.

Father give me the portion of goods that follow to me and he divided unto them his living. Obviously is inheritance what was going to be his inheritance in the sun got tired of being there at the house, for whatever reason, he said dad I want my inheritance now and I want to leave so the dad did verse 13 and not many days after the younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living.

When he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land, and he began to be in want and he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country and he sent him into his fields to feed swine and I don't know. I don't know this is true of her different things, but if you'll notice in verse 15 the Bible says and he went and joined himself to a citizen. I don't know if this is the case if it is on the how we got out of it. Opposite this is a parable that I am told that I have heard that word join means that he sold himself as a slave to this individual. In Bible days if you were a slave and an individual had a slave you can only have them temporary.

Nobody owned their slaves because on the Jubilee year they would all be freed no matter what. The only way that you could permanently onus ladies if it is the slave sold himself to you through his own decision and said I want to be your slaves. I don't know if this is what happened that this young man became so desperate that literally to even be able to eat. He had to sell himself to be a slave. By the way, that's exactly what sin does. It makes you a slave you serve it. You serve it. There could be men sitting right here, not trying to get personal, but have gotten in the habit of looking at very wrong things either on the Internet or other means.

Look at me before long that will literally own, you and you will be a servant to that notice. If you would. Verse 14 and when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine is always emptiness and sin. And that's where sin always takes you to where there is nothing like it. Verse 16 and he would have fain have filled his belly with a husk that the swine did eat. We find in the verse before that this man he went and if he sold himself as a slave, or at least joined himself to.

That's what it means, we find that he slopping hogs, and will enter thing about this am sure some you know this is that this young man was Jewish. In the story and that in Jewish people did not eat pork.

And the worst place that a Jewish young man could be is slopping hogs as they were considered a very unclean animal by the way they are and unclean animal but they are delicious. I think I felt the spirit of God move in right there. Verse 16 he would've seen it filled his belly with a husk that the swine did eat. He was literally getting ready-to-eat slop and no man gave unto him. Can I say something about this world.

You can expect people to give you some many of you that been in this church for years or join your self to this church. You're blessed because we have people here. They give you. I don't understand people so I want to go to church and also the home to watch so-and-so on TV. Let me taste something you are robbing your self of a blessing because you need your brothers and sisters in Christ because I know something about this church and if you're not if you don't go to church you not belong to a church you're visiting here you're not a member, Richard, I can recommend you this church wholeheartedly because we have people in this church that are generous that are godly and I can't tell you how many times I've seen people in need, and I have been a need, myself, and people in this church have given what you can expect that from the world notice. If you would. Verse 17 when he came to himself, he said, how many hired servants of my father's habit read enough in despair and I perish with hunger. He says met my dad servants of even got food and here I am a son and I got nothing. Verse 18 I will arise and go to my father and will send him father, I have sinned against heaven and before the and of no more worthy to be called thy son make me as one of thy hired servants. Father I pray you bless this morning. We love you we need you. I know I do in your name we pray. Amen.

Only the story of two sons number one I want you to notice the rebellious son just a minute were to talk about the religious son they lastly were to talk about the righteous father I want you to notice the rebellious son. There were two boys of the two way word.

The wayward prodigal of the two sons, it seemed that the wayward prodigal was by far the most likable. He was the most attractive and he was the most honest but he was the one that was wayward and I don't know why that is like assay in this story. Both sons were equally lost. Did you all hear me the one son was lost in the world. The other son was lost at home. The prodigal was lost slopping with the pigs but the elder brother was lost. Sitting in the pew. You see, the prodigal agon often had done wrong and we knew he had done wrong. He had done wrong outwardly that everybody just knew it.

But may I say that that elder son might not have run out into the world and he might've not gone. I made some of the stakes that that other son made me tell you about the elder brother.

He had a rotten attitude and spirit, and he was just as lost as the wayward prodigal. I believe sometimes our churches are full of lost people there religious but religion doesn't save you the rebellious son you are the best thing about this. The father love them both. Nice to serve a God like that when we heard him by our actions or when we heard him by our attitude. He still loves us. The context is important. This parable was given two kinds of people. A bunch of publicans and sinners and Pharisees and scribes listen to me.

The publicans and sinners solve themselves in the prodigal and the Pharisees and scribes, much to their dismay Saul themselves in the older brother and dear friend. You can see your self. Probably one of these two this morning.

Either way, word, and have blown it and have messed up or it could be that I'm sitting right in the pew are of always set but my spirit, my attitude all right. The rebellious son by the way, I don't find mentioned here.

The mother now I could be at a detail that God just left out, God did mention it could be that the reason this young son and had a hard time at home is wanting to leave because maybe he was close to his mother. And I'll tell you why I think so because his brother was the oldest and he was the youngest and often times dad's because the oldest is there and he got to that age now dads work in the older in the in the business.

It's close to the older and oftentimes the younger son of being younger dads busy with the older and dads at that level. Now he enjoys doing things just like me at home. Oftentimes I there some days that I probably spend more time with Daniel and I thought that I want to let Hudson right now it has enjoys the plays and he does things in Daniels and the football. He likes to go out, play baseball and football and that's just it will be easy for me to identify with. I go out for football and different things in huts is not at that stage yet it could be that maybe the older one had spent a lot more time with dad. And maybe the younger one was closer to his mom and maybe had spent more time with her and maybe she had been killed. Maybe she had died. I don't know maybe something it happened there and he had lost that identity and that the net net stability and that's really as close to me. Always have. Maybe a hard time getting along with dad. And maybe there was this disagreements. Maybe he saw things differently. I don't know of whatever reason he wanted to leave home. He wanted to get off get out from under the confines of his father he wanted his inheritance and he wanted to get out of there.

I find it very interesting to things I want you to see this morning. Number one I want you to see his leaving home prayer. Second, I want to see his coming home. Prayer.

Now let's look at the word God see what they are his leaving home prayer is in verse 12 and the younger of them said to his father. Father give me give me that was his leaving home prayer father give me that's rebellion, pride, selfishness I want what's mine. In fact, I want something that I haven't even heard I wanted father to me. That's always the start to a nice rebellious road.

I owe I deserve it, it's mine. How many times have folks left the confines of a good church and a good family because they felt they were something want you to notice his coming home prayer verse 18 and 19. I will arise after you hit rock bottom eaten slop out of the pigs buckets. What is he saying verse 18 I will arise and go to my father and will send him father notices he has a, I've sinned against heaven and before the and of no more worthy to be called thy son. Notice what he says make me is going away prayer was father give me his coming home prayer was father make me whatever you want to do with me. I've learned whatever you want to do. I'm totally at your mercy, just let me be a servant. Just let me suck you. Let me tell you were caught would love to see you when I get to deny this morning to get away from thinking God owes us 10 people I we deserve such and such.

God can use you when you get to the point that we say father.

I've got nothing without you doing me what you want to do.

I'm all yours. I just want to be. Rebellion starts when we think life is better away from the father and rebellion is when we realize how wonderful life is with the father the rebellious son. Second, I want you to see the religious son, Dino, a religious person can be just as lost as a rebellious person. In fact, I think it's more dangerous to be a lost religious person because oftentimes individuals will think because there religious that there okay, a rebellious individual knows they're not okay. They know they rebel they know they've done wrong, but you let a person get pride and arrogance because of their religion.

They're in trouble. Religion is following rules not following the Savior when I say this morning. I do not want Kerwin Baptist Church to be religion. I want this church to follow God different if we have a bunch of rules and regulations on a piece of paper that you have to follow then we are not anything but a religion. When you and I start doing things because we love the Lord. We start changing things because we love God. Now were getting somewhere want to notice couple things about this son first want to see his attitude, but if you would've verse 28. I guess I better begin rebirth 25 we left off. Now his elder son was in the field in the field working where you supposed to be. And as he came and drew nigh to the house. He heard music and dancing, and he called one of the servants and asked what these things meant and he said in him by brothers, and I father have killed the fatted calf, because he hath received him safe and sound. Verse 28 and he was angry. His attitude we give you couple things about his attitude. Number one he had a carnal attitude. What is mean to be carnal means to act like a baby means to be immature. He literally had a little fit because he was resentful, jealous, greedy and full of pride. He had a carnal attitude, dear friend.

May God prevent us any of us being in a church like this from having an immature spiritual attitude by pitching our little fit because somebody did mention me somebody to do something for me. Somebody didn't call me somebody didn't come visit me somebody did this or didn't that dear friend that is nothing but spiritual immaturity.

That's a carnal attitude. Second, he had a critical attitude notice. If you would as he continues to say something like verse 28. I was angry would not go in there for his father came out and entreated him notice for 29 and he answering said to his father, lo these many years do I serve the either trans or assigned any time, the commitment and yet thou never gavest me a kid.

Notice verse 30, but as soon as this sum was, which hath devoured thy living with harlots, critical what he do he pointed out the fault of his brother, never noticing his own faults or we are guilty, then church. Sometimes Harley will sit in the pew phones will never come speaks to me okay what you've notice that fault in them. Have you ever gone speak to so-and-so all you didn't remember that you did make mention of that host were seen faults in others that were not seeing her own fault. That's called a critical attitude is what this for that's what this son had. He was so good at finding the fault in others, but he was so miserable and bad about single fault in his own life. 30 had a condescending attitude. The whole way through.

Yuri talk about his brother somebody's is nothing why because he left home because he did wrong, condescending, dear friend. There is nothing that will turn folks away from God more than meeting a Christian who was condescending. Listen, we might feel differently. But that doesn't make me better. Maybe you do something I don't do it. That's just my conviction that doesn't make me better and you might do something or not do something that I do and if were different. Guess what that means, that might be your conviction, but it doesn't mean you're better than me were all sinners who God in Christ died for a condescending attitude. Notice, fourthly, had a conceited attitude.

Notice what I just read verse 29. These many years do I serve the neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment all really saying he was perfect all these years are some people to really believe that how many years of bitter done this and I've done that will different your ruining because the reward God might've given you now can be ruined by the attitude is with this kind attitude is this son had his attitude notice.

Secondly, his actions verse 28 he says he would not go in the wrong attitudes always lead to wrong actions you get a wrong attitude toward somebody at church before long. You only want to come to church will say well for so-and-so and they they do this have to have hip before long we just from looking go to church were just like that older brother says not going in. They don't deserve it. They don't. This they don't that why Kimberly they got a new car on the want to church on the one help in on the one, but maybe running a bus route. On the one single car on the one helping ministry from one help. No one is on the one this and they don't. They show the church once every four weeks and they get a new car before they get a new house, why would God do that, dear friend, don't ever make that mistake because if you get a wrong attitude.

Before long, wrong actions are coming will happen in the house of God this morning, hard last week on salvation. Now you're just being mean.

No, I'm not.

I'm getting somewhere. Third want you to notice his argument. Verse 29 and 30 and he answering said to his father, lo these many years do I serve the neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment.

And yet thou never gavest me a kid that I might make merry with my friends. But as soon as this thy son was calm which at the bar, the living, the pilots, thou has killed for him the fatted calf amazing guy have problems. Everything was I me or my. That was his argument why things weren't fair because I was done wrong dear friend if you and I focus on us can be a miserable life. Everybody everything you go nears can hurt you if you are focused on you. This elder brother was so consumed with his own feelings his own desires and his own accomplishments that he did not realize that pride and arrogance had consumed his life, what you notice.

Fourthly, his arrogance towards adverse wells in verse 33 Windows using the Bible preach what he saying he pitches a fit. The dad has to come outside to him and he has to justify himself to his son.

He says say it was it was me it was right that we honored your son honored your brother that we celebrated him coming back home. The saddest part about this whole story is that there is no verse 33. There is no verse that says in the elder brother apologized to his dad went back into the house made right with his brother know the saddest part about this elder brother. He was so arrogant that he never changed Noah so great about the rebellious son he came back and got right. The worst thing about the religious son he never changed when a be horrible to be said about one of us in this building that while we might be religious, never changed. What you notice. Thirdly, this is the exciting part to me the righteous father and here's why it's so great. This is really a parable about the fact about the dad. I just try to say dad and father the same time, not just at that. How did I do that this is really a parable about what in the world when I get that from. This is a parable about the father about the dad you see we call the parable of the lost son. But let me tell you what is really the storyline here if I was a reporter.

I'm looking at all angles and finally got a character here. We got we got the sun that went away and we got the sun that stated Hannah from looking at all the characters of the story and you got maybe friends of the prodigal, and they were friends once he lost the money and then you got one other character whoever this guy was that the lost son joined himself to.

You got all these things, but if I'm reading from a reporter from looking at this thing the one thing that is the greatest story of all of them here, and I believe is what Jesus was trying to say it's the role of the father. This is the parable of the righteous father, not just the lost son because there's two lost sons as a preacher, what are you talking about the father is mentioned 12 times in the double parallel in this passage, it gives us a glimpse of God himself unique in the Bible, God is rarely called father in the Old Testament. In fact, on one hand, you can count the times that the name father was used for God in the Old Testament, he just wasn't referred to his father. But when Jesus came to earth was born of a virgin, gave himself, lived a sinless life for 33 1/2 years while he was here Jesus introduced a new name for God that we had not been subject to through the whole Bible. Up until now, and it was the name father and here he is giving us a glimpse of our Savior being our father in fact is the greatest name.

I believe use for God in the Bible because not only is he, God, creator.

He's father. Jesus came to teach us a new name for God and it's illustrated in the story. Notice couple things one wanted to see his patients. He had patience with the rebellious son and he had patience with his religious son.

He had a lot to rebellious son take money and go out and leave the confines of his house and wasted. But he still was patient with them, but he also after celebrating the homecoming of his son had to go out and intrigues his oldest son. He had to leave a party celebrating his son that was found and he had to go out to this critical, self-centered, condescending, they had to say son you will always be with me to preach what he said notice.

If you would. This is great if you would've verse 30.

The Otis is still complaining, but as soon as this thy son was come, which at the Bauer thy living with harlots, thou has killed him for the fatted calf and he said to him, the dad, son, thou art ever with me, even though you got this rotten attitude in this wrong spirit. Even though you're acting like a little baby I want you to know something even when you act like that you're still my son, your friend, he shall patience with the rebellious son and he showed patients with the religious one and I'm here to tell you he will show patients to you what a father notice. Secondly, I want you to see this is generosity. This is great he gave to his son when he left memory gave him all his inheritance he knew wasn't wise, a new one. Best, but that's what he wanted to learn this lesson. Listen, he gave to his son when he left and when his son came back he gave again son come back have ruined everything that he gave. He wasted everything that he had given how many times have you and I taking the blessings that God's given us and wasted him our flesh and our desires, we wanted to do, and we've absolutely made a mess of everything. When we come back. What is he do because of getting the fatted calf praying on the road bring a Marine. He's come home. What a generous father. What a generous God, what you notice. Thirdly, his compassion will give you would've verse 20 and he arose and came to his father but when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion on him if it had been you or me after what this unadorned us. We awaited their the door there's been no medium halfway additional thought about that for left I'll you think we've been at the door with us in there in the recliner waiting for him to come in and gravel in Bay.

I do so well let you back home. Let me tell you this, that would've been us when because after all that's how we treat other Christians is an when they come back home. Mutate out God. This dad met him halfway it with the Bible says you drove Bill drone. I do thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone and 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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