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June 29, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville North Carolina this morning pattern to follow. 18 read this passage is when you give a little bit history have to understand it and then just some brief points that can't help us. What are we supposed to learn from this and I hope that this will help you this morning. Joshua chapter 22 owners begin reading verse 21 and them were discrete eight verses I think it isn't, but I want you to gotta get the setting and I'll give you the history so that you can understand it better when were done. Verse 21 of Joshua chapter 22 then the children of Ruben and the children of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh answered in red unto the notice this, the heads of the thousands of Israel.

So here are 2 1/2 tribes that are basically now trying to communicate with all the rest of the tribes of Israel. Verse 22 the Lord of God's this is what they said the Lord of God's of the Lord of the Lord God of gods he know in Israel, he shall know if it be in rebellion, or if in transgression against the Lord, save us, not this day that we have built us an altar to turn from following the Lord, or it to offer their own burnt offering or meat offering, or if you offered peace offerings thereon. Let the Lord himself required. These men were coming to the rest of the tribes as they listen. God knows our heart. God knows our motive.

If we have an ulterior motive for doing this for a wrong reason or wrong motive.

God knows this, let him require it. Let him judge that verse. If you see verse 23, 24's usually and if we have not rather done it for fear of this thing saying in time to come. Your children might speak on to our children saying what had he to do with the Lord God of Israel, for the Lord God had made Jordan a border between us and you you children of Ruben and children of Gad, you have no part in the Lord. Listen to this.

So show your children make our children cease from fearing the Lord. Therefore, or because we know that this is what can possibly take place.

Therefore we said, let us now prepare to build us an altar, not for burnt offering, nor for sacrifice, but that it may be a witness between us and you in our generations after us, that we might do the service of the Lord before him with our burnt offering, and with our sacrifices and with our peace offerings that your children may not say to our children in time to come, ye have no part in the Lord therefore said we that it shall be when they should say to us or to our generations in time to come, that we may say again, listen to this.

Behold, the pattern of the altar of the Lord which our fathers made not for burnt offerings, nor for sacrifices, but it is a witness between us and you God for bid that we should rebel against the Lord and turn this day from following the Lord to build an altar for burnt offerings for meat offerings or for sacrifices beside the altar of the Lord our God, that is before his tabernacle. Let's pray I know you have a lot of questions and say what is this all really mean and simply work and explain it and I hope that this will encourage, motivate and challenge our fathers here today.

Gotta give us a perspective of life. Let's pray Lord I love you. Thank you for all that you've done.

Lord I ask you to pray and bless and Laura were praying and asking you to bless your grace to the Gordon family they're not the only family hurting today Lord and it's not the only family without a dad or husband on Father's Day. But Lord, because it just happened. I pray that you would minister grace to a mom and dad that's traveling minister grace to a wife and kids that are trying to understand this. Lord I pray that you would be real to them at this time Lord is were sitting here at this building in Kernersville, North Carolina, may we be grateful for what we have and who we have Lord, I pray that we would open our hearts and minds to your word. Thank you for every person here this morning, which were certainly glad thrilled that they're here, but Lord since were here. We want to hear from your word. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Make something just simply, there are and what we would call the 12 tribes of Israel and some separate them even further than that, but you all know the story about Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt. We talk talk talk about that over the years and I'm sure we will over the years and we know that they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and here was the reason because they send in 12 spies and as these 12 spies went into the promise and many believe that these 12 spies already at that time represented the tribes to a kind of already separated themselves up and they went into the promised land to see can we go in and get this promised land that God has promised and may I say this is it is impossible to please God without faith. God had already given this land, he'd Artie promised this land and if they by faith would have stepped through that and cross that Jordan into the promised land. God would've given it to.

He'd already given he'd already promised it, but when those 12 spies came back. Of course, Joshua and Caleb said hey it's a wonderful and fruitful in the grapes were this big piece and listen. We need to go and get the slam of the other 10 spies said no. The giants are huge. There's no way we could possibly win in so they did not enter the promised land and that considered, and created them a journey through the wilderness year after year. And you know whatever you and I do not claim the promises of God and do not follow the will of God.

It always leads in an endless circle were always going to be in a wilderness somewhere, wandering around so what happens is in. We know the story of how they wandered in the wilderness and all these things come to pass in here they are back at the border there back of the Jordan River getting ready to cross over into the promised land and there is a little bit of an issue. The tribe of Reuben and the tribe of Gad in half of the tribe of Manasseh. They were known to have livestock and animals and that was kind of their business, their trade, that's what they had most of it. What they decided was they went to Moses and they said Moses listen. We know that God has given us this promised land. We know that God has promised blessings there, but we like it here.

We have good grass and we know that our livestock and animals can feed here and we're fine with this and are in really wheat we don't want to cross over. We don't want to go to this promised land that God is provided.

We kind of like it. On this side of the Jordan. And so we want you guys to go and you can just have all of it.

We want to stay here with a subset Moses and you think about it. Moses had been preaching for 40 years about the land of Canaan. He had been preaching and talking and talking and sharing and teaching about this promised land and all the blessings that God had, but they had grown so comfortable on this side of the Jordan and they knew that they had certain needs met and they just decided that instead of by faith going for the blessings that God had promised. They wanted to stay on this side of Jordan and enjoy what they already had. Moses was very disappointed in this and this began to split the tribes of Israel there began to put a schism here in Israel and now the tribe of Reuben and Gad in this half tribe of Manasseh. Here they wanted to stay and everyone else wanted to go and they needed their help to go.

They all needed to stay together to go to the promised land to defeat the giants and defeat all this and now they just decide they want to back out were just comfortable here and there so many lessons to be learned from that. That's not our main lessons today, but may I just say this, that it is were not careful we can get to the point that we don't really care to branch out by faith over the Jordan River for the promises that God has because we get so comfortable with this earth. We get so used to the things here and we like it so much and were just good and you know what we don't mind anyone else that wants to go by faith anybody else that wants to do more for God and anybody else that wants to hate you know give it all to God and sacrifice and and and just a note turned their life completely over you is not that there against anybody that does that in their glad for them and hate what will be praying for you as you go, but we're comfortable here you see in life is always get economy to kind of believers. There's going to be those that really like to stay in the border and once while they can take a glimpse over cross the river there. The promised land know it's there and be glad for those that might live there, but they kinda want to stay on this side. They want to enjoy what they know is there an they've grown accustomed in comfortable and apathetic and cold and I'm just going to stay here and then you have those that decide that you know what whatever is here in God's provided here.

If God's promise better and God's will. It it it is somewhere else in God's will is stepping up by faith were getting it all to God. We I want every blessing, every promise that God is promised and there will always be believers like that and you know what wheat we need believers and we need young people and teenagers that decide you know what I don't want to just get comfortable with this world and of God's promise me something better.

I want to get it and you know what I don't want to settle for somebody or something that you know I just I like it.

I'm comfortable with it and I think I'll just take what I know I already have gimme some young people in some teenagers is that you know what I envision something greater for my life. I believe God's got somebody greater in some greater settle for all this junk around me. I want to look ahead and I want to go to work. God wants me to go. That's not a message today so we just did it. Yeah, I guess I did. So here's what happens. The decision was made in the tribe of Reuben and Gad in this half tribe of Manasseh become the Moses and they solicit how about if we just send our guys that fight our guys that are trained. As for basically our soldiers and will send them with you and they'll help you take the promised land when weird when there when y'all are done they can come back. What about that will stay here, take care of our livestock and all that in Moses reluctantly said well okay that was the deal that they struck and so it put a schism there in the tribes of Israel and Reuben and Gad in this half tribe of Manasseh stayed while everyone else went to follow the will of God. Joshua chapter 22 is kind of after all this is transpired another generation comes in here in chapter 22. We have literally the, the next generation of Reuben and Gad in this half tribe of Manasseh that now they are right back here at the border of the promised land, and they they come to Moses and they say this based they said Moses.

Listen we want to put an altar here.

We want to build an altar to the Lord were not doing this just just to put on a show of sacrifice were not doing this just do you know kinda make everybody think whatever. Remember, they are coming. This Bible says to the thousands of the tribal leaders that it literally was everyone else and they didn't like Reuben and Gad in this half tribe Manasseh. They didn't trust them, and they they felt that they had really turned their backs on them and this generation comes I say listen Moses in and out all of you leaders that truck listen, we cannot change what may be our fathers did, but but we want to do something different and we want to go a different direction and we want to do right by God and we want to do right by you and so we want to put up this altar and if you'll notice here in verse 28, they said, literally.

Behold, the pattern of the altar of the Lord. We want our children to be able to look back and say our fathers made this what is a pattern this word pattern is not used in the Bible a lot.

I have spoken many times in the New Testament says we are to show a pattern of good works was that me and means is dad's in his mom that his parents that we should be living in front of our children what they should see it should be a pattern. It's not over once every every once in a while type thing is not the every once in a while we show honesty or we show character. It means every day we show character every day we show honesty. Every day we put God first because we are creating a pattern, a pattern is something that you repeat it something that is mimicked and so we have to literally live that pattern in front of our children so that they have something to follow. So these guys come to Moses and the other leaders in this and listen. We want to establish a new pattern we want to build an altar to God here as a as a witness, as a sign between us and you between your future generations in our future generations.

We want to do right by you. We want to do right by God because one day we want our kids to be able to look back and say our fathers made that altar. So today, just briefly as we look at this passage.

What kind of pattern were these men trying to lay down for their children and they make it very very clear I want to talk to about that today discriminate fathers pattern to follow.

Want to see first verse 22 look like this will close this is what these men as they come to Moses. They say this the Lord God of gods, the Lord God of God. Listen to this. He know with is that not true. Folks this morning. God always know I want you to see first that they were leaving a pattern of transparent they were telling their children listen we can put on a show. If we want to but were not going to.

We can build an altar just for fake sacrifice for fake peace and all that stuff but it's time to get real.

It is time to be honest, we cannot change.

Maybe what our fathers did our fathers only worried about their livestock and our fathers only worried about their business and what was best for them at the time, but God knows the heart.

He knows that you and I lay a pattern for our children to teach them that God knows, may we not put on a show at church.

Maybe not put on a show at work and maybe not put on a show. Once we leave the driveway of our house and now were some super Christian and now we act like were something you know you know godly Gabe or something like that all or were holy Harry or something like that and we will credit our kids look and say will man alive. They don't act like that at all at home and I know the real them in the listen is time for us to quit putting out the fake altars and the fake sacrifices it's time for our kids to know from dad and from mom that God no time to get real with our kids. They hate son daughter that blew it.

Dad messes up that's Tryon sometimes that just has a lot on him and I just don't make the right decisions and I just lose it. Sometimes whatever the case might be, but I want you to know dad, sorry. And God knows we can't hide anything from God have let God know I'm sorry and I'm letting you know I'm sorry were just can keep trying to do better. Had a dad sitting in my office about a year and half ago and I was counseling with them and he just been through a divorce and had some anger issues in a sense over that and I can understand as any of you can and he said you know I just my some of some of my time with the kids of this so mad so frustrated about things he said man I just last week.

I just really blew it at a grocery store and just went off one of my kids and really made a mess of things such as in the James chapter 5 James chapter 5 says we confess literally the point is that we come to each other and he said, literally, so that we can be healed in James it says this confess your faults one to another prey one with another, that you may be autonomous and you know you can't change what you did but you can go and you can confess it to them.

Dad blew it and you can confess I said and you just bow your heads with Maasai kids. Let's pray just pray God I'm sorry once again for what I did. I said I tell you something eventually down the road you say, are they ever going to forget the dad did at the grocery store. Probably not because kids can remember everything.

Mom and dad did wrong but I told him I said that with that memory, guess what else we can remember.

I remember when dad sat down and admitted and prayed and asked God for listen to me. I don't know about you, it's time for us to get real because God knows a pattern of transparency what you notice. Number two. If you notice in verse 27 he these men were trying to leave their children a pattern of legacy. If you notice in verse 27 he literally says, assuming we want to build this altar as a witness and notice what he says between us and you and our generations after us. Another words the motive of this. The reason these men were kind of going in and eating humble pie, and they want one in there and they were trusted in and because of the decisions that their fathers had made, but they went through that they humble themselves, they face the music and they showed up and said we want to do this we want to build an altar that we want to make things right. Because of all our generations to come. In other words, we want to leave a pattern here for my kids and my grandkids dad's grandpa's here today you and I need to leave a pattern for this next generation we need to live in a way so that you say why can't make them know you know you can't make him a and you can't make their decisions and their gonna make their choices but our job is to live that pattern in front of our job is to give them that to follow in their decision is whether they fall or whether they don't follow it.

But our job is a given that pattern said listen were concerned about our kids and our grandkids know what we can't change what our dads did. We can change what we do, so that our kids one day can look back and say hey guess what my dad did he build an altar to the Lord pattern of legacy what you notice. Number three, they left a pattern of serving verse 27 these men come to Moses and they say that we want this to be a witness between us and you in our generations after us. Like verse 27 that we might do the service of the Lord Moses. We want our kids to see us serve God. Now our dads were only worried about livestock our dads instead of worrying about the promises God had they wanted what was comfortable they wanted what was guaranteed they wanted what was already right in front of them. They enjoyed the side of the Jordan but but but listen Moses we we want to leave a different pattern to our kids. We do not want our kids to see us as men who serve our desires or serve our needs.

We want our kids to see us as men that serve the Lord that can I encourage you. You and I need to leave a pattern to our kids of serving God. Listen, I'm all for it.

You can leave a bunch of money and may bunch of land or whatever the case might be all for that and praise the Lord. If you can. I'm here to tell you this. There's nothing more important to leave them than them seeing a dad that serve God pattern of service kind of pattern are you leaving your kids today dad's keep serving God is a preacher. I have been there just some discouraged on the decisions the listen is not your job to control them. It's your job to show them a pattern they can follow it.

They can choose not to, but at least you showed them the pattern to fall. I said we want to do service to the Lord want you to notice number four, verse 28 we see our key phrase here that they wanted to leave a pattern of worship space in the listen Moses were not put up this altar, just so we can make a sacrifice and were not just put this altar so we can put on their a peace offering it were not just put in these altars up here just for show. It just for no reason. But if you notice in verse 28. He says behold the pattern of the altar of the Lord which our fathers made there. Looking ahead, and they say listen Moses we want this altar to be here as a witness between us and you that we want to serve God.

We want our kids one day to look back and say dad showed me how to build an altar to God look at me this morning to get this… These men that came to Moses didn't say everything that they said I don't know forgiven everything or not, but cannot tell you what I think might've been part of the conversation. Moses, our dads taught us how to drive cattle our dads taught us how to run livestock because that's what they were worried about.

That's what they were concerned about.

That was their whole motivation for staying where they are and look at me, dear friend.

It could have been that the tribe of Reuben in the tribe of Gad and Manasseh, maybe livestock is what they had. Livestock is what they knew and maybe they felt, you know what if I go over to Jordan how do I know from beer to take care my family had about no fun to be able to provide.

How do I know all these things longest going to stay here where at least I know I can provide for my family and you and I would say there's nothing wrong with that and there's not. But when God's will is different and God is made a promise. I recommend you follow God. Just because you're comfortable on the side of the Jordan doesn't mean that's the right decision. These guy said listen. Moses they showed us how to raise cattle. They showed us how to take care goats. They showed us how to handle the camels and how to water them this patient. They showed us all that.

But Moses our kids and grandkids down the line we want to show them how to build an altar to the Lord.

Now my dad maybe didn't show me how to do that in our dads. They were good men we love them and and and yeah we got a lot of knowledge how to make money over here and maybe how to how to do this but we want to build an altar here Moses and we want to show our children, their young. Right now they're small right now if you know our dads didn't do that for us and you know what were not against them and we love them but we want our kids as they grow up, not just to know how to run livestock. We want them to know how to get a holy God.

I encourage you dads let's show a pattern to our kids how to worship God. Normal force on how to change oil I think is a waste of time. Nowadays my dad taught me how to change oil with my first car 1970 Mercury cougar Pixar seven 351 Cleveland Indians in a kind of a thing. I love that car and my dad taught me how to change the oil. Get the pancake plug out all the stuff you know it all have to take off my car for me to try to do oil in a car now on the pay that 30 bucks wait 30 minutes and I'm done. You know it. Listen show your kids how to change the oil. Show your daughters how to cook or whatever or how to what you know what everyone shown him for but let's show them how to worship, but show him how to get a hold God again.

I can see these guys are talking to Moses, and I don't know this, I'm not. I'm not saying I'm not trying to add to God's work, but I can see these guises are taught. I can see maybe there their four-year-old five-year-olds eight-year-olds nine euros Acxiom got hang on to their to their robe sit here talking to Moses those little children to Moses. We want to put an altar appear we want to show them how it's done I can see them as they say Arkansas and this is how you build an altar to God. We got a clear out this area because we got a clear spot take all the stuff we gotta chop all the scratch down choppy ship working to clear out a spot because you know whenever you build an altar to God. You have to clear out some junk so you clear all this out. Listen, you take the stones and and you know he is our rock is the foundation were built on.

He's the chief cornerstone.

So you put this rock herein and you gotta get this rock here and you gotta laid out like this because you need to have a big enough place in it and and a nice enough place for you to put sacrifice on their because you're going to get all the God of Pentecost or something. I didn't have to give something to do something it wasn't work into it and I can see them as there is little children are watching them and learning and these guys are thinking. I remember when dad showed me how to do this with cows and do this without but I want to show my son how to get a hold. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services line molar medium on our website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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