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Daily Blessing Compilation #20

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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October 15, 2021 6:00 am

Daily Blessing Compilation #20

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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October 15, 2021 6:00 am

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Pastoral author and Bible teacher Alan Roy blessing itself is powerful to see the power to bless means anybody can do this. Esther Allen what welcome to another message of good news that will help your life for the whole written excited for today to hear as we jump into our writing tradition, the power of blessing Esther Allen.

Stepping aside from our normal programming departing from our normal teaching pulpit ministry to just talk about the power of blessing Pastor Alan were so excited about a brand-new book that you have held Esther Allen. We talked about this several times before.

This is not just another book by someone who has been a lot of their life now, writing books, you're quite excited and I am to about this because to be honest and in this is I wanted to canister all through this question. The word blessing, especially the life of a Christian is not an uncommon word but I think sometimes it's kind of a bland word. Most of us think of it is something we say before a meal, a blessing or is just a Christian. These kind of a churchy word that we don't unpack well and I think a funny thing you know it still is not quite the craze that it was a little while ago but you know you see the hashtag blessed trivializes blessing, doesn't it. One point I thought about calling the book beyond hashtag blessed I don't you know some celebrities just had got a got a new car or something said hashtag blasting on it just sort trivializes it. And sometimes we know some ICs as we say God bless you and I think we we very few Christians of actually I had much teaching about this and realize that a blessing is one of the deepest spiritual forces in the world that it is in many ways the release of real power. It is something that any's anybody can learn to do and blessing has irrevocable impact it does good no matter what it's like sowing seed. It is like speaking a word of affirmation, but blessing is more than that is so important that God blessed Adam and Eve and then said be fruitful and multiply productivity is something that is empowered by blessing, so blessing is not the root word for your fruitfulness is the fuel for and when you see the Hebrew patriarchs blessing their sons and their grandson and granddaughter should want. Why is there why is it that when Jesus comes thereby want their children they bring him to his pleas lay hands on bless my children is because the ancient world. Nothing understood more than we that there is a very real mystical yet practical thing that happens when someone speaks a positive vision over your life and when that positive vision is joined by faith and is grounded in the word of God, then this but this is this is a powerful mode of transformation in our lives and yet is not is not understood very much so the power to bless coming out from where is about my journey to that blessing.

It is about an ancient blessing and how one of the blessings described in the Bible is actually a great model for us in the in the great thing Daniel is it. It teaches how anybody can learn to blessed actually the skill you can gain you can train yourself and it so parents if you're feeling like you're frustrated with in the past, you tended to speak words, your kids, you'd rather take them back. Now you like learn a better way. You can get. You can train yourself to speak blessing even when your discipline, coaches, teachers, when you're trying to inspire people.

There's a better way. The power blessing and certainly the husbands and wives friends to one another is God's way of transformation. The power to bless. So the pastoral of what was the point for you where you decided to dive deeper into this visit is getting curious is the order of service in your faith tradition has a bless a benediction or a blessing at the other stories I will go deeper.

What is this will honestly it began early in my married life, where you know. Thankfully I know I was never that person that husband that was you know just speaking out Kirsten by Chris, we don't mean cuss words we meet a negative forecast. You know what, I realized that a lot of my life in speech and the way I thought and sometimes spoke to my wife, and mother was was was not powerful and could sometimes be negative and remember thinking I don't live like that and I begin to learn a little bit about blessing, not much as been written about it but to begin, learn a bit about and there was a time Daniel that my dad, who had the struggles often along with alcohol throughout his life was doing much better and we, my two brothers and I we had some counseling sessions with Mme., and I was very eager for those times that you have some conversations that would be healing and one day I just said to the counselor message. Another something to rule out for my dad and I would like to sit down. I like you bless me what he didn't really know what to talk about an interesting the counselor didn't really know what I was talking about a so well. I mean, like the Hebrew patriarchs were you speak a positive vision over over someone's life. I just wanted you nicely to ask for and he came back to the next session and he crafted a little blessing.

It wasn't particularly in all-powerful, it wasn't really a booklet based training like that but the words he shared a cherished gobbled them up like a starving person and it really began a journey where I begin realize I need whatever I missed from my dad is much I loved him. I missed I missed a lot of that blessing when there for a lot of the time and it was it was one of those dads that always heard you know other people say he just brags about you all the time but seldom to me.

I think a lot of our listeners right now could identify with that. Maybe you had a father who just never was able to look you in the I call out your gifts affirm who you are and speak a wonderful destiny of your life, something Daniel that by the way.

Once we began learn of this more more and incorporate in our lives. It just becomes part of your sauce is where we raise our kids just by speaking blessing over their life and anyone can learn to do this so of the book itself is it's my journey, but it's also the journey of the word of God and then it ends with all the practical help that anyone would ever need to make this your way of being as well. The power to blessed can change your life.

This blessing that is the sort of lens through which all of the book, the power to bless gets built in us because it's rooted in the most important family blessing.

Probably the Bible. In fact, you could say Daniel that this blessing the blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh is the most important blessing of the Bible.

I will meet. Let me speak this blessing. Listeners open up your heart wherever you are writing down the road and the car is open up your heart and receive that's what you doing blessing you don't, illness, or to analyze it. You just take it in us, like a compliment of somebody's sets complement the proper response is why thank you God receive that is weighted with the blessing and let me speak and then we'll talk some about it. May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh, like the grandsons.

Jacob adopted as heirs secure forever like Manasseh, one who has forgotten yesterday's troubles like Ephraim, one who is twice fruitful like Jacob's crossed hands favored by God forever. This blessing is central to your new book, the power to bless you rentals about what I've always been fascinated by this blessing… To start with this that this is interesting, isn't it, that in the Scripture Hebrew fathers are told to bless her children say.

May God make you see from a Manasseh. So every Sabbath in faithful Jewish home. There's a father and he saying to his sons he say my God make you as Ephraim and Manasseh, laying his hands on them speaking this blessing over them. They God make you as Ephraim and Manasseh, and what is so fascinating to me is that though it is the blessing that is spoken over every single Hebrew child. No one seems to know what I read almost everything I could about what rabbis suggestions were as to why Ephraim and Manasseh. These are such obscure children there. The grandsons of Jacob, Joseph, sons, and they we don't learn much about anything in our lives there obscure. If you will go to speak a blessing over every child in the whole Jewish faith. When you think you would say. May the Lord make you like Abraham and Isaac. Or will the Lord make you like David and Solomon are the Lord make you like Moses and Joshua why Ephraim and Manasseh with that sent me some years ago into the journey. What is this story all about and what I realize and this is much of the substance of the of the book by way of preview is I think hidden in here is the model for blessing that in the first place. There's something about the fact that, as Jacob blesses them first. The text tells us in Genesis 48 he adopted them is very interesting Jake up is blessing the sons of Joseph, but Jacob adopts the grandsons and why does he do it. He does this because that means there you have a portion of the promised land because Jacob is going to be dividing up the land with his 12 sons and this means is there adopted. He says you're going to be treated just like my sons like Reuben and Simeon is a fascinating thing. Adoption is one of those beautiful and powerful images in the Bible and it really is the picture of who we are in Christ were adopted were chosen in him and so I think when you bless, you are finding a lot of different ways to say your accepted see when you withhold blessing you're saying to someone you're not acceptable now. When you blessing your saying you are acceptable and the other thing that you see in the if a Manasseh of blessing is I think something hidden in their names. Manasseh means forgotten like forgotten all of yesterday's troubles and so when you bless someone I think what you're saying is your life is to be shaped by yesterday's mistakes. Your life is to be held back by all the all of the baggage from previous years. Your life is to be ruined because of sin. In the past, or wounds that have been afflicted against you know you can start afresh today so you bless people so that they forget their troubles and they can walk in the grace of God. The name Ephraim means twice fruitful something when you bless people to be as Ephraim and Manasseh, you're not the same. May you start afresh today knowing you're not held back by the past, but you also say May God make you twice as fruitful as you ever would have been on your own power, but the story and and this sort of gives away what about you just gotta read the book because it it it still is the pinnacle of it. Jacob does a weird thing he crosses his hands when he blesses these two sides and he puts his right hand on the younger Ephraim in his left hand on Manasseh, and that is just improper because the firstborn was supposed to get the right hand, which is a symbol symbolic gesture of the greater blessing is the privilege of the firstborn and Joseph said dad no-no try to put his hands back into into the right order and Jacobs at all. Now I know what I'm doing.

I know what I'm doing. I just think it's a picture of favor the younger receives the greater blessing and we who are in Christ, we are like the second born, he is the firstborn of all creation. You deserve nothing but blessing but instead God has extended to us. His right hand a blessing so it's all about it's all about favor and so that's in a snapshot. What Jacob blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh is all about. It's exceedingly interesting and powerful and I draw from that. It's about favor but it's also it's progressive. Yes, very forward-looking. Yes, everything about blessing is moving you into a positive future blessing you into a destiny blessing you into the future.

That's what we want for for our kids.

That's what we want our spouse. That's what we want for our friends and even worse was to bless our enemies. It's powerful fuel for transformation with Pastor Alan here in the studio today and the special Friday broadcast as we send you into the weekend with a blessing and I Pastor Alan has a new book and it's not just any old new book release. This is a this is really one that you want to put your hands on the power to bless because it's a little subtle difference because what I when we we thought about that title blessing itself is powerful, but to say the power to bless means anybody can do this any anyone can be empowered to bless and when you do blast you're doing a very very powerful thing you described in the book how Jacob finally in his old age understood grace and he looked back over his life differently and really first think about grace more in the New Testament. So this is very interesting, but talk about this part in another scriptural blessing to empower while I think the thing that is is in many ways the book is my journey in its Jacobs journey and it's anyone's journey, who travels from places of condemnation law and in a feeling of being on blast to the blessing of God and Jacobs journey was a long one euro Jake up from the time he was born was struggling to get himself in first place. Jacob didn't feel blessed and he is always trying to be blessed.

You know he was the one who stole his brother's birthright by first selling him some stew but then later he tricked his aged, blind father, Isaac tricked him. Jacob pretended to be Esau so that Isaac would blessed Jacob. Instead, Esau, and well he did so, and Jacob was us a connive or he struggled in love.

He worked for seven years to get Rachel. He was fearful of Esau and then his beloved beloved son Joseph.

Well, he thought that Joseph had been killed and he lived most of his life in agony. Thinking about that in a grievous way at the end of his life. Jacob was reunited with Joseph at the end of his life. I think Daniel did Jacob finally got it. I think he finally realized I have been blessed. I just didn't know it. So when he crossed his arms and he blessed of those boys. I think he was saying I know what I'm doing now I really understand grace in the power of blessing. Sometime you can be living a blessed life and not know it because the circumcised circumcised circumcised circumstances are not showing it and I think that you look only at your circumstances, you can go. I don't feel very blessed. But the reality is that in Christ your blessed with every spiritual blessing that comes from Psalm 103 and solicitors. Open up your heart and receive this blessing from the Lord and from my heart to yours be blessed oh so to bless the Lord, and forget not all his benefits with spirit infused skill.

May you uncover yesterday's God moments, like a treasure hunter unearthing precious jewels and finding great worth in an expected places a blessing to how important is gratitude wanting is just important Daniel so so important that I wanted to have that blessing to our listeners that your heart would just evermore beef spelling a word, gratitude because gratitude is linked to emotional health. Houston University researcher Renée Brown who was written so much about shame and empathy, studied gratitude and she once said that she and all of her years of research all the thousands of people that she has interviewed. She never knew or met anyone who had real marks of a healthy emotional character and genuine happiness in their life who did not practice gratitude.

Gratitude is according to research the virtue or characteristic of personality that is most linked to emotional health, more than any other characteristic people that are grateful their souls are healthy. I think God makes this plain to us that all he says whatever is true, and noble and right and pure, whatever is excellent, and praiseworthy think on these things in the God of peace will be with you.

Give thanks in all circumstances. All this, you see the pulsing in the New Testament is because if you want to have peace and you will have joy, then Avenue forgetting there is gratitude in the way that you become a grateful person is by forgetting not all the benefits of God. So there's a spiritual practice of uncovering remembering God moments of everything that God has done in your life. And so that's what I want to today on this on this Friday just in them and in the middle of difficult times in a long long pandemic to bless you listeners and say really blessing you that you will you have a fresh new ability to see everything God's done in your life and give them gratitude for it. It'll it'll change your life and bring you joy and on the topic of gratitude to our friend Dr. Gary Chapman who has done some writing on not only the five love languages, but even the languages of gratitude throughout one's life has partnered up at the beginning of this book written the forward right.

I really appreciated to have someone of such stature in the Christian world who has written a book that's wrong think is fair to say change the world.

So one of the best-selling Christian books of all time. Five love languages for Dr. Chapman to endorse the book and to write the forward for it is a tremendous honor and and a testament to how much he thinks the power to bless is really important. Misty place when you float around on clouds and crack angelic types you are in for the surprise of your life.

I special product this month is all about the help of having its gift to you when you support Allen CDR bun invites you to discover the body you've always wanted spiritual resurrected body. Be sure that God isn't going to scrappy or the world make all things new. Overcome denying anxiety at the end of your life you can have peace now. Pastor Alan writes helpful messages will lead you into more than a joyous revelation of how Brent according to the Scriptures that lead you into a bounding help so please help us stay on the radio in your area by making a generous gift today and will be happy to send you the body you've always wanted to see the outcome that is when you make your gift Allen Wright ministries to listen to Pastor Alan's messages check to see them with your digital download as our way of saying thanks for your partnership. We are happy to send this to you as I thanks from our night ministries, seven 877-544-4860 877-544-4861 come to our website. Pastor Esther Allen, the author of the power to bless and long after the book has been written. Pastor Alan you still devote time every day to write a short blessing for all of us. Why is that so important. We need blessing like we need air we live in a world that doesn't bless Daniel live in a world that curses it tells us what we can't be tells what we ought to be just moralistic Laos with dead religion does. But we need is to be well like Adam and Eve, whom God spoke to blessed them, and then said be fruitful and multiply. We need to receive an affirmation of who we are in Christ and what we can be in this positive vision of our future. That's all rooted in God's word and I just I we raised our kids under the sound of blessing I speak blessing over congregation all the time and now through the daily blessing.

It's available for anyone anywhere to receive. This is totally free and I really think to my heart to the Holy Spirit to my heart to what God might be St. Louis word for that day and just this blessing it all it takes a minute to take it in and and yet it can change your day can change your life.

Start your day with it or fill your head at night. Let your life be fueled by the power blessing. It's available in your email inbox daily as written form. This video is an audio podcast. You can get that Pastor again via email, social media on YouTube. It's available in many different areas. Pastor find one that's convenient for you. Running short on time, we have time for one more blessing when life's air is hot. May you be refreshed at the well of God's grace. Oh, so be blessed to drink deeply of Christ's living spring as we send you into the weekend.

That's our special Friday broadcaster with Pastor Alan and a blessing for you, your family, your life, Pastor Ellen, as always, thanks for your time today blessing.

Thank you so much delight of my heart to talk about how God has made us to be. Give blessing anyone can find the power that is good production. Allen Wright ministries

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