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Christian Car Guy - Who Is Your Way Finder?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 2, 2020 12:50 pm

Christian Car Guy - Who Is Your Way Finder?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 2, 2020 12:50 pm

The Christian Car Guy and the Christian Insurance Guy explore way finders in our lives and WHO is the ULTIMATE Way Finder.   A call from Washington State makes it special too.

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This is the Truth Network.

It's called wayfinding Princess not sales and not it's seeing what you're going in your mind you are by knowing where you bid overseas well radio show on the is your Wayfinder right knows the way and I don't know if you noticed that they noticed that he noticed that they said on the say notice again doing just forget my mouth, working. They said we know where we are and they also said we know who we are, so I'm aghast that your Wayfinder whoever they may be in whatever field of expertise.

They may have his bill is block caps with anyway. They not only know the way but they also are a go to because they know who they are and so you might've noticed in the beginning, and there's a lot there. There's so much wisdom there. I could just been meditating on it. Actually, for a few days is and I really think Milan is a great movie. When it comes to understanding identity.

She shares you know how a young girl's heart is called to see but way more than that, it's her identity, her glory, the way she reflects God so our heart is driving her like we talked about last week. Her heart is driving her to sail, so she thinks right but Maori ways of doing Johnson there. He shared some phenomenal wisdom that I hope will all just let's sink in a bit just listen carefully to what he said and think about it from a life standpoint right. He says it's not sailing it's wayfinding Princess well I mean there's a lot right there. It's not just sales and lots it's seeing where you're going in your mind right now. This is vision stuff right it's seeing where you going in your mind and knowing where you are. By knowing where you've been like this. Just let that just sink into "percolate a bit and let me give you next example because I'm a car guy so here you go. Knowing where you're going. By knowing where you band immediately takes me too many times we would have people bring in an engine that they have torn down themselves and they want us to put it back together again.

Now if your mechanic right and you're now challenge builders picture this in your mind and I'm soon doing the transmissions to and here are all the pieces laid out. It takes quite a Wayfinder right to take an engine that somebody else is taken apart and put back together because carburetors screw translations through and look a whole lot similar parts respected all over the place but see a macaque at mechanic Wayfinder summary with its human experience and their calling to do this kind of thing they can tell where they're going by where they've been right.

In other words, if you've taken that engine apart you know where it how it was originally and to put it back together when you've not done that is quite a feat. I've seen it done, but it takes somebody who is reassembled that particular kind engine many many many many times and in there. I think is a clue to life that we could all learn from in the way of wayfinding because wayfinding is kind of where refiners dispatch if you try to find a good mechanic. How do you find that way we can talk about that today in the show but more than that, I would like you to think about when you found a Wayfinder and like what that looks like. Especially, you know somebody that really you could see their gifting like man.

They were called to do this like Milan was called to the seat so when I was a young boy I was, you know, I was always called to be outdoors and I love the sea. Actually, I wanted when I was little kid you don't know this bill but I wanted to be a charter boat captain took people out fishing so I want so I was called to see but anyway I love scouts loved outside and so II was Boy Scout and I started out in Illinois and then we moved to Michigan with her and start a new truth and I was the only kid that was in the group of this truth, that there and start that had any Boy Scout experience that they chose me to be the leader of the rat or snake rattlesnake patrol. Now the rattlesnake patrol turned out to be. All the kids that nobody else would pick right so when they picked all the kids to go in these different patrols the kids that nobody else picked because they figured Robbie could help teach them some right that monthly with their with the could be. Whatever.

I'll I know is I got what a lot of people are considered the loser patrol case I got the bed wetters and the little skinny kid that you did not want on your dodgeball team. I'm just telling you what he wet the bed ever. If you are out of a camping trip you just had to be prepared and his name was Petey just to go with it. You know just that's what he did support Petey and now and and we really we were like just shunned by everybody in all this shenanigans but one year we were invited to the Klondike Derby in Michigan, the Klondike Derby as everybody goes out there like you got a big snow sled, it looks like an Alaskan sled and it's pulled by the members of your patrol and so you know you got six or seven guys upon this and you had to go from station to station a crisis is where the wayfinding comes in because you had to use a compass to find where it is that you are going and when she got to the station. Then you had to do some kind of voice, scout feet, like make a fire or do some first-aid thing or something.

So if you get the picture now this particular Klondike Derby area and it is snowing like you've never seen a I miss literally a blizzard you can't see 5 feet in front of your face. Now it just so happened amongst my team of bed wetters and little skinny kids and all the rattlesnake patrol that I had this one kid man this guy could read he was Wayfinder he knew what maps were and he knew what a compass was and he knew how to use it. It was like phenomenal and I knew that he could and so I'm like, man. You take us where we need to gather concealer we take off in his blizzard.

Nobody can see and he's got a compass and off we go headed towards first waypoint when we get to that waypoint, there were supposed to build a fire with two matches now understand is snowing like there's no tomorrow right but just so happened I knew I had the pyromaniac girl I had this kid talk about start a fire. He didn't need to matches all he needed was a rock somewhere, and something in this kid could make a fire and it was just a matter wet the bed, but he could certainly light a fire to dry it out in this town you know he likes this flyer and off this blaze goes can you know he that was his call. You no doubt in his heart. He loved to make fire to an awareness of the kid again skinny as a rail.

You wouldn't want to money dodgeball.

But he could lash and lashing as a tough thing. If you've ever done. It is that is it.

But he could lash.

He was the last master and so we get to the next that we had to build this like platform thing by lashing we get to the next, you know, and where where you have no idea that were doing anything right and we get to the third when we do some, you know, first-aid thing and then we go will work elusive thing anyway because worth in our mind, were the loser so we just said we got this fabulous sled.

It's some beautiful hills so we to start slitting and we think were all good. You know like we spend most the afternoon slitting and then we don't realize where the only person that ever found one waypoint.

That's really good that having fun we come back to the to the, you know, big Guha and everybody's cheering is like where the winners you know and we immediately but but think about what we discovered in the midst of it, that each of these kids that looked like losers.

To whatever extent were actually Wayfinder's in their own way. God had given them some special talents on special gift and by the way he's done that for every single person that was my first chance to see such a so when you're looking for a Wayfinder nine looking for. Somebody's got that calling down in their heart somebody who has experience like if you notice bill that some people love Toyotas and so if you live or Toyota mechanic to attempt to say and you and you need the guy that loves Toyotas we have much more wayfinding. I would love your story of the time when you found a Wayfinder and what that looks like 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so much more wayfinding coming on the crystal you're listening to the network and

It's called wayfinding Princess not sales and not seeing what you're going in your mind you are by knowing where you was the way and who knows who they are, or we would love yours, like we just talked about 866-34-TRUTH 87884's number calling and share you know I gotta know who they are they going to know where they are and there's a lot of stuff that goes into that but I don't watch the kind of I just want to share really what's in my heart with this is is is you begin the process. This young girl who was being called to the sea. She felt, and maybe you feel that like you to look at the ocean and their sentiments calling or maybe looking up in a campfire and there's something that's calling you and you're trying to understand that in your trying to understand really you know it's from God, and in what you calling me to where you calling me to those of us who love the CMO sailing. Obviously, this is really cool theme, but if you love cars it it it is as well and I and it's an important thing. I promised I would tell you how to find a good mechanic. I'm sure this before little shirt again is that you're looking for a Wayfinder somebody who has been there done that and they know where they are in a repair because the Bittner and and so there's nothing like experience in what you're going to find his list my experiences been is that certain men or women I've known some wonderful women mechanic, absolutely, amazingly talented, very, very good at what they do because they loved Volkswagens or they and Anna believe me I I had some outside mechanics of a love looks like the Mercedes people he loved Mercedes or Honda. People love Hondas and you if if you get them going on the subject. They'll just be talking about it. So how do you find that guy was kinda cool. If you go to a park store, especially Napa Park stores because Napa delivered to a bunch of different mechanics.

So if you go to a Napa that you know they they offer free delivery so a lot of independent mechanics using when you say who's a good Honda mechanic they know exactly right because they're the guys that know the way and they generally have one person on their staff. This works with all the different bodies all the different garages talk to their commercial expert right and so here's a guys, like an my daughters a nurse and she'll tell you and she's a nurse in the operating room. She will tell you which doctor you do not want to get and so Napa people they know the guys are always returning party and you know the way that that bad mechanics work as they begin to guess at what is going to be so they return a ton of parts they do and this is very highly frustrating. If your part person and so you know wayfinding when it comes to finding a good mechanic or good body shop you know is really neat part of life to be able to and I feel very blessed that I have these people in my life that like for my daughter. She got the fender bender. I knew exactly who the go to guy was. It was great. You know Jerry Ray's body shop and I knew what record company to call and in it when you know these things. He knows the way because you know he's been there, which can also tell that he's got a passion 40 loves it the same trip for insurance right now and we had a car catch fire right in front of my house ladies driving down the road and you can see the flames coming out of the engine as she jumps out of the car and it just goes that without you. I went out and I helped her she was trying to take some gas up to her daughter up the street got that you need to understand you've got to take the license plate off that caught his father. That car is going to be a challenge you to be the person to talk to the record company and have the record company take it to the junkyard. Instead of spending a week or two weeks it somewhere else when you gotta pay for it being there. So you get there. There things you know and there's pieces of it because you seen 20 people not take your advice and it cost them a whole lot of money you got a few pearls and jewels to share with you in there you know at an inner clearly with the Jesus labor love. We have lots of opportunities where people donate Carson's wonderful thing.

I didn't think you wanted this might have but to know every car has some value to somebody one man's anyway. You know, the tag is a big part of that because we always say look in a be sure and take your tag because if you don't turn that in your insurance people scold you with the state skeleton in the insurance people say luck when it when it know to stop the insurance on it. Somebody's got a talent, well, if I'm not mistaken every time I've done it recently that the insurance told the people look in order for you to cancel your insurance you have to turn the tag.

Otherwise you end it with the state fund this and depends on the state picture in and I realize, but those are things that you know are really in and Texas did the tag stays for the vehicle. You know, if you live in Texas today and I don't know what state you live in in Colorado was the same way that is. I recall six years ago 30 years ago since I sold Carson, Colorado. But, in other words, that the tag stayed with the car no matter who was owning the car, but in North Carolina the tag stays with the owner matter what car they have and or you can get a new tag depending on your situation how you want to do that, but you have a story when you import OEL what what I was in a troop in Palm Harbor, Florida. We had this wonderful scoutmaster who was probably 85. He said at the trailer with all our gear and part of it the place for him to sleep in the other and then he had an assistant that was interesting but not the whole truth got in. We got in a little bit of trouble here little bit of trouble. They are, and I ended at the scout leader and a what what position did you have when you control patrol leader sorry and allow manner scout leader really I regret I'm tired later Gaza patrol leader. We had a group and we decided that we were going to go out on our own is a patrol in and brush up on all our skills and one of the boys so that was my next-door neighbor Patrick. Patrick was a real challenge and then one of my friends father was a District Court judge and he had a nice acreage so we for the Swinton, we would try to find just absolute perfect place to the camp and we go down and around and we ended up in this beautiful area with pine trees and great dictation of pine needles set up a can't got a fire valid cabinet tell you that Patrick can we get back.

Understand the whole woods became a place as it was to who is your Wayfinder wants her to go to. What's your story. We got; enemy and steer that 866-34-TRUTH 8788. You're listening to the Truth Network and knowing no people make to sometimes it seems that he may reveal his who is your go to Wayfinder today on the Christian car guys show really were looking at who we are, to some extent as we see this reflected in others, and then another little phenomenal piece of wisdom from that movie. If you caught it. It's actually from the grandmother who, speaking about her granddaughter and she says that our scars can heal and they also can tell us where we are at an there's some phenomenal things that Jesus does with Scott hurts and that healing really hasn't impacted.

I'm thinking that there some scars on Bill right now because I was getting cooked in the fire when we left her here yeah you break a bone when it heals that particular parts tougher than the rest of the blind will we were on a camping trip with our patrol and we've got just a wonderful area set up with just the perfect tent we got a fire going without any trouble. We got everything right debt really nice. We got the meal all ready to go with good old Patrick said watch this. In the grand being a handful of pine needles and throws them on the fire and I mean sparkles go way up in the air in their little bits of fire flied everywhere before we know it.

The tent site and five in the woods, the road and fire the trees run far at work, job sending one of the young men back to get his dad should go back to help with that goes running off in about 20 minutes we got three District Court judges in their Sunday finest with whipped burlap bags beaten the fire while were waiting for the fire truck to come down the fire truck comes to get stuck on top of the pump it up with its and I made.

It's weird the knees of the Catholic for about a week. It was a very interesting memory for my child. It happened fortunately you had a go to fire department that and have I got there for District Court judges. While I am very interest. We got Don is in Snohomish, Washington. I may have just destroyed that name.but always try good morning my bride that treat our cheek called me as well. While I got ready on the race. You put it in our race now. That's the whole brindle story that's quite a story. Is it true okay we just thought we'd currently that no household word what we've got up there a lot. I love that it's no Snohomish seized eventually we will get it will get it well work on it will keep will keep working on it with. Thank you for your story. I that's a great brindle story and 11 you know would come in with really I live for some stories but I will fortunately later on in the first day of the year. You know they went to put it in P for parade. Thank you.God bless appreciate your cultivating your story.

That's wonderful. I won't forget you. Now there's a few brindle stories out there so you may wonder, Robbie, how did you know God takes me on these adventures I just I really really do love them and so I was really studying Revelation thinking about how cool the tree of life would be like it's going to have 12 fruits that one you get a new one every month and I was thinking now what fruit in my getting you know just how does this exactly work in and so I began to think about that and I started to think about the number 12 and so I decided to look that up in Hebrew because I didn't know what it looked like in Hebrew 12 is actually not like we think of it in English like a number. It's actually 10 and two and when you think about the 12 tribes of Israel. You'll see that there was always too that were kind of floating around out there like there is 10 and then there's two events, 12 disciples and effect.

It's interesting to me how you find all these 12 in Genesis and all these 12's in Revelation, but that's actually where was going and then I started to look at the 12 blessings that Jacob gave his tribe that he gave his kids right and so here's a dad right and he's got 12 sons and he begins to speak over and right before he dies. And unless you never really I I spent most of the week just looking at how he loved his kids and younger to start off with Ruben. Ruben was his firstborn. It was the first sign of his strength and you know that Jake was pretty strong. I wrestled with God and one yet. So this is, this was it, but I if you look at the flag for the tribe of Reuben. It's mandrake's and the reason of its mandrake's is because Ruben brought mandrake to his mother when she could get pregnant again because he wanted her suit to get what she was looking for love from her husband hurt her, you know, Ruben's mother was Leah and so you know she was obviously in a lot of pain, hoping that Jacob would come in lever and so her son comes and brings her these mandrake's and I find it fascinating that that is on the flag of the tribe of Ruben and then when you really think about the strength that perhaps Jacob was talking about was the strength of Ruben's love because Ruben was the one actually tried to stop Joseph from getting wiped out Chrissy doing to successfully meet. He had all sorts of things that happen to McCarthy went to visit you know you ended up on the backside of that blessing a little bit, but you will get down to the tribe of Zebulun and then you will find that there tribes and sin their coat of arms so to speak is a ship in this. Actually, through Moses his blessing and through Jacob's lesson, you'll see that that whole tribe was obviously called by the seat and we look at Asher's blessing.

They were the cooks like they were going to make awesome food for kings and and there were certain like Naphtali is his wizard of a free dear and he was good with words and so you you can see that here's a daddy speaking over all these kids speaking into the way that they would find their own way and so from the time your little kids all of us. There's been things that have been calling it might be the ocean, it might be cars might be insurance bill but but but there's been things that have been calling to you and it has to do with who you are at and how God made you and you very uniquely you will find that those scars are the way that Satan has been attacked. He's seen it. Satan is seen you from arising from a long time ago and he does not like your reflection a godly PE doesn't like you, but he hates God. And when you start reflect God. He's coming after you.

And so, quite often, your stars, the reason why that I liked with that grandmother said that your stars are showing you a little bit of the key to your own glory because Satan is terribly afraid of what it is that you could do if you really walked in that identity that God gave you see and he's known what that was. From the time your little bitty kid and so some of those are going to reflect that Melissa Bolanos says as we come on the next break at this next line is perhaps the most wisdom within the whole movie on wayfinding because where to find our way here shortly. Jesus has more than one device. Listen carefully to what model Wanda says only combat you're listening to the Truth Network and, who is your go to Wayfinder today on the Christian guys show who knows the way. And who knows who they are and again, if you listen carefully to what more honest this lyric to me is genius, sat slow so the thinking has just this is phenomenal.

This insight, it says the call isn't out there at all, and she's been talking about the call of the sea to her life. The call is not there at all. It's inside me. It's like the tide always falling and rising. I will carry you is fasting that they wrote that Ike I will carry you in my heart. You remind me that come what may, I know the way now since were saying that it might just can't help but note how beautiful that aligns with John chapter 14 right that what we in on my daughter Dee's to do Bible drill.

He called John 14 the comfort And so I however I've just always found a lot of comfort there. Ever since I found that out so Jesus starts out. Don't let your hearts be troubled you believe in God believe also in me. My father's house has many rooms that were not so, what I have not told you I am going there to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me so that you may also be where I am.

Then he says you know the way to the place where I'm going course, Thomas.

This is little hard for its Lord we don't know where you're going, so how can we know the way as they give. Thomas had not asked that question is the beauty of Thomas right here if he had not asked that question we would not have this answer which is the answer.

Okay, I'm just can I share with where Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. So I I I knew this verse for years before I understood that it was actually there is a wayfinding thing in this verse.

It's the way to the father. Jesus is saying if you want to get up here. He is the way the he is the way but the way to what is the way to the father and and Jesus being the son that he is trying to build the kingdom is taking us into his father's house and so the way is like oh my goodness and and you might be needing some comfort right now, however, that looks maybe you don't know Jesus and he does turn into a car show because you want to hear about Carswell and now you're thinking maybe I need to know this way. Well let me tell you, Jesus is a real live person. God son of God, you can come to know and love, and he can help you interpret those scars that show you who you are. He can help you interpret those calls are inside of you and he can do all those things but you gotta get into a relationship with them in order to do that you first of all have to believe that he really exists and you have to believe not only that but he is in fact to. He said he was the son of God, and you gotta believe that he is what they what he is saying here that he is the way to the father and the way he did that was by dying on the cross so that his blood could covers you sent when his father looks at you. He sees the sun, and so that you actually can spend eternity there in heaven with him and delete what you can do that is simply by asking them by saying.I want you to come inside me, just like Bolanos talk about their come inside of me and show me the way. Show me the way to the father but he will actually show you your way every day through life. If you come to them every morning, or every afternoon are every minute of the day that you Condoleezza Rice. There is a hiragana Robbie, here's the way that we could go will tell you that Robbie rarely knows where he's going think you normally know you know it when you look back you can see we made some mistakes now having you as merely like there is said when you come to a fork in the road, take it right but you know you asked me every week was my topic and an end and I'm like, I'm not exactly sure because I haven't got my up-to-the-minute details of where Jesus went ha ha I'm thinking it was you could have fun with me. You can give me something so quick to feel never figured out it's it's it's actually God's been so cryptic with me that I Bob I'm trying to figure out all the way and I've been sick I have been studying these blessings of Jacob on his children all week was just enjoying loving it, loving it all the time asking God where we going and then yesterday he puts me on it which he Artie knew I loved the movie marijuana and he puts me on that.

And I begin to study the songs I begin to study these lyrics and I'm like oh my goodness, look at the wisdom it's in there. Look at the summit. It just was exploding at and on like this is absolutely phenomenal stuff when it comes to identity like who these kids were in the rattlesnake patrol like who I have been in my life there's been things shipped it with any of them yet. He has a yellow one real well at the end of the essay Christie car guy and it was interesting that God called me to some type of leadership role. There even in that stage of my life and I think it's it's just been a fascinating journey to see the things that did call to me like at the ocean is always called to me. Fires have always called to me the outdoors and a lot of those things and along those lines. I've taken some pretty bad wounds. We can certainly overcome and willingness better than the yeah well I don't know about that but I do know that Jesus is the way and there's the there's the point that if you want comfort, look at this time he saying that here is the ultimate comfort it's it's right here it's going to be laying in the in the front in the father's arms and when you're at your at that point where my mom is actually talking about right there where she says and I don't know where else to turn. Where is your go to where you going to well if you Jesus and tell you you got a go to guy and needs way above anything that you ever ever experienced is to be able to get quiet and ask him where we going because I'm confused and scared him wherever I am at this moment in my life or even when I'm having a blast like I was this morning as I was looking all this music if you been in here with me. I was just yo man I was just on cloud nine, but still where we going Jesus what it what you want and what I know is that in these times understand there is a phenomenal movement of God of people that are looking for answers, and so if you found some answers here today. Please please please go to our website. Christian car There you can find out how to know God there's more details more links email me Robbie. How can I get connected to the Bible to a church that would teach the word, all those things are all available in Christian car but most importantly, right ask him where we going what's my next step. There it will be the journey of journeys and I can to share with you pick up a Bible begin to read it and you find it's just incredible time change a life so who's your go to guy. Well, it's Jesus, but we can help you with the other ones if you need them with a credit card. I go to Christian car

Of course Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. That's all there. And of course as experts we got bills page and all other stuff.

So thank you for listening to Christian car show. Thank you. Bill to fund yes sir. Thank you. Remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done 33 years. Thank you so much from this. You're listening to the network and

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