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April 28, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina this morning. What to do when you are traveling through verse one to the chief musician upon goetta or get a as is pronounced. This means basically a heart this song was a song that was sung being accompanied by a heart a song for the sons of Cora how amiable or love the beloved are thy Tabernacles, oh Lord of host my soul long get EA even fainted for the courts of the Lord, do you feel that way on Saturday night for church on Sunday. I long for it. Some of you is basically as long we sit there cannot be real, personal and honest their sums are nice on along for their sometimes retired your weary or hurt like echo men for feel like this in the morning but you know I think a lot of times we confuse people with God's house we don't come here because of people and we don't not come here because of people we come here and continue to come here because we love the Lord my soul long get EA even fainted for the courts of the Lord, my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

EA, the sparrow hath found an house in the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even thine altars, oh Lord of host, my King and my God it be at maybe this has nothing do with our message. If you misunderstand that verse what he is saying is this the just like a sparrow has found a place for her children just like a swallow has found a place to house her family. I have chosen to put my family in the house of God. God bless you for choosing to keep your home and your family in God's house.

Look at verse four. If you would Blessed are they that dwell in the house, they will still be praising the Selah. That's a hint that word, they will still be praising the that's a hint of what is getting ready to take place in the next few verses. Why would you and it says he would still be praising the it's almost insinuating the word and spite, or the two words and spite of what is he talking about Hilliker verse five Blessed is the man whose strength is in the and whose heart are the ways of them. Now we hear it. Who passing through the Valley of Baca make it a well.

The rain also fill in the pools they go from strength to strength. Every one of them in Zion, appear before God, the Lord God of host, hear my prayer give ear, O God of Jacob Vela. Behold, O God, our shield and look upon the face of God anointed for a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. You ushers. I love that. He said I'd rather be an usher in God's house than to be anywhere else. What a joy it is to serve in God's house. Verse 11 for the Lord God is a sun and shield the Lord will give grace and glory no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. Oh Lord of hosts.

Blessed is the man that trusted in the that's a great chapter is let me preface to say this before we pray.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were always on the mountaintops without a great every day you wake up and things are great. Everybody's healthy you're rolling in dough. I will be like your doughnut may grant me money, although that would be great to want to be wonderful of life was just always positive and mountaintop experiences. In fact, they are actually on our microgrids are. There are few preachers that if you listen to them, they'll tell you that the Christian life is supposed to be that there's always you know you always have victory. You're always well you're always bountifully are always making money are always and it would be great if life is like that but we find in verse six that even individuals that have chosen to put their family in the house of God, even individuals that love God in verse one into even individuals that can't wait to get to God's house that love serving God that feel that they are blessed by being in God's house. All these things in verse one through five and all the things in verse nine all the way down to verse 12 of all the things that God is done. Even people like that have to go through valleys in verse six that word Baca means weeping.

Actually this value.

Baca is a Valley of brush and forms a very difficult area, and Palestine. It cannot little normally be passed through without somebody getting cut or hurt.

It's very hard.

In fact, this area is where a lot of turmoil is because it's hard for what we would call the good guys to get the bad guys because the terrain is so bad this valley of weeping. What is interesting here is that you'll find later on in the passage in verse seven that they're going to Zion.

What you don't understand about this chapter is is that they were literally going through the Valley of weeping trying to get to the house of God. How many times there in a week. We go through valleys just trying to make it this Sunday.

By the time we meet next Sunday we had a rough day. We've gone through valleys. We been crying when we we've had to deal with circumstances and family and disappointment at all these things and then a preacher gets up and blast us. Thank you for nothing human right. There would be great if life was lived on the mountain and never in the Valley but different. If life was always lived on the mountain. We never went to the valleys. We would be sorry Christians, we would be spoiled rotten Christians who would not need God. This morning I want to talk to us about what to do when you're traveling through one talk about valleys today. The Bible is full of metaphors as a lot of them but what I find interesting is that God talks about the Valley. One of the most famous passages of Scripture Psalm 23. Yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, even in verse one.

The Lord is my shepherd. That means even though saved individual sometimes have to go through the valleys of the shadow of death, you might be in a Valley this morning. You might be coming out of a Valley this morning. You might be heading into one assess God help us as we think about this when you're going through the Valley. Remember these things that this passage teaches. I'm excited about this this morning.

If for no other reason. You just sit and do your duty by your time at church while Daniel Autry preaches to myself because I had something else planned for this till yesterday sent Ben another outline last night that I apologize. I'm sorry this is what God has led for this morning.

Lord we love you. Bless us as we talk about things that we should remember while were walking through the valley of Baca.

In Jesus name, amen.

The Valley of weeping number one when you're passing through this valley that was described in Chapter 84, number one want to look at verse five. This is Blessed is the man whose strength is in the notice this in whose heart are the ways of them not for English. Let's look at this is you got understand what's going on in verse five it says Blessed are they in English. The subject here is they the understood subject and the verb is given in the first word of the sentence so we would say it this way, they are blessed that dwell in thy house now house. Here is a noun and I is obviously a word that's describing this word house but is talking about God's house, thy house, so were talking about God is. Blessed are they are those they are blessed that dwell in God's house noticed this last phrase in whose heart are the ways that we talk about in his heart and God's heart and God's heart are the ways of them number one when you're passing through the Valley. What we remember, number one, remember that God chose this route, God chose this route now will tell you this, God is not to sin. And there are times that you and I go through difficulty because of our sin. I don't blame God for that is like somebody going out in get drunk and killed somebody with a car that we say why does God, why did God choose this route for me didn't choose that route for you. Sometimes we choose around for ourselves because of our sin, but you understand what I'm saying here you got understand as you go through these valleys of life that you got to remember that God chose this route is in his heart are the ways of us that means this is not that God just sitting here making us go through things for no purpose. Our ways are in his heart, not his mind and his heart. He loves us and God knows that the Valley sometimes are the best place for us.

John chapter 10 verse 27 says my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. You got to remember folks as you go through valleys and difficult things that God chose this route is not an easy road, but Jesus is leading the way.

There might be trials there might be troubles there might be sickness there might be sorrow there might be paying there might even be dead. It's a route that requires faith but you've got to remember that God is in control, and if he led you to this. Then he chose this route. I think of Mary and Martha. We always bring them up but here they are. Lazarus was dead. They said where is Jesus.

He had showed up they thought if you got here in time. He could keep Lazarus from diet and Jesus showed up late and they thought their all in a tizzy. And yet in Jesus's rose Lazarus from the dead.

He was right on time. The entire process to you as I think about.

I think about Joseph. Oh what a route God chose for him, went through a pit went to a prison bad thing after bad thing brothers try to kill them in that a great family. You think you have a dysfunctional family. Talk about dysfunctional that your brothers dig a hole through you in a try to kill you might be wanted here. This I guilty of that habit. I think about Noah. What around.

God chose for him. We always thought about how I must've been to be ridiculed like Noah was all those years. But just think about what it was to have to work on that arc all those years. Think of the physical labor that Noah had to put forth. Then he got his sons involved in. Imagine how difficult it was to make them work. Give a try to get Peter's work. Take the trash out regularly. There is no up all this work being ridiculed all these things would you like any what around you need in mirror and I need to remember that our way is in the heart of God. He chose this route number 20 what you remember this, that it is for the glory of God and for your good.

It is for God's glory and your good. This valley going through the valley of Baca go through this weeping if we preached on this passage before but you got to remember as you go through these valleys and you face these difficult times that it is about the glory of God and not your glory. And it is about your good and not what we want. Notice if you would verse five Blessed is the man whose strength is in the and whose heart are the ways of them.

Verse seven. They go from strength to strength. Every one of them in Zion appears before God.

Notice verse four Blessed are they that dwell in my house. They will be still praising Hua Joe. Notice in verse four Blessed that's for our good. Noticed the end praising the fence for I'm here to tell you if God brings you through a valley that's for your good. And as for his glory and the taste of my walk so you go through some valleys recent God's got the glory for its been amazing watch some of your struggle in the sickness in the cancer and the treatments and in all these things and I know I'm in a lot of folks say a lot of things they don't know what to say they don't really know how to help. I just pray and and and and you're on our minds and things. But I'm here to tell you as you watch that you realize that men alive, they have given God the glory. And God has gotten the glory out of this and it doesn't even really matter what happens to us whatever God allows.

We know it's for our good and we know that he will get the glory out of it. We got to remember that you know it's in the valley where the presence of the shepherd is so wonderful you when you don't have problems or need the shepherd you're in a valley, you need the shepherd you know it's in the Valley where the grass is greener is more water there. You know it's in the Valley where we find Stillwater's you know it's in the Valley were you and I are drawing closer to the Lord.

It's in the Valley where we grow our faith. It's in the Valley where we see God working it's in the Valley where we learn God's perfect will. It's in the Valley that we realize God will bring us out.

The Valley is so important is important for God to get the glory.

And it's important for our good. What you notice. Number three. When you're walking through the Valley number three. Remember to rely on God's strength, not your own.

You would verse five. Blessed is the man whose strength is in the notice. If you would verse seven. They go from strength to strength.

The Bible puts it this way, you and I are to move from faith to faith. Oftentimes you and I we go through these valleys and we think. I just can't handle it.

And you're right everything I just can't deal with this and you will write everything I can't take anymore and you are right. But if we rely on the strength of God as we go through these things will find out that his strength and submission.

You and I forget sometimes we were made to be able to go through the valleys. Jesus was we gotta let him do the work. We can't, I don't know about you but you need to rely on God's strength, not your own. It's interesting look at verse five. Blessed is the man whose strength is in the that means this if you want to be blessed in your life you stay dependent upon God is that amazing this verse teaches us that being blessed is directly related to being dependent. Being blessed is not related to being independent. You think you can do things on our own and we think we can do things without the help of God, and we think we've learned it now. We figured out now and we can just go through live in. We can make these decisions without get down on our face and pleading before God to help us make the right decision. You think you can go through life like that men were not to live a blessed life but of you and I stayed totally hundred percent absolutely upon God will bless, Blessed is the man whose strength is in the in fact the Bible says this, that God's strength is made perfect in our weakness want to read this to you. Matthew Henry knocker with Matthew Henry the commentator Matthew Henry. He said this, those who are truly happy who go forth and go on not in their own strength but in the strength of the grace of Jesus Christ, from whom all our sufficiency is they are the blessed individuals. The Bible says Blessed is the man whose strength is in the Bible says Blessed is the man that makes God his strength. The Bible says Blessed is the man who stays himself upon the Bible says Blessed is the man who makes God their strong tower.

The Bible says Blessed is the man who runs to God for safety. Proverbs chapter 18 says happy is the man whose hope is in the Lord his God difference is you and I go for the balance. We've got to rely on his strength, not our own. Say how do you know if I'm rely on his strength or my strength. That's pretty easy to see pretty easy to see want you to notice.

Fourthly, as you walk through the valley.

Remember, listen to this. Stay in God's house.

Verse four Blessed are they that dwell in the house that were dwell means to reside permanently.

That means that we've made a decision.

I don't care if valleys come or mountains come. We are going to dwell in the house of God. Verse one. This is what this is what David says how AME opal are thy tabernacles that word amiable means love doorbell love me saying how we love to be in God's house how we have determined that we are always going to be in God's house, hell or high water were to be in God's house. What's amazing is that often times when folks go through the valleys is exactly the time to get out of God's house and I'm not trying to make you feel guilty or bad or anything.

If you're here this morning, it means you've obviously won a moral victory in your own life because of all of us were honest all of us have time to really want to go to church you and I've got to determine we are going to stay in God's house. Listen to me.

Valleys often make vacant the house of God number five it's all say about that. I'm afraid people would think that you're just getting on for not coming to church limitation folks I understand. I do, I would feel sorry for you if you had a pastor that didn't understand how difficult it is to go to church sometimes you don't feel like staring at people you don't feel like people staring at you, you don't feel like answering the questions you don't feel like have to put on a front so you could act happy and that everything's okay and your curtain and usually somebody there a set sum to hurt you or whatever the case might be, also in on them to tell you something if you're not careful we get our eyes on people and we welcome these valleys and we have those old briars and those old forms that attack us and were crying where we put in wherever we go through that Valley and we say I'm just not going to go to church this week, but I'm here to tell you gotta rely on God's strength, not your strength and you gotta come to trust not because a you or others, but because of God. God is saying God's house number five when you're going to the value got to remember number five.

To keep working in the Valley to keep working in the value I find this very stealing verse six who passes through the valley of Baca or weeping. Notice this, they make it a well. The rain also fill with the pools. The last time I checked, pools dug out and valleys on a natural thing, somebody's gotta do that work and as he saying this and talks about the house of God, how I love the house of God, but now were going through the valley. It is not just the valley it's a painful Valley.

It's a mournful Valley.

It's a weeping Valley. But while were gone through the valley.

This passage says that you got to make it out well and what they often did in this valley of Palestine is that they would begin to dig and it was difficult to get through there. There's a couple reasons why they would number one they would dig to try to make a path for the next people to come number two they would dig where they could finally reach water, you say what you know III got a will in my house. I forget hundred some feet they had to go down.

You gotta remember they don't have to go down to far because they're already in a what you when you walk in the Valley is a Christian guess you can get the water pretty easy because you're already low you're already on the bottom with a some what he's saying is this while you're in the valley said will you just get that old shovel. You get that old sticker you get whatever you got. You just begin to dig down to you hit some water, because as you go to this valley. It's going to be hard and it's gonna be tiresome and it's going to be confusing and you're going to have to face briars and bushes and rough terrain, but you're gonna need some water.

I need some refreshment you're gonna need some nourishment. I need something that'll help you keep going. You gotta find something that'll help you while you're in the Valley to make it possible for you to get out of the valley. So while you're there instead of complaining and crying and shop and dig a well now why was it important for them to dig a well went number one, they dug a well for the now for the present. They needed water. Then they need refreshment then and so oftentimes it be difficult, they would make it all the way through there in one day and stuff and so they would dig a well and they would dig a hole sometimes when they couldn't get the water and what they would do is they would dig down and they couldn't get the water than they would just leave that hole there and he would often rain and that rain would fill up those holes in it would make pools of water, and so they did it.

Why for the now because they needed it now number two they did it for later because they would have to come back to that Valley again because they were going to come to God's house again and they were going to travel to Mount Zion again so the next time they came through because they didn't work. Now there would be that nourishment therapy that water there would be that place where they could find what they needed to get through that Valley they did for now they did for later but number three they did for others because there might be somebody else to come to this valley soon song that a big meal well so I get some water now enough. I had to travel back through.

I get some water now, but for finally to make it out here for about never make it back. There's got to be somebody else traveling through this exact same Valley to be somebody else going through the exact same thing. So I want to make it where they can get numbers when you put it this way you build the pool God will fill it. I love this, is that they they built wells, which means they actually reached water, but they also just dug holes when they couldn't. And God filled him let me tell you and I need to do.

But here, go to the Valley and you're having a hard time and you say I just can't hit water but you just dig a hole and if you build the pool God will fill it. God will give you exactly what you need when you need it the most. Remember, he's the one that chose this route for you. He knows exactly where you are, what you notice this number six. Keep praying in the Valley would give you what it verse 80 Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer give here oh God of Jacob. Selah. I don't have time this morning, but I would love to tell you why. He said oh God of Jacob. I could take you through some instances, because they knew Old Testament history and they knew what had transpired and he knew it when he was basically saying was this there's some valleys that Jacob had to go through and there are some mistakes that Jacob made in his life but God you heard his prayer in those valleys and you heard his prayer despite his mistakes and if you did that then I need you to hear my now you know we often do only go to the valleys and were hurt and were damaged. We quit praying we withdraw from God's people and we withdraw from God himself.

We quit praying you oftentimes.

I think sometimes we quit praying you know why because were guilty like you know I got a rotten attitude right now why would I go talk to God you not mad at others right now and I'm not doing right now not living right now. Made some mistakes and I send an I went right back to that life last weekend where I I I came out of it. I feel rotten and we feel so badly feel so guilty that now we just won't even talk to God. Just like Adam did in the Garden of Eden when he said he withdrew, he didn't come out to talk to God.

Like before, and yet that's the one time he needed to talk to God more than any other dear friend I'm here to tell you gotta remember, God knows exactly where you're hiding, you're not going to surprise him.

You're not going to disappoint him. He saw it. You just keep writing you just come from Saigon. My attitude rot right now and I'm insane right now and I know I'm wrong but God I need help I'm in this valley to get out.

Keep praying in the valley. When I find interesting.

Let me say this. Look at verse eight he says. First, O Lord God of hosts. Then he says, hear my prayer.

What he is saying. Their first he acknowledges that you know what you are God to a lot of people and there's a lot of people that are calling on you right now. At the same time, maybe. And Lord knows the you know many people on the earth right now is so huge compared to what were then and on the take some right now. I know when I get down to pray that God's probably listening to prayers of hundreds of thousands of individuals, but what he is saying is this listen I know your Lord of hosts, and you got a lot of people to take care of but I need you to hear my prayer, and I'm here to tell you while God is powerful to meet the needs of so many people he is personal to love you and he hears your prayer thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone and 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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