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March 30, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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March 30, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, old Lord our God, all this that we have repaired to build the for thine holy name, the blind hand and is all I know, I know. Also, my God that they'll try as the heart, and hast pleasure and uprightness. As for me in the uprightness of mine heart, I have willingly offered all these things now have I seen with joy, thy people, which are present here to offer willingly unto the old Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, our fathers keep this forever in the imagination of the thoughts of the heart of thy people and prepare their heart unto the this is David praying in verse 19. David gives this prayer and this is what I would like to offer as an encouragement to our fathers here this morning.

I have often listen to individuals got a hold of books found any kind of CD listening that I could get my hands on. As far as preaching goes, our instruction goes on parenting, on how to be apparent how to raise your children and all these things, but I have really looked for material and have searched through many of you know, as I have dealt with some things in the book of Job in the first two chapters of Job prayed for his children. But I've always look for things.

How do I pray for my children, your father or grandfather here today. You certainly have the same burden that I have. How I pray for my kids. It's I don't want to be general auto want to say all God bless my kids I want to be specific.

What is it that I asked for. What is it that would be the right way to pray for my children because that's a very, very important thing. I am here at a pulpit today because I had a mom and dad prayed for me. So how do we pray. Verse 19 I like for us to look at this today is a fathers prayer and give unto Solomon my son a perfect heart to keep thy commandments thy testimonies and thy statutes and to do all these things and to build the palace for the which I have made provision, David prayed for his son and he asked God for some specific thing and this is help me because I have already changed as really as early as this week as I dug into it in and got to realize some of these principles I have begun to pray these things for my three sons already.

Let's pray Lord I love you Lord I pray that you would help us meet our fathers today feel honored as they should be. Thank you for the privilege of being a father and Lord I pray that you would bless it's a it's a responsibility there are burdens that fathers carry that are unique to the father role Lord. There is unique things that a mother carries and and grandparents carry bit Lord fathers have often a misunderstood responsibility that can consume our life. And Lord, as we look for a way to voice what we feel about our children to you God. I pray this will help us to be more specific in how we pray for our children and our grandchildren.

In Jesus name we pray.

Amen. First, David here in this chapter.

Obviously David wished on desire to build the temple for God, but God had told David David. You can't build the temple your hands are full of blood. Your man-of-war and David had murder on his record. And God said, my house is to be a house of peace and I can't let you do it, but your son Solomon will so David works hard in these chapters and first Chronicles to gather the materials to help his son as as well as the cancer still continue to do things for God and in this last chapter verse 2.chapter 29.

David here spends time telling got a Got all these things and as everything was done and the people were there and they were able, willing heart to obviously begin to build this temple. David prays for his son noticed number one that David as he prays to God, he asked that God first would give his son Solomon, a right heart verse 19 given to Solomon my son a perfect heart you know the Bible says David was a man after God's own heart. And yet at times. David had allowed a dishonest deceptive heart to creep in. The Bible says keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. In other words, the Bible says is that it doesn't just take diligence in a few areas to keep your heart right. It takes all diligence. Keep thy heart with all diligence, you and I have to be diligent in every area to keep our heart right and David knew it. David had experienced his heart being right at a time and had allowed sin to creep in. David had a deceptive heart that crept in as he murdered the husband of a woman that he had had an affair with David's dishonest deceptive heart had taken over, and he began to try to cover his tracks and all the things that come along with that. So as David comes to God and realizes that I've made some mistakes and while God's forgiven me and I still can't build the temple and I want you and I do understand that we are are things we do in our life and God is faithful to forgive and if you come to him if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. But there still might be some things that we can't do because of decisions we made.

David says God, would you give my son of all things help his heart to be right. David had experienced it. David wanted more than anything for his son Solomon to have the right kind of heart. You see, David had already lost a son named Absalom because Absalom had allowed a bitter heart to creep in and Absalom was killed because of his heart. David had already lost a son because of any says God, please, of all things, give my son a right heart. May I encourage you as appearance here this morning as you pray for your children and mail me I say is not wrong to pray that they'll be successful in pray that they'll make a lot of money and and pray that that that maybe that they'll accomplish a lot of things. That's fine, but may I say that you begin first and asking God that you and give him a ride heart because only the right heart will maintain their life. David said God please give them the right kind of heart notice.

Secondly, David says this in verse 19 he says given to Solomon my son a perfect arc notice.

Secondly to keep thy commandments. David said God first. Would you give my son a right hard, and second, would you give him the right conviction God, would you help him in his life may be important to him to know and follow ER come in is it.

I like that phrase to keep God's commandments knows to me David had experienced being king. He had experienced the pressure of trying to please a kingdom.

David had already been through, trying to please this group of people in that group of people in this part of the kingdom, and that part of the kingdom. And if you're not careful you can begin to care more about people's criticism than you do about God's commandments he had experienced this pressure and may I say that his prayer was caught help my son to have the right kind of convictions help him to keep your commandments is a preacher. Why was he praying this well.

It had already happened to David. May I say this.

The Bible doesn't say that. David said God I pray that you would help my son to keep your suggestions. He said God I pray you help my son to keep your what commandments may I say that this Bible is full of commandments not suggestion David had experienced this. David had gotten to the point that he cared more what people thought it covering up his own reputation and covering up his own sin and David had been through that if David had gone to the point that he cared more what people said that what God had commanded it, and as David began to pass over the reins and turn over the kingdom to Solomon. He says God play. Help them to have the right kind of heart and help him to have the right convictions is a preacher wise is so important.

Well, he had lost Absalom because of a bad art but David had also lost another son named Amnon because Amnon had listened to the influence of his cousin Jonah dab and ended up raping his own sister instead of following the commandments of God. Now David had Lawson Absalom and David had lost none. And as he prays to God about half of his son Solomon.

He says God give them a ride heart help them not to make mistakes of my Absalom and God given the right convictions help him to keep his life right not make the same mistakes as my son Amnon noticed the third thing in verse 19 is David prays for his child. He says God given to Solomon my son a perfect heart to keep thy commandments notice what else he tells them to keep.

He says God would you help him to keep thy testimonies.

David says God, would you give my son the right kind of heart would you give them the right convictions and God. Would you help him to have the right kind of testimony. David had enjoyed from a teenager. A good testimony. You see, when David was just a teenager. He walked right in and defeated a giant named Goliath that nobody else in the Israel Israel Army in the army of Israel. Nobody else would even file and David as a young man that just brought some food to his brothers that were soldiers. He walked right out with just a slingshot and so giant.

What a reputation I mean he had a reputation from the start.

In fact, his reputation created a song among the people of Israel that Saul had slain his thousands, but David had slain his times of them all. We had a reputation although he had a great testimony, but David had allowed a corrupt heart and lowered convictions. He had allowed it to ruin him and David's right. Testimony became a wrong testimony, even God. In this chapter, said David, you can't build this temple because of the choices you've made. You have ruined your testimony you have damaged it and David. You can't be the leader that builds this temple because you have blood on your hand. So David when he prays to God, says God, I've experienced what it feels like to enroll in my reputation to have this job associated with my name, God, would you please give my son the right kind of testimony. I don't know about you, but as a dad. I've done everything I can do and I have worked with my sons mother to prepare and do everything we can do to point them in the right direction, and to give them the chance at a good testimony, but I cannot make their decisions for them and as a parent.

All I can do is get done at night and say God don't let my sons to some that will hurt their testimony. Yes, kids are going to make mistakes. And yeah, we've all blown it at times and we know that you all know what I'm talking about some of those things are hard to rebound from David. Even at this point in his life was still reaping what he had so he said God give my son a good testimony, listen to me as David saw his son becoming keen with all the pressures and chip rotations that surely would come. David said God I don't know if he's going to have the ability to handle the pressure and the temptation and all the things that are to be thrown at him because he's king David found it. David had been through it.

David had blown it. David had ruined it. David had dropped the ball and lowered his convictions and he had allowed his father not to be right and he says God in the middle of it says all this comes into Solomon's lie. Would you please allow him to keep a good testimony and I can only really probably be a good king.

If you have a good testimony number four what you look at verse 19. David asked God for something else for his child. Given the Solomon my son a perfect heart to keep thy commandments, thy testimonies and thy statutes. What's interesting. David says God I would really like it if you would give my son allow him to have a right heart right convictions a right testimony. But fourth, he says, God help them to have the right principle.

What are the statutes of God. What's interesting, this word statutes and by the way throughout the Bible the word statute.

There's different Hebrew and Greek words used for that. But this particular use of statutes is literally the word mandate means God and his word has given principles for us to govern our life by and David said, God, I pray that you would allow my son to keep your statute as a preacher. What do you mean will be read your couple versus Psalm 119 verse 50 that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes then shall I not be ashamed. David knew that if my son will keep your statutes. God it'll keep them from shame was interesting.

Bursae, the Bible says the statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart my son if he keeps your statutes, and his heart will stay right and ill have the joy of the Lord. I'm on the way as a Christian, may I say this when you and I begin to veer away from the statutes of God are jointly never met anybody more miserable than a Christian out of fellowship with God's most miserable person in the world.

Psalm 119 verse 16 says I will delight myself in thy statutes. I will not forget thy word. So David saying God if he gets in your word. Help them to listen and keep your statutes were seven of 119. It is good for me. David said that I have been afflicted that I might learn vice David said it's good.

I've had to go through this suffering just to bring me back to where I should've been Ken Ike Matt Matt make the suggestion. It's a lot easier just to stay there. Then, for God to have to afflict you to get you back.

David didn't want Solomon to have to go through that. He said God just helping to keep him from the start. Give him the right principles that govern his life that literally control his decision.please do that for my son. Number five I want you to see this verse 19 were almost on this morning.

Solomon says given to my son a perfect heart to keep thy commandments, thy testimonies and I statutes. Listen to what he says and to do all these things all what things the things that David had just listed to God that he had brought all the materials he had gathered. Notice the end to build the palace.

Further, which I have made provision. Notice that he says last God, please would you give my son the right priority.

Another words, God, I know it's your plan for him to build the temple that is your priority. That's your plan for his life and God.

I pray that he will always remember and never veer from your plan for his life. May I say is, apparently you and I begin to pray that God would give our children the right priorities when any right priorities. Preacher, I mean keeping God first. I mean, remembering God has something for me to do and I need to do it. It's okay to enjoy life. It's okay to enjoy things it's okay to you know.

Enjoy family and all these things, but you and I need to remember and somehow we've got too ingrained in our children and we got a pray every night that God somehow would make his will, most important in their life. I'm afraid that we are raising a majority of a generation of young people that have no concept of the importance of God's will. All they see is what makes me successful. What makes money. What this what that and and and their whole concept is that. And yet, somewhere, not even in the mix is what does God want me to do now. Kids want to do a lot of things imaginative everyone of you got to do everything you ever wanted to do.

I mean I want to be a lot of things I want to be a professional golfer. I wanted to be a professional football player. When the world Rita that was like that's a stretch sumo wrestler. Maybe not football player church makes me feel so loved and appreciated. I've had my son's. I've had my sons at times, been so you know what I want I want I want to be a professional bass player, since I want to play for the Tar Heels one day like I do to just like get seats to Tar Heel Duke game. The only way you can afford is if your kid plays. Apparently, I don't know my kids a lot of things at times. I want to do this.

I want to do that, you know what it never said no you can't do that.

I've always said, well, if that's what God wants, then you do it because somehow our kids have to come up knowing the only way that they will ever truly have contentment and happiness in their life. And I mean true contentment is to figure out what God wants you to do and do it. David said God, I know you want Solomon to build this temple when he becomes King. He's going to have a whole lot of things come at God he's going to need the right kind heart or Hill route from the start. And God, you're going to have to give him the right kind of testimony so that he could have the respect of the people in God. You gotta give them the right kind of principle, so that it will govern him to make the right kind of decisions and and you gotta you gotta help them to stay wise and stay in your word and all these sayings, but then he says God given the right priorities because he has to remember about most everything that comes at you in life and a lot of things are going to try to take his time, but God help them to have the right priorities to do what you called them to do. See, David had slipped on a few areas. He lost one son because his son got a bitter heart. He lost another son because he disobeyed God's word and listen to the wrong influence. David had ruined his own testimony because of his sin with Bathsheba and people knew some of the ways he had tried to cover his tracks and all those things.

And then, by the way when it comes to right principles. David had decided against God's command to number the people and 70,000 of his own people were killed and three days because of God's judgment.

So David now had that's on him.

He said God please give my son the right priorities to build the palace to do what you called him to do. He is saying that God don't let my son be so taken with privilege that he forgets his purpose and you and I live in a day where were so used to the blessings of America that we are so busy enjoying the privileges that we've overlooked our own purpose for me if I can concise this if you're like me, I like okay how can I wrap all this in a little bubble.

Well, I've given you the things I believe that we need to pray for our children for the right is the right heart) but David, in essence, ask God this for his son. This would be on the screen. He said number one. God I want you to help my son to be right have the right kind heart, your hearts who you are.

He said I want him to be right. Second, I want them to live right.

I want him to keep your commandment. Third, I want him to think right. Help them to put that to have your statutes and and help and have the right principles. Number four. He says God I want him to finish right help him to do what you called to do Melanie say this in a let you go this morning.

If you'll notice in verse 19, the first thing Solomon says, as he is talking to God. He says in give unto did you get that Solomon says God if he is going to have any of these things. I can't give them to him you are going to have to dads the best we can do in the head as hard as we try to be an example.

I'm here to tell you you can't put that into your kids lives. God has to say walk in the Rye, that's great. If you have the were all trying to but you and I still need to get out on our knees at night and God to put these things in the lives of our children. It's got to come from him. David say he didn't say God help me to give David he said God you give a perfect heart now say this. Also, as I look at this that David was saying this, it was saying God my son has to be right before he can do right. You and I are trying sometimes to raise a generation of young people that we are sending our children out to do right before we have made sure that they are right. We want them to have the right performance, but they don't have the right heart dear friend, that's why. Hopefully at this church. Hey we want to do things God's way and I listen Amman percent for that. But this church is not a list of do's and don'ts and rules for people to follow because anybody can do that. My wish for this church is that our hearts will be right if the hearts right you don't even need a list now want to do so want you to see this. And these are freebies, and I'll let you go are times gone to the last phrase in verse 19.

Love it love it love it. I'm the only one, but I love David said, God help my son to build the palace noticed this last thing for the which I have made provision. If you don't get emotional. David said God I believe it's your will for my son to build up house and I can't because of some mistakes I've made so God I worked hard together every material he's going to need together. Every piece of wood to gather all this stuff, although I can't. I want my son to fit although I've blown it. I don't want him to blow it, although I messed up. I don't want him to have worked hard to provide everything he needs to do your will, and the great.

We see David praying and providing that means you and I gotta work hard to give our kids the tools they need to do God's will. But then we gotta get down on our knees after they go to bed, we gotta say God you have to do this.

I want to do everything I can do to providing gather everything. Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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