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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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June 20, 2024 9:16 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 20, 2024 9:16 pm

Caitlin Clark catches another stray l Sam Amick, The Athletic NBA reporter l Calls on the Lakers hiring Redick

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For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. It is the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody listening all over North America. My friends near Atlanta, my people in Birmingham, Alabama, where Major League Baseball is honoring the Negro Leagues with a game between the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. You could be in New York City with super producer and host Ryan Hickey. You could be in California.

Man, oh, I mean, there's a lot going on in California. Los Angeles Lakers have hired JJ Reddick as their new head coach. How about this 20 minutes from now? Sam Amick from The Athletic. He helped break the news. He's going to come through and join us to talk about exactly what the Lakers are doing, what they could possibly do. We'll talk some more NBA. Sam Amick is coming through 20 minutes from now.

This show gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Hey, we've already had a guest on. Thank you to Katie Wu for joining us from The Athletic. She covers the cards. She's in Birmingham for this amazing game at Rickwood Field.

Great stuff. We talked about ready to the pistons to open up the show. Man, in a few seconds, you know, we'll get into some more basketball. There's some NFL news going on as well. NFL owners are trying to curtail a quarterback spending by implementing a quarterback salary cap.

How the hell you going to do that while you are currently engaged in an active CBA? Trevor Lawrence talked about his big deal. Kittle talks about losing weight.

No Ozempic. His weight loss had to deal with injuries. Hickey, that's one hell of a way to lose some weight, right? Just get a bunch of surgeries and lay down for a month? We see that a lot with the offensive linemen, right? I mean, when they retire, they don't consume as much calories. Russell Okun, formerly of the Seahawks, this guy looks like a basketball player. He went from the Incredible Hulk and now he looks like like Wim Benyama. It's crazy.

I don't know if George Kittle got that small, but we'll talk about George Kittle later on in the show is Paul George is dropping breadcrumbs about his future. There's just a lot that has gone on, and so we'll keep you up to date, especially with this. This cool game is such a cool game.

Rick would field in Birmingham picky. If I leave, what happens if I just it was too late? I can't leave. I think I cover for you and just say we had a connection issue.

Oh, I hear that book a jar dropped. OK, Internet's gone, but I think by the time I get out there, the game would be in like the eighth inning. How far is Birmingham from you? Two hours plus.

Oh, that's if you're driving. With John, like the speed of traffic will find out right now. Hold on, let's see.

Not too bad, right? It is a Fox game, so this will start at 715, which is not working in your favor. We've been we've been conned. Right now there's there's an accident leaving Atlanta.

Of course there is. It's two and a half hours. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm screwed. I'm going to miss it anyway.

That's why I got Fox on in front of me. It is a fine. You said it's going to start. It's a 715 game. They're going to play in 10 minutes. First pitch watch. I think you're right.

They don't lie like other networks do and sucker you into a pregame show for another 15 minutes, like like ESPN, just like them. OK, yeah, no, no, no. Are they the ones? Yeah, no, they are the ones.

They're the only ones. The game is at 730. Here's the game at 750. Or 20 minutes of pregame that give you nothing, by the way. Yeah, well, that's I think that's most most pre games. Anyway, 8552124227 is the number if you want to give us a holler.

It's 8552124227. You know, before the break, we talked about the potential expansion of the NCAA tournament in both the men and the women's side. And it's like, hey, I think Hickey and I came to a conclusion that a lot of this is is unnecessary. It's a money grab like everything else in life. And then for the women's tournament, it's actually been. A money, a money loser like they lose money on the women's side, regardless of how entertaining it's been over the past couple of seasons. And we can certainly go ahead and thank Caitlin Clark and then also Angel Reese for bringing some drama and some competitiveness and some entertainment, you know, to the tournament. OK, and then that's good and great. And Caitlin Clark and God bless her and the Indiana Fever.

I'm going to actually today's my last day of the week. I'm going to see the Fever and Caitlin Clark here in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow as they take on the dream. The Fever have been able to, you know, pick things up over their last several games. And so Caitlin Clark, unfortunately, is still dealing with some of the turnover issues as she's adjusting to the league. I mean, but she's she's putting up great numbers.

We're talking about double doubles. Last night they took on Washington. Washington is a garbage team.

I hate to tell you that they beat him 88 to 81. This team, Indiana Fever on a three game winning streak. They won four out of their last five. They've won four out of their last six. And they've certainly picked things up after starting the season on a five game losing streak. So after starting 0-5, Caitlin Clark's team is currently 6-10. And I think playing against Atlanta tomorrow, they're missing their star player, Ryan Howard. No, not that baseball player.

He's in Birmingham. I think there's a good chance that Caitlin Clark can come here to Atlanta and leave with a 7-10 record. Not too shabby, right? For all the barbs and vitriol that Caitlin Clark has basically taken to start her career.

Not too shabby of a start. Both her and Aliyah Boston have really started to tie things together. But that hasn't stopped some people from still going at her. Somebody like this sounds crazy to say she's one of the greatest women's basketball players of all time for the life of me. Why someone like Cheryl Swoopes? And maybe it's because she laid the groundwork for the WNBA and won all those championships with the Comets, a four-time champ, a three-time WNBA MVP.

It's crazy to me that someone so accomplished can't stop with Caitlin Clark. It was months ago where she was just talking about how she's a shooter and she's older and she's beaten up on competition younger than her at college and it's just like this is all inaccurate. I don't know, maybe it's sitting down with Gilbert Arenas, which she did that first time. Maybe this makes her, I don't want to say crazy, maybe Gilbert Arenas is promoting her to say wild things. We all know about Caitlin Clark getting clobbered over the head by Angel Reese this past week and that was called the flagrant. We know about the Kennedy-Carter push and we've seen all of this. But for whatever reason, Cheryl Swoopes took the approach with Gilbert Arenas to just call Caitlin Clark the bully?

What? With Angel, she's rugged, right? She's gonna be, she's a rugged girl, right? She's built from trying to bully, she's a bully-er, right? No one feels sorry for the bully-er. She's not a bully, she's not a bully.

Oh, you've probably just never seen the poster. She's bullying the veterans. She's not a bully. Well, I mean, if you want to talk about bullies, we can talk about each, every time Caitlin has the ball, she pushes off.

Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm just saying. But she has the, what she has at advantage, she has the advantage of like an Allen Iverson or a Curry because they're light, they can hit you, do all the little cheap stuff, you hit them, they're gonna flop and fall. That's just the benefit of being a guard.

Am I missing something? At what point in time has a push, when has anybody been called a bully for a push-off? That's if there's a push-off. When has anybody ever been called a bully? A bully?

I don't know, for a flop. I think about a bully. I think about, I don't know, Draymond Green. I think about a bully, you know, I can't even say bully. Kevin Garnett to me seemed like a fake bully. Like, are there bullies in basketball? Like, Hickey, what the hell is she saying?

What's wrong with her? I'm almost at a loss for words at this point because we've talked about the amount of ridiculous things Gilbert Arenas has said. And in that clip, he's the sensible one for the most part. What world are we living in where we can sit there and hear two people talk and say, yeah, you know what? Gilbert actually is probably the one that makes more sense here than what the other person is saying.

I mean, I'm with you. I just, I'm lost at why there's so much hatred for someone, by the way, who covers the league. You know, it's not like she's like just watching from a distance and is just jealous or a hater. She's involved with broadcasts.

She already interviewed Kaitlin Clark on the court. Like, she's saying this as someone who's still part of the league broadcasting games. It's bizarre. It's jealousy, man. That's all it is.

It's jealousy. I mean, for Sheryl Swoopes, you would think Sheryl Swoopes would be comfortable in everything that she's accomplished. Like, she's in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Like, what else is there for her to do besides just, I don't know, go back to coaching and just win everything?

I don't know, man. But to call her a bully? Kaitlin Clark? I haven't seen Kaitlin Clark do anything.

And now we're making stuff up. I mean, to go ahead and say Kaitlin Clark is a bully. Have you seen her push off?

What? I've seen Michael Jordan push off. That make him a bully? I've seen Steph Curry push off.

Does that make him a bully? I see them playing basketball. I mean, damn it. Kaitlin Clark got smacked in the head by Angel Reese.

I would call that a flagrant. But I wouldn't say that Angel Reese is out there bullying her. Like, we got to chill on this. Diana, the girl, the woman, excuse me. Kaitlin Clark isn't on the Olympic team because of politics.

That's it. I mean, we have other players who deserve to be on the team. They're just like, hey, I don't I don't even want to put myself into contention because it's politics. And you know what? Maybe this is because we got a lot of people paying attention to the league. They don't know how to handle this.

And maybe all of it hopefully will just just blow on by. I want to see what the building looks like tomorrow when Kaitlin Clark is in town. Hickey, I have been to the last the last WNBA game I went to. The Aces were taking on the Liberty in New York in the WNBA Finals. At the beginning of the game, this was a Sunday afternoon game. I was kind of worried that maybe the Barclays Center wasn't going to fill up. At the end of the game, maybe the next day, I think it was announced that this was like the biggest gate. That's the amount of money that they make. This was the biggest gate in WNBA history.

The Barclays Center was packed to capacity. Atlanta can be, I don't want to say fickle. You know, people go to a Hawks game and people want to just be seen and party and, you know, have a have a great time. There's a musician from Louisiana. He's a big hip hop artist. His name is Boosie. He was just here down the hallway. And I asked Boosie, I said, hey, you you go into the game? He says, no, I'm not going.

I have something to do. Boosie's at all the Hawks games, as many as he can get to. I want to know what the crowd is going to look like at State Farm Arena. They move the game from the Gateway Center, which is only a few thousand people. They moved it into a 18, 19, 20,000 seat arena. Like if Kaitlyn Clark has this arena filled up tomorrow, Hickey, I'm just I would be a little surprised, man.

And I want to know where people coming from. Is it going to be families? Is it is it just people just trying to go out?

And there's a lot of curiosity. That's why I'm going. When you went to Barclays, I know this was a Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, seven o'clock. Was it families? Was the adults? What was the crowd? Definitely, I would say a lot of families.

But also, I was shocked. It was all Liberty fans. Like we went to see Kaitlyn Clark and the place was sold out. But the Liberty have like they have their fans.

They've been good, which helps in a massive city like New York where they absolutely get their attention. But I mean, from what you've seen from other cities that Kaitlyn has played in so far, people show up. I bet you what you said 20,000 for State Farm Arena, 18,000. I probably say 90 percent full would be my guess tomorrow.

Yeah, I wonder what the mix is, man. It's going to be real interesting to see, you know, what what a Kaitlyn Clark show looks like here in Atlanta, Georgia. I also want to see is she going to be cheered?

I mean, Atlanta is a transplant city. Is she going to get cheered? Are people going to root for the dream?

The dream doesn't play in this in the arena. There's a lot to check out. And I just hope that Kaitlyn Clark puts up a show because that's pretty much the reason that I'm going.

Me and a lot of other people. This past Sunday, Kaitlyn Clark, Andrew Reece, Chicago, Indiana was the most watched WNBA game in twenty three years. The J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network.

We're going to take a break when we come back on the other side. It's a conversation with Sam Amick of the athletic. This man has some information about the NBA. We'll talk about Riddick. We'll get into the Sixers. We'll talk about Caruso being traded. There's a lot to do. So don't move.

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Coast to coast. Los Angeles Lakers finally have a new head coach. His name is JJ Reddick. This man has gone from the broadcast booth to the sidelines to help shepherd what will probably be LeBron James, Anthony Davis and who knows after that. To talk about the hiring of JJ Reddick, what this means for the Lakers, their future Reddick as well as someone who's been on the story, been on the beat is Sam Amick from the Athletics. Sam, thank you for taking the time to join us. Thank you for having me guys.

I appreciate you. No doubt about it. Well, we all know this has been bandied about for weeks. We know that Hurley turned down the job. How do we go from Hurley saying no to JJ Reddick saying yes?

That is the question of the day. Yeah, I mean it's one of the more unique coaching searches that I've covered, seen and been around. You know, I mean our information, our intel certainly was that JJ was a guy that very early on after Darvin Ham was fired was top of mind for the Lakers.

A lot of intrigue about his mind, about his personality, you know, kind of the way he chairs himself and then more specifically, you know, and again this is what makes it so unique is the things like, you know, his relationships, right? The podcast that he started with LeBron James like, you know, pretty, I think it was before Darvin was out and the type of thing where you now have a front row seat to observing rapport between, you know, a possible head coach with the guy who is in the discussion for greatest player of all time. And so, JJ, the process had started slowly.

James Borrego, David Attleman, Micah Norris, some others involved in terms of being candidates. But the Hurley part, all indications are it was what you would describe as the Hail Mary where they basically said, you know what, we're the Lakers, let's go ahead and swing for the fences on the side here and see if we can't shock the world and get Dan to leave UConn. You know, that, what's interesting though is that swinging for the fences, I think you're going to find people on both sides of the debate in terms of whether they swung hard enough, if that makes sense. You know, the contract offer that they gave him was, would have made him the sixth highest paid coach in the NBA. So that sounds pretty generous.

I think it's a little more complicated than that. If you get in the weeds and you start talking about, you know, taxes in Connecticut versus taxes in California, I don't know that he would have made much more if any more at all money. And so, you know, Dan stayed put. Dan gets presumably the leverage that he needed to get a new build on a UConn team. Build on a UConn and Lakers shift back to JJ and here we are.

Sam Amick is here with us from The Athletic. Now that JJ Redick is the head coach, we know that the NBA draft is pretty much next up. LeBron James has an opportunity to opt out. What happens next for this team? They actually have to put a team out on the court and regardless of who's coaching it.

They do. And I mean, the next thing I think for me that I would imagine that is top of mind for them is getting some sort of reassurance from LeBron behind the scenes. You know, I don't know if he needs to announce it, but that he is in fact coming back because you can't really run into anybody who thinks he's not, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that, you know, if you would have asked me a couple months ago if we'd be sitting here on June 20th and the indication had not been made, that would surprise me. And so, you know, his agent Rich Paul does an interview, I think yesterday with ESPN talking fairly openly about, you know, LeBron's state of mind.

And there's just, again, not a promise that he's returning. Um, so I still think he is, but you know, that's step one is getting a coach. Step two is getting LeBron. Um, and then step three and the draft is relevant, but not incredibly relevant for the Lakers. And really it's more relevant in relation to their ability to go get, you know, some other kind of complimentary talent, whether it's a star or a high level elite kind of role player. Um, they've got the ability to trade up to three picks, three firsts and go get something done. And then to hit the mark in a way that they really didn't when they got Russell Westbrook and when they did, when they went out and got really hot Shamura and the rest of that crew that helped them get to the West finals a couple of years ago. So, um, a lot of, a lot of puzzle pieces on the board right now for the Lakers, Sam Amick is here with us from the athletic is the chair sport reshow on the infinity sports network. But let's say, let's hit the fast forward button a little bit.

We are now in the end of September it's early October. What's best case scenario for the Los Angeles Lakers if they want to compete for a championship, uh, best case scenario, that's a great question. I mean, I don't know who I would handicap. I personally, you know, you hear about a lot of chatter about their, their kind of presumed interest in Trey young. Right.

And I look at that one and just say, I just don't see it. I don't see how LeBron AB and Trey young, um, gets the job done. Um, you know, there was a lot of chatter about guys who are off the board at this point, the OGN and Novi types, you know?

Um, so I don't know who that guy is. Uh, I just think that, you know, they've learned the hard way that even though it's Laker land, don't get too infatuated by star power. I think that's partly what happened with the Westbrook saga. Um, you know, they don't have the cap room to go out and just outright pick a guy up like a Paul George or even a DeMar DeRozan who, who they kind of flirted with a couple of years back.

Um, so it's just a matter of seeing what's out there. I mean, Zach Levine is a name they've been tied to in the past, you know, he's available right now. Uh, but I don't necessarily see that happening, but Rob Palenka, you know, the head of the front office, he had a wonderful, um, trade deadline two years ago, and that led to that West finals push. And then I think the onus then was on Darvin Hammond.

He took the fall for their falling short of expectations. I feel like the pressure is back on Rob now where I'll tell you coaching change, you know, it's time to go improve this roster with LeBron's career, obviously in the twilight. Well, Sam, you talk about a lot of the, the potential free agents and targets for the Lakers.

These are individuals who are going to be potentially moving around as well. You talk about OG and Inobi, and we even have someone like Paul George, who's kind of leaving breadcrumbs that, Hey, I might be on out the door. What could potentially happen with Paul George? Is he leaving LA the other LA team? I certainly could see it.

I really could. Although today, my colleague who I was on this story with shops Friday, I've reported that it appears the Sixers interest in Paul has cooled as Wayne. And that really surprised me. I thought they've got enough room to sign them. Joel and beat had just showed up on, you know, the ESPN airwaves next to Paul kind of, you know, borderline tampering and doing everything short of tampering and joking around about them teaming up.

Uh, but you know, Sean's is obviously here and that, that, that is not as much a possibility as we thought it might be. So then it becomes, you know, Paul just actually did a podcast where he fairly openly was a, was a fusing praise upon a young Paolo Bencaro with the magic in Orlando is the spot I think he could look at. Uh, the thing to me about Paul and the Clippers that I keep saying is that I think a lot of it is that, Hey, he wants, he does want to live in LA. His family's there.

He's got a mother who's been sick at times. And I think he loves having her be able to come to games. A lot of personal reasons to stay in LA, but you lose agency and you lose control when you sign with the team. So I think he knows that in the past they have shown, you know, not a lot, but a very, you know, an element of, of kind of interest or willingness to at least discuss Paul George trades. And once you hear that as a player, I think you then are concerned that if I reside with this team, it's, you know, go ask Blake Griffin, like, just cause you resigned doesn't mean you're going to be there for the long haul. And yeah, I think Paul, one of his considerations, it feels like is, you know, should I, am I better off going to an imperfect landing spot somewhere else where I at least know that we have a longer runway and I don't have to be looking over my shoulder. Um, and within that, I think the Clippers not being what they had hoped to be sharing the ball with James Harden, sharing the ball with Kawhi Leonard, you know, we'll see if Russell Westbrook's back.

Um, yeah, Paul's got a lot to consider. And Sam Amick is here with us courtesy of the Atlantic, excuse me, the athletic. Sam, when you look at, no worries.

When you look, riding is not very strong. All right. That's why we got you here on basketball. When you, you look at the teams that, that have cap space, we know about the Sixers.

We, we saw the trade go down earlier today, uh, between the bulls with Caruso and Getty. What are some other teams that have an opportunity to make a big splash into next year? Yeah, I mean, the Spurs are top of mind, or at least on my short list and you know, the gravity of the candidate, the headline effect that comes with Victor Wambayama, uh, it's going to be really interesting to see what they do.

Cause they have a lot of money. They've got flexibility. Um, you know, Chris Paul has been tied to them. Chris is, he's not the player who used to be beyond on the back nine. He's on hole 17, if not 18, but you know, he had good moments with the warriors and he's a guy that I wonder, you know, uh, whether it's Chris or somebody else, can they add kind of an old head, an OG to that Spurs group to, uh, to take him to the next level?

You know, don't forget a couple years back, Chris did a pretty wonderful job, you know, teaming up with Shea, Gilgis, Alexander and Oklahoma city and showing him the ropes. And I think the Thunder and Shea are still reaping the benefits of that. So the Spurs come to mind, uh, you know, in my neck of the woods, I'm based in Northern California. You know, the Kings are a team that, you know, was so excited to make the playoffs last season, two years ago for the first time in 16 years.

And then they didn't make it last year and they got Malik bunk. He's another prominent free agent and he's looking at all these same markets, you know, Orlando, Philly, San Antonio. Um, you know, I think Houston's going to be really active. They don't necessarily have as much room, but you know, they got a young core that they're trying to take the next step with. So, you know, I guess staying in my region, the warriors are pretty compelling too. You know, they're going to be star shopping, I think, cause they're still all in on, on the Steph era. Um, it got everybody's attention a couple of weeks ago when Jimmy Butler posted on social media that he was heading to San Francisco. I mean, it very well may mean nothing, but you know, that's a name that, that folks have kind of bandied about.

So, uh, I think it's going to be a pretty active summer. Yeah. You talk about the warriors. Clay Thompson did the whole unfollow thing. Just a matter of negotiating, right?

Sam just is all negotiating. Only Clay knows, you know what I mean? Like, Clay's got one of the more like unique and interesting situations I've seen too. And mainly because from a life standpoint, and I've covered Clay's whole career, you know, you, you know how much he loves the Bay, you know how much he loves getting on that boat and literally having his commute to work be, you know, across the San Francisco Bay, looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. And that's the kind of stuff that no other team can offer.

Right. Like the warriors have cornered the market on that by literally, but there are some hard feelings there. He, he felt disrespected at times by ownership.

He's been confused about why they gave German green four years and a hundred million dollars, but only offered him literally half that. So like, you know, if they don't come correct in his eyes, in his mind, as far as the contract offer, uh, that, that is, you know, the idea of Clay in a different Jersey is hard to kind of wrap your head around, but you know, it depends on what these teams do. If Orlando decides that, Hey, we need that shooting and we can't get Paul, or we want Clay over Paul or Clay over Malik, then, you know, we'll see. Uh, I'm really, I mean, he had a really good second half of the year.

I mean, people always want to compare, you know, modern day clay to peak clay, which is not really fair. He set the bar pretty high, but he was a pretty damn good player the second half of the year. And I think his market could reflect that.

And Sam, we know that Clay Thompson is much closer to the end than he is to the beginning. We got a two day NBA draft next week. This is an international draft. We got a couple of college players we're familiar with, but it seems the biggest name is Bronny James.

And this is pretty, pretty weak of a draft. No. Yes. What do you say? Yeah.

I mean, I say yes now my disclaimer is it's funny back in the day. Uh, I had a couple of years stretch where the draft was my number one focus all year round. And so I knew everybody through the second round and, you know, the undrafted crew and knew who's who and what was what, uh, you know, we have the wonderful Sam Visini these days at the athletic who has a great job as our draft expert. So that I am not, but, but yes, everybody you talk to feels like it is, uh, not a very strong draft, you know, and you're hitting the nail on the head.

I think JR, the idea that Bronny, that even though it's an interesting storyline, I think it's still telling that he is grabbing a lot of the headlines. You know, he's a guy that is going to struggle in his first couple of years to, to get significant playing time. I think, you know, if not wind up on a G league team somewhere. So, um, we'll see. I mean, there's always diamonds in the rough that we don't see coming. And that's the fun part of the draft. Uh, but yeah, I mean, I think all eyes on Bronny for sure, because it's not just about where Bronny goes. Of course, you know, LeBron has distanced himself from the idea that, that he was going to kind of go where Bronny goes, but still, I just think the intrigue of where does the son go?

What does that mean for the father? Uh, you know, that's going to be the thing that we talked about the most on draft night. One of the most unique stories that we've ever heard or seen in the NBA because it's, it's never happened. And so it's going to be very intriguing next week. I feel like we've talked about it for years and it could be upon us as soon as, as next week. Hey, Sam, thank you for taking the time to join us. Where can people follow you and all of your work with the athletic?

The, uh, good old X is the main platform to kind of get stuff out there. So at Sam underscore a M I C K or just at the athletic, come check us out. We got a fantastic, amazing staff and proud of what we do. And I appreciate you having me on. Thank you so much.

I appreciate the time. Hey, enjoy all the extra basketball stories. They don't stop.

They don't slow down. Thank you, Sam. It's the JR sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network, eight five five two one two 42 27. You just heard Sam pretty much reference Paul George and what he might do or what he may not do. We'll take a listen to what Paul George had to say on the other side of the break. Paul George may not be the only person going through a few changes. The NFL is looking to potentially a switch things up as well. When it comes down to the payment of their quarterbacks, Trevor Lawrence, he talked about his big money deal. We're going to get into it all next break.

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Visit or call 5 6 2 3 1 4 4 6 0 3 for more details. You're listening to the JR sport brief, the JR sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network. Thank you to Sam Amick from the athletic for joining us in the last break to take a look at what the Los Angeles Lakers did. They hired JJ Redick. They said he has a four year contract, $32 million.

Now let's be real. If JJ Redick sees this entire contract through, that means that he will probably bypass LeBron James tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers. Can you see LeBron James playing four more years? I don't think so.

Maybe one or two. It's not even a hard confirmation that he's going to stick around in Los Angeles. I think he will, but damn. Congratulations to JJ Redick. Now let's see if he gets fired just like Darvin Ham and Frank Vogel. Let's see if the Lakers draft Bronny James next week. This is going to be an interesting week to look forward to out in Laker land. And why did they hire JJ Redick? I think it's because of LeBron. I think that's reason. Reason number one. 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. I need you to know this. It's very important.

This portion of the show is sponsored by the all new Hyundai 2024 Santa Fe equipped for adventure with capable features like available H track all wheel drive and standard third row seating. I told you about Paul George. We'll get into Paul George and what his future might look like.

As Sam Amick said, man, Joel Embiid was trying to recruit him to the Sixers, but maybe the Sixers aren't so hot on bringing in Paul George. But let's go to the phone lines. Mike. Mike is calling from Baltimore. You're on the JR sport. We show us up, Mike.

Hey, my dude, JR. My perfectly diction friend. Man, it's Redick hiring. I think you're right.

It's mainly because of LeBron. They didn't really want the money. They could man, you know, some authority. Yes, Steve, because you've got Sam Cassell out here who's deserving of a coaching job. I don't know. Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you carrying groceries right now? What are you doing? I was walking, Jay.

I'm sitting down. I got my breath. Okay. You were going, you were losing that breath quick. I'm like, keep breathing here. Okay.

90 degrees. I had to walk, walk to my lobby. So I'm good now. Okay.

I'm happy for you. So what? You're in Baltimore. Are you, you're not a Lakers fan. Are you like the Wizards? Showtime Lakers fan. I used to live in Los Angeles back in the eighties, but I'm not a present day Lakers fan. Now I'm not a fan at all. Really. We don't have nobody but the Wizards. So I'm not really a basketball fan at all right now. Damn.

That's a hell of an opinion. So when did you quit on the Lakers after Kobe? Okay. The Kobe check in. You know, I was, I was still like, what, what did, what did LeBron James or what did the Lakers do that made you say I'm done being a Lakers fan?

Hmm. It wasn't so much. This is today's NBA really. It's all about the money and, and, and, uh, the go elsewhere teaming up with other people and, you know, with that whole thing about on the Southeast to, uh, showcase myself, the whole like NBA now it's all about money, money, money.

So I kind of like, I don't know, I kind of tuned out today's NBA. They're making a lot of money. I mean, we got guys who are going to make 50 to 60.

Are you, can you be mad at a basketball player making 50 to 60 mill a year? I mean, no, I mean, Hey, I don't hate them. I don't hate the game. You know, I don't hate the players, but it's just, it seems like it's just so money oriented now.

And, and it's all about teaming up to, you know, go to super teams and, you know, it's not like the eighties with birds and magic and all of that and Mike. And so I'm kind of like soured on today's NBA, but I do root for my cousin. Hey, what highsmith who, uh, he's a ph in there, but he played on the heat and, uh, hopefully he'll return to the heat for somebody. But, uh, I've got a solid on the NBA.

I think, I think, um, the hiring of, uh, Redick is to placate, you know, uh, LeBron, I think, you know, of course. I mean, of course. Well, thank you, Mike.

Appreciate you for calling from Baltimore, man. All right. All right. Take it easy. Have a good evening.

Thank you. That's what every business, every business is about making money, right? I mean, the NBA makes money. They got to split it with the players, the NBA.

And we talked about this a little last night. Like there's free agency. The NBA didn't start with no free agency.

Like now you have players who have the opportunity to move a dare. I also say, I think the league is moving into a space and a place like that. Take a look at what we just saw in Boston. Do you want a super team?

Do you want a quote unquote big three? How about you just have a deep roster of guys who know how to play together? I mean, what a disaster it was out in Phoenix, Arizona, taking a look at Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, who I'm shocked every time he picks up a basketball and actually plays and Devin Booker. I mean, all three guys just shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. They got no point guard. You're expecting a couple of these dudes to just become point guard.

The world doesn't work that way. 855-212-4227. Manny is here from New York. You're on the JR Sport Reshow. Go ahead, Manny.

Quickly. What's up, JR? How you doing, man? I'm excellent, man. Thank you. Good.

Man, my God. The Lakers are now the Cowboys now in the NBA. Yeah, I said it. They're now the Cowboys now. They care about popularity, then winning. Jim, Jerry, Buzz must be won over his grave right now. You think the Lakers are more interested in popularity than actually winning?

Yeah. I mean, I mean, outside that 2020 bubble championship, what have they really, really done? I mean, they didn't do nothing.

I mean, outside that 2020 championship, which I'll give them credit for that, but they haven't really do nothing. Anybody, I mean, always talking about the Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, especially now LeBron is there. I mean, how many coaches have the Lakers have?

I told y'all. I mean, outside of Phil Jackson, the only coach that lasted for four years was Dale Harris. Since then, he's always moving from Mike Brown to Mike D'Antoni to Byron Scott. Mike Brown, man.

Yeah. Mike Brown. I mean, you know, Luke Walton, you know, Frank Vogel, who got screwed, and, and Diamond Ham, who got screwed. I mean, J.J. Riddick, I listen, I wish him nothing but the best, man.

But hey, don't be surprised within two years, we'll be, we'll be back on ESPN or NBC, whatever the years. Oh, thank you, Manny, for calling from New York. Steve from Wisconsin. Go ahead. You got to go quick.

Hey man, how you doing? Excellent. You got to go quick. All right. Yeah.

I just think I live in like an Appleton, which is about half an hour from Green Bay. And so we saw Doug Gottlieb get hired for the head coaching job here. And then we see J.J. Riddick get hired at the end of the day in business. He hired the best candidate.

And I think that's what they're doing based on the information that they have right now. That's all I have. Thank you for taking my call, by the way.

Thank you, Steve, for calling from Wisconsin. Hickey, he doesn't really believe that Doug Gottlieb is the best guy for the job. What did he, whatever school he ended up in, does he really believe that? And I know we got to hit the break, but does he really believe that? I don't know.

I mean, maybe it's a way to try to think your team is not just falling off the deep end by convincing yourself that actually, when you look at the other candidates. That man, Doug Gottlieb is a part-time, he's going to be a part-time coach. He is still full-time radio host, part-time college basketball coach. Full-time, what is he?

Full-time radio host, part-time. And I've said this before, what a robbery that is to the actual athletes at school that you have to coach, that you can't give them your full attention in your full-time. There's a reason that the last time I looked, most coaches, like they coach and they try to do it full-time.

And the guys who do it because they work on the same, because they have to, because they have to. This guy is just, he's like, Hey, I'm going to play coach. Why not?

I played at school. Why not just play coach? Am I going to put him in the same category of a JJ Reddick? Uh, no, I'm not. I think JJ Reddick is not going to moonlight as a broadcaster while he coaches the Lakers.

I think two different things. He also has no head coaching experience. I think the Lakers could have done better, but they got the guy that LeBron James wants. It's the JR sport reshow here on the infinity sports network. When we come back, speaking of business, man, he said the Lakers are like the Cowboys.

Why do I feel like Jerry Jones is trying to cap how much quarterbacks can make? We'll talk about it. Don't move. Tune in is the audio platform with something for everyone news in order to secure convictions in a court of law is essential that we conclusively sports.

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