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6.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR
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June 6, 2024 7:07 pm

6.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 6, 2024 7:07 pm

Lakers reportedly interested in hiring UConn head coach Dan Hurley l A'ja Wilson has another huge game l Travis Kelce discusses how great his life is

JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

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The number one pediatrician recommended brand. It is the JR sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network. I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you so much to our super producer and host Ryan Hickey. He's holding it down for us on the boards in New York City. I don't know where you're at. I don't know what you're doing. You could be in traffic. You could be at home. You could be getting to the money, leaving the money. You could be relaxed and I don't know. Thank you for tuning in.

Congratulations. This is when the show starts every single weekday at 6 PM Eastern, 3 Pacific. You can always listen on the free Odyssey app, A U D A C Y. You can lock in on your local infinity sports network affiliate. If you have Sirius XM like I do, it's channel one 58. If you got yourself a smart speaker, I do this too.

You ask it to play the infinity sports network and boom, everything pops up. We got a busy show for you. Of course, over the next four hours, we'll be hanging out. The NBA finals game one is tonight.

Goes down in about two and a half hours. The wait is almost over. And I mean, even between last night and today, thinking that we were getting right to the NBA finals, the Los Angeles Lakers have even more coaching news outside of JJ Redick.

Looks like they have a different target that they're after. And he coaches at UConn. We're going to talk about this this Dan Hurley drama, JJ Redick drama, Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, LeBron James drama. We got Alan Sliwa who's going to come through and join us next hour to talk about everything going on with the Los Angeles Lakers.

We got a bunch of NFL teams that are currently active in OTAs and minicamps. Jalen Hurts is like, man, we got a brand new offense. Anthony Richardson is like my shoulder. It still hurts. What a shock, right?

What a guy. Adam Silver is supposed to have a press conference in a couple of hours. Well, real soon before the start of the NBA finals, maybe we'll get some news about the NBA on TNT.

I know they're going to ask him that and he's going to be very diplomatic. It looks like they they still might have a little bit of life. Hickey, at this point, whether or not the NBA on TNT continues on, I feel like it's a round by round boxing match where the guy just keeps getting up off the mat.

I was going to say like, I don't know how you feel. I'm a little sick of the updates of like, oh, it's not. They're trying up. It doesn't look like it up. There's still a chance. Ooh, does not look very positive every day. It's something back and forth.

Either they're going to stay there or they're not. Let's get one update and finish it. Well, I mean, between, I guess, Sportico, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Business Journal, The New York Times, everybody is just trying to get the scoop and everybody's trying to go out there and and get the news. Now, speaking of scoops and news that that kind of ties into the Los Angeles Lakers. But folks, if you want to participate in the show, it's real simple. The phone number is here. It's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. We had a bunch of calls last night. People calling up about their favorite trash talkers of all time. We got everybody from nature boy Ric Flair to Gary Payton.

And then number one on my list, I had Muhammad Ali. And so the phone lines work because we use the hell out of him last night. I'll say it again.

Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. You can also find me. I'm online. I'm on the Internet. I am everywhere. I am at J.R. Sportbrief. And if you follow me at J.R. Sportbrief, you'll be ahead of the game.

You will have already known everything that we're going to discuss. And as Hickey and myself are sick of all the updates when it comes down to the NBA on TNT. Last night, when we left the show, I pretty much said that when I come back tomorrow, it's going to be time for the NBA finals.

It's going to be time for game one. Little did I realize it being up all damn day and all night. I was, unfortunately, I saw the news pop up early. It's like, whoa, it says that Dan Hurley, the head coach of the Yukon Huskies, the man that just won another championship, the man that won his second championship, the man that just beat Purdue with a different squad in Storrs, Connecticut. He's the latest candidate for the Lakers to throw some money at. Are you serious?

I mean, it was just all day yesterday. It's been all for the past, I guess, two or three weeks that this is this is J.J. Redick's job. Shams said as recently as yesterday, Shams Sharania, he's like, hey, J.J. Redick, the Lakers are zeroing in on him.

And I guess because two journalists have to compete with each other about stories. Wolves just said, no, it's Dan Hurley. And what ironic timing, because when you think about everything going on in Connecticut right now, Gino Ariemma just got himself a new contract on the women's side. Dan Hurley is still making a paltry five million dollars a year with the Yukon Huskies, even though he just won his second championship. And so if you're Dan Hurley, you want to stay in Yukon and Connecticut. Your family is from New Jersey. Coaching and playing basketball is in your blood, even from a high school level.

His dad is a legendary coach in Jersey. Do you want to leave Connecticut? He was asked about going to Kentucky.

Didn't happen, right? It's like, why the hell would I leave Connecticut where I'm king to go to Kentucky? Hell no.

My wife would kill me. We got to stay here close to home. But the Los Angeles Lakers are offering you a job. There's a lot of interesting news here. Gino Ariemma gets a deal. He's looking for a contract extension. He being Dan Hurley. And now the Lakers really want him for the gig. What are the chances that both Gino Ariemma and Dan Hurley spoke to the media in the past 24 hours?

What are the odds? This is all this. There's something fishy going on.

This is all a scheme. How about yesterday, Dan Hurley was chatting it up with New York radio legend, Mike Francesca. And he pretty much said before the news came out, which was this morning, he says, yeah, I'd be open to coaching in the NBA one day.

Listen to this. I do aspire, you know, one day if the right NBA situation were to come along, I do aspire to really nice. Oh, really? Yeah.

Okay. You'd like you'd like to take a shot at the NBA. I mean, if the right the right situation where, you know, an organization wants a tone center to come in and, you know, instill a culture, you know, young players and an organization that that wants to pursue championships. Would it have to be in the Northeast with your wife or would she? Because I don't know if she'd go all over the country, would she? She's the boss. Oh, she's the boss. Well, how many bosses would it like more money and an opportunity in Los Angeles?

How many? I mean, you can leave Connecticut and go back. You can leave Connecticut and keep what you got and move to L.A. You can do both. Wouldn't you think this is a dream opportunity? The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the it may not be a consistent job.

I mean, the guys who've had it typically have it for two or three years before they get the boot. What else is there for Dan Hurley to do in college besides go back to back? I mean, if you're looking for another challenge, if you're looking for another step in life, like a lot of people do. You go to L.A., you go to Los Angeles, you go for the Glitz, you go for the Glamour and he's an East Coast guy.

You just go for the business and a little bit of the lifestyle. What are the odds? How about this? Gino Ariemma. He was on with Dan Patrick today. Yeah, the women's coach who just got himself a big old contract. He basically said, ironically, he was with Dan Hurley last night, had no idea the Lakers were pretty much like hot on his tail. And he was just like, yeah, man, if you did leave and if you did happen to end up with the Lakers, it'd be awesome for you.

You know, this is really funny because I happened to be at a thing with him last night, just leaned over and I said, hey, I think you can win a lot of championships with the Lakers, more so than a guy who's never coached. And he just looked at me and, you know, nodded and we had a good laugh. And then this morning I wake up and voila.

So I don't know what's going on. And it'd be a bad day for UConn for sure if this happens. And it would be a great, great day for Dan Hurley and I'm sure bittersweet day for Dan Hurley. Now you're being serious that you did bring this up to him last night about the Lakers, John? Out of nowhere. I just leaned over and I said, you know, I don't know why it came to me. I don't know why, but I said it. And if you ask him, he'll tell you. And I had no idea. And I woke up this morning and somebody sent it to me and I went, you gotta be kidding me.

Oh, okay. It's nice to know that Gino Arriema is a, uh, he's an Oracle. He's a prophet. And if it comes true, he needs to start handing out lottery numbers to everybody.

That's what needs to happen next. What are the odds, right? And what are the odds that Dan Hurley didn't just talk yesterday with Mike Francesca and give some thoughts about potentially coaching in the NBA?

What are the odds that he also on a different medium, the store central up in Yukon decided to talk about his contract status with Yukon. Listen to this. It's complicated. You know, I let's, you know, there's a business side of it. Um, you know, what you allow that your agent to advise you on, you know, it's probably taken more time, um, you know, that I think anyone, any of us would have liked, but it's not something that's ever been a rush for me. I think when you, you know, when you've won back to back championships, you're not calling your agent and you're worried about the status of your contract. You're more worried about recruiting, uh, scheduling. You also have a market as a coach, um, when you've accomplished a lot of things. So, um, trying to, trying to find that sweet spot is, uh, you know, it's, it's something man leave.

If I were him, I'd leave. Like what else is there for you to accomplish? And let's be real from a basketball perspective. Yeah. The Lakers got work, right? We don't know how long LeBron James is going to stick around. LeBron James in the past has been very complimentary of Dan Hurley. You don't know what happens with Anthony Davis, but you do know this, the Lakers are the Lakers.

They are always going to be a destination for stars. And this man, Dan Hurley has certainly garnered a reputation for being able to work with who and whatever is in front of him. Even at a youth level, we also know that he's no nonsense. He's a straight shooter. He's straightforward.

I, you know, I've, I've made fun of him plenty enough here on the radio for his jokes. And in some of these things, he's going to have to tone down. He's been very open about that as you heard with the Mike Francesca clip, but if the Lakers are offering you a job, what the hell else are you going to do? Is there a more high profile coaching job in the NBA?

What is he supposed to do? Wait until Greg Popovich leaves. Is there a guarantee that that's going to be his gig? There's only one city like LA. That's LA.

There's only one basketball team in the NBA like the Lakers, and that's the Lakers. And if you think about the money that he's currently making at UConn, $5 million a year, I mean Bill South, it took him, it took him a little bit more than a decade to end up with his titles and a little bit of headache. Hurley is making about half of what he has, $5 million. Bill South is making $10. Okay.

Yeah. Tom Izzo has been around forever. He's making $9. What's so difficult? Is this a contract ploy to get more money out of the Huskies or is Dan Hurley going to just leave and go to LA?

I mean, outside of the Lakers, the Bulls, the Knicks, I don't think that job is opening up. San Antonio, why are you staying? I had to go for the challenge. I'd go for the lifestyle. And yeah, it's coming with stress, but go for the stress. And if this is a ploy for him to stay in UConn and get a new contract, then at this point, you should never leave.

You should never leave. And if he stays at UConn and he waits for the next job and the next opportunity to open up, then we know he's even more hardcore about the Huskies than we could ever think about. News that the Los Angeles Lakers, all of a sudden, they don't want JJ Reddick, but the report now is Dan Hurley is the man that they want to throw that they want to throw the bag at.

Think about the top coaches in the NBA. You want to tell me after Ty Lue is getting what, almost 14 mil, that Dan Hurley can't get in that 10 mil range with contract escalators? If I'm Dan Hurley, I'm saying give me 50 over the next, I don't know, picky, how many years? Five years? 10 years? Not 10 years.

No, no, excuse me. Five years. Five? Yeah. Yeah. That'd be too long.

Yeah. Give me, give me 10 a year. And I'm leaving with, with some, uh, some escalators. If I win a championship with some bonuses, easy with an option to, to go ahead and renegotiate, but I'm just not leaving just to go to LA. He needs to have some, some assurances that I will be here post LeBron James for whatever the hell that rebuild looks like. That's if LeBron James sticks around. And I think we all know is LeBron leaving?

Yeah, possibly, but I doubt it. The Los Angeles Lakers, the drama continues to unfold even hours before in the day of the NBA finals and its start wild stuff. I thought we were looking at the Celtics winning a championship potentially not the Lakers, but here they are in the news. It's the JR sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network. You want to holler at me?

It's simple eight five five two one two 42 27. We got Alan Sliwa who covers the Los Angeles Lakers. He's going to come through next hour and talk to us about everything going on in the city of angels. We're going to get into some football as well. All these quarterbacks having media availability today, Anthony Richardson, his media availability, uh, not so good when it comes to his shoulder, Jalen hurts, sounding optimist, excuse me, optimistic about the Eagles and their offense. And how about this on a basketball side, Alex Rodriguez found himself a big time partner to help by the timber wolves.

It's one of the richest men on the planet. We got a lot to get into and of course we're going to talk about the actual game tonight. It's the JR sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network. When we come back, speaking of drama, let's, let's just get this damn drama out the way. I need to show love to a WNBA player and I need to tell a few of them also to just, just, well, relax a little bit. I'm just getting started. You don't relax.

Well, yeah, you relax and just listen, I got you covered. It's the JR sport reshow, the infinity sports network. Temp check. What kind of summer are we having this year? A family road trip summer, a beach bum summer or a wake me when the sun sets summer with Instacart, choose your own adventure and skip the shopping side quests where available. You can get ice cream delivered to your hotel sunscreen to the pool or cold brew to your bed. Well store in as fast as 30 minutes, wherever you find yourself this summer, you can get the goods download Instacart for free delivery on your first three orders offer valid for a limited time.

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855-212-4227. NBA finals game one is going to start in about two hours from now is big time. The Los Angeles Lakers taking away a lot of the attention when it comes down to their coaching search. Depending on which journalist or reporter you ask. Shams Sharani has said last night it's JJ Reddick. Early this morning Woge says it's Dan Hurley from Yukon and Dan Hurley it's been reported he spoke to his players today and he said yeah we're negotiating just to be fully transparent with his squad.

Wow he says right now I'm still here so it's business as usual until I'm not. Damn that sounds serious to me. Shams is uh it looks like he might have got scooped potentially and speaking of a scoop Hickey you told me about this and I saw it as well. The United States of America they got a big scoop today what the hell did they do? They beat Pakistan in cricket.

How about that? Wow a historic upset the T20 World Cup. Now for people who are not familiar with cricket probably the majority of us including myself well I know cricket I don't know all the intricacies and rules it's like baseball on dirt if you ask me. This is akin to what what are people comparing us to? The biggest upside oh they're referring it to the equivalent of plumbers beating Wilt Chamberlain in basketball. Who said JJ Reddick came out and said that?

Oh my god. Plumbers and firemen pulled off the upset. Oh my god so the T what I know about the uh well cricket historically is a long game it could take place over days. The T20 version of cricket is a much faster game and so the United States of America if you wanted to be proud of the great U.S. of A. today they beat Pakistan in cricket and if you're not familiar cricket as you know cricket ain't our game. Cricket you can find overseas and you could thank colonization for a lot of it but once you get outside the UK and into India and Pakistan the West Indies a lot of the former colonies they still play cricket it's their national game in a lot of cases so congratulations to team USA.

You know Hickey I'm gonna look about getting into uh having one of these uh USA cricket players on what do you think about that? That'd be cool I guess is this what the biggest upset for our country since like 1980? Or with uh beating the Soviet Union? Beating the Soviets? Yeah what I guess right? Less anima less animosity? True true you're right about that. Wow what a big deal yeah I'm gonna look I know we got the NBA finals going on I'm gonna see who we can get on from the USA cricket team unless they're busy just knocking off everybody else in the world. Don't tell me in America we can't beat everybody because we can that's why we're the best hi to my friends in Canada I still love you too you all look good anyway speaking of the best let me get this out the way last night there was a WNBA player who did something historic and it's not Angel Reese and it ain't Kaitlyn Clark Asia Wilson the other woman yeah the one that also got the shoe deal the one that won a championship you know the one that has a New York Times bestseller uh the one that people were complaining about why doesn't she get the attention I don't know maybe she has to wave her hand in front of somebody's face I don't maybe she has to take long distance threes but last night Asia Wilson of the aces she got smacked in the face about three times was bleeding had blood dripping down her face had to put that big old patch over her nose Las Vegas beat Dallas 95 to 81 listen to this statlock I don't care if you're a man or a woman 36 points 12 rebounds two assists six steals and a block on the season she's averaging 28 points 12 rebounds two assists two steals in two blocks we might as well just give the damn trophy right back to the Las Vegas aces because if the woman is going to get beat in the face like this and put up those numbers ain't nobody stopping her nobody that's what Asia Wilson said last night about what has driven her to put up these crazy stats all year long so what drives me is the opportunity to play basketball like I love the game I love the energy that we bring I love the fun of it so that's what drives me uh just whooping knowing that there's a young kid in the stands that's like amazed at us playing the entertainment side of it it's a blessing something that I don't take for granted so I really don't care about the outside noise at all I'm just I'm happy to be whooping we're healthy uh some of us our team is getting there uh but we're healthy and we're playing like this is a this is a blessing this is a privilege this is an honor to be in this league so I'm not gonna take any game off uh that's disrespectful to my team that's disrespectful to my coaches so when the rock is tossed up just go out there and have fun that's good for her she's very hickey she's real optimistic for somebody who basically almost had their nose broken that's true but you know what when you're putting up the stat line she is I don't think anything can slow you down or get your spirits down you could put up you could put up those numbers with a broken nose oh if I had her talent yes okay yeah you're right you're right you're right you ever competed with a broken anything no I dislocated my pinky once and popped it back in and kept playing oh football football oh no big deal wow yeah a modern a modern day Ronnie Lott that's wow that's it I thought you were gonna tell me about how you you chopped the pinky off like him but no just just popped it back in huh uh you know what if I if they had to chop it off I would have been kept playing but thankfully there's only just a quick pop back in what a tough guy I know I know and what were you going for a tackle I was I was it was actually in a scrimmage so that I would say even opens or ups the toughness when it's not even a real game just a little mid-season scrimmage I popped it out popped it back in and right back in there putting my nose trying to get the football damn look at you I know didn't nobody knew either nobody knew no of course I didn't make a big deal about it I felt it I wasn't crying I didn't lay down on the ground I just took myself out go to the trainer boop and back in like no one even knew reminds me of the scene yeah you're like Kobe Bryant and Ronnie Lott what a guy I you know some people have said that some people have made that comparison yeah that's my guy I'm proud of you that's my guy I got a story tell you know how tough he is I'm gonna hang out with you at the bar and I'm just gonna pick fights now hickey okay this guy one time let me tell you you won't believe it yeah yeah fight him hit hickey you want to know a story this is uh this yeah this is appropriate for the air oh let's hear it so I haven't seen these guys in a few years because they they've had some trouble I don't need to hang out with them but I I used to see John Jones and his brothers out at a lot of social events right so John is one of the best MMA fighters of all time he certainly had his share of legal issues and his brother Arthur at one time you know played in the NFL as an offensive lineman and his other brother Chandler well I feel like he was getting getting psychiatric help you know over the past years you know all types of stuff with the Raiders so I haven't I haven't seen him and I think that speaks of how decent of a human being I'm trying to be but anyway I saw John Jones like in his he was he was rising up as a star he was already a star and I was out with him one night and another buddy we were out at a bar yeah and this was actually like a month before a fight that he was supposed to have by the way and so my friend was a wrestler at Rutgers right and so his his name is also John and so I got a friend named John and then I got John Jones over here and so what do you do when you have two mutual friends Hickey what do you do introduce them you introduce them and so my friend who's a wrestler is like I don't want to say a stereotypical wrestler he's not eight feet tall he's a smaller guy right John Jones is I don't know six two three four five and so I tap my friend John on the shoulder I say hey John hey meet big John this is John Jones John Jones meet my friend John John wrestled at Rutgers and then Hickey I proceeded to then tell John Jones my friend John right here said he could kick your ass oh no I did I did and my friend was like oh no no no and John was looking at him like oh he's laughing this is a joke anyway and of course it was jokes but it was a funny uh funny two seconds because I think if John Jones had I don't know one more drink or two more drinks or he had something else it may have been different but this is before we knew that John Jones was into uh let's just say other forms of uh substances so it was fun and so what I'll do Hickey is I'll find an MMA fighter that I know I know a few of them and one day I'll introduce you to them and then I'll tell them how tough you are that will probably end poorly for someone I won't tell you who oh okay but someone it would not go well for them okay I know Frankie I know Frankie he's retired but uh he'll get you a couple of guys I'll make sure they I'll make sure they go easy on you oh thanks I'll make sure thanks I appreciate that yeah I'm sure them going even 10 percent of their max is still you know gonna give me a chance right oh Poirier from UFC I know him he's from Louisiana from New Orleans didn't he he just fought right he just fought he just lost ACL I saw he banged up he completed the fight with a torn ACL a broken a broken nose and I think his shoulder was busted up too that is it doesn't surpass my story of the dislocated pinky but close very close in terms of toughness yes listen this uh but I'm putting you in that category so you're better than me Hickey I don't I don't do anything man if my if my pinky gets dislocated you just I'm done for the next I don't know 10 years that's it I haven't picked up a basketball what year we in 2024 I haven't picked up a basketball since probably 2017 Hickey I'm done never in my life done wow all right for what that's true am I getting one Benyama's contract uh probably not hell no I'm not getting that guy's contract hey congratulations to uh to Asia Wilson on her big night people want to talk about uh the other ladies getting all the attention here I highlighted Asia Wilson congratulations we'll have more of it of course it's the JR sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 moral of the story is don't go out with me I'll get you beat up but anyway speaking of contracts and money the Chiefs added another wide receiver I don't know whether I should be shocked or appalled because this receiver has been accused of being a snitch meanwhile everybody's favorite celebrity tight end was sitting around on TV we'll talk about it on the other side we're going to get into the Celtics we'll talk about Alex Rodriguez getting a best new friend to try to buy the Timberwolves there's a lot to do it's the JR sport re-show on the infinity sports network tired of sifting through countless supplements unsure of what's actually effective introducing legion the choice of over 800,000 discerning fitness enthusiasts with all natural products clinically effective ingredients doses and hassle-free money-back guarantee you can achieve your fitness goals without the unnecessary guesswork say goodbye to wasted efforts and hello to results with legion you don't need supplements to build muscle lose fat or get healthy but the 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today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law you're listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport brief show here on the infinity sports network 855-212-4227 yeah we're going to get into some basketball again if you didn't know the mavericks and the celtics are going to play tonight not the lakers i got to give you some nfl news because we have had plenty of that right with all this contract talk jj reddick getting a lakers contract danny hurley in negotiations to get a lakers contract how about a guy on the chiefs got a contract today and i just had to go okay all right they're bringing him back due to familiarity that's why he's there mico hardman is back with the kansas city chiefs he had a man who caught the game winning touchdown he's back the man who was starting or he started the year with the new york jets the jets gave him six million dollars to try to help out with garrett wilson and be another weapon for aaron rogers and we all know how the new york jets season went last year the new york jets went into the toilet the minute that aaron rogers went down four plays into the game yeah it's the most new york jets thing ever when is aaron rogers getting hurt not game four not game 16 not game eight or 12 not even in the fourth quarter of the game let's just get it out the way four plays into the season he went down and the jet season went down with him and so things were pretty let's just say dower they stunk it was a bad place to be and so mccall hartman the man had a grand total of one catch in six yards while he was with the new york jets he didn't even play the new york jets then promptly sent him right back to kansas city and then he ends up winning a championship by the way his entire regular season tenure with the chiefs six games a grand total of 118 yards receiving he caught a touchdown in the super dong super bowl all right that's all that matters he caught the one to win it all he caught the one to win it all and it didn't go on without controversy because after the season was over he started to complain openly about his time with the new york jets he started to say how they went into the toilet and i'm saying to myself why is he bad mouthing the squad that you just won the super bowl why are you talking about the jets four and then the new york jets the active players started hitting back sauce gardner pro bowl caliber all-pro caliber cornerback pretty much said man shut up you because you were sabotaging us while you weren't playing and you were upset like you were sending plays to the chiefs which the jets played you were snitching you're the worst possible teammate and then there were others who backed them up and mccall hartman actually had the nerve to sit down on the pivot podcast and yeah he was talking about everything that went wrong with the jets listen to this y'all certain guys that shouldn't be treated like they should be treated and i just feel like it's not an established coaching staff there as well like you just got new coaches after they came in there's no standard there it's like everybody do they want to do defense having more of a stabilized standard with that with the coaching staff on that side so you could tell the defense got a standard but the offense is just like all right we'll just figure it out it's erin show like erin do erin do you know what i mean but then when erin go down it's like we don't know what to do y'all can't tell me about winning i've been to four super bowls in five years you know what i'm saying now you feel me but beforehand so i've been to four a.m.c championships i've been to three super bowl i've won two of them like i know what winter looks like right i know what winter is so y'all keep telling me certain things it's like i'm not going for that like because y'all not doing it right like we got hammers on the ground we don't got no discipline people feel like it's too many individual egos in this locker room or whatever and i'm telling them like that's not gonna get y'all to win it's not gonna happen the new york jets also said well maybe if you learn the playbook maybe you could be out on the field to help us maybe if you didn't get beat out by younger players maybe you could be out on the field to help us hickey what's with people who have no idea what the hell they're doing telling people what to do it's a great question and that's a big problem in our country country man world's fair miko what is he doing and i know that's old footage but it still makes me go what did you do did you throw the ball to yourself or did patrick mahomes throw you the ball to win those championships like what did you contribute that was so much where all of a sudden you are the authority on winning that you need to tell the new york jets this like just shut up you won a championship you won a super bowl what the hell else more is there to say why you got to take a crap on the new york jets and how about this if the new york jets felt that he was worth a damn on the football field i think they would have put him out there i don't think the jets are that stupid right and so surprisingly or maybe not with all of the snitch talk and he did all of this talking while he was on the chiefs if i'm the chief's i'm like why are you running your yap like why are you spilling talking about state secrets on the other team like you're not doing that to us are you are you worth the trouble are you worth the drama and so the kansas city chiefs it's not like they're they're naked in the wide receiver room we know rishi rice is likely facing a suspension that's probably a main reason marquise brown they drafted exavia worthy caderius tony is still there i don't know if he can hickey can he catch a football can he catch it uh he can deflect it almost like a viable player he does that pretty good i've seen the ball go off of his helmet too so true he's got that part down he does he does and so i don't know if this is the kansas city chiefs being like the buffalo bill saying hey we we gotta keep the guy at least he's familiar with what we do out here but i'm i'm slightly surprised slightly surprised that he's back i think he'll have more than uh 118 yards receiving possibly his career high three seasons ago 693 yards i think he could potentially get back there now that he's away from the jets this time man just just shut up one guy that you don't have to worry about he's gonna get his yards we know that he's definitely going into the hall of fame it was interesting this morning to pop on the television and and see travis calce and what was he doing he wasn't complaining about life he doesn't have a former team to complain about he's gonna be complaining about he's gonna retire a kansas city chief they had hickey they had travis calce on good morning america you know you want to know what he was talking about himself damn yeah he wanted to tell everybody and and listen up very carefully folks listen very closely as travis calce tells everybody how good his life is i feel like i'm on top of the mountain even after winning the super bowl and having the off season that i'm having living the dream baby on a scale of one to ten how good is travis calce's life these days man uh 20 100 man i'm i'm so fortunate and so grateful of everything that's come my way in in life oh man read the room read the room is there a camera that he doesn't like none right he's like a-rod in that sense oh my god anytime there's a camera around oh he says yes he's acting he's doing shows he's on good morning america he says yes to everything oh man like well if you're good morning america what do you what do you say to him hey travis we want to talk to you about what that right there would you that right there would you you live you may have the greatest life of anyone right now presently living let's talk about it let's hear how great your life is travis everything you got going for you and he just goes oh yeah but i'll slip in a line about how fortunate i am i'm gonna tell everybody my life is amazing but before i do that i'm gonna say my life is amazing your life sucks and uh yeah i get to sit and tell you about it on tv like this is this is news i get it good morning america is a little bit more light-hearted than uh you know hardcore news i don't to be honest i know the world is changing demographics are changing do do people still watch the news a matter of fact those are just me i don't watch the news none nothing you know what's going on in the world i do know what's going on in the world for for the most part for the most part you just read about it on like x or something that's it i mean i feel like i hate to say it and this is maybe not a good reflection on me and my judgment but i feel like everything i need to know i can find on twitter elon musk has it for you right he's i mean if you see the the latest edition he's made it's a one-stop shop for anything and everything oh yeah you can get everything on twitter yeah you do you do i mean the stuff they used to have the magazines covered up in the back of the shop not anymore no surrey not anymore he just elon musk has that on uh on x and so you can find out about the uh the war in ukraine uh you can get other things that are supposed to be for adults and then you can also get the the world news and and you can also learn that travis kelsey's life is amazing all on twitter thank you elon musk and thank you for your batteries for these cars as well it's the jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven you know hickey brought him up alex rodriguez never met a camera he doesn't like you know he's not the only dude to get a little bit of attention today despite the fact that the mavericks and celtics are going to play game one of the nba finals you know alex rodriguez has tried to buy these minnesota timber wolves with his partner mark lori well it appears that they got backup if travis kelsey's life is good this guy's life even for a dude what does he got to be in his 70s almost 80 this man's life has been good for a long time and now he's arods friend a business partner there's a difference i'm going to tell you what the hell is going on with the timber wolves on the other side of the break we're going to talk to alan sliwa about what's going on with the lakers we'll get you all set and ready for the celtics more nfl news it's the jr sport brief show the infinity sports network you could spend the weekend doing the same old whatever or you could conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit for more details hunday there's joy in every journey tired of sifting through countless supplements unsure of what's actually effective introducing legion the choice of over 800 000 discerning fitness enthusiasts with all 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