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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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May 15, 2024 8:24 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 15, 2024 8:24 pm

Giants will be featured on HBO's "Hard Knocks" l vic Lombardi, Altitude Sports Network host l JR reacts to Harrison Butker's commencement speech

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The all-new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. It is the JR Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. This is where I'm going to be for the next three hours.

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Well, I would think you would. Hey, thank you so much to our guests in the first hour. Steve Popper came by from Newsday, talked about the New York Knicks. And then right after that, we had a former New York Knicks join us, a point guard. He was on the Knicks championship team. It was Chris Childs. Thank you so much to Chris Childs for joining us. And when I say championship team, the last New York Knicks team that competed for a championship, which happened to be in the lockout in 1999.

But I digress. Chris Childs saw a young Jalen Brunson with his dad and former teammate, Rick. Chris Childs saw a head coach that a lot of people like to criticize. And Tom Thibodeau, he was an assistant for the New York Knicks at the time. Chris Childs also sees a lot of his former teammates on the court right now as the New York Knicks are having success that they haven't seen in, let's face it, almost 25 years.

And so thank you to Chris Childs and thank you to Steve Popper for joining us in the last break. We are about an hour away from the New York Knicks. Hour away.

Was maybe less than that. You know, about an hour away from the NFL sharing with us the schedule for 2024. Who's going to play where? Who's going to play who? When are they going to play? And we know the teams. We know the combinations. We know who's going to play who.

It's just a matter of when. Today we learned about some Christmas games from the NFL. Wednesday, December 25th. That's right.

Wednesday, Christmas Day. The NFL said, forget your basketball. I got you covered. We got this. The Chiefs taking on the Steelers. We have the Ravens taking on the Texans. Must I remind you, the Ravens are going to open up the season against the Chiefs on Thursday night and the same Ravens. They beat the Texans in the divisional round 34 to 10.

We also found out some international games here. We know the NFL is going to have its first regular season game in Brazil. Sao Paulo as the Eagles take on the Packers. The New York Jets are going to take on the Vikings in London. That's week five. The Bears. Caleb Williams gets to go to London and go, the Bears. The Bears are going to take on the Jags in October. That's week six. The very next week, the Jaguars might as well live in London for a month because they're taking on the Patriots the very next week in London. And then the New York Giants, New York Giants are going to take on the Panthers in Munich, Germany. Why does Germany have to get the crap game? I get it. I guess everybody in Germany, it's still, still a novelty, the NFL. I know they've had NFL Europe, but not the same way the NFL has staged games in London.

And so I get it. It's like if the NBA was going to have a basketball game and I don't know, I don't know. The Philippines, they're not going to send the Lakers.

They're going to say, hey who are they going to send to play basketball in the Philippines where the Filipino folks would just be happy. The Hornets? Yeah. You said that.

You said that real fast, man. Yeah, it'd be, it would be. It'd be the Hornets because we know LaMelo would be hurt.

It'd be Brandon Miller would be the guy, but it'd be the Hornets versus another garbage team. Hmm. Would you put the Pistons in there?

Are they too bad? Yeah. Yeah. The Pistons or the Bulls?

Like one of the two, right? All right. Right. I know the Bulls all, hey Bulls, let's get to the play in, um, no, Washington, Washington, the Wizards.

Yep. Let's send Jordan Poole to the Philippines. Nice, nice, uh, regular season game between the Wizards and the Hornets. It would sell out in the Philippines. You send them to London, everybody in London and be like, Hey, this is not Victor when Benyama, this is not Jokic.

This is not Anthony Edwards. We don't want this crap. People wouldn't go, Hey, but put the Hornets in the Philippines with the Wizards and it'd be a sell out. So Hey, congratulations to everybody in Munich, Germany. You're going to watch the New York giants take on the Panthers.

Good for you. And also by the way, outside of the schedule release, it is Wednesday. Every Wednesday I give you a new top six list.

That's exactly what we're going to do today as well. And in an hour from now, outside of sharing with you a couple of schedule releases, I'm going to tell you about some quarterbacks. I'm going to give you my top six list of quarterbacks who have the most to prove this upcoming season.

That top six list is coming in about an hour from now. Also, it's going to happen. And I said, this man could be a great NFL quarterback.

I'm joking, but I think he actually could maybe, maybe not. Uh, Nikolai Jokic, we talked about him destroying the Timberwolves. Vic Lombardi from altitude TV in Denver is going to join us in about 15 minutes. But before we do that, speaking of the New York giants, picky, you found out that they, uh, they're going to be on hard knocks this year.

A different version of hard knocks at that as well. Oh, boo, boo. So the New York giants, this is about to be their 100th anniversary and the New York giants are celebrating this all over the city. They are celebrating with their legendary players. They're celebrating in New York. They're celebrating at historical site. They are going all over the metropolitan area in New York to celebrate because when you're 100 years old, you play everywhere. I mean, at one point they played in the old Yankee stadium. So the New York giants for 100 years, as Hickey said, they will be on hard knocks.

But Hickey, it's explain how it's going to be different. This is kind of whack if you ask me. So they are labeling it as the off season edition of hard knocks. So cameras have been, I guess, with the giants within the giants from January through July. So at least what HBO is advertising to us is that, you know, there are cameras when, you know, they were negotiating and guests didn't want to bring back Saquon Barkley. And during the draft process, you know, on how they landed on their draft class. And I guess and I guess at this point, I mean, I don't know what else you're going to really be capturing.

That's not fun. People want to see Brian Debo yell at neighbors. They want to see him curse people out. People want to see if Daniel Jones is a robot or a human being.

That's this is what people want to see. None of that's happening in the off season. In July, by the time the players get to doing anything, they're going to turn the cameras off. That sucks. Yeah. So I'm assuming they're going to have a training camp edition for another team, but for the Giants and their lack of an off season ready, we still have another training camp coming for, you know, the traditional July, August.

That's still happening. I'm assuming so. I don't know, bro. You don't think?

I don't know. I know over the past couple of years they've switched to doing in season at that point. I'm like, I can't watch anymore.

Like I remember they did in season for the Cardinals. I didn't even see an episode. Really? Yeah. No, it's like after I watch all of the games, I'm saying to myself.

What am I going to do? Watch Kyler Murray run around for his life is I like the off season where there's more storytelling. Guys are getting cut and not that you want somebody to lose their job on national TV, but there's more depth to it in the off season for training camp outside of, hey, I know this guy. I know all his stats, his numbers, his background.

I don't know. It's just more oomph in the off season. So I certainly hope that we get a traditional version of hard knocks. But yeah, January to July. Let's listen to Brian Debo.

This is from last training camp, obviously not a part of hard knocks and he was miked up during practice. This is from Hold on, hold on, hold on. Back it up five. Let's go. Gotta push through it.

Gotta push through it. Let's go. Let's go. Get lined up. Damn it. Do it again. Let's go. Yeah, he's been a little bit more vulgar than that.

That is the light version. I need the uncensored HBO version, but we won't get it. I told you I wanted to see if Daniel Jones was a robot or a normal person.

We won't even get to see any of that. I mean, just from a couple of months ago, he was asked about being the longest tenured giant now that Saquon Barkley is gone. And that is a ridiculous thing to think about. You think about all the turnover from the New York Giants. Daniel Jones is the longest tenured player. The man has been on a team since 2019. Listen to listen to this robot.

Is he a human or is he a robot? Yeah, me and Dex. I guess I was a few minutes before before Dex. But yeah, I mean, it's different for sure. Not having Saquon around, you know, he's a you know, he was a great teammate, great friend. Happy for him, you know, to get the contract. And, you know, unfortunate we're going to have to play him. But that's the NFL.

It's the way this this works. And you know, I'm excited about the guys we got on the team. Hey, Hickey, he's a he's a human. He laughed at the beginning of the clip. He laughed. I was going to say we didn't have to even wait long right away. Boom.

There's a laughter. We know he's a real person after all. Look at that little personality.

He's a real person. I don't know if he's going to be sticking around with the New York Giants, but and that would have been intriguing just to see Daniel Jones a little bit of humanity. I think it would have done him good for the New York Giants. A little bit more favor with the fan base just to see a little bit more personality. And I think realistically, a little bit more health is that is one thing we have not seen from Daniel Jones. So congratulations to the New York Giants getting ready to celebrate 100 years of football. Unfortunately, the past 10 years have been absolute garbage. Sorry, let's bring back Eli Manning.

And anyway, outside of that, speaking of I got to get this out the way. Because he played in New Jersey, the New York Giants play in New Jersey, they played across the street from each other. I cannot believe the New Jersey Nets. I called them the New Jersey Nets.

I did. I know they play in Brooklyn now. They are retiring the number of Vince Carter. What?

Hickey, why? Do you know why? Why are they doing this?

Because it's right now the only thing fans can get excited about going forward. Vince Carter's a great dude. Do you think the Brooklyn Nets, the New Jersey Nets, do you think Vince Carter did something for them to retire his jersey?

No, not at all. I can't. I don't know what he did. He got traded from the Raptors. He was a Brooklyn, New Jersey net. He didn't go to Brooklyn to predated him. He was there for five years. And did what? I don't know.

Whatever they did, they gave him a fancy video to let him know we're going to retire number 15. Listen to this. The door is open for the Nets. That's time though. Three seconds. Carter looking for the win.

He buries it. Vince Carter. One of the greatest players in Nets history and icon of the game. A legacy that will forever live in the hearts of Nets fans. His number 15 will take its rightful place among the franchise greats immortalized.

Never again to be worn by a net. Vince Carter, half man, half amazing. It's all right right there. Especially to that guy. I'll take it. It's pretty dope, man. Because it's forever up there is Nets 15 Carter. Can't use it again. Oh man, this is I'm sorry, man.

This is weak. And Vince Carter is a nice guy. Me and him got a lot of mutual friends and you know, I just I'm just gonna say hi. I'm not gonna say nothing. I'm gonna keep my comments to myself. Maybe they get back.

I just what happened? Vince Carter is known for being a Raptor and I get it. The people out there for a long time, they hated his guts and eventually it's going to happen. His Jersey needs to be retired in Toronto. He helped that franchise become relevant and I know things got tight at the end. The New Jersey Nets, the Brooklyn Nets were good before Vince Carter got there. They were going to the finals with Jason Kidd before he got there. And then when he finally got traded and arrived, like that ship has sailed. I could think of a bunch of memorable moments of Vince Carter and almost all of them come as a member of the Raptors more than 20 years ago. And then running around with the Dallas Mavericks.

That's what I remember. Not the Nets. He had some prime years that were left and he was coming out of his prime with the Nets.

But come on. Vince Carter, a Hall of Famer. I think he's the only NBA player to play in four different decades.

I remember seeing him here in Atlanta. But come on, you're just going to you're going to retire. You're going to retire his number for what? Hickey, I'm going to go to Brooklyn. I'm going to look up and every time I see I'm just going to wise that up there.

I may have to go up there and pull it down myself. I mean, doesn't Vince Carter's reaction just kind of tell you he's thinking the same thing? But he sat down and goes, that's dope.

I don't think you're saying something like that. If you were like if that city meant something to you or like you were like an icon there, right? Or like you were expecting it even when Vince Carter played for the New Jersey Nets. Nobody wanted to play out there. It was a dump.

They played it between two highways and a swamp. Oh, there's no there's not there's there one moment that stands out to you. Anything? Nothing?

One? No, you're I can't think of one signature moment of Vincent in Jersey. I don't even I can't even tell you about a Vince dunk in New Jersey.

I can't tell you about an alley oop. Congratulations, Vince Carter. Great guy. A fun basketball player to watch. Just a New Jersey Nets. This is why they this is why they need to moving back to Jersey.

They're doing stupid things like this. It's the J.R. sport re-show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of another 15, we come back. We're going to talk about Mr. Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets.

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Kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today. The wait is over. That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television.

The all-new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. It is the JR Sport Brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. And we got people listening coast to coast.

Thank you so much to our guests and Kris Charles joining us and Steve Popper. But now it's time to go to Denver. It's time to have a conversation with someone who covers these Denver nuggets for both Altitude TV and Altitude Sports Radio.

He is familiar with everything they've done from the championship up until now. Joining us on the line is Vic Lombardi. Vic, how are you? Vic, how are you? Good, how are you, my man?

I'm excellent. No surprises at this point what Jokic is doing, huh? Well, the surprise only comes if you haven't watched him for the last eight seasons.

He is a computer processor is what he is. And it's only a matter of time before you can figure you out, figure out a team's defensive calls, figure out how guys will guard him. And he's doing it and he does it every single series he plays.

We're just watching in real time right now. It's a beautiful thing to see such a unique talent. I can't remember seeing anyone like him.

I don't think we ever will be. And in a comparison way, and it's ironic, this is someone who's told him to his face, hey, I don't think you'd be MVP. Shaq was unique in his own way. Jokic is ridiculously unique in another. Outside of physically, how have you seen him evolve over the last several seasons? I've just seen some things out of him defensively where I remember he was cast as a poor defender.

And I get it. When you watch him, he's not a rim protector, right? So a lot of people look at centers and say their only form of defense is rim protection. That's not what he does. He's not really go there. He's not going to go up there and block shots. He's not Anthony Davis. But there are other little things he does.

The subtleties of the defensive play. He gets his hand in a lot of steals. He will move teammates around.

He'll rotate the places that people just don't see. So I think he's been much better in that area. And I think that the leader, he's not a yeller.

He's not a locker room talker. But he has his way of leading. His teammates love him. And when I say love him, they emulate him. They want to be like him. They follow in his footsteps.

And that's a pretty special trait to have. Vic Lombardi is here with us from Altitude TV and Altitude Sports Radio. You talk about his teammates. There's some key teammates, guys like Jeff Green and Brown that are no longer on the squad. What are your thoughts on the depth and how they've been able to pick up some of the slack?

Where are some areas that they still need help in? Well, I mean, the bench, there's no secret here. The Denver Nuggets bench took a big blow when they lost Bruce Brown and Jeff Green.

And there was a lot of talk in town about whether or not they'd be able to replace those guys. But here's the secret to NBA basketball. You survive the regular season with whatever you have. And once you get to the postseason, the bench shrinks regardless. It shrinks.

And it shrinks to a three-person bench. That's what the Nuggets do. So if you can get three guys out of the depth that you possess, three guys to play your style, your system, and give you enough, then you will have enough.

And that's where the Nuggets are right now. They've got Christian Brown who's played extremely well the last couple games. They have a revelation in Justin Holliday, a journeyman veteran who has filled a wonderful role off the bench. And they've got Reggie Jackson who comes into the point guard and does his deed. Now, could they be better off the bench?

Of course they could. But I think they're good enough because starters will segue in with those bench players and make it easier. Vic Lombardi here with us. You talk about the mouthpiece of the team and the personality. A lot of it, I feel, comes from head coach Michael Malone.

I mean, a New York dude, it still comes across like he has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. How does he kind of mold the team and keep them going? He holds them accountable.

Number one, accountability is important, especially at the pro sports level. But he does so in a very fair fashion. He's not an embarrassed every player every chance he gets kind of coach. He's learned.

He's learned that's not how you can do it at this level. These guys are paid professionals with egos. But he built a culture here along with the front office that they really push to make sure it works. If there's a player that doesn't play within that culture, they won't be here for long. And the culture is one of hard work. It's one of accountability to your own work ethic. And it's one of, hey man, there's one thing you've got to be able to do.

You've got to give it your all. The Denver Nuggets starters, I think, played more minutes than any starting outfit in the league. And they don't miss games that often.

There's none of this stuff you see with some other franchises. That's a work ethic that stems from their coach's mindset. He really goes out of his way to make sure that the players know you've got to work to win in this league. And they're outworking teams right now. They've done so in this playoff.

Vic Lombardi is here with us from Altitude TV and Altitude Sports Radio. Well, they'll be back in action tomorrow in Minneapolis, downtown, to close things out. Do you think they're going to put the foot down or do you think that there's going to be a move back to a Game 7? Well, they'll try.

They'll try. And I think if there's one game where I will give the Nuggets the mental edge, the emotional edge, this is it. I mean, you went three straight against the team. Uh, listen, a week ago, a week ago tonight is when Nicole Jokic was handed his MVP. It was a week ago when they were down 0-2 in this playoff series.

A week ago when Shaquille O'Neal, I thought, disrespectfully gave that award to Nicole Jokic. And everybody thought all was lost. There's no way they'd be able to overcome the suffocating Minnesota defense. Well, in that week, things changed in a hurry. They went the other direction. They went full left field. They surprised us all.

They stunned us. Do I think it can flip the other way? Sure.

Sure. It can flip the other way. That's the beauty of sports, right? You never know. But if I were comfortable in the Nuggets winning this series, this is as comfortable as I can be because I think they figured things out. Well, Vic, you mentioned Jokic. There's so much that I think the basketball public, whether you're a hardcore fan or you're a casual fan, I think everybody's learned more and more about Jokic over the past year from his comments, from the party to the parade, to the game, to the MVPs and what have you. What don't we know?

What don't we see about Nicole Jokic? What he doesn't want you to see, how private he is and how he despises the limelight and how media attention for him is the absolute worst thing about the NBA. He doesn't care what we think about him. He really doesn't. He wants to go live his life and enjoy his life on his own terms. And it's sort of the anti-NBA mentality where everything is documented, everything's on social media, all of your business is out there for people to see.

Heck, we do that on a personal level outside the NBA. He's not in tune with that. He doesn't care about that. He cares about his circle of friends, his family, his countrymen, his horses, and that's how he wants to keep it. He doesn't want to establish any transparency because he doesn't need it. He doesn't need to be loved by all.

He wants to be loved by those who are closest to him. Vic, I appreciate that. Where can people follow you and all of your work with Altitude TV and hear you on Altitude Sports Radio?

Yeah, Altitude is obviously the regional network in Colorado, but you can easily follow me on Twitter at Vic Lombardi, my friend. Well, Vic, thank you so much for the time. And I think you got a longer ride ahead of you for the rest of these playoffs. Appreciate the time. Let's see how much longer we go. I appreciate it as well.

Thank you. No doubt about it. That Vic Lombardi calling us up from Denver, Colorado. I think the Nuggets got themselves some runway here. If you have to now ask me based on what we've seen, this is a two-game series, right? Out of two games for the Denver Nuggets, they're not going to pick up one victory? Not tomorrow night? Not on Sunday? I think they will, especially, and I say this especially with an old Mike Conley dealing with an Achilles. Come on now.

Let's be real. This man, Mike Conley, is 36 years old. I don't think it's a coincidence that, you know, he starts feeling this in his Achilles. He doesn't play last night. And even when the Wolves went on these small runs, you just said, is it sustainable? And I said, no, this is the Nuggets night. And if I got to give them two chances to win one game, it looks to me like Minnesota gave it its best shot. They had them. 0-2, 2-0. Now the Nuggets win three straight?

I think the Nuggets are going to win this series. And poor Alex Rodriguez, right? This man is trying to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves from the owner, Glen Taylor. Thought he had some good leverage. Well, not if they lose. Glen Taylor's going to say, look what I did. And then they just showed up. Don't let him finish.

Let me finish the job. I love some good drama. Anyway, it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. And speaking of drama, well, I'm going to give you a top six list in about 30 minutes.

The NFL will also start releasing its schedules in about 30 minutes. But drama? Harrison Butker? I never heard this guy speak a day in my life. He's kicking field goals and winning championships for the Kansas City Chiefs. I think he might have put his foot in his mouth over the weekend while speaking at a college commencement. He has a place where women, or at least he has a place that he feels women belong.

I'll let you hear from him on the other side of the break. Look around. You can buy cars like these on AutoTrader. New cars, used cars, electric cars, maybe even flying cars. Okay, no flying cars, but as soon as they get invented, they'll be on AutoTrader.

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That's 855-212-4227. Hey, thank you so much to our guests in the last break. Vic Lombardi came by to join us from Altitude TV and the Altitude Sports Radio Network out in Denver, Colorado. And of course, everybody's taking a look at what's going on with Nikola Jokic and just destroying the Minnesota Timberwolves. I think the Nuggets will ultimately win this series.

You also heard from Rich Ackerman a little bit of a news update. Yeah, Cleveland and Boston are playing it close right now in the second quarter. Tied at about 34-all. There's no Caris Lavert.

There's no Donovan Mitchell. And the Boston Celtics just need to finish off this damn series and go to hell on home. Also, Dallas and Oklahoma City, they're tied up 2-all.

They will tip off in about two hours from now. And in about 20 minutes from now, the NFL is going to release its full schedule. And yeah, we already know we got a couple of Christmas games and what have you. Speaking of Christmas games, for Christmas this year, Wednesday, December 25th, we're going to have the Ravens and the Texans, the Ravens just eliminated the Texans from the postseason.

And then we're also going to have the Chiefs and the Steelers. And I told you right before we went to break, there's a Kansas City chief who's in a little bit of trouble. We all know about Rashee Rice and his issues driving fast and speeding places in the Dallas area that he should not be. Who would have ever thought that the kicker Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs put his foot in his mouth? Or maybe he didn't. I know he certainly offended some people when he delivered the commencement at Benedictine College. Now, listen, this is a local college in the Kansas City metro area. He is a three time Super Bowl champion. This is one of the best kickers in the NFL.

And I think he decided to put his foot in his mouth. Listen to part of his commencement speech from this past weekend. For the ladies present today, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. You should be proud of all that you have achieved to this point in your young lives.

I want to speak directly to you briefly because I think it is you, the women who have had the most diabolical lies told to you. How many of you are sitting here now about to cross the stage and are thinking about all the promotions and titles you are going to get in your career? Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world. But I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world. I can tell you that my beautiful wife Isabel would be the first to say that her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother. Her life really started when she became a wife and a mother. Like what year are we living?

Is this 2024? And I thought when you have a commencement speech, I thought when you have a graduation, I thought it was supposed to be uplifting to the individuals there. I thought when you have a commencement, a graduation speech, I thought you're supposed to encourage everybody with an understanding that people come from different perspectives and they come from different walks of life.

You're supposed to cast the widest net, not take us back into the stone age. Now listen, Harrison Butker can believe in whatever he wants to. He also had some comments about a pride month. He didn't think that pride month should exist. He thinks that women belong in the kitchen. He is well within his right to do whatever he wants inside the walls of his damn house. But when it comes to an overall man, welcome to the year 2024. Let people do whatever the hell it is that they want to do, as long as they're not hurting anybody. And when you're saying ridiculous things like Harrison Butker at a graduation, at a commencement ceremony, you're trying to take us back into the stone age, man. For all of that, if you need new friends, you shouldn't be delivering a commencement speech out of college.

You need to get in a time machine and hang out with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Like, this is nuts. The Kansas City Chiefs, they have no comment. I haven't heard anything yet as of the time that I say this from Harrison Butker. If you want your wife in the kitchen making babies, that's fine. But there are enough women out here who are out here busting their ass, making money, doing whatever the hell it is that they want to do, and they don't need you a man telling them what the hell that they need to do.

It's a wild world. We got a lot of men telling women what they need to do with their bodies. Harrison Butker needs to stick to kicking footballs instead of putting his damn foot in his mouth. I can't believe he said that at a college graduation. You're supposed to bring people together. You're supposed to encourage them, not spit on them and tell them, hey, get your ass back in the kitchen. Do better.

Hickey. I can understand if this was a, uh, you know, a speech, if this was a speech at a conservative event, I could understand if this was at his church where people share similar beliefs. Benedictine College is a liberal arts school. This is not a religious school.

As far as I can look, it might have religious roots. There was nothing that said to me that this is what the people in the audience wanted to hear. I'm with you. Very well said. And it's just it's it is frustrating because like you do see, like you said, all the progress I'm making just in general, going forward here and trying to lift people up overall and then to kind of especially, by the way, at a point in your life where it is like the most influential, I like you are when you're a college graduate, like, oh, I can do anything I want. You know, everything is there at my disposal for me to be whatever person, whatever professional I want to be, it's all there in front of me. And then to hear the person who's really supposed to give you the kind of the last parting words, inspirational words before you really get out in the real world to make a life for yourself to basically be like, yeah, ladies, by the way, everything you want to accomplish. Yeah, forget that.

You're here for one reason and one reason only. It's I wish I could say it's shocking. Actually, no, I it is to me shocking. I thought we kind of crossed a barrier at least. I thought we kind of crossed a barrier at least.

And it seems like that's not the case. Now, Harrison Buckus said, hey, you got a degree now. Get in the kitchen. Like, why the hell are you delivering a commencement speech where people work their asses off to get a degree and you're telling them, hey, forget crossing the stage and getting a job, just get in the kitchen and make a baby like that. So ass backwards.

Why are you delivering a commencement speech if these women who happen to be in the crowd work so damn hard that you're basically just tossing aside what they accomplished? And I get it. Harrison Buckus from right here in Atlanta, Georgia. I could drive to his high school in about 15 minutes.

I could jog right across the damn road to Georgia Tech where he kicked footballs. Come on, man. You don't know what hard work is. What have you worked your ass hard?

What have you worked hard to get where you are? And somebody says, hey, go have a seat. Sit down. And there's nothing wrong with him believing in that. But to deliver a commencement speech, does he know what it is? Did he think that this was his time to impart his values and experience? What has he done?

And I don't know. It doesn't seem like he given his speech, but what has he done besides kick a football in the Super Bowl? What has he done? It doesn't seem like he has a whole hell of a lot of life experience.

The man is almost 30 years old. What have you done? Congratulations to your wife.

She's home making babies. But shout outs to all the women out there who are busting ass, making ends meet for themselves. There's something admirable in that all by itself. Women get crapped on enough.

They don't need a kicker from the NFL to do it for Benedictine College. Come on now. Do something.

You're on the clock. Damn. Anyway, that's not the only guy that spoke, OK? And it's just a quick change here.

Hey, Hickey, Odell Beckham Jr. was introduced today by the Miami Dolphins. Wow. He didn't say anything crazy, did he? I mean, I didn't see many headlines, so I'm going to say the answer to that is no.

Good. Yeah, Odell doesn't come across to me as the type of guy who would tell a woman to stay in the kitchen. I think he would know better than that. Anyway, Odell Beckham Jr. said he's excited to play with Thua Thangivaloa. He just throws different.

They said the accuracy and the spin is like it's not like it's not really like he's left handed. And just watching his film, you know, there's a lot of great things that he's been doing did in Alabama, did it here at the Dolphins. And like I say, I just I just seen an opportunity when I really watched the film, when I really sat down and didn't look at a destination. I looked at, you know, myself in the mirror or a place for me and my career.

I just seen a lot of opportunity here. Hickey, I'm trying not to laugh. I'm trying not to because the entire time that he's saying, hey, it's not just Thua throwing left handed. Can we talk about Thua playing in the cold weather? Can we do that?

Is everybody just going to ignore that element in that part of it? Like you can go and have fun in Miami. Knock on wood, Odell is going from Baltimore, a little bit colder of a climate down in Miami, a little bit more of a party town, a party city.

I see the story happening, Hickey. Miami Dolphins are going to win 9, 10 games. They're going to get into the playoffs as a wild card. They're going to play somewhere cold. And they're going to lose. I'm with you, and I would even extend it to cold and also big games. Like remember the last game of the year at home, Bills division on the line, you win that game, you're the two seed and you have at least two games at home, you know, in the warmth of your stadium.

And he crapped the bet. I think it was, I think the final score was 21, 14, I believe. One of the highest scoring offenses in the league at home, big game, 14 points. You're right.

Thank you for bringing that back up. They're going to have fun. And for Odell Beckham's sake, yeah, I think he'll be fine. You know, and I think another year, and I don't know when you blow out your ACL twice, I don't know if it's hanging on by a thread, but I would think having a second year now removed, he would be okay, even though he's getting older. Come on, clock this guy in for 500, 600 yards and I don't know, five touchdowns. I think that would be good for Odell Beckham Jr. And I think with the players that he's going to be out there on the field with, these dudes are all speedsters. Odell has certainly lost a step. I don't think Tyreke Hill has.

I don't think Weddle has. Or Waddle, Jalen Waddle, excuse me. You think about Raheem Mostert, he was leading the world in touchdowns before he went down, A-chain, and helping to rush the ball when Mostert went down. This is like a track team on a football field. And Odell is going to fit in perfectly fine. What their defense does, what they do later in the season, come on, it's not going to be easy. Is Aaron Rodgers going to be healthy with the New York Jets?

You got to compete with them if he's healthy, right? The Buffalo Bills have certainly taken a step back, but I still expect them to be competitive. The only team in the AFC East that you can just kind of walk all over and walk around? Well, I'd probably say it's the Patriots.

Nobody expects them. Vegas doesn't expect them to win more than five or six games. Miami Dolphins, congratulations. Odell is going to have the time of his life in Miami and he'll get paid. Good for him. But a championship? Odell has one of those, even though he saw his ACL in the game. At least he had a touchdown before he went down.

You got to find the silver lining in things, people. You really do. It's the JR Sportbreeze Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. In about 10 minutes from now, the NFL is going to release its schedule for 2024. I'm going to tell you about some of the matchups, but then I will also deliver to you.

I will share with you a new top six list. We're going to take a look at the top six quarterbacks in the NFL with the most to prove this upcoming season. Who's behind is on the line? Who needs money? Who needs a championship? Who needs a contract? Who needs to come up big? I'm going to tell you the six players, the six QBs who need to do so on the other side of the break. Don't move.

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