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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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March 25, 2023 1:49 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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March 25, 2023 1:49 am

JR is ecstatic over the upsets in the Sweet 16 in March Madness


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It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next three hours. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Sheppard.

He's coming to you live from New York City. We've had a busy Friday evening. March Madness continues on and you should know this. There are no more number one seeds. They're gone. Alabama. Gone. Houston. Gone.

You heard me correctly. San Diego State. They stifle Alabama. That defense smashed them.

The final score 71 to 64. Houston Cougars. Gone. Miami. 89 points to Houston 75.

Done. Cooked. And right now, they're pretty much waiting on their opponents. San Diego State waiting to see the winner between Creighton and Princeton. It looks like Creighton is going to just take care of this pretty easy. There's about 12 minutes left here in the game and Creighton leads 68 to 52. Meanwhile, on the other end, Miami is awaiting the winner of Texas and Xavier and Texas has a big hand on Xavier right now. They're at halftime. 42 to 25 and so we have two more games here left for this evening. We have two games that have already been completed.

We have two guests that have already joined us. Jim Larranaga, head coach of the Miami Hurricanes. He came through to have a chat and then on San Diego State, we spoke to another winner. Darion Trammell came through.

He scored 21 points for the Aztecs. A matter of fact, before I pick up the phone lines and if you want to talk to us, it's simple. It's 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS. That's 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS.

This is courtesy of Westwood One. This happens to be the final call for San Diego State. Listen. Three seconds to play. Lets it fly.

No good. Rebound taken down by Parsons. That'll do it for the first time in NCAA history. Not only are the San Diego State Aztecs going to the Elite Eight, but the Mountain West will be represented in the Elite Eight. They knock off the number one overall seed, the Alabama Crimson Tide 71-64.

They handled them. Alabama shot three of 27 from three. San Diego State blocked eight of their shots. They forced them into 14 turnovers. Brandon Miller shot three of 19 from the field. At some point, it's just like, just go to the basket. Like, you can't shoot three of 19.

Just go for layups and get fouled. 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS. It's 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS.

Right before the break, Darion Trammell came through and he joined us. We'll share that with you as we continue on with the show. Let's go to San Diego right now. Let's talk to Lee.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. Go ahead, Lee. Hey, JR. I'm ecstatic right now, man.

My Aztecs are in the Elite Eight and they took down the number one seed, Alabama. I'm jumping out of my shorts right now. No, no, no. Keep your shorts on, dude. Don't keep your shorts on.

All right. I just think if there's a year that this team can do it, it's this year. I mean, the number one seeds are out. It looks like we're going to be facing Creighton.

And if there's a year that this team can do it, it's this year. What do you think, JR? I agree with you. We talked about a little bit of a changing of a guard.

Thank you, Lee, from San Diego. With college basketball, I don't think we're going to see that one singular dominant force for five years, ten years, fifteen years, twenty years. No, I think them days are over. There's no more of this Duke stuff and North Carolina, yeah, they're going to stick around. They're not going anywhere. They got more money than anybody. They have more prestige than anybody. Nothing lasts forever.

I don't care who or what it is. There was a point in time, UCLA, just championship after championship after championship with Coach Wooden. That ain't last forever.

Nothing lasts forever. Sports is about its peaks and its valleys. Sports changes.

The games change. It's always nice to see new blood and new faces. Mike is calling from San Diego. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Mike? Hey, JR. Last time I talked to you, we debated about Winston and Brady's when he was retiring.

It took a while. Tom Brady? You asked me about Tom Brady's retirement? No, no.

It was Winston and Brady's debate. Oh, OK. But what do you got to say now? Uh-oh. I'm sorry, Mike. Your phone sucks.

My apologies. I can't even remember what I debated with him on because I don't know what the hell he's saying. I have no idea what he was saying.

He sounds like he's stuck in a tunnel somewhere. Hey, let's stay in San Diego. Let's talk to Chris. You're on the JR Sport. Hey, Chris. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up?

Hey, JR. Thanks for, you know, keeping us entertained like you do. Well, thank you for having a strong phone connection. Thank you.

The least I could do for you. Man, what a big win for the Aztecs. A few reflections. One is you could see how much more veteran they were. I think, you know, they're so much more experienced and older than Alabama, mostly freshmen.

And it was cool to see, like, the experience prevail, you know? And then also, I think they're... I was reading the Sports Illustrated article today with all the behind the scenes for Alabama and Brandon Miller.

And I could just feel in the game how much that was affecting all of them. And, you know, just what a weird... what a weird last two months for that team. And I think it caught up. Yeah, caught up. Yeah. Well, I'm going to talk about Brandon Miller in a second.

I don't know. Did you hear our interview with Darion Trammell before the break? Man, I missed it.

But he's a baller and he has one more year of eligibility too. So I'm glad you had him on. Yeah. So if you missed it, you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey app and we'll share it and we'll actually play a message from him momentarily. I asked him to share a message with all of the fans for San Diego State. He mentioned that they are running around with a chip on their shoulder and that they have taken on this underdog mentality.

From what you've seen from San Diego over the past several months throughout their season, what do you want to tell America being a fan about the Aztecs? You know, I think a month, month and a half ago, they had a bad loss to Boise State towards the end of conference play and almost cost them the conference title. They came out and won the share of the title, but they blew it last two minutes, blew like an eight, 10 point lead.

And I was just reflected on this, you know, today, day before that. I'm glad that loss happened then rather than any of these first three rounds. And I think it woke the team up to, you know, really close out games. And they've been able to do that the last three weeks. And they're talented, you know, they're big, they're aggressive.

And they showed that today against Alabama. Okay. Well, thank you, Chris, for calling from San Diego. I want to share with you this message that Darion had for everybody that happens to be fans of San Diego State. A matter of fact, take a listen to this right now.

We had him on live right before the break. Listen. It's been a long road for San Diego State. We appreciate all of you, to the ups and downs. And I mean, right now, you guys stay with us and keep supporting us. And we'll keep playing hard for you and make sure we keep winning games one by one at a time. So we definitely appreciate you all.

Yeah, winning games one by one, I appreciate y'all. Who would have thought that these, or this combination of teams would have been in the Elite Eight, San Diego State, Miami? If we go back to yesterday and we saw some of those amazing games in Madison Square Garden, Kansas State, Florida Atlantic, this ain't your daddy's Final Four.

These aren't necessarily cash cows. You know, there's not going to be a gigantic contingent. I know they're going to show up and show out. And in Houston, the Final Four is always a, it's always a massive just convention feel. You get the Basketball Hall of Famers who will be on hand getting ready to be enshrined later on this year.

You have every coach. You have the media that is there. They have concerts. And so a Final Four experience, it's not just the teams competing on Saturday and then playing the National Championship on Monday night. It's like one big basketball party. And we don't have those gigantic blue bloods that will be there. It's going to be a party out there regardless. Chris is here from, hey Shep, is this the guy that had a terrible phone?

Yeah, but you know what? Chris stepped up for us and he's in a better spot at this point. Did he switch from like, he switched to Verizon in the two minutes?

Listen, if my team made the Elite Eight, I'd be breaking up left and right too. Let's try him again. Hey Chris, you're on CBS Sports Radio.

You got a phone that works? No, no. I'm the one that had the good connection. I just, I'm still on the line. Oh, okay.

The guy before me had the bad connection. But okay. Excited to hear what you got, excited to hear what you got to say about Brandon Miller and all that. Yes. Okay. Thank you, Chris. I'm gonna talk about him momentarily.

Here it is. It's Mike. Hey Mike, you had a crap connection, that was you?

Is it better now or not? Can you hear me now? Good. Yes, I can hear you now. Good. Go ahead.

Okay. Hey, I just want to say it's, it goes back to Steve Fisher with Dutch. It's been coming for a lot of years. And he said it's always been defense with Fisher and Dutch. And it's just, he hit it on the nose when he says it's unselfish it's unselfish team because we don't have a go-to guy. It's just, he had a phenomenal game when he had to, but it's the attitude that San Diego state has because of what Steve Fisher and Dutch have been doing. We get tons of transfers from all these other colleges.

I mean, if you probably look at the play sheet, you'll see a transfer transfer. It's just a phenomenal feeling that it's finally coming about. San Diego, you won't believe it. It's like, you know, the Padres, that's how crazy it is right now with San Diego state basketball. It's just a party down here.

And I just want to say thanks a lot. And we will see the Aztecs play Creighton for a revenge match. Where are you going to be watching the game on Sunday? Where are you going to be? Probably, uh, downtown PB off of, uh, Garnett.

Man, I don't live in, I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I go to San Diego like, like once every two years, man, where the hell are you going to be watching, act like I don't live there? Uh, the beach. The beach, yes.

Pacific beach, any bar. Okay. It's crazy.

Thank you, Mike. You act like I'm telling you, meet me on North, you know, North side drive. Oh yeah. I just went there a couple of days ago, actually.

What the hell were you doing here in Atlanta? Oh, I got cousins out there. Okay.

You just, you just globe tracking. Okay. All right. You came through here and ain't say nothing. It's okay.

Your phone doesn't work anyway. Yeah. I apologize for that.

I was down in the Valley, man. Okay. It's all right.

Hey, thank you, Mike. Appreciate you. All right. Take care, bud. All right. Good luck to him.

Okay. Well, we shared with you the message from Darion and everybody's San Diego's hype. Let's give him something, right? The Padres didn't do nothing last year.

They beat the Dodgers at least, right? Anyway, Darion Trammell, he didn't just have a glowing message for all the San Diego State fans. In addition to that, when he spoke to us, he gave a big shout out to coach Dutcher and the coaching staff.

Listen. Our coaching staff and they've done a phenomenal job giving us game plans to stop these great players and these great teams. But yeah, like we were just, we always feel like we're the underdog.

That's just the mentality all of my guys have. So, I mean, that's something that you see or sometimes you really can't see. You're just chipping our shoulder that we have.

Okay. Yeah, you can't see. Well, you're the underdog. You've been the underdog here. I mean, you had to go out there and beat Furman. What the hell was Furman doing here?

Good for Furman for actually winning. But anyway, we know their calling card is defense. And I asked him specifically, okay, we know defense is the emphasis from your coach. What else is he telling y'all? What do you need to do out there?

Take a listen. Definitely defensive rebounding. I mean, that's something that, like I said, even when I got recruited here, that's something that I had to do. Defend at a high level and that's something that he hangs his hat on. And I mean, that just trickles on down to the entire roster, our entire coaching staff. So, I mean, that's the biggest thing for us right now is just letting our defense carry us to win.

All right. Well, that defense carried them to a high level. I mean, that's the biggest thing for us right now is just letting our defense carry us to win. Well, that defense carried them to a win. Alabama goes down to San Diego State. The final score 71 to 64. It looks like the Aztecs are going to take on Creighton.

They currently lead Princeton 71 to 63. One of our callers mentioned Brandon Miller. We're going to take a break and we come back on the other side. I want to talk to you about his name, what it has been, what it is, what it could be, especially with all the negative attention currently given to him. And then I want to share with you some comments made by Charles Barkley about name, image, and likeness and how it can quote unquote be cleaned up.

Because right now the player movement is nothing but the wild, wild west. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. It's still March. It's still mad. It's Friday.

Don't move. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. How you doing JR? I enjoy listening to you when I'm on the road driving back. You always make a lot of sense and you're funny as hell. You really have a lot of substance to you. I'm calling now at 855-212-4CBS.

All about the substance. Don't knock out Princeton just yet. About three minutes, 40 seconds left in the game.

Yeah, they're probably still done. Creighton leads 76 to 67. Meanwhile, Texas and Xavier, they are underway in the second half. Texas leading 46 to 31. Before we went to break, we talked about the Aztecs. There are a lot of enthusiastic Aztec fans all over the country coming out of San Diego thrilled tonight about their victory over Alabama.

We talked about this from an Alabama perspective just a little bit. They were smashed. They were smothered. They shot 32% from the field. This is still unbelievable to me. They took 27 threes. They only made three. Like, am I on another planet or like should Nate Oates have said, hey relax?

What what the? And I understand they were they were ahead midway through the second half. They were they were taking care of them and then San Diego State went on a run. And despite this poor shooting, they were winning.

And then San Diego State just put the clamps on and blazed them out of the building. And the big name, Brandon Miller, the NBA draft prospect, this man is is is compared. His ceiling is is around Paul George. If you want to listen to draft pundits, he was just as miserable from the field.

Three of 19 overall, only nine points. And and this is where you learn just as a basketball player. It's real simple.

If one thing is not working, try something else. You know, I really will only accept it from the pros. If Ray Allen tells me, hey, yeah, I was having a bad game.

Well, I'm gonna keep on shooting. I'm gonna say, yeah, you're Ray Allen, please do whatever the hell it is that you want out there. But for a young player in a in a championship setting, trying to move on to an elite eight.

You gotta you gotta switch things up. I remember seeing Kobe Bryant have one of his worst shooting performances ever in an NBA Finals. And then he's just like, I well, I'm gonna pass the hell out of the ball. I'm gonna rebound, get everybody else involved.

I'm gonna have just an overall game. And that's what the greats do. Shep, these numbers are just like every time I say them, I'm like, this can't be true. This could not have happened on a basketball court where you on a basketball court where you could even get to that many shot attempts.

It's just like, why? One more time, Joe, which is on with the caller. Your question about basically not doing too many threes, right? How can you take, how do you shoot 27 threes and only make three?

Well, like there comes a point in time. That's about 12% from three. And this isn't the NBA three. That's the college three.

So this is top of the key. And last time I checked, JR, Alabama plays quick. They have the advantage athletically. They're the number one overall seed in the entire tournament. Go to the basket. Go to the basket, draw fouls. Brandon Miller was coming off a really good round of 32 game. He was awful in the round of 64, but Brandon Miller seemed like his injury no longer was nagging and getting the best of him. And if you're Brandon Miller, there is nobody that can stay in front of you when you're going hard to the rim. And you see, even with LeBron James, who is, I've turned into one of the all-time great three-point shooters, believe it or not, when he's struggling, he is posting up and he's going mid range. And for and for Alabama to lose this game, this was their shot, JR.

This is incredibly disappointing. Well, I'm going to blame, I'm going to blame Nate Oates. I mean, all credit due to San Diego State. But from, from an Alabama perspective, I just, outside of desperation, there should not have been that many desperation shots and trying to get back into the game where you got, you got 27 threes that have just exited out into the stratosphere and only three came down to earth. And I'm, I'm sure Nate Oates is probably, I want to say pulling his hair out, thinking about this loss tonight and, and what might be, you know, Alabama basketball is not the same as Alabama football. It's not the success there.

They've only been to the elite eight once and please believe it. If Alabama continued on through this tournament, there would have been so much scrutiny against Brandon Miller. The unfortunate shooting and murder that took place on January 15th, where he's a cooperating witness, we would not have heard the end of that at every subsequent round. We ain't got too much left, but that story would have been front and center for Alabama and maybe for Brandon Miller's case.

Sure. You want to, you want to go out and play basketball, you want to elevate your draft stock, but this is probably for the better, man. Just go sit in the cobwebs, go get better. He's the only athlete that I have ever heard of, at least publicly with a reason that's had to walk around the tournament with armed security because of the threats that he would receive. Go into the cut, prepare for the NBA and come out on the other side.

And dare I say, just count your money and stay out of trouble. That's, that's the best I can do. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Arkansas and talk to Andy. You're on the JR sport reef show. What's up, Andy? Hey, JR. I appreciate you taking my call.

Um, you get very eloquent, what you just said, and exactly what I was calling about. I, I want, I'm, I'm style release, Alabama being knocked out. I have a feeling that Brandon Miller is going to come out of this a better man, a wiser man, for one thing, about who you are and where you are and being where your feet are. So I want to thank San Diego state for, uh, taking care of business. And also as a fan of, as a fan of the FCC, I kind of like what I'm seeing, man.

I'm seeing the, the, the consummate big dogs going down and some of these other schools are like, wait a minute now. Wait, you're a fan. You're a fan of the SC. So are we talking the basketball, football, NCAA in general?

What are you referring to? All that. They say big baseball fan, basketball, football. I'm a fan of the FCC.

Yes. Um, well, cause I have to cheer for the FCC. My Razorbacks aren't going to be here. I'm going to see my Razorbacks aren't always up to snuff.

Sure. But you, you're rooting, you appreciate rooting for the, the, the little guys, the Razorback situation, or just, just want to see Alabama lose. I know. Nope. I didn't want, no, it's not the Alabama lose. It's I'm, I'm happy to see. All right. Anytime, uh, uh, uh, under seed knocks off a top seed.

I don't know. I'm an underdog guy, I guess, even though I'm an FCC fan, I think this is good for college basketball. What's going on right now.

I'm a fan of the game first and foremost on basketball. And, um, I like the upsets. I like, you know, these, these teams moving on in San Diego state, are you kidding me? They were underdogs.

They weren't even supposed to be closed or Alabama. Yeah. Well, thank you so much, Andy.

Enjoy the rest of the tournament. Okay. You bet. Thank you.

Thank you so much. Let's go to San Diego and talk to Tim. You're on the JR sport reef show. What's up, Tim. Hey Jr. How are you doing, man?

I'm very well. What's going on man. Uh, odd to tell you is that San Diego state is setting the table for San Diego to become poised to be what we are meant to be champions. They're going to win the, they're going to win the tournament and talking about the Padres, speaking about the Padres, they're going to, they're going to win the world series this year, man. It's going to be a good year for San Diego. And I'm proud of my team. I'm an Aztec fan all the way. Uh, I'm a diehard San Diego fan period.

I still miss the chargers, but in any event, watch the Aztecs. It's not an accident. It's not no, uh, uh, uh, it's, it's, it's meant to be. Okay.

It's our time. Okay. Thank you, Tim. Appreciate you, man. All right.

No doubt. Hey, um, I want one of them contracts that the Padres are just giving out. I don't think it's too late. They're giving money to everybody.

Oh, well, it looks like Princeton is just about cooked. Why are we delaying the inevitable? What are we doing here?

Calling a timeout for seniors. Oh, come on. Can we get this? Okay.

What am I? Should I do a golf clap here on air as well? I mean, you consider the fact that, I mean, they had a chance to make an elite eight as a 15 seed and they don't even have athletic scholarships. I mean, this is an incredible run for Princeton. Congratulations.

Uh, Creighton is, uh, is beaten. You know what? I won't do it.

Eight five five two one two four CVS. You should do it. I should do what?

Marco's right here. Oh gosh. I should do what?

What should I do? Well, no, I thought you were going to say something funny about, and in terms of, uh, taking a shot of Princeton, I was all for it. No, I just, the young man, was he crying? Yes. Yes, he was. I saw one guy hugging the other. No, they're not crying. No, the Princeton kid was.

The Creighton guys are hugging. The Princeton guy was crying as soon as he got to the bench. You see right now he's, he's, he's consoling him.

Yeah, there's nothing wrong with crying. Yeah. Let's just get this crap over. Is he going to hold the ball or what is he going to do here? What is he doing?

Punch him. Oh, come on. What are we doing?

Hey Marco, you see this garbage? I think I'm on a little bit of a delay. I missed some of what you were just saying. I see free throws now. We got 25 seconds left. Yeah.

Why, why are you, I get it. You're in a tournament. Has this guy never played basketball?

I'm going to assume he has. Yeah, but I'm saying in the tournament. Like, why is he, he's in the game now. Just, just hold the ball and everybody go home. He wants to tell people that he scored two points in the NCAA tournament when he was 20. Is that why he's doing this? Apparently, and now we've got to time out because now we need to get all the seniors to get their bows. Oh, Hey Shep, this is what I was telling you the other day about being a loser, man.

Okay. So by, by behavior, I mean, act like you've been there before, but at the same time, like they've never been there before. This is, I mean, listening, even, even Creighton, like Creighton is no powerhouse. When's the last time anybody had Creighton in like a final four, even in their brackets, let alone in reality. So I understand where they're coming from.

This is the highlight of their life. Um, both, both teams. No, no one, no one had Creighton going to the Elite Eight. Well, we got plenty of time to talk about Creighton. It's about Princeton holding this damn game up right now. There, there you go. Just hold the ball. Yeah, there we go. We didn't need all that. Yeah.

Put your hands on your hips. Just get this over with. Some very cold handshakes by the way. Yeah.

Well, I mean, you did not embrace after the game. Ooh. All right.

Well, I heard them nerds always. Uh, anyway, it's the JR sport brief show on CBS sports radio. I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio, a long time listener, but first time call. I just wanted to say, I love your show because you keep it real. You're all about the people from what I can tell.

I mean, you're as real as it gets. Call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. It's the JR sport reef show on CBS sports radio. Well, the Aztecs finally know who their opponent will be on Sunday.

Creighton is going to take on San Diego state Creighton beats Princeton 86 to 75. This was, it was about a runaway when we got into the second half of this game. And I want you to take a listen to some of the audio courtesy of Westwood one let's start off with Baylor Shireman. He got things going, hit a jumper, made the score 56 to 45. Listen, them heart hovering to Shireman Shireman quick first step along the baseline, pull up 10 footer.

It's good. Nothing but net Shireman is now six of seven for the floor. And now Creighton's lead is its largest of the night. 56 45 Shireman has 15 and a timeout called by Princeton. Shireman finished the night as an overall, he had 21 points.

He was five of seven from downtown for this evening. Creighton was the opposite of Alabama. They were just going out there, knocking down shots. It didn't stop there. You can go ahead and think about Trey Alexander.

He poured in 19 points and he also helped push the lead. Take a listen to this three point shot. They go for the alley-oop again. Kaluma catches it and then drops it out of bounds. He throws it back to Kockbrenner. Alexander for three, it's good. What an exchange from the left wing.

76 65 419 to play. Yeah, we didn't get a whole lot of offense from, from out, we got offense from San Diego State. We ain't get this much offense. You just heard about Ryan Kockbrenner. He was out there, man. He was slamming and jamming. Shout out to all Clyde Frazier.

Listen. Shireman dribbles in, bounce pass to Kockbrenner. Two-handed jam. 81 69. Creighton. Kockbrenner's got 22. 22 points and that's where he finished up. He took some time after the ass-whooping. 86 to 75.

He spoke to TBS. Ryan Kockbrenner, he gave a lot of credit to these guys from Princeton. I mean, Princeton's really good at establishing their pace in the game, so you just gotta take them out of it. I mean, their whole goal is to take us out of our pace. We just gotta be extra sure to have our pace and that means made shots, rebounds, any of it, get ball out and push and that's because of what we did.

Congratulations. You got a match up with San Diego State and you better hope you didn't use up all your offense. San Diego State was out there blocking all of the shots. 855 2-1-2 for CBS.

This 855 2-1-2 for CBS. I need to update you on this in the NBA, which is, it's not hilarious, but if you're a fan of the Dallas Mavericks, you are, you're not too happy, you're not too thrilled. They lost to the Hornets tonight, 117 to 109. Both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving played. Luka had 34 points. Kyrie Irving had 18 on six of 16 shooting. Kyrie was one of eight from downtown. Luka was two of nine from downtown and if you want to take a look at the standings currently in the NBA, go out west. The Dallas Mavericks have fallen into the 11th spot. They have a record of 36 and 38. The Oklahoma City Thunder is above Dallas right now. OKC is sitting in the 10th spot, the 10th seed for the play-in. Could you imagine a Dallas Mavericks trade for Kyrie Irving and they, they don't even make the play-in tournament? I know Kyrie Irving is dealing with a foot issue and also, yes, by the way, happy birthday to Kyrie Irving.

He is now 31 years old. That would be sad. It's always appeared that he would be a rental and even if he sticks around, I don't know, what a hard way to be introduced to the Dallas Mavericks and knowing that they, they may not make it.

I still think they'll make the playoffs but what do I know? I'd be shocked if OKC gets into that ridiculous play-in. And then Luka Doncic, you might have heard this, he was fined $35,000. He was upset with an official the other night during that Golden State Warriors loss, 127 and 125. Luka Doncic looked at a ref, he made the international money signs, rubbing his fingers together. Boom, $35,000 disappeared. You can't, you can't insinuate that the referee has paid off.

You can't do that, Luka. A lot of frustrations in Dallas. 855-212 for CBS.

I don't think there are any frustrations in San Diego. Marcos is here. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Marcos? Yes, sir.

Thank you for the time. Excuse my harsh voice. I just came from the San Diego State Aztecs Watch Party at A.L.

Smith Brewhouse in, located in Miramar, across from Miramar Marine Station. So big celebration but I gotta say this, one of the things that I don't want, I don't want it to be overlooked is the fact that we took Alabama's best punch. They came out in the second half storm and they had an eight-point lead. They outscored us by 13 points with 12 minutes left.

The Aztecs were down eight points with one of their top two players, Matt Bradley, not having any points. So the fact that they took their best punch and we were able to withstand their best performance and their Aztecs overcoming all those challenges to be, you know, to make it to the Elite Eight, I have nothing but great hopes and aspirations for Sunday against Creighton and I'm looking for a revenge matchup because I believe they lost to him earlier this year. Brian Dutcher's teams are well prepared. I give all the credit to the crowd. They're well prepared.

I give all the credit to the coaching staff and elevating the performance of the team. I'd like to hear your thoughts on that. Okay, well I've been talking about it for the last two hours. Thank you, Marcos, for calling from San Diego. We didn't just talk about it. We spoke to Darion Trammell. He came through and talked about it. He gave credit to the coaching staff and the whole convo about it.

Take a listen. This is what Darion Trammell had to say about his coaches right here on the JR Sport Brief Show. Our coaching staff and they've done a phenomenal job giving us game plans to stop these great players and these great teams. But yeah, like we were just, we always feel like we're the underdog. That's just the mentality all of my guys have. So, I mean, that's something that you see or sometimes you really can't see, this chip on our shoulder that you see.

Hey, Shep, correct me if I'm wrong. People in San Diego are excited, right? JR, this is the, we have talked more San Diego Aztec basketball in the last couple hours than you or I have combined in our respective careers. There are a lot of folks here. You know, San Diego State isn't the only team that won.

Where are all the folks from Miami? We had Coach Lara Nega here. He joined us.

I guess first time for everything, right? We got somebody else here. Who's this? His name is Dave. Hey, Dave, you're on CBS Sports Radio.

What's going on? Hey, this is foul-mouthed Dave. So, JR, I want to give you much props. I know you didn't like the Aztecs when I called earlier this, or a couple weeks ago. But hey, Dave looks good tonight. That was the best game I've seen them play. And not to piggyback on the guy from before me, but we played Creighton last year in the tournament, and we beat them on a buzzer beater. Oh, they beat us on a buzzer beater.

So, it's revenge time. And as long as we're on the birthday wishes, Coach Fisher, happy birthday. This is the best birthday present you probably ever had get gotten. So, I mean, I am tickled to death. I'm sorry, I didn't listen earlier.

I was out enjoying some company with some nice good pizza and nice cold, you know, beverage. So, I just wanted to say thank you, JR, for allowing us to make this nationwide radio station or, you know, your station. Yeah, love San Diego. I got you, Dave. Thank you, man.

Okay, you're welcome. Pat is calling from San Diego. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

It's San Diego everywhere. What's up there, JR? It depends. What's up, Pat? Not much, man. How about our Aztecs? Nobody gave us a chance.

Everybody thought we'd, you know, bomb out right away. Yeah, the first couple of games were, I don't want to call them a cakewalk, but you beat who's in front of you, and they certainly took care of, well, I know they beat Furman and then Charleston. So, it could have been worse, but you got to handle business.

Yep, you do. But I mean, to beat Alabama, man, was a task at hand, that's for sure. You know, they're a great team. They were number one all year.

Yeah, they were. And y'all suffocated the guy who's going on to the NBA, who unfortunately is now a legal witness. So, kudos to the guys, man. But our Aztecs, man, you know, they're a big physical team, you know, and they just, they play hard, you know, you can't drive on them. It's hard to get in the paint. You know, they've been one of the best rebounding teams all year, and they just started clicking at the right time.

Yep. Now, we saw that. Nathan Mensah, if the country had no idea who he was, they certainly know now. I basically, I want to call him the long arm of the law, because every time Alabama dared to go near the paint, he put his arm up and he said, no. And for the conference, he was the defensive player of the year. And that's the other cool part about March Madness, is when you see some of these talents that you wouldn't typically see from all over the country, and they can go out there and shine, when all of America's watching. Good for these dudes. And a lot of them, they have an opportunity to raise their stock, and they may not go to the NBA. The majority of these dudes won't, but there still are other opportunities for them to play, whether it be in Europe or South America.

There's a lot of places where you could be a professional basketball player. In a tournament like this, man, you could really start to set yourself up. Good for everybody involved. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. We got one more game for tonight.

We'll wait in order to finish up. Texas, Xavier, we'll give you an update on the other side. And then I want you to hear from Charles Barkley. He had some interesting words about NIL. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

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